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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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tampa. that's it fothis "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. we are going to catch a flight to new york. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight americans still stuck in egypt. the government won't let them leave. now seeking safety in an embassy. plus, a surge in the polls for one republic candidate ahead of the next pivotal primary tomorrow. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, guys. great to be with you. >> shepard: mitt romney tries to seal the deal in florida. >> i have got to tell you it's been great going across the state. >> shepard: but newt gingrich says he is the party's only chance at winning the white house. >> every time we nominate a moderate we lose. >> shepard: tonight, how the frontrunners have shifted their strategy to try to win here. and new numbers show where all the contenders stabbed --
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stand. they were using on personal computers. the feds were secretly spying on them. tonight, a lawsuit over privacy and how it could effect millions of workers. pileup on the interstate. >> we had a series of collisions on the i-75. >> come crashing into him and literally his car goes under the semi-truck. >> shepard: fog and smoke blamed for the crashes. >> you couldn't see the road. you couldn't see cars. >> shepard: but now there is word the cause of these collisions might be no accident. >> shepard: first from fox this monday night. 12 hours to go until the polls open in the state of florida. the latest surveys show mitt romney is pulling away from the pack. newt gingrich is vowing to fight on all the way to the convention. is he putting up a fight for florida on the last full day of campaigning.
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look at that he was all over the state today. and look at this. romney has a 20 point lead over newt gingrich in a enough suffolk university survey. he has outspent him by 450%. rick santorum and ron paul are way back. since florida is a winner take all delegates they have already moved on to other states. the florida republic party reports 600,000 voters have already made their choices. either through early voting or absentee ballots. officials say that could be more than a third of the total vote, depending on turnout. and romney has a 22-point lead among those early voters according to an nbc news marist poll. campaign carl cameron life in a romney event live in the villages. romney sounding pretty confident today, carl. did he actually say he felt sorry for gingrich? >> well, if he is feeling sorry, it's more like crocodile tears. i have got to tell you just a moment ago mitt romney led this crowd at the villages in a chorus of america the beautiful. something he has not done on the campaign trail and it
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speaks to his confidence, his grandson parker said he thought grandpa was going to win the florida primary based on the crowd here. romney is very confident and, in fact, offering some degree of pity or what he says is sadness for what he cast as the gingrich desperation on the eve of the florida primary. listen. >> i know the speaker is not real happy, speaker gingrich. is he not feeling very excited these days. i know, it's sad. he has been flailing around a bit trying to go after me. you shake your head. it's been kind of painfully revealing to watch. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> painfully revealing. the gingrich campaign makes no bones about the fact that they have been outgunned here in florida. romney campaign and super pac backing him has spent more than 15, $17 million whereas gingrich has only been able with the help of his super pac to put on $5 million at the top. outspent three to one makes it very difficult for him to come back in the next 12 hours, shep.
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>> shepard: new attack from gingrich about mitt romney being part of a war on religion. what's that about? >> well, a number of things. gingrich started this just last night and has been saying it all day on the campaign trail. pointing to romney's passage of laws in massachusetts that gingrich says restricted catholic hospitals from following through on some of their principles as catholics and arguing that a bill was once put on mitt romney's desk that he vetoed that ultimately stopped kosher food from going to nursing homes. gingrich shows that that mr. romney has a real insensitivity toward religion. listen to this. >> governor romney imposed activities on the opposition. just as by the way eliminated serving kosher food for elderly jewish residence under
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medicaid. the money for kosher meals was restored and this was an exercise by romney to tighten the belt and not impose additional costs massachusetts when he was governor. it's a very very tough hit accusing romney of essentially joining what gingrich says is the obama administration's war on religion. it irritates the romney campaign no end. they are trying to rise above it and not respond to that sort of stuff knowing that they are likely to victory tomorrow night. shep? >> shepard: what's the story with rick santorum and ron paul. they have moved on, right? >> well, they have both conceded that florida is not a place that they can win. this is a winner take all state. because they were tied for third place at 11% in the polls they both abandoned the sunshine state. ron paul not campaigning today. he will appear tomorrow. while floridians are voting, he will be in nevada campaigning in a state that has a caucus coming up this weekend. rick santorum took the better part of the weekend off because his young 3-year-old
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daughter bella was ill. she has general knelt particular problem and has pneumonia. she is on a ventilator and getting well we are told by the santorum family. today mr. santorum was campaigning in missouri. missouri is a state that will also vote but not until the first week of february it comes later down the road. also campaigning in minnesota. a sign that both santorum and paul have kicked florida to the side and are now concentrating on caucuses where they can organize and, perhaps, overachieve, pick up delegates and continue to compete but their absence here is a clear acknowledgment that florida is long out of their reach and they have to go find other places to go compete more effectively. shep? >> shepard: carl cammeron where they're breaking it down in the villages tonight. thanks. winner take all as i mentioned in florida. romney has 35 delegates. begin glitch 25. rick santorum 14 and ron paul 4. obviously a long way to go to the magic number of 1144. tune in tomorrow for special coverage of the primary right here on fox news channel.
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our team gets started 6:00 eastern and bring you the results as they break throughout the evening. well, some americans are hiding out in the u.s. embassy in cairo tonight after egyptian authorities prevented them from leaving that country. the americans are part of a pro-democracy organization or series of them. and one of them is said to be sam la hood. he is the son of the transportation secretary ray la hood. reporters caught up with the secretary earlier today. >> mr. la hood. any comments about your son? >> he is safe. thank god. >> shepard: safe, but still stuck in egypt. no word on when he or his co-workers can come back home. of course, it's worth noting washington has about a billion dollars worth of leverage because that's roughly the amount the united states send to egypt each year in aid. catherine hanch with the news she is live in d.c. tonight. american officials say they do not believe that these people who can't leave are in any real danger. >> that's right, shep. according to the state department, the americans are being persecuted by egyptian authorities because they work for these groups that promote
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democracy. it sounds like the talks may be stalled. >> suffice to say we are not where we want to be in terms of resolving this situation. and the conversations continue with the egyptian government. >> what's key here is that the u.s. embassy in cairo is sovereign u.s. territory it does limit the ability of egyptian authorities to detain or arrest these americans. when pushed to explain why the special invitation, the state department insisted it is a "newsweek" situation, shep. >> shepard: today it looks like people at a pretty high level are getting involved here today, catherine. >> that's right. over the weekend the defense secretary leon panetta called field marshall jintao and lift the ban. now panetta, president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton are actively working the issue. what concerns some analysts is so many opportunities to resolve the standup were missed or passed up. >> there is a real potential of long-term damage in the relationship. this is now a game of diplomatic chicken and by bringing the americans to the
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embassy, the united states is clearly indicating it's not going to back down. >> of course what is at stake for the egyptians is more than a billion dollars in u.s. aid annually, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington tonight it was a chain reaction crash that just kept killing people. and by the time it was all over, the interstate was littered with the burned out wreckage of cars and trucks. >> here comes another one. >> oh my god he is coming too fast. >> here comes another one. >> oh, yep, see, there he goes. >> shepard: it's believed be to be the deadliest crash in america in some two decades. coming up, how it all began and why investigators say the person to blame might not have been one of those drivers. and it could be a big break in the case of a missing little girl. we will see what police say they have discovered inside her father's home. that's ahead tonight from the journalists of fox news on this monday fox report.
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>> shepard: investigators in florida say arsonists may have set the smoky fire that blinded drivers and sparked a deadly chain reaction. happened on i-75 south of gainsville as a bush fire burned nearby. in the end, 10 people died as cars and trucks plowed into each other one by one. 18 more hurt. some the wreckage then caught fire with victims still trapped inside. one survivor tells reporters it looked like the end of the world. another watched helplessly while calling 911. here listen. >> oh my god. [coalition] >> oh my god, what is going on? >> okay, we are getting help out there, okay? >> oh my goodness. >> how many victims have been involved that you can. >> we cannot see, ma'am. we cannot see. this is the third one now already. >> shepard: third one already. state forrest industry officials says there was no lightning that could have started the brush fire. they say it wasn't a controlled burn either. now those who survived the pileup are describing the
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terrifying moments on that interstate. >> you couldn't see the road. you couldn't see cars barely. you can have on your high beams you couldn't see anything. >> steven camps did not know it at the time as his friends drove him through the foggy overnight south of gainsville but their car had just entered the thick smoke of a brush fire. >> that's when we saw the two semi-trucks sitting in the road and then we just stopped. >> they stopped. the cars around them didn't. including one that smashed into the vehicle right next to them. >> out of nowhere boom somebody just comes crashing into him and literally his car goes under the semi-truck. as soon as like he got hit another car came in at least doing 80 and knocked into the first semi-truck. >> the first rescuers who arrived say the smoke was so blinding they could only listen for the screams and means of the victims. >> there was one particular vehicle that had multiple passengers in it and there were multiple fatalities in that vehicle. >> steven camps walked away with just stitches on his leg,
4:15 pm
crediting a split second decision to get out of that car. >> i figured if we were to stay in the car we would have been dead because i mean you have got cars coming in like 80 miles per hour just popping you like that. i didn't know what to do. so i just got out of the car and just prayed for the best. >> today the florida highway patrol is defending its decision to reopen that interstate yesterday morning. officials say then conditions were clear. the crashes began just 15 minutes later. investigators now say they have found blood from a missing toddler in her father's home. and they say the people who were in that house when the toddler disappeared know more what went on. ayla reynolds disappeared from her father's home in waterville, maine. she was 20 months old then. over the weekend police found they found ayla's blood in the basement of that home. relatives say the blood was more than a small cut would produce. the father maintains he doesn't know what happened to the little girl. the idea that somebody slipped
4:16 pm
into the house and took her does not pass the straight face test. a reactor at an illinois nuclear plant venting steam after operators this morning declared an unusual event. they say the reactor lost power and shut down. happened in byron, illinois about 100 miles north and west of chicago, officials there say they are venting the steam to reduce the pressure. they say the steam contains low levels of radioactive isotaupe but add that it is not a safety threat at all. plant officials say generators are now giving power to the reactor. and the facility is safe. researchers at the food and drug administration are now suing the f.d.a. claiming it spied on their emails and much more. should have a federal worker have any expectation of privacy when using personal email on a government computer? that's next. plus,. [explosions. [. >> shepard: california.
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>> shepard: some government whistle blowers are suing the food and drug administration claiming the agency spied on their personal email on government computers. current and former f.d.a. researchers say it began after they alerted congress that the agency was approving risky medical devices. f.d.a. computers warn users when they log in and i quote: the government may monitor, intercept and search and seize any communication or data stored on this information system. but those workers say the government did more. violated their constitutional rights. trace gallagher with the story in our west coast news number this afternoon.
4:21 pm
in these lawsuits, what are they seeking? >> well, a lawsuit is disg, shep, that the courts force the f.d.a. to stop spying on employees who blow the whistle. the claim here is that these six scientists were trying to warn the american people of a health hazard and because of that, they are saying the f.d.a. declared war on them and tried to silence them. they are even saying that the f.d.a. read these emails two years after iowa senator chuck grassley issued this statement to the head of the f.d.a. saying, quote: f.d.a. employees have a right to talk to congress without interference and/or threats from the agency. they have a right to talk to congress confidentially. all six of these doctors and scientists ended up losing their jobs, shep, with the f.d.a. >> shepard: trace, what's the f.d.a. saying about this? >> well, the f.d.a. says they will not comment on pending litigation. but public records show that two years ago the f.d.a. went to the inspector general of health and human services which oversees the f.d.a. asking for criminal investigation into these
4:22 pm
scientists and the inspector general said and i'm quoting here the referral lacks any evidence of criminal conduct on the part of hhs employees. and then the f.d.a. didn't give up. they went back saying, quote: we have obtained new information confirming the existence of information disclosures that undermine the intelling guy gri at this and the mission of the f.d.a., we believe that may be prohibited by law, saying they had new evidence and, again, the inspector general said no investigation. depending on how this lawsuit comes out, experts say this could effect the way that all federal employees are overseen by their superiors when it comes it computers and emails, shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles, thanks. officials in italy are saying it could take up to 10 months to remove the wreckage of that cruise ship that ran aground off the coast there. they say they don't yet know whether they will cut it up into pieces or try to float the whole thing and tow it
4:23 pm
away. at least 17 people are now confirmed dead. 16 others still officially missing. after the costa concordia slammed into a reef earlier this month. some rough weather recently has forced divers to suspend their search for the missing. it also forced crews to call off the effort to pump a half million gallons of fuel out of that ship. carnival owns the coast to concordia. it estimated today this disaster could cost the company as much as $175 million this year. occupy wall street protesters camping out in the nation's capital ignoring the city's order to leave. the demonstrators vowed to reneighbor in their encampments at two parks near the white house. police say they could keep their tents but ordered them to remove their bedding and cooking equipment today by noon. the deadline came and went. no clashes with police. [horns beeping]
4:24 pm
>> shepard: cops say they busted more than 400 people in oakland, california. protesters reportedly tossed rocks and bottles at officers, broke into city hall and trashed it. burned an american flag. of course, the occupy movement started on wall street back in september as a protest to comma demonstrators called corporate greed and income inequality. iran is showing off what it claims is a powerful new weapon just as the united states defense secretary warns us how close iran may be to having a nuclear bomb. a lifeup date in the top story at the bottom of the hour coming up. plus, eli has landed in indianapolis. and tom brady is getting a head start on the trash talk. we're on the road to the super bowl and the bottom of the hour, top of the news headlines next. i love that my daughter's part fish.
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because not all rinses provide all these benefits. so be ready for your next dental check-up. crest pro-health multi-protection rinse. [ male announcer ] try any crest pro-health rinse. complete satisfaction guaranteed, or we'll buy it back. >> shepard: super bowl fever is spreading in indianapolis. the new york giants arrived today ahead of sunday's big game. as you know they are squaring off against the new england patriots, the team they beat in the super bowl four years ago. it appears the pat's quarterback tom brady may be already planning a victory party. at a pep rally yesterday, brady said we are going to give it our best and hopefully we will have a lot more people at our party next weekend. why will see, meanwhile 40 mile-per-hour winds forcing organizers to evacuate an nfl experience tent. past and current players were signing autographs at the at the time. the weather has been unusually warm in indianapolis.
4:29 pm
can't tell what will happen on sunday. doesn't much matter game is inside. eli and tom to play at peyton's place. super bowl much watched event not just for football but for the commercials. honda released super bowl ad online. >> calling for super bowl. >> you are not shooting today. >> no. >> people are depending on me. >> movies bring so much joy. >> it's done. >> just get some rest. >> diva. >> he bought it. ♪ oh yeah. >> how can i handle work on a day like today. >> that's matthew broderick. the 49-year-old takes a day off from acting to drive around in his honda. the extended version of the ad runs nearly two and a half minutes. complete with dozens of references to the classic 1986 movie. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. the guy in charge of making sure indiana's elections are
4:30 pm
legit is now on trial on charges of voter fraud. prosecutors say the republic secretary of state charlie white lied about his address when he registered to vote two years ago. white claims he did nothing wrong. insisting he just had an unusual living arrangement at the time. eric shawn is live, noblesville indiana on the top story at the bottom of the hour. hi, eric. >> hi, shepard, well about those unusual living arrangements, charlie white did register at his ex-wife's house. he also bought a condo for himself and new wife. one of the reasons why prosecutors here in indiana have charged him with seven felony counts. tonight a jury has been selected. we expect opening arguments in n. this trial to begin in the morning. white is charged with voter fraud, fraud, perjury, theft, submitting a false ballot. when he arrived at court, he did what everybody else has to do at courthouses. he took off his belt and emptied his pockets to go through the metal detectors. he said he didn't do anything
4:31 pm
wrong, nothing that other politicians haven't done. he does say he registered at his ex-wife's house because he lived there four nights a week. that's because he and his new wife didn't want to live together until they got married. well, today white was not commenting about the charges or the case. but we sat down with him two months ago here in indiana and he -- we interviewed him about this case. he told us he was adamant that he did not break the law. >> we have always abided by the law. i abide by the same laws everybody else abides by, the same laws, the same legal precedent. >> republic governor mitch daniels has called for him to resign. the bipartisan recount commission has ruled that he could stay in his job. but a judge ruled that the democrat who lost to him in the general election should have it, that's been stayed. but the neantd democratic party wants him to go. >> it's the top election official. and if we cannot have faith in
4:32 pm
the top election official to follow the law, then how can we demand of our voters that they also follow the law. >> well, if is he convicted, he will be removed from office. then again, the opening apartments start tomorrow. the man who is in charge of elections in this state professing his innocence. shepard? >> shepard: eric shawn live in noblesville, indiana. eric, thank you. the defense secretary leon panetta is now reenforcing his warning about iran's nuclear program and how quickly he believes the iranians could actually build a bomb. >> if they decided to do it, it would probably take them about a year to be able to produce a bomb and then possibly another 1 to 2 years in order to put it on a deliverable vehicle of some sort in order to deliver that weapon. >> shepard: secretary panetta warns the u.s. will take whatever steps necessary to keep iran from developing a nuke. whether the iranians are actually moving forward with
4:33 pm
nuclear technology, we know they are trying to advance other weapon systems. for example, today iranian state television reported scientists have developed laser guided artillery shells to more accurately hit moving targets. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is in tonight with this story. and the military option, it sounds like from hearing from secretary panetta 60 minutes last night is still very much on the table. >> absolutely, shep. the bottom line is the obama administration doesn't trust iranian assurances that their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. so unless and until the u.s. gets available proof of that the military action remains a option. here again. >> the united states, the president has made this clear. does not want iran to develop a nuclear weapon. that's a red line for us. and it's a red line obviously for the israelis. so we share a common goal here. if we have to do it, we will
4:34 pm
do it. >> what is it? >> if they proceed and we get intelligence that they're proceeding with developing a nuclear weapon, then we will take whatever steps are necessary to stop it. >> but, for now, the u.s. has chosen path remains economic pressure trying to cripple iran's economy, shep, by targeting lucrative oil industry. >> shepard: secretary panetta mentioned the israelis there. it is beginning to sound should military option be necessary it might be the israeli military. >> yeah, israel obviously with good reason, perhaps, has more to be concerned about a nuclear armed iran than almost any country. we heard from their defense minister ehud barak today that iran is essentially playing for time, allowing the u.n. inspectors in while all the time according to mr. barak bearing their nuclear facilities further and further underground. in the words of the israeli defense minister, shep, time is urgently running out.
4:35 pm
>> shepard: jonathan hunt live tonight. jonathan, thank you. secretary of state hillary clinton calling on syria to stop the, quote: violent and brutal attacks on its own people. the secretary is due at the united nations tomorrow to join western and arab leaders in calling for the syrian president bashar assad to step down. human rights groups report security forces there have killed at least 190 civilians over the past five days. and that more than a 400 people have died since this started back in march. activists say this video shows syrian troops shelling targets in the capital city of damascus and in the central city of holmes. they say it's part of the effort to crush army defectors and protesters. fox news cannot verify the authenticity of this video. tried to smuggle his family including british born wife out of the country. egyptian newspaper reports a group of army defectors fired on the convoy forcing it to
4:36 pm
retreat to the presidential palace. we can't confirm that either. the senate just held a key vote on a bill to ban insider trading by members of congress. and in his state of the union address, the president said he would sign it. but some lawmakers now say the bill doesn't go far enough. we are live in d.c. with the details. and democrats are trying to keep republicans from picking up a seat in the house. thanks to this former congressman who quit after a sex scandal. oh, tigers. we're not sure what's going on with the tiger costume but we will get into the rest of it coming up.
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>> shepard: what percentage of americans approve of our congress? 13% according to a new approval rating in a new nbc "wall street journal" poll. today lawmakers took a step aimed at restoring people's trust. the u.s. senate passed a test vote on legislation cracking down on insider trading on
4:40 pm
capitol hill. of course, insider trading is illegal for everyone. but some members of congress have reportedly been getting a pass after using inside information to profit in the stock market the president even brought it up in last week's state of the union address. >> some of this has to do with the can a rosen influence of money in politics. so, together, let's take some steps to fix that accepted me a bill that bans insider trading by congress, i will sign it tomorrow. >> the proposed law would toughen penalties for members of congress making insider trades and open them up to prosecution from government agencies. lawmakers would also have to start making their stock transactions public within 30 days. shannon bream with the news live in the d.c. newsroom tonight. shannon, how fast might this thing move through to become law. >> shep, senate majority leader harry reid says is he going to allow amendments to the bill to be debated. he thinks a senate version will pass by the end of this
4:41 pm
week. over in the house majority leader eric cantor taking heat for a similar piece of legislation that appears to be stalled. tonight his office tells us is he deeply committed to getting something passed but is he actually thinking about introducing something each broader that was pending right now in the senate. it may reach even into executive branch employees as well. shep. >> shepard: there are those, shannon that say the bill isn't tough enough. >> well, wisconsin republic congressman sean duffy definitely one of them. he has introduced a measure called the restrict act. require all members of congress and their senior staff to move their assets into a blind trust or disclose any transaction within three days of making it regardless of the amount. he thinks the measure moved forward by the senate tonight still has loopholes. shep? >> shepard: shannon bream live on in washington tonight. thank you very much. the florida primary isn't the only big contest tomorrow. there is also a special election in the state of oregon to replace the former democratic congressman david woo. he, of tiger suit fame,
4:42 pm
resigned last year after an 18-year-old girl accused him of making unwanted sexual advances and this picture went public showing the congressman previously described in said tiger suit. dan springer is in our newsroom. this race could tell us what to expect in november. >> that's right. because it's an open seat and have two pretty good candidates. should provide insight into the mood of voters democrats and independents. frontrunner is former democratic state senator suzanne bonemechi who democrats have up. democrats have a big registration advantage. they have held the seat since 1974. candidate barack obama beat john mcdeign by whopping 21%. but she has been getting beat up over ties to david wu. her husband was wu's attorney. >> people aren't concerned about david wu. they are concerned about their livelihood. they are concerned about getting our economy back on track. there are much more important
4:43 pm
things to be worried about. >> well, the democratic party was worried enough to spend over a million dollars attacking the republic candidate rob cornelius, shep. >> shepard: how much support has he gotten from the republicans? >> not nearly as much as the democrats. less than $100,000 and house speaker john boehner said over the weekend that it's a very difficult seat for the g.o.p. cornelius is running as a moderate. he does not support the repeal of obama care answered refused to sign that grover norquist antitax pledge. >> i'm not going to sign pledges written by political insidersers in washington, d.c. that i don't even know. i'm not answering to that person. they are not voting for me. they are not my constituent. >> and they may help him with the independents but could hurt him with his base. we will know tomorrow. >> shepard: dan springner seattle. they are lived in iraq use of spy drones over parts of that country one month after the last combat from the left.
4:44 pm
state department plans to ramp up surveillance drone program there the reason? to help protect workers at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. thousands and thousands of them. senior iraq official reportedly blasted the united states for not consulting with the iraqi government first, telling "new york times" and i quote: our sky is our sky. not the u.s.a.'s sky. meanwhile, a top pentagon official says the white house is preparing to start talks soon with iraq on a new long-term security relation. and the deadly violence there continues in the southern city of basra. a police night raid on a home where militants were said to be hiding kills two people and it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. iraq, official says a school guard lived at that house and relative of an insurgent who died at the raid. cops say he he had grenade on him and blew himself up, killing an officer. belgium, trade unions
4:45 pm
organized a nationwide strike on the first day of the european union summit in brussels. the president of one union says government cutbacks are not the way to go. >> this is speeding poverty in europe. what we need is a policy that creates growth that creates jobs. >> shepard: the job shut down most of the country's transportation network. serbia, deadly winter weather in the central and southern regions. authorities blame heavy snow and freezing temperatures for at least four deaths. officials putting emergency measures in place. many in the area have been without electricity since last week. united arab emirates. meet the country's only woman qualified to be a train conductor. authorities typically arrest women for driving cars in neighboring saudi arabia. here is what the metro passenger service's supervisor has to say. >> the government are always pushing the women to be leaders in the future. they are encouraging women to
4:46 pm
enter different skill sets. >> shepard: colleague says she is a very hard worker. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: a medical mystery now. more than a dozen students at one school reportedly suffering from the same strange illness. and now one of america's best known environmental activists is on the case. not everybody wants erin brockovich's help. plus, have you ever noticed how often candidates seem to stop in restaurants? what's behind that tradition? and why are certain restaurants so popular? that's next. new stride whitemint is a hit but it lasts too long. how do we get people to chew another piece? i got this one. oh hey. [ male announcer ] spit it out. or ti will find you. [ grunts ] like him. thanks ryan. [ male announcer ] new stride whitemint. the ridiculously long lasting gum.
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>> shepard: in iowa it's the pizza were-rarvelg. south florida, it's all about
4:50 pm
cafe kabana. last week stopped by cafe to chat up voters. those are some of the several restaurants across the country that have become hot spots for white house hopefuls. herman cain and michele bachmann both went to versailles. before that john mccain and george w. bush. they are not about grabbing food but grabbing votes. strategery goes into perfect places for meet and greets. steve harrigan is in south florida newsroom. i know why candidates love cafe but they always go to versailles. we went to a chicken wing place too. few factors involved why the candidates keep hitting the same restaurants over and over again. first, they are usually located in major media markets and second usually successful. they draw a crowd and
4:51 pm
especially a certain type of crowd. i think they want to choose places that the average viewer on local television stations sees a representative of the average joe or jane once it is shown restaurant works. good photo op. heading back to the same spot. >> shepard: people have been talking politics at the window there for decades. do these things work for the candidates? >> there is a reason why almost every day, every campaign in florida would stop at one of these restaurants that's because political analysts say this kind of campaigning, pressing the flesh in these places is extremely effective. >> and now all of a sudden that person will then go back to the church or the synagogue or the bank or their work place and say hey, i met mitt romney the other day. he was okay. he wasn't stuffy at all. >> the hope is that this large
4:52 pm
amounts of comfort food will help break the ice between candace and voters. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: steve harrigan in south florida tonight. thank you. more than a dozen students in one new york school have all reportedly come down with the same mysterious illness. and now that school is rejecting assistance from one high profile activists erin brockovich this started last summer. 15 students outside of rochester, new york. suffered from uncontrollable twitching and symptoms similar to turrets. senator barometric pressure vech sent him to get samples. yesterday kicked his team off the property. >> it's been limited access. we were not allowed to take any samples. we were policed rather closely. >> initially looking for just anything that stands out. so far we haven't seen anything that is obvious or that stands out. it doesn't mean something won't come, you know, before us. >> shepard: those officials say the investigators really are just grandstanding.
4:53 pm
of course, back in the 1990s erin brockovich started a legal battle against a power company after dangerous chemicals turned up in a california town's drinking water. that became the basis for the movie starring julia roberts. connecticut town's police chief is out of a job tonight amid a growing scandal over his department's treatment of latinos. you will recall last week the mayor gave what many folks called insensitive response to all this. >> what are you doing for the latino community today? >> i might have tacos when i go home. i'm not quite sure yet. >> shepard: might have tacos. that was after the fbi had arrested four police officers on charges they assaulted and intimidated members of the hispanic community. the mayor later apologized for the remarks. now the police chief who you see here has resigned. but some locals say the mayor needs to step down as well. the wikileaks founder julian assange is currently living in the united kingdom under house arrest. how did he manage to get so close to homer simpson?
4:54 pm
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i got it ! yes, i won ! woo hoo ! it's got a thermos ! rely on verizon 4g lte. because only the fastest survive. >> shepard: homer and marge are about to have an exciting encounter with the man who released hundreds of thousands of documents through his wikileaks. julian assange guest starring as himself in the 500th episode of simpsons set to air sunday february 19th on fox. we're told folks in springfield kicked the family out of town and when they go off the grid assange becomes their new neighbor. julian assange recorded his lines remotely from britain because, of course, in real life is he there fighting extradition to sweden on sexual conduct charges. britain's supreme court says had will hear his appeal next month. lebron james taking his considerable talent to new heights with what will definitely go down as one of the best dunks in season.
4:58 pm
lebron goes through the back door and jumps over a human. catches the alley-oop he did it against one of the best teams in the nba chicago bulls. he tossed another sick jam on his real. sorry, cleveland. >> before we go our team's top five things of the day. donald trump is now looking to build a cemetery next to his new jersey golf course. you know, for his family and fellow golfers. i guess the pyramids were already taken. number four, a power outage today shut down a nuclear reactor in illinois. workers vent steam containing low levels of radioactive material. not dangerous. number three, secretary of state hillary clinton tomorrow heading to the united nations to voice support for protesters in syria. number two, investigators in florida say an arsonist may to be blame for a smoky brush fire which caused a deadly multiple car pileup. 10 people now reported dead.
4:59 pm
and number one, mitt romney holding on it-to-a big lead in the polls ahead of tomorrow's crucial winner take all primary in florida. that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1835, president andrew jackson became the first commander in chief ever to experience an assassination attempt. it happened, of all places, on the house floor on capitol hill. during a funeral for a south carolina congressman. an unemployed painter approached jackson with a pistol but the gun didn't fire. andrew jackson was no push over. in fact, we are told he pulled out his cane and beat up that attacker. the gunman produced another mis. jackson survived not hurt at all and blamed a rival wig party for the incident. vice president martin van burn never visited the senate again without a pair of guns. old hickory dodged a bullet 177 years ago today. and now you know the news


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