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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 31, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>>megyn: big feels today, 10 years at number one for fnc, in part because of elections like tone, election coverage. we hope you will with us as we cover the florida primary special coverage starting at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. bret baier and i will be back and at 7:00 p.m., shepard smith will come back. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b" today, a huge day for the super pac's. for all of us, because those groups have spent millions in the race, and now we get to find out who is actually funding the groups. interesting stuff ahead. the united nations security council calling for syria to "stop the slaughter of its own people," but will it do any good? and a middle schoolst lends her inhaletory a classmate because she says she thought her friend was having an asthma attack. can you fill in the blanks on what the school does to the kids? we will. that's all ahead unless breaking
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news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 on the east coast of florida and 2:00 in the florida panhandle, winner takes all in the republican presidential campaign. mitt romney is opening up the lead but newt gingrich is undeterred. >> what if you lose big? >> the people said i was dead earlier. they were wrong. >>shepard: he says he is in it for the long haul. we three different winners, florida may not be so decisive but it is the biggest prize so far. last night the frontrunner is confident even breaking into song at a rally in central
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florida. ♪ oh beautiful, for space spacis skies, above the fruited plains ♪ >>shepard: today governor romney is willing to go state to state to win the nomination. campaign karl program ron is on the west coast. you are half giggling. he is portraying governor romney as insensitive to jews. what is that? >>carl: very serious putting it on the heels of singing, and you hope he will not sing his way across the campaign call. this is serious stuff, newt gingrich is running calls calling around florida essentially suggesting that mitt romney is insensitive to jews, and is carrying off a degree of religious hypocrisy in his
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campaign. here is just a little bit of it. listen. >> as governor of massachusetts mitt romney vetoed a bill paying for kosher food for seniors in nursing home, hall cost survivors were forced to eat nonkosher because he thought $5 was too much to pay for our grandparents to eat kosher. >>carl: that will get their attention but the romney campaign is calling the calls "false," a lengthy explanation saying something like this, he vetoed legislation that would have funded some kosher kitchens in some nursing homes in mass mass. his veto ultimately was overridden by the legislature so it was not enacted and the cuts to the kitchens did not ham and he argued ma wheels would not have been stopped but would have provided in another way rather than building kitchens in the
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hurricaning homes specifically kosher. the romney campaign calls this the kind of dirty politics and negative personal character attacks that gingrich started in south carolina and romney today made the case part of the reason his criticisms have been so harsh and directly at newt gingrich's character is a function of turn about is fair play going back to south carolina and now in florida. this is mitt romney early today. >> his commends have been sad attacking me and painfully revealing about what she willing to say and do to tie to take the nomination so i cannot stand back and let him say those knowings without responding. >>carl: well, newt gingrich counters that mitt romney threw some of the toughest punches first way back to the iowa campaign and before when newt gingrich surged in the polls but which campaign, the chicken or the egg? that should not surprise anyone in american politics.
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presidential can can, or have been continuing their toughness. >>shepard: and this is newt gingrich going for broke. he is down in the polls. >>carl: absolutely. and he is not just going for broke but going down the campaign trail after florida. the attacks on the calls specifically for the jewish community here in florida which is an important part of the electorate but he has said repeatedly today he is not going to be pushed out of the race by whatever happens in florida with the returns tonight and in fact he will go on across the country, and said today he was prepared to campaign until june or july and yesterday he said he was prepared to campaign until the august 30th convention and said, our romney could drop out, which does not seem likely based on romney getting a double digit and even a 20-point lead in
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florida and romney is try not to be too affected but he has at times sought to cast himself as the presidential candidate above the fray and sort of the inevitable front runner and nominee getting down into the fights with gingrich obviously brings newt gingrich to his level. >>shepard: there are two other candidates in the case. >>carl: ron paul and rick santorum left the florida campaign trail several days ago. acknowledging this this is a winner take all state and they are not going to win so waste waste time and money in florida when there are other contests where they think they can compete better specific hi because of their caucus. on saturday nevada and maine have caucuses, maine is a week long process and ron paul and rick santorum are competing in those because they believe that because it is a smaller group of people that can be organized perhaps their candidacies can do better and then there is the colorado battle, which is a week from today and it also is a caucus and, today, rick santorum has unveiled a new commercial
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aimed specifically at newt gingrich raising the question, with sort of a three-card motiff, asked who backed bailouts, and cap and trade legislation, and amnesty for illegal immigrants, and listen to how, and watch out the santorum ad reveals the three politicians. >> who are these three bailout supporting soft on immigration big mandate politicians? now we know. >> take that, newt gingrich, planked by president obama and nancy pelosi and take the ad as a response to newt gingrich's ongoing pressure that rick santorum about out of the race to allow conservatives to coalesce behind the gingrich candidacy. rick santorum tries to maintain his fury and suggests that another candidate won the iowa
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caucuses should bow out to help the former speaker. >>shepard: we will have complete coverage of the florida primary starting tonight at 6:00 eastern and 5:00 central, and that is on "special report," with brit hume live throughout the night until all of the winners are crowned. to the slaughter. in syria. and this is getting very serious. the united nations security council today issued a draft resolution calling for the syrian president assad to step down. but the draft also stated that there will be no foreign military intervention as the syrian government continues to kill its own people. the chief fox correspondent is live for us this afternoon at the united nations on the east side of manhattan. jonathan, what are the chances of this resolution actually passing? >>jonathan: as it is written right now, it seems very unlikely to pass. that is because the russians who have veto power are threatening
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to use that spree -- that veto power. a short time ago a russian source told fox that "they will not allow this draft to pass in its current form," so the search is on for language this could bring the russians on board or at least have them only abstain rather than veto. as part of the search, secretary of state hillary clinton met with her french and british counterparts today but this is going to be a long, hard slog to get the russians on board and we are not likely to get to a vote until some time tomorrow. >>shepard: the syrian president has important support in that region, doesn't he? >>jonathan: and that support is coming from iran. iran has very good reasons to want to keep president assad in power as the c.i.a. director, general petraeus told lawmakers on capitol hill earlier today.
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listen. >> clearly, the loss of syria as a logistics platform, a line of communication into lebanon, to support hezbollah, that would be a substantial set back for iran. in its efforts to use hezbollah as a proxy. that is, indeed, why the revolutionary guard force is engaged in trying to prop up assad right now. >>jonathan: so with iran's military support, russia's diplomatic support, it appears that president assad has taken the decision that he will hang on is simply a question, it seems, of kill or be killed in his mine. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan. and now to tel aviv, where a pulitzer prize winning journalist judith mill certificate -- judith miller is
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on stand with. >>guest: shep, here in tel aviv, there is tremendous concern about the events taking place next door. the israelis certainly hope that it works. everyone in this region, from the sultan of oman who i recently interviewed to the israelis, they all want this to be settled in as peaceable way as possible and they all think that assad, the president of syria, is dead man walking. it is just a question of time. and how many people are going to die until he actually cedes power which is why so much is depending on the u.n. resolution. >>shepard: is there the possibility that someone realizes thousands and thousands more could die might someone go in there and, i don't know, take care of the problem. >>guest: well, that's always the hope, that the syrian military will have a defector at
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highest level but men like assad will stay in power and families like his do not stay in power without extraordinarily good security and what is of great concern to this regime is the fact that the fighting has now spread to the suburbs of damascus, the suburbs of another main city of syria, and when that starts happening, you know that it is really a question of time. >>shepard: thank you, judith miller in tel aviv. how much is facebook worth? we could get appear idea of what investors think as soon as tomorrow as the experts say the number could make it one of the most valuable companies in all the world. that is next. plus, while the players get ready for the super bowl, the national football league is preparing an advertisement about the safety the players. why are they using millions of ad dollars to talk about helmets and pads?
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>>shepard: $100 billion is what the experts say facebook could be worth. we could get a better idea tomorrow when they are reportedly expected to file paperwork for the initial public offering of stock. in other words, going public. how could facebook possibly be worth $100 billion? well, it is now one of the best, i should say the most well-known brands on the planet. the company reports that it has hull -- 800 million users and makes a ton on advertising and is getting bigger every day. that is the kind of thing that could get investors excited but it could be several more months before anyone will be able to buy a single share. and now to gerri willis for his two cents from fox business network. this feels like the tech bubble.
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remember when they kept, they would price something, worth more than coke. but, of course, it wasn't. >>gerri: we will wait-and-see it is it the technical bubble. it would be a very big deal if they get the expect they expect. they get the revenue from advertising, 90 percent from advertising $4 billion a year if the company were 25 times that it is a good question. we have to wait-and-see but there will be lots of millionaires, insiders and of court the bankers who bring the company to market. their friends. >>shepard: the regular investors cannot touch this, right? >>gerri: they will try but they will not be successful. the offer price is $45 a share but believe me get your hands on that will be impossible. take action look at these numbers, 17 internet i.p.o.'s with only five trade over operating pry and zip car is 44 percent below and pandora down
12:18 pm
24 percent, and zillow is down 17 percent you could make more on s&p 500 and cold stocks last year did better. >>shepard: coal stocks? >>gerri: yes, coal stocks. >>shepard: so, don't touch it. >>gerri: well, you cannot get in at 45 anyway, so what's the point. >>shepard: today on the fox business news giving you the power to prosper. and now to breakdown facebook the editor and chief m m ash abe >>guest: they are not platform, facebook is building a platform, a place where you live and play all day long. think of all the things can you do on facebook, send mail, chat,
12:19 pm
post updates, watch videos, temperature people you are reading something, they are building a destination that will take you through the whole day. that is the whole facebook strategy. and timeline, which is the innovative way of looking at your life puts your life in order and that is an indication of how much facebook wants to get into your whole life. >>shepard: and that is worth a pretty penny. >>gerri: absolutely. >>guest: that number is low, i believe they will get close to $1 billion in the next two years, people who are visiting every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, that is advertising gold, that is application golding because now they have people do things and gestures and share what they are doing, it is commerce gold because they are playing games and buying virtual goods with real money. so, this, it is hard to explain how different facebook is from
12:20 pm
all the i.p.o.'s we have seen over 12 months. >>shepard: when companies of this kind go public they use the money they got going public to expand in some way. what do we know? >>guest: we don't know but they will innovation. facebook has been innovating. why are they in a better position than the other guys? facebook never stopped updating and they will continue to do so. i don't know what they could do with $10 billion but maybe they will procedure more of their own content. why not give them more to look at if you have people's attention? >>gerri: can i just say a recent survey of facebook users did not know why they were on the site. people are fickle on the web and you don't know what is next. do not do the whole tech i.p.o. boom all over again because we had no idea we were buying stocks. >>guest: this is not part of that boom. i would put this, stand this
12:21 pm
alone. i know why people don't know what they are doing because they are doing so many different things. it is not one thing, it is everything. >>shepard: i am the only person on earth that doesn't use it. >>guest: come join us. >>shepard: got enough people. this is, do you think schools are running amok? a friend let her friend use her inhaler. what do you think the school did to the kids in 8th grade? that is coming up. and we have been waiting to find out who is pay for the super pac ads supporting and trashing the candidates? today we know the names. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation,
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not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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>>shepard: a 13-year-old middle school student is in trouble after she was trying to help a friend. she says she thought her classmate, same age as she, was having an asthma attack during gym class so she had an inhaler and let her use it. generous thing. she thought she was doing right and now the girls face possible expulsion. >> i was having an ahas attack i thought and she seemed to have them, too, and so she worried and she was like, she used it so, it will help you. >> we are told the girl who was never diagnosed with asthma, had
12:26 pm
an allergic reaction and saw a nurse, and that is when the principal learned what happened and suspended each child for ten days. the superintendent says both girls violated the school district's drug policy. >> inhalers is a prescription drug that could have an adverse side effect. i think absolutely the suspension is appropriate. >> it happened at a middle school an hour south of denver and recommendedded to the parents that the school district expel both teens. let me read that again, the principal of the school sent a letter to the district recommending that the district expel each of these 13-year-old girls in 8th grade. they maintain it was an honest mistake. and now to arthur aidala and the noted criminal defense attorney. arthur? >>arthur: one of the craziest stories you have reported.
12:27 pm
insane. it takes common sense and throws it out window. what happened if they were caught smoking cigarettes? the death penalty? no intention to do anything wrong if you believe the girls, they sees her good friend grasping for air and she knows she has the same ailment, she probably made a mistake by administering prescription medicine to someone, and there could have been a more severe reaction, but ten days suspension? that is two weeks of school. i it is not add if she handed a drug off to another kid. >>randy: that is part of the problem. the principal is in a difficult spot because this are two issues. you have the immediate issue of, what would you be saying to me right now if the girl had an allergic reaction died while you are going like this, there but for the grace of god she only had to go to the nurse. and the kids have to know they
12:28 pm
want to do the right thing go to the nurse don't take matters into your own hands wham happens if i think someone is have a reaction, maybe this will help her? sometimes the low isn't fair but it has to protect everybody. >>arthur: randy, that is severe, severe, severe --. >>randy: he still has the opportunity to say i am not going to expel. >>shepard: two weeks. one missed her application day for high school and she cannot get into high school she wanted to go to a13-year-old. >>randy: sometimes the collateral damage is bad. >>shepard: don't they say, here is what really happened, everyone needs to know handing a prescription to someone else is really bad, 13-year-old child, but you didn't mean any harm so, this time, but if anybody does
12:29 pm
this, it is very serious. isn't this what, maybe, was caused a learning moment, not an expulsion moment? >>randy: only because something really bad didn't happen and there is a fine line between a learning moment and a nightmare. >>arthur: common sense. shep, if i am on the board of supervisors who supervise this school, i would question this prince pam's judgment. he is using horrible judgment. >>shepard: randy? >>randy: thank god it wasn't worse than what happens now, the next time. >>shepard: more to come. a lot has happened not ten days since the newt gingrich dramatic win in south carolina's primary. and the former speaker has fallen in the polls like a rock has florida voters take their turn picking a candidate and the latest debates and dozens of rallies and millions in ads from the super pac's and such, have turned this into a very
12:30 pm
different race. and now, steve is in orlando in central florida and there has been, well, there has been a lot of mud slinging there, steve. >>reporter: this has been. and as this campaign in florida winds down to an end, the personal attacks seem to get sharper. newt gingrich now has multiple ways to call romney a liar, saying he is methodally dishonest and breath takingly dishonest. for his warm mitt romney is hitting back saying he will continue to be on the attack against newt gingrich. >> we came to florida and speaker gingrich didn't have two good debates. i did. and we responded. we responded to the attacks than coming from us. if you are attacked i will fight back hard. >>reporter: a lot of the romney ataxpayer come from the airwave outspending gingrich 4-1. >>shepard: end in sight?
12:31 pm
>>reporter: not according to newt gingrich who was off the bus this morning and told reporters he expects the fight to last five or six more months which raises questions how damaged the candidate will be before the general election. >> it is animal instinct, they smell blood, both of them see the holy grail, and view president obama as vulnerable, and they are pulling out all stops to get a competitive advantage and if it means bloodying up your opponent, that is what they are doing. >>reporter: the other to candidates outside of florida in lesser markets, really, this is a head to head battle tonight between newt gingrich and romney. >>shepard: thank you from the land of fantastic carpeting. where are you, steve? >>reporter: we are getting ready for the gingrich victory celebration party in orlando. >>shepard: that carpeting ... that is fantastic, to whatever degree you responsible for the
12:32 pm
carpeting congratulations. a new battle is emerge over the health care law, governor mandates, contraception and the catholic church. what does this mean for access to birth control? plus the nfl airing commercial of its own during the super bowl and it is about the safety the players but is it really just a public relations move as the league battles injury lawsuits? [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shippingiant can befriend a forest may seem lie the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take aw the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're ft with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes...
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>>shepard: and florida senator rubio jumping into the contraception hospital between the catholic church and the white house which has been blasting the health care law that requires reproductive services in coverage. and the health and human services secretary says this avoids female avoiding co-pays but catholic leaders behalf the new law as government interference with the church. now, senator rubio, who is a rumored potential vice presidential candidate, is pushing a bill that would allow religious groups to opt out of providing contraceptives without any co-pay. and now the news like at the white house, the catholics are up in arms. >>reporter: no doubt it was an extraordinary move on sunday. you had church leaders in this country basically telling individual priests all around america, to use their sermon to
12:37 pm
hit the obama administration pretty hard on this new policy, leaders like the cardinal designate in new york, archbishop dolan who took this fight online. listen to the cardinal. >> this should not happen in a land where free exercise of religion ranks first in the bill of rights. how about letting our elected leaders know we want religious liberty and rights of conscience restored and the administration's mandate rescinded? >>reporter: but there have been surveys showing that a large majority of catholic women, though, use bitter control against the church's teachings and so it is unclear whether this will hurt the obama administration in this election year. >>shepard: what is the white house saying? >>reporter: they are trying to say they know that catholics are very important part of the electorate. if you look back to 2008 fox exit polling data shows that catholics were 27 percent of the
12:38 pm
egg electorate, an estimated 35 million voters obviously a big deal and the president won 54 percent of catholics, beat john mccain by 9 points in the election among catholic voters and carney when asked about this issue today, from the white house podium was careful to say that they tried to strike a balance. >> a decision was made on the policy merits that also weighs the very issues that i described. i think it is fair to say that while there are those who take issue with the decision millions and millions of americans, american women, will have access to preventive services. >>reporter: the bottom line this is a reminder that in this election year, as the white house continues to implement the president's health carry reform law which of court was very controversial when it was first passed, each way as they
12:39 pm
implement each piece of it, it will be very, very controversial not election year. >>shepard: thank you, ed, from the north lawn. super bowl is days away. some people cannot way for the ads. the e-trade baby, that is beat. beat. beat. coca-cola polar bears, and not all fun and games the nfl will run a one minute commercial reportedly about the safety of the players and currently is battling a dozen lawsuits filed by employers who claim they suffered head injuries. is it just a public relations move? is it a good one or did they turn the corner on player's safety? a public relations expert, and author of a new book called "rethinking reputation, how p.r. trumps marketing and advertising ." welcome, fraser. is this just p.r., or is it good
12:40 pm
p.r.? >>guest: it is good action at a time, better late than never, concussions are the number one vulnerability in the nfl, probably the only vulnerability, and the nfl is the gold were goose of sports. the franchise is worth $1 billion each, the players average $2 million a year, the commissioner makes $10 million a year. a year. >>shepard: wow. >>guest: and concussions are the number one problem so they cannot blow it. what they have done, better late than never, they have improved the rules and they have video cameras so doctors can watch these things, they are would being with the helmet makers to improve the helmet. public relations starts with action, then you follow with publicity, and these ads are going to be factual and report on what they have done and they have seized the agenda, and it is the newt gingrich school of
12:41 pm
public relations, accused of adultery rather than backing up, confront the problem, this is a very good idea. >>shepard: sounds like the b.p. ad from the gulf coast that make my skin crawl. >>guest: it is like you see from the giants on sunday, sometimes the best defense is the best offense. what they are doing is they are defending themselves by taking the offense with these ads and the commission certificate -- commissioner is a smart go. this makes sense. >>shepard: seven or ten lawsuits. >>randy: they are putting their story out before they get to jury selection. >>shepard: same way with the b.p. memories. >>reporter: and they are stopping the legislation, in other words, this is the vulnerability for the golden goose and they cannot afford to let this go. they have closer to two dozen lawsuits and some of the best well-known players, tony door set is suing, and johnny unitas,
12:42 pm
he died of this. nfl is a good model. >>shepard: i am surprised the giants are underdogs. >>arthur: i hope they have the mentality because belichick is going to come out. he will come out. >>shepard: and pay tan -- pay d pay -- and peyton manning may never play again. the nerves in his arm are recovering too slowly, and may never recover. no one has commended on the article and neither has anyone in his family but today he told a group of reporters he has no plan to retire. the colts must payment hi by $28 million by march 8 or let him
12:43 pm
possibly sign with another team. much of the spending on 2012 is not coming from the candidates but from the super packs that have taken over our election system because the supreme court says they could. and we are learning more about the very rich men and women behind the groups. whose supporting which campaign, which candidate? now we know. that is ahead all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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>>shepard: we are learning more about the millionaires and billion airs behind the presidential elections with the super pacs about to reveal who is funding the operateses. we are talking a ton of money. the groups have spent $53 million on advertising for g.o.p. contenders this election season alone. and half of it on television ads
12:47 pm
and as we have reported the supreme court has ruled it is legal as long as members of the super pac do not work on any candidate's actual campaign. trace is in our west coast newsroom so all the donors other a lofts them have to come forward now, right? >>reporter: because the super pac donors donors can shield thr identities until the end of january primaries with now it has to be open. if you wonder how newt gingrich paid for the ads in south carolina and florida? we know that casino billionaire from las vegas donated $5 million, along with his wife, another $5 million, and here is a quick sample of what that money bought. >> think know mitt? he claims to be pro life but she what he told voters in massachusetts. >> i will reserve and protect a woman's right to choose. >> mom's super politburo got $1 million from bain c.e.o. and romney used to run bain capital
12:48 pm
and he got $500,000 from a c.e.o. of marriott hotel chain and look at this, huntsman got family help, although she no longer in the race, he got almost $2 million from his father, the billionaire businessman. >>shepard: it is lard to find a positive ad. >>trace: $53 million spent on super pac's and only 21 percent of the ads were positive. no, 29 percent positive. 71 percent of the ads were negative. and the run up to the south carolina primary this is romney's super pac, restore our future, 100 percent were negative and newt gingrich, 88 percent were negative, and here is a romney ad. >> newt gingrich's attacks are called foolish, out of bounds and disgusting. newt gingrich atabs because he
12:49 pm
has more baggage. than airlines. >>trace: and the president has super pac must be coming, $2 million from the c.e.o. of dream works, his donation, and if you wonder, colbert, he pulled in $850,000. the question, whether does it go now that he no longer needs it? >>shepard: we will find out soon enough. trace, live in los angeles. thank you. colleges love to brag how smart their students are but one school was faking the s.a.t. numbers and we will talk about the legal aspects of that
12:50 pm
are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: one college's
12:53 pm
glowing academic reputation was based on lies. the president of the college east of los angeles announced a senior administrator has resigned after revealing they sent false s.a.t. scores to major college ranking groups and not once but for six years. we are told the median score for the incoming freshman was 1400 but the school reported a 1410, instead, and that may not seem like a lot because the maximum is 2,400 but that could damage the school's standing. u.s. news and world report ranked the city as the 9th best liberal arts college in the country up from 11 the previous year so what students have a case against the college for misleading them? >>randy: the proof really ends up being not pudding after the fact. talk to the kids see what kind of jobs they have talk to their employers, how have they been harmed or damaged, how has
12:54 pm
anyone been damaged and do not forget, 10 points do we really think that is earth shattering difference like they advertised our students are 14050 but they were 1,000. much ado about nothing. >>arthur: it is fraud. fraud. fraud. saying our median level student this is what they achieved on the s.a.t. and supposedly hawaiis some correlation to intelligence, okay, this is where i want my kid to go so school and this is where i will pay, and they are separated by not one point, ten points it is in the top ten schools in the country, it is fraud. fraud. absolutely fraud. >>shepard: if it is how i base my decision on where i go to college why not have action? >>shepard: it is not based on that. >>shepard: if it is one of the things i make my decision why not have action? if they lied?
12:55 pm
why should i not have litigation? >>shepard: you need three things: someone doing something wrong. damage out of pocket. talk about damages. you would have to show as a result of what you did i did not get as good of a job or as education and i did not have as good of an opportunity. >>shepard: i would have chosen another college which really had that number if you had not lied. >>randy: how would that change your life now? good luck proving that. >>arthur: how about the other colleges would lost out on the student base because they reported their accurate scores which were 1400 or, maybe 1405 and they lied? so they lost that much of a population of students because the other schools lied? they cheated. that is the bottom line they cheated. >>shepard: i don't think that the s.a.t. score was 2400 in the year 2000, we are base this on
12:56 pm
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>>shepard: the green mermaid is going to india, starbucks today announce they will open 50 stores in india by the end the year. they operate 17,000 stores in 50 countries. but the folks at starbucks have their sights set on india's middle class, with a lot of potential customs. and a lot of lattes. that is it for "studio b" and back tonight later for fox report at 7:00


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