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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 2, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>>neil: punxsutawney phil predicting six more weeks of winter but did the donald just "trump" the phil? welcome, even, i am neil cavuto and the donald said mitt is it so the heck with phil, and, now in the first interview since saying so, he will be here. not phil. the donald. so much for newt who thought the endorsement was in the bag. not from phil. the donald. today, taking a jab at the donald. >> let me say first of all i like hiring people.
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>>neil: while newt could be trying to dismiss it, being liked by donald trump is a lot better than not being liked. the donald will be joining us soon but, first, this is a big, big win my guest says. better to have than not? >>guest: sure, you played a clip of newt gingrich and he probably would have walked over his grandmother to have the endorsement from donald trump. he was so clearly chasing it, and courting donald trump for many months. >>neil: he thought it was in the bag. >>guest: they did and a number of news outlets reported the endorsement was going to newt gingrich and they had to walk that back. donald trump is no dummy he wants to back a winner and mitt romney looks like he has all of the momentum in addition to having the organization and the money going forward to actually win the big contest. >>neil: it looks like newt gingrich was flabbergasted but back in december, remember, right after arranging the big debate with donald trump, take a
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look at this side-by-side. >> i am watching in amazement. because some people have this knack of gathering attention. donald trump is a great showman and a great businessman. if we are trying to figure out how to create jobs one the differences between my party and the other party is we actually go to people would know how to create jobs, to figure out how to create jobs and, so, when i was asked whether i would be willing to be in that kind of debate i automatically said yes. >>neil: i feel newt gingrich in this respect, he did agree to that debate, he and rick santorum and romney passed. so, that's the thanks. >>guest: this is politics. it and brutal blood sport. this endorsement matters in two respects. first, a lot of people were speculating that trump might self finance a third party run. a lot of people were concerned
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about that. and he just foreclosed that by endorsing mitt romney and taking himself out. >>neil: there was -- do you think that is the case? will he build the suspense? >>guest: you mean for --. >>neil: he might try for a third party. >>guest: by endorsing mitt romney that is it, he takes himself out. that does not preclude other people, like a bloom bug or a ron paul from making a third party run. >>neil: do you think blockberg would? >>guest: no, no, this is already february, and donald trump is a fearless aggressive criticizer and opponent of president obama and absolutely fearless in his attacks on the president. and that is one of the reasons why in the fall when he was going after obama day-to-day people said, take another look at this guy as a potential g.o.p. candidate. we want someone who will bring the fight to obama and donald trump is actually one of the guy whose is out there on the
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forefront. by endorsing mitt romney who is uncomfortable taking fight to the president donald trump could be a very effective and aggressive surrogate for mitt romney. >>neil: sort of like a chris christie? >>guest: exactly, and those two can tag team and they both have similar styles, both out there, they have no b.s. and they are unafraid and that is what mitt romney needs going forward. >>neil: thank you very were, monica, john roberts in las vegas where trump made this endorsement moments ago. how is that going down buddy? >>reporter: from where we it is it was pretty much unexpected because it looked like newt gingrich was the guy would had the inside track, and they had the meeting back in december and newt gingrich called donald trump a genuine american icon, and trump was very complimentary of newt gingrich saying she a man with a lot of ideas but what is funny as the newt gingrich campaigned suggested last night he was going do get trump's
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endorsement and mitt romney was the die with knew all along it wasn't going that way because he and donald trump spoke yesterday and that is when they agreed do this and they had the meeting in september of last year and described as quiet and cordial, and romney made sure that he wasn't photographed either going in or out of the building when everyone else was publicly making a pilgrim pilgrimage, everyone but ron paul and huntsman and romney today. here is the reason why donald trump said he endorsed him. he liked his performance at the debate, the fact that he is tough on opec and the fact that he was tough on china. >> mitt is tough. he's smart. he's sharp. he's not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country we all love. >>reporter: what is the net effect? mitt romney has a 20-point lead over newt gingrich, leading
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45-25 and a head of steam after the florida win and this poll was taken before florida and he won the state back in 2008 with 51 percent of vote but here is something to consider a recent fox news poll found 27 percent of people said that donald trump's endorsement would cause temperature to probably vote against that candidate. so, we will see how it goes, neil, but here in nevada it is safe to assume that it may actually help to boost mitt romney. the polls, and certainly a blow to newt gingrich because it also tends to reinforce that sense of inevitability when it comes to a romney candidacy. >>neil: in the state of nevada, does it carry clout? >>reporter: it does, because trump is a big player here. although his hotel is off the las vegas strip, he is still a very big player here, and, you know, lots vacation is all about the show. the show is what helps you get into the casino and in politics it is the same way. you have a big piece of
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political theater, like happened today, and it focuses attention on you, and, with just a couple of days left until people gather for the all important caucuses in the silver state, mitt romney any is going to be top of mine and newt gingrich is fading into the background today here in nevada and maybe he can pull a rabbit out of the hat tomorrow and have a moment but mitt romney had the big moment today in question. >>neil: thank you, john roberts in las vegas. and now donald trump first interview since making that, so many a stunning surprise announcement. welcome, donald, good to have you back. >>guest: thank you very much, neil. >>neil: everyone thought it was going to be newt gingrich, what happened? >>guest: well, i liked newt very were but over the course of the last number of months i have eastbound mitt and i have seen what is going on and i see his stand toward china and opec and others and i like it a lot. i am a big strong believer in the fact that china is draining our wealth and opec is bringing
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a problem for our country and mitt has stepped up more than anyone else on those issues. >>neil: have you ruled, out, then, a presidential run for yourself because of this today? >>guest: certainly if mitt gets the nomination and he runs i would not be running. i cannot endorse someone and say, by the way i am endorsing someone but i will run. if for some reason something happened it and is open season after the show is finished, but i don't see that happening. and we had an amazing day today. an amazing turn out. and i represent millions of people that tired of seeing this country ripped off. and that is what it is all about. >>neil: he was not, that; mitt romney, among those, i don't ... he didn't suck up to you. in other words, he admired and spoke highly of you, when you were planning the debate with the presidential candidates and newt gingrich said yes and rick santorum said yes and mitt romney took a pass.
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he was very respectful, and called you, and you took the calm and you were respectful about his respectful call to you but in the end he gets the trump brass ring. it is weird. >>guest: he called and i could have talked him into doing it the he said he would prefer, he was leading not polls and he had a lot to lose and he did say what he would prefer, but i think he would have done it if i put the pressure on and he decided, and we both decided it was findings he was very respectful and that is not what it is about. it is really about who will do a great job, and i think that he will do really well. i loved his performance in the last two debates, i thought they were great if he performs that way he will beat obama very decisively in the debate and, i think, the election. >>neil: back to newt gingrich because today when he heard this news he seemed flabbergasted. >> i am watching in amazement. >> why?
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>> because some people have this knack of gathering the country. >>neil: some people have a knack of gathering attention. >> well i have always had the knack of getting attention and i don't do it myself, for some ron you will have to ask, you called me, neil, i didn't call you. you wanted me on. >>neil: you are absolutely right. you are right. >> and i can say 10,000 other reporters the same thing. >>neil: i don't care about his take on this he was ticked off and he seemed piqued. >>guest: i can understand it i like him and i do respect him and he is a member of my club in washington, and he is a good guy. but i do think that mitt romney who is also somebody that i like and respect and i have said that, also, from the beginning, that he will do very well against obama. >>neil: what happens, now, we are going do get in this later with my buddy charles payne about the comments romney made about the poor, he doesn't worry about them and he worried about
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the middle class and supporters say he didn't present the argument that, clearly, that he looks like an elite it snob. what do you thick 1/2? >>guest: it was unfair reporting because if you let the sentence goes on for three seconds it explained perfectly so i think the reporting was really urge fair that and the fire word where he wanted to fire insurance companies but they cut it off before he gets to the word "insurance companies," that was very, very unfair reporting and i am surprised that you would even say it but, if you listen to his statement, he also said, and he is going to protect temperature, and they don't let the sentence go on, they just take the first part of the sentence, so, i think that it is very, very unfair reporting. >>neil: maybe so but i am not the only one reporting, and charles krauthammer and other, conservative and others have said that he just has trouble connecting on this issue and
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showing, i guess, the compassionate side of conservativeness. if you advised him on how to make a convincing art for capitalism, that can touch everything, what would it be? >>guest: well, first of all, i think over the last month it has been someone that really has come a long way in terms of what let is doing and i think she doing a great job and i think the last two debates have been absolutely fantastic for him and his explanations of everything including capitalism have been great. >>neil: what about his views on china? he commended you for the in your face position, to quit playing games but i can't picture him taking the same approach that you would take, that he might have a more diplomatic way of dealing with it and donald trump would not like it. >>guest: i think he is taking a tough stance on china and he knows they are ripping off our country, he knows opec is laughing at us and he is taking
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a tough stance on china and opec and others the toughest i have seen and one of the reasons i decided to do what i did today, neil. >>neil: the attitude you get from people these days would look at this event and then, say, well, maybe it is not just that trump is hooking up with a guy that looks like he is off to the races, but everyone goes in and says, what is trump getting out of this? your book is doing fine? apprentice is doing fine so they say what does he get out of this. what do say? >>guest: only one thing i want to see this country great again. we are not great now. we are being laughed at. we are not great anymore. in two or three years china will supplant us in terms of an economic power and i get one thing: if the right person gets in, this country becomes great again. that is all i get. >>neil: when the white house dismisses it out of hand, what
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do you say? >>guest: well, you know that i get to obama and i think obama understands that i understand him better than most and i think that frankly i called obama very correctly for a number of years and of course they could have sloughed anything off. why wouldn't they? they cannot stand up and say this is a terrible day. no. but they understand this was a very important endorsement and some people say it was the most important endorsement. let's see what happened. >> it gave him a boost at the right time. thank you, donald trump. >> more on greta, because the heat and fallout from this is very, very big. type 2 diabetes.
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(inaudible) >>neil: so mitt romney has been in damage control after making those comments, but, the backlash got california -- charles wandering what is behind this. >>reporter: and the entire piece sounds like an obama piece, always talking about the middle class, and never talks about the poor. the real deal, the poor have entered into this deal, faustian deal, you take care of this, we will give you our vote but you have to give us political covers you cannot let anyone beat us up or demonize us and we will stay poor and this is the faustian
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deal. >>neil: how does mitt romney counter criticism from conservative thinkers and charles krauthammer whose say that, and the like, it is not a compelling way to sell conservatism. >>guest: it is not. this is i think, a big problem in jennifer the republican party, but, we have to get away from the notion we have a caste system if you are born oned for stamps you have to die food stamps. i hate talking classes and i try never to use the term middle-class, we have an economic ladder and people move up and down all the time. >>neil: but you grew up in poor, in harlem. >>guest: i have two childhoods, first was on army bases, and wonderful, and then we lived in harlem and i have seen the fake job programs, and they don't go away. >>neil: and we will spend
1:20 pm
trillions on helping the poor, and the pentagon of those in the so-called "poverty zone," has actually increased. >>guest: it increases because not one single program ever aimed at the poor is based on being called greatness. never. never. never. the president will talk and brag about community colleges but when i was growing up it was get a ged, and you can be okay, and that stuff doesn't work. every single program in the poor neighborhood, they do not say be great or go for the stop, or be a scientist or engineer, just do the greens job program they spend half a billion, got 8,000 jobs these are jobs that people get in a truck pick up a panel and carry it to a possibling and that is it and it lasts for two or three months and nothing is designed to tap into greatness because certain people benefit it from it and some may not. and, i think that is the big deal. the poor have to say, listen, i demand more, the old saying you
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can teach a man how to fish or give him fish and this is another part, you have to say once i have taught you to fish you have to get out there and do it every day. >>neil: very well put. very well put. thanks, buddy, very, very good. and ahead of the super bowl, the super union threat and the governor daniels is saying "game on," and he is next. ♪ for our future. ♪ this isn't just the car we wanted to build. it's the car america had to build. ♪ the extended range electric chevy volt. from the heart of detroit to the health of the country, chevy runs deep.
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not to hurt their cause further by tainting what has been a spectacular and success will event. >>neil: they are saying you are to a nice way trying to full a fast one and shut down unions. >>guest: not at all. this law is aimed only at one
1:26 pm
segment of society, the folks without jobs, indiana has by every reckoning the 5th or 6th best business climate in the country and now it got a little better. the phone began literally ringing yesterday afternoon about companies wanting to come to our state. folks have been alarms unnecessarily. no one will lose pay and no benefits are going down and the right to organize and bargain is safe and now workers have freedom and, noise is not numbers and fewer than 9 percent of indiana workers belong to a june and many of them do not disagree with the right-to-work principle and the whole state a huge majority believe it is the right thing to do. there was a rasmussen poll this
1:27 pm
week that found 74 percent in favor of letting the worker decide whether to pay the dues. we have had a good debate here, and people have exercised their rights appropriately but we moving forward and i hope our opponents will do the same. >>neil: your illinois counterpart, the governor, the democratic governor is not too keen on what you are doing. i guess trying to woo workers from their state to yours is this, leaving aside the border state ballots here, that it develops into something, as i said, scott walker is experiencing that now, galvanizing unions and it could get so far as a recall. you know, it gets his own head of foam. >> i understand why union leadership views this as a major
1:28 pm
deal. it could result, maybe, in less money or less political clout but i have never said it was a game changer only an improvement, a real improvement in our attractiveness as a place for new jobs and many of the alarms that have been raised will not happen and i believe that those who are exercises about it will relax. >> what did you thing of donald trump supporting governor romney. >> free country. it may be of some interest in places like never where he has employees and an interest but just one more voice. if you ever would run for president although you nixed it
1:29 pm
early, is that support you would seek out? >>guest: well, i think governor romney and all the other candidates are right to welcome support from fin at this time. and my view is that given the dangers faced this current and the need to move against our debt problems and the stagnation of our economy, we need our candidates together, we need everybody's support to speak the language of unity, at least about our biggest national challenges, sure, each of these candidates ought to be trying to get the endorsement and help of anybody who might help build eventually a coalition. the important thing is not to win an election, the important thing is to have a sufficient cross section of americans ready to support the action we need after the election. >>neil: governor, thank you and very go to see you.
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1:34 pm
companies to tell everyone how the c.e.o.'s make compared to the average worker makes. fox business network's charlie gasparino saying it is class warfare. >> think how absurd this is. dodd-frank was designed to prevent banks from failing again. prevent the government from having to go in and bail them out. but we have stuff like this and a lot of other baloney stuff, forcing bangs to do things to squeeze the earnings and creating new consumer panels and the consumer, this was not all about the consumer but it was about banks taking too much risk. what is the word, fatuous, how is that for a five dollar word, it is stupid. okay, c.e.o.'s get paid a lot. do we, just, and, by the way, it is interesting how they snuck it in knowing that an election year when this went into effect would
1:35 pm
come around the corner. so, clearly is it an election year ploy. dodd-frank --. >>neil: is it a requirement? >>guest: of all banks. >>neil: so companies have to comply. >>guest: it will be to their official documents. >>neil: so you will know my boss is paid 500 times the average --. i can see the "usa today" saying, here is the ranking of companies and the gap. >>guest: it is purely political. that is the problem with dodd-frank. that is why they need to have a serious rethinking of law. we have hat jamie dimon on fox business and i did a long interview and jamie dime -- dimon will say we need new legislation, but this is a
1:36 pm
monstrosity and it crimps our ability to lend money to consumers and to businesses which is what it is about. >>neil: but this is a deflections? >>guest: and it is political. why else does this have anything to do with the financial crisis? it is so obvious. >>neil: but it is part of the same story, rightst they must have pulled this out and figures it works. >>guest: this is the problem with the bill. it is blatantly political, and this comes a time, we needed regulation but when you add politics you have an issue. dodd-frank, i am sure they had the best intelligences -- intentions but the banks can not lend money because of all of the restrictions and if you want to know why we have 8.5 percent unemployment and one of the slowest recoveries coming out of
1:37 pm
a recession, ever, it is because of this law in large part. >>neil: good stuff, charlie gasparino, the best. and he has the donald but would everyone love romney if he took a cue from "raymond," and would newt quiet critics if he was more like ... you are? [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic.
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>>neil: hardly laughing in this republican provide marry campaign. plenty of smack downs, though, instead of getting riled up maybe they should take a cue from stand up. presidential historian says a little humor goes a long way and has a fair and balanced history to prove, republicans and democrats have used it. doris, good to have you. >>guest: glad to be here. >>neil: i thought getting increasingly nasty and i understand how the races go but
1:41 pm
sometimes humor can cut through this. i want to point to, the one who was famous was ronald reagan in this famous exchange. we will talk about this. >> you ready are the oldest president in history and some your staff say you tired after your most recent encounter with mondale. i recall yet that president kennedy had to go for days on end with very little sleep during the cuban missile crisis. is there any doubt in your mind that you would be able to if united states in such circumstances? >>guest: not at all, i want you it know, also, i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >>neil: that sort of cut that tension a little bit. and that is easier said than done, and maybe that was well reherred or practiced but what
1:42 pm
do you make of it? >>guest: what is important is he was able to look at the problem that he created for himself in the first debate where he got befuddled on certain questions and said i am confused, and to come back and deflect that with genuine humor and he delivered it even if someone gave it he had the capacity to do it and it means you can look from the outside in, you can laugh at yourself and it shows emmobile intelligence and it spiked that campaign, undoing the problem of the first campaign. >>neil: if you take your signature issue of your opponent, i am thinking of john f. kennedy, you are just the little rich kid and john f. kennedy said, i think the quote, i have just received the following wire from my generous daddy, dear jack, don't buy a single vote more than is necessary i'll be damned if i'm going to pay for a landslide." he kind of put it in perspective. >> association again, he was under criticism for having
1:43 pm
accepted so much money, the february was paying payloads to make him president of the united states, so he takes it straight on and makes you laugh and makes it smoothing and makes it funny. >>neil: easier said than do. the prominent candidates, not that they have to be funny young men, but how do you make a thorny issue like class warfare thing and you are not elitist snob as critics contend of mitt romney, how do you turn that around without being on serious defense? >>guest: well, it depends on the temperament of the person. what it means you have to not take yourself so seriously even though you are taking the job seriously and the argument seriously. but that depends on a certificate kind of emotional intelligence. this is a moment when someone yelled at abraham lincoln, you are two faced and he said if i had two faces do you think i would be wearing this face? he said if he could not have
1:44 pm
laughed during the civil war he could not have help doored the burdens of the war and the problem is the laughter in this campaign has been against the people, the late night shows making fund of the people, rather than they being able to feel humorness against themselves. >>neil: i am not steeped in the nuance but looking at candidates i not they are on guard and that is to be expected. but, in the case of newt gingrich i notice that very much on defense, and, maybe that is appropriate and maybe he best when he is firing back, and will fire become at the reporter and make the reporter the foil and it is effective, it works, but i wondered if he could turn it around and make fun of himself or laugh at it, and said, everyone thinks i'm so thin skinned that ticked me off when i hear it, i don't know what the solution on be, but, again and
1:45 pm
again it is like this serious angry response. >>guest: i was thinking about unwith of reagan's famous lines in the debate with carter, there you go again, against the repeated attack that carter was making against him, and that actually is the title of a cassette of his humor, can you imagine what would we have if we wanted a cassette of their humor, we would not have when line, not a matter of a jokester telling you a line but an attitude toward the job, toward running, you should be having fun, they don't have much fun during the debates. >>neil: but can you blame them? we thought mediaing i try to avoid making a big deal out of an errant comment, someone jokes it they look indifferent or callous and the media rips into them and it happens to the republican or democratic, it doesn't matter, and they just make it so crazy that most
1:46 pm
candidates, and that is why the c.e.o.'s say "be vanilla," much better than the bad press you get for attempted fancy nuts. >>guest: they are anxious not to make an error so whether that do that they are holding back and not making a play and it is true the media, they will get hit hearter than trying to make it in the first place. >>neil: what made me thing of that, i was a baby at the time, but john f. kennedy had, many fame out press conferences and there was a female reporter who custody up and said, you know, what are you doing for women, and his immediate answer was, i am sure not enough. and everyone laughed. now, women's groups hearing that today are saying that is a show vannist dismissively response, and it might have been, but he
1:47 pm
got a good laugh but would the stuff that work then even remotely work now. >>guest: you know, maybe not. maybe not. you got to hope that there is still a capacity in the electorate and even in the media for recognizing that adding a little bit of fun and humor to a campaign only makes people feel better but we are out to catch them part of the gotcha mentality the media has which holds the candidates up and makes them more wooden and not human beings when they appear before us. >>neil: but the sense of humor will help in a crisis if they have that lincoln like lincoln it is a winning card? >>guest: lincoln used it at night in the middle of the war going to his aides with humor, and read the books out loud and say he could not sleep unless he had the soothing that humor brings, laughter was always a major tool he had to deal with
1:48 pm
his sadness. that is how he got out of the sad moves. when people laugh they feel better, it is an inherent part of us to feel good when something is funny. i wish they had more room for it. maybe we need to give them that room and let them screw up and have a little bit more laughs so we can enjoy it. >>neil: doris, you could have a future in this history stuff, by the way. >>guest: i'll think about it. >>neil: good luck and you be well. forget trump backing pitt. i want you to meet the guy backing trump. and he's a president. total access - to everything. from idea to research to trade. including financials, indicators and real-time streaming quotes.
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>> he said model for democracy and for economic success and in addition, he also promised free trade with georgia. i don't think he will ever promise it to russia for the time being. it could be for the times, but otherwise, i don't think anything is comparable between those two. >> does he take it out on you? me reading body language. but you have done a number of business dealings with donald trump. donald trump no fan of the president. it's kind of a hands off dealing with the president of georgia from the president of the united states. >> i don't think at that moment it could have been on his mind. i think we have very good meeting with the president. he promised us that he will work on deal with georgia, which is a
1:56 pm
big deal. it promised america would help us with bolstering our self-defense. they spoke about georgia very highly. if you're a small country like georgia confronted with great unfairness and justice, there is only country in the world to whom you can turn to, with whom you share your values that's out there, at least supportive morally, and in this case, concrete terms, this is the united states. whoever the president is. that has been my experience with the administration. many times with president bush, we're very good friends. president bush came out to georgia. last year i met him in new york and we had a long time together. he really had very fond memories of georgia. he has 100,000 plus crowds. i had very good relations with this administration as well. they have been really supportive. so part of politics is staying out of it. i went to see speaker boehner today and he wasn't happy that i met obama.
1:57 pm
>> mr. president, i don't mean to cut you off, but thank you. it's always an honor to have you. >> the president of fa go. we'll have more. grandfather -- georgia. we'll i have unlike rdy. dolr for doar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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