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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 4, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> hello everybody. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i am rick folbaum. >> i am arthel neville. topping the news at this hour, hundreds dead in syria in what is being called the bloodyest weekend in the nearly 11 month up rising. china and russia vetoed a resolution that would have called for president assad to step down. >> back home a monster snowstorm dumps up to 6 feet of snow in the rockies. more than 600 flights are canceled because of it. now this weather system is
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headed east. we will get the latest from the extreme weather center. >> are you ready for some football? consumer reports with us. all of the last minute ways to pick out yes during the super bowl without benching your budget that is. >> first it is a show down in the silver state as the nevada caucuses go down to the wire with 38 delegates nevada had historically small pickens when it comes to the gop selection process. with super packs and big changes to process this year's contest is lasting longer than ever in a state where unemployment is 12.6 percent and where housing much of the housing prices initially unfolded there is no question of course that the economy will be the issue for caucus goers there. p a
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it is not the only one. >> president obama on the today show said if he didn't turn the economy around in two years he would be looking at a one-term presidency. we are taking back the white house. he was right. >> we expect governor romney to be in first. there's a very large mormon population here. he got an absolute majority last time. i think our hope is we may be able to come in second although ron paul is very organized. any time there's a caulk cause ron paul has an opportunity because of the intensity of his supporters. >> they will point out what their position is on healthcare which is identical to his? you don't think they can point out newt sat on a couch with nancy pelosi and mitt romney crowed the governor of massachusetts that he had the first carbon dioxide cap on power plants in the history of our country? folks we need contrast. right?
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>> the american people are waking up they have started to recognize that the promises those who have had to pay the bills we have been complaining a long time. those on the receiving end are waiting up as well because they don't see this as a perpetual wealth machine. it is running out of steam. all we have is debt so they know something has to change. i believe sincerely that we can fill the void by understanding our past not by going backwards. >> bret baier is the anchor of special report. brett of course the folks in nevada they are used to high stakes. for the first time the stakes are high on the political front. you got to tell us what other issues they can put their money on in terms of the economy of course and who has the most to lose. >> sure arthel it will be an interesting night obviously heading into tonight there was a sense that mitt romney was going to have a big night no matter
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what. we are getting interesting information on how voters feel about the not yet called republican race in it nevada. we have been conducting these entrance polls all day long asking nevadians on the way to the caucuses how do you intend to vote and why. there are two caveats here. these are entrance polls. they are taken as voters go into the caucus sites. they could change their minds once they are inside there they could be persuaded by a neighbor, a speech by a surrogate. you have to consider all of these things as you listen to these polls keeping all that in mind. a large group of the caucus goers are senior citizens. mitt romney has won this group every where except south carolina. today he is getting 59 percent of them. newt gingrich gets 25 percent. ron paul 11 percent, san tore ra rum 5 percent. ron paul with the exception of florida he is back in the lead
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but neck in neck with romney. polls 41 percent romney 39 gingrich 15 and santorum 5. paul is popular against independent voters. 16 percent for gingrich and santorum again at 5 percent. gingrich is not winning any of the key groups. he does come in a strong second in many of the groups. for example among caucus goers who strongly support the tea party movement gingrich receives 31 percent well ahead of paul and second only to romney who actually performs very well with this group in nevada as he did in new hampshire. we will have more of the entrance polls and more of the totals at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. interesting early stats as we come into the entrance polls. >> anything can happen. bret tell us how did nevada become such a high roller in
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this political process? >> arthel, they moved up. they wanted to be more in the center of things in the early part of the primary process. they actually moved up well ahead of where they are now february 4th originally there was a negotiation they would be january 10th. new hampshire had a standoff back and forth. iowa could be back pushed into the previous year in december. that standoff could be well as it was pushed up to february 4th. it was thought mitt romney was supposed to do well here as we mentioned it was about a quarter of the voters. voters last time 2008 the population overall as the people who come out to vote on caucus night. the others second place that could be a race today. we are going to obviously follow it through out the night for you.
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>> i will be tuning in and want to remind everybody bret baier thank you by the way to stick around with us on fox news channel through out the day of our live wall to wall coverage of the nevada caucuses. he is going to host a weekend edition of fox report. 1:00 eastern time on the fox news channel. >> more politics coming up more fallout with the scandal pushes off claims a million dollar loan guarantee for the firm was politically motivated. this dumps more than 300 pages of documents related to the deal. doug calloway is live in washington. >> good evening to you. the standoff between the white house and commerce committee got a little tense as republicans threatened to hit the white house with contempt of congress charges. white house responded with
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another friday night document. dumped 315 pages of solyndra documents. they show they made a loan to the company in march 2009 months before the full loan was given. the white house maintains that was disclosed in earlier e-mails and the new documents show no evidence of political influence. 185,000 pages of solyndra documents. in a statement republicans said handing over 5-6 pages a day is not an acceptable level of compliance it's a situation where taxpayers are out over half billion dollars. it's astonishing they said they were the most transparent in history they are continuing to stone wall refusing any accountable. the energy and xher commcommerc committee sent a letter that read the committee continues to engage in a wide ranging fishing expedition demanding the white
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house provide more documents with minimal if any relevance to the committee's over sight interest of legislative functioning. republicans maintain if the white house has nothing to hide they should hand over the documents. so the standoff continues, rick, and probably will for weeks if not months to come. >> doug, thanks. >> my pleasure. now a fox news alert. the u.n. security council failing to pass a resolution ending the assad leader. >> it is the blood yis episode of the 11 month old up rising. we have the latest from jerusalem. >> the u.s. ambassador of the u.n. says china and russia will have the blood of syria on it's hands. despite the international out
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cry about the violence in syria it appears those risking their lives often giving their lives for the chance of a better future aren't going to get any help. the syrian army showed no mercy as it launched a massive offensive against the town of homes. over night mortars pounded away at the city which was the center of the up rising. the assaults killed 200 and injured 500 many of them left to die in the streets as the town has no ambulances and the hospitals have all been shut down. late into the night fires raged throughout the city. the french called it a crime against humanity but the army showed no signs of letting up as civilians took to the streets today searching for survivors snipers fired away. news of the massacre spread around the world. protestors were out in force from washington to europe to ee
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gupt thousands rallied at syrian embassies calling for the end of assad. protestors turned violent as crowd broke through. >> it is a sad coincidence. almost 30 years ago today president assad's father launched a massive attack against his own people and killed more than 10,000. the world watched and did nothing. now three decades later his son appears to be repeating that same tragic history. arthel, back to you. more than 100,000 pro testers in the streets of moscow since the fall of xhounicommuni. they are demanding free elections after the wake that last year it was fraudulent. they are calling for an end to putin's 12 years in power. putin said he will try to reclaim the presidency in elections there later this month. switching gears turning to
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weather now. parts of colorado getting pummelled in a mass i have winter sto -- massive winter st. 6 feet of snow and high winds forcing drivers off roads and closing parts of interstate 70. the storm which also brought heavy rain in other parts of the midwest is now slowly moving east. meteorologist maria molina is live in the weather center with more on this. looks nasty. >> we picked up quite a bit of snow. take a look at the snowfall totals. denver colorado picked up 15.9 inches of snow. by the way just yesterday in a 24-hour period on february 3rd they picked up 12.5 inches of snow. that officially set the record for the most snow they have gotten in one day for the month of february. this is a record setting snowstorm. the snowstorm is still headed east and bringing in heavy snow across nebraska, iowa. there are reports coming out over nebraska 10 inches of snow already on the ground. if it you can take a look at the
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satellite radar picture it is still snowing out there. locally we could be looking at totals of up to a foot of snow. where it's too warm for any snow we have heavy rain and thunderstorms that as well aside from flooding could produce isolated severe weather. heads up if you live across southeastern portions of mississippi and southern alabama some of these storms are really packing a punch. i wouldn't rule out an isolated tornado warning or gust wind gusts and large hail. heavy rain locally 5 inches of rain could fall in spots in louisiana. the storms racing eastward. by tomorrow relatively quiet weather parts of the southeast continue to see unsettled weather. backside of it high pressure sunshine and temperatures that wi won't be too bad. 49 will be the high in kansas city which for this time of the year not too big of a deal. big day tomorrow if you haven't heard the super bowl i am happy to announce we have good weather for tailgaters. for the game it will be indoors
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lucas oil stadium we have the retractable roof. tailgaters sunshine through out the afternoon hours. temperatures will be pleasant in the 40s by nightfall. only in the 30s. very mild for february. we want to wish both teams a lot of luck tomorrow. they have really fought long and hard to get to where they are right now. we want to stay unbiassed at fox news. fair and balanced. a lot of us tomorrow not picking any sides. >> i am sure patriots fans are very upset with you right now maria. >> you gave them their forecast. that's a first. enjoy the game maria. >> i am not going to let maria hang. i am going with the giants as well. eli manning. new orleans boy. >> we switch gears when we come back a shocking new twist in the controversial pardons by
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outgoing haley barber. a man pardoned with dui is again facing another dui charge. what the former governor is saying. >> rolling out a new weapon that can do a lot more than just take a bite out of crime. is that dog wearing sunglasses? >> i think so. and shoes, boots. capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50 percent annual bonus. so you earn 50 percent more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here, waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain.
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>> time for a quick check of the headlines. haley barber says he didn't know the man he paroled was charged with fatal dui. he applied for a pardon a month before the dui arrest. barber and the parole board claim they were never told about the charges. the u.s. warning egypt to resolve disputes with pro dom see groups or lose another billion dollars in aid. they are set to deliver 1.3 billion this year. again gazzara died. best known for his role in the big lobowski had been battling
3:20 pm
cancer. he was 81 years old. >> mitt romney scored big in florida. he is expected to do well in nevada. new rules of this summer's nominating convention. candidates in second or third or even fourth don't have many reasons to drop out and a wealthy supporter can donate to a so-called super pack and single handedly keep a campaign afloat. is this a good thing? here for a fair and balanced debate cal thomas daily columnist kirsten powers. nice to see you both. good thing or not? >> the politicians have been tinkering with these rules and regulations since the co called mcgovern reforms of 1972 which followed the watergate scandal or was in the middle of the watergate scandal. proportional representation. you had the floor of the
3:21 pm
democratic conventions, you had to have so many african americans, so many hispanics so many gays and lesbians. it became ridiculous. republicans started tinkering with theirs. i would like an american idol format. i think we ought to put them up there, we have j-lo and the other two and we just have a national vote and get it over with. it would save a lot of money. >> steve tyler and randy jackson just for the record. kirsten, what do you think? is this the best way we have to come up with for a candidate to run as president? >> as voters democrats did it this way last time. i think it is better. there is more time. it isn't just the person who is sort of the inevitable candidate who has the institutional support and the money that can sort of knockout the early states and winner take all and move on. i think it's good to have it be protracted and have people have to battle for it. if you are the republican party and you are looking at the situation, i don't think it is
3:22 pm
good if it gets nasty or personal which it has been. i think that is actually harming romney. i don't think the fact that having to compete for it harms romney at all i think he has become a much better candidate. but the nastiness and stuff that is coming up that gingrich is getting under his skin about is harming him with independent voters now. in that sense it could be a negative. >> cal, the other night after his win in florida mitt romney said that competitive primary process does not divide us. it prepares us. how much preparation is the eventual candidate, eventual nominee going to get? how long is this going to go on? >> it can only prepare you if you are going to be a chef at benny hahn at tokyo carving up the pieces of meet on the grill there. ronald reagan had the 11th commandment thou shall not speak ill of a fellow republican. that one is out the window. along with the one of bearing false witness and committing
3:23 pm
adultery. if somebody wants the nomination so bad they are willing to destroy a fellow republican i am not sure they are worth it. i think candidates ought to stand on their own what they stand for and let the voters decide when those ideas are better than other people. i am glad to see romney is sturning his guns on president obama figuratively speaking because that's where the ultimate decision is going to be made. i think some of the rhetoric has been way, way over the top. it's about getting the job rather than ideas that will produce results. >> what about the money from superpacs? this is a new thing the result of citizens united decision by the supreme court that allows a wealthy individuals like the edelsons who are supporting newt gingrich. they are supporting pacs that support newt gingrich and they are rejeinjecting those pacs wi millions and millions of
3:24 pm
dollars. almost single cannededly ke -- d handedly keeping the commercials on air. >> i think it was bad. citizens united decision i thought was bad for the reason we are seeing that you can launch the carpet bomb people with no real responsible for them. high information voters may realize these people are really connected to the campaigns but most people are going to think, this is just some third party that is running these ads. i think it should have to come from the candidate so they have to get the blow back from the voters for running the negative ad. i do think without the super pacs you wouldn't see somebody like gingrich being able to stay in the race. in the past you would have to convince donors to stay with you when people look like this they say a do i want to get behind someone tearing down the presumptive candidate. he won one state. who is really going to write a check for him. it helps people who otherwise
3:25 pm
couldn't get support and be able to stay in the race. >> go ahead. i will give you the last word. >> it's like a life support system. she is absolutely right. it takes away from the reality of the situation. if newt gingrich can attract the individual checkses and support so much the better. but just throwing money for a form of life support i think gives a phony sense that he is a stronger candidate than he is. >> cal, kirsten, thank you so much. plenty more politics right here on fox news. appreciate you both coming in. >> steven tyler and randy jackson appreciated you made sure you mentioned their names. >> come on. they are a big part of the show. >> steven tyler look at me right now. close-up. i digress. back to the news. new technology is helping police in new york take a bigger bite out of crime. police dogs are being equipped with special infra-red cameras. letting officers go where they have never been before.
3:26 pm
anna is live in our new york city newsroom with the details. >> hey there. the nypd canine unit has 100 squads the bomb squad narcotics and transit bureau. they are implementing high-tech complement. it's the same things being used by navy seals and successful raid on osama bin laden's xountd. >> police. i have a trained dog. if you don't come out i will let him lose. >> september 11th the unit has been growing in if size and staying on cutting edge. handlers push for federal funding and they are paying for infra-red doing goggles and ear protection. gps tracking devices in vehicles to transport the canines. went through parts of the old subway system for the new equipment training. we have been at the center of several terror plots specifically targeting the new york city subway system. it is a -- it's the exact
3:27 pm
environment that they want to strike in. it's a crowded environment that moves a lot of people. it's highly visible. one sung el incident can do a lot of damage. >> the infra-red cameras cost about 9,000 dollars. they are heavy duty shock proof dust proof and water resistant. dogs are sometimesable to go places where the officers can't. >> it allows for a new capability that didn't exist before. the ability to see what the dog is seeing pleatly from a distance. again it enhances the security of the dog. the people that support the dog and the general public. nypd canine unit says along with the military they are often the prototype they say other canine units and police departments across the country will like lip get similar equipment. a oo very good. of course dogs are special. those are some super special dogs. >> super smart. >> thank you very much. you don't have to take us to the game -- tickets to the game
3:28 pm
tomorrow? >> i do. >> you do? >> i don't. >> the second biggest gift for a young boy this 12-year-old is going to the game tomorrow thanks to a life saving operation. we have his amazing story still ahead. mitt romney hoping to keep his momentum rolling in nevada after cruising to victory in the florida primary we will check in on the latest from the first western caucuses after the break. >> we will do something to make sure you don't endanger a newt. no. not that newt. i want to endanger that newt. different newt. i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to own my own restaurant.
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>> the battle for the nevada
3:33 pm
caucuses. we are live on the ground as the voting is getting unwe aderway there. let's check with john roberts in vegas. it isn't over until the fat lady sings. can't call it a done deal, huh? >> you can't call it a done deal. he won nevada caucuses over -- indiana caucuses >> ron paul is trying to play for second place as well. all of the caucuses are done. we dropped by one at a school, we saw a couple of precincts having their caucuses there. total of 26 precincts. a lot of enthusiasm for the one. talked a few minutes about the candidates and allowed people to come down before their own spots and talked about a secret ballot
3:34 pm
for presidential caucuses. they do it on a saturday as opposed to an evening on a tuesday. this is a secret ballot for presidential preferences as opposed to a voice vote. the economy and jobs issue number one we talked to a couple caucus goers the first a gingrich supporter the second romney supporter why they were choosing their particular candidates. here's what they said. >> i believe he always believes in the constitution. he believes in the founding fathers were christians and they are god believing. that whis what makes him a stro leader. >> i think i found my guy. i appreciate what the other candidates had to offer, but i think i stand by mitt. >> we are getting reports from the field that there may be lower turnout in today's caucuses than there was 2008 four years ago. maybe because they thought romney was going to win it in a
3:35 pm
walk there was no reason to come out and play in the caucuses. we will find out in an hour and a half. what are the odds on gingrich? how is he expected to do? >> that is a real question. this turnout issue could really tell the tale there. ron paul has a very good ground organization there. he is very good organizing his supporters to come out to the caucuses. ron paul's strategy was if the caucus turnout was low that's better for him. a lot of voters had continue up 60-65,000 that could have been well for newt gingrich. with the 24,000 people who came out to the caucuses that could indeed bowed well feaued well f. ron paul was running very strong almost neck and neck with gingrich. arthel we will have the results in from the caucuses. there are unofficial results floating around but we will wait for the official ones to come in. >> we will be waiting. you just don't know. i love how this has been so
3:36 pm
unpredictable through out the process. we will stick around for your reporting, john. >> it's good to watch. >> car companies started the year or strongly starting with an increase in sales. one factor putting buyers loser credit standards thanks to a credit company more car loans are going to borrowers with less than perfect credit scores. former managing director now handing rich dev salvo. isn't this the problem with the houses the bank started giving money and loans to people who bought houses they couldn't afford? is there any kind of a danger happening with folks trying to buy a car they can't afford? >> it's funny banks extending credit and people taking that responsibility and maybe not doing things in their best
3:37 pm
interest. if we are not careful we are going to have another cash for clunkers again. >> thinking to yourself you want to buy a new car but being realistic about the kind of car. is there any part of this because i like to be an optimist here any part of it that that it is a sign the economy is improve sng>> the economy is improving but slow and steady wins the race here. let's not go and celebrate and buy houses we can't afford again. number one. number two, the banks are extending money finally. they are taking the dollars they had and holding on to them for dear life. they can make money holding on to it. they are gaining 0 percent interest. they are trying to do something with their money and going to the more profitable area which is auto loans or the sub prime consumer market space. once that starts to trickle through they will start growing back into mortgage lending again. >> let's talk about the
3:38 pm
borrowers. many may have taken a mitt during the housing market. people may be looking at taking out a car loan to help build up a good credit rating again? >> i would tell you i wouldn't necessarily start with the car i would start with the credit cards you have and the debt you have there. paying them off ideally in full or paying above the minimum is a great place to start. i will tell you don't go into debt to have a good rating. if you need a car let's have this conversation. if you want this car safe it for a rainy day. >> for folks who do need a car or men out there who may need a car there's a study out that guys should think about taking their wives or girlfriends with them. women are smarter about buying a car than we guys are. >> being married over 20-years,
3:39 pm
i have the right to answer the question the way i want to. the women are masters of the mundane. they will look at car facts. when is the last time it was maintained. when that goes on us men we go unconscious. we don't pay attention. bring one next to you a partner looking out for your best interest. >> i haven't quite learned the right to talk that way. rich, always good to see you. see you again real soon. >> you got it. my pleasure. >> i am 10 years as well. here's a tip for you remember women are smarter when it comes to everything. all right? when we come back we are talking to a very smart women. we have a twist on the top ten list. stick around. i'm in a tricky situation here.
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>> mitt romney's phonings win in neve adding fire that newt beginningrism should simply drop out of the race. affording to our next guest there are 10 good reasons why the former house speaker should stay in the game. here to explain susan estridge. good to see you. >> great to see you. not just because so many democrats are rooting for newt or even because it would be so boring without him. >> i picked out a few from your top ten list. going with number 106789 it would be very boring. expound on that for me. >> newt is a lot of fun. he also in a way brings out the byes in romney and the worst in romney. it's important in a primary process.
3:45 pm
i think romney is a better candidates because he had to take on newt gingrich and the same way obama was a better candidate because he took on hillary. also he's getting romney's dirty laundry out which is very important. even though most of dmiem kratic friends are saying, root for newt, the truth of the matter is, from a republican point of view there is lots of reasons why you want to test your candidate especially if you are conservative. romney will veer to the middle. if you care about where the party ends up you want gingrich in the race holding them through. >> let me read them anyway. number ten reason is it would be very boring. number 8 without gingrich mitt romney will veer to the middle faster than you can say massachusetts. number 7 gingrich -- your stuff
3:46 pm
here. gingrich brings out the best in romney. number 6 gingrich brings out the worst in romney. then i will drop down to the number one reason why newt should stay in the race. it would be such a disappointment to all of the democrats if he got out. did you have fun putting this thing together? >> i had a lot of fun. i have to tell you on a slightly serious level, putting primaries and caucuses aren't just about picking candidates. if you look back in time they are about the party flat form, they are about what the candidate stands for. they are about building the party. and i have been involved in quite a few losing campaigns myself. and we stuck in there for instance in 1980. and depending on whether it becomes a blood war or more a legitimate struggle, i really think you can make a strong case that romney, if he can come through this process, if he can stand up to gingrich, will be a
3:47 pm
better candidate. since gingrich doesn't want to be a talk show host doesn't want to run for senator and doesn't need a lot of money the usual reason for dropping out don't apply now. >> you are right. listen, you did this tongue and cheek version of this top ten list. you are right. at this point as you know anything can happen in this race. the former speaker said he is going to be in it. he is in it to win it and he will stick around for a long time to come. don't count him out just yet. susan estrich we never count you out. good to see you. >> you either. thank you. >> want to remind everybody you can read susan estrich's syndicated col lum across the country every wednesday and friday. check it out. a kentucky boy getting a new lease on life. brice ramsey receiving a new kidney, and tickets to the super bowl all thanks to a complete stranger. kyle parish deciding to donate his tickets after hearing
3:48 pm
price brice's story. now he says he can't wait for the game. >> i like the patriots because my school is like team name is the patriots and i like the giants because of eli manning being the brother of payton. >> brice's family is still having a hard time paying his medical bills. if you would like to help you can donate to the brice ramsey fund. that was quite a donation on the part of kyle parish to send super bowl tickets. those tickets are hard to come by. >> i do have two -- i don't. what a special boy. he is very diplomatic about his choices for the winner. >> he likes them both for different reasons. >> we are talking football. going to talk about what's on the menu for tomorrow. then we are going to talk about super bowl snacks of course. up next the ultimate game day treats that won't bench your budget.
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>> super bowl sunday. we know it's not just about sunday. lip smacking food as fans get
3:53 pm
together to cheer on their team in front of the big old tv. no problem if you haven't planned your party yet. consumer reports shop smart magazine gives you tips about preparing a batch without serving a big bill. thank you for coming in it. these are great snacks that are not going to be super expensive when you buy them. >> yeah, the supermarket is a great alternative to takeout. i did comparison shopping before i came with my local chicken place and pizza place. i can tell you how much we will save. >> start with the chips and dips. >> great way to get something healthy into the menu before we get to this stuff. humus is a healthy dip and these are multi grain chips. you can slip a little extra fiber they are very, very good. these topped our chip tasteoff.
3:54 pm
these are multi grain. the top humus is from cedars. >> this is good. i like this. >> you might have your favorite grand of humus but guacamole salsa those are great dips. forget the con case so. if you have it that's all right but it is pretty fattening. >> 30 calories that's pretty good. >> this is only 30 calories a tablespoon. >> move to the more fattening stuff. chicken wings are probably a little more fattening, right? >> a little more fattening. i priced these at my local chicken joint. they went for 2.31 a serving. tgi fridays and walgreens cafe w these are two winners from our wings tasteoff. this one will cost 1.50 for serving and this is 1.03 for serving. put a little ranch dressing out. we nuke these in the microwave.
3:55 pm
if you put them in the oven they will get a little bit crispyer. >> i wouldn't think walgreens would be a place to go for wings. >> yeah, their store grand rapids are not bad in a bunch of areas. >> all right. pizza pie. >> pizza pies these rival the pizzeria pizzas. this is digiorno every pit good as a pizzeria pizza. only 6.47 for this pie. when wint to the local pizza place it was show of $10 for a pie this size with the same thing mozzarella and tomato sauce. this is the amy's cornmeal crust. it has a lot of vegetables it has goat cheese. it's really good. this topped our pizza test. this one will cost you $8 in the supermarket. but if you go to the pizza place and get something with a multi grain crust and more vegetables and toppings it will cost you
3:56 pm
13, $14. >> a lot cheaper than that. >> if you could swing by and pick this stuff up on the way to the super bowl party. >> you have to have dessert. >> cookies? >> these are the taste chocolate chip cookies. this is what i am putting out with a big platter of fruit as well for our desserts. i can't keep these on a plate when i put these out. they tais like homemade. they cost 4.90 a packet. >> i have to try them. you sold them so well. >> sue perry shop smart magazine. enjoy the big game tomorrow. >> enjoy the game, too. >> i will. >> i am watching for the commercials. >> stick around for harris falkner and the fox report.
3:57 pm
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