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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  February 18, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PST

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advantage of lower gas prices by building niece new liquid plants. i think it's up 35, you know, 30, 35% by th end of the year. >> brenda: gary, what do you think. >> the actual chart says otherwise, side ways for a while. wait until it makes a new high. >> it's building a base, building a base for a long time. >> brenda: next >> well, call it a labor of love na can leave our economy heart broken. hello, everyone, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. president obama making a couple of workplace visits at unionized plants and yesterday at boeing in washington, and someone here saying, he's playing favorites and all workers may end up paying the price. to ben stein, dagen mcdowell, adam lashinsky and charlie gasperino, it was nice, but a
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hundred job and odd place to take a victory lap. a hundred jobs. >> at the same time you have a caterpillar adding 1400 jobs in a right to work state like georgia, possibly nonunion jobs and we'll have to wait and see about that, but many people, many democrats will tell you that the only kind of good job is a union job. and certainly, the democrats in an election year need to cash and the clout of unions, need more union jobs in the private sector in this country in order to fund those campaigns. now and years to come. >> yeah, ben, the president wants to be a cheerleader for jobs, that's great, but only union shops. what's wrong with other american workers? >> well, the thing is, union jobs are jobs whose dues go directly to the democratic party. so of course, he's going to like unions, unions, by the way are a great things. i'm a member of three unions. >> thank you. >> and i love being in unions, i love being in my unions. but, i have to say, it's very hard on people who are not in the unions because we union people sort of soak up all the
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money and there's not much left for everybody else (laughter) >> ben, i could tell you as front of a union construction workers, thank god for private unions. what the president is doing is right on the money. and let's delineate, private sector unions from public sector unions. why do people in the private sector unionize? guess what? working conditions sucked, and they fought back, and nothing wrong with what he's doing here. this should be applauded and by the way, i think conservatives are crazy going after him on a private union thing. do you know how many private union people, blue collar people vote republican conservative? >> listen, i've always been in a private union. i didn't like it. last hired, first fired. you basically tamp down talented people in-- you can't get rid of old people. >> well, you can't get rid of people who have been there longer who are not doing the same kind of work, it hurts hiring, if the union workers are siphoning money away from
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the company that might add more. >> hold it, charlie. >> and private sectors unions in a pact with the company they know for the most part-- >> wait a minute. >> they know. >> hold on one second. >> they know kill the company-- >> adam. let me bring you into this, a lot of people would disagree they're not in a pact with the company, they're trying to grab every single nickel they can. and look in the areas with big unions, auto, trucking, airlines, whatever it is they've had a real detrimental impact to the industries? >> well, i completely-- i disagree with the premise of what you're saying, and charlie gasperino, my name is adam lashinsky, and the opportunity to speak. >> welcome to their union rally. >> separated at birth. >> and no better feel-- i happen to agree with what charlie was saying, but nobody's really addressed the question that you're trying to get us to discuss, charles, which is is the president's obvious pro union stance bad for the economy and bad for the jobs, and for jobs?
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the answer is no, i mean, i think we're overlooking the fact or haven't stated the fact that jobs growth, while not as good as we would like it to be is vastly improved. unemployment is ticking down. and i think we should be applauding the president for celebrating. >> i don't know about that. >> any jobs, union jobs, nonunion jobs and so on. >> just from a purely political standpoint, if any republican thinks they're going to win out blue collar union states like indiana and ohio. >> that's true. >> they're out of their minds. >> by the same token, ben, i don't know about the superlatives that adam is throwing out, vastly improved and that the union jobs are leading the way. i would disagree. >> i didn't say that i said-- >> if you look at thi country, ben, it's right to work state and dagen brought it up. a hundred jobs at master card, 1400 jobs in georgia, i would think that wherever job creation is we should celebrate it, union or nonunion? >> well, it's a very simple thing. unions jobs pay more and nonunion right to work jobs pay less, so employers are
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looking for jobs that pay less. and especially foreign employers building plants are looking for employees they have to pay less, so, it's that simple. but i think there's an extremely obvious connection here, the democrats get money from the the unions and obama created the unions, it's not complicated. >> if you're on the campaign trail, air going to be stopping at union shops because the more union jobs there are, the richer you're going to be-- >> charlie, let me just hit with you this question. lit you with this. bottom line, jobs. if the nlrb and the president go through with the push and really make corporations, private corporations force unionization, will that create jobs? listen, is that like a real-- no, of course not. i'm not sitting here and saying that extortion rry tactics on the part of private or public unions, they're know negotiating, if you rake the companies over the coals, you'll lose jobs and bankruptcy, but here is the
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one thing don't tell me that private sector unions are bad for this country. this is built on the back of people in private sector unions and i will tell you this, whether it's rick santorum, or mitt romney, they will be going in fronts of-- >> we had decades of prosperity in this country, the '80s, into the '90s with decline in union membership in this country. >> and that's-- a dramatic decline. >> and hold on one second, on that note i want to bring adam back in. on that note, adam. if unions are so fantastic, why have they be rejected by the free markets? >> well, you're confusing that, to what dagen just said, you're twisting the facts, we've had a decline in industrial jobs, in the united states, for some obvious reasons, as we've moved away from the being an industrial economy. so, you're going to see a decline in industrial union jobs. and by the way, charlie, i mean, public sector unions have done a good job for their. >> oh, come on. >> employees, too, maybe they
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didn't too far, but-- >> here is the problem, here is the-- >> don't demonize them either. >> think of it this way when you're a private sector union, you have skin in the game as the people at gm know. >> you rake that country over the coals, you go into bankruptcy. and-- >> they don't know. >> cut deals with the guy, because they're not part of the-- >> wait a minute. >> they're not voters. >> and the unions don't do na and the auto companies. >> and-- >> that's too far. >> and let me just finish this really quickly, adam. story. the auto worker unions don't know that. with gm and chrysler, those jobs, many of them, were saved because of the government. >> that's not that's not a compilation of all private sector unions which built country. >> we'll leave it there. if 7500 bucks couldn't get you to plug into a car, maybe ten grand will. some are thinking it's time to pull the plug on the whole thing. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living.
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>> good morning everybody, live from america's news headquarters. i'm uma pemmaraju. funeral services for whitney houston are about to begin in newark, new jersey. last night fans crowded outside a private wake attended by close families and friends and wnyw has the story. >> ♪ we'll always love you >> outside whitney houston's private wake, fans sang their hearts out as houston's close family and friends arrived in gold colored limousines to say goodbye to the fallen star. >> we want to celebrate the legacy of whitney houston. we know that whitney houston built the legacy that will endure. >> i love her, i wouldn't be in the cold if i didn't love her. >> fans could only get glimpses of the people that arrived at the private wake such as houston's mentor clive davis. it was tight with several streets blocked off and fans
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feeling like they were left out in the cold. >> everybody else is getting part of the a-list, i'm an a-list, too, and i should be out here and we spent our money on her, our time and love and i believe we should be out here to be part of it. >> security is also already tight surrounding the new hope baptist church. according to the houston's funeral service will be a going home service, going home to god. and promises to be musical with guests such as whitney's god mother, aretha franklin as well as stevie wonder set to perform, leaving no doubt this will be a star-studded event. and we invite you to stay tuned for live coverage of the funeral for whitney houston and jon scott and i are going to be here for that, which wins at 11:30 a.m. eastern time and we'll also have live reports from the scene, including from kelly wright. i'm uma pemmaraju, now back to cavuto on business. for the the latest headlines go to
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>> well, vote might be a dull, doesn't stop the white house from giving a jolt. a tax credit for plug-in electric cars and charging it up to 10 grand. ben stein, i think i know how you feel about this. >> a long history of the government trying to pick winners and subsidizing in various industries, it almost never works, a terribly expensive idea and waste of money. if americans want electric cars they'll take it without the incentive. and taking $10,000 from a taxi driver or someone working at k-mart, or a yuppy in berkley wanting to buy an electric car, doesn't make sense and the history of success in these ventures has not been good. >> no problem with that, except if theupies in berkley were buying the cars. i know go to whole foods all the time and parking spaces and you could charge up the
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electric car, they're always vacant. it doesn't work. >> first of all, two things, we know that neil says that, a, he doesn't believe you go to whole foods, and b, there is evidence that people the average buyer of the volt earns $170,000 a year, no, no, 170,000 a year, so, to ben's point, you've got someone who is driving a pickup truck making $30 grand a year and subsidizing someone who vacations at the vineyard. how nuts is that. >> that's a weird trend for a while, it's very. but you know how dependent gomes and the other companies are on incentives and gomes has tweaked the volt and changed the emissions on the car in order to qualify for additional $1500 tax break that you get in the state of california. and they're actually changing the because they want more government money and drive in the hov lanes. >> adam, i know this has got to be conflicting for you. you're environmentalist on one
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side and a capitalist on one side. must keep you up at night. >> a the lot of things keep me up and this isn't one of them. and i really am enjoying our fun with numbers today. so, you take a car that had few unit sales and you take the salaries of the people who bought them. >> right. >> and you might, might just have very high salaries for those ten or 12,000 units. all i can say about what the government, the administration is doing, it's consistent. this is a good example of, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. but, this is not-- ben, picking winners yet, but it's not like they're saying this is for the volt. this is a policy measure to support this kind of car and it's across the board and we will see if it works. >> one of the things the government did is help fund the internet at some point early on when al gore said. >> internet state highway.
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>> some research suggested that the internet was going to be something, where is the research on this, predictions. >> and hold it, we're getting a little off track. the internet wasn't decide for success, it was a defense project and the interstate highway we pay gasoline taxes for. >> and one thin, it's the same thing, we had research that the interstate highway system was going to be good for commerce, we had some research that, the internet was going to, the computers were going to work and-- >> although, although. >> let me-- >> volts were sold as-- where is the research here that any of this-- >> there is no research, this isn't based on an economic, sold that way. here is the thing, ben, the president wants a million of these on the road 2015. we do the math and adam obviously doesn't want us to do that's 10 billion dollars out of our pocket. >>, it's nuts to your point. this has never worked, the government trying to insist who is going to be the winner and the loser? >> not only is the government picking winners and losers, but based on scientists. and becoming ever more
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controversial, the question whether there's man made global warming seems to be getting ever more controversial. i'm not sure why they're doing it in the first place. >> to adam's point where he said at least the administration's consistent, that's like looking at a woman who has lost weight and saying, hey, you're not as fat. >> i'm not sure if anybody on the panel wants to touch that one, if you do, raise your hand quick. >> that's why i said it. >> we'll leave it there. the green sub disare not the only goodies to the president's budget. the forbes gang uncovering billions of dollars in new medical fees that could send your prescription drug prices soaring, that's at the top of the hour, up here next, forget about going to class for education, how about going to class to pick up cash. do you think it's a stretch? think again. it's already happening. [ horn honks ] hey, it's sandra -- from accounting.
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>> coming up, of showing kids the money for showing up to school? i kid you not. how one high school
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>> forget about making the grade for students at one air high school, it's also about making money. high schoolers who show up on time, stay out of trouble and participate in class, they're going to get gift cards every week and that's going to come from private donations and federal tax money. ben, what do you think about this one? >> it's heart breaking, makes me want to cry that students have to be bribed to go to school. it's so good for them to have an education. if they're brought up without knowing that an education is incredibly good for them and pays for itself millions of times or many, many times over, it's just heart breaking. on the other hand, maybe they are that ignorant and maybe it's worthwhile to pay them to go to school. we've got an incredible crisis
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within the low income, especially non-white community about education. i think we might as well try everything, but breaks my heart that's where we are today. >> dagen and the money aspect is outrageous. >> it's sad to think that they have to pay the kids to be there. >> very sad. >> because education, as ben pointed out, it's a gift and you know it and i know t i'm about to go charles payne on you, i think it's evident in some way the entitlement mea mentality that's been developing for decades. it's a privilege to go to school and you shouldn't jump at the chance and we have to pay people to attend school. >> what do you think, charlie, i don't know about you. did they make it rain at home school, sometime, literally rain money at the home school. >> and the class. >> home room. >> and that's where we'll be-- when i was a kid i couldn't wait to go to school and first there in the morning. >> you're making it up. >> making it up, a horrible
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school. >> you know who got me to school? >> joanne got me there every day and that's how i got to school. and listen, this is, it is-- if she's watching, i haven't seen her in a long time. i'm sorry, joanne. but, the-- i just think it's absurd. i mean, i actually can't believe it's happening. only because i can't believe that people in the-- the people in that cincinnati would allow that, that it sounds to me like such a waste of money. >> now what. >> adam, this is a slippery slope we're on. i know a lot of parents who actually friends of mine and they've dumbed down the classes and they're actually happy that their sons and daughters get a's now even though they're not prepared for the world. this feels like the slope where just the natural slope we've been on and now we actually have to pay kids to show up for class? >> look, i agree with you that parent shouldn't be delighted if their kids are getting a's if they don't deserve a's and none of us were paid to go to
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elementary school and so, it rubs us wrong. a strong statement we've been through a period in our country's history where some of our best and brightest people did useless jobs and wall street, so they could make as much as possible. >> what the heck are you talking about, adam? how do you do that? >> well, i haven't finished, that's why you don't know how i can connect the dots. >> go ahead. >> culturally, it doesn't strike me as the biggest shock in the world that we have this culture where you have to pay somebody to do something. and all i want to say is, i agree where ben started, which is on the one hand. on the other hand. and-- >> and let him finish. >> whoa. >> and you say we have it pay them to do something that's good for them. >> they didn't know it's good for them. and they don't know it's good for them. >> someone should say, you know, it's good for you to go to school. >> and guys, hold on one second, this is what i don't get, ben, you have a president, the president of the united states who a lot of kids from cincinnati should look up to and they know that,
7:55 am
this is a guy who went through college, went to harvard, and became a professor, became a lawyer. we see the blueprint already, and you know, why not echo that story over and over again, why do they have to be bribed for what's normal, ordinary and what's good for them? >> well, what's ordinary to you and me and charlie, and dagen and adam, unfortunately is not in order for the schools. >> it wasn't very ordinary to me. >> well, there was a girl-- >> well. >> let me finish, and didn't finish high school. >> it's ordinary for the rest of us on the panel. so, and unfortunately, it's not ordinary in today's world, it's extremely unfortunate and it's a sign of a very serious crisis, but we've got to try every single thing we can try. >> a statement, a statement on how far educational has-- >> we'll leave it there, guys, i used to get teased going to school by kids who didn't. >> you knew the alternative. >> i did. >> smart mouth. >> and thanks to charlie and
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what happens if we never have a winter again? it would be a sad pick on my part. >> i like the dfx. financial fund sma cap. and they are the wizards of wizards and they are in the microgap area and done well this year and i love them. >> only thing majority of them don't work . would it be better to find one


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