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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 27, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> every day live. >> gretchen: congratulations. join us for the after the show show. log on, hope you have a fantastic monday. we'll see you again tomorrow. bill: morning, everybody, there is breaking news. a school shooting 20 miles east of cleveland, ohio. four students said to be injured at a ohio high school a local report from a tv station out of cleveland. there are two separate shooters. both suspected shooters have been detained. we're working through the information right now, developing as we speak. good morning, everybody, welcome here as we start a monday. martha: scary story as we're covering breaking this morning. i'm martha maccallum this monday morning. there is a the live shot out of the high school in chardon, ohio. there is the frightening scene of students fleeing their school and lined up outside the school. let's get to heather
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childers covering this for us as the news breaks. hey, heather. >> reporter: martha and bill, yes, this is a developing story. let's stick with the pictures. you can see the school has been evacuated and it is on lockdown. we know from authorities that four students have been injured. we know from one of the sheriff's deputies that it is confirmed those students are three boys and a girl. four ambulances responded to the scene from at least four different areas. we are waiting to hear the latest on their conditions but we do have at least one report that says that three of those victims are in critical condition and one in stable. again, three boys and one girl, a victim of the shooting as bill said, we're being told at least two shooters were involved but those shooters as well have been contained. students from a nearby middle school also being evacuated at this hour, being taken to a safe area. chardon, by the way, is about 30 miles outside east
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of cleveland. we're also told from a witness, apparently a student who was in the cafeteria at the time this happened who texted their mother, this happened in the cafeteria, awaiting parent jessica bryant is confirming that from her daughter allison who is a freshman at the school. was able to let her mom know she was in fact okay but the shooting was going on and apparently happened this morning in the cafeteria. also the only remaining information that we do have just coming in is that one person is in custody but we do believe that the other shooter involved, if in fact there were two shooters involved, this of course breaking and just initial information, but if there were two, one is in custody. the other contained at this hour. and finally once again in this is going on at char done high school. four students have been shot we're told.
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three possibly in critical, one in stable condition and then just one additional piece of information coming in, multiple reports saying that as we just said, one suspect arrested. police actually still searching for at least one other person. so, once again, developing story, we will bring you additional information as it comes in. but, definitely a scary situation for all those students and the parents involved today. martha: so frightening, heather thank you. we're on this breaking news story as it continues to unfold. look at students outside the high school. went there this morning, probably some getting breakfast in the cafeteria in the morning before school starts, at least one, perhaps two shooters involved in this. one as heather said is in custody. the other, question whether or not that person is still at large. >> what is confounding whether that is the case if they contained both of them. whether or not there is a manhunt underway at this school. we're trying to figure out
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what the relationship was and has been between the shooters and students inside this school. you figure this was reported about 8:15 local time this morning. almost an hour ago, some 50 minutes ago. this as classes were set to begin or underway but right at the start of another week of school. this is a high school in char done. there are several affiliates in route to the school to figure out what they can report. what you're watching is wjw, the helicopter shot above the school. everybody is out of the area. we want to know whether or not the policies of the school were initiated for such an event like this. this is not the way you want to start any day of school any time of year, much less today. martha: three boys and one girl shot according to the early reports. some in critical condition at this hour. this is a truly frightening situation. you can imagine what is going through the minds of the parents whose children are at school. they're trying to figure out who in danger and who has
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been shot and who would have attempted this. who would have pulled this off. chardon high school in ohio. a very frightening unsettling scene in the snow on this monday morning as these children headed off to school and walked into a tragedy. bill: heather, to repeat what she was saying. three boys and a girl were injured. it happened in the cafeteria. at least one teacher saw the shooting and chased down one of the gunmen who apparently escaped reportedly from this report from chardon. we urge you to give a little bit of patience as we work through the facts. often times they change and change quickly in the early stages of a moment like this. we're in touch with the police department, sheriff's department and also the school to find out what the status right now. state here with us in "america's newsroom". meantime it is being called a revenge attack. a suicide bomber hitting a airport in jalalabad in
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eastern afghanistan that killed nine. taliban says direct response to burning of muslim holy books. the latest in string of violence since korans were accidentally burned at a military base. so far 30 people have decide result of as a result of the violence. president obama has apologized. taliban spokesman says the latest attack is simply revenge. conner powell streaming from kabul. conner. >> reporter: this crisis is not relenting. appears anger is building in afghanistan. the u.n. announced it is relocating all the international staff in afghanistan because of fear of repriseals and attacks. this attack that happened today is, was one of the larger attacks. several car bombs outside of the military base that is connected to jalalabad airport. nine afghan civilians were killed. more than two dozen or so were wounded. the u.s. military continues
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to look for the afghan police officer who shot and killed two u.s. troops on saturday. according to u.s. and afghan officials, he was a police officer working in the ministry of interior. he is still on the loose. we have one piece of information. believed to have studied in pakistan before becoming a police officer here, bill. bill: conner, ambassador ryan crocker says the mission must go on. now is, now is the time rather to redouble our efforts there on the ground. how possible is that at the moment, conner? >> reporter: bill, there is no one i've spoken to that doesn't think this has changed. the last few days, the last week or so that the entire mission here has changed. people are starting to openly question what is the strategy going forward because the strategy centers on small groups of americans and international troops training large groups of afghan as reduction in troop size here continues. that is being called into question. it is tough to see how they can redouble the efforts here because of this crisis. bill: conner powell, another
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day in afghanistan. developments when we get them. thank you for that report. eight minutes past. martha has more. martha: meanwhile the hunt is on in afghanistan for an attacker who lobbed a grenade wounding seven u.s. military trainers at their base in afghanistan. secretary hillary clinton says the deadly protests over the burning of koran must stop. bill: now despite the days of anti-american violence the white house restating its commitment to afghanistan. saying it is time to redouble our efforts as conner was just refering to and make sure al qaeda does not come back. republicans, some of them questioning whether or not a apology for the koran incident was the right thing to do. we'll have a lot more on that inside "america's newsroom.". kt mcfarland on deck to answer those questions. martha: fasten your seatbelts. that drive to work this morning is getting a little bit more expensive. boy, it has been inching up basically for 20 days, prices at the pump. according to aaa, the
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current national average for a gallon of gas is the $3.0, 13 cents higher than just a week ago at this time. look at prices since the beginning of the year, up about 0 cents since january 1st. we're well up over where we were last year at this time. so what is going on? what does this mean for your bottom line? let's bring in fox business network's charles payne with the latest on this. charles, in the beginning felt like this issue was not going to be on the front burner but what everybody is talking about and it is such an immediate pinch in your wallet. >> you're 1,000% right. this is something that hits americans in their face. you can not avoid. people were complaining about gigantic increases in food prices going to the super market. couple these two things, going to the supermarket and filling up your gas, two things you can not avoid. simply that easy, you can't avoid it. up 20 days in a row to your point probably on at least four, some people saying $5
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not out of the realm of possibility. martha: clearly this cuts into people's discretionary spending. you will make choices on the fact that food prices have been rising the past year and gas prices cutting in. what does this feel about the recovery we're starting to see? >> we're starting to see it but it is very tepid. there is no other way to describe it this would be devastating in my mind if it goes on really long. we've had oil spikes in the past. this has a been a steady spike. we'll switch to summer blend that might add 17 cents to the total price. we're in a fragile position right now. i got to tell you. people are smart. they will pull back dramatically when they start to see big round numbers, $4 a red flag for a whole lot of people. they are going to pull back. that will not help the economy. martha: some want people to do away with the blend all together that would make a difference. >> the blends, the ethanol, by the way, a lot of states have incredible taxes. if you live in a state where it is $4, more than likely
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you're paying 50 cents to the state. we all pay 19 cents to to the federal government. there are a lot of factors. it will go higher for now, martha. >> always good to have you here. thanks so much. bill: now comes reaction. newt gingrich reacting to gas prices a stop in california. former house speaker blasting the policies of president obama when it comes to energy, listen. >> further gets it quote, high gas prices are like a tax straight out of your paycheck. so you could think of gasoline prices when you go fill up your car as the obama tax. if you would like to have national energy and american energy policy never again bow to a saudi king and pay $2.50 a gallon, newt gingrich will be your candidate. [cheers and applause] bill: gingrich also saying that the president is picking fights with supporters of drilling for natural gas. we'll have more on that today. martha: all right, we are covering a breaking news story on this monday morning out of ohio.
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four students were shot in the cafeteria of their high school this morning in chardon, ohio. we have breaking details coming in. we know state troopers are now on the scene as well. just imagine, look at this chaotic scene, the american flag blowing in the wind on a winter morning, snow all over the ground. students should be in the their classrooms in a panic as their families as we figure out what is going on. bill: s.w.a.t. team is on the scene. principal talking with reporters. all that coming up here. voters will head to the polls in arizona and michigan tomorrow. will it be make-or-break for mitt romney or rick santorum we want to know? martha: a big day, right? tomorrow is a big day. a terrifying ordeal for cruise passengers once again this time in mexico. these folks were held at gunpoint and robbed near a popular tourist spot when they were on their wonderful cruise there to paradise. not a good situation. bill: the father of tina watson, the newlywed bride who drowned on her honeymoon
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is talking about the judge that threw out hurt charges against her husband. >> for a judge to take it upon himself to do that and acquit him without giving the jury the opportunity, just destroyed us
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bill: back to the breaking news now. a shooting at a high school east of cleveland. 30 miles in the town of chardon, ohio. chardon high school. four students have been injured, three of them in critical condition. they're set to be flown out of a nearby wal-mart parking lot where the injured have been set up there in some sort of triage scenario there in the snow and cold of northeastern ohio. we were told there may have been two shooters. it appears now there is one but again we're still trying to nail that down. one eyewitness says in the cafeteria this morning, shortly after 8:00 in the morning, about an hour ago in that cafeteria where the
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students had gathered that a man stood up, assuming to be one of the students, who attended high school here and started shooting. the parents have reacted, as you can imagine, rushing to the high school. getting text messages from their own kids and phone calls as we work through all this. heather childers has been talking with folks on the ground there. new information with the sheriff's department, is that right, heather? >> reporter: yes, bill. i just hung up the phone from the sheriff's department there, they can confirm, they believe at this point one shooter involved in the situation. that one shooter is now in custody. the situation is under control. all of the students are now safe. those that were not injured. that is the information that the sheriff's department wanted to make sure that we got across to parents right now. we are told that there are some students who have been shot. the sheriff's department would not confirm the initial reports that we have,
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that we have been saying that in fact there was four students, three boys and one girl. they would not confirm that at this point. we also were told earlier that three of those injuries may be critical. one in stable condition. all the sheriff's department would say to me just now, yes, some students were injured. yes, as you said those students were airlifted to a nearby parking lot in a wal-mart. they were being taken care of. now the additional information that parents need to know from the sheriff's department, is that they should in fact, head toward the school to pick up their students but everything is under control. those students from the high school, chardon high school, were taken to nearby maple elementary school. so parents, who may be listening to us right now, everything is fine. stay calm but go to maple elementary school to pick up your students. i also asked if there was a telephone number they could
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call to find out about injuries, those students who were in fact injured in this. no telephone call or number being given out at this time. everything under control. supposedly one suspect. that suspect in custody. four students injured in this shooting. bill: a hang with us. we're told that chardon is tight-knit community. everybody knows everybody. everybody case for everybody. even though it is not your kid down someone else's is. martha: a report coming in from the "cleveland plain-dealer" online here that, one of the parents heard from her son. the students were having breakfast in the cafeteria waiting for first period to get underway, suddenly a boy quote, stood up and started shooting and it was chaos according to this report. the students fled into locked classrooms at this point. drills of this kind happened across the country since we've seen these kind of shootings last 15 to 20 years, really. the drill was to get everybody else into
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classrooms and lock those doors. it is a horrific situation for the students and parents. bill: heather, did the sheriff's department talk about what the principal is reporting inside that school? >> reporter: no. only to try to reassure the parents that everything is under control at this time. there was a lot, he said there was, a lot of misinformation is going out. he just wanted to confirm that in fact there were some students injured. it was in fact a shooting. one suspect and the suspect in custody. we can also tell you this school you were talking about the close-knit community, martha was saying, about 1100 students attend this school any given day. so a lot of students were in the cafeteria at the time this happened. you know, once again only four injured. hopefully those injuries not too severe. bill: did the sheriff confirm that a boy stood up in the cafeteria and started shooting and it was quote, chaos after that? >> reporter: no, he did not confirm that. we had report from one
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parent saying as well they were contacted by their who was there at the time and gave that report. no, the sheriff's department wouldn't confirm that. bill: heather, also there is a report that a teacher saw the shooting and chased down the gunman? >> reporter: yes. no, i asked repeatedly a lot of questions and they're confirming very little. you know, as would be understood at this time with this developing situation. happened about 7:30 local time this morning. so not too long ago. the main point that the sheriff's department wanted to get out that the information parents and students need to know right now. that of course being the first priority. then they will kind of go through the details exactly what happened but the main thing to know, bill, there is a students we believe that is in custody accused of this shooting that happened this morning here at this high school, chardon high school. four students injured in the shooting but all the rest of the students have been evacuated to a nearby elementary school and they
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are all safe. parents being told to go pick them up at maple elementary school nearby. bill: put yourself in the mind of those parents, martha. you're rushing to the school to embrace your daughter or your son after a moment like this. martha: kind of thing you heard happening at other schools across the country over the years but i can only imagine what it is like for the parents. you see cars all lined up as they rush over there. as we said, 8:15 in the morning. waiting for first period. some kids get early breakfast for school. that is when all hell broke loose according to early reports. we don't know condition of these children at this point. four were shot according to the reports taken to the hospital. they were flown out from a wal-mart parking lot in the area to the closest hospital they could find. we're are working to learn their conditions. shane french. talking to us right now from a radio station in cleveland. shane, welcome. what can you add to what we're talking about here?
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>> we got a report hour and a half ago there was a shooting. someone called into the show and said there was a shooting at char done high school. of course when you get a report like that you don't know if anything is happening. we hadn't had any news reports on the local news. we immediately did a twitter search. there were no kids tweeting about it. i thought if this was really happening this would have already hit twitter. we took it slowly and cautiously in fact it did obviously turn out to be true. we've been monitoring the police and fire scanners and the latest information that we have as far as victims is that there were four trauma victims. the three of them in critical condition and one in stable condition so far we've heard over the scanners so far. martha: we're hearing there were three boys and one girl among those shot this morning. as you say we're still waiting to hear the extent of their injuries. there were reports that three was critical and one was stable. can you confirm that based
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on what you're hearing on the scanner? >> on the scener we heard three critical and one stable. the stable was transport ported by ambulance to the hospital and the three, we were talking to people on scene there as well and the life flight he helicopters landed in the wal-mart parking lot there was not a lot of rush to get people out of the ambulances into the helicopters. they talked about the witnesses there talked about, jeans being cut off of people in the ambulance and they're trying to stablize people there. and so, i think the condition of the people in the ambulances might have been a little grim to try to stablize them before they get on helicopters. martha: boy. in terms of who this shooter may be, james, are you picking up anything? we haven't confirmed as far as i can see. sounds from all the reports it was a student who stood up in that cafeteria. >> right. we've also been getting calls from people who say that there may have been an come mission -- accomplice.
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as you know these things are fluid and it oven turns out not to be the case. people are calling saying that there was one shooter and someone who was an accomplice that didn't actually shoot but might have been helping and, from what we heard on the scanners there are two people in custody at this point. martha: really?. >> yes. martha: we were hearing one person and then the wire reports that we saw said they had, looked like there was one shooter but you're hearing that there were two indeed? >> well, again, you don't know if that is two shooters. there are two people in custody. the second one was actually running at a full sprint down the street away from the school and that person was apprehended. but as you know often times that could have just been someone was running and it looked suspicious and they took him into custody just to be overly cautious. martha: exactly. you know in terms of the, we're looking at the pictures on the ground now and it does appear, one of the things that it sounded
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as if the sheriff's office wanted to make clear to our reporter, heather childers, they feel the situation is stable right now. they're not searching for a second person at this point. >> correct. that's our understanding as well. martha: all right, james, you know, we appreciate you being with us this morning. i know you broke this news and you did it cautiously and judiciously because these are very frightening situations for all families involved who have children at this school. thank you very much for speaking with us. let us know if you get anymore information, would you? >> thank you. bill: james, how familiar are you with the high school? >> not very. that is little ways away. we're downtown. bill: i only said, sad state in the america but a lot of high schools have metal detectors you have to pass through in the morning. i was wondering if this high school was equipped with that. >> i don't know. there were 1100 students that go to the high school. bill: thanks very much for your reporting. four students injured in a shooting earlier today.
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this is chardon high school, 30 miles east of cleveland. the s.w.a.t. team has circled the campus. students have been let out and looking through the web sites out of youngstown and akron and the "cleveland plain-dealer", they have pictures from the ground level showing students standing out in the snow many of them without a jacket or coat on many waiting to be transportedg school bus or parent this morning. there are reports there may have been two gunmen that is not confirmed. we can say based on multiple reports in the cafeteria this morning, shortly before 8:00 eastern time a boy, presumably a student in the school, stood up and started shooting and took at least four victims along the way. martha: we'll keep following this throughout the process. you see on left-hand side of the your screen is the chopper bringing students to the university hospital medical center in chardon, ohio, this morning where students arrived at school to a terrifying situation to
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a gunman at a cafeteria. by what we can tell at this point it appears there was definitely one shooter and perhaps one come is police. although shane french on the phone with us moments ago a reporter on the scene scene saying that person was running down the street and apprehended by the police. there is every reason to run away from the location and possible that person was not involved. bill, when you look at this kind of situation, the next question you ask after the condition of these students who were shot, is the motive and who this person is that wanted to pull something like this off in their own high school in the morning. you just, all of those details about the who this shooter is are what will be pursuing as we follow this morning. bill: one student saying a boy stood up, and, quote, started shooting it and it was chaos. more on the story in a moment during "america's newsroom." during the break, go to our website, you can get complete updates online while we take a
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commercial break here. back in a moment. breaking news here on a monday morning. [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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martha: all right. we are following a breaking news story out of chardon, ohio, at chardon, high school. this morning the students filed in the cafeteria about 8:15 this morning when first reports started to come out what was happening in that cafeteria. it was a young boy, presumed to be a student, had stood up in the cafeteria and started shooting. three students are said to
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be in critical condition. one in stable. four of them, three boys and one girl, according to the early reports that we're getting were helicoptered out of the area and to a local hospital. we've spoken with a reporter on the ground there who first got word of this. then we started to hear of text messages because this is way so much gets communicated these days, coming out to students explaining to their parents what was happening in there. a lot of discussion whether or not there was one shooter or two. we do know one shooter is in custody at this time. they do believe the situation is stable. they don't appear to be searching for a second person. they apprehended one other person running away from the school, we don't know for sure whether or not that person was accomplice but there was some discussion that this morning as well. bill: you mentioned the s.w.a.t. team. we also get this from the fbi spokeswoman out of ohio says the fbi is also on that scene, rather the scene of the shooting. the investigation, quote, unfolding. that is clearly the case.
6:34 am
a story that is only hour and 15 minutes old. s.w.a.t. team on the scene for security reasons which would seem to indicate they don't believe there is another threat in the school. other fbi agent are there to assist in the investigation. local authorities calling the fbi for assistance. as you watch students trickling out of the school. this is large helicopter shot, wjw, our affiliate in cleveland, ohio. flying over the scene. there is believe at this moment there is only one suspect or gunman. according to our folks on the ground in ohio. that suspect is in custody. we were told that earlier. authorities conducting a perimeter sweep, canvasing local neighborhoods to make sure there is no other individual involved. also this spokeswoman from the fbi, stressing from the fox news channel, all this as initial reporting of the investigation at its early stages, still unfolding as i mentioned earlier. martha: we'll tap into our local coverage, our affiliate there in cleveland,
6:35 am
wjw and hear what they're saying about this. let's listen. >> students were flooding out of the building as their parents pick them up. most of them coming on foot because there is so much traffic surrounding here trying to get in as people got word from reverse 911 from the school. there had been a shooting. that was all the information they had. they were told on the recording more information would follow. parents are certainly waiting for more information, got in their cars and got on foot heading to the high school. we're told two suspected shooters are in custody. good indication that things have calmed down is that they are releasing these students to their parents. we're certainly within eye shot of the high school here. we're getting different numbers how many students might have been shot. this incident apparently happened in the cafeteria at the high school. it was about 7:30 in the morning as students were gathering for their first study period. two. kids came in with guns. may not even still attend
6:36 am
this school. came in and people started screaming and say get down. spoke with a girl who told me that she was crossing in a hallway and saw one of the gunman literally chasing a boy down, chasing him outside with a gunpointed at him. as you can imagine absolutely terrifying for these kids in a community, such a rural, peaceful community. not often we come out to chardon for violent incidents and certainly something not to this extent ever have we been out here for this. >> stacey, that is the first time we've heard a situation like that where a the gunman actually chasing a student down and that's the first time we heard about that. >> senior girl that i just spoke with in tears as she was leaving with her father, just, shaking as you can imagine, said she was walking down the hallway and suddenly saw this boy chasing another boy with a gun. she ducked and hid behind a corner and just got out of
6:37 am
way. >> the information, the information that you you're getting is two gunmen? because we're hearing two, a gunman and accomplice but you're hearing two gunmen, two people with guns? >> from the students here we're hearing two gunmen. a lot of students didn't see. they just heard. five gunshots possibly. this happened in the cafeteria where dozens of kids were gathered in the morning that early. seems according to what that girl told me that these, whoever these gunmen were, had specific targets. clearly they were going after. >> specific targets. specific targets. >> had you heard, one of the students we spoke to, lexi, any rumors circulate around the school or last weekend or what she heard on twitter. she didn't see it herself. she has been trying trying not to be engaged in twitter as much. did hear as possibly early as last night this apparent shooter posted something on
6:38 am
twitter about violence. are you hearing anything? >> the student i just spoke with, that is the rumor as well. obviously a lot of rumors start to fly around. no one has any clear indication what this was about that senior i spoke to that ducked and hid when she saw the gunman chasing that boy down, she tells me that word is one of these gunman posted something on twitter. she did not see it herself but basically something about people are going to be hurt tomorrow. >> stacey frey on scene at the high school right now. stacey, before you go, have you heard anything about the conditions of the students who were hit? >> no, we haven't. we haven't even gotten confirmation of exact number of students that were hit. i know you spoke with someone from the school district, school district spokesperson who told you there were two people hurt. we're hearing as many as possibly four were. we don't have the confirmation obviously because the people we need to talk to are investigating inside the school. they're trying to get all of the chaos straightened out and get parents home to
6:39 am
their children the frankly we're the last priority on their list. >> we'll continue to gather information and we'll check back with you as soon as we can. but keep doing what you're doing and thank you very much. good job so far. we'll check backing with you. >> of course, many parents are probably receiving notice that they can go to, report to maple elementary school and retrieve, reunite with their high school student. that is what we're being told right now. >> you're listening to stacey frey, who is from wjw. she was on the scene there. she gave us a ton of information. she has spoken to a girl who was escorted out of the building by her dad. she said the girl was in tears. she is a senior at the high school. she reported seeing, she saw someone running and chasing a gunman chasing someone down in order to shoot them in the hallway. just wonder what transpired perhaps over the weekend that might have led to this shoot this morning. there was word reported by wjw there was something on twitter that may have been
6:40 am
written by one of these gun men saying that people would be hurt today at school. so all of this is starting to be pieced together this morning. we are, it is starting to sound bill, if there was an accomplice. from the things we're hearing from people on the ground sound if there may have been two people. we can't completely confirm that. we're getting it all put together here. bill: possible but unconfirmed. the description they give there were clear targets, if that is the case. if you have a student chasing down another, they knew who they were after. geraldo is with us. geraldo is with us this morning. we know you're prepping for the radio show this morning. your reaction to what is unfolding on the television screen? >> what is interesting and in its own way ominous and disconcerting this is not inner-city school. as ohioan yourself. my wife went to shaker, east of cleveland. chardon is well east, 30
6:41 am
miles east of cleveland. this is not at all inner-city school. overwhelmingly white, upper middle class. that makes the context of this shooting somewhat alarming because it does seem, it wasn't an inner-city beef. it wasn't gang on gang beef. it wasn't, kids who are, schooled in unfortunately the horrors of an urban existence. these are kids that live in a pretty solid household, a small town. they graduated, i think it was 127 students last year. everybody knows everybody clearly. and to have something like this, which first of all you get the whispers of, that reporter is correct, in that, we have no reason to doubt that hysterical student leaving with her dad, that this was a beef that first surfaced on social media. where the kids get the gun? was there more than one involved? was this is conspiracy?
6:42 am
is this a boyfriend girlfriend situation? is jealousy what is at play here? you know what is alarming is the fact that gun play was involved at all. that, a kid bring as gun or kid or kids bring a gun to a very solid school in a very quiet, relatively quiet and prosperous community and start banging away there. you know, as the parent myself of high school kids it is deeply disturbing. bill: when you even hear about a threat that has been pested on the internet you don't know if to take it serious or not? who is to say the depth of it, this could play out in a way where they put the pieces together and facts in the story there were clear signs something was going to go down. well, clearly it has but whether or not you can stop something like that is something we sit back and ask all of ourselves whether or not we could do something more but again that is after the fact. what we're watching right now the swat helicopter pull
6:43 am
away from the high school in chardon, geraldo. >> after columbine we have to take everyone of these social media warnings, the ominous writings, not as ramblings or the kind of wishful thinking of kids in a very, you know, turbulent period of their lives, you know, biologically speaking. we've got to take them all seriously because now with access to deadly weapons, you know, something like this could happen literally at any school. that's why i am in favor of, you know, security and i know how disturbing it is, the inimagine of metal detectors in high school. for goodness if you're kid is not safe inside the school, it is not the schoolyard, not somewhere down the corner or in a dark alley. this is a inside the school itself in a cafeteria when they start popping away. four injured here. they're lucky they haven't had at least not yet, god willing they won't be
6:44 am
fatalities. bill: geraldo, thank you for that. we posed that question, a report out of cleveland an hour ago, about metal detectores at the school. we haven't been able to confirm whether or not it is a fact. we brought you on a completely different topic this morning. we wanted to get your reaction. good luck on radio. >> thank you. bill: we're reaching out to rod wheeler, former homicide detective working out of washington but he is from the chief and area. we want to get rod's perspective what the fbi can do and s.w.a.t. team canada. thanks to mike levine, by the way gave us wonderful information about what the fbi spokeswoman told him in northeastern ohio. martha: to go back how all this starting this morning, if you're just tuning, it appears at 7:45, or 8:15 a young man stood up in the cafeteria as students were eating breakfast getting ready for the first period of the day stood up and started shooting.
6:45 am
stacey frey who was on the scene there, she spoke to a senior girl dissolved in tears leaving the building with her dad. she told the reporter she saw someone chasing a boy down the hallway with a gun and trying to shoot him down. we are a long way away from learning motive in this case trying to determine what might have prompted this. how much premeditation there was. if indeed this twitter account is linked to this. maybe it belongs to someone else. maybe it belongs to the young shooter who is a suspect in custody right now. we'll find out if there was any indication, any warning out there maybe this would happen today. bill: quickly, this is the reporting that has given of the suspect been arrested. scott wilson from the fbi says at this point they believe there is only one shooter but the incident is still under investigation. that shooter was arrested fleeing the high school buildsing caught on a nearby road in chardon township. is is now in sheriff's custody. it did not break out at 8:00
6:46 am
in the morning but shortly before that, 7 len 45 a.m. this is unfolding past two years as we piece it together. martha: that may be the shooter we heard about running away from the building police were able to track down thankfully. and he is at the sheriff's office according to those reports, being processed at sheriff's office right now. rod wheeler joins me now, former homicide detective and, rod, you know, we've seen this story before but that is no solace to these terrified families standing outside this high school right now. >> exactly, martha. in everyone much these cases there has to be warning signs. there had to be something that led up to this. a couple things you definitely want to look at and this is exactly what the police are looking at right now. first of all why did the shooting take place early in the morning on a monday morning? did something happen on friday or thursday last week, maybe over the weekend. so the police are looking at that now. the fbi is involved probably as well as atf to see where this kid in fact got this weapon and if there are any
6:47 am
other weapons out there. so i'm sure they're on their way to his home, interview his parents and some of his family and friends. martha, i grew up right in cleveland and we used to hang out when i was young in chardon all the time. chardon has changed a lot too. chardon used to be area very upscale and well to do and it is a pretty nice area. but the thing is chardon is so close to cleveland that you have so much traffic from the city of cleveland going back and forth to chardon. i'm not really totally surprised this has happened out here. the main thing we have to look at now from a law enforcement perspective what prompted this shooting and are there any other victims out there maybe we haven't even found out about, not necessarily at the school but maybe somewhere else? the police are very involved in this right now. it is a fluid investigation. martha: that is really good point you bring up at the end there, rod, the possibility there may have been other events involved in this. when you go back and look at virginia tech and look at some of these other stories that we covered sometimes there is vendetta carried
6:48 am
out in number of locations along the way and there just a lot of questions that are still out there this morning. it is also strikes me this is very familiar scene when we look at these kind of high school shootings. suburban environment. you look at colorado, where columbine murders happened way back. this does tend to be the sort of economic environment that these things unfold in. >> you're exactly right. not only that, you know, with advantage now to these days so to speak with twitter and facebook people communicate. there was obviously some form of communication this weekend with this young man. from a law enforcement perspective what is it that said to this guy? what was it went on over the past weekend that prompted this kid to wake up this morning to say hey i'm going to chardon high school and i will start shooting? that is what the police are trying to figure out right now of obviously something led to this. martha: that was my first thought. monday morning you think what happened over the weekend, right? how long would it take for
6:49 am
the police once they apprehended this young person to show up at his house and start confiscating with a search warrant any computers is they will want all of that stuff in their hands to start immediately the investigation, right? >> computers. cell phone is so important. they want to find out who was it that he spoke with moments before the shooting took place. i can tell you one other thing, this is so important. school systems, including school system of chardon they have excellent protocols in place for evacuation for active shooters. very, very important. ever since columbine and obviously virginia tech schools are very good at that. if you look at pictures on the screen, there is process what we're seeing from the school system. so that is a good thing. good thing maybe more people wasn't hurt even though four students from what i understand four students was hurt. we think from the published reports, martha, this kid was targeting or possibly targeting two or three individuals. if that is the case the police will clearly go down
6:50 am
that pat and try to figure out what was the relationship like. why in fact did he target these individuals? where in fact did this weapon come from? that's very important. martha: rod, it is, it's a bad scene that we're watching play out here and as you point out, a lot of questions that need to be asked of this young man and his family as they start to figure out and start to put these pieces together about why. bill: rod, bill hemmer here good morning to you. >> hey, bill. bill: we appreciate all your expertise. is it common for the s.w.a.t. team and fbi to respond immediately on a crime like this? >> abs slautly. very common. you will start seeing a whole lot more of that. in law enforcement now, bill, we have protocols in place and unfortunately we learned from columbine and virginia tech. anytime there is shooting at federal building there is response that has to take place i will mead. including fbi, atf and ohio, i know personally the bureau of criminal investigation
6:51 am
out of columbus, ohio. they have already been notified as well. the reason you get all the agencies involved, bill, you can get so much information so much quicker because everybody has a certain responsibility. for example, the atf can quickly determine much faster than the local police department where that weapon came from, the type of weapon, if there are other weapons out there, they will conduct ballistics tests right away. all of these things go into place. so it is not unusual to get all the agencies involved right away. bill: this is very early but the report we got from our affiliate, wjw, 20 minutes ago from the threatening post on the internet last night what do you do with that, rod? >> well, they have computer experts that will obviously, as martha indicated, get a warrant right away for this young man's computer, i'm sure there at the home the police is, they're probably conducting a search warrant or look at tweet or if this was a facebook post and look exactly backwards who was it
6:52 am
sent from, who he was communicating with, if in fact any of the stuff was related or anybody else he had conversation with, be it friends, family neighbors. these are folks you want to be out interviewing right now. that is another reason, bill, why you have so many different agencies involved. bill: rod, thank you so much. back to local coverage, wjw screen left, woio both out of cleveland, ohio, on scene. >> i think in some cases when schools get these it kind of stresses out the parents and you think, oh gosh, i don't like that. but then you look at a situation like this where you just never ever, no one would have ever suspected something like would have taken place inside the walls of chardon high school. you think then that is extra safety measure that sometimes can make this not happen. >> exactly. you wonder about those safety procedures and are they necessary? could they put the kids in kind of a weird situation. >> environment, yeah. >> metal detector. that is something we'll
6:53 am
definitely bring up. >> todd reporting live on the phone for us. todd we'll let you get back to gathering information for us. we'll check back with you. we'll go on through the 10:00 hour. so we'll check back with you. we do want to let you know we have a statement from the governor, john kasich, about the situation at chardon high school, the shooting there. says, governor john kasich issued this statement this morning following the shooting of the high school. says please join me in praying for the students who have been injured in this horrible crime. praise goes to the chardon police and the sheriff's office for quickly getting this situation under control. i pledged ohio's full support to them. the school and local community in this difficult time. that was from our governor, john kasich of --. bill: wjw reporting there. it's wonderful to just have the access they're giving to piece the story together. just like we're sitting here,
6:54 am
our viewers are wondering what in the world happened at this school two hours ago. martha: you think about the procedures, rod wheeler was talking about, tragically we've had enough of these happen, schools across the country have these procedures. one of the earliest things we heard about they moved students into locked classrooms. students do drills along these lines. they're told they need to get into classrooms and lock the door until it is told it is safe to come out. you have lines of parents outside. when heather childress reported, they wants parents to come to the school and pick up their kids. at this point the feeling was they had apprehended the suspect and the danger was not ongoing although the fbi clearly says the investigation is very much ongoing and unfolding as they speak. most likely as rod mentioned the police are at this young student's home right now and finding out what the motive could have possibly been. bill: we know four students have been shot, three of them critically wounded. we certainly hope the best for them and their recovery.
6:55 am
our prayers for them and their families at the moment as they work through this. we'll talk with a public information officer from the school in a matter of moments. we'll do that after we get a quick breaker who. again, viewers at home, if you're on your computer, you want to get updated information at we're streaming live there now so you can check that out as a we get a quick commercial break here. back in a moment. breaking news here on "america's newsroom." ain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta.
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>> martha: all right, we're covering breaking news story this morning, chardon high school in ohio, about 30 miles away from cleveland, ohio this morning, as parents and families are terrified, four children shot, four youngsters at the high school there and we're waiting news on their condition. bill: we certainly are. we were given word about 15 minutes ago and the story continues to development we're staying on it. good morning from "america's newsroom", i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. we have standing by on the phone, lieutenant john hitchcock from the county
6:59 am
sheriff's office. lieutenant, thank you for making a couple of minutes for us here. i know you're busy. what can you tell us from the scene? >> what we have at the chardon high school today, we had a shooter come in, we have four victims, they are all at the hospital at this time. local law enforcement, plus the sheriff's office, the fbi, s. w. a.t. team, park rangers, everybody responded to the area. they were able to afhend what we believe to be the shooter, and as far as the conditions of the students, at the scene there were no fatalities but i don't know their status as of yet, since they have been taken from the location. three were transported on ground, one was life-flighted, and now, we're in the process of taking the high school students and reuniting them with their parents at the elementary school, which is maple elementary, across the street from the high school,
7:00 am
and at the middle school, we are also putting the parents with their students. so right now, law enforcement is gathering statements, talking to witnesses, in addition to other people putting parents and their students back together. march lieutenant, it looks like you've done a very good job, all of you, of making this as stable a situation as you exoabl and in an orderly manner trying to reunite these children with their parents so they can get picked up and taken from the school. i know you mentioned the biggest concern in everyone's minds is the condition of the four students. do you have any idea when you're going to be able to give us any more information about how they're doing? >> no. i am at the middle school location, that's where we're staging with the media. i have not been informed of any changes as far as their conditions or an update.
7:01 am
like i said, right now it's still a long, ongoing process of putting parents and students back together. martha: can you confirm that the student that was apprehended in the shooting, the suspect, that he was fleeing from the scene when he was apprehended? >> i do confirm that the individual was fleeing from the scene. but i cannot confirm that it was a student. i don't know that. martha: so obviously, that's one of the big questions in terms of piecing together motive. do you have any reason to think that it wasn't a student? the initial reports were that it was and that he stood up in the cafeteria and started firing. should we be guided away from that story? >> that, again, i can only tell you what information i have. i can't confirm one way or the other whether it is or isn't a student. i can tell you that due to the quick response of all of
7:02 am
law enforcement agencies, the ens personnel, the scene has been moving along quite well considering the circumstances. this kind of thing doesn't happen in geauga county. martha: as i said before, it looks like you guys have handled this so well and it's such a concerted effort to try to give everybody peace of mind on the ground there and reunite these families. in terms of the question of one or two suspects, can you confirm that there is only one suspect and that he has been apprehended? >> i can confirm at this -- i can't confirm at this time until the investigation is complete and all the statements are taken, at this time, we believe there was just one suspect. and as soon as the sheriff and the chief of police, until they leave the scene there, we're planning on having a press conference over here but i don't know how long that's going to be from now. bill: sir, thank you for your time. i know you've got your hands full but the fact that you
7:03 am
took time with us is greatly appreciated. thank you. >> you're welcome, bye. bill we heard the statement from the governor of ohio, the republican john kasich, it was read during the fraud cast, which is what the governor says, please join me in praying for the students who have been injured in this horrible crime. praise goes to the chardon police and geauga county sheriff's control for quickly getting this under control. i pledge ohio's full support to them, the school and local community in this difficult time, end quote. talking with rod wheeler, a moment ago, local police are on scene, the sheriff's department is on scene, the s. w. a.t. team and fbi, all responding within the first 60-90 minutes of this shooting. eric shawn has finish touch with a number of people, too. what have you learned? >> reporter: obviously we will get more information as this continues with the conflicting reports. awaiting that news conference in the geauga county sheriff's office about the specifics. but as we have been reporting this morning, we do know the four students
7:04 am
were wounded, three it is said are in critical condition, though that is not confirmed after the shooting in the cafeteria. according to the attacks, perhaps there were three boys and one girl were the victims. we don't know their ages yet. police conforming that one suspect in custody, discounting a possible second suspect as has been reported earlier today. parents say the kids said that a boy, armed with a gun, suddenly stood up during breakfast in the cafeteria this morning and opened fire. of course as we've been reporting, there have been threats reported on twitter yesterday saying that people will be hurt tomorrow. it is believed that the gunman intentionally may have been targeting the victims, raising the possibility, of course, that this is another school shooting of some type of potential intentional targeting or revenge, sadly, and so tragically, as we have seen too often over the past number of years. the suspect, they say, was a boy, ran out of the school, but he was chased and caught nearby. that suspect, we don't know
7:05 am
his age or an identity yet, now being processed at the sheriff's department office. obviously, we'll be getting a lot more information about them, or about him, when the police have their news conference. the school is about 30 miles east of cleveland, about 1100 students are enrolled there, and when the shooting started to happen, we're told that a lot of the kids ran into classrooms, they went into lockdown and were locked inside the classrooms for their safety. even one student texasing her mother, reports say, that she was hiding in a closet, saying that she heard the shootings, that there were at least five shots that were heard, ringing down the hallway in the school this morning. so we are waiting -- awaiting more details as we have been reporting, one of the victims airlifted to the medical center, three by ambulance, police conducting sweeps and canvassing the local neighborhood to make sure there was no one else involved. these situations, obviously fluid, fast breaking, sometimes conflicting informs -- information, but what we know and have been
7:06 am
reporting, one suspect described as a boy in custody. we don't know the age. obviously, we'll get a lot more information when the sheriff's department has their news conference that we are expecting sometime later this morning. bill. bill:ter esp research, thank you. also eric, what the sheriff's department just told martha, when he was asked the question about whether or not the boy running down the street was a student, he could not confirm that eh irk -- eric. >> reporter: it's interesting. you would think if you could get in school and be a student -- or let's say you were a former student, msnbc expelled, suspended, maybe dropped out, maybe you still have your student i.d., we'll have to get more information. i'm sure a lot of this will come out later on this morning, exactly who the suspect is, whether this described as -- described as a boy is a currently enrolled student or perhaps may have had some academic behavioral problems which could have potentially caused this type of shoot to go occur this morning so
7:07 am
sadly. bill: thank you for that, eric shawn, working his sores. again, there's a lot we do not know and some of this is frankly speculation as we try and piece the pieces together and give you the facts as best we know, but if it occurred before class started, there's a possibility it may not have been a student at this school at the time, if it's 7:45 in the morning, and classes were not even underway yet. but we have thun of that confirmed at the moment. we just urge caution until we work this out. martha: but you know that because of the way this kind of communication works these days, we're going to start to get more twitter, perhaps, you know, cell phone communication from these kids, and the students who did talk about it so far didn't seem to claim that it was somebody they didn't know, you know? it was -- the phrase was that it was one of the boys who stood up and started shooting. so a lot of questions that we expect will be answered in the coming minutes and hours as we cover this story. let's go down to washington, d.c. where kelly wright is standing by, he is following these developments because the fbi got involved
7:08 am
in this instantly on the scene of this shooting and kelly is here to explain to us about their involvement. morning kelly. >> reporter: martha, good morning to you as well. we've been following in and the fbi spokeswoman in ohio says the fbi is on the scene of the school shooting there, the investigation is unfolding, she states, and the fbi s. w. a.t. team is on the scene for security purposes and other fbi agents are there to assist in the investigation. we have to point out here that local authorities actually called the fbi for assistance, so they are responding to that local request. the belief right now is, as we've been discussing all morning, that there was only one gunman, suspect, and that suspect is in custody as we've heard. but authorities are conducting perimeter sweeping right now, and canvassing the local neighborhoods to make sure no others were involved. to make sure there was no plot of some sort. fbi spokeswoman stressed that all this is initial reporting, and the investigation is still in
7:09 am
its early stages, martha. and currently unfolding. this is a response -- routine response for the fbi, and it's always up to the locals to add for fbi help in these situations. one of the questions that comes to mind, though, if you look beyond just the fbi aspect, and that is was there a school's resource officer on the scene, in other words, was there a police officer there, as some schools in other cities have a practice of doing since columbine, so that's another question that will likely come up during the news conference when that unfolds, but again, fbi on the scene, responding to the local request to assist in this situation. martha: it seems by all accounts, kelly, that they were so comprehensive in their immediate response to this in chardon and they are be commended for that. it seems very orderly in how this is playing out so far and in terms of the investigation. no doubt the fbi will be in some ways involved in the next step of this, which is
7:10 am
the forensics -- the computer forensics that we see as part of every one of these investigations kelly. >> reporter: that is correct. when that takes place the fbi will, because it's been -- because it will do its job, its task, of making sure that everything is done even post this situation in terms of wrapping up and getting all the evidence that's necessary, including the forensics, you can be sure that all of the law enforcement authorities right there on the scene -- and again, reiterating what the fbi is doing, canvassing the neighborhood, the s. w. a.t. team of the fbi being there, making sure that they're doing everything to protect the students of that school, as well as the members of the community. martha: and you know what, kelly, in so many cases we've seen of this kind of thing, the shooter does not survive the event. in this case, there is a suspect, in custody, who will be questioned quite extensively and who will no doubt provide information in the end as to what happened, what the motive was. so we thank you so much, kelly wright, joining us this morning from our d.c.
7:11 am
bureau is on the fbi angle of this this morning. bill: apparently a large high school, 1100 students, chardon high school, 30 miles east of cleveland, the superintendent is telling a television station wkyc that the culprit is in custody but we do not know who that culprit is. chardon, a town of 5100 residents, one of them will join us in a moment, the mother of one of the students. she's at the school, on scene. we'll ask her about her experience and how her kids are doing in a moment. four students, shot earlier today, at least three now listed in critical condition. this is breaking news on the fox news channel. we are back right after this. wake up!
7:12 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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7:14 am
bill: it is almost 10:15 in chardon, ohio. we're on this breaking news at a school shooting that first broke 2 1/2 hours ago. there's a lot frankly we do not know at the moment. teresa hunt, however, is a mother of one of the students, and teresa, good morning to you. are you with me?
7:15 am
>> i am. bill: where are you? >> right now i'm standing on my porch, on north street, which is about maybe 20-30 houses away from the high school. bill: okay, can you see students? >> yeah, i see some walking, the traffic is bumper to bumper. bill: i guess the important question for you is you have a daughter there, correct? >> yes. and i can't reach her. i was sitting in traffic for a long time and i'm like it's not moving. so i figure best bet is to be at home. she's a walker because we live so close. so they just now released the walkers. so i'm just waiting for her to come up the drive. bill: you would think that would be, what, about 10-15 minutes before she could walk from the school to your house, do i have that right? >> yes. bill: she's a senior, age 18? >> yes. >> and did she tell you about any problems at school over the weekend? >> no. no. and i asked her that question when we texted this morning, i asked her if she knew about anything that was going to -- you know, students that -- complaining
7:16 am
of being aggravated or violence or anything, and she said no, this was nothing that her or her friends have never even heard. bill: what time did you text her? >> her first text to me was about a quarter to 8:00 this morning. bill: okay. that was -- >> she heard shots and she told me they were on lockdown. >> bill: so she's okay? >> yes. bill: what else did she tell you about the lockdown? >> just that she was in there for quite a long time. she called me at 9:15 to let me know they were finally taking them over to the middle school, but during lockdown, they just were allowed to text, they weren't allowed to talk on their phone. bill: but at least you have that assurance, don't you teresa? >> yes. yes. bill: how does that make you feel as a mother? >> awesome. i think the school has just been really awesome about this. i'm so glad that they've been doing drills, every year, for at least the last six years that i know of, because my son was a
7:17 am
graduate of chardon, also. bill: teresa, i apologize for the interruption, what type of drills did your son and daughter conduct there? >> they do a lockdown drill. i don't know if they call that at school, but you know, they -- i imagine this is what it is. it's what the teachers are supposed to do in these type of situations. i don't know extensively what they're told. bill: teresa, are this metal detectors used at this high school? >> no, there isn't. bill: has that ever been considered? >> i don't know if they've ever talked about it but we've never really had an issue out here. this is -- this community is really close knit, everybody knows everybody. we're all like a big giant family, country family out here. bill: how does this hit you now? >> this scares me, really bad. bill:bill: i bet it does. tell me about the school. it seems like the kind of place where you want to grow up, frankly.
7:18 am
>> yes. yes, it is. it's an awesome high school, the kids are great, she has many friends, the teachers are awesome, she also goes to the auburn career center half a day. i mean, everything is really great. up until today. it's a really shaker. bill: we were speaking with a member of the sheriff's department about 30 minutes ago and he could not confirm whether or not this boy who was seen running away from the school was a student there or not. and we're trying to nail that down for you. while you stand on your front porch in the snow in northeastern ohio. >> right. the thing that scares me the most is i know the police have said many times that -- and the school has said that there's only been one student that did the shooting, there was not two, but all the students are saying, my daughter has told me this many times, it's two, mom, there are two kids involved. so i don't know any more about that. bill: we're trying to piece
7:19 am
that together, teresa. listen, stay there on your front porch, stay as warm as you possibly can. and give candice a big hug for us, snok. >> i will, thank you so much. bill: thank you teresa. martha: we want to go directly to stacy frye, wkjw she's talking to a high cool student. >> i was standing in my room, i've never seen anybody run that fast in my life and i run fast! i've then seen -- literally there was a stampede of kids sprinted by us and i heard people quell yelling and the guns go off. >> so you had your cell phone in your hand? >> yeah, my family across the united states are texting me. everybody knows. it's crazy. >> it's just shocking this is what happened here. they always say you don't expect it. >> nothing like this happens, this was a big deal. i wonder if we'll have school this week. >> as a mom you had to be freaking out. >> very much so. very impressed with the way the chardon schools handled everything, all the correspondence they sent out to the parents right away
7:20 am
both through telephone, he felt mail, very impressed with how orderly everything was and that our kids are safe and very traumatic. you never think it's going to happen to you or your family or your home town. >> you're still upset, seeing she's okay. >> she was wonderful, she kept me conformed and i kept asking if she was safe, and i loved, and i'm just grateful. >> everybody is against cell phones but on a day like this it's important. >> everyone was -- everyone was trying to get through, it was difficult. >> it was reverse 911, you got a message from the school say. brad: yes. >> what did they say? >> they just let us know there was a shooting that had taken place and the schools are going to be in lockdown and the elementary schools, if they did arrive on bus to send the kids home. >> what was it like? >> it was crazy, police everywhere and helicopters everywhere, everyone being rerouted an yelling and it was crazy. >> very stressful. >> but orderly at the same time. >> thank you guys very much, glad you're okay.
7:21 am
>> so obviously, still dealing with the situation around here. we're waiting for another update from the sheriff's department, state police as well. students obviously very shaken by this. i spoke with a couple who were very close to one girl who, as i described to you earlier, who was walking down the hallway and saw the kid with the gun, chasing down a very specific student. she didn't know either of them. as you've been saying, some people said maybe this kid posted something on twitter last night that said people were going to be hurt today. no one ever believes those things are real. >> can we go back to something you mentioned? i want to make sure i heard this right. have you gotten any information about -- >> martha: we're listen to go stacy frye on the ground there, wayw, and you hear the rejected words that perhaps there were two shooters that. is the biggest piece of informs we're trying to figure out and nail down as we're covering this breaking news story out of chardon high school. bill: don't go anywhere, we'll have the latest for you after the break, and to the mother who was talking to us on the front porch a
7:22 am
short time ago, it really gives you an image for what this community is experiencing. martha: she'll feel a lot better when her daughter walks up that front porch. bill: this is "america's newsroom". when i grow up,
7:23 am
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7:25 am
>> now we're in the process of taking the high school students and reuniting them with their parents at the elementary school, which is maple elementary, across the street from the high school, and at the middle school, we are also putting the parents with their students. so right now, law enforcement is gathering statements, talking to witnesses, in addition to other people putting parents and their students back together. march those are the words of a lieutenant we spoke to earlier. john hiscox about the
7:26 am
situation. you have all the families being reunited. except for four families, that reunion is happening at the hospital where three children are said to be in critical condition and one in stable condition of these high school students. a terrifying morning for these families and a lot of questions out there about this gunman who one girl reported watching him run down the hallway, chasing another student with a gun to try to shoot him down. a terrifying, terrifying morning at chardon high school today. we want to bring back in our friend rod wheeler, former homicide detective who joins us on the phone. he's from this area, used to hang out, as he said, in the chardon area, here the -- near the high school there. the big question, rod, remains whether or not there are two shooters. we're hearing from the families and the students that there were. >> you're exactly right martha. as a matter of fact i just got off the phone with the contact, an ohio contact in law enforcement. now let me just quickly tell you, the police received this call initially this morning, and this explains why you had the response
7:27 am
from the different agencies. they got the call, too. they got the call, there was a man in the -- with a gun in the building and received a call as an active shooter. any time law enforcement gets a call of active shooter there's a multi-agency response to that situation, including the february and alcohol, tobacco and firearms agency and the city of chardon and geauga county. geauga county will be the lead in this investigation. a mass source went out to the students and reverse 911 went to the parents around a quarter to 8:00 this morning. as a result of that mass notification, all the students were told, get shelter in place and go into a lockdown situation. as we all know that's what they did. which means wherever you're at, lock the doors, turn off the lights and stay off the cell phone. you can text but don't call because we don't want to jam the system. that's exactly what happened. now, the police weren't sure
7:28 am
from what my source tells me whether or not there was one, two or maybe three shooter, so that's why they started circling the area. if you noticed earlier martha, the fbi helicopter was up, because they wanted to make sure there wasn't another gunman out there. they have the one guy in custody but they had to make sure there wasn't another guy out there. that's why they're still doing a sweep of the building and the entire area right now. martha: rod, what i'm curious about, you see the families reuniting with the students, but the students are the best witnesses they have as to who the shooters are. if they are students, these students will know that and they'll say there were two, as this mother that bill just spoke to that was waiting on the front porch, she said no, my daughter shed there were two, and the high school is large but not that large. kids know each other. so what do you think the procedure is for the police getting as much as they can out of these kids while their memories are fresh? >> exactly. the police are going to err on the side of caution. if the students say there were two shooter, they're going to assume it was two shooter,or, martha, until
7:29 am
they can justify it was not two shooters, and that's the reason we see the police doing the sweep of the area, the entire area, and the school. so they are going to utilize the statements from the individual students as to what they saw. unfortunately, in these types of situation, there's so much pandemonium, folks just running all over the place, there's so much chaos, sometimes the information can become a bit -- but at the same time, the police are going to still take all of that information and work that information as if it's accurate. martha: thank you. they've also got that suspect in custody and are grilling him no doubt to figure out whether or not he was working with anybody. rod, thank you. stand by for us. we appreciate having you with us this morning. bill: and the akron beacon journal says two students taken by helicopter, so clearly they're the most serious, two others apparently taken to metro health hospital by way of ambulance, and teresa hunt, the one we talked to, said her daughter told her she heard five shots fired at 7:30 this morning. here is more information at the scene:
7:30 am
>> he went n. was determined that the student had one run from the building, chased by a teacher. knowing that, we got the officers ready, went in the door, took care of victims and got them to the hospitals. i am happy to tell you that the student that did the shooting is captured, he is currently at a safety center. >> how was he apprehended? >> he actually turned himself in to a couple of innocentby standers just north of the city here in the chardon township. >> you said there was a fifth victim? was that someone who was just recently taken out -- we saw someone coming out on a stretcher within the last 30 minutes, ambassador was that -- >> that was one that was accountable for. there were five victims. >> five shooting victims? >> that is correct. >> sheriff, could you, from
7:31 am
your standpoint, from the sheriff's stand standpoint -- >> we received a call, the deputies responded to the scene. as soon as deputyies went into the school, they went into the school, located victims, started to ensure the safety of the other students, it became ready apparent that the shooter hat fled already. the ems crews were brought in, as you could imagine, a perimeter was set town ensure the suspect did not come back into school, our canine unit was brought n. tracking was commenced and the individual was apprehended some distance from the school, but had fled on foot. >> where was the -- where were the victims located inside the school building? >> bill: so the governor, john kasich, sending out a tweet moments ago, please pray for wounded chardon high school students, their families, things appear
7:32 am
under control now but that does not answer all the questions. we'll get to that as our coverage continues after this.
7:33 am
7:34 am
7:35 am
>> we are taking five parents in at a time. only five parents or legal guardians. students will not be released to siblings or friends of family and so forth. only parents, legal
7:36 am
guardians, five at a time. everybody will be released out of the building here. so just be patient. bill: that is moments ago. john hiscox, public information officer for the county there in northeastern ohio, he's the one who told you about an hour ago when you asked him about the identity of this kid who was running down the sidewalk, he could not tell us whether he was a student of the school, an active student, a former student, or whether it was a student or not, which adds to the intrigue as to what's going on here. it is breaking news in case you're just waking up and joining us this morning at this high school east of cleveland, chardon, ohio, four students, shot in the cafeteria, before classes began earlier today, about 7:30 local time, now three hours ago. eric shawn has been working the phones, he's back with us and eric what did you find out? >> reporter: authorities a few moments ago at least in one report saying the gunman is a student. we don't know much more about the suspected gunman at this moment. his name, his age, what
7:37 am
grade he is in, what the motive for this latest school shooting tragedy will be. we will likely get more information when authorities hold a news conference later this morning. they have promised one. we're learning more about the suspected gunman from fellow students, seniors at that school. it happened during breakfast in the high school cafeteria, when the kids were gathering and suddenly gunfire erupts, one students saying at least five shots rang out in that school, but the suspected gunman even chased one of the victims down the hallway, opening fire. four students wounded, said to be three boys and a girl. reports say three in critical condition. although that is not confirmed. as for the suspect, one student says that, quote, it was not like a occuor popular kid. saying he has friends, but he would not be considered the outcast type. sadly and tragically, that perhaps seems to fit the mold of these repeated scoot shootings we've seen over
7:38 am
the past years in this country, when you have a student that perhaps has been in trouble and maybe been expelled or suspended or at least excluded from some of the social activities, turns the inner rage and inner anger on his or her fellow students. that is the latest that we know right now. let's go to to -- >> bill: eric thank you, let's listen here. >> what did he do? >> he pulled a gun out and started shooting kids and i saw the one drop and i ran. that's all i could have done >> hang on a second. so you're 20 feet away. where is this room? >> it's like right in the front of the high school. it's the cafeteria. >> the cafeteria. >> thank god you're okay. bill: it's our understanding, that was recorded moments ago, it was playing back live over the local broadcast, wews in cleveland, ohio and that
7:39 am
young lady clearly shaken by what she has just witnessed. martha: she said that from what we could hear, she saw the gunman stand up and start shooting, then she said she saw someone drop and she started running, and then you can understand, a mother protectively said let's get out of here. this is an awful, awful shock for all of these kids. just a devastating day. and you know, i expect that we're going to get more details very soon about who this young man is and what his potential motive might have been, and also the biggest concern right now is the condition of the four students, that we do not have new information on, rather than to say they have three in critical condition and one in stable condition, and two were choppered out. we saw the school bus, the lieutenant, moments ago saying they were bringing parents in five at a time to collect their children and they weren't going to release them to anyone else besides the parents or legal guardians. bill: that's a school with 1100 students.
7:40 am
this is going to take a while to work out. i think about the mother who joined us on her front porch, 40 minutes ago, she said it doesn't happen here, we never expect it, we don't expect it, we're a sleepy town of 5100 people. and boy, it is -- the headlines have smacked these people very hard this morning with the reality that has taken place & the school cafeteria at the local high school and what a scene that is there, the embrace of what we believe is a mother and her daughter. martha: yeah, we do have other new reaction coming out of this situation that we want to play for you now. so let's get a look at that. >> my sister is in the building. she's in the high school. >> did you get ahold of her? >> i just texted her. she said she's okay. she's with her friends. that's basically what i'm trying to do. she's on crutches so i'm trying to go get her right now. i've got to get to chardon. i'm kind of nervous for her. >> just to know something
7:41 am
like this has happened in there. >> it's crazy to think that chardon, like, i couldn't imagine that a shooting actually happened. >> it was literally like a stampede of kids like sprinted by us and i just heard a lot of people yelling, then we heard the guns go off. >> my little cousin is in there and she was in the cafeteria and heard the shots but she's okay. she's with my sister right now. but she heard the gun in the hallways, that's t. and they're on lockdown until the cops came, and they checked on everyone, made sure everything was okay. >> i couldn't get ahold of my kids unfortunately. i'm trying to figure out whatever information i can. martha: a little more reaction from one of the students here. let's listen to this: >> did you know any of the people that may have been hurt? >> i think dmitrius and nick wolzack and i don't know anything else. i just know the person that was shooting. >> you know who the people were who did the shoot something. >> yeah. one was p.j. lane. >> p.j. lane? >> pretty sure. i don't know if any of this
7:42 am
is true or not. martha: witnesses there starting to put forth names. we don't know if those people were involved, obviously. a lot of folks in shock and a lot of people trying to figure out who was responsibleful we're going to work on whether -- we will be able to verify these names at some point and we continue to work on it. bill: there are two things we're waiting on. own is this press conference. that will happen at some point. and also, there's a report from the cleveland plains dealer that a fifth was injured in the shooting. we've been saying four all morning long but often times in stories like these the facts on the ground changed they can change quickly. so if it has gone from four to five, we will check in thoon and let you know what we find out after a quick break. as the buses form single file on screen right, as the students leave that high school. what a day this will be for them as they go back to their families this morning. back in a moment.
7:43 am
martha: continuing coverage live in "america's newsroom". we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery? ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could've had a v8. with determination. courage. and all the points i earned with my citi thankyou card. [ male announcer ] the citi thankyou card. redeem points for travel on any airline with no blackout dates.
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7:46 am
>> everything procedurally was done as planned. we have had drills in the past to accommodate situations. hopefully we would never have to activate them but today, we did. we had one alleged shooter in the high school cafeteria, ran out of building and he's been apprehended by law enforcement. at least we're safe from being -- having further activity. that's all i can say. >> an emotional day for you, knowing this happened inside the cafeteria. >> yeah, four kids hurt. and we're going to go from there. right now we're going to deal with all the parents and their worries. martha: what a tough job for these folks in charge, chardon high school today, it is a day that you prepare for, you do drills and lockdowns and you hope it never, ever happens. we're starting to get, you know, a little bit more information about motive and we are sort of in the cusp
7:47 am
of getting more to bring you about who may have been involved in this. dr. keith ablow joins us live as we watch this unfold. dr. keith, we've seen this scene too many times, really >> we have. and nothing, as you've said, nothing can prepare people for this kind of a moment, which means that there's going to be a lot of work psych logically, not only for the -- psychologically, not only for the family, the victims themselves, but in terms of the whole school, the school population, for the teachers, for the emergency responders. these things resonate. not only in this lifetime but through generations, as a page of a life story that moves forward and that defines in some cases whether people feel safe, whether they feel like anybody can keep them safe in the future. so if they can be talked to early, to vent, that will help a lot. martha: and no doubt, many of these students are witnesses, so they will have to be telling their stories as quickly as possible to the police on the scene,
7:48 am
because they're walking out, we are hearing them anecdotally, we heard one young man who started giving names of people who he think were killed and who has done that and we're very circumspect about that information, but these kids have a lot they need to tell. >> and this can lead to a foreshot he were dollars view of the future. you can look at posttraumatic stress symptoms following this. also it's a brave new world out there so there are more witnesses, quote unquote, than there would have been, because if there are tweets or post on facebook that, too, affects people and it's probably time, by the way, that somebody have the job of monitoring the facebook and twitter activities of the student body because that's one way to look for early signs of trouble. martha: i don't know how do you that. it's hard enough for parents to know how many accounts their kids have or how many different devices they are able to speak on, but it raises this question, because should we have
7:49 am
known, should we have taken this tweet seriously. that's going to be something that's going to be discussed quite a bit in this. >> you know, we're always working against an internal sense of denial. we think a psychological thriller can't possibly unfold in our schools, in our neighborhoods, and so when you get this early data, like someone said something very off color, something very strange, the initial human reaction is to dismiss it. one, because it's anxiety provoking, but two, because you say to yourself, that can't be the leading edge of some kind of horror. horror doesn't happen here. but we have to teach people, yes, it can. you have to listen to your fear. march dr. ablow, thank you. this is a tragic situation. >> well, thank you. martha: we're starting to get a little more information about all of this. and in time, as we get this confirmed we will be able to bring it to you. but it's looking like the kind of situation we've seen
7:50 am
unfold before. bill: we have. you heard the sheriff before the doctor talk there, that this man tried to get away, but he was captured on foot some distance from the school. that's why the perimeter was set up. we're back in a moment here.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> i'm a single dad and so i'm pretty devastated. this is not something that you would expect here in this locale. but you don't -- you don't know. you don't know. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> martha: boy, what a morning for this -- all of these families, and now we're getting more information that there were, indeed, five students shot. it looks to be shaping up that it was four girls and one girl. there is a report that came through from the plain
7:54 am
dealer reporter that claims that the mother of the girl who was shot claims that she had been shot in the buttocks, basically, that she's in stable condition, so she may be the one of the five who's in stable, four were reported earlier to be in critical condition, this girl sounds like she is in stable condition, according to her mother, who was obviously devastated to learn that her daughter was one of those who was involved in this shooting. and a lot of questions about who was targeted. there's also a report that says that the five students who were shot were found in different areas of the building, which continues to build on this story line that they were targeted, that they were individuals that were stalked and sought down in those hallways which just adds to the terror for these kids. bill: and that young lady might be exeedingly lucky -- exceedingly lucky based on the reports we're getting. john boehner, house speaker, his home state is ohio, he sent out a tweet moments a. my thoughts and prayers are with the students in
7:55 am
chardon. he doesn't represent that district per se but his home state is the buckeye state of ohio and boehner has weighed in, so, too, the governor john kasich. we have not seen the governor just yet, but his statement was quite clear in the moments after this happened and the news broke. martha: look at these families walking out with their arms around their students and obviously just so happy to have these kids with them. let's listen to this: >> i just went around the corner and sprinted off to an open door. >> he was chasing down one kid? >> it looks like it. >> were they screaming anything at each other? >> no. a bunch of people sprinted out of the school. >> and then you heard the shot? >> i heard the shot and then i just like sprinted. >> i mean, unbelievable. >> i never thought this would happen in chardon. >> did you know either of these kids? >> no. rumors are going around saying they don't even go to our school anymore and i
7:56 am
guess one of the kids put something on twitter last night but no one took it seriously. >> did you see it? >> i didn't see it. >> when was supposedly posted? >> just that he was going to be hurting people. >> kris heslop? >> christian -- >> martha: she says that the rumors are, there are plenty of rumors floating around this school that they don't go to the school anymore, and that there are two, maybe three, there are some indications, that were involved in this and the most frightening part, as i said, they were targeting specific students and she alluded to that as well. bill: if what she is saying is accurate that explains what the sheriff's department told us two hours ago, that we can't tell you whether or not this shooter, the suspect, is a student at the school. break here, more student reaction and parental reaction, too, in a moment.
7:57 am
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