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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 28, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> welcome to our special program. i'm brit hume. george h.w. bush grew up with a sense of loyalty and duty, part of his legacy as the example he set in life and the movement in which volunteers become, quote, points of light, by helping people in ways in which government doesn't. but with a fear between the super powers, managing the peaceful end of the cold war may be his most notable achievement. now president george h.w. bush, the man and his mission. >> i don't think you will ever find a more thoughtful or considerate person than george bush. >> president bush -- he's probably the most complete person i have ever met. >> if you look at his history... he was a member of congress. >> he is smart. he's humble. >> he was chairman of his party.
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he was ambassador to the u.n. >> he is funny. he is spontaneous. >> he was second representative to china before we had an embassy. then he came back and he was director of central intelligence. >> i remember when we first started to campaign for president in 1979, george had this speech that he would give about the obligations and the promises and the rewards of public service. he would go out and say, my father inculcated into me, a sense of public service. i finally said, hey, george, don't say "incull theicated." people don't understand what that means. the average voter isn't gonna get it. >> as vice-president for 8 years and then as president of the united states, george bush's mission was to make sure everyone got it. >> my friends, we have work to do [applause] >> there are the homeless.
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lost and roaming. today, more than ever, we need community service. everyone has a gift to give. and every one of us has a special talent. this is a genius of america. ordinary americans doing extraordinary things. >> george bush has always lived life to the full with the restless energy that late in life came to contain a message >> just two hours ago, allied for others. >> for me, i like speed and i air forces began an attack on like the thrill of t. but i military targets in iraq and think it sets an example for older people, here and abroad kuwait. >> he was talking about what an that, you know, because you are awful decision it was that he 80 years old, that doesn't mean you are out of it, out of the was the one who had to give the game itch the landing site for order which would mean a loss -- in of his jumpls is the grounds lot of troops would be killed. of the bush presidential library and that was agonizing. and museum and library of public >> our strategy to go after this army is very, very simple. service in college station. >> this is bush library, we first, we will cut approximate it off. follow the life and times of then we are going to kill it. >> this brutal dictator will do george bush. we have all of his presidential anything, will use any weapon, and vice-presidential records, no matter how many innocents close to 100,000 artifacts.
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suffer. >> he had an instinct for when about a million photographs. opening day was fantastic, was the right time to be tough and when was not. november of 1997. we had the living presidents all here and first ladies. and part of the coalition that and president bush gave a great he built -- included the arabs. speech that day. >> i don't know if lou gehrig, that was not just american foreign policy. my great idol, said it first, saddam was a nasty piece of but i do know that he said it work. this was international best. today, i feel like the luckiest person in the world. aggression. >> our armed forces fought with >> while he served his country honor and valor. in a number of ways, it wasn't i can report to the nation, until his accept acceptance aggression is defeated. speech at the 1998 g.o.p. the war is over. convention that he began to define himself in political >> operation desert storm was considered a success. terms. >> i will keep america moving lasting just 43 days. forward, always forward, for a better america, for an endless, >> the indomitable spirited that enduring dream and a thousand points of light. is contributing to this victory this is my mission and i will for world peace and justice is complete it. the same spirit that gives us >> that night, george bush the power and the potential to meet our toughest challenges at called americans to step up and help their neighbors in a way
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home. government can't. and the phrase "points of light" >> meanwhile, he and his entered the public discourse. administration continued to tread softly, dealing with the more than 20 years later, thousands of people gathered in shrinking soviet union. new orleans for the national >> we tried to move at a pace conference on volunteering and which would not endanger service. and neil bush continued to promote his father's mission. gorbachev. eventually, there was a coup, >> he believed that by telling but by then, it was too late. our stories of success, we can inspire and mobilize others to make a difference in their and yelsin pulled them out from communities. >> while the focus of the conference was on ways to get people involved in service talso gorbachev. >> president bush told us, wait a minute, i don't want any gave volunteers a chance to help gloating. we have a lot of business still their host city. >> my team is building the to do, with the leaders of the picnic table. soviet union and i don't want to >> there are forests of poles see us, anybody in my right now. but they're going to turn into a administration, sticking it in their eye. giant playground structure. >> gorbachev resigned december >> our hope is that revitalizing 25, 1991, and the soviet union parks in new orleans by dissolved the following day. voluntary efforts that it >> had president bush want becomes a real jewel in the handled the end of the cold war neighborhood. the way he dit could have ended >> i think my father taught us, we are really blessed in so many with a bang and not with a whimper. ways. and the least we can can do is >> by the grace of god, america to pitch in and help out the won the cold war. neediest among us.
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and it comes from his own upbringing. >> the bush re-election campaign >> george herbert walker bush was born on june 12, 1924. was based in part on the benefits of the peaceful end of he grew up in greenwich, connect the cold war. >> people doll great things, if connects, with three bothers and only you set them free. one sister. if we can change the world, we summers were spent in maine, a can change america. home bush would eventually >> free market, a compassionate government and service were key inherit. his father set a mark for components for the 41st achievement and duty. successful in business, proscot president's agend a. bush bush volunteered in local clearly believed this emphasis government, helped to establish would encourage real change. the uso and served in the united >> service to others is a rich states senate for two terms. source of needing in life. >> his father was a stern, >> george and i have seen communities gather around statuesque, rigid business guy. parents with a gravely ill but his mother was the moral child, helping them take care of the other children. compass. >> i write about my grandmother, >> president bush began his bid for re-election with approval who i think was one of the ratings reaching 89%. greatest fln influences in my >> who do you trust in this dad's life. election, the candidate who has >> dora bush cook is a the the raised taxes one time and regrets it? author of the memoirs. or the other candidate who raised taxes and fees 128 times >> she taught the very basic and enjoyed it every time? lessons of be kind to others, lift someone else when you are
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down and don't graying brag about yourself. >> but reversing his 1988 >> high school was phillips promise "read my lips, newno new academy in andover. the school motto means, not for taxes" proved politicalally disastrous and his numbers self. plummeted to 33%. >> i felt that all the my life. >> i made a bad call on the don't brag about yourself. i called her once when i was 16. democrats' tax increase, i underestimated congress' mom! i scored 3 goals in soccer! addiction to taxes and with my back against the wall, i agreed long pause. to a hard barg anain, one tax how did the team do? that stayed with me all my life. increase, one time, in return >> making a difference and encouraging others to become for the toughest spending limits points of life became a mission ever. in george bush's life. >> mr. bush, for 12 years, you but first, his attention was have had your way and it didn't drawn to a young woman named work. barbara scpeers then came a >> i don't have any experience in running up a trillion-dollar world war. debt. >> he ran against a candidate, mr. clinton who, said, "it's the economy, stupid!" so his greatest triumphs were turned against him. >> i respect the majesty of the in theic system. i just called governor clinton and offered my congratulations. >> we lost that campaign because of ross perot who took 19
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percent of the vote and two-thirds of it from us. >> it hurts to lose something big like that. all the people in the white house were discouraged and down. so i invited dana carvy to spend the night in the white house -- free. >> to start out with mr. rogers -- it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. then you add a little john wayne. here we go. let's go over the ridge. you got george herbert walker bush. >> during his if i'm days at the white house, president bush worked diligently to recognize americans he thought made a difference. >> we began with a national strategy, changing attitudes so all americans define a successful life as one that includes serving others. >> he used that sentence more than any other sentence in his presidency because he felt it was important to keep triggering people to think differently about what they thought and what they believed was success in
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their lives. >> one thing is for sure, i didn't lack for inspiration or support during those four years. as to whether we got some things, history can make that determination. >> up next, what does a former president do after life in the white house? here's a hint. he doesn't sit in a rocking chair.
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>> the attack was carried out by jap torpedo planes, together with dive bombers.
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>> 17-year-old george bush was on his high school campus when he heard the stunning news of the attack on pearl harbor. >> i volunteered on june 12, 1942. that was my 18th birthday. and i went in as a seaman second scplases less than a year later, got my wings and commission. >> that made bush the youngest naval aviator was time. he flew a torpedo bomber, which he nicknamed after his high school sweetheart barbara pierce. on one of his bombing runs, he and his crew came under intense anti-aircraft fire. >> i will never forget it, september 2, 1944, we were making a final strike on the islands. i felt this -- this jolt. i could see the fire all around the anti-aircraft and suddenly, my plane was on fire. >> with his plane burning, the young pilot continued his raid, completing his mission before
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instructing drew bail out. then ejected him. he was awarded the distinguished flying cross. >> i am in floating in this raft, paddling and saw a submarine surface. they had been watching me through the periscope and they picked me up. >> he lost his crew. he wrote a letter to his parents from the submarine about his ordeal and battle, expressing the pain he felt for his dead comrades. >> last night, i rolled and tossed. i kept reliving the whole experience. my heart aches for the families of those two boys with me. when discharged, lieutenant george herbert walker bush was a decorated aviator. after the war, he and barbara got married. then it was off to yale university. in addition to doing well in the >> always an avid sportsman, classroom, he stood out in the george h.w. bush is the only baseball diamond, playing in two u.s. president to skydive. world series, as captain at his his record is five, not senior year, he met the including the world war ii legendary babe ruth.
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bailout. remarkably, he time to he sees those jumps as missions volunteer. >> even while a student at yale, with messages. >> even when he jumps out an he was very active in all kinds airplane, he makes a cause out of campus service activities, of it, to help the indiana including leading raising funds cancer center. >> just gauze because you are for the american college negro old, you don't have to sit around, drooling in the corner. fund. >> he's my hero. >> he and barbara, now proud [chuckles] >> life for a former president parents of their first child, can bring serious threat, such george w., set tout texas. as the failed assassination he was going to try his hand in attempt in 1993, during a visit the oil exploration business. to kuwait. 16 men were convicted. >> he went the day after he graduated from college, drove down the little red car, was george bush has been hashed for his life of sers -- service of offered a job there. he need aid job. he had a wife and a baby. many ways. >> by 1949, they had a second child, robin, living in midland, texas. here, they began fomake a life. an aircraft carrier was named after hip. he was knighted by queen bush became an entrepreneur, elizabeth. startingab oil company. from the kuwaitis, he received a they immersed themselves in door with an ancient proverb -- their communities, always finding time to give back. when a man gives you the key to >> he was involved in creating his home, it means you are the little league teams and involved in additional activities that best and most valuable friend to
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him. when a man gives you a door to benefitted the city and the his home, it means he is one of region. almost in his dna to give to your family. others, the values that led him this is at the presidential as a young businessman in library museum. >> i often wonder what my mother midland, texas to help found the would think about this library? first ymca in 1952. she might say, george, don't you he didn't do it for political think it's a little egotistical? gain. >> in 1953, their third child, it's all about me. john ellis was born, the same >> his mother was proud of his year that 3-year-old robin was achievements and his attitude of diagnosed with lukeemia, an service. >> 20 years ago, when my father incurable disease at that time. started the points of light she died on october 11, 1953. institute, over 30 million the bushes donated her body to americans were volunteering annually. science to help other children. today, over 60 million americans it doesn't stop there. are serving their community. >> george bush was a point of light long before that phrase >> there is evidence that president bush's life has existed. inspired others around the after their daughter, robin, world. passed away from leukemia, they >> in the last 20 years, since started the bright star president bush started the foundation to help with cancer points of light movement, there has been a huge adoption of research. >> it was part of the culture of our fam low to help others in volunteer service. >> the points of life ceo and little ways. in their cases, in very big chairman cite statistics ways. >> neil malon bush arrived in indicate that this volunteerism 1955. his brother marvin followed the movement is growing. next year and daughter dorothy >> to go from 35 million to 60
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completed the clan in 1959. million in 20 years, years, the birth of doro seemed to fill imagine the problems we can solve if we get 100 million the void of the death of his first little girl. he poured out his heart in a serving 20 years from now. >> everyone wants to feel that they are in touch with something that is bigger than themselves and the trick is to call upon letter about the daughter. >> we need someone afraid of people to act upon that impulse. frogs. we need someone to cry when i >> my brother glen lived and get mad -- not argue. died in service to other people. >> a highlight of the conference we need a girl. on volunteering and service was the recognition of jay winnock >> in 1959, george bush relocated his family to houston, as the daily point of light, to honor his brother's sacrifice on texas, where he co-founded september 11, he advocated that zopato. he was a success, but soon his 9/11 become a national day of service and remembrance. ambition turned to politics. >> it embraces that spirit of he ran for harris county republican party chairman in 1962 and won. compassion and community service his career in politics had that was so natural and evident begufnl he lost a senate bid to immediately after the attacks. since 1989, thousands of incumbent ralph yarborrow and individuals and organizations have been recognized for solving then he made a run for congress community problems through and became the first republican representative for houston. voluntary service. >> when haiti happened, it was all on the news, like everybody >> the most controversial vote that congressman bush had to else. i immediately knew, we had to
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make was in 1968 on an open get involved. >> from corporation who is have housing bill. localized their resources, to he could not imagine as a member younger people, helping in of congress telling the smaller ways. >> i was able to promote a returning service meb that they service project and encourage would not be able to get public some to stay in school. housing because of their skin >> through their giving, each color. >> he went back to texas and has received something more than an award. people were irate with threats. >> personally, what do i get out he went out to a town hall of it? the same. i always take away more than i meeting. >> jim bakker told me, he was give. >> i am not going to solve the world's problems. going in to tell the crowd, he >> but now from taking to giving was voting for open housing. and vijoy in my heart. and jim said, all the way >> let me salute chuck norris. through that gym, i thought we were going to be killed. he came to me as a point of bitheen of the evening, he had turned the crowd. >> as business as congressman light. >> success isn't having a lot of bush was, he made time to moan, you know? volunteer in his home community. >> when he would come home to being a celebrity. houston from the congress, he would be engagedin softball, i have gone through all of that. support from inner city, but the thing is, all of that was not gratifying. softball team. he and my mother constantly gave i had an empty heart. >> chuck norris, a friend and back. my father said, every definition supporter of president bush became a point of light, for of a successful life must include service to others. creating kike start kids, a and that's right.
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>> just ahead, how george bush martial arts program designed for at-risk kids. created one of the longest >> we have graduated 70,000 kids resumes in public service as he over 18 years. prepared himself for the most of them going on to college presidency. and how his own words in the itch as a friend, norris was campaign speech would come back to haunt him in his bid for a invited to join president bush's second term. 80th birthday celebration. >> read my lips. as a journalist, i was invited, too. in 20 listen, he received a no new taxes! presidential medal of freedom for his life of service. >> i consider the medal of freedom a very special thing. >> at the kennedy center, president clinton spoke about how president george bush brought two opponents together. >> he asked me not wonts but twice to work with his father to help people in need, first in south asia and the tsunami and then in the gulf coast after katrina. it was an amazing experience. and this man, who i had always liked and respected and then run against, i literally came to love. >> he's amazing.
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it's like traveling with a rock star. >> in becoming president of the united states, how you can beat that really, if your goal is to make a difference in the lives of millions of people, not just in the united states, but around the world, i'm extremely proud of how he served. >> the three most rewarding titles bestowed upon me are the three that i have got left -- a husband, a father and a granddad. to that, i can only add the rich blessings of friendship. >> when asked about his life, george bush uses the expression he learned as a young aviator c.a.v.e., ceiling and visibility unlimit the -- unlimited. he faced many storms.
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george bush always believed he could see something new on the horizon to do, something to accomplish. from washington, i'm brit hume.
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>> at many times in his political career, people looked upon him as too friendly, too eager. but that is the way he is. it's natural interest in other people. e >> in 1970, his career passed
11:21 pm
change, and president nixon appointed him ambassador to the united nations. >> he had a practice of calking down the hall and walking in on fellow ambassadors and say, how are things in your country? >> it allowed him to display his style of personal diplomacy. at the height of the watergate scandal, he became the chairman of the republican national committee. he eventually advised richard nixon to resign the presidency for the good of the party. >> my fellow americans, our long national night marry is over. >> gerald ford asked bush what he wanted to do and suggested ambassadorships and named especiallily, london and paris. >> but bush turned it down. >> he really wanted to go to china. >> he would ride his bicycle into tienanmen square often.
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he was so friendly and outgoing that i think he was kind of a surprising emissary to the chinese. >> bush was actually creating the groundwork for a future strong u.s. relationship with china. >> he loved the job in china. but when they called him back to take over the cia, which was imploding at that time. >> in 1975, the senate's church committee was investigating abuses by cia operatives abroad. >> a lot of people think he was signaling his political deght nel to go to the cia in a troubled time. it was natural for him to say, if there were abuses, we are going to clean it up. >> when jimmy carter was elected president, that would mean bush was out. >> george bush was nothing but an asterisk in the polls. nobody thought he had a chance. everybody said john connelly was the central casting president.
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>> but connelly fizzled out early. >> bush and reagan slugged it out and eventually, reagan won and got the nomination. >> as the man who finished second, he seemed in line for the second slot on the ticket. but it seemed for a time tmight not happen. >> everyone was saying ford is going to be the pick. he called me up and said, george, i want you to be my vice-president. >> i actually answered the phone. so there was a little tentativeness at the beginning on the part of governor reagan. >> they were initially very pool and distant and even suspicious of him. the great breakthrough in their view of him, i think, was on the day that president reagan was shot. george bush wouldn't land the helicopter as he was coming back from texas on the south lawn of the white house because, as he put tonly the president lands on the south lawn. >> george bush would not advance himself at the expense of the wounded president. >> george bush was as loyal and as sensitive to president reagan as he could possibly be.
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>> when george bush was vice-president, he did for president reagan most of the prot coltrips. he would -- proat protocol trips. he got to know world leader, intimately before he came president. e >> in 1985, bush met gorbachev. >> i sent the cable, saying this man is very different from any of the soviets that i have known. and proved to be correct. >> when bush decided to run for president, he used television advertising to sharpen his image. >> i was responsible for doing the ads. he had a great sense of humor. he said, how are you going to help me be president? i'm already be vice-president. >> i said, yeah, but can't do it without me. >> living in reagan's shadow had drawbacks. >> for newsweek to say he was a wimp, it was devastating to him. but he said, you know, the men in the pacific that i fought
11:25 pm
with didn't believe that. and i don't think the american people will believe it either. >> there are a lot of great stories in politics about the underdog winning. and this is going to be one of them. >> at the 1988 republican national convention, george bush did something he was unaccustomed to doing, he talked about himself. >> for 7 1/2 years, vihelped the president -- i have helped the president, with the most difficult job on earth. >> it was very important he hit a home run with his speech and he did hit a home run with it. >> but another part of his speech would come back to haunt him in four years as a broken campaign promise. >> the congress will push me and i will say to them -- read my lips! no new taxes! >> the '88 campaign was a tough battle for bush. >> mr. vice-president, jimmy carter has called this the worst campaign ever. >> george bush supported
11:26 pm
cutbacks in american education. >> his revolving door prison furloughs gave furloughs to murderers. america can't afford that risk. >> distorting my record, full of lies and he knows it. >> whoever started down this road first of negative campaigning, the american people from all reports coming to us, are completely fed up. >> america can't afford that risk. >> in terms of negative campaigning, you know, i don't want to sound like a kid in a school yard, he started it. >> george bush would defeat michael dukakis in a landslide. >> the people have spoken. >> still to come, how president bush used his personal diplomatic experience to deal with old enemies and new threats. >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who
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>> from america's news
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headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a double g.o.p. primary victory tuesday night for presidential hopeful mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor winning big in arizona, but narrowly in his home state of michigan. rick santorum finished second in both races. newt dismiewt ron paul making little effort in either state, focusing on the super tuesday primaries and caucuses, held in 10 states. an ohio judge ordering the suspect in the ohio school shooting to be held at least 15 days. prosecutors have until thursday to charge him and say he will probably face at least 3 counts of aggravated murder. he is suspected of opening fire on monday, killing three students and injuring two others. one prosecutor said that he chose his victims at random. now bato george h.w. bush, the man and his mission. our special
11:31 pm
program. on president bush's watch, the united states faced dramatic challenges worldwide. the protests in tienanmen square, saddam hussein and the first gulf war, mikhail gorbachev and the collapse of the soviet union. and many give credit to george h.w. bush that the cold war ended with a whimper, not a bang. >> i, george herbert walker bush... but this is a time that the future seems a door you can walk right through, into a room called tomorrow. great nations of the world are moving toward democracy, through the door to freedom. >> on the other side of the globe, a crisis was erupting, unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators in china's tienanmen square clashed. >> president bush knew a lot of leaders from his personal experiences in china. while he got a lot of criticism for not acting as forcefully, he
11:32 pm
took measured steps that would not close the door. >> we responded mostly by cutting off ties that we had with the chinese military because the military were the one who is had done the dirty work in tienanmen square. he tried to call the leader on the phone and the chinese said, we don't do business on the telephone. the president wanted me to go over quietly to talk to the chinese leader to try to restore or keep some kind of thread of continuity here so we didn't destroy a very important relationship. and it worked. >> by november of 1989, protesters in east germany were demanding freedom to cross over do the west. then, the unthinkable happened. >> as you know, after the berlin wall came down, there was a wild clamor foritous show more emotion, be more exuberant. >> it could have been the stupidest thing a president
11:33 pm
could do. we didn't know how the soviet military were going to react. they were in the baraks. we didn't know if they sailed, enough. that would have been a crazy idea for the american president to beat his chest and come over here. weeks later, he had his first sum wit soviet leader gorbachev. president bush expressed his support for the parastrika, or the restructuring and other reforms. >> i wanted to do it on the ship. i was thinking back to the days when roosevelt did that kind of thick. wed went to their cruiser and they were going to come to our cruiser. well, the seas so rough, gorbachev wouldn't come to our ship. >> no agreements were signed, but they struck a cooperative tone that would leave some to say it would define the end of the cold war. and bush was on the verge of another foreign policy challenge, the removal of manuel
11:34 pm
noriega. >> there was an election in panama and he stole the election. interestingly enough, president carter was down there supervising the election and said, you know, it was a fraudulent election. so, we decided that we had to get rid of noriega. and we did use force. by the time that happened, the president had called all the leaders of latin america. it was the first military move the president made. >> his foreign policy team repeatedly faced explosive situations around the world. but the president needed to divide his attention between the momentous events abroad and pressing domestic issues at home. also during his presidency, bush nominated judges david suitor and clarence thomas to the supreme court and he signed the americans with disabilities act into law. >> it insures that employers cannot discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities.
11:35 pm
>> george bush firmly believed in handwritten notes, developed bonds of trust and cooperation. it is very easy to then get on the phone and talk to someone. >> president bush, the former u.n. ambassador and emissary to china would routinely call his foreign counterparts. >> he would say, let's put in a call to the president. and the reaction was very positive. s it made my job infinitely easier. >> president mitrand of france, a very stoic and formidable individual. the reagan administration had had a hard time getting a thaw. but president bush invited him to his home in maine. no neckties, very low key and informal and it helped the united states improve dramatically its relationship with france. >> bush invited other foreign leaders to his home in maine, an example of his style of personal diplomacy. but the real test came when
11:36 pm
iraq's saddam hussein invaded neighboring kuwait. >> when saddam first attacked kuwait, his approach was to go to nato, go to the u.n., and to talk to friends and allies about an international coalition to deal with the problem. >> and so when tough votes needed to be taken, as related to desert storm in particular, the president of the united stating could touch base with the president of france. >> once again, americans have stepped forward to share a tearful goodbye with their families before leaving for a strange and distant shore. at this very moment, they serve together, arabs, europeans, asians and africans in defense of principle. and the dream of a new world order. >> bush had drawn a clear line in the sand. >> he was able to put together a coalition of 25 or more
11:37 pm
countries, unheard of in the modern day and it was solely on personal persuasion and his own experience and knowledge and the people he met. >> that coalition was really quite unprecedented. i mean it was almost all the rest of the world against iraq. >> once he formed the international coalition, george herbert walker bush faced an agonizing decision. how the 41st president confronted the dictator saddam hussein, after a break. 5-hour energy? when i'm on overtime. when i'm in over my head. when i have to be sharp... no matter how many time zones i've crossed. when i'm on my feet for hours. when it's game time. when the day's only half over
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