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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 2, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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pradaxa is progress. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, ask your doctor if you can reduce your risk of stroke with pradaxa. >>neil: violent weather striking alabama today, at least a dozen twisters spotted and homes destroyed and a maximum security prison taking a direct hit with the roof ripped up and five people injured and it is not over yet. the worst could be yet to come. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and we are watching what appears to be a massive, massive, massive storm system as it cuts east. all the way from georgia to southern ohio. tornado watches issued for at least nine states. and our meteorologist is asking why all the extreme weather right now? very report when you have the
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ingroweddents coming together regardless of the month we have severe weather. we have a juicy air mass liting south from the gulf coast in to the ohio valley, and we have a lot of spinning going on and everything coming together for what we call a super cell thunderstorm, they rotate and are on the ground for a long time and we see dozens of reports of tornadoes so far with damage being reported from indiana all the way, southbound, in to alabama and leak you said, many tornado watches out right now and this severe threat goes right through the evening, cold front, still, all the way back near st. louis. so, until that moves through we have the possibility of seeing not only tornadoes but damaging winds and reports of over 100 miles per hour and very large hail. and reports of softball sized hail. all the ingredients coming together like i mentioned, justy air, potent jet stream, and an intense low pressure system, and
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believe it or not on the back end of the low it is snowing around madison, milwaukee, and chicago likely to see a fewibls of snow. and now, the cities that will be most prone to seeing severe weather through the evening, toward cincinnati, southbound to nashville and western west virginia throughout the overnight. >>neil: and now one of the areas harvest hit, mi phone. mike, what does it look like? >>guest: looking windy right new. the back end of the waste of the weather. you can almost look off in the distance and see what hooks like blue skies but we did see, you know, quite a bit of weather come through and the temperature has dropped, but by and large, this area waspiered the waste -- this area was spared the worst of it. you talk about the severe
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weather, and we have a couple of still pictures of a funnel cloud, one in alabama. and a photograph of a ... (inaudible) as far as harrisburg, illinois, they were spared the wet of it. we had rain and lightning, but they did not want anymore damage. you can see this strip mall was obliterated during the tornado and the waste of it was spared and we have a lot of wind right now and as far as people being in danger it does not exist and they are coming back to normal life. >>neil: thank you. when you try to go to these locations we can have problem hearing. this violent weather is expected
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to last through the night and the fox news meteorologist on what could happen next. rick: a lot of people. mike talked about the wind. the cold front is moving through and the temperature is about to drop. a lot. across illinois. to the eat of that is where the action is. we have five active or four active tornado watch boxes and this is a particularly dangerous situation, like taking a watch and putting it on steroids, a very active situation and the red boxes, if we drop the banner, we have active tornado warning from south carolina and alabama and mississippi, and up in to indiana and ohio, so a wide swath under the gun right new. and, now, this will continue with us for the next four to five hours and in an acouple wa-
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an acuity way. any of the real significant tornadoes will be in the next four or five hours. we did see tornadoes overnight but they will not be as strong, and the individual cres that is showing a situation that is difficult. not associated with one line of storms where you will have strong winds but almost all of these cells have tornadoes with them. the biggest danger is across the ohio river valley and the two cells attracted north of louisville, and now, another tracking behind it so tornadoes are going over the same area, over and over again, and the tornadoes are likely extremely large and causing a lot of damage. one of the cells is tracked over around 250 miles per hour, same cell, moving right here across the ohio river valley and we have a long situation on our hands and a dangerous one. you do not usually this in
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march, but now in ohio, end in, and north central tennessee, that is the bull's i didn't and the tornadoes will be large, staying on the ground, and they will be very destructive for a lot of people and by tomorrow morning when we see the images and the damages it will be extreme. >>neil: we are getting words of that in example, at henryville high school truck by a funnel cloud and the kids were out of school if a hot of the areas they did not open school today. why me if that was the case in clark county but school was struck by a funnel and the damage was "severe," tons of damage and debris at the school but we are told this is yet no injury. as we watch the storm, the political storm, republicans gorying up for their presuper tuesday summit with mike
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>>neil: the kentucky state police say multiple tornadoes have touched down if -- in northern kentucky. a fire station has been destroyed and there are no immediate reports of damage but multiple tornado warnings have and are continuing to be issued separately in nearby indiana, authorities say tornadoes have led to wide-spread damage in indiana in southern indiana, officials say at least one town, quoting this official, is
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completely gone. and the national weather service says the agency is tracking extreme damage in the henryville area, the area i mentioned before where high school was essentially destroyed by funnel, and, now, the kids are already out of class, gone for the day, and, in fact, there are reports that there is question whether they went to school given the severe storm warnings before the day but a number of schools in and around the area were given early warnings of shut down, schools were shut down early, high school basketball games were postponed in and around the louisville area, for example, and through much of southern end in, but, just to show you the scope of this storm, as risk was -- at risk was saying encompassing about a dozen states which is very unusual to affect such a wide path this
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time of year. a lot of the damage has been quite severe. updating you again, the storms, now, are encompassing the gulf coast through the great lakes, and they flattened a lot of building in a lot of states. a couple of days ago, a dozen folks died in related informs, largely in and an the alabama area and these seem to be decidedly more severe. we will keep you posted. this, now, coming to us from chattanooga, tennessee. the images are coming to us as we speak. if you will bear with us. it shows the wide nature of the storms. even if they are not tornadoes, severe thunderstorms alone are very, very big issue and who knows storms better than someone from the state of arkansas, and, also, if this path, the former governor of that fine state, mike huckabee.
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governor, what is the protocol with this stuff? as the governor of the state, and, of course, arkansas was in the tornado way, tornado valley as they called it, might still call it, what is the procedure? what do you do? >>governor huckabee: activate your emergency service personnel and state police and depending on the damage you put the national guard on notice because you may need them everything from crowd control to search and rescue. this are dozens of state agencies at the states that are activated, the governor of each state i can assure you is on the phone with a number of people in his administration but, particularly, the emergency services director, because what they are doing is not only monitoring where the whether is and where it is likely to go but they are putting resources in motion so they are already staged and prepared because you cannot wait until after. so, this is one of those things that brings back a lot of
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memories, including from killer tornadoes, the worst day of your life when you are the governor of a state, i assure you of that. >>neil: what is the procedure, governor, when you know the storms are coming. we got different reports whether from kentucky or indiana in this case, and whether schools are shut down ahead of that, or because these things are so frequent, and, increasingly common, only when a storm is cited or known be in the area. what do you do? >>guest: well, you don't wait physical it getses you. you try to take notice in advance. the best thing that happened to savings people upon lives is doplar radar, nothing has been more effective in saving lives than having the kind of radar that lets us see down to the street where a storm is going to be active. so, television and would have
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been lifesavers and, also, you are notifying, particularly schools, large institutions, shopping malls, the tornado sirens are activated when certain weather conditions are met, a lot of coordination with the national weather service, and what you always hope is people take these seriously. never assume that it is a false alarm. i've been in two tornadoes personally, one when i was 11 and one in 1999 as governor in the middle of one that hit the governor's mansion and you never take it lightly. you treat every tornado siren as if it is an f a coming at you or you may live to regret it. or to the live. >>neil: you walk the line, right, governor between getting people scared and waking them up, but this is the point of waking them up and getting them scared because it has justified a number of tornadoes, but, from your experience, this early, this many states, is it weird?
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>>governor huckabee: there have been big weather patterns and when the lines start you have the warm air from the gulf and when you see the patterns you will see a big, huge, red mass of a line that sometimes can extend hundreds of miles and what you have to do is just know the devil is if that big line and it can break loose up and down that line. again, the key thing is to take seriously. it is far better to react to something that didn't happen than to fail to react to something that did happen. and, so i know that when emergency service personnel are telling people to take cover they are not doing that as an exercise, it is because it is a lot easier to tell them it is okay to could out of their bathtubs and their closets than to go digging for them out of the middle of the rubble so people just cannot, ever, assume that the storm will bypass them and if you thing it is, ask the people of joplin or tuscaloosa
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or little rock or all over this country, and, today, if places like louisville and spots in alabama. >>neil:, "of the states that are super tuesday states are these that are in the ... swath of the storms. i know you are looking to super tuesday and we hope everyone comes out okay if the effected states, but certainly this, withs a dominant is if those immediate states. >>guest: well, it does, interestingly, four years ago, super tuesday was hit by a huge line of tornadoes and thunderstorms that went from oklahoma, missouri, northern arkansas, in to tennessee and throughout kentucky and most of the upper midwest. it is really, a little bit eerie that we are having almost exactly the same weather pattern on to super tuesday preparation as we did four years ago the night of super tuesday.
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there were killer tornadoes that wiped through the southeast. >>neil: you are sponsoring a forum ahead of super tuesday, is it your sense ahead of the contest, that this is a decider? or does this keep going on and on and on? >>governor huckabee: it will go on a while it could be decisive with the media and the observers but why think you will see a candidate say that's it. newt gingrich hinted he has to win. he did not say he would quit if he didn't but that is critical for him. but in candidate is electrically to sweep have tuesday so no candidate will have enough delegates to claim 1,044 for the nomination so it will go on. i think newt gingrich has more life left than people give credit and we can see that reignite this week. that is a big, big time for him.
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he has to do well particularly in some of the southern states but why think candidates, frankly, have any reason to drop out because there is a longs long pathway to get all the delegates. and we only have a handful of those that have been awarded. and romney has a few north of 100 but he has a long way to go to clinch the nomination but a lot of people have said michigan and arizona took care of it but a lot room left to end up becoming the nominee of the republican party. >>neil: very good perspective, governor. be safe, governor huckabee, thank you very much. >> speaking of the storms, from the kentucky office of emergency management in frankfurt, kentucky, what can you tell us? >> the timeline of the storms hit as predicted by the national
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weather services and we are seeing the storms move up the ohio river corridor and they moved through parts of the louisville metro area and moved northeast and we do have reports of several tornadoes spotted. >>neil: we hear some of them, you have multiple sightings and multiple funnels. what have you seen, specifically, or is it just hard to keep up? >>guest: right now, happening so fast it is hard to track it all. we are doing the best we can. we have petitioners -- mercy operation center activated and we have reports of damages in some areas and we are sending reresponders. >>neil: what is the procedure if these events? we hear schools were never opened today based on the reports we were getting early
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this oranges and others were, classes were dismissed early and workers were toll not to go in to work. can you bring us up to date? >>guest: when you have the forecast with the weather event they gave today and some of the terms they were using and the severity of the informs, we considered the local government and the local community decision on whether to cancel their schools or to cancel or work with their employers we do not make their recommendations but provide the information to try to get the alerts out as soon as we can and as far in advance as we can. >>neil: from your own knowledge and i am ignorant of your area, is this unusual, just the number of tornadoes, the frequency of the storms, certainly over the last week, as this point in is any of that unusual? >>guest: i don't think it is unusual, maybe the numbers we have had back-to-back.
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we had about, on wednesday, but, next, we had a tornado a year ago february 28 if henry county and it did damage. it can happen any month and they happen in the winter and summer but this is just the business of the time of year and in kentucky it is severe weather awareness in. , we are trying to make people aware of that. we want people to be able to better protect themselves. >>neil: obviously you have a fight cut out for yourself and we appreciate you taking the time. sometimes when the storms occur you who are not in the path of any of them or in the states not affected say this doesn't mean anything to you but given the fact that the southern most point of the storms is long a vital oil port and in and around
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new orleanss, for example, it has a psychological effect on energy, gas, and oil production if that neck of the woods. and now our reporter follows this, phil, what can we see with that as far as the markets? what is your sense? >>reporter: in the past when we have had these storms it could load to the shutting of refineries and we saw that last summer driving season when the mississippi flooded so this is that possible. receipt now, if i was an oil trader i would be nervous where the storm would go and i would republic for the worst and hope for the bet. >>neil: we have had 24 days running, now, of higher gas prices. does this add more fuel and angst that there could be no talk of supply disruption but
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just the fear there would be, that is all you need? >>guest: well, it could be that but, when we say that to me on the air they get the wrong impression. they think when we talk about fear that it doesn't serve a valid economic purpose and the truth is, it does. if we look at the rising glenn prices, people are angry, people are wondering why the speculators are driving up the price and i tell you the market is doing the same thing people in illinois and kentucky should do. if they think a storm is coming, and you go out and buy food. in the world we think there is a geopolitical storm, a possible war in iraq, cut off of supply, and countries are preparing for a cut off supply. in europe, asia, they are bying as much oil as they can because they are afraid they cannot get it. if the storm passes the prices will come down.
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>>neil: just during the broadcast some say this is no aberration and others say the timing and the size is unusual but if this became a quasifrequent event anded if forbid one that picks up severity, do the markets look at that, even if you are not in the areas saying the better part of valor is to bet on prices rising? saying look, this is scary, we will not get in the way. >>guest: it is. we have seen it with hurricanes. with other storms. absolutely, it can have an impact. whether it is one of the unknown factors that we cannot control when it comes to energy prices, we can drill all we want, talk about alternative fuels but mother nature still rules this market. we saw it this year in the natural gas market where the lowest prices for winter in history when you put it on
1:26 pm
average and it really is because mother nature controls the prices. if we see some refineries shut down or we see flooding or power out ages that can knock out refineries and knock out prices immediately. >>neil: thank you very much. the most impacted areas so far appear to be indiana, parts of kentucky, alabama, alabama and tennessee were among those hit several days ago with 13 people killed if those storms. and, also, a town of marysville, in indiana, the clark county sheriff said that the town is completely gone. we did not know any more than that. a lot of you, obviously, try to call or follow-up on what that
1:27 pm
means and we know around that area folks remain given a lot of warning and some as early as last night so you hope that many of them not only stayed home but got out of harm's way, period. we are told many businesses, schools, and hospitals where they could be, were shut down, emergency personnel available, obviously, in those areas. but you always hope those that have been given the advanced warning got out of harm's way because at this juncture we have no report of any fatalities or injuries in the latest wave and by my count and i could be wrong, 11 tornadoes throughout the south and southeast. all at a time when a lot of the communities are hurting tore cash and we as a nation are dealing with a big inflation problem and there is a connection. charles payne here on that. switching gears from our
1:28 pm
discussion. couldn't come as a worse time? >>reporter: absolutely. one of the things that makes it more precarious the folks that are supposed to look out for us will not admit it is recarous and we talk about inflation or that notion the government saying it was 3.1 percent, and even a republican person would say you do not go to the supermarket and full up your gas tank and have kids in nursery schools and other organizations are supporting what the average person understands, this is a serious situation and when you have a situation leak this that could impact oil, can you imagine another speak in oil gasoline north of $4? the all-time record $4.11 last july in 2008 so we are very near what we know is a point that could break our backs. >>neil: you cover the markets and commodities and everything
1:29 pm
in between for many years, and you are nearly as old as i am, so you know what happens when we get news of storms our first focus is people are safe. but everyone worries about the immediate affect of jump in prices of oil, gas, and foodstuff because it is a big rain producing area of the company. but it is short-lived and generally things secretaries -- settle down. >>reporter: but the dye is cast. our dollar is worth less and less each day. forget where the dollar trades. the fact we have $16 trillion in debt and the federal reserve keeps printing. good things come out, the goal is to flight, they would love to flight the value of our homes and our stock market, that is our goal we open the 401(k) statement and we feel so good we
1:30 pm
go to the mall but that backfire s and the momentum is not wrong direction so whether this is short-lived it could just be another spark if a trend that has gone on. >>neil: the official inflation rate is around 3 percent for the government, probably three times that and a lot of folks go to the grocery store and they know that, but what is the fallout? how long have you gone like that? the federal reserve despite the storms says, you know, we think it will thank. >>guest: that is our purchasing power, our strength as a nation. each individual household is that much weaker. the government takes that in to account and says, well if you are used to bying porterhouses, of course, that is what you eat, you can seat skirt skate. you are still eating steak.
1:31 pm
the idea that the you will buy less than what you usually buy but this is stick are shock. >>neil: got you, buddy. i wand to remind folks, even if you are not if harm's way, economically you could be in harm's way. as he was speaking and i will close out we have news that city group's embattled chairman is stepping down. looking for financial advice. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military,
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and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years. >>neil: and in an interview airing tonight, sarah palin, the latest party leader to rip the tone of the g.o.p. race. >> so tires of the pettiness the g.o.p. process, the folks are bickering about different tactics taken in their campaigns and in the nominating process. >>neil: but is ripping the process, whether justified or not hurting the process right now? the former republican governor of new hampshire and romney
1:36 pm
supporter, good to have you. >>guest: praying for the folks in the midwest and the south a tough day for them we hope they come through it well. >>neil: i share that, governor. do you share governor palin's view on the rip 'em up ross and it is hurting the party? >>guest: certainly wish it did not happen like that but the fact is politics is a contacts sport and one thing you have to do is recognize as you go law and compare, things gets stretched. and sometimes candidates go further than they should. but we are 60 days in to this and as this clears up, the rhetoric will caucus down and they will start to get ready to go after what is really a horrible committee under the lack of leadership of the obama administration. >>neil: governor, you know
1:37 pm
this better than i, george bush and his son had they wrapped up their respective nominations by now or by the latest, april? >>guest: i don't think is. )q@ why think evenx4h side itj was wrapped up last year when they had a contested one. the primary started in john and we are 59 or 60 days from the start and what has happened this year is the rules are different. were more proportion at. and understand here is a process. we pay not love it. but we got to go through it. mitt romney has done well and picking up the delegates. he said from the start it is a long slog and he will pick up weekly, picking up delegates here and there until they get to the 1,043. >>neil: and a twit of the reagan years, governor, this president has seen, or it may
1:38 pm
not be morning in america it is looking light in in america, things are better and republicans are in a pickle. >>guest: gullibility goes all the way to the oval office. all you have to do --. >>neil: you don't agree? ing drive to the pump and look at the sign above the pump. and tell the president you are happy with $4.30 gasoline. you are happy with -- how can you have an administration that thinks 8.3 percent is good? this country has real problems and it needs a real leader, like mitt romney, would has led a state would has led things in the private sector to fix it. we are looking at a primary process here and the two leading contenders now are mitt romney, former governor, and rick santorum, former senator. why in god's name would you send another former senator with as little experience as president obama in to the field?
1:39 pm
you need someone with c.e.o. experience who has led a state --. >>neil: but a senator, it is not as if he was as short a wheel as president obamaing he has some, some, some dirt under his shoes. >>guest: what is the difference between six or 10 years of inexperience with three years of inexperience? >>neil: you are saying executive persons is what matters. >>guest: lock, you were talking to governor huckabee what is happening with the tornado, and you leadership as a governor that you have to lead. you have to will mobilize things and talk about the problems and do it in a way not to create panic. that is leadership. you do not learn that in the senate. >>neil: this talk, whether it is justified or not, is what sarah palin was saying, it can
1:40 pm
be more harmful than helpful. do you agree? >>guest: not in the long run. in the short run it is painful. but we have eight months until the election. and when we clear this nomination process in four or five or six weeks we will have seven months left. and in that seven months the republican nominee which i am convinced will be mitt romney, will define the difference between how you fix the problems this country has and how you, unfortunately, have a president would has done nothing to lead the country out of problems and what you will have is a real debate on two different styles of governing and two different philosophies of economics. >>neil: we will watch closely, governor, thank you very much. well, sarah palin will like what the governor had to say? we have former governor cuomo,
1:41 pm
and imus, and hurricane -- herman cain and looking at global market reaction, and movement in prominent american stocks as they create abroad and as the results are coming in here, only place to catch that, again, super tuesday, on fox business network. and now new image right now in indiana, the latest tornado that has touched down there, 12 tornadoes by my count anywhere from nine to 12 state region affected by this huge storm mass that was predicted but seems to have green -- grown much larger than we thought. so far, no injuries reported but we do have reports of substantial damage, a high school destroyed, one town in indiana said to be just missing.
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♪ >>neil: this is a reason that is buffetted by wild storms and severe storms the likes of which they have not seen but parts just saw 48 hours ago, in the south, in alabama and tennessee claimed a dozen like to days ago, and we have for reports so far of casualties or deaths in the latest storms but we do know that more than a dozen tornadoes have touched down in not only alabama but kentucky, indiana, southern ohio and if you will bear with me one of the towns that is getting a great deal of attention, and we are trying to assert what is going on in southern indiana, we are trying to find out what happened to a
1:46 pm
town of marysville, indiana, because we are told by authorities the town is missing. gone. they cannot find it. or the homes that stood there. and now, many folks in the region were warned of severe storms to come and that a combination of events was coming their way the likes of which and the severity the region has not seen in years. you hope that many heeded the warnings and got out of town or found ways to protect themselves. that could have been the case in kentucky. where a high school was completely destroyed. we are told there were no students when this happens, and many of them have been dismissed hours earlier and they had
1:47 pm
schools today but they were dismissed hours earlier in a lot of locales no schools were open because of the warning and they got more severe if the areas where they opened they closed early. all of this comes when folks are scratching their head is say, should this or should this not be happening? we have her from both sides. some are saying it is nothing usual and others say it is very unusual. some say this is global warming and others leak my next guest say, nonsense. on expert on this message, this is global warming, and this is a sign of those times. >>guest: well, this is in evidence to sport it. the larger tornadoes have declined since the global cooling scares of 1970's to look at tornadoes last year or now
1:48 pm
with this storm today and say this is of from of it, that is not adding up. if you look at the temperatures right now around the globe, we are very cool globally but the united states. we are having a non-winter in most of the united states and that is sort why this is happening earlier. but europe is in a deep trees. so to blame every weather ever vent on warning warning, we expect it, it will come from the usual suspects, the time magazine and a lot of the other networks will peddle this and it is nonsense. focus on helping the people and having a rational response and not getting off on the silliness. >>neil: you know weather patterns better than most, what did you think is going on here if we go in the pattern cycles? others say there is no pat enor cycle, this is jut a combination of odd events and a little warmer winter than normal, and, this is what you get.
1:49 pm
>>guest: well, this is what you get. especially this is an early spring, this is what you would normally get several positives later but in the united states that is what we are having. a deep freeze in europe. what is happening we are getting the storms earlier this year than normal and in thed with bad we have had barely the ground covered with snow and we have temperatures hitting near 70. again. spring time temperatures. this is called weather, and to read a larger agenda in this is where you get where you blame every weather event and they are blaming the cold wet winter in europe on the arctic and diminished sea ice up there happening since 1979. just allow the weather to be weather, and allow us to focus on the tragedy unfolding. >>neil: a lot people, you know, express relief about getting no tornadoes in the area, but severe thunderstorms
1:50 pm
are in and of themselves fairly dangerous and claim more lives each year than do tornadoes. but, update me on that, that seems to be the more wide-spread common issue for the dozen or so states affected. >> the storms themselves, if you are not hit by a tornado there are powerful storms that come in here and this is what is happening, the storms that they are having are not unusual. it is not unusual to have the storms but just this usually. we have had them going back decades and going back and there is nothing usual in that sense. we were going to talk about other stuff but you are so good at educating, we are told most of the states, kentucky and
1:51 pm
indiana, and in back become, where they dealt with this 48 hours ago, they warn folks to stay in your home or find protection or clear out of town, but, what is it that is the best advise when you face this? what do you do when you get the wantings? >> i have talked to so many who do the wrong thing, get in the car and start driving trying to bet the storm. if you have a cellar, go to there. if not, go in a center room in the house and wait for the thing to pass. and, it is amazing when you say whole towns are disappearing because how would that advise work in that situation? these are very scary things to go through and, all you have do is follow the advice: cellar or most central location of the house which is, and, also, a bathroom is save if you can do that. >>neil: thank you very much,
1:52 pm
market. and we have the governor of kansas on the phone. governor, how is it by you? >>guest: we were hurt in kansas early in the week and everyone is pulling together and digging out and it is heartening to see how were people are pulling together but it was tough, a woman lost her husband early in the week through the tornado. >>neil: what the procedure? you have to go through and residents in the state are familiar with this storm of thing and the other states included in the latest storm area are not quite as familiar with the steps. give them advise. >>guest: well, pay attention. is a land. before things develop. number two. and, back up to number one: pay attention. this happened, we were in a tore
1:53 pm
they'd watch but not a warn but it dipped down, for four minutes, backed up, and shrouded in rain and you can not see it and the folks that, like a lady i was with yesterday, she her it, went ideally to the bathtub, took her two children under her arm, sheltered them, and protected them from the debris, the house collapses, she is tine and her kids fine, she knew to get in 9 bath item, get in the basement, and don't mess around when the conditions are around. >>neil: we are getting word, governor, and this is video from indiana, a lot of people have been asking, this town that is completely gone, marysville, indiana, with 1 mix 900 residents, completely gone, buildings have been decimated and houses, what was the structure of a town, that is
1:54 pm
gone. that does not mean the people are gone, no indication of that, but, structures can be destroyed and people could is gotten out of had and we pray that is the case. is there a point which you as a governor and we are looking at threatening storms in areas around henryville, indiana, and you think whatever the risk, just get people out of harm's way as quickly as possible. >>guest: well, normally you do not have that much time with a tornado. in kansas in greensburg we were decimated but what you do have is a warning and tornadoes go from southwest to northeast, not always, but, 80 percent plus of the time they travel on a certain track. so you know if you are in that track get to shelter. get their ideally. and the other thing about a
1:55 pm
tornado if you are out of the immediate swath of it, poet of the time you are fine. so you can get out of the way sometime. but don't try to pick up poe shes or do anything else, get out the way, get to cover immediately. >>neil: wise words all, thank you very much, we wish you well, and we wish your state well. >>guest: thank you. >>neil: and i am talking with the georgia office of emergency management calling from atlanta right now. thank you for taking the time. how does it look? >>guest: right new we continue to monitor the situation. we are expecting the weather to move in, in a couple of hours. >>imus: have you represented folks? it is hard to tell what type of weather you is to look forward to but what do you tell the residents? >>guest: well, we are encouraging folks to plan ahead, prepare, and to stay informed
1:56 pm
listening to the radio, keep, if they have one, keep a weather radio to the appropriate station and if you don't have one, and as a supplement to follow the media reports so you know what coming in to your area. >>neil: you have her what is happening in other areas, towns, and schools and they have been dismated and one report of the town of marysville, indiana, completely again. they cannot find it. that scares people and we did to the mean to do that but how do you keep people caucus? >>guest: it is permit for folks to remember if you have a family safety plan and you know what to do and you follow the plan you should be okay. and that is what folks need to do, follow the plan and stay calm and cool and collected for your family. >>neil: for a lot them, this
1:57 pm
applies to bad thunderstorms, they go to the basement if they can, shelter if they have something, low to the ground, do the rules apply regardless of the severity of the storms? >>guest: we recommend that people peck a place where their family members can gear and it can be your basement, a bathroom, a closet on the lowest level. keep the space uncluttered and stay away from windows. if you are in a high-rise building and you do not have enough time to get to the lower floor pick a place in the center of the building away from the window. >>neil: i don't if you have the wide-spread power outages we have been hearing in kentucky, and tennessee, don't hold me to that but certainly kentucky and southern indiana, but if that even what do folks do? >>guest: always have a kit on
1:58 pm
hand and that should include first aid kit, central medication, nonperishableed for, and these gallons of water and a flashlight with extra batteries. >>neil: as you have been speaking i will update my viewers, this town of marysville, indiana, the town of 1,900 people, the congressman who represents that district, todd young, has noted on face book and i quote, "we heavy storm possible tornado damage in the area today, thoughts and prayers for all if the area, and if you need assistance call local police, fire and we coordinating with the state and we will have damage assist as contact information soon," they really have in requested what is happening to this town. that is not unusual and i guess,
1:59 pm
your advice, a lost authorities are capping this information as quickly as average folks, right, just be patient, if you can. >>guest: well, do follow your media reports, follow the tracks of the storms, we know we is one line coming in, early in the evening, and another one following it. and, so, weather changes and can be fluid. just because we think manage is going to be in one place two hours from now that may change. what is important is for folks to stay informed throughout the storm system. >>neil: thank you. wise words, by the way, common sense type of observations. now, a hot of you watching this say well i am not in the affected areas and as i get the economic guy here this has a quick and


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