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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 3, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PST

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and the violent storms
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demolishing small towns in indiana and cut off rural communities in kentucky and lives lost, devastating. at least 35 people killed in friday's storms and that doesn't include the 13 deaths from tornados earlier this week, and even with 48 now confirmed dead. many say that number could still go up. we've got fox news team coverage for you today. mike tobin in henriville, indiana, elizabeth is in harvestville, indiana and marine molina in the extreme weather center. mike in indiana, mike, what's the situation there? >> well, kelly, everywhere you look there's a remarkable story, a remarkable scene of destruction, take, for instance, this school bus, this was a school bus that was getting students home when you first got the report that bad weather was on its way. because of the bad weather, they couldn't get all of the students home, so they returned to the henriville high school. as soon as all the students got on the bus, got shelter
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inside of the high school, the tornado hit. and this bus was across the street. look at it now, it was tumbled across the road where it sits in the front of a house, none of the students on board it when it went into this house. we have amateur video to show you, of indiana, you can see the funnel cloud forming in the sky in the shape of a cone, slowly, but surely reaching its way to the ground and then touching the ground and cutting a bath of destruction, and understand the seriousness of this, you need to realize that while it was cutting its path of destruction on the ground, four people were killed before that funnel cloud bounced back up into the sky. indiana governor mitch daniels has toured the area, here are some of his thoughts. >> each place we're going to be today, there are memories and friends and very, very-- it's going to be a very difficult day, but you know, we've got friends here from all over the area and
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volunteers who have poured in and the first two people i met were from kentucky. and, so, as always, when things are at their worst, the people in this state are at their best. >> and something that's absolutely remarkable kelly. yesterday, we were on the southern end of that bad weather. it was warm, it was shirt sleeves type of weather. now, we're on the northern end after the weather has passed through, winter weather again and that's just what happens, warm air colliding with the cold air and call this a multi-vortex storm and that's what you have with all of this destruction. back to you in new york. >> kelly: mike tobin, we thank you for that report. please stay safe as you continue to get information for us, and main thing, jamie, the governor stating when things are at their worst, people are at their best, an amazing statement to make. >> jamie: many communities have been completely destroyed. let's take a look at alabama
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the authorities are reporting the first death in that state. and violent twisters, too too familiar for some, the tornados april of last year and yesterday's storm cutting the exact same path, rips aparts homes and lives just rebuilt. such a sad story to report. elizabeth is joining us live from harvest, alabama. who could forget the devastation last go round, elizabeth. what are you seeing today? >> jamie, we're really seeing people who are experiencing the most extreme case of deja vu, these people spent the past 11 months doing everything they can to rebuild as quickly as possible and that home you're looking at is the home of brittany robbins, her childhood home and now lives next door. >> brandy. i'm sorry. and you're experiencing die gentleman view, and your mom's house next door ruined and your home also destroyed and made an interesting analogy
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and i want to share it with our viewers. can you tell me what you're feeling and felt the past year. >> what my analogy was, lightning never strikes twice and said that the other day and i realize that lightning does strike twice. coming home to this for the second time was definitely interesting, we did everything we could to get our family back in our home before christmas and we did and now, unfortunately my kids are going to have to, we're going to have 0 rebuild. >> this neighborhood was hit, literally leveled april 27th last year. a lot of people are saying, why, why rebuild. >> this is home, this is where i grew up. every childhood memory i have is on this street. this is where my kids have grown up. it's home. >>. >> reporter: you said it's a process of rebuilding. what do people at home need to know what you go there. >> just have patience, a long process and everything you can
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do, might as well have a good attitude about it and just be patient. >> kelly: we appreciate you joining us, absolutely no strangers to devastation, jamie, this area was hit 1974, 1989, 2011 and now 2012. back to you. >> jamie: all right. elizabeth, continuing to survey the damage in alabama, thank you. >> kelly: those tornados are leaving a trail of devastation in several other states, in kentucky, folks are seeing some of the worst damage. emergency crews reporting that entire communities there are wiped off the map now, at least 13 people killed state wide. dozens of others reported missing are feared dead. some barely escaping the violent winds. >> and getting inside the house and we figured we'd go down the basement and seen it on tv. we got to the basement, stepped out on the patio within seconds and barely made it in. >> and when it got closed, i went to the basement and all i could hear was the wind and--
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and just some popping, i don't know what the popping was. >> he we was trying to get to the basement and didn't make it and she got crushed. >> how. >> with her son, her son was right with her, he tried to dig them out and he couldn't do it. >> and emergency crews, rescue crews are now on the ground, searching kentucky's hardest hit areas for possible victims. tornados also touching down in parts of ohio. the storm claiming at least two lives, including a lowle cal council member found dead in her home. the tornados so powerful, they actually ripped buildings from their foundations and then, in tennessee, tractor-trailers tossed like toys. at least 29 people were injured, and more than ten counties across the state. >> a fox news alert. if it sounded like the spans of these storms is huge, it just got bigger.
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two new tornado warnings, maria molina is tracking all of them in the fox news extreme weather center which today is earning its name, maria, what's the latest. >> unfortunately we're seeing more severe weather today. it's not going to be anything like what we saw yesterday. it's important that everyone take this serious-- or this seriously. we have two new tornado warnings, what warnings mean currently a tornado could be on the ground, or it could be touching down shortly in your county and one of these is of particular concern because the national weather service has seen a developing tornado has been detected out here, so there is a tornado warning for parts of berrien county and southeastern cook county, lanier and lowns county in south central georgia, until 1:30 p.m. eastern time. what you do with a tornado warning for your county seek shelter immediately go to a basement or make sure to stay away from windows, if you don't have a basement and try to stay on the lowest floor of your home and interior room
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that you've got. again, something to keep in mind and also a new tornado watch issued northern florida and including southeastern portions of georgia. this new tornado watch means that conditions are favorable for more thunderstorms to develop. that could produce severe weather and goes until 8 p.m. eastern time and more severe weather to continue to track here throughout the day today. and you can see in the smaller boxes in red, one including waycross. and 15 miles per hour, so heads up if the storms are approaching your area and otherwise, jamie, point out facts. so far, 2012 during the month of january and february, we're talking about severe weather above average and for the month of march, this last severe weather outbreak, so far, 97 tornados reported. 256 reports of wind, 428 reports of large sized hail. currently the record in march of 2006, if those are
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concerned could be the largest outbreak for the month of march. >> jamie: incredible numbers, maria. stay on it, we'll check back, thank you. >> kelly: we know some of you are taking pictures and want to see your pictures and video of the tornados, however, e-mail at the address on the screen, u and give your name and location and a brief description of what we're looking at, but as always, when jamie and i report these kinds of situations, we're asking you to do it safely. do not put yourself in harm's way and put the pictures on tv once they become available. ♪ >> moving on now this america's election headquarters, a headline we've seen day after day, gas prices are on the rise for nearly a month straight and you're paying 3.74 for a gallon on average around the nation and so today, in his weekly address, president obama saying the u.s. needs to pursue a wide range of strategies to confront our energy problems.
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the g.o.p. responding, republicans arguing, and agree that something has to be done, but accuses the president of blocking some common sense solutions. >> there's no silver bullet for avoiding spikes in gas prices every year, there's no shortcut to taking control of our energy future. we have to pursue an all of the above strategy that helps develop every source of american energy and we have to do it now. >> so the president now claims to support all of the above. he has consistently blocked american energy production. most recently rejecting the keystone xl pipeline. instead of placing his bet on american made energy and workers who produce it president obama has wasted taxpayers dollars on solyndra and others. >> jamie: how will it impact your vote. ask chuck schumer, angela mcglowan, great to see both of
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you. >> you too, jamie. >> jamie: christopher, you heard what the president had to say, he says it's not new news we have to explore other resources, on february 2012, got the date thanks to our brain room. says why under our administration, america is producing more oil than at any time in the last eight years, is that a result of his policies or is he taking credit for something that was in place already? >> i think it's both. and before i start, let me just say a happy belated birthday to my friend angela, 21 today. >> yes. >> she can vote according to rick perry. >> jamie: and she will. and it's absolutely both. he had, obviously, there were some things on the table before he came in and obviously, his policy have opened more, gas and oil reserves in this country than has ever been used in the last 40, 50 years, in fact the first time since the 1940's, america is a net exporter of
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oil and gas products. now, that said, gas prices may or may not be his problem. may or may not be his fault, but in november, it will be his problem politically if they don't get under control. there are several things he can do. he can first demand that the saudis he produce more oil. he can put in tougher restrictions on speculation, which is really what's driving the cost of gas up right now. all the speculation on the merck. and of course, he could also say that he will release the strategic petroleum reserves should this become a problem. with the iran situation right now, that's what's driving the cost. the thing that i look, the thing that's promising for the president politically is that should the iran situation not pan out, there will have been excess purchases of oil and gas futures on the market that will now be forced to be sold, probably sometime around august, that would-- >> christopher. >> the gas and oil down come november. >> you've given very strong dialog, my dear.
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but the question was, is it obama's policy or something that was put into place. and we both know that it was pay before obama went into office where you have private investors, and we also drilled on state land. also, dealing with the leasing of these lands, look at north dakota where they're drilling there, and their unemployment rate is 3%. and jamie, this is going to be a political issue, whenever you have a rise in gas prices. >> sure. >> the president is to blame. >> and angela, i know, there's one thing you agree with christopher in a way. you say that you can't control gas prices necessarily from the oval office. >> no, you cannot. but the republicans are correct in blaming president obama for the high gas prices. >> he doesn't want to drill in anwar and over 80% of alaskans wants drilling in anwar and number two, blocked the keystone pipeline and liberals
10:16 am
and conservatives will agree. and you cannot block our natural resources here, so, if obama was to open up anwar, and was to build the keystone pipeline, still, there is no short, quick fix. >> jamie: chris can i-- keep your response and give your response, but also toss in there for me the news this week about the chevy volt and the halt on production and the fact that gas prices have not driven, no pun intended, the battery electric car, and that people in the thousands, potential potentially, are going to lose their jobs for this temporary or perhaps permanent shutdown at a u.s. plant? >> listen, gm is doing something right. the profits are higher than in years and employed, increased their payroll by 200,000 in the auto industry overall since this president saved the auto industry in america, so, i think that's a minor bump in the road for gm. let me address what you said about the keystone pipeline.
10:17 am
the president was embracing the keystone pipeline. the governor of nebraska, asked for a change in route and congress decided to take it upon themselves to politically deal with this. >> congress's fault? >> and keystone xl did not have a new route in place within the time frame that the president was supposed to-- >> now what, christopher. >> of course he had to reject. >> jamie: quickly wrap, angela. >> put it in another state. listen bottom line is this, every time you raise the price of gas one cent takes 1.4 billion dollars out of the economy. >> right. >> and when the voters go to the polls in november they're going to vote their pocket book and obama is to blame. so i think it's a g.o.p.-- >> and got to leave it there. speaking of time line, i'm told my timeline is up. >> all right. >> and thank you, it's important for all of us to fill the tank up for a price it can afford. take care, kelly. >> kelly: they're not done, still talking.
10:18 am
and president obama as now is preparing for a critical meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, the president insisting the u.s. is not quote, bluffing, to prevent military action in iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. is that enough for israel not to launch its preemptive strike against the islamic republic. we will ask ambassadors john bolton when he joins us live next. . >> plus, super tuesday now just days away. a live report from a campaign trail and we're following everything today political. what makes this the most critical race so far. kelly? >> and new developments concerning chevy volts. the symbol of president obama's campaign for alternative energy. why gm is now stopping production after getting a massive taxpayer bailout. . >> i got to get inside a brand new chevy volt fresh off the line. even though secret service wouldn't let me drive it.
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>> welcome back, up ahead a critical week ahead for the u.s. president obama issuing his warning to iran. making a point saying he's not bluffing when he says he'll use force to stop iran from building a nuclear bomb and just 24 hours from now, president obama will address america's most interflew he thinks pro israeli group and then meet face-to-face with israel's prime minister with benjamin netanyahu. can the president convince israel to delay their own strike on iran. ambassador john bolton is a former ambassador to the u.n. and joins us now with details on this. ambassador, always good to have you join us with your insights. this particular situation is something we've been watching for years through other administrations and now the obama administration, and he says he's not bluffing in terms of military action, but what assurances does israel have that time will be on the side of the diplomacy? >> well, you know, it's never a good thing for a president
10:24 am
to have to say that he's not bluffing or something like that. remember, when president clinton said that i'm not irrelevant after the 1994 elections or most famously of all, richard nixon saying i'm not a crook. when you're reacting to the perception in this case that you are bluffing and the best you can say is no, i'm not. i don't think it's very reassuring. >> you know, ambassador, the president as well as the obama administration would like to play the diplomacy as long as it possibly could, to keep iran from going into a military posture with a possible nuclear weapon. what assurances can israel possibility have from that? since diplomacy has gone on so long and seems it has not stopped iran's behavior? >> well, i think the view of the israeli government clearly is that the diplomacy has run its course. the obama administration's going to try and argue to give economic sanctions more time
10:25 am
and i think that's a hard case to make. it's less an issue hereof persuasion, i think, than how direct the president will be with the prime minister. will president obama really say under no circumstances do i want israel to attack or will he not? because time is growing short here, the intelligence differences are pretty dramatically opposite as to what the level of threat iran poses for israel, at the region. and so, i think this is going to be a very difficult meeting tomorr tomorrow. >> kelly: i think you're right and he's speaking tomorrow. but to your point, prime minister benjamin netanyahu was quoted, it could pursue, speaking of iran, could pursue or exploit the talks as it's done in the past, therefore, what do you anticipate being the likely scenario from this meeting between president obama and prime minister benjamin netanyahu, understanding that the two have distrust for each other to begin with? >> well, i think the president
10:26 am
is going to be angling for a commitment from president netanyahu he's not going to attack for some unspecified period in the future to see if the sanctions are going to work. i don't think that president netanyahu is going to give him many assurances as it'sist responsibility to protect israel as it's the president's to protect the united states. i think this is going to be a contentious issue. and i think president netanyahu according to some reports we've seen, is going to be asking president obama to support an israeli strikes. no chance of happening. i think you'll see two ships passing in the night or the afternoon. >> the results could be devastating if israel should feel threatened by iran and should take military action of its own. way want to switch gears, i hate to use that term, but focus on afghanistan right now. as you're aware the united
10:27 am
nations joining afghan president karzai on thursday calling the u.s. military to take disciplinary action against the five military soldiers accused of burning copies of the iran. what say, but this? >> well, i think it's a little short of outrageous. you know, the the investigation was still underway when the u.n.'s official made that statement, which, obviously, shows he was well ahead of the facts. i think the military will make its own decision. and from what i've seen of the report at that was issued yesterday, there's no evidence here that there was any intent by the military to desecrate the koran. in fact, it's exactly the opposite. they were faced with a situation where the korans had been desecrated by the prisoners passing messages to one another and trying to do, i think, what they thought islamic teachings prescribed, which is you destroy a desecrated holy koran. >> kelly: ambassador bolten, we appreciate your insight and
10:28 am
perspective on afghanistan and israeli-iran situation and american situation and the important meeting between president obama and benjamin netanyahu. thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: well, kelly the bell rings tuesday on a high stakes fight, what a biggie it is. it is super tuesday. one of the biggest prizes for republicans is ohio and we'll be live with voters in the buckeye state coming up on america's election headquarters. >> kelly: and vehicles destroyed, lives shattered across the south and midwest. we're in tennessee as more bad weather could be on the way. >> i heard it when it started hailing outside. i was in bed, about the time i sat up, just sounded to me like a big explosion and i jumped up and ran out the front door in the pouring rain, turned around and my house was totalled. [ peggy ] here's me. and here's my depression. before i started taking abilify,
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>> fox news alert. a close eye on a deadly storm system that could bring even more destruction and the pictures are already incredible. take a look. violent tornados, tearing through the south and midwest for days, and here is what we know so far. 35 people now, at least 35, killed in yesterday's storms, and it doesn't include the 13 deaths from earlier this week. and even with 48 confirmed dead, many say the number could still go up. and jonathan serry is joining us live in tennessee, yet another state hit hard. >> hi, jonathan. >> hi, jamie. and as you can see, destruction is everywhere you look here in this small community of delano. we were out here last night just as the twister passed and residents were beginning to return to their homes, only to be evacuated from the area once again, as reports came in that another tornado had touched down and was heading
10:34 am
this way. fortunately, that twister moved well south of this area and residents were able to return today, once the weather cleared, trying to salvage what they can. everywhere you look, there are utility crews coming in, restoring electricity. we also have some video from the harrison community, about 25 miles down the road, that i want to show you. there, fallen trees are a big concern. crews have been in all yesterday and all today with chain saws, removing those trees so that utility crews and rescuers can go in and check on some of the residents who had been isolated since the tornado came through here yesterday. one drama story of survival, a woman in one of the homes in that community, she took cover under a staircase, she survived with only a scratch on her arm, but the tornado completely destroyed her home. she grabbed her cell phone to call her husband, and let him know she was okay. had a weak signal and had to try several times and the husband racing home, not sure
10:35 am
if his wife is alive or dead, having to navigate through the fallen trees and finally, the call comes through and she's able to inform her husband, that miraculously, she is still alive. back to you, jamie. >> jamie: one miracle, hopefully after another. jonathan, thank you. and believe it or not, there are now new tornado warnings and that's why maria molina is standing by in the fox extreme weather center. maria, what are you hearing. >> that's right, jamie, we have unfortunately new tornado warnings issued out and one is in effect until 2 p.m. eastern time for wayne county, pierce county and brantley county these are in southeast georgia. so these storms are continuing to move eastward, and we're looking at more precipitation and again, severe weather risks and these are in the region that's been highlighted by the last watch issued in effect until 8 p.m. ooeastern
10:36 am
time. and southeastern georgia and florida, gainsville, tallahassee. and everyone is alert and knowing what to do when there is a tornado warning issued for your area. seek shelter. if you don't have a basement. stay away from the windows and see them heading towards the northeast and right now, we have the tornado warnings in effect around waycross area and aside from tornados, our other big concern are the damaging wind gusts, and those are highlighted. the thunderstorms that could produce the wind gusts are highlighted in yellow, which are severe thunderstorm warnings and we'll continue to track the storms as they keep racing eastward. >> jamie: i hope everyone will keep it here on the fox news channel., thank you, maria. >> super tuesday, now just three days away, at stake, over 400 delegates spread across ten states. ohio is a big prize and a
10:37 am
critical battle ground in the general election. chief political correspondent, carl cameron, is on the road. so a major forum in the critical state of ohio, carl, how are you? >> hi, kelly, well, three of the candidates playing a part in it, mitt romney, rick santorum and ron paul passed on the huckabee forum later tonight. and the battle for ohio is a popular vote and delegate count. and there seems to be a split in ohio, with romney self-described moderate and tea parties and conservatives, rick santorum has a lead in some cases by better than double digits. both rick santorum and mitt romney make the argument that they can court the base of the conservative party. i interviewed mitt romney last night, santorum's been talking about just that this morning and here is a little bit of the back and forth between them. >> the problem is the other candidate running here, competing against me in ohio,
10:38 am
is uniquely unqualified to make the case against barack obama and to the american people, that what he's doing is not just robbing us of our economic freedom. robbing us of our first amendment rights. robbing us of limited government. >> i was delighted i have no tea party votes than i think anyone else in this race. if you look at michigan, florida, nevada, new hampshire, ask people, are you conservative? those who say yes, i've gotten most of their votes and same thing with the tea party, so what i have to do in the rest of the country is make sure people understand who i am. what my stands are. if there's not much time in a race it's harder to overcome the challenges and attack that come as a national part of the political process, but those who get to watch at some length end up giving me their suppo support. >> reporter: last night, romney was talking all about the delegate contest and just a short time-- last night the romney campaign was and the candidate was talking all about the quest for delegates and this morning
10:39 am
this campaign held a news conference on the telephone to talk to reporters about santorum's problems with collecting delegates on super tuesday. he's not on the ballot in three congressional districts in ohio and some of his delegates slates were incomplete and unable to win at least 18 of the 66 delegates in play in ohio on super tuesday. in addition, santorum is not on the ballot at all in virginia, that's 48 delegates that he's uneligible for. the romney campaign said, i quote. wednesday march 7th the day after super tuesday the santorum campaign will be looking at a significant deficit to governor romney and bound delegates and no realistic hopes of closing the gam. romney campaign setting the stage for the defeat in the popular vote, but winning the delegate count and trying to slowly put rick santorum away in the weeks and months ahead, kelly. >> kelly: carl cameron, thank you for reporting from cincinnati, ohio and you heard carl mention the huckabee
10:40 am
forum, make sure to tune into the forum in ohio where most of the g.o.p. candidates are sitting down with former governor mike huckabee to talk about jobs, tonight at 8 p.m. eastern for a special huckabee right here on fox news channel. >> jamie: right now, it's a race against time across the midwest, deadly tornados claiming at least 35 lives across four states. and next, we're going to talk to a member of kentucky's emergency management office as they continue their search for survivors. >> boom, just hit so fast. >> how long ago did this happen? >> gosh, i'd say 30, 45 minutes. ♪ beth! hi! looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed.
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10:45 am
the cardinal saying policy and politics can can can never trump principle. take a listen. >> i asked who is trying to impose what on who? we're not trying to impose our teaching on anybody. we're simply saying, don't impose your teaching upon us, and make us do as a church what we find unconscionable to do. >> kelly: as you may recall, the obama administration has been under fire for planned required religious employers to offer free contraceptive services to all their employees. employees. >> fox news alert. new tornado warnings and damaging wind gusts are being seen across georgia and northern florida right now. we have heard that from the weather center, but meanwhile, the search for survivors goes on after extensive damage from yesterday's storms, some of the worst devastation seen in kentucky he. emergency crews there recovering at least two more bodies from the wreckage just in the last hour. buddy rogers is a spokesperson
10:46 am
for kentucky's emergency management. thank you so much for being with us, sir. it's a grim task, i know. do you expect to find any survivors? >> well, certainly, we hope we do and as the day wears on, they're getting into the fields and collapsed buildings and if we do find survivors, we expect to. >> jamie: in the meantime, what assistance do you need? you've he already deployed at least 200 national card troops to help in the area and 40 counties at least affected by the storms. are you getting help from the federal government yet? >> you know, the governor right now is actually on tour with some state officials and folks from emergency management and at general, and he has offered and has immediate pledged his full support to recovery and he has talked to president obama this morning, and the president's offered his full support as well and we are in communications with fema. it might be a little too early
10:47 am
to tell if we will be getting fema in here for federal assistance, but likely we will. >> how set up was kentucky for something of this magnitude and how quickly did shelters open? >> in some communities they were open actually before the storm hit. we had a notification in advance from the national weather service office that this storm could develop and it would be a widespread event two days out. we were in communications with the local officials, state official and the weather service office that serve kentucky, preparing for this event. that you can't predict the fact that tornados may or may not touch down. you can get the events not noti in advance. >> how long will the folks have to be in shelters? >> you know, it's hard to say, some people, hundreds and hundreds of homes are destroyed and have major damage, damage. so, not knowing how long they'll stay in shelters, but
10:48 am
i can tell you, kentuckiens are very resilient and we often will move in with family members or relatives or just get on their own as soon as possible. >> jamie: full disclosure, my son is in kentucky and had to take cover, so it's not only frightening for the folks there, but family members elsewhere. thanks so much, buddy. good luck. >> one thing in for you. >> jamie: please. >> we're getting calls from people wanting information on missed family members or loved ones. we have established a web page at kyn,.gov. we have a link for people to fill out a form, and assist and getting information from family members, if you would help us with that we'd appreciate. >> jamie: kye and search out those who may need your assistance and we appreciate the information, buddy. thank you, appreciate the work you do. >> thank you. >> kelly: we thank you for that valuable information.
10:49 am
a simple fall can lead to a serious brain injuries and doctors may be one step closer to finding a cure. we've got that information coming up. the first of its kind treatment and may be in your medicine chest. the fox medical a-team weighs in next. chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living th joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira's proven to helrelieve pain
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>> time now to talk about a potential break through on the treatment of brain injuries. a new study finding a flu medicine may help speed up recovery. dr. david joins us with more details on this, and i understand this is an old flu vaccine that's called am ametadine and speed up for brain injuries for those who have fallen or a crash and could include football players and the like? >> kelly, you sound exactly like a professor in a school of medicine. you sound very good. so, it's actually right. the history of this is 1960's, it was discovered to repair all the respiratory infections and later on by accident found it can help with parken son's disease. and can dope amine can help with this kind of disease.
10:54 am
now, recently, and we always bring this breaking news, medical news to you. what they found was in the new england journal of medicine, this medication is used for treatment of brain injury, traumatic brain injury, as you mentioned these are mostly falls or car crash, not penetrating trauma like presented with gabrielle giffords. and what they did, looked at 184 participants and divided into two groups. one got this and the other one didn't. after four weeks realized that they're responding better to speech and recognizing objects and cognitive skills are much improved and overall a great finding for this kind of patient. after two weeks, the important part when they stopped taking medication, the recovery went down again. and this is really an important finding, obviously, this is a small research group, we need longer follow-up, bigger scope and also looking at other kind of injuries, such as stroke, resulted injury and
10:55 am
penetrating injury. >> kelly: if nothing else, it shows the potential of this is. how will it affect perhaps troops coming back from the war zone with head injuries? >> that's very excellent point, because we have thousands and thousands of troops that are being injured. now, a lot of the injuries, i have to tell you, it's just pure concussion that result by itself. but a lot of times they can come into vegetative state and medications like this, at the beginning you see how it improves. in america, over 1.7 million trauma injury, brain injury is being scene. about something like 275,000 are being hospitalized. just accidents like this medicine, it's very exciting because just by chance, we're finding out these medications helping these patients, with traumatic brain injury. >> kelly: this is a great accidental find. and who do you feel like it personally.
10:56 am
>> i'm he not planning to take any of it, but personally functioning find, but for the field, we look forward to more research and taking it a. in my own field of urology, we're kind of medication, flow max for blood pressure and helped with urinary symptoms and gave one for large prostate and helps with hair growth. another accident in medicine i think it's going to be. >> kelly: fantastic. doctor, thank you for sharing your insights for the potential effects it will have, thank you so much. >> jamie: great, great news, see you tomorrow for sunday house call. >> big news about osteoporosis tomorrow on house call. >> kelly: that will do it for us. i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. so great to have you here. the journal editorial report up next. take care. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer.
10:57 am
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