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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 3, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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[♪...] a fox news alert. another outbreak of violent tornadoes delivering death and destruction from the gulf coastguard to the heartland. 37 are dead and search for survivors is on as people try to come to the loss and heartbreak. >> it used to be mobile home. >> i looked out the window and i saw wood everywhere and i didn't know what it was. i came downstairs and say the house on both sides were gone. >> i heard it, i got up in bed.
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about the time i sat up, it sounded like a big explosion. i jumped up and ran out the front door in the pouring rain, turned around and my house is totaled. >> heather: i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. this vicious weather is endangering millions of people, indiana more than a dozen have been killed. a string of storms barreling down wiping out small towns leveling countless buildings damaged and torn apart. kentucky, reports of 19 killed. national guard and state police are out in full force searching the wreckage for those missing beneath the rubble and debris. ohio also digging out. three deaths record there. the storm crushing blocks of homes leveling everything in their past.
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we have extensive team coverage beginning with mike tobin. >> reporter: i'm standing next to a school bus that had dropped students to sheik shelter. you can see where it's located now. it is inside the bud rose restaurant. this was bought back by bud rose just one month and one day ago. they served the high school out here. we've seen bud rose and his family to clean this place up. they had the place open for a short period of time, looked across the street. saw the bus rolling in their direction. one of the things bud rose is glad to tell me, they got everyone down in the basement and no one was hurt inside the restaurant. that is evidence that put on the wall to say this place has been searched, zero victims inside. i want to show you amateur video from indiana where we can see the funnel cloud forming in the sky in the shape of a cone
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slowly reaching it's a way down to the ground and tornado itself cutting destructive path. in that path you see the tornado cutting along the ground. we now know that four people were killed. you've also heard about the reports of marysville, indiana a town wiped off the map. we've gotten video. what you can see are homes stripped right down to the foundation and entire neighborhood. it's been my experience when you see the entire neighborhood down to the foundation as if they hadn't been built yet, you are talking about f-4 or f-5 tornado. we've seen very big tornadoes formed by the fierce weather pattern. everywhere you look now a path of destruction. this is henry auto service, the owner of this auto shop tells me they had insurance but not quite enough. he was a new business and trying to make his payroll to get his
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business started. >> gregg: mike, thanks very much in henryville. >> heather: in chelsea, a family morning the loss of their four-year-old daughter and her great grandparents. tornado ripping the child from her mothers arm as the pair huddled in a cellar. 40 miles away in salem, crews rescuing a baby in a field. her family has been identified, but no word on their conditions after the twister. >> parts of tennessee also not spared from the complete destruction. a quick drive through the streets of small town showing widespread devastation. entire neighborhoods as well just wiped out. reports of possible tornadoes in at least nine different counties. mitchell rode out the storm in his bedroom closet and was shocked when he came outside.
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>> as you can see, it looks like a bomb went off over here. i got picked up and threw over there. i don't know, man. i'm still in shock, big time. i'm okay. my cat is okay. i don't know. we'll just move on. >> heather: dozens of people hurt in the state, no word of deaths. coming up in a few minutes, live report on the ground from there. >> gregg: next store in alabama, violent storms all too familiar in one town. folks in harvest, it hit the community last april. you can see the damage on the left side of your screen. yesterday cutting the exact same path on your right you see the latest damage. timing of the storms, many of the homes and businesses had just been rebuilt. elizabeth pran is live in
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harvest, alabama. >> reporter: we have two new pieces of information. first of all we had confirmed that tornado that went through harvest, alabama was an ef-2, sustaining winds 125 miles an hour. we know we have had first fatality overnight but the story that we're hearing from residents here, this is almost like a really bad case of deja-vu. a lot of residents spent the past 11 months building homes, a lot of brand-new construction. man who lived here rebuilt his home that was leveled april 27, 2011. you can see the roof has been ripped off. everything inside is ruined. he rode through the storm in a storm shelter he built with his eight-year-old son. we're hearing similar stories from neighbors. in fact a young family lived right next to this home also
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completely devastated only 11 months ago. young family, three children, they did everything they could spend the last 11 months rebuilding and what we hear they are just completely devastated about this recurrence. >> time to get over the first one. we were planning reunion of april 27th. we got our house back. we were planning house warming parties for our friends. you know now you have to do it all over again. it's very hard. >> reporter: you can hear the passion. harvest, alabama hit 1974, 1989, 2011 and now 2012 and people have had to start from scratch. >> gregg: elizabeth, thank you
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very much. >> heather: the number of tornadoes in this latest outbreak is staggering. at least 104 reported touchdowns but so far across 11 states. more strong storms rolling across parts of the southeast right now. a tornado watch is in effect for southeast, georgia. meteorologist maria molina is in the weather center with the latest. >> good to see you. unfortunately we're looking at tornado watch that is still in effect in southeastern georgia and northern florida until 8:00 p.m. this evening across the eastern time zone. that threat for more storms to develop that could produce some severe weather along that area. i do want to update, we did receive a new update, 108 tornadoes have been reported between yesterday and today. that is all associated with a very same storm system. record right now for the month of march, most tornadoes report out of a severe weather event is 74.
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so most of those tornadoes get confirmed, we're looking at a record setting tornado outbreak, that occurred during the 2012 and peak of the season isn't until may or basically the springtime from very early. unfortunately this has occurred. hopefully this doesn't mean we're going to be looking more severe weather as we head through the upcoming months. northern florida, northeast georgia, conditions are still favorable for more severe weather. no tornado warnings are in effect but one thunderstorm warning east of tallahassee, florida. so we'll continue to track the storms. >> heather: we'll check back in with you. >> gregg: coming up a bit later on, more than two decades ago i managed to survive a direct hit from a tornado, one that killed
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24 people in kansas in a single day. >> gregg: i'll share with you full story that terrible day a little later on in the hour. >> heather: switch gears for the other big story, washington state holding caucuses and we'll know those results very soon. at the same time we are counting down to super tuesday. voters in ten states going to the polls with 419 delegates up for grabs. it is the most important single day on the republican primary calendar. for the very latest on the race,
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brett bay are is live in washington, resident expert. how are you doing? >> hello. >> heather: let's talk about washington state. 43 delegates up for grabs in washington state, non-binding so does it matter who wins? >> that is what we see in the caucus states, its process. this is the first step in that process. all these caucus states go through county, state process to get to the delegates that eventually go to the national convention. still it's a momentum builder for anyone who wins this. the voting should have stopped at 4:00 on the east coast. we were told that the caucuses should be coming to an end within the past hour and we should see first results 6:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll be getting results throughout the evening. we'll have cut-ins throughout the night and full wrap-up show
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at 10:00 eastern tonight. this is anyone's ballgame. mitt romney has a good organization there but ron paul does, as well. this could be the first win of the season and rick santorum has been showing up in polls out in washington and polling well and newt gingrich put some time out there. caucus states, it's anybody's ballgame. >> heather: we've heard that repeated throughout. let's move to super tuesday, 419 delegates up for grabs. what do you expect to happen there? >> super tuesday could be a definitive day. if it romney continues to roll through and has momentum and pull out a win in ohio, it could change the dynamic. then you have georgia where newt gingrich has said i need to win here in order to be relevant. if he doesn't, you could see him getting out of the race. he is expected to win in georgia. super tuesday is a really big day.
1:13 pm
it will our first big coverage of regional day. >> heather: an indicator what you think will happen down the road. i have so many questions but you'll be back in the next hour? >> you got it. >> heather: be sure to watch that tonight on special edition of special reports for full results of the washington caucuses. that is tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern and special coverage on super tuesday beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> gregg: our continuing coverage of the deadly tornadoes homes ripped to shreds. in just minutes now, we'll have a live report from yet another tornado ravaged area. >> i don't know how the people escaped there. i don't know -- i didn't hear of anybody. i don't see how they could survive. this is lois.
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>> gregg: we are just days away from super tuesday, a ten-state slugfest between the remaining four republican candidates, biggest battleground is ohio. latest real clear politics show
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average shows rick santorum with lead but his lead has narrowed since his victories in arizona and michigan. how important is a win in ohio? jamie weinstein. good to see you. so ohio has 66 delegates but it's real importance, i think, it's a key battleground state for the general election, right? >> i see two reasons why ohio is particularly important on super tuesday. one, its key ballot battleground so goes ohio goes the election. last 11 presidencies, they ended up being the winner of election. if john kerry had carried ohio he would have been president kerry.
1:19 pm
so it's an important state in that respect. but it's an important test of rick santorum, can he win these white-blue collar workers he is able to attract, he says. i think it's very clear test here. we'll see if that is case on tuesday. >> gregg: there may be a systemic problem for santorum. doesn't he e have a delegate problem in terms of slate in ohio which means romney could lose the popular vote in ohio but win more delegates? >> right. i see there is going to be some contest even after what goes on here in ohio. santorum is technically ineligible for quarter of delegates. in december you had to -- it was relatively easy to pass. you had to get six names in delegates but santorum wasn't able to do that. he was focus on iowa. no one thought he had a chance. so all his resources were in iowa.
1:20 pm
he wasn't able to pass the low bar. he may not be able to get up to 18 delegates out of ohio's of you delegates. >> gregg: romney was known as a turnaround artist at bain capital. isn't he also a turnaround artist when it comes to primary states where he has been behind until days before the vote and he begins to focus his resources on those states? >> right. as soon as his laser gaze things start to change. think of florida, after newt gingrich won south carolina, newt gingrich went into florida with a nuclear lead. before you know it romney won big, think michigan, santorum had a fairly large lead couple weeks out, romney focuses on the state he ends up winning it. we're seeing that in ohio. last week, santorum had 11-point lead.
1:21 pm
now that is shrinking to five. what will be a time of super tuesday, it could be another romney turnaround. >> gregg: rick santorum has been criticized from shooting from the lip, if you will, his rather crude criticism of j.f.k.'s religion speech may have hurt him among catholics and others. has he tried to stay clear toward the tendency toward gaffes? >> initially after he gave his concession speech in michigan he talked about his mother and how she was the hard working and she actually brought in more money than her father to assuage some of the perceived social views that women should belong in the home and not in the work force. so i think he is trying to kind of mow over that a little bit. i don't think we'll hear what speeches made santorum queasy.
1:22 pm
i think he will stick to bread and butter. >> gregg: list of regrets. that has to be close to the top. jamie, thanks very much. fox news is in ohio tonight. most of the g.o.p. candidates sitting down with mike huckabee is talking about jobs for a special huckabee. i'll be talking to him. in about an hour right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: new developments in out of control anti-american protests gripping afghanistan. president obama apologizing for the report accidental burning of qurans at a nato base but doing little to stem the anger. next our power panel what it means to withdraw u.s. troops as his reelection approaches. plus.... >> keep going. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> a lot faster.
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>> heather: fox news alert. new warnings as a deadly tornado hammers the midwest and southern u.s. reports of at least 37 people killed in indiana, kentucky, ohio and alabama. tennessee not spared from the destruction either with tornadoes being reported in at least nine different counties. jonathan serie is in 45 miles northeast of chattanooga. >> reporter: you look at all the sheet metal you get the idea of heavy winds that came through here. family that lived in what was once a house here knows
1:28 pm
firsthand. we spoke with one young man, christopher who was on the front porch and the house disintegrated around him. he helped four other family members help get them out of a house and to a nearby hospital. injuries range from minor to severe. we certainly hope they all pull through. i want to show you some video from another small community. this is from the harrison community. they have been chopping up trees and clearing roads. many of the roads have been impassable. they wanted to clear them, and go door to door and make sure all the residents were accounted for. one woman when she heard the tornado coming, took cover under her stairs. she survived relatively unscathed. >> kind of scratched on her arm. tried to call her husband on cellphone. had a weak signal took a while
1:29 pm
to get through but the time she made contact, he was pleasantly surprised she was okay. >> reporter: let's go back to live shot. a horse pasture. when we came here earlier today, most of the fence had been destroyed. family and friends came out. they found all of the wood that had been strewn around the pasture by the tornado and they reassembled that fence. a sign this community, although it suffered major destruction is also a community of resilience. >> heather: that is what they are going to have to do. thank you very much. >> gregg: we are keeping track of this dangerous storm system. we're going to bring you more updates throughout the day. right now a look at what it's like to get caught in conditions like the ones we're covering today. back on april 26, 1991 i was out
1:30 pm
on an unrelated story in the state of kansas. several tornadoes touched down in the plains. my photographer and i noticed a twister in far distance and then it started to bear down on us, literally chasing us up the highway. we captured the moment when the twister hit us. take a look. >> let's go. >> we thought there was plenty of time to videotape it but within seconds it was looming larger, headed right for us. jumping back into the car, we tried to get away from us. attempting to outrun it to the only structure within miles, a highway overpass. >> keep going, keep going. >> yeah, yeah, a lot faster, a lot faster.
1:31 pm
a lot faster. you got to go, buddy. >> the twister was gaining on us. we made it moments before it struck. >> get up under the girders. underneath the girders. >> hang on to the girders. >> just hang on.
1:32 pm
>> it's okay, it's gone. >> it sounded like a freight train, it just passed right on top of us. people very upset. people underneath the girders of this overpass. they are still hanging on, hanging on for their lives. it was tremendous rush. flying debris everywhere. some people look like they are all right but they have some bruises. here is another one. hang on, ted. hang on. >> gregg: up and down the highway there was twisted wreckage of cars and tractor-trailers, mangled bodies and lots of injured people. just before the hit us on the bridge, there is a minivan. you can see it.
1:33 pm
there it is. see that. that is a minivan. >> heather: spun around. >> thrown into field. back on the highway adjacent to two guys were thrown from the vehicle. they were horribly injured. another fellow who went into cardiac arrest out on the highway but a doctor came along and saved his life performing cpr. it was a horrible moment. only moment in my life where i thought i was going to die. i got angry about it. i am too young, it's kansas i don't want to die like this. it was the anger that forced me to kind of focus and look around. i've got get out of this. we were in the middle of nowhere. i saw this bridge. i got to take refuge. once we pulled up. i saw there were steel girders. looked like a new bridge. we climbed up and hid under the girders. >> heather: that area is known
1:34 pm
as tornado alley for a reason. but that child crying. >> gregg: two little girls that scrambled up the enbankment. they screaming at them. i don't know what happened to the little girls, i lost touch with them. you this bewere terrified. >> heather: we're glad that you were okay and our heart goes out to those folks that to have recover. thanks. >> other news, deadly violence in afghanistan, we've been following, over the reportedly accidental burning of qurans, it may be jeopardizing in country. what does it mean for the president's plan to withdraw troops and reelection strategy. >> gregg: plus the president taking his toughest stand yet over iran's suspected nuclear
1:35 pm
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or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. are... >> gregg: president obama issuing the toughest warning yet to iran. president saying he is not bluffing about a possible military strike to prevent tehran from building a nuclear weapon. next week, the president will be meeting with israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. will the two men see eye to eye on iran? joining me is aaron david miller former advisor to six secretary of states and author of upcoming book, can america have another great president. which is question of the essential.
1:40 pm
>> they have story today that the president is planning to warning netanyahu on military strike on iran which suggests this could be, i think maybe a very tense if not acrimonious meeting. ace understand it, you don't think so, why? >> given the last week and some of the disagreements, this will be the worst meeting they ever had. this could be the best. this will be the ninth time they met. neither man wants to fight and neither man can afford it. on the issue of iran, they disagree on the issue of military trying the last thing they want to show iran or the chinese and russians there is fundamental divergence in their view. so the president wants red light
1:41 pm
from netanyahu. he wants assurance that the israelis will not strike and the prime minister wants a green light from the president that if in fact the israelis believe they must, then the administrate support them. >> gregg: neither is going to get what they want. >> exactly. right now neither will get an ironclad commitment or guarantee. the real question is this. if the israelis agree to stay their hand, can the president provide the kind of assurance that will basically convince them that at some point washington will act. that is the key. >> gregg: listen, obviously nobody wants war. benjamin netanyahu may feel as though to save his country he needs to preemptively strike, a tactical strike. can he sell to israel and his
1:42 pm
constituency an assurance from president obama that the u.s. would act if they don't? >> the israelis are going to act. they have reached a conclusion that the iranians are poised to develop the capacity to develop a weapon let alone the weapon itself will act. in regardless of whether or not they believe they can permanently undermine iran's capacity to produce a weapon. the they will act because they can't abide the reality they would simply in the face do nothing. so the question becomes in the end, when do they act? iran doesn't have the capacity right now. they don't have a weapon. they haven't tested one. that is the argument the president is going to make, give us time. let sanctions work when he knows i think, they won't work. so at the end of the day,
1:43 pm
probably in 2013, we're drifting toward a military confrontation. i would argue to you, gregg, it's not coming between now and the end of the year. >> gregg: all right. i want to get the sub text what may be going on in the oval office when they meet. you have an op-ed that speculates that an israeli palestinian peace plan is off the table. negotiated two state solution is running harder than ever against intractable political and psychological realities in israel and palestinian world. these are pushing toward a de facto that will not be negotiated. >> what we are talking about a truce? >> a series of outcomes rather
1:44 pm
than a solution. the question is to what degree can major actors, the israelis, abide the drift. i think they can for quite a while. the reality this issue has poisoned the u.s. israeli relationship and personal relationship between netanyahu and obama. irony at this meeting it won't. because the israeli palestinian peace process is probably closed for the season. >> gregg: aaron david miller, thank you very much. >> harris: coming up. chevy volt it was considered the poster child for alternative energy, why is gm stopping production after getting a massive taxpayer bailout? >> i got to inside a brand-new
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... >> heather: new reports that out
1:49 pm
of control anti-protests in afghanistan may be threatening gains in that country. a surge in violence in the killing of american troops fueled by the report accidental burning of quran at a nato base. we told you about that. what could this mean for the president's plan to withdraw u.s. troops and his reelection strategy. let's bring in our power panel, jehmu greene, fox news contributor, andrea tantaros, daily news columnist. angela is fox news analyst. we have at least at this point, six u.s. troops killed following this accidental burning of the quran. following the apology of president obama. what does it mean. let's first start with the plan to withdraw troops? >> i think president obama has been very clear with his strategy in afghanistan. we saw the two surges.
1:50 pm
now, he been very clear we are going to see troops coming home by 2014. in regards to the election he is going to be held to his success on national security across the board, likewise, that is killing osama bin laden. assassinating anwar al-awlaki. than creased activity in pakistan and all of it they are going to look at it. think he comes out on top. this recent surge we've seen in the violence is just another part of the way you expect in war. >> heather: do you think he has to reassess the strategy to speed up the brawl of u.s. troops? >> i do. i think if you are going to pull them out eventually, do it sooner because there is no plan in place. there is no real goal. we don't know. this is growing chorus on the right and left. what are we doing in
1:51 pm
afghanistan. we have to get our men and women. they are dying for what reason. there is another school of thought that believes these attacks are spurred by the taliban. we should stay and fight even more. an editorial said in the "wall street journal" but i think he has to reassess and bring them out. >> this revolt will hurt his reelection strategy. you can't go on killing osama bin laden. people see military strategy as being weak. remember ronald reagan? strength through power. americans don't like an apologetic president. in november he can't say bin laden is dead. >> every poll shows the american people actually think his strength is in national security and they have backed him significantly. when you talk about the apology
1:52 pm
tour, one time he apologized is when he made this mistake and the quran was burned. every other time he was not apologizing in ways that the narrative on the right has chosen him to make him out to be. >> he has been apologizing. >> he acknowledged our culpability in financial crisis, he has acknowledged things in the past. this is part of leadership. >> this is not up for debate. >> more soldiers continue to die he will have a huge problem on his hands. >> it's difficult to withdraw, 100,000 troops. >> heather: next topic, but actually something you referenced. you talked about bin laden is dead but unofficial strategy, gm being general motors shutting down production on chevy volt.
1:53 pm
temporarily laying off 1300 workers. here is what the president said just a couple days ago. >> i got to get inside a brand-new chevy volt fresh off the line even though secret service wouldn't let me drive it. [ laughter ] >> but i like sitting in it, five years when i'm not president i'll buy one and drive it myself. >> heather: will he be driving it sooner than five years? >> i believe him. i think he will be driving it in five years. they are stopping production. >> they are going to stop it for a month. bigger picture, folks like rush limbaugh and all the conservatives who have come out against gm, an american company, this volt was in production was in the works way before president obama was even thinking about running for president. what we have seen from the right for them to try to attack president obama by demonizing
1:54 pm
this company, demonizing a product that was built by american hands and revolutionize cars. >> they are not demonizing the volt. it's taxpayer money that went into a company that was poorly managed. >> why, because they are union and for political reasons. >> green energy, another abysmal failure by the obama administration. the auto bailout was for government. >> when you have conservatives say sthaig car is going to kill people. >> they are setting out to destroy a company a very forward looking car. >> 1300 people lost their jobs. [ talking over each other ]
1:55 pm
>> heather: thank you so much. jehmu got the last word. thank you all. we appreciate the lively conversation. >> gregg: do you really think he is going to drive a shel chevy volt? continuing coverage in our top story, very latest on the string of deadly storms tearing through the south and midwest. stay tuned. well, online dating services can get kind of expensive. so to save money, i've found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. five foot ten... still doing a little exploring. but... my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. getting a weave. there's an easier way to save. who wants some ronald tonight!? who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.
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there is a my house. it was right there. >> we got to the basement and stepped out on the patio and within just seconds we barely made it in. >> everything was beating around our heads. thank god bemade it. >> the air ja mass been declared as marshall law and we are asking everyone to stay out. it is a dangerous area. >> i got up and looked out the window and saw wood everywhere. and i really didn't realize what it was. and then i came downstairs and opened my front door and saw both the houses on both sides of me were gone. >> gregg: heart break in the midwest as severe weather leaves dozens dead. hundreds injured. homes and lives shattered. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather
2:00 pm
childers. at least 38 people are now dead. many more missing as we said. and today we are watching out for even more storms. >> gregg: take a look at the type of fury we are talking about. that is a twister caught on videotape as it approaches a gas station in a hard-hit henryville, indiana as quickly as it appears it disappears. and this is what is left of the community. we are are still learning the extent of the devastation there as rescuers are looking for survivors. one tiny victim, a baby girl found in a field miles from her home. she is alive in critical condition. we have fox coverage. john on this is live in delano, tennessee. are maria in the fox extreme weather center.
2:01 pm
mike is live in henryville indigo. >> reporter: i'm standing in front of the henryville high school junior are high school that you probably heard about. this is where students sought shelter when they didn't have anyplace else to go and that building took a direct hit from the tornado. you now see the result. broken brick. twisted steel. torn insulation. i want to draw your attention to something else here in the parking lot. aside from the wrecked cars a school bus that brought the kids near seek shelter. you may notice on the window the pock marks in the side that look like it was struck with baseballs. is because the bus was pummeled with baseball sized hail after dropping off the students here at the school to seek shelter. i want to show you amateur video shot in pinking, indiana. this shows the cloud forming in a cone up in sky at the bottom of the cloud and then forming into the funnel that we learned to recognize, reaching all the way down to the ground you the
2:02 pm
cutting a path of destruction. we now know as the tornado cut its path of destruction, four people lost their lives before that tornado bounced up into the sky. you have heard about mariesville, indiana, a town they say have has wiped off the map by the force of the tornadoes. homes ripped down to the foundation. entire neighborhoods ripped right down to the foundation by the force of the storms. what we are seeing here in the small towns of indiana is a triumphant spirit, people working feverishly to restore the basic needs of life. get the people here in small town america back on their feet. greg? >> mike tobin live in indiana. thank you very much, mike. >> heather: in tennessee a violent string of tornado there's causing catastrophic damage. in chattanooga, twisters ripping at least 20 homes off
2:03 pm
their foundations injuring 29 people across that state. jonathan is east of there live for us in delano, tennessee. jonathan. >> reporter: it is a case of neighbor helping neighbor. we have been watching these chickens wandering around here. earlier some residents came out and left feed here so they would have something to eat. earlier are in the day we were looking at folks rebuilding a fence surrounding a horse pasture. they just completed that fence, largely using materials from the original finance that they found that the tornado had strewn around. as we pan back here, notice the hilly terrain that we have in the area. this seemed to have caused the tornado to sort of hop so you will go into some areas you will see a cluster of homes completely destroyed and then you will see some neighboring homes at a different elevation completely untouched and then move into the very next neighborhood and more damage. as you can see the destruction
2:04 pm
here extensive. when you look here, lots of activity with utility crews coming in and putting in new poles where old poles have been knocked down and right now they are getting ready to restring some of the power lines that were knocked down in the neighborhood as residents here begin the long process of rebuilding. heather, back to you. >> heather: a long way to go to rebuild. thank you very much. we appreciate it, live from delano, tennessee, jonathan, thank you. >> gregg: unfortunately, we are seeing more and more bad weather. let's turn to maria live in the fox extreme weather center. >> we are looking at another risk for more severe storms. fortunately that risk is decreasing and will continue to do so the next several hours. we have one more tornado watch in effect across southeastern parts of georgia and northern, florida, in effect until 8:00 p.m. eastern time. meaning that conditions still
2:05 pm
favorable for tornadoes to develop. that risk is continuing to tee crease. today we did get more reports of tornadoes some across parts of southern georgia. one report out of gadson county, florida, where there is multiple reports of trees down and reports coming out of georgia in the linear county regehr actually quite disturbing, reports of homes off their foundations, extensive roof damage to a hospital and also more buildings reporting damage along with trees down and power lines down. of course, there is concern now that the debris that is laying around, so everybody in areas hit hard by tornadoes need to remain safe out there although we are not expecting any additional tornadoes in some of the areas hit hard at least in the short-term. a lot of tornadoes so far in the month of march. there is over 100 reports of them so far between today and yesterday. 108 reports of tornadoes. not all of those are confirmed. look at how many average or the average of tornadoes that we tend to see per month.
2:06 pm
we are not really looking at the peak of the season until we head into the month of may. still awheel to go here. typically the peak is this in the month of may when we typically see the string like weather moving into the area. here is tornado watch in northern florida. right now no no tornado warnin. there is now concerns for flooding as some of the storms are dumping heavy rain and a number of flash flood warnings across parts of northern florida where we are getting reports of flooded roadways and that is another concern tore another danger when it comes to severe weather, flooding. so be safe, everyone. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, gregg. >> heather: looking ahead now to super tuesday. it is the last weekend of campaigning before the most
2:07 pm
important day. so far, on the republican primary calendar, over 400 delegates at stake in ten contests this tuesday. ohio holding one of the most crucial elections and that is where we find chief political correspondent carl cameron live in cincinnati. hi, carl. >> hi, heather. ohio the most contested state on super tuesday and historically politically the buckeye state is considered both in republican and democratic primaries and in general elections a crucially important and often bellwether state. rick santorum and mitt romney are really fighting it out. at its fundamental core the presidential nomination bat st. is about delegates. the santorum campaign is going to come up short in ohio. we have known for months he did not qualify and will not be on the ballot in three congressional districts and because of his delegate slate in tampa incomplete he will
2:08 pm
actually be ineligible for 18 of ohio's overall 66 delegates. mitt romney is pressing that advantage today and purchasing it saying he has the organization nationwide to win the delegates for the nomination. santorum casting himself as an obvious underdog. i interviewed both of them in the last day and half. listen. >> what i can win in ohio is delegates and possibly get the majority of voters here as well. that is a nice sign and you would like to have the support of the people of ohio. delegates is what it is all about. getting the delegates we think we have a shot at picking up and want to get the nomination. >> he has the establishment, the old boy network behind him. two thirds of his contributions come from people who maxed out. two thirds of mine come from people who have given under $200. we have a grass roots effort here. it is david and goliath. i get that. i know who wins in the end.
2:09 pm
>> reporter: santorum argues that the passion is behind his candidacy. it is clear that republicans who want what this he describe as an authentic conservative and strong moral leader their hearts are with santorum. mitt romney has been leading in the category of those voters who believe there is a candidate that could beat barack obama they pick mitt romney. he is sort of the head candidate. rick santorum's problem with the delegates is not just limited to ohio, however. he is not even going to appear on the ballot in virginia and has delegate slate problems in tennessee as well. after super tuesday it is possible that mitt romney may not win the popular vote and still come out with the majority of delegates marching forward. >> heather: you heard santorum mentioned the passion needed. it is all about the numbers, 419 on tuesday. but 1144 total. we'll see what happens. thank you very much, carl.
2:10 pm
we appreciate it. >> reporter: thanks heather. >> gregg: caucuses taking place in washington state today. 43 delegates at stake and we are expecting results soon. bret baier is the anchor of special report. he will be at the helm of special cover and tonight. bret, good to see you. i spent about an hour trying to figure out two or three different polls in washington state and realized there is no figuring it out because of the way the caucus is structured and the number of people. what is interesting is that neither romney nor santorum really spent any money there. they didn't spend a lot of time there. ron paul did. what are you looking for tonight? >> well, as you know, caucuses are all about organization, getting people out to the different precincts. there are 6700 precincts throughout the state of washington. and these are being held in firehouses and school houses and different meeting areas. at this hour they are all wrapped up. they are completely finished
2:11 pm
with the caucus meetings. we expect the first results in with 45-50 minutes from now to start bleeding out of the state of washington. how long it takes really is yet to be seen. we don't have a great track record this season in caucuses getting results out early. but maybe the washington state gop has a different agenda tonight. >> gregg: let's look ahead to tuesday. also heading up our coverage there. super tuesday, ten different states up for grabs. if romney were to win, massachusetts, virginia and vermont where he is lead there and expected to win and maybe pick up one or more of north dakota, idaho, alaska, and let's say he picks up a majority of the delegates in ohio even if he loses the popular vote because of the missteps on rick santorum on the delegate's legs. what does that mean then?
2:12 pm
does romney emerge from super tuesday really strong? >> i think he emerges strong. i think ohio really is an interesting battle and setting up to be that just strictly on momentum. not even on the delegate numbers. you are talking about a state that is a swing state in the general election. a must-win for republicans in the general election and to be able to win the state would be able to give that candidate a little momentum. as far as the delegate count, 67% of the delegates are still on the table after super tuesday. so you have a lot still until 1144. i think ohio is really the big battle. >> what about newt gingrich, his native state of georgia will also be voting on tuesday. is that a must win for gingrich for him to survive and continue and what if, bret, he wins no other state that day? >> yes, i mean that would be tough but he has to win georgia. he represented georgia in
2:13 pm
congress. it is technically not his home state. he lives in mcclain virginia and wasn't born in georgia but represented georgia in congress. he needs to win georgia. he said as much. if he doesn't win georgia i would expect newt gingrich to get out of the race and that would change the dynamic completely. if he wins georgia and it is a big delegate dump there, 76 delegates, he could, you know, win other southern states perhaps. that is what the gingrich campaign hopes after super tuesday. >> gregg: still on the subject of newt gingrich. our viewers can go to the real clear politics website and look up the polling data and what struck me is when i looked at the negative ratings of all of the different candidates newt gingrich has the highest negative 3 to 1, 2 to 1. astonishing. gallup has him at a 60% negative rating. is it even possible for somebody with such high disapproval rating to win?
2:14 pm
>> i think that is a great question but you also have to remember how much money has been spent trying to gingrich in a negative light in iowa and in florida. talking upwards of $35 million in ads negative ads both campaigns and super pacs hammering newt gingrich. and that has had an effect. if he can make some sort of resurrection by winning georgia and winning other states that will be quite something. still a long shot but his campaign still thinks they have a chance. >> gregg: maybe tennessee. i checked obama and santorum has a big lead in oklahoma. it would only be georgia and maybe tennessee. we'll wait and see. >> but proportional delegates hea number of the states could still pick up some. >> gregg: tune in tonight, bret baier will be on at 10:00 p.m. with a complete wrapup. check in with all of our different correspondents on the
2:15 pm
campaign trail so tune in for that tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> heather: bomb shell new testimony in the trial connected to the suicide death of a rutgers university student. we now heard from the man whose encounter was secretly streamed. just ahead what the man had to say and what it means for the case. ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it.
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>> gregg: time for a quick check of the headlines. more than a thousand people in ohio attending a mass for one are the three teenagers killed in a school shooting this week. the service for 16 year-to-date daniel parmator is the first of three funerals. the red cross is asking for access to thousands of victims in war-torn syria while syrian forces continue their bomb boardment of the city. cardinal timothy dolan blasting president obama's contraception mandate coverage. saying that policy and politics
2:20 pm
can never trump principle. >> heather: a leading conservative writer now offering what is likely to be some controversial advice to gop leaders. george will saying that the republican party's resources would be better suited trying to gain control of both houses of congress instead of the white house. so does he have a point? trey hardin is senior vice president for vox global. a former republican campaign manager and aid to gop leadership and doug schoen also a fox news contributor. thank you both for joining us today. george will conservative political analyst says the republican party should stop wasting resources on the race for the white house because he says it can't win, the resources better expended and this is a quote making sure republicans wield all of the gavels in congress in 2013. also adding another quote that a lame duck obama would have substantially reduced capacity to do harm to republican-backed
2:21 pm
issues. is mr. will right. trey, i will start with you? >> he is not. i have a lot of respect for george but he is completely wrong here. 8 months is an eternity in politics and there are so many things that could potentially happen. issues in the middle east. gas prices. employment issues or the unemployment rate. i understand it is discouraging for republicans right now because the party is currently in a mud fight for the nomination. but that will change. people have short memories. i actually think that this process could be healthy for the party as they get into the fall because the conservatives may feel that they have fully vetted these candidates and fully vetted mitt romney if he is the nominee and it will get them to work for him. >> what do you think? should republicans give up? >> i don't think they should or will. i think you heard in trey's comments the reason we george will wrote the piece he did. negative on obama. good morning and doom for
2:22 pm
republican ares. no positive vision or ideas for the future. bottom line that is what the presidency and leadership is about and really what george will is saying is that the republican party lacks a vision, ideas and ultimately saying they should give up the ghost on the presidential election because they lack a direction for the future. sadly, he is right about the party. he is wrong about what they should do tactically. >> heather: let's talk about tactically, though, trey, i will let you jump in there. tactically talking about the congressional races. as super tuesday unfolds, you may have heard about it, the nation's other 2012 races those officially kick off as well. ohio holding the nation's first congressional primaries. that means tuesday is the day the republicans will maybe start reaping the benefits of the redistricting process. so did they really gain any ground there? >> well, listen, the congressional races are not going to be that dramatic this year.
2:23 pm
redistricting is a proincumbentcy plan typically in allstates. the republicans will keep the house no matter what happens at the top of the ticket. i don't think any one believes otherwise at this point. sure, a lot can change. what george will also is not taking into account is the fact that in a presidential year there are a lot of people that vote straight ticket. the presidential could have a big impact on senate and congressional races. for him to say that oh, well, let's focus on the congressional and senate races, not focusing on the presidential could be a big mistake. >> heather: i found a gallup pollle that shows registered voters currently split in their intentions to vote for either the republican or democratic candidate in their congressional district. 47% saying that they would vote for each if the elections for congress were being held today. so you can't get more evenly split than that. how do you read those numbers? >> i read them frankly as
2:24 pm
suggesting the democrats have made huge gains sense the self-described shellacking that happened in november of 21st century and the reason george will wrote what he did was the republicans have turned a sure win in the senate into a 50/50 proposition at best. the house is more marginal than trey is suggesting. so bottom line, this is all good news for the democrats and a sign of the republicans weakness. >> heather: a shellacking. >> let me jump in here on this. doug know this that independent voters are at an all-time high and women i independent voters are the most influencual voting block. they are still out there and gettable for both parties. this he have not gone to one side or the other yet. there is still an opportunity. >> heather: two good words in the commentary. shellacking and gettable. i like both of those. thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it.
2:25 pm
>> thanks. >> gregg: we are watching the southern skies right now, where are more extreme weather in the forecast after a horribly tragic day. dozens of people are dead across four states and countless homes left in splinters. >> and she said dad. the roof is coming off the house and as soon as she said that he said the phone went dead. he said john, my heart sunk to my stomach. he said i was crying. i thought i just lost my daughter. ♪
2:26 pm
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2:29 pm
a fox news alert. rush limbaugh is apologizing. we just received word and a statement from him. it relates to the georgetown law student who testified about the per vsaive use of
2:30 pm
contraceptions. he is apologizing. i did not mean a personal attack on ms. fluke. my choice of words was not the best and in the attempt to be humorous i created a national stir. i sincerely apologize to ms. fluke for the insulting word choices. rush limbaugh apologizing. time for a quick check of the headlines. new report on the investigation into the koran burnings in afghanistan finding the soldiers involved did not intentionally desecrate the religious book. news of the burnings set off deadly riots. the bodies of two journalists killed in syria turned over by diplomats in damascus. one of the victims is american marie colvin. they are trying to figure out how to get her body back to the united states. a helicopter crash in arizona. part of a film crew shooting a stunt for a television program. the pilot was strapped in tight
2:31 pm
with harnesses and they survived that crash. >> heather: now, to a fox extreme weather alert. watching skies across the south for more severe weather. several new tornado watches or warnings today after ferocious storms tore across the nation yesterday from the gulf to the great lakes. rescue teams now sifting through the rubble looking for victims. 38 people confirmed dead in kentucky, ohio, indiana, alabama, and now georgia. many hundreds are hurt. and even more, well, they just lost everything. let's go to marina molina for the latest conditions. >> unfortunately, we are looking at more storms but right now it does seem like the severe weather threat is diminishing. still a tornado watch in effect for northern parts of florida
2:32 pm
and southeastern portions of georgia until 8:00 p.m. tonight eastern time so we are going to continue to see the slight risk for severe form storms but again does not seem as though the storms are really posing a major concern. of course everyone that lives out here please stay alert. if there are any warnings issued for your county or you notice something out there seek shelter and stay safe. we have received notice there are more tornado reports. about 110 now that have been reported between yesterday and today and depending on how many number of those are confirmed we could be looking at the largest tornadod outbreak in history for the month of march. right now the record on march 2006 between 11th and 13th day of that month 74 tornadoes were reported. so of course, we are going to continue to keep you posted as the survey crews continue to head outdoors surveying the damage and confirming the tornadoes or disconfirming them. we will keep you posted on that. the storms are really bringing in heavy downpours across southeastern parts of georgia and the florida panhandle.
2:33 pm
even if we don't see severe weather from the thunderstorms you are still going look at the risk for damaging wind gusts and larger hail and also flash flooding. we already getting reports out across parts of southern georgia that there is some flash flooding occurring. please do not drive-thru any flooded roadways. that is a another big killer as far as weather goes. also a flash flood watch in effect across southern parts of georgia and also the tallahassee area along the florida panhandle. we are expecting up to 4-inches of rain. training over the same area producing more and more rain and could get locally more than 4 inches of rain and, of course, that is what would produce the flooding in our area. it does seem like from the images we received we are expecting more severe weather. typically on average we do see more towards the month of may and june. hopefully this is not a sign of what is to come coming up in the next several months, heather. >> heather: we appreciate it,
2:34 pm
maria live from the fox extreme weather center. gregg? >> gregg: testimony underway in the rutgers university trial. derone is a student accused of secretly videotaping his gay college roommate with another man tyler clement with another man. clement later jumping off a bridge. his companion saying he remembers seeing a camera on the night in question. "i just glanced over my shoulder and i notice there was a web cam faced toward the direction of the bed just being in a compromising position and seeing a camera lens it just stuck out to me. bring in the legal panel to discuss the case. keisha wins only because she didn't bring an ipad for assistance. you brought an ipad you need the help. >> whenever i'm on with keisha.
2:35 pm
superior knowledge and intelligence. >> gregg: it it is his defense that look, the only reason i turned on that camera is because there was a strange in my room and i was wore areried about his maybe stealing my belongings there but this strange mb takes the witness stand. we don't know his name. his name is being protected. >> right. >> gregg: he sort of blew a hole in the defense, didn't he? >> he says that he saw this web cam pointed in the direction of the bed or whatever him and clement were. although this was a tragedy and a horrible outcome i think it was just a prank that went bad. but i do think the prosecution will have a hard time. >> gregg: here is whey we whys blew a hole in the defense. they are in bed and suddenly he hears people giggling and laughing and making jokes outside the window. in other words, the defendant was publicizing the whole
2:36 pm
thing. that is not looking after your belongings. that is trying to mock somebody for being gay. >> you are talking about a college campus. you have students all over the dormitory outside. in the courtyard he heard people. it is not necessary that they were laughing and joking about them. >> gregg: what do you think? >> kisha's points are well stated but the prosecution has a good case. if you look at the invasion of privacy issue that counts in and of itself. a dormitory. a dorm room. a web cam set up. if the purpose was is to look after his belongings because some strange was there why is it pointed in the direction of the bed. i thought things would be in a common area if anything. on the invasion of privacy point it is an issue. >> gregg: how can the defendant be guilty of invading his own privacy it is his room? >> that is an important point. there is a dorm story shared by two students. it is his room. he has every right to observe what goes on in the room.
2:37 pm
>> here is the problem with that. the first thing is he is out of the room. is number one. the suggestion is not when i'm out of my room that i should have an expectation of privacy there. the second thing is that the roommate told him i need some private time and as a result i need you to stay out of there. i don't think that your right to privacy when you leave the room attaches. i think if a person is there they expect it to be private and not broadcast and publicized to the universe. >> gregg: let me put up on the screen what m.b. testified to. we were both lyining together n bed. i could hear people talking in the courtyard. people joking, people laughing, seemed like the jokes were at somebody else's expense. they absolutely were one would assume. so for the defendant to be able to say look the only reason i'm just protecting my belongings, no, he was doing much more than that, wasn't he? >> the big issue here is even if that is the case, gregg, the
2:38 pm
state has to be able to prove that he was motivated by the purpose to intimidate this -- sorry, victim for his sexual orientation and i think that is a difficult burden for the state to overcome. >> gregg: how do you prove intent, joey? bias intimidation is an intent crime. how do you demonstrate that? >> you tell other people that you leave, you have suspicions that your roommate is gay. you set up a web cam and now you see it and you initially see there is a kiss between the two and then tweet to other people anden vite them to joan in because i'm going set up the cam again and direct it in the bed for them because i know. >> gregg: isn't that biased based on homosexuality. >> there is no direct evidence. was it to intimidate him or bare ras him. >> i think this is a humiliation and in immigration
2:39 pm
factor here.ation >> gregg: are you sure that is intimidation and not embarrassment as kis h ha points out? how do you know the difference? >> when you voice concerns about someone's sexual orientation, when you say you are uncomfortable with someone's sexual orientation. >> where did he say that? >> when you invite others that he had this discomfort about the sexual orientation and as a result wanted to leave it to the world that he was gay, guilty. >> gregg: we are out of time. it is a close case. >> i agree. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> thank you, gregg. >> gregg: heather? >> heather: washington caucus day. dozens of delegates at stake but texas congressman ron paul the only republican candidate even in the state today. will it give him the boost that he needs to secure his first win? >> most people think of washington as being a more
2:40 pm
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>> heather: welcome back. we are awaiting results of today's republican presidential caucuses in washington state. all four gop candidates now vying for the state's is 43 delegates. the lengthy primary process making today's vote one of the state's most meaningful contests in recent memory. dan springer is live for us in seattle with more. hi, dan, what is the latest. >> the caucuses here in washington state wrapped up two and a half hours ago but it will be some time before we know who won the nonbinding straw poll. could be a couple hours in fact. even though we won't know for awhile and kno no delegates wie awarded today it did not deter
2:45 pm
the candidates. all of them came here. paul has the biggest organization in washington and is really hoping for his first win. two weeks ago it looked like senator rick santorum was cruising to victory. he led mitt romney by 11 points in a public policy polling poll. since then his numbers have dropped nationally and here in washington state. a ppp poll done late this week had santorum trailing romney by five points. buff romney spoke to a thousand people just ahead in bellevue, washington, and spent all of his time attacking president obama. romney could benefit from a sizeable mormon population in washington. 270,000. they are 4% of the residents here in washington state. now, turnout appears to be much stronger than four years ago. the caucus we went to had about five times as many partition paints. part of the increase is due to timing. washington has traditionally voted too late to be relevant. the legislature did away with
2:46 pm
the state primary which had been used by the parties to take half of its delegates and now all will come out of the big balance o pool of delegatee the later today. 43 delegates up for grabs but they won't be known until the state convention in the muddle of june. >> tonight, governor mike huckabee hosting another forum of the republican candidates. this time at a shipping facility in ohio. the big topic tonight, jobs. unmany ployed folks and folks barely holding on asking the candidates what they will do to revitalize the american dream. >> this week president obama's administration again cut his benefits. sir, will you look me in the eye and tell me he will be taken care of? ok, guys-- what's next ?
2:47 pm
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>> gregg: a special huckabee tonight. huckabee sitting down with the top three republican presidential contenders to talk about the crucial issue of unemployment. now, the governor holding his forum at a dhl shipping facility in ohio. wilmington. earlier i asked him why he chose this particular location.
2:51 pm
>> it makes a lot of sense, greg, because we are in a facility that is about a million square feet. a billion dollars investment. and dhl built it, employed thousands of people and then walked away from it. a billion dollars. 9,000 plus people lost their jobs in a town of about 12,000 people. it is in many ways sort of the -- maybe the post card of what has happened to american jobs in the heartland. a very significant setting to show we have lost a lot of jobs and there is a lot of human hurt in america right now. >> indeed. what are you going to be asking the candidates tonight, governor? >> well, one of the things, greg, that we want to focus on is jobs and the economy. how do we put people back to works in plants like this old dhl plant in wilmington, ohio. what we are looking for is substance. the candidates cannot attack each other and cannot even mention each 84. it will be a different kind of
2:52 pm
environment to see do they have the pas capacity to answer very specific tough questions about getting jobs back and reviving the economy. >> gregg: mitt romney's latest plan which would reduce margin marginal federal income tax rates by 20% for everybody. >> they have an opportunity to give explanations and substantive answers. we willdon't give them they call them on it and in is sift that they answer the question being posted. we have a great panel, charlie gasparino from the fox business channel. a business owner and operator in st. louis and some folks from here in wilmington, ohio affected first hand by the incredible downturn in the economy. >> gregg: you mentioned dave mcarthur, a small business
2:53 pm
panel there on the panel. i want to play a clip here as he posed a question to mitt romney. here it is. >> my son received a traumatic brain injury wound in afghanistan and suffers from severe post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. the government has repeatedly denied services because his wounds aren't visible. he will never be able to return to the regular workforce. this week president obama's administration again cut his benefits. sir, will you look me in the eye and tell me he will be taken care of? >> david, my heart breaks for you and your family. it is just hard to imagine and i can tell you if i'm president of the united states i will not be raising copays on coldiers that are wounded and men and
2:54 pm
women who served our country and do everything in my power to help your son and men and boys and women and girls like him. >> governor, that is such a heart wrenching moment, isn't it? >> you know, i'm telling you. and the full text of governor romney's answer was exceptionally powerful. and in part a lot of the people had said about mitt romney that he comes across as cold and without passion. i'm going to tell you when people see the forum and see the complete answer that he gives to this very, very emotional question they are going to see a side mitt romney they he have not seen yet in the presidential campaign. his strongest performance not just in a debate but in this entire campaign showing us a level of his compassion and deep connection with this father. it is powerful. it was hard for all of us here
2:55 pm
on the set even to just keep a dry eye to be honest with you. it was a very powerful moment. >> gregg: you have a unique ability i think to draw out the best from the candidates. i have seen that in the other forums and i think it is because they respect you so much because you were a presidential candidate and wield a lot of influence. my finalle question, though, is how do you see the nomination process shaking out especially given ten states in just a few days on super tuesday? >> i think it is going to be a big turning point potentially in the campaign. here is what could happen. if newt gingrich wins georgia he is still in and is on his feet. if he doesn't he has got a struggle. he is not out but it is a much steeper climb. rick santorum needs to win, ohio. if he doesn't he is still in but it is a steeper climb. if mitt romney were to win, ohio, virginia, and a few other
2:56 pm
states, then it is going to be tough again. but far from over. somebody has to get to 1144. nobody is close to that. not mitt romney, not anybody yet. we are in this for awhile. tuesday will be a big, big indicator of where it is headed. >> gregg: governor mike huckabee. your forum is tonight. we look forward to it. thanks so much. >> thank you, greg. >> gregg: special republican presidential forum with mike huckabee airing tonight. two hours including governor romney's entire response to dave mcarthur. that is at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. again,ed a midnight east coast time. >> heather: and that does it for us. rick and marcel pick up at the top of the hour. >> we'll see you next weekend. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. r. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip.
2:57 pm
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