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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  March 3, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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kellogg in limestone county alabama. also in limesta touching his dog. jim looking at the remnants. our prayers with them all huckabee is next. >> mike huckabee's candidate forum begins in a minute. it's the last time the candidates will be together in the same place answering questions on the same topic before super tuesday. results from today's washington state caucuses. mitt romney had 36 percent of the vote ron paul is next with 25 percent. rick santorum also has 25 percent right now and newt gingrich has 12 percent. that's with 34 of the expected vote in. ron paul put in the most effort into washington state. he even showed up at one of the caucus sites today. we are keeping our eye on the
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super tuesday race. romney and santorum and gingrich are all there. >> from the town of wilmington in the battle ground state of ohio, a huckabee special. photogra forum 3 jobs. >> i am mike huckabee. i am coming to you from the beautiful community of wilmington, ohio. a wonderful small town. this is in ohio one of the ten states they are holding a caucus primary on tuesday march the 6th. wilmington is a city of 12,000 people in the southwest corner of ohio about 40 miles from cincinnati, 30 miles east of dayton. in 2009 over 9,000 people lost their jobs when dhl shuttered this plant delivering a gut
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punch to the people as well as to the area's economy. we are inside this massive abandoned plant at wilmington airport. three years ago this million square foot facility was buzzing with activity. 6,000 people worked in this building. now it is empty and all of those jobs are gone. unfortunately wilmington isn't the only town in america's heartland who is having to struggle and trying to come up for hair. millions of americans have lost their jobs and all americans are struggling with gas prices that struggle upward. during tonight's forum we will be asking the republican candidates for president how they plan on addressing unemployment as well as jump starting the stalling economy we have not just here in ohio but all across america. before we introduce the candidates and our panel of experts here is a closer look at the history of this facility. >> at 2200 acres bloomington air park is the largest privately owned airport in the united states.
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originally an air force base the property was bought by airborne express in 1979 and converted into a hub for the national delivery service. for the next 24 years airborne express built and ex paneleded the facility which became a central part of the local economy. then in 2003 the largest shipping company in europe germany's dhl saw an opportunity to expand its business in the u.s. market and bought airborne express. >> this $300 million investment will retain 6,000 jobs and create 900 new full and part-time jobs, good jobs with benefits that will sustain the working families of ohio. >> dhl built a new state of the art shipping center but was still unable to compete with fed-ex and ups. in 2008 announced domestic operations in the united states would be discontinued. after months of gradual layoffs part of the plant was punched in july of 2009.
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the shut down led to the loss of more than 9,000 jobs. 6,000 of them from the plant. it is now abandoned. this warehouse once full of workers and humming of the sound of conveyor belts is now vacant. full of reminders of what it used to be. shipping vaks with hooks and conveyor belt stopped and loeting docks sat there with no trucks spilling out. >> our unique format of the forum going to give you a voter a chance to evaluate the candidates they had fair and balanced treatment. they will be answering questions and getting the same amount in the segment. >> the order which you see them was determined a random drawing done prior to the event. the focus of tonight's forum jobs and the economy.
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the questions come from a panel representing different areas of the economy. each will give one minute for summation. all of the candidates were invited at the same time several weeks ago and made adjustments for their schedules to be here. >> ron paul declined our preeted invitations to be here for tonight aer foes r-- tonight's . first fox business correspondent charles gasperino. also labor secretary under george bush and distinguished fellow and fox news contributor elaine chow and business owner dave mcarthur who owns and operates mcarthur's bakery in st. louis, missouri. >> charlie, you are going to be looking for specific things from these candidates tonight. tell me what you are hoping to hear them say? >> well, basically i want them to go beyond the numbers. i deal with numbers every day.
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these guys love to talk about numbers when they talk about the economy. i want to hear more than i am taking the corporate tax rate down to 20 percent to get jobs going. i want to see meat on the bones. >> secretary chow you have had long issues of labor to find a way to create jobs. specifically are there things that you are going to be listening for as these candidates talk to us? >> when i was talking to labor one of the primary concerns was the rate of job creation in our economy. the national unemployment rate is an alarmingly high 8.3 percent. we have over 12 million americans who are out of work. i hope tonight's questions and answers and how to stimulate job creation will be helpful to voters to make informed decisions this november. >> you are a small business owner but tonight you are sitting here representing small business operators all over america.
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i know that's a huge responsibility we put on you but what do small business owners really want to hear from someone who wants to be president sfwh>> we have to reflect to these guys the dire straits we are in. we are a struggling environment that is killing us. it is evidenced the fact that my own son a recently returned marine was limited. i told him to go somewhere else. there was no place in our small business. i can't see the future. get us across to the candidates and people watching that we are in dire straits. >> thank all of you. it will be a very informative evening for our audience. i hope it helps you make a decision. each of the candidates will face reaction from three ohioans who have been affected by the economy. we would also love to hear what you are thinking about this forum. you can post your thoughts on show. you can tweet hughesing the hash tag of forum. we are going to be joined by the
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first candidate of tonight's forum former house speaker newt gingrich. ohhh my head, ohhh.
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>> welcome back to forum 3 about jobs. before the break the order in which the candidates will appear was determined a drawing we held today. it is a pleasure. good to have you here. >> i am going to turn it over to questions. the first comes from dave mcarthur. >> mr. speaker you recently made me very happy. you said you were going to bring gasoline down to 2.50 a gallon. can you tell me as a president can you make that market change? oo take a look at what's
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happened with natural gas where drilling of new technology excluded the availability of gas struck $8 a thousand cubic feet down to $3. similar drop in gas will be down to $1 106789 i want to get it-- $1, 10. drill in canada reopen the louisiana texas gulf area 4,000 barrels a day. open existing areas in alaska and open up federal land and offshore. we have the largest oil reserves in in the world. bigger total recoverable bigger than saudi arabia and russia. a billion, 400 billion. north dakota is the proof. >> whenever someone says i am distinguished i get a little nervous. second thing is you cited a specific number 250. $2.50. what is the economic rational. you have an analysis that says
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here are the three things we can do that produces 2.50? >> i think you can get much below 2.50. it was a dollar 13 when i was speaker. it was $1.89 when obama was sworn in. >> how do you get 2.50. >> the reason we have between $2 and 2.50 we asked experts in the oil industry given the more complex fields we are talking about what would the return have to be to justify the level of development. they said somewhere between $2 and 2.50 a gallon would guarantee continuous oil supply to make america independent. >> i hope it goes down to 2.50. don't get me wrong. how do you make the case of a specific number? it sounds like you pulled it out of the air. >> 9 range we came from talking about experts in the oil industry i want $2. the prosh we have with natural
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gas. we have so much natural gas now. the opposite of 10 years ago. we have so much we have slowed down exploration because there's a surplus and the prices crashed below the level at which you can justify the next round of development. >> if i called your office tomorrow and said give me the analysis of 2.50 can they give you that? >> i can give you experts who tell you why -- these are more complex fields. why they think 2.50 is a definable number i think it will probably go below that and it will fluctuate. in a free market you get fluctuating prices. you want it around $9 newt gingrich somewhere between $2 and 2.50. that's a clear distinction. >> mr. speaker i am going to switch over to trade. >> over 10 million americans are supported by u.s. exports. we also have the world's largest -- we are also the world's largest importer and we
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have a trade deficit of nearly $500 billion. president obama stopped negotiating or cutting any new trade agreemenagreementagreemen. what countries do you think the united states should begin renegotiating or negotiating trade agreements with. >> first of all i think we want the widest possible markets. we want to change american law so we can compete. if you look in ohio for example 80 percent of the electricity comes from coal burning electric plants. the environmental protection agency anti coal position kills manufacturing in ohio. now if you are going to have open markets you better have very very good manufacturing capability so i have adopted a whole series of proposals that are designed to make us the leading manufacturer in the world. at that point you want to be going after every major buyer. europe, frankly the aggressively exporting to germany which is a very high cost country.
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you want to open up all of latin america for regional purposes. we also want to test yourself against china and india. if we can design regulatory and tax policies that enable us to compete head to head with china and india there are studies for example that south carolina and alabama will both be cheaper than coastal china in the future. the u.s. is already less expensive in japan. we want to aggressively export to the countries and that requires a very different attitude. >> go ahead, secretary. >> we all understand how important the manufacturing stature is to our country and the number of jobs it provide. we also know the worldwide manufacturer has been on a decline. you think what we said about changing the tax policy and the trade policies would that really help to stimulate and reinvigorate the manufacturing sector? >> what i say is 100 percent in expense and new equipment.
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you wouldn't buy equipment and right it off in one year. i change the unemployment compensation so you have to take a business training program in north dakota right now they have 3 and a half percent unemployment but they have 16,000 jobs in the city they can't fill. the unemployed aren't trained. >> so i go from giving people money for doing nothing to requiring training so the american worker can match up the technology i think we can compete with any one in the world if we can decide that's what we want to do. >> we have to take a break. we will come back with more newt gingrich on our forum. stay with us. this is an rc robotic cw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller
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>> fox business. >> i am sure you remember this. the president took some heat by saying atm's are job killers. he was right to a certain extent. machines made things more automated people lose their job. when you say you increased the number of manufacturing jobs how did this work? this is where automation is pretty big. >> i think the fact is what you want to do is become a leading manufacturing company in the world which we had them for most of the last 100 years. you want to have the most modern equipment people get production for example the boeing dreamliner astonishingly efficient operation. that's where you get high value added jobs. you want america to be the most productive country in the world. we want america to be independent on energy which
5:21 pm
would probably create in the order of 2-3 million additional jobs. >> those manufacturing jobs by being high value jobs is also led to them took people to dot single test. >> modernizing the food and drug administration. it's in the laboratory taking the science, accelerating getting to the patient. if we become the fastest place to have new drugs, new technologies, et cetera, that is the largest market in the world. as people get wealthier they may more for health than any other activity. 18 percent of the economy. you are in a position to have hundreds of thousands of new jobs doing a new kind of manufacturing creating biologicals creating medical technology all of the high value added jobs. >> don't you think it's a transportation. you increase efficiencies, people do lose their jobs. >> true, they lose their job
5:22 pm
over here they do a better job over there. that's why i want a training component to unemployment. if you give people 99 weeks that's people with an associate degree. there is something wrong giving them 99 weeks of doing nothing when in 99 weeks you could be retraining them into necessary brand new jobs. let's go to represent a lot of small businesses out there. your questions for the speaker. >> my next question is when the government extends unemployment benefits half of that cost goes to the state and the state comes after me. >> what are you going to do to eliminate these additional costs? >> first of alls you know we run four small businesses. i am very much into the how do you find the customers, how do you meet the payroll, how do you make things work. i agree with you. i think that's part of why i would really reshape unemployment compensation. it's a very old model. 70-year-old model. it doesn't work. what i would go to frankly is
5:23 pm
taking the burden off of individual businesses, getting back to a model that would say you have to be getting trained if you are going to get unemployment compensation. my guess, though -- my guess is you would have a 40 percent drop in the number of people applying for unemployment compensation. the morning you are require to do do something for the money. >> secretary i will turn to you for the next question. >> speaker if you can go back to your point about training. our country spent an enormous amount of money on training. as a federal government spends over $8 billion in training already. the president recently announced that the new training program about $8 billion more. they are overlapping. what do you suggest we do to ensure that the workers who need the raining are getting effective relevant training, but also that the american tack pxps
5:24 pm
are not being asked to spend more money in less effect i ways? >> i would recenter almost all of the training into businesses. if you look at the german model germans pay more in manufacturing labor than we do. they have a much more powerful system. part of it is because the company that needs the worker is in charge of training the worker. the whole apprenticeship program that gives them high skilled neighbor is skilled at what they are going to do for a living. i would describe for unemployment be modernized training program not something over here in the academic world. you want the person who is going to hire you to finding the skills they think you need to do the job they want to pay you for. >> all right. quick question. we want to get a couple more. >> kind of interesting the president wants a tax company to do jobs overseas even if the company one of the top economic advisors one of the chief
5:25 pm
culprits of the move. one of the systems is designed to create incentives. what's wrong with creating an incentive to have american companies keep jobs for example in this town. >> liberalism conservatism. liberals like to punish people. they punish them with higher gas prices and higher taxes. they punish people with regulations. classic conservatism rewarded them in hamilton. the goal was to make people happier and make more positive. zero capital gains tax. hundreds of billions of dollars. 12 and a half corporate tax rate. companies move back from canada move back from europe. i say 100 percent expenses. you can layoff the investment in one year if you are here. you can reward people americans respond instantly to rewards. they recent and will try to cheat on punishment. i think liberalism in that sense is a dead end that is
5:26 pm
unsuccessful. >> we are going to squeeze one more section in. >> in business we use sugar and we use a lot of it. sugar in the u.s. almost doubled in the world market. s government subsidies guarantee an exorbitant profit for these producers these manufacturers. small businessman guarantees anything. will you vote to eliminate this so i can compete against? >> as president you don't vote but i would certainly sign the repeal. first campaign i ran on i did a commercial attacking sugar subsidi subsidies. i have a long tradition of trying to take on the sugar lobby. >> mr. speaker thank you very much we are going to do more with speaker gingrich. he will be facing a xapanel of local people. later mitt romney and rick
5:27 pm
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there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> i am bret baier in washington. mitt romney has 37 percent of the vote. ron paul has 24 percent rick santorum also has 24 percent
5:30 pm
newt gingrich has 11 percent. this is 47 percent of the vote. strong night for romney considering the early results came from the eastern part of the state. bigger counties in the west favor romney. santorum is putting a bigger effort in the key super tuesday state in ohio. he is campaigning in bowling green. newt gingrich is in ohio again tonight. he is putting hz major focus for super tuesday on the state he represented in congress for 20-years, georgia. more from washington at the top of the hour. a look ahead at super tuesday at 10 eastern. now back to mike huckabee and tonight's candidate forum. >> presidential candidate newt gingrich took questions from our panel of experts. now we are joined by talking about how the economic collapse
5:31 pm
is up close and personal. daniel was killed in iraq in 2003. having difficulty coping with his son's death at his old job he began working as a shuttle driver for dhl. since being laid off in 2009 he turned his hobby of making custom knives. a full-time lifetime resident of wilmington she and her husband were both unemployed at different points in the last two years but as a result they have had a hard time making ends meet. they had to use their retirement funds just to keep their home. kef von is also with us he's a senior at ohio state university. he's concerned about job prospects after he graduates at the end of the quarter. we will start with devon. >> speaker gingrich i have to tell you it's an honor to speak with you. my first question is you touched a little bit earlier on trying to turn the united states into the number one manufacturer in the world. i wanted you if you could
5:32 pm
elaborate how you go about doing that. >> means you have to replace the environmental protection agency with environmental solution agency. epa is the biggest job killer ohio faces. you see what they want to do with 830 percent of yo-- 80 percent of your electricity they want to turn ohio into an industrial waste lane. i am for 100 percent expensing for new equipment and using unemployment as a time to train people using the new equipment and 0 capital gains so hundreds of billions of dollars get invested. by the way at a 12 and a half percent corporate tax rate you get $700 billion back home that is currently blocked up over hae he is as. our goal is to have your generation have an aggressive jobs program where everybody in your generation has a chance to learn how to work. america only works when americans are working. you don't work as a society unless you have a chance to go to work.
5:33 pm
>> we are going to turn to you. you and your husband have had a real struggle in wilmington. your question for the speaker. >> thank you for coming. we really appreciate it. the government bailed out the auto and banking industries. most people here didn't like hearing that. where we come from they never asked the government for a handout. what would you do if that happened again? >> it was an enormous mistake. because of the way the ballot was handled we centralized more power in the banks, we made big banks bigger put more power in the treasury. if you had taken the same number of dollars and helped people who had mortgages so they then paid the banks you could have chived the same kind of a goal in a much more human oriented model. what they tried to do is poured the money in from the very top. this is true for president obama. they poured money from the top and never trickled down. big banks kept the money they
5:34 pm
never made the loans and the federal regulators have depressed the housing market so it is still declining this is the opposite of what they sured have done. i would have favored increasing number of small local banks they are the ones that make most of the loans to small business. i would have favored helping people work out their home mortgage problems and i would have favored looking at helping people not helping large new york city banks and candidly i have said at the time you cannot have capitalism on the way up and socialism on the way down. there are very rich guys who are happy to take the money when it was good and they took our money when it got bad. i think that was wrong. >> michael, your question for the speaker, please. >> mr. speaker it's an honor to be here. we thank you for coming to here. with all dupre -- respect with e statement you made about unemployment where you were giving people money for doing
5:35 pm
something, th nothing, that's not entirely accurate. while you say we are doing nothing you have to look for a job, you have to document that, which takes a lot of money and fuel, time, and with what's leftover you have to pay your bills. it's not money for doing nothing. >> but take 99 weeks which millions of americans get. if we had attached to the 99 weeks a training program those folks would have ended up literally with the equivalent of an associates degree. the challenge is in fresno california 17,000 were unemployed and 17,000 jobs. the unemployed didn't have the training for the job. i want to find a way from day one if you find yourselves in a situation where you don't have work, we are connecting you to the world of work and we are giving you an incentive to get trained and give you a business incentive to reach out to train new people. particularly if we go to a very
5:36 pm
high modernization which 100 percent expensing would be so you have lots of new equipment and capabilities that requires new training for people to get jobs. >> we are short on time but i want to get another question in as quickly as possible. what's your question? >> you said something earlier you owned 4 small businesses since your last position. >> yes. >> you said you had experience with making sure you can make payroll and stuff like that. quite frankly i think it's easier to make payroll when you have finances that someone in your position does. what would you say to people if they can't make payroll they have nothing to fall back on. how would you assist those people? >> i think it's very hard. i was impressed mike opened up a custom knife shop and then was developing his own business. there's no question, if you are in the position i am in or governor huckabee is in you have the same shot at it. the same principal is there. if i can't go out and find a customer if i don't have people work with me that doesn't want to get the job done nothing
5:37 pm
happens. it can be really challenging in this economy. i think you have to get up every morning and you have to figure out what are you going to market and how are you going to find customers. how can you keep your cost lower than what is coming in. you can't play. >> also thanks to speaker beginningrism. we will see the speaker again later in the show for final thoughts. >> when we come back former massachusetts governor mitt romney joins us to face another round of questions on our forum about jobs. we will be right back. [ water ] ♪ me me me meeeee
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but we would have. and for us, the things you do when no one is looking are the things that define you. ♪ >> welcome back to forum 3 jobs. we are back with our panel of business experts including fox business network senior correspondent charlie asperino elaine choa. we are joined by mitt romney candidate for president. let's start the questionings with dave. >> governor, nice to see you. nice to meet you. glad you could come sit with us. >> thank you so much. >> personal question here, sir.
5:41 pm
my son received a traumatic brain injury wound in afghanistan and suffers from severe post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. the government has repeatedly denied services because his wounds aren't visible. he will never be able to return to the regular work force. this week president obama's administration again cut his ie and tell me he will be taken care of? >> david, my heartbreaks for you and your family. it's just hard to image what it could be like. i have five boys as you know. having one of them injured that way, having one having his life taken, it's something you can only image you can't know unless
5:42 pm
you have really experienced it as you have. i want you to know how much i appreciate your son's sacrifice for our country and i appreciate your sacrifice your family's sacrifice for our country. to those who put everything on the line, we owe everything they need. and i can tell you if i am president of the united states, i will not be raising co-pays on soldiers that are wounded on men and women who serve this country, and i will do everything in my power to help your son and men and boys and women and girls like him. we have such a great debt of gratitude to these individuals. and i -- i can't tell you enough how much i am moved your experience and what debt i believe this country owes to your son and to others like him. we will stay in touch, david. i want to make sure he gets the kind of care he needs and he has a bright and rewarding life. >> you know, sir, i thank you so
5:43 pm
much for that, but it's his brothers that's his concern. the va today is a nightmare. just a nightmare to deal through to try to get any service out of them. tbi victims when they come hope they wait 6 months for their first check. again, sir, please. >> i understand the benefit recovery period the time it takes to get benefits paid has been lengthened dramatically under this administration. i have a son who works in healthcare. he's a doctor. he's in residency, and he works at the va hospital sometimes as part of his training he works in regular hospitals he says, you know, dad, the va hospital isn't getting the same level of care and attention that times exi-- sometimes exists in the private hospitals the public hospitals. we need to recognize that those who serve this country in our
5:44 pm
uniform have a special place in our hearts and we have to care for them. the american people feel that. no question in my mind they recognize we have a huge obligation to those who serve their country. i certainly feel that way. one of the things i can't understand right now the president is cutting back on spending that is something that has to happen but he's only cutting back in the military. he's going after try care saying we are going to raise the co-pays and cut the benefits. why is it we go after military families, why isn't he going after government workers represented by the big government sun ons. i think i know the answer. my view is we care for our soldiers. we care for our soldiers and families first. that's our responsibility as a nation. >> thank you governor brown. let's go to charlie. >> turning to the economy. you have been criticized for having a tax plan that 57 points -- not my words. 57 points of mind numbing details. i will say this. i cover wall street and some of it is hard for me to make sense
5:45 pm
of. can you make sense of it for the average american? >> by the way it's not 57, it's 59. that's not my tax plan by the way. my tax plan is much smaller. but the 59 i can describe are a whole series of steps i think we have to take in order at that make america the most attractive place in the world for entrepreneurs and innovators for job creators of all kind big and small. my tax plan is straight forward. i lower the corporate rate from 35-25 percent so we are competitive as a nation. number two, this is something that can't be forgotten. most people in america don't kwos work for corporations that are taxed as corporations. they work for small businesses that are taxed as individuals. the marginal tax rate on individuals is what is driving the success of most peoples jobs. as a result i will lower the marginal rates across the board
5:46 pm
by 20 percent. it will go from 35 percent to 28 percent and i am going to do these things without busting the budget. i do that by putting limits on exemptions and deductions and special breaks and loopholes so we end up with a plan combined with growth and eliminations -- or limiting those deductions keeping us to add on to the debt. >> on your broader economic message did you think you had to delineate it down to 59 points or 57 points? didn't the message get lost there? that is what i want to hear from you. what is your message about growing the economy? how are we going to concrete do it? >> i lay it out simply. i want more jobs less debt and smaller government. those are three simple concepts. more jobs than we start off with. i have been involved in business around the world. i have bonn involved in small business and big business.
5:47 pm
there are 7 attributes of highly effective economies that have to be applied here. from 59 to quick 7. one tax rates that are competitive that i just described. two regulators and regulations that are up to date and encourage the private sector. number 3, taking advantage of energy resources. we have a lot of energy, coal, gas, oil, nuclear, use it. number four making sure we have a level playing field when it comes to trade. i like to open up new markets for our goods but you have to crack down on cheaters like china. they are stealing jobs in this country by cheating, by manipulating currency and stealing intellectual property. next you have to build human capital that means training programs and great schools. we also have to have a balanced budget. people are not going to invest in america if they think we are going to run into a wall like greece. these are the principles that gets america to be the most attractive place in the world for enterprise. oo you do those things we will
5:48 pm
create jobs. >> we have to take a break. secretary chao will have the next question when we return on our forum about jobs. we will be back from wilmington, ohio.
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5:51 pm
>> welcome back to tore rforum . the first question in this segment is from secretary elaine chao. >> governor romney i have a question about the debt ceiling. the federal government is expected to hit the debt ceiling on or about election day. under your policy, how long will the nation have to wait before the federal government ran a
5:52 pm
balanced budget and didn't have to raise the debt ceiling again? >> madam secretary, in the first 100 days in my presidency i will get america on track to have a balanced budget. if we can get the growth rate high enough that can happen sooner rather than later in terms of that number. i will get us on track if i am lucky enough to have one and two terms we will have a balanced budget. how do you do that? three simple rules. one eliminate programs that are not absolutely essential. don't just slow down their growth get rid of them. some are easy to get rid of intellectually. one of course is obama care. get rid of that. there's a long list of programs. is this program so critical it is worth borrowing money from china to pay for it, if not get rid of it. number two take blocks of what the federal government is doing and give it back to the states. job training programs, 47 different federal job training programs bundle the money send it back to the states let them
5:53 pm
run them. medicaid housing vouchers food programs let the state handle them and cap growth. make government. more efficient by reducing the payroll and linking the pay and benefits of government workers with that of the people in the private sector. people working for government shouldn't get a better deal than the taxpayers paying for them. >> governor the second love of my life besides my family is my business. i listen to washington talk about cutting taxes. all you guys ever talk about is cutting taxes. cutting taxes. well, governor, i need people that walk through my door -- i haven't made a profit in five years. government doesn't create jobs. i need government to get out of my way. i need a profit. what are you going to do to get that government out of the way to turn a profit? >> you talk about cutting taxes
5:54 pm
and that will give businesses a break. a lot of businesses would love to pay taxes showing they have a profit. some of the most hard hit industries manufacturing in particular you have businesses that haven't seen profits in years. what i want to do is make america such an attractive place tore entrepreneurs again for startups and small business that we start seeing job broet agagr again. in the obama years the number of startups per year went up by 100,000? people are afraid to investment almost everything president obama has done has made it harder for small business not just raising taxes but obama care squares the dickens out of small businesses. he changed the playing field by stacking national labor relations board against you. energy. he's held off on the development of domiestic energy. all of these provisions made it harder for business. the best thing i could do for customers is get customers better jobs with higher incomes
5:55 pm
then they will walk in your door and say i want some of those pastries that dave makes down the street. mike looks like you are thinking about this already. >> he didn't bring us any. >> i want to make america once again the job creating machine it has been in the past. if the median income in america has dropped by 10 percent in the last four years you think of that. families are seeing higher food costs higher gasoline costs higher healthcare costs so they have to cut back. what do they cut back on, baked goods, movies, restaurants. as a result the entire economy suffers. we have to turn this around and get america growing again by having people such confidence in our future that they invest in their ideas and build new enterprises. >> madam secretary i am going to give you the next question. you have one for the governor. >> i have a good one. lemonade stands have been a time honored right of entrepreneurial passage for youngsters seeking to make a little bit of extra
5:56 pm
money. as fox's john stossel recently reported, these days america's youngest entrepreneurs are increasingly at risk of being shut down for violating local ordinances such as on food safety. if your own grandchildren were enthusiastic about opening up their own lemonade stand would you council they first make sure it would be legal to do so or are you going to just take the risk, the risk of venture capital and provide them with the powder concentrate and the paper cups? >> governor we have about a minute to answer the lemonade question here? >> my question is kids be able to open up lemonade stands. you got to have freedom in this country. one of the problems we have right now is there are so many bureaucrats in washington and they lived there so long they try to think of new things they can do to somehow make america better. there are too many of them. get them out of there. let entrepreneurs, small -- i am
5:57 pm
thinking about kids. i mean entrepreneurs of all kind open their doors start businesses. we have regulators on regulators trying to direct our lives. that's not what america is. you think about the interstate highway system built during the eyes enhour years. you could never build that today. the epa and the environmental impact studies that would be required would take decades to put in place. we could not have the country we had if we had the regulations of today imposed on our past. the reck horse for america cut back on the size of government and get them out of the way. >> we will come back with more with mitt romney and a panel of ohioans. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum joins us. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this is lois.
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