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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 4, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PST

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that's it for special report, i am bret baier. >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, march 4th, i am he' alisyn camerota, a fox news alert this morning because the death toll rising after tornados ripped through america's heartland. at least 38 people are confirmed dead this morning as rescuers raced against the clock to find survivors still stuck in this rubble. we're live in indiana with the latest. >> dave: and mitt romney steals another victory taking the washington state caucuses. is this the momentum he needs just two days before super tuesday, clayton? >> thank you, dave. the next time you want to fly you may want to listen to your
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flight attendant and turn off your cell phone. how a passenger's blackberry causes chaos in the sky. are you paying attention? ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks for waking up early with us, we know you want to know what happened through the midwest and the south. we begin with a fox news weather alert, the death toll from the twister outbreak is up to 38 people, and towns have been leveled and people's lives were destroyed in a blink of an eye. >> we looked through the back window in the basement and see the debris flying by and when it was done i, walked in the front porch and told the neighbor he'd lost his building. >> that man describing what he
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went through in piner, kentucky and we're hearing similar stories from all over the south and the midwest. rescue crews still searching for possible survivors as we speak. >> clayton: right now we want to take you to henriville, indiana one of the hardest areas. and that's where we find rick reichmuth. and numbers and wind we've been able to get out of henryville, right? >> and the national weather service determined that the tornado here was an f-4 the same size that hit harrisburg, illinois a few days ago and straight to the tornado that hit tuscaloosa, alabama last year and put that into perspective and they still have more work to do on the investigation. one thing that made it difficult for them, two tornados struck exactly in the spot about ten minutes apart. and this town, along with
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other communities and homes and farms and such all through here, hit twice in a row and certainly made it a very difficult challenge and caused daniel to be search greater as well and tell you, also, it's very cold and there's snow in the forecast and a little bit of rain tonight and transition into snow and tomorrow morning likely wake up to an inch or two of snow covering this mess and that certainly makes it a little bit difficult. i want to break in, from the national guard, got here on friday night right after the storm and a lot of work gets done quickly in this process and you guys have the big part of that. tell me what it's been like the last couple of days for you? >> well, first i want to say our hearts go out to all the families that have lost so much. you know. >> it's been difficult for us, but not near as difficult for them. what we find, communities have come together. southern indiana is kind of known as just a kind of heart and soul of our state.
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a lot of people wanting to help, a lot of volunteers, we have a great interaction with state police and the the other agencies here and the american red cross is with us, in partnership and so it's been challenging, but i think this is part of the job we love the most, i mean, we've always-- if we can help out locally, we feel most proud. >> it's amazing when you're on these stories, how quickly people come out to help. and started yesterday, the meeting with the red cross and the salvation arm and bringing coffee and food that they bought out at stores and tried to pass around. the is city of henryville don't need assistance because there are people who need to get in and out of town? >> yeah, we love this, important again, talks how well the community comes together. unfortunately, we still have things for safety reasons we can't, we can't use all the volunteers we have right now. once the utilities have a
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chance to make it safe and some of the search parties have made it safe, then most certainly, we need the volunteers to help. i know the families were appreciate any cleanup assistance a getting their life back. >> give it a day or two until the power lines get back here and make sure everything is safe and then come and help. >> absolutely. and then, that's appreciated, but you know, again, everything that's been done so far was and wonderful and you talk about all the organizations and the people just, you know, bring what they can, clothes and everythi everything. >> all right. so, yesterday, we were at the junior high school here, it's fenced off. tell us about that. >> well, again, we're trying to make sure it's safe. and a lot of people were trying to already help out and we hadn't had a position to make sure it was structurely safe and last thing we wanted
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was more people to get hurt. >> when we drove around, this was the center of the most destruction we've seen kind of in the center of the town. you get into some of the other areas and still find homes and businesses that are in very precarious situations and haven't had people to do safety checks and people are out there trying to get what they think and it's a dangerous situation, not a one-town event. how do you guys manage when the damage is across a widespread area. >> i think communication with our partners, fortunately, we've been through this several times, we've had disasters in the past and we've got measures in place that we try to prepare for them. my particular unit is from the northern part of the state and our mission is to react to disasters such as this. so, that's part of our training throughout the year. >> you were telling me about a
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flag that you see standing, tell me about that. >> yeah, we were extremely surprised and kind of gave everybody an uplift. on the back side of the gym, the american flag is, it's not hanging as proudly as it it used to be, but it's still there and as we walked by yesterday, with the general and governor stopped and take photos and think about it and i guess be proud that have. >> always those kinds of things a reminder to us, the greatest in the country and you see these stories, guys when you're travelling i see over and over again and commenting with the producer how great the american people are they come together immediately in these communities. and henryville like he ever every other people, they come together, here henryville we stick together. guys, send it back to you.
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>> clayton: quick, before we let you go. we're seeing these buildings just leveled and all of the people trying to pick up the pieces of their lives and presumably there are shelters set up. are they out of the town and any structures left to clothes and to take care of them. >> i'll bring in the lt. colonel on this. they're asked me about the buildings leveled and what kind of shelters and stuff essentially. obviously, the red cross always comes in and immediately has shelters for people that we were talking a bit a lot of people don't want to lose their homes? >> yeah, there's elderly couples, a lot of people's animals that are in the position, and we went out and spoke with all of them. we've been out there, the teams have been out there. the community has been there with them. so we bring items they may need of comfort. but, yeah, i mean, we try to get as long as it's safe for them we try the best we can.
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>> and let people stay back in their homes. thanks. >> all right. rick, thanks so much for sharing all of that with us, and you'll bring us the latest throughout the so. and dave, yesterday we were talking about the incredibly random nature of the path of destruction of tornados and no story better illustrates it than the story of a 20 month old little baby who was ripped from the trailer where she and her family were living and found in a field and the rest of her family died. >> ten miles away. >> this is young 15 month old, her name really is angel, okay? she's a family of five. four killed, angel the only survivor, as ali said miles away in a field and she's still in critical condition this morning, but none of less a bit after miracle. >> that's the town, you're looking at video this have utter destruction and find the other members of her family under some rubble. and just saw rick reichmuth
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estimating that 170 miles an hour the ef-4 tornado. they don't know how they managed to find her alone in the field and cared for right now in louisville, kentucky. and here is the the hospital spokesperson talking about the care of this child, now, without a family. >> she as good extended family here taking good care of her while they're here. and they're very, very much appreciative of the calls and lots of prayers coming in out there. >> and neighbors said that they tried to coax the family out of the trailer when he they heard the sirens and knew the tornado was coming in, but the family wanted to stay together and stayed in their trailer. the fact that she was-- it's mind blowing that she was sound so far away and she is alive. in critical condition and her age, there are reports she's 20 months and two years old and 15 months old, just a young toddler and we'll keep you updated throughout the show, god willing her
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condition improves. >> her parents, 20 and 21. they are gone. all right, meanwhile, let's talk politics, there was a big caucus on saturday. and second only to florida, in terms of delegate counts and caucuses within by mitt romney, putting up a big number. 38%, more than newt gingrich and rick santorum combined. >> and ron paul going out on the stump saying, hey, look, we did well here, getting a lot of delegates, thinks he can do well in the caucus states and racking up delegates by getting people to come out and show passion. ron paul territory up there with a lot of libertarian folks who came out to the caucuses. >> in fact, they said some were standing room only there, filled to capacity crowds only 50,000 people in the caucuses and that's still a lot. >> four times as many as the caucus four years ago. >> is that right? a lot of enthusiasm, less than 2% of the rest of the voters
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in washington state, but that's how the caucuses work. the people were turned away when they tried to get into schools and churches. the updated delegate count, this is tricky because some of the places like washington state don't award the delegates yet. and they're more like beauty contests as they're called. if they are awarded as by-- >> and asterisk, this is how much mitt romney would have today, 202 delegates, for santorum 93 and gingrich 32 and ron paul 25. >> dave: and talk about momentum and it's clearly on the side of mitt romney. now, he gets michigan, he gets arizona, he wins the washington caucuses and he had maine, and you hear a lot of people again talking about that air of inevitability. and super tuesday, upwards of 400 for grabs and the momentum is on romney's side. >> clayton: you look at the
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polls, and those out of ohio slowing mitt romney slipping in the polls-- >> no. >> clayton: rick santorum slipping in the polls and he wants to get back to the family values and rick santorum narrative he was able to rise in the polls. let's listen to him. >> folks, if we know what works, why don't we talk about what works and encourage it in our school and culture and political discourse. what are we afraid of? why-- (applause) >> why are we damning people. why are we condemning them to a life just because we won't talk about it. we'll talk about childhood obesity until the cows come home and talk about one of the great underlining cause of
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childhood oeblt abesity, see it the neighborhood and family. >> alisyn: one of his roles has been to talk about thought provoking things that people don't bring up. from his family to his faith, to what education should look like in the future. he has been talking about things that are previously taboo. >> clayton: he's in allen county, ohio, and i used to live in that nook there, talking to smaller towns and talking blue collar values and the narrative that helped him so strongly in the polls, like lima, ohio 30,000 in that town. hit that go narrative. >> dave: the obstacle for him. it's not sexy, organizational. he's got mange ballot issues in ohio, and some of the delegates he's not eligible for. it may be that numbers may be the biggest challenge. >> alisyn: something happened last night and governor huckabee had a forum.
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basically the last debate though they didn't debate each other and they aired their opinions again and asked questions and it was an interesting moment for mitt romney. he was questioned by a military father who talked about how his son had returned from the battlefield with some emotional scars some ptsd, and some said it was the most emotional for mitt romney during the campaign. personal question there, sir. my son received a trauma brain injury wounds in afghanistan and suffers from severe post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. the government is repeatedly denied services because his wounds aren't visible. he will never be able to return to the regular work force. this week, president obama's
3:16 am
administration again cut his benefits. sir, will you look me in the eye and tell me he'll be taken care of? >> david, my heart breaks for you and your family. i can tell you if i'm president of the united states, i'll not be raising on co-pays on soldiers that are wounded on men and women who serve this country. one of the things i can't understand, right now the president is cutting back on spending he's only cutting back on military, we're going to raise the co-pays and cut the benefits. why is it we go after military family, why isn't he going after government workers, at that who are represented by big government unions, we care for our soldiers and their families first. >> you know, i think one of the things romney did well last night was connect, because it wasn't just charlie gasperino and a panel. it was three citizens,
3:17 am
actually got to fire questions at the candidates, too, and he seemed to connect better than he has recently. >> that answer went on longer than we had time and he talked about his own family and five sons, he can only imagine what the father would have gone through and he would have gone through having to sacrifice one of our own children for the great country of the united states of america on the battlefield like that, so, you're right, he really had that emotional connection. >> alisyn: and maybe that sort of setting works for him, in terms of more one-on-one and governor huckabee once again didn't allow the candidates to go after each other, or to even mention each other, i think. >> dave: not at all. >> alisyn: that's right, because they didn't have to lob attacks and they were able to speak more plainly. >> clayton: and they could ask specific questions to candidates about specific issues surfacing the past week and a half and specifically newt gingrich talking about gasoline and hitting hard on president obama and the $3.67 a gallon, whatever it is right
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now this morning. upwards of $4 and headed to, 5. what is it, 4.76. >> dave: 3.76. >> clayton: another rise today, by the way, a number of rise for a number of days in a row. >> dave: and newt gingrich says if he's president of the united states, gas will be $2.50 a gallon and he was asked how he can accomplish that. >> and why do you think that 2.50 is a definable number. i think it will go below that and fluctuate. in the free market a fluctuating price. and the obama around 5 and newt gingrich somewhere around 2.50, that's a clear distinction. >> alisyn: how will he do it? he's out lined it on his website. would use innovative drilling methods and access more oil since 1870, he's a his totoriah
3:19 am
and going back in time. >> and the white house firing back and the president's radio address, showed a chart and oil plummeted under the obama administration and there's no silver bullet and firing back and the white house knows how important gas prices are right now to this reelection campaign. >> alisyn: let's talk about the other headlines of the day. and a deadly bombing in yemen killed at least six soldiers when two cars exploded and two military outposts near the city, believed to be link today an al-qaeda group and also took an another of soldiers prisoner. >> that deadly high school shooting is still fresh in the minds of the residents in charge last night and tried another vigil to try to help them heal. >> alisyn: hundreds of people came out to not only remember
3:20 am
the three young lives that were lost, but to show pride in the way the community has grown together following the tragedy. >> this is a time to pull together, and support one another, and i think that's just what everybody here wants to do. >> alisyn: earlier in the day, there was not a dry eye and 15-year-old dan ny parmatore was laid to rest. >> and israel will wait until after the election, and this is hatched out by u.s. and israeli officials and tonight, president obama will meet with benjamin netanyahu and plan to discuss the rising tensionings between the countries and the officials want to strike iran now and the president has warned against acting prematurely. you've heard flight attendants
3:21 am
say shut off your cell phones and now we know why. a flight in france was diverted because a beeping noise caused a bomb scare. and the flight attendants didn't know what it was, when he they didn't realize what it was, the pilot made an emergency landing and discovered this device you're about to see. it's a blackberry. the beeping was a missed call alert. no word yet if the passenger who failed to turn off their phone will face think charges. >> so it wasn't the cell phone interference of the pilots. >> alisyn: no, i believe that's a possibility as well. and i believe there's a safety issue not just annoyance factor. >> clayton: i it get so fired up, when they tell my kindle off. >> alisyn: you become an angry passenger. >> clayton: i become an angry nerd. >> dave: and there goes alec
3:22 am
baldwin. >> clayton: don't you know it's simply the technology. >> alisyn: a strongly worded-- >> coming up, the search for survivors continues in the south and west following the deadly tornados and head back for the latest there. >> alisyn: and then why was this guy getting unemployment behind bars? wait until you hear how much money he got. . >> should republicans just forget about winning the white house altogether and just focus on winning the senate? and keeping the house? one well phone conservative says yes. our political panel weighs in on this interesting debate. you don't want to miss that coming up. ♪
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>> all right. obviously our top story the fox weather alert the death toll from the devastating twister outbreak has climbed to 38 people. this video just in from georgia, you can see small airplanes flipped over just like toys and entire neighborhoods quickly destroyed this morning. >> dave: rick reichmuth live in henryville, one of the hardest hit areas, is there anything left? >> there's not a whole lot left. many of the homes right here, are owl destroyed and a number of the businesses, the diner on that side. this is' another restaurant on that side. and those are completely destroyed and a little bit.
3:27 am
if you go back a half a mile to the south, then things were not touched, but it was a pretty wide tornado ap i want to tell you we're just getting into the raw amateur video, but amazing video of this tornado that hit right here. there's a gas station that's probably 200 yards the other side of me here right along the highway and interstate 65 that goes out a gas station right there. take a look at this tornado as it pulls through here. a scary, scary looking tornado. that sound you hear is the sound of the sheet metal on top of the gas station.
3:28 am
so, guys, you know, yesterday off-- immediately you get out here and people are just trying to get order and be able to move around and clearing out power lines and trees and such and yesterday we got out and started to talk to people and hear their stories. one woman who rode out the tornado inside her bathroom and could see all of the debris flying out the window. there was not a lot of damage to her house, but she walked out and everything around her was destroyed and saw the back side of the tornado about 200 feet away from her and watched it pull away, the scareiest thing she is he' seen. another person who, there was a car in her driveway, she has he no idea who the car belongs to and at first they weren't home when it happened, but thought that it possibly, the car blew there. and their home had been broken into and somebody who was driving saw the tornado, had to get into a home, somehow
3:29 am
got into the home and left. the car wasn't drivable and they left. and some of the worst gets done so quickly and able to get back out here, and put down in these and get the electric and phone lines back up, one thing important for communication and some get knocked out and another, it's typically hard for people to communicate. but if i cannily begins to get repaired and i think today those basic services will be done and tomorrow, people will be able to get back in and get through their homes and see what they can find. guys? >> rick, i don't know if you were listening to us talk about the story of the 20 month old or 15 month old baby found alive and picked up by the twister out of her trailer and deposited miles away. do you have an update on her this morning? >> yeah, yesterday, we went out to try to find that area
3:30 am
and it's a town about 12 miles away from here, called new pekin and the same tornado that hit there, hit here first and all of her family members, two siblings, one slightly older and a baby just a few months old and the parents all killed, but the one baby survived and it's been a story that's been going around here, and sometimes, in these situations you start to hear stories and hard to piece what is truth out of those stories, and a lot of it-- right away and they're releasing, name of the baby, extended family members are with the baby in the hospital. that baby is in critical condition. you know, you hear great stories of people who survived and then other stories, and appears a baby who is orphaned now losing four members of her family and these' two years old. it's a tragic story, and a tragic story for a while for her. >> they released her name,
3:31 am
angel, remarkable. >> dave: thank you, rick, appreciate it. >> alisyn: more news to tell you about. here is the rest of your headlines, an apology issued by conservative talk show host rush limbaugh to georgetown university law school students, she appeared on capitol hill, for companies to cover birth control. >> and limbaugh called her a derrogatory word, promoting casual sex. in a statement, my choice of wor words, in an attempt to be how many rust, i create add national stir. i sincerely apologize to ms. fluke for insulting word choices. and head lon, late yesterday, killed 15 people and leaving 54 others hurt. officials say both trains were travelling on the same track, but only one of them should
3:32 am
have been there. they say it's not clear how the southbound train ended up on the wrong track, but maintenance crews-- maintenance is carried out on a nearby track and the investigation is ongoing. talk about making a killing, a convicted murderer reportedly collecting $30,000 in unemployment benefits while he was in jail. we're talking about anthony garcia convicted of killing a gang rival in california seven years ago and tattooing the crime scene on his chest, which you can see a portion of there. authorities say his father and two girlfriends will receive his fraudulent unemployment check in the mail and deposit them into the prison account. they're charged with grand theft and no word what charges he would face. talk about a come back and lindsay lohan poking fun at his troubles on "saturday
3:33 am
night live." >> i want to thank my friend at snl to trust me enough to have me back. now, this studio feels like a home to me. the alarm goes off if i leave the stage? i thought only if i left the studio. i thought you guys trusted me. >> alisyn: it was the fourth time she caused the show. it's not the performance, but it's her face, photos from 2004 see drastic changes, and prompting those who think she had one too many trips to the plastic surgeon. >> fillers? it ages here, she's a beautiful 25 year old. she doesn't need as much intervention as she's getting? new york post has a plastic surgeon saying she looked like a dead fish, ali, these are not my words.
3:34 am
>> that's horrible. go back to the red hair. >> alisyn: okay, i will. oh, i'm sorry. >> dave: not you, you look good. let's talk sports now. how about the minnesota timberwolves, snapping a 16 game losing streak to the portland, trail blazers and the t-wolves come on strong. >> rubio working-- >> and kevin had 42 points, one shy of the 43 he scored in december. former blazer swingman-- minnesota wins 122-110. and unfortunately, i have to read this thing shall the duke blue devils at home against north carolina for the acc regular season title, it was awful from the start. if you're like me and you're a devils fan and missed 15 consecutive shots, did duke, including the first 7 from downtown, kendall marshal, 20 points for the heels, and one
3:35 am
of the three tarheels who had a double-double. north carolina had the win and the crown and one seed in the tournament. coach k bumming. no kidding. and the saints, meanwhile, decide today tag their own quarterback, drew brees given the franchise tag and giving the saints exclusive negotiating rights for the year. after the nfl announce that new orleans had been running a bounty programs $1500 for the card off and they're going to be hit hard for that one, clayton. somewhere in the next month. >> clayton: i was going to pay $1500 to clip you in the hallway. >> dave: take you out, brother. (laughter) >> all right. listen to this, should the g.o.p. concentrate on regaining the majority in congress instead of the white house in 2012? that's what one columnist is suggesting. george wills writes in the weekly column. there will come a point when
3:36 am
conservatives turn their energies to a goal much more than electing romney or santorum president. it's taking control of the house and senate and making sure the republicans wield all the gavels. what does our political panel think about that? a provocative argument. and radio talk show host david webb the founder of tea party 365 in the middle and doug schoen on the end. a pollster. dede. let me start with you. as form assistant to president bush do you agree with george will that we should forget the presidency and just focus on congress, winning back congress? >> no. i mean, that's the most insane thing i've ever heard. you cannot give up the presidency, never ever give up. and this is one of the most important things americans can do is vote for the president of the united states of america. i mean, we're in a terrible
3:37 am
position right now in our country with the economy and so forth. yes, americans should engage in something so important. i don't know what george will is doing. i think many cocktail parties and this elitist and defeatist attitude is wrong so republicans and make sure that vote and concentrate on the white house. >> david, it looks like you might have been at the cocktail parties and may agree with george will on this, don't focus on the presidency, that will come and go every four years, we've got to get control of the committees and gavels in congress and drive legislation. do you agree with george will? >> well, it's a boxing analogy, it's a split decision,'s right we need to focus on down ballot and congress and the committees and try to take the senate and especially now that olympia snowe is announcing she's retiring. and fdr wanted to alter the supreme court. obama could appoint three
3:38 am
judges, if he appoints three liberal judges he'll alter the court and think what it does in america when a supreme court backs progressive policies and we change the culture that is an american culture. >> clayton: doug, where do you stand on this. give up the presidency and focus on congress. is george will talking about the resources and money and time? >> actually he's talking about message, saying that the republicans don't have a narrative. they don't have ideas, they don't have a vision and thus, he they should give up the pressy. i don't think that's right. if you look at ronald reagan how he changed the direction of the country and clearly for conservatives, that's what they should do. but george will is making a larger point, which is that the republican party can't beat president obama by attacking just with negativity and with the fields they have. >> no narrative? >> yes, of course we have a narrative. this is crazy. mitt romney is a business guy, a jobs guy, outside of d.c. this is d.c. beltway cocktail party b-s.
3:39 am
we're going to take the white house and take on barack obama. >> and in the wall street journal writing an opinion piece talking about the narrative driven by president obama at this point. you have mitt romney and santorum going off-- >> when the primary is over, and mitt romney is our nominee, he will object our nominee and this is saying that he we don't concentrate on the white house and it's a bad strategy, too, because the white house race will dictate and also affect the congressional races it doesn't make any sense. >> there's a problem here though on the right. we kept getting dragged into the wrong argument. we have the political schizophrenia of rick santorum, who does an economic speech after the tuesday night primary and goes back to ohio and starts slipping. and suddenly runs through social conservative base. and we have all of this national narrative of wrong ideas, talking about the economy, the jobs and national security. so, my advice to republicans to the right is realize that
3:40 am
we have to focus on our message and yes, it's fighting in the primaries. when the primary is over you've got to be able to win the general and not doing a good job on our message. >> and a point of person privilege, i live in new york, don't go to washington cocktail parties and try to avoid the b-s. what david is saying is not the b-s. president obama has a partial message. blame the oil companies, raise taxes, raise spending. and so far there isn't a republican message. maybe, dee dee you're right. and maybe-- >> and talking about pre-business outside of-- >> and here is the the problem, here is the problem, the tea party movement is proof of this. the tea party movement has a straight forward message, limited effective and constitutional government. the republican party has so many members out there in the primary, it's turning people off and giving them they lack
3:41 am
an understanding-- >> final word. >> the republicans are going to win back the white house, i don't know what these guys are talking about, the republicans and mitt romney, soon to be president romney will win and finally get the country back on track. george will is wrong. republicans-- >> don't listen to george will, the final word. >> clayton: i'll see you guys all at the washington cocktail party. >> thank you for joining us. >> thanks so much. >> clayton: coming up on the show, preventing pregnancy to help save on health care costs those from the health and human services kathleen sebelius. is this blown out of proportion, and president obama praised it four days ago, and general motors putting the brakes on the chevy volt. and the car going bust right now. and why aren't these things selling and other green cars are. we report, you decide. ok, guys-- what's next ?
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3:45 am
>> welcome back, quick headlines, more damning evidence revealed about the captain of the costa concordia, about the ship wreck started in italy. his first officer told prosecutors he wasn't wearing glasses when crash occurred. he's under house arrest and did not attend the hearing. and photos of mars snapped, the red planet only visible to the naked eye, when the straight lun with the sun and glowing at its brightest tomorrow. >> alisyn: i'll keep it eye out, thanks. dave. health and human services
3:46 am
secretary, kathleen sebelius, something she said with congressman murphy. >> who paid for it. >> the reduction in a number of pregnancies is-- compensates for the cost of contraception. by not having babies important, we're saving money. i want this on the record. you're saying by not having babies born, we're going to save money in health care. >> providing contraception for women and for their children, reduces health-- >> congressman tim murphy joins us now with his reaction, good morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> alisyn: you seemed taken aback by something in at that change. what struck you the most? >> what struck me is the idea that women shouldn't be having babies and that's the way to save money. and that's not it at all. certainly, when the pregnancy, good prenatal care, good neo natal care and perinatal care,
3:47 am
looking at budget and saying we're having fewer babies is not a way to do this. and that's part of the concern of the churches oppose today this mandate. saying we're going to do some sort of population freeze or population, to save health care dollars, it doesn't make sense on a faith base or an economic base. >> alisyn: it sound luke secretary sebelius is talking about unwanted pregnancies and can have medical complications and health care costs. certainly any pregnancy can have a complication, wanted or unwanted. the issue goes down to the point of somehow saying that by having fewer of these, it's somehow seen as a disease or a prevention in health problems. pregnancy is not a health problem. it's something that's very natural part of our life
3:48 am
cycle. but, it gets this point of somehow saying, well, if that's seen as a sickness and a disease and reducing that is something that's positive, somehow balanced, what comes next? and this gets to the crux of the argument of those of faith-based institutions which are deeply concerned about this mandate and it somehow peels back the purtacurtain and somehow ends justifies the means and somehow the reducing the cost of health care. >> it wasn't reducing the cost of health care always the stated objective for this health care overhaul? >> yes, it was not supposed to get into issues dealing with abortion. and if you look at the rules and the laws that have been in place for years, the hyatt amendment, amendments to public law, you cannot discriminate against providers and insurance companies that did not have coverage for
3:49 am
certain things which they would consider a moral objection, a contraception and abortion are among those, and so, now, this is overturning some of those public laws by saying that the mandate for it. what the secretary was trying to say, but if it's free, then it's okay. and first of all, it's not free, it's going to cost somewhere else and number two, it isn't taken care of by having lower pregnancy and three, that doesn't take care of the fundamental concern of churches in this issue. >> alisyn: congressman tim murphy, thanks so much for joining us this morning with your perspective on this. >> thank you, good morning. >> alisyn: well, sarah palin says she doesn't necessariry want the job of vice-president, but she does have someone in mind who she'd like to see on the g.o.p. ticket. that's still ahead. then, more than a thousand people temporarily out after job and the volt, no one-- well, not know one, not enough people were buying them.
3:50 am
why can't they sell this car? ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> welcome back. gm announced friday that it's halting production of its chevy volt due to lack of sales, putting 1300 workers temporarily out of work. this coming just days after the president highly praised that very vehicle. >> got to get inside a brand new chevy volt fresh off the line, even though secret service wouldn't let me drive it. and five years from now, when i'm not president anymore, i'll buy one and drive it
3:54 am
myself. >> clayton: who is to blame for the chevy volt lack of sales. joining us is wall street journal's jonathan welch and knows cars well. things thanks for joining us. gm says others are copying the technology because it's highly sought after. if that's the case, why aren't the cars selling? >> right now it's the price and volt, simple as that. the volt is about $40,000, even if you're enthusiastic about the technology, what happens you walk into the dealership and looking around and realize, oh, there are other models like the chevy cruze that gets 40 on the highway and half as much and the transaction, the sense starts to disappear from the transaction and you're thinking, well, for 40,000 a lot of money for most people, and maybe i could get something fancier, a bmw, an audi. >> clayton: two cars. >> or two cars, i could get his and hers chevy cruze or toyota corolla in some cases,
3:55 am
people say that chevy and gm is sort of cannibalizing those volt sales with some of the other products they have and some of those sales are going to competitors. >> dave: that 40,000, you get $7500 tax break, gas at $5 a gallon in a lot of part of the country. 3.76 the national average. hundreds of millions into the marketing campaign and cannot reach the conservative estimates of 10,000 sales. and you've driven this car. and consumer reports loved it. what's wrong with it. >> oh, my, you mentioned consumer reports loving it. there was so much buzz for this car when he it rolled out at the detroit auto show, a the lot of that was automotive journalists saying we love this car, we'll buy it, but the journalists never buy new cars, i think they didn't look at the situation that your average consumer is in. when i drove the car, you know, technically it's a wonder. but, it's not like driving
3:56 am
your everyday car, you don't just, you know, pull into your driveway and get out and leave it. plug the thing in, if you forget to plug in one case, tripped the broker, i thought it was charging up and in the morning it hadn't charged up. it's not a big deal, but it's kind of a pain and people with their cars, that's the one thing that's so consistent now, they just, they're not willing to take even a little bit after hassle. >> yeah, takes you out of your comfort zone that gm maybe is ahead of time there? >> and for five months-- >> he said five years from now, might take five, might take ten and there might be something to it. >> clayton: jonathan welch, great to have you here, appreciate it. >> likewise, thank you. >> dave: coming up, the controversial koran burning in afghanistan left six americans dead. was the president's apology the right thing to do. we ask a captain with the
3:57 am
national guard who just returned from afghanistan. >> clayton: an image of path of destruction from the deadly twisters come in. we'll go live to indiana and alabama on the latest on the search efforts. that's coming up. i take insulin,
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday march 4th. we have a fox news alert. some are calling it a twister miracle because a little girl was found alive in a field after the latest round of violent storms ripped her from her home. this, as the death toll climbs to 38 people. we're going live to the devastation straight ahead. >> republican hopeful mitt romney on a roll now. and the winner of the washington state caucus, he so, does he have a secret weapon that could help seal the deal for super tuesday? >> and schools getting extra credit for graduates going to college, but not for entering the military. is this a disservice to the men and women in uniform?
4:01 am
we report, you decide. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. two. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks for waking up with us. we have so much more to tell you about the deadly twisters, the torture in the midwest and the south. and a fox news alert. 38 people are dead and dozens more are presumed missing after that string of tornados ravaged the area, you can see that entire towns were completely leveled by the storms. but in the middle of the tragedy, what many people are calling a miracle this morning. >> pretty amazing. a two-year-old girl found in a field about ten miles away from her home in indiana. her name is angel babcock and tragedy, her mother and two siblings and their father, killed when the trailer was
4:02 am
destroyed in the storm. but right now, angel is alive and her extended family is looking after her as she recovers in the hospital. an incredible tale of survival depending how you look at all of this, i guess. >> clayton: one of the many stories we're hearing as many people continue to recover on the storms. for more, we're going live to rick reichmuth in henryville, indiana and we'll check with elizabeth in hazel green, alabama. what can you tell us this morning, elizabeth? >> good morning, the shock has worn off and now reaching a rallying points and people need to decide whether or not they'll be rebuilding where they live. like the home behind me completely sliced in half. the home ordinance say they may not be willing to move back into the home and may start fresh. it literally sliced off the top of the home. and they've been married 50 years and the husband is a
4:03 am
vietnam veteran and seen devastation and they've always been on the other side, and rallying to help people and this is the first time they're feeling vulnerable. remember, an ef-2 hit the area, about 11 months ago like we know, april 27th, by an ef-5 and this part of the country was feeling vulnerable. the and here is what the home owners told us about being on the receiving end of help this year. >> this doesn't happen to me, happens to everybody else, i always help everybody else out. you know, i don't like the -- taking anything from anybody, and everybody is coming by and salvaging what we can, giving food, water, and people are good, god is good. >> it's right next door from this particular neighborhood, there's a graveyard and we see a lot of the headstones that were split in half by the power of the storm, really showing you that there was no
4:04 am
area too sacred for devastation. back to you. >> alisyn: yeah. >> clayton: thank you, elizabeth. >> dave: over to rick reichmuth, chief meteorologist in henryville, good morning to you, rick. >> yeah, they've done a survey found it was an ef-4 tornado, incredibly strong, large tornado, same size and strength of the tornado that hit harrisburg, illinois last week as well. the same that hit tuscaloosa, alabama. and to give you an idea, the first day after that frantic search for people and getting a sense of bearings and now you start to hear some of the stories coming out and talking about the little girl, guys, who survived, about 12 miles that way in new pekin. and cut to henryville and chelsea 15 miles away. i'm with tony williams, the owner of the chelsea store. and four people in your community passed in this
4:05 am
storm, it's an incredible loss for you guys. >> yes, it is, they're a very dominant family, jacksons, great family, great customers and a great community. and just an asset. it's going to be a lost to them. >> you're saying if your store, the only store in town, 80 people took shelter in your store. >> yeah, we had about 80 children from the local school district. three buses pull in, got great bus drivers and make the right call and that just happening to be there at the right place to give them some shelter, and it was great, great move on their part and i was just honored to be able to do it for them. >> so, they're inside taking shelter, but you stayed outside to watch and see if the tornado was coming and you saw it. >> yes, we seen it come over the woods line there and form and you could see the debris coming up. and it's a very-- it's scary, scary to see it, but you never know where it's going to be, you can just hope it's in a field and not on
4:06 am
somebody's home. which unfortunately it was. >> so tell me about the family who had, the loss. there was a woman who had the baby in her arms, child in her arms. >> from what we're told she had her in her arms and the wind and just sucked her, sucked hum right out of her arms and it's very sad, a cute little boy and you know, she had surgery, i think she's stable they told me yesterday and that's good. >> and tony was telling me how great the community is here in southern indiana and pulled together and also, everybody knows everybody and these are big losses when you have people who have lived here for generations and they know all of the people who died and that's going to be a tough thing for you to get over. so best of luck in that process. guys, back to you. >> dave: rick, ahead we'll hear on governor mitch daniels what they do now and where they go next, an important story as they move forwards.
4:07 am
>> alisyn: and more to tell, but because the deadly high school shooting, obviously, still on top of the minds of the residents in chardon, ohio, last night they held another vigil. ♪ hundreds of people came out to remember and honor the three victims killed in this tragedy. >> this is a time to pull together and support one another. and i think that's just what everybody here wants to do. >> alisyn: earlier in the day. the 16-year-old was laid to rest. funerals for the two other victims are set to take place later this week. a reported deal has been hashed out between the u.s. and israel. israely officials reportedly agreeing to wait. and president obama meeting with benjamin netanyahu supposedly to assure that iran won't build a nuclear weapon
4:08 am
as long as israel's attack delayed. many top military officials want to strike now. but the president has warned against acting prematurely. a washington teacher in trouble after disturbing math problems. they were morbid and racist topics and the ceo of the charter school has since fired that third grade teacher, who reportedly is also a minister using bad judgment. a shocking security beach. a woman reportedly walked through security with a dagger and flagged for a bottle of liquid and confiscated, but the dagger went unnoticed. >> clayton: a buccaneer. >> alisyn: arrgh. tsa saw it on an x-ray. and took her into custody and.
4:09 am
took agents ten minutes to call the police and the latest security mishap by the tsa. >> clayton: it was the peg leg that set off the alarms. >> alisyn: and the eye patch. >> clayton: keep going with this. >> dave: let's talk about politics. >> clayton: you were watching the blue devils lose. >> dave: thanks, buddy. instead of the caucuses. >> clayton: there was a big caucus up in washington state. they were nonbinding and aportion the delegates that go out. mitt romney with 38% of the vote and a lot of people thought maybe ron paul would pull it out. it would be his first victory, not likely. rick santorum on the stump the other day saying washington was going to be a big win. >> mitt romney in the going for caucuses this gives momentum to romney now, five straight states he's won and moving ahead to super tuesday and more than 400 delegates up for grabs. where do we stand now?
4:10 am
romney at about 200 and these are projected delegates. we don't wan to bore you with how they're awarding these, romney is around 200 and santorum half that at 93. gingrich and paul a distant third and fourth and paul, clearly, this is just about piling on delegates for him. and most acknowledging, really, with bret baier last night. it is for him, about piling up a number of delegates. >> alisyn: and look at the big states that are up for grabs on super tuesday. the delegate rich states. georgia, where obviously, newt has put a lot of his eggs in that basket and 76 delegates. ohio, 63 delegates and that one gets complicated because rick santorum apparently did not qualify for several of the counties or precincts. >> 18. >> alisyn: and denied 18, even if he were to win. he would be denied-- i understand complicated a long way to go to 1400 delegates each one of them would need. >> clayton: alaska is
4:11 am
interesting, that could be, analysts believe that could be ron paul's victory. he flew up to it alaska and only one of the candidates who fly up. someone who knows alaska well the sarah palin former governor of the state. whether she might be become part of the brokered convention, could she come out of the dark and suddenly become a candidate, she says absolutely not and throwing her hat in the ring who might be a good vice-presidential choice something she knows about, listen to this. >> colonel alan west, in this tumultuous time in this world, someone who has served in the military or at least intimate knowledge, perhaps by having a close family member serve, someone like that, like colonel alan west. >> so the school of hard knocks, he should be one considered seriously for vp. >> now, now, hold on a second. and uma went on to ask her, so would you be interested in the vice-presidential position?
4:12 am
and she said, something to the effect of i'm the not going to say no, but i think that alan west would be great and look at him. >> dave: i should safely say at this point she probably will not be asked. i think you look at rubio, you look at chris christie, mitch daniels and look like the three likely choices at this point. >> clayton: of course, no one knew she was going be to be picked last night. remember, that came out of the dark. so, who knows? who knows? it will be interesting to see. would colonel alan west be a good vice-presidential choice? >> alisyn: and more backlash for the koran burnings in afghanistan. u.s. troops may face disciplinary actions. up next, we'll talk to a war vet just back from afghanistan about what he thinks needs to happen. >> and all he wanted was peace and quiet on the the bus. one man admits to jamming people's cell phones to disrupt their loud conversations, is he a hero or a criminal?
4:13 am
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>> five u.s. troops died in the controversial koran burnings in afghanistan, could face disciplinary action and backlash from the incident has left six american military members dead and sparked violent protests leaving 30 dead afghanis. so what needs to happen next? joining us is the captain, vets for freedom and recently returned from afghanistan. good to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me this morning. >> all right, the apology, now, clearly, hindsight is 20/20. it did not calm, as the president said, tensions there in afghanistan. what did you not like about
4:17 am
how the situation was handled by the president and by our military commanders in. >> well, i would-- i don't like the fact that there was, there would seem to be political pressure to apologize. the listen, the circumstances of the incident are such that these soldiers didn't know they were burning a koran and they were writing in the koran desecrating it in that action and when they thought it was burning tried to pull it out as soon as it can. it's not something that's going to warrant an apology. and it should never be about political pressure from the top. >> dave: overall, you just returned from afghanistan in january. tell us in terms of the mission, is the mission correct, because public sentiment is now turned against this war, especially in the wake of six americans being killed as a result of the koran burnings. are we after the right goal? do we need to get out quicker? >> you know, it's a difficult situation there, the koran burnings really crystallize a larger problem, which is he
4:18 am
when you surge in any war front like we did in afghanistan and then tell the enemy when you're going to leave, it creates an inherent lack of trust and that's exactly what happens now. i saw it day after day after day in afghanistan and i just got back. the afghans know we're leaving in 2014, because of that they like decisions looking at a post american future, which widens the trust gap which is what you need when you're training afghan soldiers. i think we need to responsibly withdraw and making sure we do not allow a haven for the enemies in the process. >> dave: we're seeing your pictures there, an instructor in counter insuringsy. and when you're saying lack of trust, the afghani people, not necessarily the military, are choosing in long-term to side with folks like the taliban? >> i don't know that they are choosing to side with the taliban, they know we're not going be to be there, a calculation fthey're not going to be here, i better save my family or whatever i have,
4:19 am
because the taliban will be here and that undermines our mission. >> dave: your mission is running for u.s. senate now. what about that experience with the military? afghanistan will make you the right man for the job? >> well, yeah, i'm running for the united states senate in minnesota and i think three tours teach you to make tough calls in tough situations. our viewers right now know we're in consequential times, difficult times and takes new leadership to stand up and take tough stances and we have to make that choice. we can't go down the cliff of more taxes and regulation with the obama. the senator in minnesota is a rubber stamp many for that. we need less regulation on businesses and job creators so we can move forward and move it country forward. >> thanks for your service and thanks for coming on. best of luck. >> thank you for having me, our website is >> dave: you've got it it. and credits for students going
4:20 am
to college, but not for entering the military. is this a disservice for men and women in uniform? we report, you decide. mitt romney picking up another win. can he credit his momentum to the donald? that's coming up. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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4:23 am
>> hey, it's time for news by the number. how much it would cost you to join president obama for a
4:24 am
recent fund raising. and next um, is00 million dollars, how many ipads estimated will be sold by the end of this year, some 55 million have been sold to date. and out on wednesday. the ipad 3 launch. and finally, 51 billion dollars, the record amount of money americans spent on their pets last year. food and vet costs, 65% of all of that spending. alisyn? >> well, clayton, how much do you hate being stuck on a bus or a plane and being subjected to someone else's loud cell phone call? well, one man decide today take matters into his own hands and started using a cell phone jammer to disrupt the phone signals of his fellow commuters riding the city bus, is this man a hero or a menace to society. joining us for the debate. a fox news analyst and faith jenkins, brat to have you here. >> thank you. >> alisyn: we've been there and know how annoying it is.
4:25 am
>> hero, hero, hero! >> and until it happens to you and you're on the phone. >> alisyn: and you have people lily nilly jamming cell phones, what if there's an emergency. >> he's been told it's illegal and he stopped. and hopefully started a movie. and on amtrak, quiet cars, and why not on the bus have a quiet section, you've got to-- >> you can't use a jammer, they're illegal for a eregion. and kill any radio signals, ambulances in the area, police officers in the area who need to use their radios. and-- >> and the bus drivers, yes, they are. >> it's not that-- >> and kill any communication signal and that's why no one can have this. >> for a hundred, hundreds of years, the devices. without cell phones and nobody, everyone's okay.
4:26 am
>> why should it be his choice who gets to use the cell phone. and i pay $75 to at&t to use my phone. >> great, great. >> and he should decide when i can or cannot use it. >> society has lost is degree of decorum, who is the woman who has the book about manners, emily something. >> alisyn: post. >> she would be flipping the lid how people-- someone answered a cell phone in court while the judges was on the bench. that's the philosophy, it's okay anywhere. >> you should adhere to those rules. if you're a member of the public, you're going to be expose today annoying behavior. >> alisyn: let he me ask you this, what should it be, it's illegal. >> i'm not saying send him up state but do some community service. >> no, this is where he should be-- >> what if a doctor had a call and-- >> he was listening tt
4:27 am
conversation, that's it he was listening to the conversations and he could hear them and jamming it. it wasn't like have her in the delivery room, i'll be there in 15 minutes. . >> no-- >> at that was your call, i recognize that one. >> you never know what you can get an important call, a doctor on call and he they need like easily access. >> he could hear-- >> no, he could hear the conversations. he was, he could hear the conversations, and it wasn't jammed, but-- >> no one else-- >> i wish i had one of those jammers right now on the set. arthur and faith, thank you for the spirited debate. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> alisyn: meanwhile, obviously, our top story, very serious, still ahead for you the search for survivors after the deadly twisters left nearly 40 people dead and we're going live to the devastated area and cardinal timothy dolan outraged over president obama's controversial birth control mandate and what he's asking
4:28 am
catholics around the world to do now. and plus, how you can eat a gourmet meal without breaking the bank. a look at some budget friendly and delicious memories and i know arthur is going to stick around for this. >> free food! >> ♪ ts, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on top of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel,
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4:32 am
>> welcome back, a fox news weather alert. we're getting more, more video this morning, showing the sheer destruction in the south and midwest, relentless string of tornados, leaving 38 people dead and many others still missing this morning. >> clayton: let's get to the fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth, live in henryville in indiana and getting some the experts saying how devastating tornado was there. >> ef-4 tornado, goes to ef-5 in the rating system and this was ef-4, and harrisburg, illinois, similar to what was in tuscaloosa, alabama. i haven't heard the a wind rating, the miles per hour.
4:33 am
a formidable tornado. the indiana death toll has been been revised downward to 12 and that number here down a little bit. i don't know what that does to the total number of fatalities we've been reporting for the storm. guys, i want to take you on a tour of what it's like, you see the images of the damage, but there are other things this you have to fight with. first of all, anytime you get a tornado, you end up with a ton of hail and son of rain that comes along with it and so, everything is incredibly muddy. the ground is not as muddy right now only because it's a little bit hard because the temperature is below freezing right now. and then you have to deal with all of these things like this. a lot of nails that are sticking up. so when people are in here trying to dig through stuff, you've got nails sticking up on all kinds of pieces of wood and nails in the ground and rusty metal that you're dealing with.
4:34 am
and it becomes a really treacherous system to get in here and try to dig people out of this or see if anybody is in here and i just got back here now, if you can see here, that blue truck, i've never seen anything like that, and the way that truck is completely mangled. that's a truck. >> clayton: wow. >> i know that we're in what was a mechanic's garage, but to see the way that that's mangled back there, you see there's an x painted on the door, so, investigators or emergency officials, responders got back there to make sure nobody was in it. which is good. but everywhere you look you see the piles of rubble and all the buildings have insulation in it and that gets wet and the insulation is strewn everywhere, it's in trees and kind of draped all over everything. and then, guys, it just started snowing about ten minutes ago. so, so many times you have a, these tornado outbreaks happen
4:35 am
in march or excuse me in april, may and june when it's warmer, but you do this right now this time of year and we've got very cold air here and snowing and by tomorrow morning, our forecast is to go a storm come through and probably two inches of snow on top of this, which is going to be something i've never seen where you've got the destruction and then a pristine coat of white snow on top of this for a little bit and warm up in a couple days back in the 60's, but it makes the process for people so difficult. as they're, you know, trying to figure out what to do. and it's dangerous with all of the nails, the debris, the shattered glass around. >> alisyn: of course, rick, we're sitting here stunned watching as you pick through the rubble. are you seeing people come back and see for the first time that's their house? >> yeah, we saw that yesterday. i think, a lot of people for the first time and i think today we'll see a little bit more of that. the morning, keep in mind,
4:36 am
it's sunday, and so, we're in a place where a lot of people right now are going to go to service and to church and i think a little later on, probably around 11 noon church services will be letting out and people will be getting out more. there you go, we have a church on the other side and i can tell you yesterday they were grilling out there, making hotdogs and some food for people out here. and this morning, when we drove in around 4:30 in the morning, they were cooking out there. so, they're running around the clock to make sure people in the area have food and i'm sure people will be going to service as well. >> clayton: once again in a time of need how churches come to the help of the community in an instance like that, helping out and making sure that everyone has what they need to survive and live there. >> it's eight o'clock. rick, thank you. >> and headlines, the news to tell you about, he said it's a battle over freedom of religious and cardinal timothy
4:37 am
dolan turning up the heat on the controversy birth control policy. >> who is trying to impose what on who, we're simply saying don't impose your teaching upon us and make us do as a church what we find unconscionable to do. >> alisyn: that was cardinal dolan speaking at a catholic teaching conference long island, new york. the newly elevated cardinal defending the church's stance against the federal mandate requiring that private health insurers cover conception and also called on catholics around the world to fight back what he calls anti-religious policies. new york city principals up in arms over a new plan that gives bonus points to high schools based on graduates going to college, but does not include those who choose to join the military. the points given by the department of education, can help boost progress reports and ask why our heroes don't
4:38 am
count. they reported, the military isn't college. they claimed they'll eventually credit the school for grads who enlist. more money more problems for the man trying to develop the ground zero mosque, reportedly selling a 12 story, 65 million dollar building in new york city to generate much needed money for the project. he's cash strapped because of the planned 100 million dollar mosque which is currently stalled and also for money owed on other buildings his company owns. file him under the not so smooth smooth criminal category. alan goldman arrested for skipping out from a restaurant and a dinner bill. it happened at applebee's and we're told the place was filled with police officers, and $220 more than tbond more t
4:39 am
bill he skipped out on. >> and more news, ali. when you think of gourmet foods and do you think of food outside of your budget? a renowned chef, culinary passport and institute of america and joining us to do talk about, people sending italy on a culinary passport? >> yeah, it's a culinary passport and food and wine journeys of a lifetime and we're going to tour five regions of italy and starting up in milan, end up in rome, a castle reserved and it's certainly over the top. >> clayton: alisyn is interested on a truffle hunt. how do you do it on a budget. you've got great meals lined up. pasta, things you can do not very expensive. >> exactly. >> the recipes are out of the new pro chef cookbook in the culinary institute of america and simple whom recipes, and a
4:40 am
home chef could do this just like a professional chef. >> pasta. >> al dente and added in fresh tomatoes, very clean flavors and refreshing. add some garlic. >> they're expensive and tasty. >> exactly, a lot of flavors going on. >> clayton: what kind of cheese? >> a regatta salata. salt. fresh ground pepper. >> clayton: is that the appetizer or main dish. >> it's a light main dish you can add some protein to it. and this is wild salmon here, what we're going to do is make a spice mix and i have a little bit of fennel seed, a little bit of coreander,
4:41 am
chilies, and pepies and. >> can i do. >> and add a little thyme. >> an easy grinding job and place the top on like so, grind it up, shake it around. >> see that talent? >> and you pull it off, and-- >> yeah, we're going to dump it in the bowl like so and some beautiful salmon here, again, salmon is a very, inexpensive fish. it's very healthy and it's-- it tastes good. so, what i've done here, basically, the spice mix that you find right on top, sear it off in the pan and i'm serving it here with a yellow pepper sauce and all of these recipes are up on the "fox & friends" website. >> and finish off with a beef teriaki. >> i have some apples here that i've chopped up and i have some sake and i have some
4:42 am
sugar, and i have some sliced-- >> that's it. >> yeah, and that's it, bring this to a boil and after it boils, you cool it off and i have some flank stake, inexpensive and you want to let this marinade, at least about an hour or so. >> okay. >> and what we do is we grill it off, or if you're at home and don't have a grill, you can sear it off in a man as well and i hear them serving with an asian style vegetables and-- >> throw the vegetables on the hopper here, and all of these recipes will make sure are up on the website at, and check out the professional chef cookbook. we appreciate you, joining us. great to be here. >> thank you. >> alisyn and dave get cooking. >> alisyn: how about get eating? they look good, but we'll be the judge. >> pasta, salmon. >> alisyn: and fantastic. the momentum picking up. another win yesterday, does he have the donald to thank for that win? we'll explore that straight ahead. . >> dave: and one positive out
4:43 am
of this, men getting in touch with their softer side. >> alisyn: that's a plus. >> dave: the findings of a new study anyway. is this a good thing? yes. i will discuss. >> a pleasure, enjoy. [ dog ] for our country. ♪ for our future. ♪ this isn't just the car we wanted to build. it's the car america had to build. ♪ the extended range electric chevy volt. from the heart of detroit to the health of the country, chevy runs deep. i'm always looking for new ways to help me manage my diabetes. to the health of the country, take a look at this. freestyle lite test strips? they need just a third the blood of onetouch ultra. really? and the unique zipwik tab targets the blood and pulls it in. wow! look at that! and you can get these strips
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4:46 am
>> he's got another win under his cap. but can mitt romney, and the donald making morrow bow calls on romney's behalf in the state of ohio. is this trump card enough to propel him to a super tuesday sweep. here to discuss it, the former head of the young republicans and former press secretary for senator chris dodd. >> thanks for having me. >> jeremy, does he actually
4:47 am
owe some thanks to the tondonal for recent success? >> maybe, the economy is a high profile issue and obviously they're doing this in states they think can be effective. ohio is a bellwether state and i think they're affected by the national mood, but looking at states like tennessee, that's a state that went against al gore in 2000 four years ago and went against the establishment and went for huckabee and right now, have a republican governor who is popular campaigning for romney. some states i think it will be effective because of the economy. >> tennessee not looking real likely for mitt romney. ohio where all the eyes are, and that's where all three candidates were with the exception of ron paul, all three were in ohio on saturday. he so, christy, does the donald help there? originally people thought it could hurt mitt romney because of the rich problem, the perception there. >> that's exactly what i was going to say. mitt romney is still, despite
4:48 am
his best efforts trying to shake the label of being an out of touch rich guy. i don't think that standing next to donald trump the rich guy and having buildings were name on them. >> dave: and aside from the delegate problem i know that rick santorum have, do the demographics favor someone like him, a little more less affluent and evangelical. >> he seems to be doing well and santorum does well in the heartland, like iowa where you have a lot of social conservatives and santorum seems to do very he well. i have no idea who is going to win and it's having to be close, romney tends to do well towards election day, but santorum looked like he was in a good position to possibly win that one. >> dave: christy, a lot of the narrative going into super tuesday can reshape this
4:49 am
election, but the way i see it newt is going to do well in georgia, santorum well in oklahoma and tennessee and ron paul in ohio, will anything change? >> i don't disagree with that analysis, i think you'll see a variety of winners on super tuesday, i don't think it's going to be seen as decisive win for mitt romney. i think that santorum is going to battle him to a draw and winning a couple of states and i think it's going to go on for a lock time. >> dave: i would agree with that assessment. thank you both for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> dave: still ahead this guy is behind bars for murder. how is he getting unemployment? wait until you hear how much he was receiving. and then, tough guys showing their softer side. yes, we are. thank the crumby economy, ladies, but is it such a good thing? we report, you decide. wake up!
4:50 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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4:53 am
>> this study in men's health magazine shows the recession has turned former tough guys like myself. (laughter) >> into guys like this. >> hey. >> hey. >> yeah, i made you guys some root beer floats. >> oh, wow. >> are those chocolate straws. >> yeah. >> thank you so much for the floats, baby, that was so sweet. >> my pleasure, enjoy. >> so is this softer side a good thing or hurt men in the job market. >> alisyn: what does the new
4:54 am
feminine side of men say about our culture? joining us now is psychiatrist keith ablow, and member of our fox medical a-team. keith, men have gone from he-men to softies and seems like it's okay with it. a poll shows that 57% of men say their career is better now, or the same as it was before the recession, 42% say their financial state is better now, or the same as it was before the recession and 67% say overall, life is the same as, or better than, before the recession, were men too pressured to be the providers before? >> yeah. well, look, i think, ali, first of all, you have to be suspect of the study and how the the data iseing massaged, if you will. is it a men's health magazine, man scan satisfied with the roper organization and if you look at the data, you'll see that 57% or 67% of men say
4:55 am
that they're better off after the recession than before. there's an agenda here. they're saying, no, things are better, the editors go on to say, because men are shopping just as much as their wives and taking care of babies just as much and cleaning the house just as much. it shows how sensitive we are. and guess what, i've had it up to here with this attack on masculinity. men were sensitive when they were fighting and dying on front lines for their countries. we were sensitive when we were the primary breadwinners for our families because we wanted our kids to eat. that's being called sensitive. >> clayton: isn't there, i agree with you on that in part and so fed up with the commercials-- >> always been the he-men. >> and the couch and the wife looking down on him in the stinking commercials drives me nut. men pull our weight around the house as much as other guys do. isn't there something to be said about the male roll being redefined and the point of
4:56 am
this piece, they're having a look at what masculinity means, what do you think of that. >> look, i think that masculinity should not interfere with being empathetic to your kids and communicating that we would like to shed that stereo type, but i can i think to some extent it was a stereo type. can you imagine an opposite study that would celebrate women no longer doing the things that are nurturing for their families? it's such a rush to say, boy, anything masculine, that's bad and talk about a magazine that has the wrong name, men's health. look, why couldn't they look at the opposite and say, look it, during the recession it's doublebly important to get to the gym and make yourself strong and be the head of your household. what's wrong with that. >> alisyn: i'm sure you'll come up with a new name for the magazine. >> shortly. >> alisyn: dr. keith ablow thank you for coming in with your man perspective.
4:57 am
>> clayton: he and i are going hunting later today. >> alisyn: i'll believe it when i see he tichlt and next we'll go back to indiana and alabama for the destruction from the tornados. we've got the latest straight ahead. ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006. ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution,
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we love riders. and most of all, we love to ride. perfect hair every time. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, march 4th, i'm alisyn camerota. the search for survivors, america's heartland cleaning up after deadly twisters claim at these 38 lives, out of the damage and destruction there's one amazing story of survival to tell, but. how this little girl was found alive miles from her home. >> dave: and mitt romney on a roll. taking another state as he heads into super tuesday. and he still has a fight ahead of him. and chris wallace here to tell us why it ain't over until we head to ohio. >> clayton: locked up behind
5:01 am
bars and pulling in unemployment benefits how this convicted killer is cashing in on the taxpayer's dime. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> welcome to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning and we begin with a "fox & friends" weather alert. thousands of people picking up after one of the worst twister outbreaks in u.s. history. >> and it was exactly like they say, it sounds like a train or a plane coming right at you. >> dave: this video out of ohio one of nine states reporting significant damage this morning. right now 38 people have been confirmed dead by th, that numb could rise. although it went down in indiana, interestingly enough. and emergency crews continue to sort through the rubble as
5:02 am
we speak. >> for more on the recovery efforts we're going to rick reichmuth in henryville, indiana and first, we'll check with elizabeth in hazel green, alabama and what's going on this hour. >> brand new information from the national weather service and they've recently upgraded the tornado that hit here in madison county from ef-2 to ef-3 and winds about 140 miles per hour, and we know, the storm itself was about 250 yards wide and it traveled 34 miles across the county. and you can really see the track of the storm here. you see, it demolished these homes in this neighborhood. that red brick house seemingly unscathed and the house next to it split, basically right in half. and then the homes here, we see the similar damage. this house totally demolished. now, that church was also damaged. the roof quite literally peeled off and we know they were supposed to have service
5:03 am
at 10 a.m. this morning and now they're going to be holding it at a local elementary school. there are hundreds of people who simply cannot have service there. and we also know that there's disaster teams and we will be out and about in the neighborhoods after that church service, and i will say and i know my colleague rick reichmuth is in indiana and it's fairly cold there and people have a long day ahead at a cleanup. rick, i know i saw it was snowing where you are, is it still snowing? >> it's just tapered off a little bit and it's on and off. the heavier snow is going to come in tonight and certainly, at least temporarily is going to make things uncomfortable for a lot of people, expecting snow tonight. when you're out here, different people start to come by and everybody has a story. the family just, we came across bob, kathy and cindy. kathy, you're a senior at the high school that's just destroyed. and first of all, when are you going back to school, do you have any idea.
5:04 am
>> i have no idea. i keep hearing that we're going to be split up between creek and borden and then trailers, i don't know. >> and so, this is your first time coming down here after this. tell he me what you think when you look at the school? >> i just, i can't believe it, you know, it's right there, but it's weird to think i'm not going to school there ever again. >> you guys have been down here and it's hard to get around with the roads closed and such. but you've just been seeing the pictures on tv as well and now you're down here seeing it, tell me what it's like, bob. >> yeah, it's mind-boggling. and seeing the pictures on tv don't do it justice. when you come here and see it, and just the sheer wide, how wide the devastation is, it just, i've got to tell you, my heart, my heart sunk when i saw the school. and you know, to know that the kids normally are on the buses that they load the buses at 2:50 in the afternoon and
5:05 am
buses wait ten minutes till three o'clock and that's when they leave and that parking lot would have been filled with buses, when the tornado hit, filled with kids on buses when that tornado hit, but the principal made the decision, thankfully to release the children about 15 minutes early, as my children tell me. and they all dispersed to the buses and they left quickly, and then the tornado came through. >> now you were saying one of the buses, you just got dropped off the a home and the bus saw the tornado and turned around the kids got off the bus into your home. >> yeah, like, my sister, we were all in the basement, we came home and my mom and little brothers were down there, and megan, my sister, went upstairs to use the bathroom and everyone on my bus was banging on the door and came in and running in the basement and stayed there for about two hours. >> and they all saw the tornado. >> they were saw it on the road and heading toward.
5:06 am
>> they were leaving our subdivision and they all saw it, and so she swung the bus around through our grass on the subdivision and pounding on the door. they knew most the homes in our neighborhood have basements. >> and our daughter used the bathroom, we didn't hear them knocking or pounding on the door. >> and everybody in that case, again, safe. so, amazing stories, continue to come out of here and amazing stories when you look at what's behind you. thank you guys so much for talking with us. >> thank you. >> guys, back to you. >> alisyn: rick, thanks so much. one of the most amazing stories we have to tell you about this morning is the story of this little two-year-old girl, some reports say 15 months old. her name is angel and what happened yesterday when the twister moved into her neighborhood, neighbors say that her family decide today hunker down in their trailer and wanted to be all be together, holding hands and praying and turns out a that she was plucked from the
5:07 am
trailer and somehow found alive in a field miles away from her trailer and her family was not so lucky. >> dave: yeah, this was a family of five. mother and father and angel's brother and sister both killed by the tornados and again, she was found nearly ten miles from their home. she is in critical condition, at the hospital this morning, and i believe that's in louisville, kentucky and here is family friends talking about this ordeal. >> and i want to believe that-- it's very hard to imagine that all of them and angel is on life support in the children's hospital. a in louisville, kentucky, they're not sure if she's going to be able to make it or not. >> a spokeswoman at the hospital there in louisville says the extended family came in and is providing some help there, let's listen to the spokeswoman from the hospital. >> she has good extended
5:08 am
family here, that's taking good care of her while they're here and they are very, very much appreciative of all the calls and they know they're in lots of prayers coming in out there. >> and you can imagine how hard it was even to figure out who she was, she was miles away from home and extended family said they saw news reports and that's the only way they were able to identify her. >> say a prayer for angel this morning. >> alisyn: meanwhile, tell about the other stories making headlines, and deadly becoming in yemen killed at least six soldiers it happened when two cars exploded at two military outposts, and the bombers are believed to be linked to an al-qaeda group and officials say they took a number of soldiers prisoner. and the bodies of journalists have been returned to french. at marimrie colvin and the photographer were returned. and they were there, and
5:09 am
colvin's body is expected to be flown to the united states sometime this week. word of a deal hashed out with. agreeing to wait after the presidential elections before attacking the nuclear plant. and prime minister netanyahu meeting with the prison, assured that iran will not build a nuclear weapon until the attack from israel is delayed. i don't know how we can make that assurance, but president warned about attacking prematurely. and reportedly an inmate collected 30,000 in unemployment benefits while he's in jail. anthony garcia convicted of killing a gang rival in california seven years ago and tattooing the crime scene on his chest. and authorities say his father and his two girlfriends received his fraudulent unemployment checks in the mail and deposited them into the prison account and they're now facing grand theft
5:10 am
charges, no word what charges garcia might face. those are your headlines. >> clayton: can you imagine being the tattoo artist for the guy. >> alisyn: tell me again, what is this? a murder scene? >> anyhow, all right, coming up on the show, tired of the nagging cough and running nose. the solution to never getting sick again. >> dave: got my attention. and republican mitt romney on a roll. the winner of the washington state caucus. can he keep the momentum. and first, super tuesday sweep shall the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace, next, sits down with rick santorum today. ♪ [ male announcer ] have you heard?
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>> mitt romney pulled off a big win in the washington caucus. the republican presidential hopeful pulling in 38% of the vote. ahead of the closest runner up, which is ron paul. >> dave: joining us to discuss the results is host of fox news sunday, chris wallace. >> alisyn: hey, chris. >> dave: and big when romney can bin in a caucus situation and higher than santorum and gingrich combined. momentum? >> yeah, i think his message is beginning to resonate. and he's putting together a roll, won in wyoming and michigan and arizona and now in washington. he certainly is coming into super tuesday in better shape than any of the competitors and if he's able to put together a string of victories on super tuesday, he's not going to run the table there, ten states, he's going to win in the northeast and his home state of massachusetts and vermont and's going to win in virginia, only he and ron paul
5:15 am
are on the ballot. if he could winnowo i think he really begins to separate himself from the rest of the field. on the other hand if he loses ohio to rick santorum who will be our exclusive guest on fox news sunday, then this race is back in the muddle, and you know, it's sort of where it was before michigan. so, ohio is really the big prize on tuesday. >> perfect segway, chris, it seems like rick santorum has some issues in ohio and specifically that the romney campaign is highlighting that look, there's disorganize in the ranks of the santorum campaign, specifically, i'm referring to the nine different counties he failed to get, the nine different congressionalal districts he failed to get the proper paper work in three and totally didn't get the paper work in six and only partially got it it. and 88 counties, that santorum failed to get. it could be paper work here. >> filing, they say blocking and tackling in a campaign. you have to know when the filing deadlines are, the
5:16 am
signatures, the petitions and get the delegates qualified and that's part of the game. and remember, this, all of this was happening when rick santorum was not nearly as well-funded and well-organized as he is now and he's going to pay the price for it it. he could have as many as 18 of 66 delegates up for grabs on tuesday, he might not have any chance for it. all 49 of the delegates up in virginia, he has no chance for because he and newt gingrich aren't even on the ballot and the romney campaign, understandably, making the case, look, if you can't run a competent campaign, how can you run against barack obama. >> alisyn: and the the bar was low getting the paper work in and six delegates signatures were needed in some precincts. it wasn't like you needed hundreds of thousands. does it speak to the fact earlier they didn't think that rick santorum would make it it this far? >> well, i don't know if it's that or didn't have the organization, ali.
5:17 am
they didn't have the the money. remember, back when a lot of these things, you're paying the price for now, a lot of the decisions have to be made and work had to be done, this is a guy who is travelling around iowa in a pickup truck. so, you know, he didn't have anything close to a national organization, and mitt romney was the only one of these candidates who did. and he's reaping some the benefits now and they're paying some of the price. >> dave: you said earlier that mitt romney's message is beginning to resonate. what is that message? >> well, i think that he really was helped by the fact that he came out with a new economic plan. now, it it got lost in the fact that he made that embarrassing speech at the detroit economic club where, you know, held at ford field and there were 60,000 seats and he had a thousand people watching, but in fact, it's a message of lower tax rates, he would lower the marginal tax rates, 20% at all tax levels and he would do things to boost jobs and cut spending and reform entitlements and you know, i think that one of
5:18 am
the criticisms of mitt romney had been it was all about his biography, i'm a businessman, i've been successful, i'm the turn around artist and turn around the economy and saw in john kerry in 2004, a biography is not enough you've got to have a program. now he's got a program he can sink his teeth into. to be honest, i'm not sure there's been a tremendous ground support for any of these. it isn't like ronald reagan is running or even george w. bush, and you may see a rally around the flag factor, that people believe mitt romney will be the nominee. some people may say look, we've got to stop arguing with each other and against barack obama-- >> and without having spending additional money and doubling the vote of newt gingrich and rick santorum. and you've got lindsey graham and bloomen thal in addition
5:19 am
to the former senator santorum. >> the business news on tuesday is the election, on monday, benjamin netanyahu and barack obama will sit down in the oval office to discuss what to do in iran. they're not in agreement. the israelis are talking about possibly launching a strike against iran's nuclear program and very important, these two senators, graham and bloomen thal just back from the middle east and what the president needs to say and what netanyahu needs to say to get on the same page. >> what to make of the president saying i do not bluff to the atlantic. and an interesting show. >> thanks, guys. >> alisyn: thanks, chris. the film got black lash for reportedly receiving classified information on the road that killed usama bin laden. we'll talk about that. >> clayton: stick around, our next guest is sharing the secret to never getting sick again. the end of illness, you don't
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> quick headlines. hundreds of people said their final goodbyes as the family buried their 16-year-old son daniel yesterday. one of the three victims killed in the high school shooting in chardon ohio. funerals for two of the other boys will be later this week. incredible video out of new south wales, an entire neighborhood underwater after heavy downpours and thousands are stranded in their homes and at least one death
5:24 am
reported so far. the body after 43-year-old man found after an suv got washed away by a swollen river. >> thanks, dave. well, are you sick of getting sick? how about dealing with the constant cough or nagging illness that never goes away, no matter how much medicine you take. our next guest says stop taking the medicine. know yourself. >> clayton: the doctor is the author of "the end of illness" this book is making waves around the world. nice to see you. >> great to see you, thanks for having me. >> clayton: you talk about in the book, a fascinating read and just past the first part of the book where you want us to take a survey to know our body. one of the binges things put up in the front of the book, how am i walking, am i leaning one way or favoring my elbow, why do you want us to do that
5:25 am
in the beginning of the book? >> you know yourself best. i want you to go with your data to the doctor. with another data error goes away. you look at yourself and your changes and put it in. your doctor measures your blood pressure at one o'clock in the afternoon. whoever measured it in the morning and night. i want you to go in there with data. >> alisyn: you also say look at your fingernails, if you're a woman see if the length of your ring finger is longer than the first finger. what does it tell you. >> when you look at your ring finger and second finger, in utero development and testosterone levels control the lengths and risk for arthritis later in life. >> alisyn: wow. >> clayton: fascinating. and you say sticking in your book to regularity. i guess eating meals at the same time, same time every day, getting the rest that you properly need at the same time every day. why does regularity matter how much to our health? >> so, get a load of this. if you have your lunch at noon today and tomorrow at two
5:26 am
o'clock, for two hours stress hormones go off. when that happens, metabolism goes down and you lose weight and could go natignition goes d exercise, you don't perform as well. you need to eat your males at the same time. a person that randomly grabs an apple every day hurts themselves. grabbing an apple every day at three o'clock, best thing in the world and goes when you get up and go to bed. >> alisyn: i'm guessing 3 a.m. is not good. and have the medication discussion, and we're supposed to be talking about with our doctors and families with medici medicine. >> we think that medicine is black and white, should i take an aspirin, be on a staten. why am i still on this drug, do i need it? i want you to go through everything, don't take it for granted. >> i watched your ted talk and
5:27 am
how you started studying your body, and you weren't moving much during the day. move during the day, was it alarming for you? >> yeah, it was dramatic. the data really are. if you wild cheexercise in the morning and an hour at the gym and you negate at all. and i got one of the phones where i look like an air traffic controller and i cut in half the way i sit in the day. >> clayton: one thing you look up, cut this down, supplements and vitamins, and multi-vitamin. >> alisyn: what about vitamin d and all sorts of women are taking that extra supplement right now. >> a woman over 70 takes high dose of vitamin d increases her rate of bone fracture by 26%. yet to be a positive study in the 63 looked at more than 500
5:28 am
people randomize their vitamins to show it. an if a man takes vitamin e for three years, 17% elevated prostate cancer. and studies show only negatives, no positive. >> a great book and great concept, the end of illness, how we can start to do preventive things right now. thanks for coming on with us. >> thank you, it's an honor. >> clayton: thanks, doctor. it's one of the books when i read an interview with him. i immediately had to download the book. >> alisyn: look at your fingernails. >> clayton: look at ali. a wounded soldier's father asks mitt romney about health care for our troops. we'll talk about the emotional interview last night. and the search for survivors
5:29 am
continues up next in the heartland. a priest is trying to pick up the pieces and put together his congregation this sunday morning. how will he do it? ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006.
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5:32 am
prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder whaother questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choo prego. >> welcome back. you're looking at incredible images after outbreak of deadly tornados ralph
5:33 am
vandaling the heartland. the death toll has been reduced. many of those who survived left with nothing, but the clothes on their backs. >> alisyn: for more we go rick reichmuth in henryville, indiana. and you told us that the weather is cold there. what's happening. >> it's very cold and a system coming through and tonight two inches of snow. we'll wake up tomorrow and see the tornado damage and a coating of white snow and look clean for a short time. the i want it to set the stage, the school in kentucky that was damaged and haven't shown much the home next to it and suffered severe damage and you go farther and there is a catholic church, saint xavier of the church and the pastor of the church, excuse me,
5:34 am
father steven shefline and we're 30 minutes away from you giving service. >> we're going to have the regular mass at nine o'clock like issue, and we hope to be to the community and a sign of hope to the community and gratitude for those who sent so much in to help the people here. >> one thing remarkable with tornados and people find interesting, how you can see one building next to you that suffers this kind of damage and then come right next to it and there's your church and suffered a little damage, but know the that much. >> yes, right, right, it's for us, that tells us there's a purpose. i came over after the first storm, with a staff member and we didn't know what we'd see, but first saw the broken trees and above the trees was the cross on the steeple and we knew he we were still here and we'll remain here and so is the community. and god has blessed us with an
5:35 am
opportunity to help others begin anew. >> how long are you going to be providing food to people? >> we see this as a month, you know, a year. the catholic charities to our dioces has been down and we're trying to organize long-term in addition to what we're doing day by day. >> you have a lot going on. and thank you for taking time out before delivering mass on this sunday morning. >> rick, thanks so much for bringing that to us and what it looks like at this hour. >> and turning our attention to politics, a big night for mitt romney last night. as you know, he had that big washington caucus win, and he turns his attention to super tuesday. before the caucus result had been tagged and steven hays on the panel of special report, a moment he called the best moment in the campaign for mitt romney. the entire campaign, his most fantastic answer to any question yet.
5:36 am
>> it came from the father of a wounded soldier, whose son returned from afghanistan suffering from ptsd, and making sure that mitt romney didn't go by the way side. >> a personal question, sir, it's tough. my son received a traumatic wound suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and trauma brain injury. the government repeatedly denied service because his wounds are not visible. he'll never be able to return to the work force. this week, president obama's administration again cut his berths. sir, will you look me in the eye and tell me, he'll be taken care of. >> david, my, my heart breaks for you and your family.
5:37 am
it's, it's just hard to imagine what it could be like. i have five boys as you know, and having one of them injured that way, and having one, having his life taken, and it's just, something you can only imagine and you can't know unless you've experienced as you have. i can tell you if i'm president of the united states, i'll not be raising co-pays on soldiers that are wounded. men and women who served this country. one of the things i can't understand right now the president's cutting back on spending and that's something that has to happen, but he's only cutting back on the military. he's going after tri care and saying we'll raise the co-pays and cut benefits. why is it we go after military families. why isn't he going off government workers, represented by big government unions, i think i know the answer. my view is we care for our soldiers, we care for our soldiers and their families first. >> alisyn: that was mitt romney at governor huckabee's forum last night and he had three of the candidates and people are saying this morning that that's the moment where
5:38 am
mitt romney finally connected on a human level. you know, people have thought during some of the campaign that he has made some gaffes that shows he doesn't necessarily understand people's suffering, but there when he talks about his family and his sons, you can see that he's making a heart felt connection. >> dave: and compassionate, sin vecere and authentic from mitt romney. and again, now all attention goes to ohio and everyone needs a win there. looks like santorum and romney neck and neck. >> let's tell what you else has been happening, an apology has been issued and radio talk show host rush limbaugh, and have v sandra fluke appeared on capitol hill and limbaugh argued her desire for birth control pro moteled casual sex and used some derrogatory words. in a statement, limbaugh says, quote, my choice of word was not best and in an attempt to be humorous i created a national stirment i sincerely
5:39 am
apologize to ms. fluke for the insulting word choices. and there's backlash in india on the set of katherine bigelow's new movie, hunt for osama bin laden and portraying the pakistan city where the taliban leader lived on their soil. and bigelow was denied permission to film in pakistan and result today converting cities in india to make the movie work and protesters say their government shouldn't have let bigelow film in video at all. the film zero dark 30, set for release later this year. call it a comeback, here is lindsay lohan poking fun at her public troubles during opening monologue on "saturday night live." >> i really want to thank all of my friends at snl who trusted me enough to have me back and now, this studio feels like-- . [alarm going off] >> the alarm goes off if i
5:40 am
leave the stage sni thought if i left the studio, i thought you trusted me. >> alisyn: it's the fourth time she hosted the show. it's not her performance that is grabbing headlines it's her face. if you look at photos dating back to 2004 you can see some drama changes, prompting many to think she's had one too many trips to the plastic surgeon. >> do you think. >> or nights of drinking. >> and she's 25 years old. you know, you don't need all of that intervention. >> you youth is beautiful. something that young women need to realize. >> see me when i come in before hair and makeup, a different sight. >> and how are you this morning on this program. >> whoa. >> and the snl-- >> and ipad. >> tomorrow morning-- >> and hey, come over here. >> there's a blond on the couch. >> get in here, girl. and tomorrow morning, a big morning here at the fox news channel starting at 5 a.m.
5:41 am
what is happening tomorrow at 5 a.m. >> we're embracing this, we look alike and sound alike and from the south. >> talk alike. >> how much can they expect at "fox & friends" first, we heard they asked you to do it not getting up early we already get up early. >> we're saying it's a shot of espresso and wake everybody up with a smile and entertainment and news and we're going to hit you hard, with a smile, too. >> all of my friends they're starting to have babies and getting up at like three as you guys know, 3, 4 a.m. and now you can turn on the tv and watch up. we'll be one with you, we know that america is getting up earlier these days and we want to be with you and tell you what you missed while were you sleeping. >> we'll be in the studio, a new studio built. >> very cool, it's very cool, very sort of futuristic, and for you guys. >> that's great and what's going on behind the scenes, give us goods there. >> right there, you've got it it. we're going over the headlines
5:42 am
and the crew that built the set. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> the show will not work, ladies, i'm sorry, we know some of these guys, the show-- >> disaster in itself. >> yeah, veto and-- yesterday, we had rehearsal, veto was mad because the robotic cameras are involved and have them all and three people interviewed at one time. he's great. >> it's a great opportunity at 5 a.m. hard working americans up at that hour ready to go out and work on different jobs at that hour know news bright and early. >> and the two of us will join the retation this month, so it-- >> yeah, a great cast and every day is going to be he rotating and it should be a lot of fun and also a debate segment every day and even play a little bit of a game with the cast of "fox & friends" and everybody at home, interesting, also. >> alisyn: good luck with it, guys and we'll be watching and looks like it's going to be a cool, super fun show. >> set your alarms, tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. >> we'll be on together. monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> all right, coming up on the show, he defended the
5:43 am
so-called american taliban guy, remember that guy. why is he now number three at the department of justice? we'll explain coming up. >> and then they are a kids favorite. do you know what's inside those next? you'd never guess an ingredient in there also used to wax your car. >> oh, nice. >> it's called wax. what you need to know next. ♪ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior
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5:45 am
[ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could've had a v8.
5:46 am
>> he's rising in the ranks of the doj. tony west the lawyer who once defended the so-called american taliban, john walker lindh, now promoted to the number three spot at the department of justice. >> our next guest says his appointment is troubling.
5:47 am
a former justice department official and the author of the book, "injustice", great to see you this morning and what do you know about tony west and what troubles you about this position? >> well, look, tony west took on and his firm some of the most radical causes for america's enemies before coming to the justice department. and he represented the american taliban, john walker lindh. this is part after pattern that obama's justice department, of filling it with attorneys who before they came to justice, took on the most radical causes and now they're filling the justice department from top to bottom. >> now, look, if you know a lawyer, which we all know a f few, we know you sometimes take on clients you do not believe in. does who you represent, represent you as a person in most cases? >> well, in most cases, no, don't forget. tony west when he took on the representation of john walker lindh. even after the sentencing, he was out schilling for him and
5:48 am
said to the washington post, i think he will he have a lot to offer after he gets out of jail. and what does he have. how to endear yourself to prominent lawyers. these are dangerous people and you seek them out. their law firm represented a lot of other people like mohammed versus jefferson david, and the most dangerous thing is that west is overseeing gitmo policy. it's not just he's some guy at the justice department licking envelopes. >> here is what tony west about why he decided to represent john walker lindh, i fully believed in working on that case i was recommitting myself to due process, fairness, things that separate us from most nations in the the world. i guess the point, most heinous criminals under our justice is entitled to legal representation. >> they are, alisyn. good for him. in another generation, in
5:49 am
another time. representing america's radical enemies would not have qualified you for a job at the divot department. it would have disqualified you. but in the obama administration they've brought in attorney after attorney, west chief of staff, martinez, and attorneys that west brought in, all worked for gitmo detainees and now they're in charge of gitmo policy. >> dave: former doj, jay christian adams thank you for joining us from d.c. >> you're welcome. >> alisyn: and your kids love them. what's inside the fruit snacks that parents dole out. wait until you hear the ingredient list? >> oh, i love these things. >> alisyn: me, too. ♪ when my tempur-pedic moves.
5:50 am
[ male announcer ] why not talk to someone who owns an adjustable version of the most highly recommended bed in america? ask me about my tempur advanced ergo. goes up. goes up. ask me what it's like to get a massage anytime you want. goes down. goes down. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ergonomics. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. it's the perfect time to save up to $300 on select mattress sets.
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5:52 am
5:53 am
>> you know, these things, we feed them to our kids and they love them. they're fruit snacks supposed to be made by fruit and contain vitamin c and low in fat and calories and sounds healthy and tricked me. apparently it's not necessarily right. >> dave: that's what it says on the box. >> clayton: michael hanson, scientist for consumer reports and he's breaking down some of the popular snacks. you can't believe everything you read on the box of these things. >> that's correct. basically these items, they're labeled to, so you think there's some healthful things, fruits and veggies. and it's basically a candy and a lot of sugar. >> clayton: break it down. the fairies and the cars from disney and fruit snacks on the end. what's the problem with these? >> well, what the concern, many of these, virtually all of these things except for annies, contain artificial
5:54 am
dyes. and linked to a.d.h.d. and they have warning labels on them and an attempt to have that happen in the u.s., but it hasn't yet. so many of them will have, if you look, they'll say, red 40, yellow 5, blue 1. these are all color additives. there's literally been a five-fold increase in the amount of artificial dyes in food. >> alisyn: they're not benign. in europe they consider them harmful to kids. >> right, it turns out there are certain kids that are-- that basically when they're exposed to these dyes, it makes behavior problems worse. >> clayton: and trans fats, sorry to interrupt you there. fa trans fats and getting rid of them in the united states. there are trans fats?
5:55 am
>> some trans fats in some of these. >> alisyn: like veggie tales. >> if you look at label it actually says zero grams of trans fats and look under the ingredient list and says partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. that's a trans fat. >> alisyn: how do they get away with it. >> up to 1/2 a gram, and still have zero. >> clayton: it's a lie because it actually does have it. >> that's the problem of the that's for one serving, but if your kids eat a bunch of servings, they can be exposed to trans fats. >> alisyn: i never understood how they got away from that. >> a half gram can still be labeled zero. >> alisyn: another thing people think that these are great. if you happen to be a vegetarian family, or a family that's just focusing on vegetables and fruits, you think you're not eating animal products what you are. >> yes, you are, you have to look for gel tin. it comes from the boiled up
5:56 am
skin and bones of primarily pigs and cows. >> alisyn: that's appetizing. >> clayton: the and high fructose corn syrup the number one ingredients on there. we pick up these for my son organic bunny fruit snacks, i thought they were good. >> if you buy them they don't contain the artificial flavors or any of those and pointed out that trader joe's and whole foods markets they do not sell any products at that contain artificial dyes. >> alisyn: very good to know. you're the senior scientist with consumer reports and thanks for clearing these up. they're not vitamins like i said. >> real fruit. >> exactly. >> clayton: coming up on the show, president obama praised it and general motors putting the brakes on the battery powered chevy volt. what does it say about the administration's green agenda. >> alisyn: and former miss universe, 2008.
5:57 am
diana men doza dishes on being an apprentice for donald trump. there she is. see you in a minute. ♪ lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006.
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6:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, sunday, march 4th, we start with a "fox news alert." some call it is a twister miracle. a little girl found alive in a field miles from her home. after the latest round of violent and deadly tornadoes, this -- the death toll now stands at 36. we'll go live to the devastated area, straight ahead. >> dave: and cardinal timothy dolan back in the u.s., and fired up over the president's controversial birth control mandate. >> don't impose your teaching upon us, and make us do as a church what we find unconscionable to do. >> dave: what the cardinal is now asking catholics around the
6:01 am
world to do. >> clayton: and, sarah palin offering advice to the g.o.p. candidates, on a pick for vice president. why she thinks congressman alan west is the best man for the job. "fox & friends," hour four, "fox & friends," hour four, starts, right now. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: we start this hour, again, with another foz weather alert for you. the numbers are fluctuating, 36 people are dead at last count, dozens more are presumed missing. after the string of tornadoes ripped through nearly a dozen states, the outbreak one of the worst ever for this time of year and we have been getting incredible video, in to our newsroom, one shot more breath taking and jaw-dropping than the next how destructive they were and in the midst of devastation
6:02 am
there is something avenue a miracle. >> dave: a two-year-old girl found in a field ten miles away from her home in indiana. her name is angel. angel babcock. tragically, her parents and two siblings were killed, when their trailer was destroyed in the storm. but, right now, angel is alive, in critical condition. her extended family is looking after her as she recovers in the hospital. in louisville, kentucky, the folks at the hospital doing a great job this morning. >> clayton: one of the many news stories we are hearing, as people continue to recover from these storms and, rick reichmuth has been down there in henryville indiana where the national weather service classified this as an ef 4 tornado, but are trying to figure out the wind speed? is there a range, how fast it could have tore through that town? >> rick: that is exactly it. yes, and, each category has a range, so, where between 170 to
6:03 am
195 miles per hour is what we are talking about, in the ef-4 category, in the louisville area, we are 20 miles north of louisville, kentucky, here, in hen henryville, indiana and everybody in the media and taunt is talking about the girl, stories coming out and, so -- now that they have a name and know that she is alive and all of her immediate family has been killed, certainly, the one story that impacted the area so much. i want to bring in troy weimer, with task force one, you guys were here immediately afterwards as first responders, the tornado happened and you took a black hawk helicopter down within an hour and what did you see when you got here. >> on arrival we did an air survey, with the black hawk crew of the community of henryville, and, some of the surrounding area and it was apparent we were dealing with a large tornado
6:04 am
that did a lot of damage, landed at the high school, and moved to the local command post, that had been established by the local fire department, first responders. >> rick: we show guys on these vehicles and on homes, these markings, that are on homes, and on cars. and you see this, this is you guys, right? you are the ones going through, making sure nobody is trapped inside? >> that's correct. the local resources, and local first responders did what we call, classified as a hasty search, looking for people in piles and homes that were visible and maybe walking wounded and injured. looking in vehicles, those types of things and our team specializes is search and rescue in an urban setting and that is what we're here to do. >> rick: you feel confident everyone is accounted for at this point, in this town. >> all indications from the command post are now, nobody is reported missing. and we do have accountability. henryville is a small town, 2.9 square miles and 1900 people and now, we have no verified missing
6:05 am
persons report. what we are worried about, is that this is the level of devastation that we usually see in a good sized hurricane. it is not as widespread, a lot more isolated but the rubble piles that have been created, and some people that may not be accounted for or may not have loved ones missing them or may have been out doing something, driving through town, any of those types of things that might have happened and we spent yesterday, all day, during operational periods, clearing the rubble piles and the structures that are down, going door-to-door, with our search team, and our canine team, doing accountability of the neighborhood. >> rick: and yesterday they found a woman whose home was moved 15 feet off of the foundation and she stayed in the home. and, they found her just yesterday, she didn't want to leave but had broken ribs, a woman in her 70s and found her safe as well. guys? >> alisyn: gosh, what a
6:06 am
herculean effort he does along with his colleagues and it is wonderful, that he is able to save so many people and help. >> clayton: thanks, we'll check back in a little bit with you. other headlines. the election continues to roll along. washington state, held their caucuses yesterday, where mitt romney was the big winner out there and, it was interesting, last night, steven hayes, a panelist on the special report, tweeted out that this is huge for mitt romney, for three reasons: number one, it is a caucus state which he has not done well in before and, number 2, he combined the totals of both rick santorum and newt gingrich and beat them and didn't spend a lot of money there, either in the state of washington. >> dave: and you can't say it was about the negative attack ads, santorum and newt gingrich can't say if we coalesced the anti-romney vote, they'd have more and they lose both argument and turning our attention to the next super tuesday.
6:07 am
ohio showing santorum and romney tied and $10 million spent on tv and radio ads, and $5 million from the mitt romney super-pac and it is now about money in ohio and delegates, because, santorum has issues there. >> alisyn: right these are the big numbers, the big amount of delegates, look at georgia and ohio, as you said, 63 and the reason santorum has issues there. he didn't qualify for the precincts, didn't fill out the proper paperwork and might lose 18 of those delegates and, obviously, a long way to go, none of them are anywhere near the magical 1400 and something mark, but this is the big contest on tuesday. >> clayton: super tuesday among the states, the state of alaska. the only candidate who is campaigning in alaska, right now, for the super tuesday vote is ron paul. went up to alaska, i think he's there now, actually pushing for that and may be the one state he's able to win in super tuesday. another person who knows the state of alaska well and also knows what it is like to run for vice president, sarah palin.
6:08 am
>> alisyn: right. she was on america's election headquarters, with umar farouk abdulmutallab with uma, and, she said she wouldn't rule out out, but had a recommendation who she thinks should be the vp nominee. >> you snow who i would like to see considered for the vp slot is colonel allen west, in the tumultuous time, someone who served in our military0, has intimate knowledge how it works, someone like that, colonel allen west, been to the school of hard knocks, he should be considered seriously. >> that is a no at this point. >> it's not a no. if i were in a g.o.p. presidential candidate's shoes i'd first look to colonel allen west. >> clayton: she's good at not saying no. it would be a huge surprise
6:09 am
after being asked in 2008 if she were, but he's in the a name we've heard a lot, the names you do hear, christie, rubio, perhaps mitch daniels, who we'll speak to briefly, very soon, about what is happening there in indiana. i don't know, colonel west could be an interesting choice, shake things up. >> alisyn: and sarah palin has a close family member who served in the military and could be describing the characteristics for herself, as well. >> clayton: politics. >> alisyn: what is happening: word of a deal hashed out between u.s. and israel, israeli officials now reportedly, agreeing to wait until after the u.s. presidential election, before attacking iran's nuclear plants. president obama is meeting with benjamin netanyahu tomorrow and sources close to netanyahu say it is to reassure the prime minister that iran will not build a nuclear weapon as long as israel's attack is delayed, and, top israeli officials are
6:10 am
skeptical and want to strike iran now but the president warned against acting prematurely them. bodies of two journalists killed in syria have returned to france. american journalist marie colvin and french photographer remi achilik were killed in a rocket attack, relatives of ochilik were there, and colvin's body is expected to be flown to the u.s. sometime early this week. a washington, d.c. teacher is in big trouble after sending students home with seriously disturbing math problems. parent say they were shocked when they found morbid, violent, even racist themes all over their kids' homework, the ceo of the public charter school since fired the third grade teacher who reportedly is also a minister, for using very bad judgment. this might at least allow for some fun as you fill up.
6:11 am
sunoco's beer exchange program lets customers fill up with beer at the same place they get gas. wait a second! is that dangerous? >> alisyn: it is available in 40 stations... >> dave: any different than... >> alisyn: drinking and driving? >> clayton: you b six packs and things in certain states... >> dave: they are not open containers. >> alisyn: why are we showing people with open containers drinking. >> clayton: you buy the big jugs be a fill them up and... >> dave: and assignment. >> clayton: put the cap on and take it home. >> alisyn: we should have mentioned that in the news story. an important detail. >> clayton: we blacked-out after you said beer. oh... beer? >> dave: coming up next, chevy volt praised by the president and general motors putting the brakes on the battery powered vehicle because they can't seem to sell enough of them. what does it say about the administration's green agenda? we'll does... >> clayton: plus, 2008 miss universe, diana mendoza will tell us what it is like to be in the boardroom with the donald,
6:12 am
she's in the house. >> alisyn: i know you guys are not excited about this at all. it will be boring... >> clayton: a beautiful, tall woman? and, can you get some of that beer, too? ♪ ♪ girls just wanna have fun... ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, protecting people's lives... [ soldier ] move out! [ male announcer ] ...without their even knowing it. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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♪ >> president barack obama: the gm plant in ohio... [cheers and applause]. >> president barack obama: where workers got their jobs back to build the chevy cobalt. and, gm's hamtramck plant in detroit... [cheers and applause]. >> president barack obama: where i got to get inside a brand new chevy volt fresh off the line and five years from now, when i'm not president anymore, i'll buy one and drive it myself. >> alisyn: the president less than a week ago and days after the speech, general motors put the brakes on the production of
6:16 am
the chevy volt he was talking about and temporarily laud off 1300 workers, at the hamtramck plant. so, what is the failure of the chevy volt for the moment say about the president's green energy agenda. here to give us his take is pennsylvania congressman mike kelly. good morning, congressman. >> how are you. >> alisyn: the suspension of production of the volt. is it a problem with green energy? or with the volt in particular? >> i think it is -- the volt is a magnificent piece of technology, but it is way ahead of the market and again shows a president who has these pipe dreams and it shouldn't surprise us, he's in a chief executive position without any executive experience and we're looking for a turn around guy and need people who have done it and turned things around and the president does a great job in the classroom and this nation has really experienced the most expensive sabbatical we have see and he says he wants to see in five years, he'll buy a volt and i listened to a lot of what he
6:17 am
said and i think he's got an idea that is so far out in front of what the actual market is, that it just isn't working. >> alisyn: hold on a second. because, two of the top selling cars in the country, right now are the ford fusion, and the toyota prius. also future, new-age cars, hybrid or electric cars. so how do you explain their success and not the volt? >> well, i think you talk about hybrids versus electric cars and talk about cars that are highly subsidized with taxpayer money and these are hard working american tax dollars, keep in mind going to these cars and there's a lot of gaming being done in california, you get to go on the high occupancy lane with these cars and a shopping center, these are for electric or hybrid cars only and it is -- the real market, though, the people i serve, these are not cars they will buy in great numbers. it is just -- they are a small,
6:18 am
small, in countk incremental, a shouldn't we be developing an energy strategy to put millions of people back to work? you know, we have seen what happens with gas prices, $1.89 when the president comes into office and now, in my home, i paid 3. 69 provides. >> alisyn: doesn't that speak to why the volt and prius should be popular? they get 90 miles to the gallon, isn't the future now? to start looking at some of these green alternative technologies? >> the future is now in this country, it's an aggressive energy strategy, policy to put millions of people back to work, but what we have now, under our -- over 200 years supply of coal and you see coal mines shutting down and power plants shutting down, when you see refineries shutting down and a president who talks about wanting to do these things and the offshore
6:19 am
moratorium, and we tried to reverse that and restart the offshore drilling and the gulf and, they are blocking these thing and, listen, whenever the administration ses we have to get gas prices up, to where they are in europe, $6.50, $7 a gallon, they are trying to force a market that is not there. use what is there, god gave it to us and we can take advantage of it now, these are great opportunities for america to restart the economy and rising gas prices, it is going to affect the fragile recovery, i have friends now cutting back on other things because their energy costs are soaring. this is the plan of this administration, again, these are green pipe dreams, this is not the reality of what has to take place, right now, in our country today. we have the greatest country in the world and we're holding ourselves back. >> alisyn: and many say it will only get worse as we get into the spring and summer, congressman mike kelly, republican from pennsylvania, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me on, appreciate it. >> alisyn: cardinal timothy dolan is back in the u.s. and
6:20 am
fired up over president obama's controversial birth control man dates. listen: >>... impose your teaching upon us and make us do as a church what we find unconscionable to do. >> alisyn: what he's asking catholics around the world to do. then, from the runway to the boardroom, oh, boy... didn't take clayton long to find former miss universe, 2008, diana mitchell and, dave is joining the party. what is it like to work with donald trump in a boardroom? she'll join us on the curvy couch, next. this is delicious okay...
6:21 am
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6:24 am
>> alisyn: as 2008, miss universe, diana mendoza knows how to be poised under pressure and now putting those skills to the test in the fierce corporate world of celebrity apprentice. let's take a look. >> going forward who would you rather see on the team? >> i think she has shown more and she has been trying to be more than victoria. >> that is how she saved victoria gotti, and tonight she steps up as project manager. >> dave: and the former miss universe joins us on the curvy couch. you grew up in venezuela and you told me you had to google a lot
6:25 am
of the fellow contestants. once you googled victoria gotti and found out she was the daughter of a mafia boss, did you think one person i will not fire it is her. >> i'm friends with gotti. that was one of my goals. no, the clip you saw it wasn't easy to say... not easy to say, not everybody is working in the same speed. >> alisyn: are you now afraid for your life? >> dave: in witness protection. >> no, i'm not. >> clayton: you have donald backing you up. >> paekt. >> clayton: he has been a mentor to you and hand-picked you for the show and you decided to do the apprentice, why? >> i decided to do it, it was a great opportunity, now that... finally, the latinos are stepping up in the country so well and people are starting to realize the big influence we have in the country, and i was like, why not, i'm venezuelan
6:26 am
and part of the story and came here four years ago and had to learn the language and get used to the culture and find new friends, left my family, et cetera. so i just got involved, also with the latino community, in 2008, miss overs, i won, the pageant and i was happy to be able to do it on the show, keep working for them, and... >> dave: you are beautiful, you are... former miss universe, do people underestimate you? a model, you come on the show, do they underestimate your intellect and your business savvy? >> not everybody, there are definitely people out there who will mistreat you or treat you differently, because probably they are... try to make themselves feel better. >> clayton: alisyn wanted to cancel the segment. >> alisyn: i wish i had. what have you learned so far in the boardroom with donald. >> so far, well, it could be
6:27 am
tougher, definitely, even is still alive... lucky to be there. but, i'm enjoying my time there, i'm hope to be there, working and what i have been learning is to keep my personal issues, aside from the professional, you know, environment we are working in. >> clayton: i have to ask you about donald trump. obviously, the face of the show, by all accounts, the guy calling the shots, what is it like to work for the donald on the show? >> i have been working for mr. trump since 2008, and i'm lucky to have such a boss. and, he has been so good to see, and has been helpful with my career, and, life, so, i'm honored to be around him and his family. >> dave: we wish you the best and the show, 9:00 eastern time, and she's not in witness protection, victoria gotti, not coming after her yet. >> alisyn: we'll be watching tonight. >> thank you.
6:28 am
>> clayton: coming up on the show, an emotional exchange between a wounded soldier's father and mitt romney at last night's g.o.p. forum. hosted by governor huckabee. >> sir, will you look me in the eye and tell me... he'll be taken care of. >> clayton: how governor romney responded, still ahead. >> alisyn: plus, 12 residents in indiana, killed in those deadly tornadoes. we're going to talk to governor mitch daniels about the tragedy where they go from here in the heartland. >> dave: and we'll head back to alabama for the latest on the search for survivors, continuing, this morning. stick around. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on top of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed.
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don't our dogs deserve to eat fresher less processed foods just like we do introducing freshpet healthy recipes of
6:32 am
fresh meat and fresh veggies so fresh the only preservative we use is the fridge freshpet fresh food for fido >> dave: welcome back, picking up the pieces in the heartland after a deadly round of twisters, 36 people are dead and the search for survivors is ongoing. elizabeth prann has been covering the story for us and is in alabama, and joins us from hazel green. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, we do have new information coming in overnight, the storm that hit madison county, the northern part of alabama has been upgraded from an ef-2 to an ef-3 tornado, winds sustain at 140 miles per hour and we know the storm stretched about 250 yards wide and it was a hop-scotching across the county, 34 miles long
6:33 am
and you can see the picture you are looking at now is an example of the track of the storm. to the left of the screen you see the red brick home, seemingly unscathed and to the right-hand side you see a home where the top half of the home was literally sliced off, this home to your right-hand side demolished and this is basically nothing left here, now, right behind the cul de sac is a church and parts of the church were destroyed. in fact, the back half of the roof was peeled off like a banana, they were supposed to be having their normal church service at 10:00 a.m. local time and it has been moved to an elementary school but we did speak with the pastor yesterday and here's what he said about the unity in the community. listen: >> you know, maybe it is because we face so many of these, but it is a rallying point. people pull together and help open other, work together and there's a real spirit.
6:34 am
>> reporter: now, after the service at 10:00 a.m. we know disaster crews from the church will be headed out to neighborhoods like this one behind me, and one example of how strong these winds were, as it hop scotched across the county, next-door is a cemetery and a lot of the headstones are split in half, showing you how powerful these winds came, were when they came across, showing they can split granite an cement. >> clayton: thanks, elizabeth, 175 miles, some parts of indiana, 12 residents down and thousands left devastated after a string of storms ripped through the southern part of the state of indiana. governor mitch daniels surveyed the damage and is pledging his support and joins us now from indianapolis. in henryville, how are the search and recovery efforts going across your state at this hour. >> as well as humanly possible, i was in all the communities,
6:35 am
several were hit and every where i went, two constants, more material, more food, everything than we needed and networks found people from elsewhere, sometimes relatives that often... came to the site of the trouble to try to be of assistance and, that is the kind of folks we have in this state. >> alisyn: one of the stories from indiana that is just -- has captured the country, this morning, of the little girl, some reports say she is 15 months old and some, she is two years old and somehow the twister grabbed her from her home and deposited her, miles away. in a field. the rest of her family, her parents, two siblings were killed. i don't suppose you have an update on her condition, this morning? >> i don't and we have learned be cautious, even when we get encouraging news, i think we ought to wait until we know something with certainty. but, yes, i mean, the loss of 12 lives is a heart break but the fact that some of them were children, if you think you have
6:36 am
no words to speak to an adult whose lost an adult loved one, try talking to somebody who lost a niece or a grandchild, as i did yesterday. >> dave: we're sorry. any sense of how many people are left homeless, where they will go and how people from around your state and around the country can help? >> if there was any mercy, to this particular storm, it was that it hit fairly sparsely populated areas and the numbers of people and numbers of destroyed homes, smaller than it might have been. somewhere in the low three digits, we think, everywhere i went, yesterday, we made arrangements overnight for shelters, and very few people needed them or needed them more than a night. there are family, friends and each person i asked seemed to have a plan already, but, again, that just reflects the giving character of the people of indiana. >> clayton: i was looking through, to try to find out if
6:37 am
the white house declared emergency funds and i know that you spoke to the white house yesterday. they also met with craig fugate, the administrator of the federal emergency management agency, talked to you as well as the other governors of the states affected. is there anything that the federal government can supply they haven't yet or is that moving forward in a fashionable manner? >> no, very much so, got calls from the president and secretary napolitano as i was moving around southern indiana yet and i appreciate their help, and the honest truth, there is not much they can do the first few days, it falls on the state and the local level. but by and by we'll tally the damages and make amp dagpplicat for the support of our fellow taxpayers in other places and it is clear the federal government is ready to provide that under the laws we have, in due course.
6:38 am
>> alisyn: one thing we're left scratching our heads when we look at these pictures on the other side of the screen from you, where do you begin? what happens this morning, how do you get people back to life as they flew it in indiana. >> these situations are tough and so are hoosiers and i've had far too much practice at this i regret to say, but what you will see in our state, homes are already being put back together and people are figuring out what comes next. you would not believe the resilient spirit of people i met all day yesterday. i think i'm there to try to provide a little sympathy and support and i'm the one goes away up lifted by the the way in which people face a terrible tragedy like this with resilience, we're at work already on recovery, and, you will be surprised how fast we get it done. >> clayton: governor mitch
6:39 am
daniels, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule as you try to put pieces back together and talking with us, appreciate it. >> alisyn: we are thinking of you, governor, and everybody there. >> much appreciated. >> alisyn: we have to get to other headlines, tell you what else is happening in the news, we have a "fox news alert." eric cantor endorsing mitt romney for president. the announcement coming moments ago. this, of course a big show of support for mitt romney, fresh off his win at the washington caucuses. and, just two days before super tuesday, his home state of virginia is one state up for grabs in the contest, and, by the way, in that same interview, he said he would not consider a vp slot, were he to be asked and an emotional moment, governor mike huckabee's g.o.p. presidential forum. listen as the father of a wounded soldier, asked mitt romney about health care coverage for our nation's troops. >> this week, president obama's administration, again, cut his benefits. sir, will you look me in the eye
6:40 am
and tell me he'll be taken care of? >> david, my heart breaks for you and your family. it is just hard to imagine what it could be like. i can tell you, if i'm president, of the united states, i will not be raising co-pays on soldiers that are wounded. on men and women who serve this country. >> alisyn: many people today, noting rom my's response and a massive web cam network poised to catch fraud in russia's presidential election found something more amusing. look at these voters. they are getting down on the dance floor. authorities reportedly spent between $400 million and $1 billion to install at least 200,000 cameras at polling centers, well, it looks like they got their money's worth. >> clayton: i was hoping you weren't going to say they caught putin with his shirt off again... you never know.
6:41 am
>> alisyn: it doesn't take a hidden camera to catch that. >> dave: coming up, cardinal timothy dolan outraged over president obama's controversial birth control mandate. >> don't impose your teaching upon us, and make us do as a church what we find unconscionable to do. >> dave: what the cardinal is now asking catholics around the world to do, father jonathan morris here next with more, on cardinal dolan's response. >> clayton: as we head further and further into the g.o.p. presidential race, which ads are sticking the most with voters? you have probably seen a lot of them. pollster frank luntz, breaks it down for us, we'll be here with us. look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, espresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated.
6:42 am
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6:45 am
>> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends," doored nal dolan ramping up his rhetoric in the ongoing battle over the contraception mandate. >> who is trying to impose what on who? we are not trying to impose our teaching on anybody. we are simply saying, don't impose your teaching upon us, and make us do as a church what we find unconscionable to do. >> alisyn: with the obama administration suggesting a compromise on the controversial rule, will catholics be willing to settle. >> dave: do it again. >> clayton: what did i do? >> dave: fox news religious contributor, father jonathan morris, likes to get on camera a little early. we like the maximum time on camera. this is bold for cardinal dolan. he's unhappy at this mandate. >> i don't think it is bold. i think it is very simple. what was the compromise? the compromise was, okay, you don't have to pay for it up front but, rather, you have to
6:46 am
pay your insurance company who will pay for it. that was the compromise of the accommodation. i mean, everybody -- everybody understands that is an accounting trick. it is in no way, any -- not a game-changer and what is cardinal dolan or the usctv, the conference of catholic bishops who president -- cardinal dolan is president of, will they say, okay. we're not going to keep fighting this? it is very simple... >> clayton: bold, because... i don't know we hear this type of rhetoric coming out of cardinals. >> dave: i agree. >> why are we hearing it? because for the first time, the federal government has chosen not to allow churches and religious organizations to be who they are they are being forced to do something against their conscience. it is simple and if the government chooses to say, health workers who are jewish must work on the sabbath another
6:47 am
common good of society i hope the jewish population would stand up and say, we don't care what you think is good for the common good of society and would fight and would be bold but it was not the catholic bishops, who started the fight. >> alisyn: this is interesting me for weeks now about the story, the cdc reports 99% of women of a certain age use birth control and seems like there is not a problem with access. there is access to birth control. why are we fixing something now. >> because i believe the federal government has an agenda, to make planned parenthood happy and the very left wing of the base happy or something else. that is just purely conjecture. why? because of what you say, 90% of health plans already cover contraception now. right? and... >> dave: it ain't broke.
6:48 am
>> and georgetown, my sister graduated from georgetown law school and, is coming out and saying, i have to pay $3,000 to be able to have sex whenever i want it. the government should be paying that for me. whatever, you can get it for free, so many places, and, plus, there are other types of continue vepgs, if you choose to use it that are cheap. >> will we hear this on the pulpit. >> somebody in the white house strategically decided they want to fight this specific battle. >> clayton: father jonathan morris, great sto see you, appreciate it. >> i'll tell you what i think later. >> clayton: coming up, pollster frank luntz not afraid to give us his opinion. which political ads stick with voters that's g.o.p. presidential race heats up. that is next. ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets,
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>> dave: welcome back, everybody, with the race for the republican nomination in full swing, it is hard to miss the barrage of political ads hitting our airwaves. which ads are resonating with voters? here with the latest is pollster and author of the book "win", frank luntz. good morning to you. we are very excited for your special tonight, 10:00 eastern time. you will talk with rand paul, paul ryan, senator tom coburn... i could go on and on and on and one of the questions you asked them is one i find fascinating. is this long, bloody primary battle hurting the party and will it hurt their chances at defeating the president? what did they tell you? >> they told me to my surprise that doesn't and in fact the voters -- what is unique about the special, it's not just the surrogates, debates may be over
6:53 am
but the surrogates sat there, face-to-face and challenge each other and the voters in our panel, the voters want it to go on and the surrogates want it to go on. why? because to them the focus on barack obama and challenging barack obama will fade away, the moment they stop paying attention to this republican primary and i gotta tell you, i don't necessarily agree. i think the candidates are tearing each other apart and are raising each other's negatives and i don't think it is helpful. but, i was out voted by the surrogates and the american people. >> dave: boy, is that interesting and an interesting number i saw this morning, $10 million, already has been spent on radio and tv ads alone, on super tuesday states and there's a lot more money still to be spent. let's go through the ads, that you looked at and talked with the senators and congressmen about, restore our future. tell us about it. >> mitt romney's ad is an interesting comparison of why he's right, why rick santorum is wrong, the perfect balance of
6:54 am
information. let's take a look: >>... washington insider. >> romney rescued the olympics. >> santorum was in washington. voting to raise the debt limit five times. >> mitt romney vetoed 800 times and turned a deficit into a surplus without raising taxes. >> santorum was voting for billions in waste including the bridge to nowhere. >> romney and santorum, big differences. >> restore our future is responsible for the content of the message. >> that is interesting to me, they did the comparison. now, the challenge for romney is that the state, abc news's john carl uncovered, earlier this week, talks about how much money mitt romney was able to get for the olympics out of washington. so, undercuts the ad and i'll tell you this. in a season of negativity, there's enough positives in the ad to be very helpful for mitt romney. >> dave: rick santorum, an ad called "the only one." what do people like about this? >> again it shows the
6:55 am
difference, these candidates are trying to differentiate. let's look. >>... government-run health care. who can we trust? rick santorum. he's the only proven conservative with a bold plan to restore america's greatness. draet create dynamic jobs, c-- . rick santorum for president. red, white and blue fund is responsible for the content of this ad. >> and notice how mitt romney and newt gingrich were standing behind president obama and everyone else is washington and only santorum is different. an effective ad. >> dave: everyone trying to draw the contrast, and newt gingrich talked about $2.50 gas and his ads draw him out as the one who could best challenge on the stage the president and this is from winning our future. tell us about it. >> this one is specifically about gingrich and is only positive and if more of these would be on the air newt's
6:56 am
polling numbers would be higher. let's take a look. >> principles matter. backbone matters. newt gingrich, only one man in this race stood up to bill clinton, only one man got people off welfare and put 'em back to work. only one man balanced the budget and created millions of jobs. newt gingrich. only bold ideas can beat barack obama, and restore america's greatness. winning our futures is responsible for the content of this message. >> the best tested of all the ads because it was only one man, only one man and people will remember that phrase, we'll see what happens on tuesday and tonight at 10:00 you will see these ads, others, the best ads on the budget, three senators, five congressmen, and dozens of american people going back and forth at each other, will be an interesting hour. >> dave: can't wait and a lot more ads coming up if you live in a super tuesday state. frank luntz, thanks for being on, 10:00 eastern time. more "fox and friends" in two.
6:57 am
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