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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  March 5, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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god bless. we'll see you soon. >> this is "fox & friends"." here's what's happening right now. she, the sole survivor of her family. now that little toddler found in tornado rubble is gone, too. this morning victims facing another storm. we are live in indiana. >> the president is defending his right to kill u.s. citizens overseas who engage in terrorism. is it legal? >> are you awake a little too early this morning? sleep on this. the answers to all of your insomnia questions straight from the doctors. e-mail us at friends first at
2:01 am for the first time. fox & friends first starts right now. >> there you are morning glory. welcome to the show. >> it is monday march 5th, 2012. thank you so much for joining us for the debut of fox and friends first. we are excited to be waking up with you every morning at this very time. >> yes, we are. but we have a packed show. so let's get right to your headlines. we begin this morning with a fox news alert. the obama administration set to justify the so-called target kill program using deadly force against american terrorists overseas. >> anna and ainsley good morning to you as well. congratulations on the debut of fox and friends first. >> eric holder is expect to do deliver his speech today. he will be speaking before law
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students at northwestern university, chicago. while we don't have advanced details of his speech he is said to talk about what is known as a top secret program of targeted killing for americans involved in groups like al qaeda and who commit acts of terrorism against the united states overseas. such an action has already taken place. you may remember september of last year a u.s. drone strike killed an american citizen an marr. that attack also killed another american citizen of north carolina. his death was categorized as collateral damage. they are pressing them to have the kill program. they say it's a failure to provide lack of process for americans who are suspected of operating with terrorist groups
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overseas. eric holder will talk about using lethal force. now to an extreme weather alert. the images you have seen are heartbreaking. tornados leaving entire neighborhoods a complete mess. to make matter worst the little girl who was a hopeful sign of life has passed away. >> we have been following this story from the beginning. we are life from henryville, indiana. hi, rick. >> good morning. such a sad story for the people around here really holding hope on the life of angel babcock a nearly 15 month old girl who survived the storm miraculously. she had huddled together with her parents and two-year-old brother and younger baby sister was month old. huddled in the middle of a hallway. the four of them diedxtended fa the decision to pull her off of life support. take a listen to what one of the
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family members had to say. >> wanted to find something we can keep for a memory of them. there's nothing there. i can't find nothing. it's hard. they are gone. >> test hard to ima it's hard te you lose your family member in a tornado so destructive. they have nothing to remember them by such a tragedy for the entire extended family and hard to image. this morning 2600 people in the area still without power. yesterday we got to drive around to some of the extended areas. the damage goes on for miles and miles of homes and businesses completely flattened. this right here kind of one of the iconic images from this. a school bus that was hurled from the school across the street here into this diner. waking up this morning to a couple of inches of snow that
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has fallen overnight on top of everything is something i have never seen meet meteor logically. things will be muddy and cold again. any bright news things will warm up within the couple days in the 60s. but a very cold morning. >> you spend your whole life building for your family and in one second it's all wiped away. tragic. >> an entire town. >> sthooivengs, rick. -- thanks so much, rick. >> we are hours away from super tuesday. a pivotal moment. there are more than 400 delegates up for grabs in ten states. romney picks up conservative endorsements one from eric cantor and another from senator tom coburn from oklahoma. ohio will be the state to watch, guys. no republican has ever won the presidency without winning ohio. real clear politics an average of several polls shows rick
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santorum ahead of mitt romney by about 3 points. >> this will perk you up, ainsley. you have seen vladimir putin riding horse back, even killing a tiger, but here's a side of him you may not have seen until this morning. putin at his victory rally in moscow after winning the presidential election. he declared himself a winner after less than a quarter of the vote were counted. according to exit polls he took 59-percent of the vote. >> a heartbreaking end to a child case. they found a little boy's body at the bottom of a well. they thought the 4-year-old might have been kidnapped but they discovered a child's body at the bottom of a 30-foot well. that well is near the boy's home. they are still working to identify the child at this point. they believe the death is a tragic accident. brand new video out of florida. that's where massive wildfires
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are burning. lightening may be to blame. the fires burning at least 100 acres shutting down highway u.s. 17 for a two-mile stretch. good news to report. firefighters have a good bulk of the flames under control right now. all eyes on the white house today. president obama meets with benjamin netanyahu to discuss iran's program. they told the pro israel group the u.s. won't hesitate to stop iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. he warned against lose talks of war. that is your five at five. 7 minutes after the hour now time to take a look at who's talking. >> this morning mitt romney is talking and he's hitting barack obama over the comments on iran making a bold prediction as to what would happen if the president is re-elected.
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>> this president has failed. i understand he just gave an address today talking about all of the great things he has done to provide greater peace and reduce the threat from iran. that hasn't happened. this president failed to speak out when the dissidents took the street in tehran he had nothing to say. he fail to do put in place crippling sanctions in iran. he failed to say military options are on the table and in fact are in our hand. it's unacceptable for iran to have a nuclear weapon. if bar rock obama gets re-elected they will have a nuclear weapon and the world will change. >> president obama is echoing teddy roosevelt let's walk quietly but carry a big stick. some folks are concerned if there's an israeli attack on iran prices will go of gas will up even more. we are going to be talking more about that later on in the show.
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for now rick santorum is also talking this morning about super tuesday. getting last minute jazzed for the all important primary. >> i don't have my home state up on super tuesday like gingrich and romney. romney has about five home states. i don't know how that works. i don't live that kind of life. i have one home state. but i can tell you that if i feel like i have any home state on super tuesday, it's oklahoma. i appreciate that. >> come on. his own state is not in the roundup on monday. that's just the way things work out. he's still ahead in the polls. >> you do feel for him when it's somebody's native state and state they were born in and on and on and you simply can't compete with it. a lot of people are saying going into tomorrow's super tuesday he needs to be focusing more on the economy and a little lesson social issues, because in the
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general election you really have to be able to capitalize on the swing voters those independent voters. if you are too far to the right on the social issues sometimes you are going to be a little bit concerned about that. >> people wanted to see the softer side of romney and they did on mike huckabee's show. >> time now to "brew on this." this is a fun segment we are going to be doing for you every single morning. we are going to ask you to weigh in on our hot topics. comment on twitter page at friends first and facebook@fox friends first. and friends first at >> the point of that is social media. be social with us. we want to hear what you have to say. here's today's rule on this topic. there's a new trend among parents holding back kids from kindergarten. you may have friends. why? this way their children they are older and ma sure befo-- mature
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they go on. last night on 60 minutes. >> i would like them to be older and become a leader rather than a younger and be more of a follower. i don't think it's cheating the system. i don't whatever i think within my realm as a parent to make sure my child is as prepared as they can be for life challenges. >> and have every advantage. >> yes. >> that leads into our question of the day holding kids back to get ahead. is it going too far? we showed you video of little kids playing sports. that's another part of it. very often when the kids are a little bit older and bigger and they have an advantage in sports. same thing going into kindergartner. success snowballs. >> they had all of the kids born in january they were older than everyone else so the sports started in fall. the older kids were doing well and getting scholarships. there is a method to this. i was held back.
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i went through first grade twice. my teachers said don't do it, don't do it. my mom is a schoolteacher. she said i feel like our daughter is not ready for that. i will tell you. i went from b student to a straight a student, not forever, and i felt more confident. i think if you are going to do it, do it young that's my mom's advice to everyone. >> it worked for you. bet you gave them a heart attack going on dates and driving the car, too, earlier than anybody else. >> i developed much later than all of my friends. >> you can find us on twitter page fox friends first and friends first and e-mail at friends 12 minutes after the hour on monday morning. we have more for you coming up. they borrowed 182 billion from
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you the taxpayers now they have plans to pay you back. don't get too excited yet. >> a man not only loses his home to foreclosure, after his house is long gone he is getting fined for not mowing his lawn. >> first a look at the gas prices this morning still sticking at $3.76 a gallon.
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>> welcome back. the time right now is 5:16. it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly.
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first we start with the good of course. after being lost for 53 days in the desert a dog named julie reunited with his family. the fae mail owner was seriously injured in a crash. a good samaritan noticed julie from his facebook page and picked him up. she was five miles from where the accident happened. are you a morning person? you might want to take it easy on that, the coffee. caffeine intake during the day is more likely to disrupt a morning person's sleep than a night owl. the ugly. zamboni driver busted for drinking on the job. watch this. >> look at him turning. >> look. look at him go. >> what the heck? >> the drunk zamboni driver a 12-year-old caught it on his phone. the driver got the machine stuck. 34-year-old joel bruce you see here was four times over the
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legal limit. >> i love it. >> 17 minutes after the hour now. now a story you can bank on this morning. joining us from fox business network is lauren. >> good morning everybody. >> you are going to be with us every day on the big show. >> we have an early start. we are energetic and colorful this morning. >> we will promise that every day. >> the first story is aig is selling some stock to try to pay back the taxpayers. that's welcome news. >> aig which is still owned by the u.s. three quarters we own. now it's selling 6 billion worth of shares in aia which is an asian ensurer helped pay back the u.s. government. that's the story in among kong it was halted because of this news. it brings down aig stake. >> this is a good time for them to sell, too, stocks are high? >> for the most part.
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they have sold about $50 billion to pay back their assets. we still own 77 percent. >> next up on the list we are talking about medical bills and how they can relate to credit. >> sometimes you have a $250 medical bill on your credit. you may know about it it may hurt you it will stay on there for 7 years. the most recent data from commonwealth shows 30 million people were contacted for unpaid medical bills. that was up more than 30 percent from 2005, 22 million people. there is so many of us whether we know it or not not paying medical bills and sticking on the credit report for 7 years. it fixes and deletes those bills after 2k45is. it's a major issue especially in an uncertain economy. it could be a lot harder. the wealthyest are out there
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don't have to worry. can't believe mark zucker berg didn't make the list. >> stick it to you. 20 richest people in the world as in the new york post today. number one richest world is mexico hall of game. 52 million warren buffet is in 3. nowhere on the list is mark zuckerburg. >> 20 minutes after the hour. she may be the worst teacher ever. wait until you see the gem of a math problem she gave her 3rd graders. newt gingrich is not holding back on the campaign trail. >> i am astonished at the desperation of the elite media to avoid rising gas prices, to avoid the president's apology to
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religious fanatics in afghanistan to avoid the trillion dollar deficit, to avoid the longest period of unemployment, and suddenly decided rush limbaugh is the great national crisis this week. more on that. we will be back after a real short break.
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>> get ready for your monday morning the 5th of march. here are your pot luck politic -- pop-up politics. super tuesday, there are 419 delegates up for grabs tomorrow. keep in mind 1,144 delegates are needed to win the nomination. ohio will be the race to watch. not because it has the most delegates but because no
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republican has ever won the presidency without taking ohio. a real clear politics poll for you. an average of the polls shows rick santorum is in the top three. santorum and romney will spend today in ohio trying to rally last minute votes. newt gingrich is in the conservative state of tennessee while ron paul holds town halls in idaho. ainsley? >> one of the hottest topics on the trail especially in the conservative super tuesday states is the government mandates ordering religious institutions to pay for contraception. the mainstreaming trying to paint this as women's rights issues. but the gop candidates saying this is a war on religion. >> i am astonished at the desperation of the elite media to avoid rising gas prices. to avoid the president's apology for religious fanatics in afghanistan. to avoid the trillion dollar
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deficit, to avoid the longest period of unemployment since the great depression and suddenly decide rush limbaugh is the great national crisis of this week. you have this weird situation where president obama apologizes to islamic extremists while waging war against the catholic church. >> i was reflecting abuse of the church i believed in. i used to be tolerant of those beliefs. now when you have beliefs consistent with the church somehow or another you are out of the mainstream and that to me is a pretty sad situation when you can't have personally held beliefs. >> he makes a good point. the government p boefrnt backwards to be tolerant of minority groups when did we not become tol laerant of religious beliefs. >> thank you ladies foring with b us this morning. he says the government is tolerant of minority groups. when did the government stop being tolerant of what the
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majority of people are in america christians or catholics? >> 90 percent of americans believe in god. one thing all americans believe in is the constitution which gives us the right to freedom of religion. obama's mandate original mandate which he had to backtrack was contradict tive to american values. catholic institutions were forced to provide free contraception to women. because of that backlash president obama is force to do change that policy. >> of course. why is the government forcing people to do something they don't believe in? >> they are doing no such thing ainsley. >> how can you say that? >> rick santorum believes contraception is wrong. he believes it is evil and that is absolutely fine. i have no problem with that. >> why where you making taxpayers pay for it? >> 99 percent of women use contraception. >> i get it. i get it you are right.
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>> i believe that -- >> you are right. the says 99 percent of women 15-44 including catholic wo woman have used birth control at some point in their lives. the question here is when do we get into people's personal decisions? >> we are not. if rick santorum doesn't want to use contraception that is fine with me. that is a personal decision. when he wants to impose that belief on the 99 percent of women who use contraception and make it a government policy. >> we have to end it there. have a good one. the time is 5:28. wal-mart promised to florida give us a permit to build we will give you hundreds of jobs. why are so many people saying no? it's not even 6:00 a.m., yes, it's true. you are wide awake probably. think you are having a problem sleeping. stop leaviosing sleep over it. our sleep specialist is here.
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back to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am anna kooiman. we are going to be waking up with you every single morning. we will be here at 5:00 a.m. working hard to bring you all of the news you need for the day. >> absolutely. here is a way we propped in the studio. you are reading over your scripts. >> taking over scripts.
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felt like i was about to fall off the box. there's the whole crew making sure we are standing in the right place. we couldn't do the show without them. >> absolutely. look at this beautiful set? isn't it gorgeous? >> welcome to the new digs everybody. we have been preparing it spit shining it giving it elbow grease to welcome you into our humble home. >> we want to see your pictures. if you are waking up this early what the heck are you doing in your house? are you scrambling the eggs feeding the babies? whatever you are doing we want to see your pictures and animals whatever is happening in your household. >> all eyes on the white house today where president obama will be meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu topping the agenda iran's nuclear program. >> doug luzader joins us with a preview. >> good morning, guys. this is getting kind of tricky for the white house now. the president meets with israeli prime minister benjamin
2:34 am
netanyahu at the white house this morning. he is hoping tough talk abowilly him time before any possible strike against iran. yesterday the president was treated warmly at a meeting of apac. his talk was well received. >> i will take no options off the table. i mean what i say. >> but that hard line is a little more complicated than it sounds. the last thing the white house wants right now is to be dragged into a war with iran hoping economic sanctions will give a little more time to december wa dissuade any nuclear ambitions. they have at times had a chilly relationship. he liked what he heard yesterday. >> i very much appreciated the fact that president obama reiterated his position that iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons and all
2:35 am
options are on the table. there is a potential danger in waiting too long to act. if force is ultimately required to take out iran's nuclear program, the longer we wait the more difficult that task becomes. >> thank you so much. 5:35 is the time now. now 5 at 5:30 the top stories making news at this hour. take a look at what tsa missed in a carry-on bag. it is the third security breech there in recent weeks. the woman was flagged for having drinks in her bag. they somehow allowed her to head to the gates with a knife. after realizing their mistake they waited 10 minutes to call the cops. the jetblue terminal was shut down for two hours until police found her and arrested her for carrying a concealed weapon. shocking statistics on cancer rates for hero police officers who worked at ground zero. the cancer rate for police officers who helped in recovery
2:36 am
efforts in the days following the 911 attacks is 8 percent higher than people thought. the mayor's office refused to release the data until now. it shows the increase from 297 cases to 321. low prices are causing high anxiety in miami. there's a huge fight over proposed wal-mart. they claimed the retail giant promised to bring 300 permanent jobs bargain prices as well as a modern look that fits in with miami's architecture. opponents are afraid it will kill smaller mom and pops businesses and bring too much traffic and people to the neighborhood. it is slated to open in 20113. an arlington man who lost his home got fined for not cutting the grass on the home he actually lost. david england went to renew his driver's license there were several outstanding warrants. for this.
2:37 am
failing to upkeep the home which he hasn't lived in since 2010. >> i feel like i am being punished for something i didn't do. i didn't live there. the bank foreclosed on it. i told them i didn't live there. >> the city is standing by this fine claiming the title is still in his name so he still has to pay up. a washington, d.c. teacher fired over violent math problems sent home with the children. the disturbing equation giving the third graders at this charter school including blood thirsty aliens and violent criminals taking from a home schooling web site. parents are upset some are saying the teacher who is a minister wouldn't have sent the problems home unless she was told to. the school denies it. aft that's our 5 @5.
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>> tornados are whipping across the area the entire neighborhoods are wiped out. the little girl who was a sign of hope passed away. we are live in the fox news weather center with more. >> good to see you. unfortunately we have snow now falling over areas hit hard with tornados and i want to point out it is actually still winter. it will not be spring until later on this month on the 20th. that's when we are expecting it to be spring officially. it's not unusual to be seeing snow this time of year. it is unusual to see tornados producing this kind of damage. this last outbreak could be the largest in history for the month of march. we will keep you posted as crews head out and confirm the tornados. so far preliminary reports confirm 79 confirmed tornados. that number may still change. we will see snow in central
2:39 am
appalachians. parts of indiana were hit hard with the tornados and still expecting more snow in southeastern kentucky early today. otherwise as the storm system heads east we will see temperatures lingering over parts of the great lakes and into portions of the tennessee valley and further south we are looking at temperatures below typical for this time of year. otherwise further west across the midwest we have temperatures that are 10-15 degrees above what is typical for this time of the year. a sharp temperature contrast between the eastern half of the country and the center and the west of the country. otherwise a look at the storm system bringing snow down across southeastern portions of kentucky, west virginia and western parts of the state of virginia. watch out for a slippery morning commute as we head out to work early this morning. further south we are expecting dry conditions for florida georgia and parts of mississippi and alabama through out the rest of your day today. if you are doing any traveling early this morning across parts of the northeast, big airport hub we are not expecting any
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precipitation dry conditions today in the northeast. atlanta dry expected temperature at 44 degrees. chicago also dry conditions but out west we will have a new storm system that will be moving through. we could be looking at rain in see sat el north of portland. looks like the cat is out of the bag. whitney houston may have had a secret affair with a married jeer main jackson. she recorded the song saving all my love for you and hired a jackson look alike for the video. jermaine's brother michael was reportedly one that knew. rachel ray had an encounter after these two were sitting in a new york city restaurant. stewart stared her down the entire time prompting ray to get up and leave after the appetizer. martha may have the knives out because her daytime show is
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moving into her spot. martha's show is recently canned. the lorax raking in all kinds of green. the eco friendly flick brought in 17 million for the weekend. may be the biggest box office debut in the year. project x made $24.3 million. ak of val tore $13.7 million. ain'tly i saw th-- ainsley i sa a week ago. they use navy seals in some of the action. 5:41. >> lookout below a famous ice ball is gone. what's behind the glacier collapse. >> holding your kids back in school is that fair? e-mail us at friends flush
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oh>> up and adam, rise and shine. 5:45. as we span the globe we will look at what is making headlines overseas. dozens of gunmen in iraqi uniforms storm through the city shooting police at checkpoints. 27 police were killed. the gunmen raised a flag after one of the attacks.
2:46 am
bad news for iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejaahmadinejad. he has been criticized for his country's failing economy and for not being a strong supporter of the supreme leader. folks check this out. video of the day. you are seeing it here first. chunks of a massive glacier collapsing at a national park in argentina. several tons of ice fell off the ice dam. the crash said to be so loud you could hear it from several miles away. some 500 tourists gathered earlier in the week anticipating the speckle but were disappointed when they missed it after it happened early in the morning. well, the top of the show we asked you to brew on this. parents holding their kids back from kindergarten said they can get extra time to get a little more mature and get ahead. we asked is this fair? here are some of your comments. >> matt says doesn't matter if kids get held back in this day and age.
2:47 am
kids develop differently anyway. >> he e-mailed i am caned depart ten teacher i am all for holding kids back who are not mature enough for school. we want to know what you think check us out on twitter fox friends first. we have a facebook page friends first. you can e-mail us your comments. >> the traditional way. time right now is 5:47. coming up why babies snoring at night can be trouble during the day. before you turn us on in the morning our next expert may have information for you. a sleep expert is next. >> welcome to the neighborhood. >> great to be here. >> show looks great. coming up in 12 minutes we are going to talk to newt gingrich and rick santorum about their super tuesday chances. eric cantor on his son's mitt romney endorsement.
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>> coming up top of the hour fox and friends kicks off at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. ♪ ♪
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>> it's 51 minutes after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. an oregon man woke up in the middle of the night to find this. an suv trapped inside of his own
2:52 am
bedroom. a female driver fell asleep at the we'll. emergency crews got him out. he had no major injuries. the driver was not raised. alcohol was not involved. toddlers aren't just keeping you up. they might end upkeeping you on your toes during the day. toddlers who snore are more likely to develop unreally behavior once they get to school age. >> a great transition into the next story. 5:52 the time now. if you are up early you may be heading to work tackling household chores before the kid wake up or maybe you are having trouble sleeping. we are going to answer the e-mails and hopefully help you sleep through the night. ra >> let's goat to the first one. i get so tired during the day i
2:53 am
can barely keep my eyes open. when i go to bed i can't fall asleep. what's the reason behind this? oo for many people they are having difficulty going to sleep because of racing thoughts. you can't understand their emotions and you can't the problems of the day while trying to fall asleep at night. put it in your journal to identify what is keeping you up at night. there are simple home devices you can use to help you track this and track the quality of sleep and keep you sleeping at night. one of them is a sleep track see vice you can use for four weeks and journal so we can figure out what is going wrong with your sleep. it's very helpful for me when they present with this information. >> how does that work and how
2:54 am
much does it cost? >> it is relatively inexpensive. cost around 20, $30. what they do is essentially put it on their sleeve while they are sleeping. you can download a phone app. it monitors how quiet your sleep is. if you have racing thoughts your sleep will be quiet. throu there is a card that will register your thoughts. >> a viewer says i get 4-5 hours of sleep during the week i catch up over the weekend 12-hours. i still find myself tireed by monday morning. >> unfortunately most of us don't understand the importance of sleep. you need on average 8 hours the range is 7-9. there is a timing. if you keep a consistent schedule your brain will help you get up in the morning and go to bed at night. what we do to meet demands and expectations we create sleep dep during the week and catch up on the weekend. you shifted the times your brain
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will get you up and get you to bed at night. sunday night you will have a hard time falling asleep if you slept in on the weekend. it's not the job. you add justed your rhythm without realizing it. >> something a lot of the graveyard shifters know something about. >> and one more, we are not talking me. maybe i do, maybe i don't. i don't know. i wake myself mortgage fying none of the gimmicks work. do i have sleep apnea? >> there are simple cures. what happens is the muscles in the throat are relaxing and you get vibration of the air as the airway narrows. it is causing turbulence. that's what the snoring is. if the airway is starting to narrow you will hear it it collapses all of the way. that's an apnea. that's the problem if you are not breathing. your brain will jolt you out of sleep to get you breathing again. for someone who has a problem you want to reach out to a healthcare professional to determine do you or do you not
2:56 am
have sleep apnea. >> you need to look out for your health but also if you are falling asleep in church. >> it's not good. >> a little embarrassing. >> thank you so much. 5:55 is the time now. they are about to get tackled with a major punishment. up next a look at what's happening in today's future files. it's time to get scrambled up. fox and friends first will be right back.
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>> here's a look at what's happening today, the saints might be get sit with unprecedented penalties for running a pool. they are set to meet with williams later today. >> yikes. going to be in trouble! time to get scrambled up. >> scrambled up! we're going to be giving you a daily word scramble to see if you can figure this out. >> we don't know the word either. we're in this together. jump-start on getting ahead. let's see the word. >> i hear we're going to bring in brian kilmeade. can you get that word? it's a word that's going to be in the


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