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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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balanced and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, without due process, can the united states government legally kill american citizens? tonight, the administration breaks its silence. plus, concerns that washington is going to get dragged into a war with iran. >> our commitment to the security of israel is rock solid. >> and iran's nuclear program threatens that security. but would a preemptive strike just cause more instability? >> israel must reserve the right to defend itself. >> shepard: tonight, efforts to keep the peace amid new talk of war.
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plus, hours away from the ten state showdown. >> this is a great election opportunity for the people of ohio. >> the poll just came out last night in tennessee that we are surging. >> the state of alaska has already gotten the message. >> ohio makes a big difference. you have a big say as to who our nominee is going to be. >> shepard: now, we will see how the candidates are getting set for super tuesday. but first from fox this monday night, the drums of war are beating in the background. for now, they are still faint. but they signal the possibility of yet another bloody battle in the middle east. this time against iran. you can certainly make the argument a cold war is very much already underway. iran's nuclear program though is threatening to bring on something bigger. tonight, at the white house or i should say today president obama met with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. in a stark contrast to their first meeting in the oval office last may today was a
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show of unity. the president reiterated that the united states has israel's back. that america will stand with the israelis against its enemies. and that a nuclear iran is a threat to the world. >> we do not want the possibility of a nuclear weapon falling into the hands of terrorists. and we do not want a regime that has been a state sponsor of terrorism being able to feel that it can act even more aggressively or with impunity as a consequence of its nuclear power. >> shepard: president obama says when it comes to iran's nuclear program, all options are on the table. and he says he means it. but he he is also pushing for a diplomatic solution now. one that would pressure the iranians into a abandoning any possible plans to build a bomb. the israelis, however, have been hinting that they may launch a redemptive strike aimed at crippling iran's nuclear program. >> israel must have the ability always to defend
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itself by itself against any threat and that when it comes to israel's security, israel has the right, the sovereign right to make its own decisions. i believe that's why you appreciate, mr. in president, that israel has the right to defend itself. >> netanyahu added supreme responsibility is to make sure that israel remains the master of its own fate. ed henry is our chief white house correspondent. he is there tonight. the prime minister's words today suggest that israel will not be pretty muched into diplomacy. >> that's right, shep, these two men have had a rocky relationship. as you noted, there were positive words today but there was still daylight between them because president obama said flatly that they both agree the diplomatic route is the best option, the first option. in fact, the prime minister never mentioned that when it came his turn to talk. so there was daylight there. and it's very clear that the prime minister was trying to
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seize upon something the president said about how he believes israel does have the right to act alone if they want to make their own decision. take a listen what the prime minister said. >> you know, for them, you are the great satan. we're the little satan. for them, we are you, and you are us. and you know something, mr. president, at least on this last point, i think they are right. he we are you. and you are us. we're together. >> you can hear the prime minister trying to pulling these two countries together. look at the map and why israel is so concerned about the situation. how close iran is. if iran wanted to use nuclear weapons against israel, israel, of course, you could see could also launch a unilateral strike. where the u.s. believes it may be making progress in these private meetings is they are making the case to prime minister netanyahu that they believe the diplomatic route could work because even if iran makes the decision to build nuclear weapons that could take up to a year to actually build them. that's why the u.s. believes there is more time for
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diplomacy here, shep. >> shepard: with all of that said, the president is getting ready for first formal news conference of the year and it's scheduled for tomorrow, super tuesday. >> yeah, interesting timing, no doubt. i mean, the other issue obviously out there that's tied to all of this is gas prices. he will talk a lot about that no doubt tomorrow at the news conference here in the afternoon. but the bottom line is the president made the case again today that this is another reason why iran can't get nuclear weapons. you cannot have more instability in the middle east. that will only drive up oil prices more. take a listen. >> it is profoundly in the united states' interest as well to prevent iran from obtain ago nuclear weapon. we do not want to see a nuclear arms' race in one of the most volatile regions in the world. >> now, for the record, white house officials insist that the timing of the news conference tomorrow has nothing to do with super tuesday. the fact of the matter is, if he ends up making news and steps on the republicans' message, so be it inside the white house, shep. >> shepard: so be it. ed henly outside the wows
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tonight. of course we will be watching another historic event tomorrow night. the biggest primary and caucus day of the year. more than 400 delegates up for grabs in 10 states on super tuesday. georgia has the most delegates. newt gingrich is up by double digits in his former home states. the analysts say the big prize really is ohio. poll shows romney pulling ahead. he leads santorum by 3 points in the late us quinnipiac survey. that's a statistical tie and 10 point come back for romney in the last week. even closer in the real clear politics average in the latest polls. rick santorum and mitt romney less than a point apart. the frontrunners are slugging it out in ohio in the last full day of campaigning. newt gingrich in tennessee where he is in a close race with rick santorum and romney. ron paul is in idaho. is he mostly focusing on the caucus states. campaign carl cameron live tonight zanesville, ohio. carl, what are the candidates saying in their final hours
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out there? >> they are in their closing arguments, you know, there is a very busy night ahead. robo calls, canvassing and plenty of campaigning from the candidates. ohio is probably going to be the most watched and consequential contest of super tuesday. not because it's not got the biggest delegates as you said that's georgia. because ohio has such incredibly important history in electoral politics in the u.s. and it's going down to the wire. just as it is important ohio's message here today has essentially been reelectric fleckive of the whole race. once again mitt romney talking at large about his business experience and how that best equips him to deal with the economy. rick santorum, the self-described conservative alternative to mitt romney running against him here, arguing that mitt romney can't be trusted that at heart is he a moderate and not a true conservative. listen. >> other people in this race have debated about the economy. they have red about the economy. they have talked about it in subcommittee meetings. but i have actually been in it i have worked at business. >> one of the most basic issues in this campaign is
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trust. you can trust someone when they say they are going to be a strong principled conservative? >> throughout all of the races we have seen thus far, mitt romney has run strong with voters looking for somebody who can beat obama and has the experience to right the economy. and rick santorum has run strong with voters who have been looking for a, quote, authentic conservative and a moral leader. those will be the deciding constituencies in tomorrow's super tuesday ohio battle, shep. >> shepard: carl while are there i guess you are seeing a whole lot of television advertising. airways are deluged some ohioans are complaining about them. >> this event just wrapped up a few minutes ago. all this week one thing about which all republic voters agree on. they are sick and tired of the attack ad and fed up with the robo calls. insays can't isn't a. they get three or four calls a night. all of that is about to end. to put it in perspective. last week of campaign run up to super tuesday.
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the combined amount of spend something excessive $10 million when you combine the super pacs supporting the candidates and the candidates themselves and almost half of it is backing them. >> shepard: carl cammeron and maybe one of his sons in the background there you probably missed it but we enjoyed it carl cammeron in zanesville, ohio. in regards to the middle east, folks may be praying and hoping for peace. planning for the possibility of war. just ahead a live report from the pentagon. how the military is getting ready in case of action in iran. the u.s. government targeting its own citizens for death. >> legal authority is not limited to the battlefields of afghanistan. >> for the first time, the feds are laying out the case for killing american terrorists overseas. >> to me there is no doubt we have the right to do it? >> i don't see how he can ever get around to justifying that. >> shepard: that's coming up.
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>> shepard: the united states government has the legal right to kill an american citizen living overseas if that american citizen is believed to be plotting an attack against the united states. so says the attorney general eric holder who today laid out the administration's controversial position on a policy critics say violate american and international law. but the attorney general says an attack must be imminent and capture impossible. a lot of this has to do with the american born al qaeda leader anwar al-awlaki. as you may remember, a u.s. drone strike last year killed al awlaki in yemen. so was that in violation of the constitution? according to the attorney general, no. >> some have argued that the president is required to get permission from a federal court poor taking action against a united states citizen senior operational leader of al qaeda or associated forces. this is simply not accurate.
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due process and judicial process are not one and the same. particularly when it comes to national security. the constitution guarantees due process. it does not delaware -- guarantee judicial process. >> shepard: there you go. the critics have argued the policy is little more than a license to kill without giving a suspect his or her day in court. catherine herridge is following this. she is live in washington tonight. >> the idea that due process doesn't include a court is described as unconstitutional by republic candidate ron paul. >> just to say under certain circumstances that the president could make this decision on who should be assistanted, i don't see how he can ever get around to justifying that and no matter how noble it may sound and no matter how he might make sense for national defense purposes if the american people accept that i think it would be a serious mistake.
4:15 pm
>> the aclu once again called on the administration to release legal memos that justified the killing of a u.s. citizen last fall and things are more dangerous to american liberty than a government which can kill its own citizens without putting that today a court, shep. >> shepard: kill now justify later. >> well, basically. the administration's position is that the u.s. of deadly force in self-defense, including those high tech weapons like the drones is not illegal and does not right an executive order banning assassinations and to bolster the obama administration's case holder cited a legal authority established under president bush. >> in response to the attacks perpetrated and the continuing threat posed by al qaeda, the taliban, and associated forces, congress has authorized the president to use all necessary and appropriate force against those groups. >> holder also claiming the targeted strikes are justified because the new face of al qaeda, as we have been reporting for the last two years includes american citizens, shepard. >> shepard: necessary and appropriate. catherine herridge in
4:16 pm
washington. good to see you, catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> a deadly attack on a u.s. military base in afghanistan. a suicide bomber killed two afghan civilians outside a gate to bag gram air field. no americans hurt. a taliban spokesman says the attack is retaliation for the burning of the koran. same base two weeks ago. our president has apologized calling the burning unintentional. triggered protests and violence that have killed 40 people including six u.s. troops. now there is word the tension is taking a toll on u.s. talks between u.s. and afghan leaders. we're trying to work out an agreement on the role of u.s. troops after the year 2014 when most combat forces are set to leave afghanistan. u.s. officials say they plan to keep about 20,000 troops in the country after that for counter terrorism and training operations. amid all the tornado destruction in the southeast and the midwest, there are tales of strangers helping each other through an absolute nightmare. but for a miracle baby, there
4:17 pm
is no happy ending. and now snow is complicating everything. that's next. plus, a former detective on trial for a murder committed decades ago. but can 25-year-old d.n.a. evidence be trusted? that's ahead. now on verizon's 4g lte network. double your data.
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a little more than a year old, she survived a twister that killed her parents and siblings and as ited her into a field. but the next day she died in a hospital. today relatives buried her saying simply angel has been reunited with her family.
4:22 pm
[inaudible] i miss them so much. [inaudible] >> that relative stopped by the family's house today searching for anything she might be able to save. she said there was nothing left. mike tobin with the news live in west liberty, kentucky tonight. show us what's there, mike. >> well, i will tell you, shepard, when those tornadoes touched down, they spared absolutely nothing. this was a calm neighborhood. children played here on the street. children were raised in that home behind me here. the care-free country nature of this neighborhood changed in an instant when a tornado appeared on the bluff. we have shown you main street now cluttered with debris from all of the different buildings. the mayor here says there wasn't a single structure spared. some 8300 structures in all sustained severe damage. they are all probably destroyed, shep.
4:23 pm
>> shepard: have people there been able to make any progress in the clean up efforts? >> you know, progress is hard to define this early in the game. but some temporary municipal offices have been set up. so people can get some basic city services restored or at least they have got someone to ask questions. we have seen a lot of people returning to their homes to go through their belongings, salvage what they can. that task, of course, made more difficult, more miserable by the snow that came down. we have seen a lot of power crews out here trying to restore some of the basic services of life. most of the people in this part of the country have extensive networks of family and friends to fall back on. some people are staying in shelters, shep. >> shepard: mike tobin live for us tonight west liberty, kentucky. one year after the worst tornado strike in decades hit joplin, missouri, the white house says the president will deliver the commencement address for students from a school the storm destroyed. you may remember a monster tornado flattened the high school in joplin shortly after
4:24 pm
last year's graduation ceremony that twister killed more than 160 people. including senior will norton who had received his diploma less than an hour earlier. because of the damage, this year's graduating class has been going to school at a nearby shopping mall. joplin is one of degree graduation ceremonies the president plans to speak in may. the republic rivals are fighting for bigst one day jack pot. tennessee. race has got an lot closer in the final days. we will go live to nashville. history of super tuesday. how it started. how important it's been over the years. that's all ahead as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on america's choice for news and information. emily's just starting out... and on a budget.
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4:29 pm
rock iditarod, 66th dog-powered teams will spend the next eight days trying to get their first. one competitor called it the super bowl of mushing. split a half a million dollars and the winner banks an extra 50 grand. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and the head of the united nations nuclear agency now warns of serious concerns amid iran's nuclear pram. agency boss says iran may be hiding its work on atomic weapons. not exactly stunning news but it could be more fuel for those who point to iran and say it's time to take action. time to stop that nation from building a bomb. jennifer griffin with the news. she is live at the pentagon tonight. a lot of talk of military
4:30 pm
action today, jennifer. >> that's right. in addition to that three-hour meeting at the white house with the president. defense secretary leon panetta and chairman of the joint chiefs general martin dempsey spent 45 minutes with prime minister netanyahu at blair house across from the white house. there is an air of resignation that the u.s. military could get pulled into military action against iran's nuclear sites. there has been intensive planning at centcom since november. it comes as the head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog closed door meeting in vienna reiterated that iran has tripled the amount of uranium it is enriching at a highly fortified site over the past four months, shepard. >> shepard: any reaction to all of this from the iranian, jennifer? >> not directly. but there was an interesting development in a case against a u.s. marine. that u.s. marine amir hekmati was sentenced to death in january in tehran for being a spy and working for the cia.
4:31 pm
those are charges that the cia denies. but today we learned that iran's supreme court is demanding a retrial and throwing out those death penalty charges. an interesting development there and perhaps an olive branch to the west. shepard? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. thank you. and indication now of just how worried people in israel are about the possibility of an iranian attack. officials in tel aviv showed off a new bomb shelter the most advanced in the country they tell us. it's actually an underground parking lot they upgraded to serve as a shelter. space for 1600 people and plenty of oxygen water and power to keep everything running in case of an attack. this time tomorrow some of the results from the super tuesday states. one of the biggest prizes that night is in tennessee. real clear politics average shows a very close race. rick santorum leading mitt
4:32 pm
romney by two points with newt gingrich five points back. since tennessee divides up more than 50 delegates tomorrow, the candidates are fighting for a peeves the action. mike emanuel is live in nashville tonight. mike, rick santorum was up by double digits just a couple of weeks ago? >> that's right, shep. and so a lot of the undecideds are now deciding. it's gotten to a really tight race. which explains why we see three of the top four g.o.p. contenders here in the past 24 hours ago. mitt romney did an event on knoxville on sunday. rick santorum was in memphis. and newt gingrich has spent much of this day in tennessee. including at this hour he is doing an event in chattanooga. earlier the former speaker took a swipe at president obama on energy. >> the president is supposed to run the country today. let's experiment. get some algae and go to a gas station and have sort of the
4:33 pm
barack solution. would you like some algae instead of gasoline? i mean, this is the kind of stuff that is cloud cuckoo land. >> gingrich focusing on soaring gas prices spenting much of his time and energy if the south, shep? >> shepard: what's the chances of mitt romney there in tennessee, mike? >> they have tightened up. officials say there are a lot of moderate republicans here and so that should bode well for him. there are also evangelical christians. some tea party folks. we asked a volunteer state expert to break it down. >> so this is not a state that would be impossible for somebody like a mitt romney to do well in. but i do think the evangelical community still have some doubts about romney and being mormon. >> at love the experts are saying it is important for romney to prove that he can win or at least be very, very competitive here in the south. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live in nashville tonight. mike, thanks. as we mentioned tennessee is
4:34 pm
one of the 10 states holding nomination contests tomorrow. it's the highest number of states voting on a single day this primary season which is why a lot of people call it super tuesday. with history as our guide, tomorrow could have a major impact on the road to the convention. >> tonight, my friends, we have won a number of important victories in the closest thing we have ever had to a national primary. [cheers and applause] >> closest thing to a national primary was in 2008 when on a single day in early february voters in almost half the states went to the polls. it was a decisive day for john mccain in the race for the g.o.p. nomination. he started the day with the lead in delegates over mike huckabee and mitt romney. but by the end of the day, he had captured so many delegates it was virtually impossible for the others to catch up. for political observers, it was a little reminiscent of the first super tuesday. >> two parties this year ask for your trust but only one has earned it.
4:35 pm
>> in early march of 1988, 20 states put delegates up for grabs. never before had they clustered so many primaries and caucuses. george h.w. bush swept every republic primary that day. all but knocking bob dole out of contention. ♪ [we come to america. >> super tuesday hasn't always been conclusive. >> we are the party that believes in the american dream. >> shepard: on the democratic side in '88 michael dukakis began the day with a lead over jessie jackson and al gore. he couldn't pull away. the race continued. it was a similar situation in 2008. even as mccain was securing the republic nomination. >> tonight, in record numbers, you voted not just to make history but to remake america. >> shepard: hillary clinton and barack obama were locked in a tight race for the democratic nomination. the situation didn't change much on super tuesday when
4:36 pm
they split the delegates almost evenly. after that, the race dragged on for another four months. >> hillary clinton didn't concede until june. but even after all that time, then senator obama, of course, went on to become president obama. and if no clear winner emerges tomorrow, history suggests there is still plenty of time for the eventual nominee to pose a serious challenge in november. resolutions and economic punishments have failed to stop the slaughter in syria. and now senator john mccain says it's time to bomb syrian military targets with the united states in the lead. that's ahead. plus, vladimir putin getting teary eyed over the weekend as he celebrated his return to the russian presidenciy. but election observers say they witnessed major problems at the polls. and thousands of russians are now protesting in the streets. this sort of thing virtually unheard of.
4:37 pm
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there is only one nation that can alter this dynamic and that is the united states of america. the president must state unequivocally under no circumstance also assad be allowed to finish what he has
4:41 pm
started. >> shepard: so far the white house has rejected any military intervention saying it could cause even more blood shed. today, canada joined a growing list of countries closing their embassies in syria. "the fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is here now and some very strong words from senator john mccain and wondering wondering if this isn't election year politics, pressure, pressure, pressure. >> absolutely. senator john mccain was adamant in his view that the u.s. and the international community has to do more. what he wants is the exactly the kind of air campaign the u.s. led initially at least in libya. he said given that the violence is continuing given that president assad shows no signs of ending his crackdown on the opposition, the international community has to act. listen. providing military steansz to the free syrian army and other opposition groups is necessary but at this late hour, that alone will not be sufficient to stop the slaughter and save
4:42 pm
innocent lives. the only realistic way to do so is with foreign air power. >> we asked a state department official for the official reaction to this, that spokesperson said that the administration sees no use at the moment to the further militarization of this conflict as they put it. >> shepard: i mentioned canada closing its embassy as well. more diplomatic pressure. >> yes, indeed. canada joining the u.k., the u.s. and france in closing their embassies in syria. and another seven country recommendation, including six middle eastern ones marked in green here have also withdrawn their ambassadors. the u.n. security council meantime drafting yet another resolution condemning president assad, hoping that russian president vladimir putin will now get on board with this now that the election in russia is out of the way. but the signs today on -- aren't good. this draft resolution is still, quote, unbalanced. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt,
4:43 pm
thanks very much. as you mentioned vladimir putin claiming victory in russia's presidential election despite many claims that it was very much a sham. international monitors say today there was clearly fraud. putin, of course, one of russia's most dominant political figures for quite some time now. he gay up the presidency four years ago because of limits on consecutive terms but bided his time as prime minister until he could run for president again. according to yesterday's official returns he won with more than 63% of the vote. last night outside the kremlin, president putin appeared emotional as he addressed a crowd of supporters. but today a scene of mass protests. some 20,000 russians taking to the streets claiming putin stole the election. we're told peaceful. riot police police arresting several including key opposition leaders. a ship's captain is dead after an oil tanker sinks and that
4:44 pm
tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. greece. that ship was reportedly carrying more than 2,000 tons of oil and diesel fuel. it went down west of athens. coast guard officials there say they found the body of the 48-year-old captain but rescued the other 10 crew members. one official says the tanker may have hit an old ship wreck. australia, officials blame two deaths on the severe flooding in the east. heavy rain had hit the area for several days now. authorities say they have served hundreds of evacuation orders. forecasters say more rain is on the way. china. firefighters saved three children from the rubble of a collapsed house in the southwest. first came an 8-year-old girl. then crews found a 14-year-old girl. we're told reinforcements arrived and an 80 strong crew then helped dig out the last kid, a 4-year-old boy. new zealand.
4:45 pm
it's the golden cheers sheep shearing championships. judged on speed and accuracy with penalties for nics. a scottsman took home the top prize. >> to get my name on the trophy with the best in the world is unbelievable. >> new zealand officials have reportedly lobbied for sheep shearing to be an olympic sport and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: football is a full contact sport. players are supposed to hit each other. that's the idea. at least one coach admits he has put bounties on opposing players. get them out of the game. get a bonus. some are arguing that's just the nature of football. but others say intentionally injuring players is way over the line. either way, this case could end up in court and it's quite serious just ahead.
4:46 pm
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>> shepard: paying for pain. another potentially major scandal for the national football league, the former new orleans saint's defensive coordinator admitting he offered bounties to injury players. 1,000 to put one on a stretcher. another 500 for a knockout. this is one of the questionable plays back in 2010. see that? two man high low tackle on then minnesota quarterback brett favre, he had a tough time getting up after that as you might imagine. today that defensive coordinator greg williams now with the st. louis rams met with league officials to discuss the matter there are reports the bounty system was in place at three other teams where he once coached. the buffalo bills, the tennessee titans and those red skins in the d.c.
4:50 pm
trace gallagher is in l.a. with the latest on this. how many players might have been involved, trace? >> we're talking about between 22 and 27 players with the new orleans saints, shep. there could be a lot of other players from other teens that greg williams also coached. as for his part, greg williams has come out with an apology and i'm saying here it was a terrible mistake and we knew it was wrong while we were doing it. instead of getting caught up in it, i should have stopped it. remember that play with kurt warner back in 2010 in the playoffs against new orleans saints? he threw that accepts and this play, totally legal but it also knocked kurt warner out of the game. kurt warner you saw the brett favre video earlier. they say playing new orleans that year they knew something was up. listen. >> i definitely think there were games that i could tell you it seemed that it went beyond what was normal in regards to when they were going to hit me or how they were going to hit me, again, not with the intention necessarily of hurting me but knocking me out of my game.
4:51 pm
>> you mentioned that gregg williams met with the nfl today. it's still unclear as to when or if he will meet with nfl commissioner roger goodell. is he now defensive coordinator with the st. louis rams. shep? >> shepard: i don't want people sitting here thinking bounties are something we haven't heard of before. >> going on for a long time line. 1999, coach of the cowboys called out buddy ryan and coach of the eagles for putting up bounties on players. he said if i knock your best player out of the game it increases our odds of winning, the game that thanksgiving between the cowboys and the eagles was dubbed the bounty ball. i talked to former jets quarterback ray lucas today he said that's all just part of the game. listen. >> if you are a defensive player and you get a clean shot at a quarterback and you are able to put him on the sideline, it only helps your team to win. i mean, does it sound nasty? what i'm saying? it's reality and it's the
4:52 pm
game. it's football. it's a impact sport. >> remember that ray lucas also suffered some pretty good head injuries during his time. lucas said there is a big difference between a legal big hit and now illegal big hit. the nfl is trying to figure out if the saints might have been doing both, shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles on baseball. now football. new trouble for the new york mets. and the baseball season has yet to begin. a federal judge has ruled the team's owners must pay back more than $80 million and stand trial for investments they made with bernie madoff. fred will upon and several other part owners were among madoff's high profile clients. the court uponned wilpon and others withdrew profits that turned out to be phony in their accounts. now the trustees are suing the mets owners to help the victims to recover their
4:53 pm
losses. fred will upon says he had no idea that bernie madoff was doing anything illegal. madoff is serving 150 years in prison for what's being called the largest ponzi scheme in history. the judge sentencing the former mets outfielder to prison. he pleaded no contest to grand theft auto and providing a false financial statement after police busted him scam to lease high end cars. it's one of many legal problems. he filed for bankruptcy a few years ago claiming he owed more than $31 million with only 50,000 bucks in assets. he faces trial this summer on charges stemming from that bankruptcy. one celebrity has just broken a social media record for followers that anybody -- more followers than anybody in twitter history and a long history it is. we will reveal who that is. how many folks are watching her every tweet? more than those of jonathan hunt.
4:54 pm
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>> shepard: two earthquakes struck within seconds of each other in northern california today. the u.s. geological survey reports a magnitude 3.5 quake hit after 5:30 this morning. epicenter north and east of san francisco. a stronger 4.0 quake followed later. people nearly two hours away felt the shaking. no word of major damage and no serious injuries to report. lady gaga today became the first person on twitter to rack up more than 20 million followers. last check the gaga had 20.1 million. by comparison leader of the free world has 12.8 million followers president obama. incredibly hard working staff an attack triv step operates on the president's heel at 14,710. i don't know why anyone cares. important news for anybody concerned about the world's star fish population as all of us here have. marine bitions say they --
4:58 pm
biologies say they have found several rare species. spotted them before but never in this location. star fish, the newberrys. before we go, our team's top five things of the day. number five, a storm of bees delayed spring training baseball between the giants and d bats. number four, huge chunk of ice fell from a glasure in argentina. this glasure hadn't brokennen apart since 2003. snow cause hampering clean up from tornadoes. 400 delegates in play tomorrow for the g.o.p. candidates on super tuesday and number one, president obama told the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today the u.s. will stand with its ally in preventing iran from attaining a nuclear weapon. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1960. a cuban photographer has took the most iconic image of
4:59 pm
modern times or at least one of them. the famous portrait of khe love it or hate it we have all seen it on t-shirts and murals and flags. simple photo of the marxist revolution while he was at a memorial in havana. several years the only known print was on the photographer's wall. then in the late 1960s the image started popping up in antigovernment rallies in europe and irish artist turned the photo into a stylized poster. these days the image is still a powerful symbol of the counter culture and a picture was worth 1,000 words 52 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, march the 5th, my brother's birthday, 2012. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith. thanks for trusting us for your news and information. you know we have monday monitoring the tensions with iran and israel. tonight benjamin netanyahu plans to speak to the powerful american israel p


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