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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 6, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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they're ripped -- $400 jeans they're ripped. >> kimberly: that's all the time tonight. >> bob: new jersey. >> see you tomorrow. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: will super tuesday be a turning point or beginning of the end in the republican presidential rate? this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. we are live tonight in america's election headquarters in new york. kick off our extensive super tuesday coverage. it is the biggest day of the campaign so far. ten states, 419 delegates at stake. also on the line, the front runner status of mitt romney. and the survival of the other three candidates. this afternoon, president obama wished romney well. sort of.
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>> now i understand there are some political contests going on tonight. >> what would you like to say to mitt romney? >> good luck tonight. >> no, really. >> really. >> bret: we will have full coverage of president's news conference in a moment. but first, super tuesday. rick santorum faces what many feel is a must-win situation in ohio. while a big night could give romney a huge lead in the delegate math his campaign will portray as insur mountable for his opponents. chief political correspondent carl cameron starts us off from massachusetts. >> after barn storming in ohio, mitt romney returned to massachusetts to cast a super tuesday vote for himself. >> it's greet be back home. i am hoping for a win in massachusetts. >> earlier, romney and newt gingrich addressed the apac summit via satellite. santorum appeared in person. each promised to stand with
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israel and take a hard line against iran. >> i will make sure that iran knows of the real peril that awaits it, if it becomes nuclear. i'll engage iran's neighbors. i'll station multiple aircraft carriers and warships at iran's door. >> in gingrich administration, we would not keep talking while irain yas keep buil irani. >> if they don't tear down those facilities we will tear down them ourselves. >> reporter: separate from the saber rattling candidates focus opt super tuesday. ten states with 400 delegates at stake. romney favored in massachusetts. next door, vermont. virginia where gingrich and santorum not on the ballot and idaho with sizable mormon population. santorum have an edge from volunteer state. gingrich has a virtual look on georgia where he began his political career. the state has 76 delegates, the biggest prize of the night. romney will pick up delegates
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there, too. he and the super pac that supports him have been advertising heavily. >> we have to carry georgia by a big margin. we'll do better than people expect in other states for the third time. we are going to come bouncing back and i expect another two or three weeks we'll have a clear choice. >> ohio is the key contest. romney surged in recent days. santorum's inedgable for 18 of the state's 66 delegates because of filing problems. in tennessee, santorum fending off last-minute surges from gingrich and romney who has momentum from five straight wins. ron paul alone visited alaska with the strong libertarian streak. he worked north dakota, too, where democrats and independents can vote. >> a bunch of delegates. i don't know how to define "bunch." if we don't get some delegates it's a disaster. >> they will all get some. mitt romney may be posed to get the most of all of them.
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of three biggest state, georgia, ohio and tennessee. it's entirely possible they will be won by three separate candidates. super tuesday, bret. >> bret: carl cameron live in boston. carl, thank you. now to what the voters are saying. my colleague martha maccallum is here to tell us what we are learning from the early exit poll data. >> we are conducting polls in seven of the super tuesday states today. while folks are still voting out there. starting to get very interesting results about what they are saying when they walk out. let's start with what most people see as a big prize, that is ohio. now the two top competing factors in this contact, being able to defeat president obama, versus being a true conservative. so how is this shaping up in ohio tonight? mitt romney winning handily so far among voters who say the most important thing to them is somebody be able to beat the president. 56 president there. on the other hand -- 56 president there. santorum with a big advantage of ohio voters for people
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looking for a true conservativement you see he is their choice at 49%. one of the big fight tonight in the buckeye state is for the backing of the working class voter. a big issue in ohio. now those without a college degree, half of the voters that we are seeing and early results show they are splitting their vote within an edge to santorum. you see this shapes up to be an interesting race tonight in ohio. let's go to georgia to look at the indicators from there. newt gingrich has said all along that georgia is his home state and is a must-win for him to stay in. after serving as a congressman there for two decades. more than a third say his ties to his home state mean a lot to them. they heavily back newt gingrich tonight. if the connection does not matter to them, then they are more likely to go for santorum or romney, which we are seeing a split in, right now in earlygoing. what about the question of religious beliefs? so much talk about the social issues in the course of the last couple of weeks. in tennessee, is religion playing a role in southern
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conservative state tonight? santorum makes it look like it very much is. 42%. say it matters a great deal to them if the candidate shares their religious belief are getting his vote tonight. romney and gingrich are doing well there. interesting race shaping up in the first, second and third place setup tonight. we'll have more. get more numbers in throughout the hours. poll closing, shaping up to show us interesting dynamic at play. back to you. >> bret: thank you. very interesting. we will be with you all evening. bringing you the interrupt resu. join megyn kelly and me at #:00 eastern. we learn the raw vote totals and the impact it may have together with you. we have analysis from the political team and live report from the field. president obama did not want to let republicans have sole position of the political spotlight today. he held his first news conference of the year. one of the major topics the threat of another war in the middle east. here is chief white house correspondent ed henry.
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>> at his first full news conference in four months, president obama repeatedly tried to ramp down talk that u.s., israel or maybe both on the brink of war with iran. >> those who are suggesting or proposing or beating the drums of war should explain clearly to the american people what they think the cost and benefits would be. i'm not one of those people. >> without naming republican names the president fired back by saying candidates can talk casually about war without consequences. as commander-in-chief, he has to deal with the painful costs. >> when i see some of the folks who have a lot of bluster and a lot of big talk but when you actually ask them specifically what they would do it turns out they repeat the things we've been doing in the last three years. it indicates to me that's more about politics. >> reporter: what the president has been doing is pressuring iran with sanctions he says have been crippling. with the u.s. and european allies revealing today they're
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willing to sit back down at the negotiating table with iran and tehran claiming they will let inspectors back in, the president said there is a window of opportunity to give peace a chance. >> i think it can be resolved in a peaceful fashion. the notion that somehow we have a choice to make in next week or two weeks or month or two months, is not born out by the facts. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu thinks time is being wasted. it fears diplomacy is allowing iran to stall military action. >> now amazingly, some people refuse to acknowledge that iran's goal is to develop nuclear weapons. >> just hours after the meeting monday with the president, the prime minister went to aipac last night and compared iran to nazi, germany, spoke of heading off another holocaust and mocked the idea iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. >> when that iranian icbn is flying through the air to a location near you, you have
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nothing to worry about. it's only carrying medical isotopes. >> when i ask why he has not yet been to israel as president, he said his commitment is not measured by one visit and aides note that former president bush did not go until his eighth year in office, though this president has had testier relations and his democratic predecessor bill clinton went to israel in two years. >> bret: thank you. president obama said unilateral military action by the u.s. and syria would be a mistake. activists there say government troops crash with army defectors in iraq. five troops and a 15-year-old boy were reported killed. iraqi officials say they have arrested four suspects in this week's shooting spree that left 25 police dead. the interior ministry in iraq says a fifth suspect blew himself up when seasonals stormed their compound. you will be shocked at what one doctor says olympic athletes should not do. we have that in the grapevine. immediately after the break,
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>> bret:bell to our super tuesday edition of "special report" from america's election headquarters in new york. we have fox team coverage for two important states tonight. shannon bream is in virginia. where only half of the field is on the ballot. and chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel in tennessee with the third most delegates at stake tonight. >> good evening. delegates are awarded proportionally in tennessee so there are opportunities for candidates who do not win the state. earlier at a national polling station, there was a steady stream of voters. now up to the people of the volunteer state after hearing a pitch from the candidate dates in the past couple of days. after they voted i asked folks who they supported and why. >> i voted for mitt romney.
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the main reason is his business savvy ability to turn the economy around. >> i voted for newt gingrich. i am a committed republican. >> i vote for santorum today. i really like his christian fundamentals. >> now republicans leaders in nashville predict the statewide vote will likely be close. >> i think we will have a really competitive race. that is the nature of what is going on right now. that is why you have seen if three major candidates down here campaigning. >> polls close in less than two hours. party leaders say it will likely be several more hours before a winner is known. now to my colleague shannon bream in richmond, virginia. >> mike, in virginia, there are only two contenders on the ballot, mitt romney and ron paul. because santorum and gingrich who called virginia home fail to qualify. understand you can't have write-in votes so gingrich and his wife callista didn't get
3:15 pm
votes in the home state of virginia. some believe the ballot was rigged. >> the for of virginia, bob mcdonald strongly supports mitt romney and hopes to be on the ficket -- the ticket for vie president. they control the g.o.p. apparatus. and the belief is, and i think there is some truth to this, there has never been some careful checking of the signatures before. >> reporter: as the only channeler to mitt romney today, ron paul hopes to add to his delegate count and he may get assist from gingrich supporters who have been sending out e-mails saying go to the poll and volt for ron paul to limit delegates that mitt romney may pick up here in virginia tonight. >> bret: shannon bream live in richmond. thank you. on the surface, it would seem ohio is set up perfectly for rick santorum. he is from just across the border this pennsylvania and
3:16 pm
made a huge push in ohio. correspondent steven brown reports that santorum still faces significant challenges, some of his own making. >> it's gut-check time. who wants it the most? what do you say? >> rick santorum closed out his buckeye state primary campaign in friendly territory. northeast ohio. >> you would think that ohio would favor santorum. in the primary, because he is from neighboring state pennsylvania. he has got a blue collar background. >> much of northeast ohio is a mirror image of where santorum grew up, where faith is important. manufacturing was once king. but on primary day in this dog fight of a contest, santorum is, if you will, three-legged hound. his name is not on the ballot here for the congressional delegates in steubenville. in three districts santorum failed to convince delegate
3:17 pm
slate. six, ninth and 13th. in six others only partial santorum slates were submitted. if you add it up, today while romney competes for the full slate of the ohio 66 delegates, santorum will be chasing 48. a glaring oversight says a republican strategist. >> you would think no matter how small the campaign is, they would have a calendar when the deadlines are. they would make their level best effort to get on the ballot in every state. >> romney organizers tended to the delegate details early. >> they were out of the gate last year to recruit the county chairman, delegates, volunteers. very impressive. >> it is possible for santorum to win and lose here. carry the popular vote and walk away with fewer delegates. something not lost on supporters in hard scrabble, ohio. >> god is in control. if he wants santorum in there, he will be in there. and regardless of the delegates. >> it's not just ohio, santorum is not on the ballot
3:18 pm
in virginia, costing him a shot at 49 delegates there. in two weeks the illinois primary in three congressional districts with no santorum slate. coming up on april 3, the d.c. primary for santorum again is not on the ballot. bret? >> bret: steve brown live in ohio tonight. steve, thank you. still ahead, newt gingrich in a do-or-die situation. first, president obama answers the question does he want higher gas prices? [ male announcer ] for the saver, and a big first step. for the spender who needs a little help saving. for adding "& sons." for the dreamer, planning an early escape. for the mother of the bride. for whoever you are, for whatever you're trying to achieve, pnc has technology, guidance, and over 150 years of experience to help you get there. ♪
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>> bret: there was nothing super about this tuesday on wall street. the dow lost 204 points. its biggest drop on the year of worries about a greece debt default. the s&p 500 was off 21. the nasdaq fell 40. crude oil fell $2 to close at
3:22 pm
$104.70 a barrel. cost of gasoline went down slightly overnight. the national average dropped a half penny and stands at $3.76 a gallon. president obama said today no president running for re-election wants high gasoline prices. but chief national correspondent jim angle reports that has not always been the case for this president or his administration. >> though the president started his term with a broad effort to raise prices on fossil fuels today he rejected any suggestion he favors higher fuel prices. >> do you think the president of the united states going in re-election wants gas prices to go higher? is therenybodyere who thinks that makes a lot of sense? >> when the president took office, though, his policies were different. he vowed to transform the entire energy sector trying unsuccessfully to impose cap-and-trade system under which he said electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. steven chu later, to become energy secretary told the
3:23 pm
"wall street journal" in 2008, "somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in europe." which at the time was some $8 to $10 a gallon. the idea was to make fossil fuel so expensive, pricy alternatives would be more competitive. today using high prices to discourage oil consumption conflicts with the rejuvenating economy. >> gas prices go up, consumer spending often times pulls back. and we're in the midst right now of a recovery that is starting to build up steam. we don't want to reverse it. >> the president tried to inoculate himself by any blame for high prices noting the production increased to eight-year high and imports are down. >> the good news is 2010, first time in a decade that our oil imports were below 50%. they have kept on going down. >> he is taking credit for what happened on private and state lands, not federal lands. my view is he is sort of pulling what i call a ferris buehler. he jumped up on the float and singing real loudly and
3:24 pm
claiming credit for the par rid. >> in fact, the industry analysts argue production increased not because of the president, but in spite of him. >> on federal land, the area where the president has control, production in the gulf of mexico is down 30%. lease sales in the rocky mountains on federal land are down 70%. >> mr. obama doesn't deny that his long-term goal is indeed to wean us off oil. >> we have to make sure that we've got a set of options that reduce our overall dependence on oil. >> he argues that it will inoculate the country from the price swings but analysts say it will take decades. for now, producing more oil is the only solution. bret? >> bret: jim, thank you. also the news conference, president obama said he phoned the georgetown law student called "the slut" and "prostitute" by rush limbaugh because he doesn't want people discouraged from speaking out. >> i thought about my daughters and one thing i want them to do as they get older
3:25 pm
is engage in issues, even ones i may not agree with them on. >> bret: limbaugh apologized orve the weekend but sandra fluke said he is won't accept it. you won't be sorry if you stick around for the grapevine. and we will tell you how many thousandles of dollars someone paid for this unedible piece of food and why in the world they did. [ nadine ] buzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, you know, typical alarm clock. i am so glad to get rid of it. just to be able to wake up in the morning on your own. that's a big accomplishment to me. i don't know how much money i need. but i know that whatever i have that's what i'm going to live within. ♪ ♪
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one thing nearly everyone agrees on this super tuesday is newt gingrich has to win georgia to stay in the race. international correspondent john roberts is in atlanta tonight. >> reporter: for newt gingrich, there is no understating the importance of georgia. >> i have to win georgia. i think to be credible in the race. >> gingrich is banking on not just a win, but a big one to reinvigorate a dragging campaign. the georgia state republican chairman says he just might do it. >> if he does very well in georgia, and then does well in few of the other southern states i think it gives him what he needs to push him to tampa, florida. >> to get there, gingrich has campaigned heavily. 19 events in recent days, reasserting himself as the visionary conservative. the kind that previously earned him criticism as an erratic, unrealistic dreamer.
3:31 pm
not so says his campaign chairman. >> he's a man of ideas. if you a man of ideas people who are not men of ideas consider you erratic. >> georgia is the richest prize with 76 delegate at state. they are proportional. but should gingrich cos 50% of the vote he could claim more than 60 of them. that would be a boost to his southern strategy. >> we're back on the same page. back on the visionary, big solutions. approaches that we think will work. my hope is it works. >> is it a viable strategy? merryl black of emory university isn't so sure. >> if gingrich wins georgia big, and it looks like he may be able to do that, then the question is so what? if he wins big in georgia the next states are alabama and mississippi. that is a southern strategy. if he wins those, so what? he has to do well outside of the south. >> since winning south carolina in january,
3:32 pm
gingrich's most frequent fbi has been fourth place. even supporters aren't blown away by his campaign. >> no, i don't think anybody would say they are thrilled about it. it's been a nontraditional campaign if you want to choose a word. >> but even running the table in the rest of the south won't get gingrich what he needs. >> he did horribly in florida. you have already seen that. he is not even on the ballot in virginia. the southern strategy is already kind of in tatters. >> the biggest beneficiary of a gingrich win here in georgia could be mitt romney. if gingrich wins big tonight that will likely embolden him to stay in the race. as long as he and rick santorum continue to split the very con seventive vote, it could allow mitt romney to run up the middle. >> bret: john roberts live in atlanta. thank you. new jersey democratic congressman donald payne died today. he announced in february he was undergoing treatment for colon cancer. he was the first black congressional member from new jersey. he was elected to his 12th
3:33 pm
firm in to 10. president obama called him a wonderful man who did great work. he was 77. we will talk about what to expect on this super tuesday when an expanded edition of the fox all-stars joins me. after the break. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. weight loss programs can be expensive. so to save some money, i just got the popular girls from the local middle school to follow me around. ew. seriously? so gross.
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i think super tuesday is close. today is tuesday. we're going to find out something today. but this won't be the end of it. this is a long-term operation. >> ohio makes a big difference. you have a big say in who the nominee will be. i ask people of ohio to think hard and look deep. look in eyes of a candidate. look in what the candidate overcome and what they offer to the country. >> we'll carry georgia. we'll do better than people expect in a number of other states. for the third time, we're going to come bouncing back.
3:37 pm
>> bret: candidates making the final pitch on this super tuesday. ten states to watch. alaska, georgia, idaho, massachusetts, north dakota, ohio, oklahoma, tennessee, vermont and virginia. what happens tonight could really affect the race in the long-term. bring in the panel. steve hayes, "weekly standard standard." juan williams for the hill. co-host of "the five" andrea tantaros. fox news senior political analyst brit hume. andrea, thank you for being here. double duty tonight. ladies first. your thought on how the night is shaping up? we are starting to get the a.p. poll numbers in. whose big night could it be? >> it will be romney's big night. ohio is the state to watch. romney has proved to be the closer in the end of this. you watched him in nores and michigan. people are going to watch him in ohio. he is on more battles -- ballots what rick santorum. if he can end this deal at the end and go on. unfortunately, it won't be wrapped up tonight. the numbers won't get him
3:38 pm
there. after this, it will be a drip, drip effect. but a more accelerated drip for mitt romney. much like michigan was for romney do or die, that is the same pressure that rick santorum feels tonight. he must perform well or people will ask him what are you doing in this race? >> bret: brit? >> we are past the point where we talk about momentum or perception. this is about delegates. more than 400 available tonight. 419 available tonight. at the end of the night, the way to look at it is not look to any individual state. some are larger and important but to look at how the totals, look at night to figure out wherfrom there who has a clear path to nomination and who may not. >> bret: steve, the delegate hunt is really key for the other three candidates behind romney. and that is their strategy. going state to state, trying to get the delegates. how is that strategy shaping up on a night like tonight? >> that is the real question.
3:39 pm
coming out of tonight. what they have to say is look, there are delegates out there we can get. they will force a big delegate rich state by california and texas and say we can stay in until the bitter end because we have a shot at some delegates. brit is right. if mitt romney were to get majority of the delegates, which is possible and maybe likely that is a good night. it sets him up very well to make a case. look, i am the candidate. it's time for the republican party to come together to get behind me. >> bret: on the flip side, juan, 57% of the delegates still on the table after tonight. >> still on the table and it's interesting to watch because remember, after this, we go south. and cru are looking at places like alabama and again -- >> bret: mississippi. >> again, the idea, bret, is that has mitt romney sealed the deal with real conservatives and people who are concerned he is not an authentic conservative? what we saw in michigan, i think it was a turning point in some ways, we saw the margins start to close. that people who were
3:40 pm
identified as authentic conservatives were increasingly saying well, we can settle on mitt romney. i am seeing now tonight the question are the conservatives in ohio in particular, and many southern states looking to tennessee, i am looking at oklahoma, willing to make the same judgment? or is it the case they are still holding out and pounding the table and saying you know what? g.o.p. establishment, you are not going to drag me along. >> the important subplot tonight, bret, is what about santorum and gingrich? we know that ron paul can stay until the end. he is running a shoe string campaign and he has been doing it and it will collect a bunch of delegates and try to get what he can get. the other two are vying for the same position, the alternative to mitt romney. if each of the candidate comes out tonight with a case to make saying they should go forward that is good news perhaps for them but mostly for romney. the split non-romney vote helped him immensely and will
3:41 pm
the so tonight for sure. if they stay in, both stay in, it will continue to do so. >> bret: right. newt gingrich has a big night or a pretty good night, and rick santorum does pretty well in the long run, as brit said, that is good thing for mitt romney. >> right. so if newt wins georgia, he can say okay, now we are headed south, headed to mississippi and alabama, states i will do well in. rick santorum can say the same. these are both stubborn men, though. i don't see either one getting out of the race. i do think that mitt romney is a buttoned up guy. he is going to want this thing neat. so if more delegates as he starts to get in his catch, he is going to start to go to i believe the candidates and say all right, i don't want a messy primary season. >> it's not been good for the republican party. let me say that. to have this thing drag out this long. i don't think anyone in the republican party will say we want it to go on longer. but the question is what about the voters? >> there does come a time, however, when having three candidates in race collecting some share of the delegates
3:42 pm
could endanger romney by making it impossible for him to get to 1144, even though he would go to the convention way ahead. in the near term, yes. he wants candidates to stick around. in the long-term, he does not. >> bret: exactly. steve, you know, we heard back and forth about ron pop and his strategy. and -- ron paul and his strategy and the theory that ron paul was working with the romney campaign. today he was on laura ingram's radio show and asked about healthcare and what romney said about massachusetts healthcare. romneycare. before and what he is saying about it on the trail. listen to ron paul today. >> i think it tells you that he is not a free market conservative. and, you know, conditions are such that you wonder if he wouldn't do it nationally again. it raises a lot of questions because they have been on both sides of so many issues. >> bret: is ron paul going on the offensive? >> there it is. there is the split. the split we finally have been waiting for. look, i think there wasn't
3:43 pm
much of an answer than ron paul could have given with that question the way it was asked directly to him. this is a guy who is running as the free market conservative, how he is making this case when he is posed with that question directly, he has to answer it that way. one point quickly on unity. there was an interesting conversation on the margin of the huckabee forum saturday night between rick santorum, newt gingrich and romney in which the three of them during this conversation initiated by mitt romney agreed they would support one another. one of those candidates or one of the four in the race. and not support somebody from the outside. so there is a hint of unity despite the fact they're still -- >> bret: juan, you have tonight some states that may line up for ron paul. you have alaska, north dakota, idaho, maybe not so much idaho. but he is also on the ballot in virginia, the only one other than mitt romney on the ballot. so, ron paul, tonight, what does he look like? >> for ron paul forces, it
3:44 pm
would be great if he had a break-through moment and won something. i don't know that the numbers support that in any of the states in terms of the polls we have seen so far. but the question is what if he exceeds expectations? because take a state like virginia. it's just romney. and ron paul. if you are anti-romney and you don't like romney he is a repository of all of your opposition. how far does ron paul go in a state like virginia? how far does ron paul go in caucus states? alaska, we are talking about, where he has demonstrated more organizational strength bat of the enthusiasm from young people and people engaged in the social networks online? >> bret: bottom line, nobody is getting out of this race after tonight you don't think? >> no, i don't. i think they will stay in and try to slog it out. i look to virginia to what you said to build on that point. if ron paul does really well, what does it say about turn-out for mitt romney? i think that is where the pundits will be digging in the numbers tonight to see what the turn-out levels are.
3:45 pm
>> bret: you are shaking your head. >> i think look, most people don't think ron paul has a chance pen except for his voter. romney is the only long-term viable candidate in race in virginia. only one. the incentive for his people to turn out in great forces minimal. so ron paul could make a better than expected showing tonight and it would get some people excited. not me. [ laughter ] >> bret: not you. all right, panel. next up, president obama talks about iran and israel during his first news conference of the year. ok, guys-- what's next ?
3:46 pm
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we have a window to which we can resolve this
3:49 pm
issuepeacefully. we have put forward international framework that is applying unprecedented pressure. the iranians just stated they are willing to return to the negotiating table. we have the opportunity even at we maintain that pressure to see how it plays out. >> israel has waited, patiently waited for the international community to resolve this situation. we have waited for diplomacy to work. we have waited for sanctions to work. none of us can afford to wait much longer. >> bret: two very different messages from president obama today. the news conference. his first in four months. the prime minister of israel speaking to aipac. president obama today walking back a little bit what he said at aepac in his own speech trying to tamp down numerous times that the u.s. and israel are on the brink of war. we're back with the panel. steve, it was a much different presentation today. than it was in his speech over
3:50 pm
the weekend where he repeated that the u.s. has israel's back. >> the difference in tone and content was striking. president at one point in his press conference today was asked to explain what he meant by the united states has israel's back. first, that is historical illusion. we have done it in the past. second, this is not a military doctrine. we're not saying we are supportive of israeli strike on the facilities. if your goal as president obama was this weekend to convince benjamin netanyahu that you were willing to, that he could put this off because you were there with him, that this was a partnership that couldn't be broken, i think he did a tremendous amount of damage to that. if it was the goal privately, what was communicated privately in the meetings yesterday and then he had this press conference today sending what sounded to me like a different message. a different message from the interview he gave to jeffrey goldberg of the "the
3:51 pm
atlantic." different message from the aipac speech and this press conference today he is sending mixed signals at precisely the wrong time. in my view, the erosion of trust if that happens ironically makes more likely not less. >> bret: juan, do you sigh the dichotomy there? >> i don't. i went back and looked at it. steve pointed out to me when we were talking. i must say it's been very clear all along that the president is trying to keep this bellicose attitude to a minimum. to say clearly that all of this war talk simply drives up oil price and makes it more likely that we end up in an armed conflict. he is trying to minimize that possibility. hopeful of in terms of the power of sanctions. not only sanctions, but international pressure building coalitions that would work and the fact that the iranians have not been willing to return to negotiating table. >> bret: republican candidate spoke to aipac. all of them, except ron paul,
3:52 pm
i believe. they had interesting things to say. the president reacted to all of that. >> the only thing respected by thugs and tyrants is our resolve. backed by our power. and our readiness to use it. >> the redline is not the morning our intelligence community tells us they failed again. the red line is now. if they do not -- >> if they do not gear down those facilities, we will tear down them ourselves. >> if some of folks think that it's time to launch a war, they should say so. they should explain to the american people exactly why they would do that and what the consequences would be. >> bret: what about that response from the president? >> yeah, he went on to also criticize them even further for speaking up on one of these issues. but remember, when he was candidate obama in 2008, he did a lot of electioneering himself on the issue and made promises. promises he has thrown out the window. so, i do think, i do agree
3:53 pm
with juan on one front. i think the president is dealing with a country that has war fatigue. i think he is trying to balance that; particularly, with the way that afghanistan is going. i think arguably a country that doesn't trust him to lead another war. so i think he is trying to be careful there. but without any kind of backing from the u.s., these sanctions mean nothing. and frankly, they do not kick in until june. we have won't see effects until august. to think that the sanctions would stop iran from becoming nuclear is naive. >> bret: brit? >> that is the real question. the sanctions that have been implied so far causing iranian people and presumably iranian government real heartache and real problems. so the question is: can they work? would not the effect of the sanctions be enhanced if the iranian regime believed that the u.s. can total union with israel ready to make military action if they didn't? it seems to me that kind of message is the kind most likely to affect the change.
3:54 pm
it's hard not to get the iranian regime with a direct message in a message that is changing day-to-day the way the task is much more difficult. my sense about this is the president may be looking at the attitude within his party or the worries about the public or the war worriness of which you spoke, bret. i don't know softening his message after sufficientenning it up will help -- softening the message after toughening it up will help the cause. it may by the longer possibility of conflict greater. >> bret: isn't it confusing the messages, the speech and the message at the press conference today for israelis? >> you know, i don't see it. to me, in the press conference as he was reacting to the fact you have all of this war talk out on the campaign trail. from people who are saying you know, we must be hard. those were the speeches at aipac today. we have to be tough and make sure iranians are running and say hog, my gosh, the united states is coming, the united states is coming.
3:55 pm
that was his response to say if you believe war is the answer tell the american people that. lay it out on the table. there is not one of these candidates who is going to make that case effectively. to the contrary, i think when the president says he has israel's back and says he has a history of taking high risk military operations steps when necessary to protect american interest there is no reason to doubt him. >> there is reason to doubt if it he turns around three days later and says folks don't get the wrong impression. when i said we had israel's back country facing what it believes annexo stennial threat and says that is not a military doctrine. if you are in tehran you breathe a huge sigh of relief. >> you say it's not a military doctrine? the president means by that that he is not therefore saying i'm sending missiles at the moment. he is saying we have israel's back, historically and we have them at this moment -- have their back at this moment. >> you say to a country facing
3:56 pm
a threat to its existence, which is clearly prepared to act on it own, we've got your back. that to me communicates unmistakable signal or reasonably can be interpreted as communicating unmistakable cig fall we're with you if you join or we'll join -- signal that we're with you if you go or join you. >> it's about when you go and making sure there is time for negotiation. >> he said military doctrine period. not a military doctrine. end of sentence. >> the question is when do we have their back? there is a difference between obama and netanyahu and when they have their back. obama believes when they get the nuclear capabilities then we go. there is a difference between the capability. hillary clinton had to walk it back earlier in week. netanyahu says that is going to be too late by the time that happens. i think there is a question of when do we actually have their back? >> steve? >> the president said in his interview with jeffrey goldberg, it's not good policy to announce our intentions.
3:57 pm
then today he gave a time frame. he said this is not, this window does not close in the next week or two weeks, month, two months. that is a time frame. you have can't do that. he also i think at one point pitted, seems to pit the israeli intelligence service which basically says, says that there is enough time. against prime minister benjamin netanyahu. that is not constructive either. >> no, but what we know for israel, and defense secretary panetta spoken to this. he said basically by late spring/summer he believes israel is likely to attack. the israelis said that the united states has sere your military force. and has the -- superior military force. ability to wait a longer time. >> you believe by spring or summer when the window supposedly closes for >> for israel. >> -- president obama will be any more likely to support or participate in military action against iran to deal with this threat than he is now? >> of course. it seems to me if you have diplomacy failed and remember, we have not demonstrated,
3:58 pm
nobody demonstrated, intelligence community, nobody, israel, ours, that in fact the iranians are in the business of building nuclear weapons. what we're talking about is they have facilities. the question is whether or not they will pursue it. given our recent history in the country wars we entered into thinking we had some intelligence that proved to be wrong, isn't it a good idea we should be cautious and go slow? >> we haven't exactly been rocketing down this road, juan. >> i must say, in three years -- with all the talk on the republican campaign trail, it seems like there is war hungry people. >> bret: i have let the horses run on this panel. we decided not to take a break here because we are coming up on top of the hour. panel, thank you very much. we are going to continue election coverage. in fact, i'm going to walk over here to the decision desk and bring it back here. and these are the guys who will be making the call. as we go back here to the decision desk we have folks who are crunching the numbers. they have been looking over
3:59 pm
some of the states. we have ten states at play right now. and they are essentially looking over the exit polls, the raw vote total. don't get too close, because i don't think we can show all of the numbers. but right now we are getting to the point where we are going to be able to call some of the races at the top of the hour. shepard smith will take coverage on the fox report. remember, this is a huge night. super tuesday. ten states. we have exit polls coming in. we have some sense of what the voters are saying about these candidates. then we have the raw vote totals. so all of that combined to be able to make these guys, to make decision whether we can call a race for a candidate. as brit mentioned earlier, this is all about the delegate hunt. this is all about building up the delegates to 1144. that is the number needed to get the republican nomination. there are 419 delegates on the afne tonight.


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