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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 9, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>>jonathan: i have not tried that. >>randy: a cat where does not have a hair? it do not e-mail, we are kidding, we have not even any cats. in days. in days. >>neil: no money? in credit? no problem. you got a cause. this guy has the cash. $1 billion today from manufacturing. another billion two days ago for green cars. and $8 billion a few weeksing a for student training. he could have a problem with drill, baby drill but republicans say no such problem with "spend, baby, spend." welcome, everyone, perhaps it was appropriate that the president was wanting a will woulds recognize plan in
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virginia, the american technology guys pushing for $1 billion in spend for a national network promoting manufacturing and innovation and republicans call the it another boondoggle for taxpayers and a pennsylvania congressman calling it a "boon," for the economy. >>guest: we have had almost half a million manufacturing jobs added to our economy the last 24 months and it has been the leading edge of the recovery are we have seen another 227,000 jobs added but manufacturers at the heart of it and a group of manufacturers in orlando and all over the country foe cutting on the fact as a country we need to make products, we need to sell them everywhere, but we cannot have an economy which we are buying stuff from elsewhere in the world. >>neil: but if the numbers are right and they are doing as well as they say we did not need to spend money to get them, right,
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we are on all cylinders? >>guest: always been investment by the federal government in creating an industrial base if our country. >>neil: congressman, to invest you have to have money and we don't have money. >>guest: believe it or not, and even fox agrees we are the wealthiest country in the world and that is number one. >>neil: we are the most indebted country in the world. there was a time when we had money hand over 50 but we don't. this could be a lot of meritorious reasons to continue the investments but when you invest you normally invest with money and we don't have it. >>guest: we are the leading manufacturers not world. >>neil: but we are in debt. we are in debt. we don't have the money. you could fancy we are wealthy and we are in spirit, and rich in generosity but we do not have a you know what to you know what in. so to forward more money against
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a credit line we have tapped out, we cannot do it. >>guest: act as if this is a family, if you have a mortgage that equals your income would you be okay or would you be challenged? we have a debt we need to pay and i have the only bill that ever has been introduced in congress to get the country out of debt and i grow -- grew we have have to milk investments. >>neil: but this is to provide exams and you know that because you are one of the few democrats, and few in congress, who see the danger of what we are building here so you got ahead of this and said we have to get this debt under control, we have to deal with it and you talked about normally if you have a mortgage and people know you owe more than you make you if the fact of the matter is as a country something weird happened a couple of months ago that never happened, the total of what we owe eclipses ever we make. that has never happened.
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if that is an example for the world i am a poster child for bally's fitness. >>guest: when the country is at work we went in debt before and we got ourselves on the right side. >>neil: but at war, congressman, is very different, very different, from spending money on green products or new initiatives that might or might not have value but when you don't have the money it is far different than life-and-death matters. >>guest: when the see the jet engines come out of connecticut or the dreamliner roll off the runway in seattle, washington, all of these major improvements were done, in large measure, through federal investments and in science. this did not happen through osmosis. >>neil: you not giving boeing credit? boeing did it.
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boeing did it. >>guest: i have spoken on the floor commending boeing but 200 improvements in aeronautics came from nasa-based research that was fully federally taxpayer funded and the material that is fully --. >>neil: congressman i am not quibbling that there are good things congress can do, i think this is what is missed by republicans and democrats. you cannot invest that which you do not have. you cannot dig a deep are pit and hope to get different results. you cannot paid the credit line and hope that you can maybe get better results. the bottom line is beggars can't be choosers. i know you think we are a great superpower and we are, but we are flat broke. we don't have the money. we are done. finished. we will have the money when the debt is under control, and then
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we will have a lot more free cash to address some of the thing you want and republicans want but until then, it is like the family i met that wanted to take a trip to hawaii and they asked me for financial add rice and i said you have to realize where we stand and many in washington don't. >>guest: we have to fill up the flower slow in philadelphia and the theme this year is hawaii so i would not knock on hawaii. >>neil: i love hawaii if you can afford to go. >>guest: let me tell you this, rightst this country has to make investments to lead the world. >>neil: we don't have the money to investment. congressman, this is what happened. we talk, and, we can all say the same thing we talk how we have to invest that which we don't have, and when the debt under control then we will have money to operate with but until then it is the family that wants to do things on a budget that doesn't recognize the realities of what they want to do so they have to redo it.
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you say consumes do it, families, and now our government has to do it. >>guest: let me deal with facts and we can argue which way to go. we have the lowest tax rate in 60 years. we are the wealthiest nation in the world and it is not that we don't have the money we don't have the political will . >>neil: in here is political will: that is saying no to the check book. both sides, no to the checkbook. you know what, there is more money going out, a lot more money beginning out than coming in and the political will, the political guts, the member, is to say i will close the checkbook. >>guest: we have to spend what we need to spend. >>neil: we having in to spend. ing in to spend. >>guest: we have done in every war, we have borrowed money. >>neil: congressman, a war, this is the absence of our debate, a war is very different than saying we need -- you
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cannot equate solyndra with small why. you can not a new battery with getting battered in our checkbook. we have to prioritize -- we don't have the money. look at greece. look at spain. look at portugal. look at ireland. they have discovered what we are reluctant to, the pot has run dry. >>guest: the european allowance got together and said because of the united states investment in clean energy they knew have to make investments it compete with us and to hold on to the jobs. what i am telling you, these are the right direction to go in. we should raise taxes. get rid of the bush tax cuts. i am willing to go down the simpson-bowles road with my own proposal. >>neil: tell me about the simpson-bowles they did not advocate responding more. >>guest: if we did not build
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the federal highway system --. >>neil: we had money them. i don't how to tell people would live a grand lifestyle you have to wake up. you don't have the money to do what you are doing. in the company you work for, you have to borrow money because to be at top of the game you have to milk investments. >>neil: you do not invest when you do not have the money to invest. you have the ability to create this out of thin air, but, you are talking about investing america's money down the same road where we don't have it to go down that road. that is all i am saying. >>guest: we are 24 months of new job growth. >>neil: stop, then. i grant you that.
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then, stop. you can stop new. stop. >>guest: america is going to go forward and we will do what we need to do. we need to have a generation of politicians who are prepared to say, pay as we go. we need politicians who will say "stop." i will not bring schools home from my district or build highways for my district, i will go back to my district and i will brag about how i did nothing for them county how i did not spend a penny. that will get you re-elected more than throwing a bridge if their face. >>guest: the oldest zoo in the country, a great place, bring your family, the a new transportation roadway with federal money. >>neil: i do like you but, unfortunately, if you think we can invest that which we don't
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have, we are in bad shape. >>guest: i have introduced a bill the debt free america bill. >>neil: until that bill gets through put the checkbook town. >>guest: i am with you on the debt side, but i am also saying we have to make needed investment. >>neil: we can respectfully disagree but thank you, sir, if to see you. >>guest: i will go see the 76ers beat utah jazz. >>neil: terrific. >>guest: thank you. >>neil: well a lot of hooting and hollering and the president says it shows the economy getting stronger but why are we using this video to go along with the job data and been is not pleased with what we are seeing saying the numbers are good but they should be better. you are being a wet blanket. >>guest: well, look, we have to look at the trend. i don't know how you get excited
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about creating $227,000 job when the in before we had 284,000 jobs so obviously the trend is not our friend and if you look at one component of the $227,000 number, 80,000 of the jobs were in the business services sector and what of those jobs are temporary jobs going away. >>neil: but we have to disclose, this is, by and large a good number, you can whine about it, but it is a go trend, bumpy, you are quite right but the administration, and others argue we are off the map and it is fair, and you can quibble about how solid the gains are, will it continue, where are the gains, where they are not but your argument is they should be stronger and you are more worried about whether they can be sustained, period. why? >>guest: well, because i think we have three trends coming against us and why see a light at the end of the tunnel for any.
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older people are not retiring at same rate. many of them do not feel they have the money to retire and they are looking at my gosh if the tax rate goes from 15 percent to 43 percent i don't have enough money to retire so it does not matter what school you come from you have a hard time getting a job. that is a negative trend. >>neil: what does that mean for you when you look at the markets and the economy, you bullish or mixed or what? >>guest: that means it will be a tough market. an environment where we will have a tough employment market it is tough to look at our market growing double digits and maybe we get to friend growth and it grows 7 or 8 week -- percent but it is tough to see stability. >>neil: from bob, to beaver, and he may have the fever over the government backed lemon.
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but twice! now your lips can lead a double life. new blast flipstick from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. >>neil: it is bieber's new baby, getting karma for his 18th birthday appearing on ellen, and now, we hope it lasts until he is 19 because consumer reports got one, too, and it did not go so well. >> it looks awesome, low, sleek, and ... broken. in the middle of our driveway. >>neil: they drove it and they towed it. it worked for 180 miles and the maker governor half a billion
1:18 pm
government loan and "consumer reports," reporter works. has this happened before when try a new car? >>guest: well, we buy anonymously from dealers and this is the first time i can remember and i have been there 15 years we have had a car that hasn't allowed us to put 2th miles on before we start testing it. >>neil: so it is possible, and i am trying to give the benefit of the doubt because i know justin watches, you just got a lemon and one bad car. >>guest: well, it could be just an odd fluke but cars are incredibly complex today and this is even more is. >>neil: what was the problem? what happened? >>guest: well, we took it out on the test rack and we know exactly what speed we are doing for the tests and during that time a light came on on the
1:19 pm
dashboard. >>neil: i hate when that happens. >>guest: the technician brought it in, put it in park to check what the light meant and he came to move it would not go into drive or reverse only park or neutral. >>neil: but it looked good, right? if are going to be stuck on anything in the highway ... so what does this mean? it is not a run of the mill car but $100,000 plus car, maybe more if you load it up. but that is an expensive car. >>guest: it is. and it is new technology. not past when we look at hybrid vehicles they have been invented and dominated by the japanese manufacturers at honda and toyota so this is technology, the volt came out last year and this car uses a similar technology to the volt and the reliability survey was limited
1:20 pm
time of vehicle has been on the road but showed excellent reliability so we are leading the world, really, in this plug in technology later this year, toyota will come out with a plug plug in prius. >>neil: if your results are right and what we heard of the volt the battery not going the distance they claim and blowing up under circumstances we have our problems and we could lead in the technology but we got our problems. >>guest: the issue with the volt was, really, strange issue, the federal government had done a crash test on the vehicle and moved it to one side and last it for 3 1/2 weeks and it caught fire. that does not happen in every day live. >>neil: right. it could happen with any car. >>guest: the volt in the testing "security reports," we got 35 miles per hour, which was
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99 per gallon equivalent. >>neil: not bad when it is >>neil: not bad when it is working what's withou? trouble with a car insurance claim. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, noit's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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>>neil: republican voters not headed to the polls like they used to, a sign that the party is if trouble?
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not if history is an example, ask larry sabato. the passion gap, republicans don't have it and voters are nonplussed do you say it doesn't pan out, but it leads to more or less voting? >>guest: that is right. passion test sounds like a sex scandal can i don't know if i want to get in to this but essentially what i am suggesting is that passion in the spring doesn't necessarily lead to votes in the fall. there are a lot of great historical examples. i don't think there has ever been a candidate who generated more passion and enthusiasm than john f. kennedy in 1960 and he won one of the two or three closest elections to president in american history. you have to be careful. passion and the dominance of celebrity on television doesn't necessarily produce a victory in the fall. >>neil: i guess part of the argument with passion you get out color followers and if they are jazzed and excited you think
1:26 pm
you are the guy they will go out there in droves. that doesn't apply? >>guest: well, passion comes if many forms, it can be for passion or antipassion. say it is romney and he gets the nomination. i doubt he is going to whip crowds into a frenzy based on everything i've seen. however, his opponent probably will. that is, president obama particularly for the republicans, is enough reason to vote. that is what any republican nominee is going to count on, in the fall, the opposition, the intense opposition, in the republican base to rebound, and that antipassion could be huff to produce millions of votes. >>neil: you could be right open the subject of passion i am for those would don't have it but i have the a career on it myself, and i have always reminded "built for comfort,
1:27 pm
ladies," but it fell on deaf ears. but the decline in participation on the part of republicans not primaries, this go round versus last go round. maybe they are just not into this? >>guest: well, part of it has to do with the field. if you had candidates who have larger national followings, bigger organizations, more money than three of the four have, only romney, really, has the national organization, and national money, you would have a larger turn out, and the turn out picture has been mixed. yes, it is down about 8 percent compared to 2008 if you add up all the votes together, but, there have been some republican primaries in certain places where the town out has been up like numb mum and south -- new hampshire and south carolina. virginia's turn out was small because only romney and ron paul were on the ballot. you have to look at the
1:28 pm
individual circumstances. you cannot just take the numbers and make a wild generalization. you never do that anyway. >>neil: look at how fillmore stormed the political field. have you thought the chat are about our premium primary coverage on fox business network? >> it has commanded value only on fox business network did you learn that sarah palin in alaska, voted for newt gingrich. >> so magic. magic. >> romney versus santorum are dividing at the last meant. >>neil: we will look at it from all avenues with the former new york stock exchange chairman grasso. >> america is not where it needs to be. >>neil: the best of the political bunch, as well, sarah
1:29 pm
palin, and herman cain. >> i knew you would and me that. >>neil: there are prettier, much more handful anchors but, but, but, who gives you that added value? and who continues doing this provide marry after primary, event after primary, at it again on tuesday with alabama and mississippi voting, check off at 8:00 p.m. east were, you don't get fox business network? demand it! when politicians are too afraid to make the other side look good it is ugly. not so were for them more for you, time to cut the vanity to get rid of this insanity? mike huckabee next. 5-hour energy?
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just to be able to wake up in the morning on your own. that's a big accomplishment to me. i don't know how much money i need. but i know that whatever i have that's what i'm going to live within. ♪ ♪ >>neil: senate lawmakers saying thanks but for thanks to save taxpayers $10 billion. billion with a "b," rejecting an amendment that you would think would have bipartisan appeal wiping out 53 government programs that overlap, in other words, say if this case 53 and only one was necessary, to get rid of the 52, a bipartisan slam dunk, you would think, governor huckabee, this doesn't make sense but welcome to washington. >>governor huckabee: tom
1:34 pm
coburn said this failed because of incompetence, classic washington insider incompetence. if there is anything the public would aplot on a bipartisan way, which this is something the senate did by 64-36 vote a year ago and got rid of some of the programs and this is the gao accounting office so they don't have to take heat and say we targeted the program. they simply accepted the recommendation of a government agency that had some objectist and they would have killed the duplications of programs but they veto keep them and continue to spend $10 billion which in senate terms is chump change but to americans out of work, that is a heavy duty. >>neil: there is no harm to either side voting for it. i said, well, am i missing something, say you are harry reid how would this look bad for
1:35 pm
the president, you are bringing in new programs or armies that you argue will be leaner and more efficient and more productive and you get rid of the ones that you have argued are not. >>governor huckabee: the fight was who would get credit and the democrats do not want a republican to get credit. >>neil: but if you are the president, we can get some credit to the republican congress, but, he was the big cheese in charge is he gets at the had of the credit but it was a no lose. >>governor huckabee: president obama was never a governor or mayor and never in the position -- and he has limited little because he has not been governing but campaigning, twice as many fundraisers this term of office than bush had during the same term of office. and he is in the campaign mode but the mistake on his part, the
1:36 pm
best politics is good policy. you practice good policy that is the best politics so you do not have toking vigorous in the campaign but you have something to hold up. >>neil: but ronald reagan and thomas "tip" o'neill wanted to take a bow, he benefited, too, he didn't care. >>governor huckabee: if you have a divided government, i experienced that if my state you have to give the legislation for sponsorship to people in the other party and when it passes do not cut them out of the photo op tell everyone what wonderful statesmen they are, they helped you get it done. give them credit. no one loses but in this case the american people losing $10 billion. >>neil: and whispers on the trail, and the latest you probably have heard, who would make a great running mate, mike
1:37 pm
huckabee. >>governor huckabee: well, i think neil cavuto has the decide track, a tough guy. >>neil: you are right, christie, cuomo, but not neil cavuto. what do you think, republicans risk losing the south, romney say what you will is not galvanizing the republicans. you node someone to sure it up because it is not a shore thing. >>governor huckabee: no one has called. never buy the corsage until you are invited. >>neil: but this goes to the last minute and i hear from a lot of republicans who are worried about there and concerned that if romney is the nominee, whatever his other credentials the fact he doesn't do well with the south, that could be proven wrong, he needs,
1:38 pm
to pay attention. >>guest: he should. he has to carry the south to win the election this november. >>neil: but you have been vetted and gone through the process. >>guest: all the more reason i will never be picked. rub wrote is a wonderful pick but he brings --. >>neil: but he has not been nationally vetted and i love him. >>governor huckabee: there is plenty of time. and the romney campaign could be doing all sorts of background investigations on hill. >>neil: governor, thank you very much you can catch the hit show on saturday and sunday night at 8:00. guys, this is all about ming in to do with the country, about me. attention, wholes fargo customers your checking account fees are going up but you may
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lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >>neil: and after the report over bank of america expanding fees on cuss dorms and wells fargo is expanding their charges to six additional states and sandra, here we go. >>guest: i am the bearer of good news, starting in may, wells fargo will have $7 positively checking accounts fee to customers in six more states and customers would agree to receive online bank statements and we will see a small are fee, georgia, new jersey, delaware, cuts cut, new york, and pennsylvania, where they acquire ed branches lofts year and stopped offering new checking in 2010 and began to charge a similar fee in 24 states in early 2011.
1:43 pm
they is branches in 39 states total and they spended to the new fee, today, saying and i quote, "we regularly review our prices and take into account the needs of our customers and our cost of business and changes to the regulation environment are certainly part of our decisionmaking process. our goal is to set a fair price that is consistent with the value of each product or service. we also offer fee waivers to customers based on the banking relationship they have with us such as direct deposit and daily balance. we believe a majority of the customers will qualify for a waiver." banks have have been experimenting with the new charges including slashing of fees for retailers on debit cards and the big banks and the north settlement they have to make that money back, but, do not expect the consumer to go down without a fight.
1:44 pm
backlash caused bank of america and wells fargo to rescind the fees. though do not like them. i'm not sure why. >>neil: they will find a way to get the money. thank you very much. get 'em while they are hot a new light bulb is hitting the shelves at $50 and is the winner of a government sponsored contest and the prize for the company $10 million taxpayer bucks and the government needs to stop picking what urge schools should buy says my guest from the competitive enterprise institute. i assumed this bulb lasts forever but to reward you $10 million taxpayer dollars seems goofy. >>guest: everything seems goofy, two others closed out and awarded this to philips. the contest is a search tom not the problem. we have the rhetoric giving the game away. they say we need to provide
1:45 pm
incentives to you to create products that people want that will save them money. really? you need government to teach grass to grow in maybe they could lit the rocks. but they are pretending they are not enormous incentives for those who do innovation, things that make us richer, freer, allow us to do more with less. they cannot come plane about the businesses doing things they don't like and then pretend there are not incentives to innovate. >>neil: the irony with this, it could be pine and -- fine and dandy but they do not need the reward from uncle sam, us, to make it if it is compelling enough product, and it does whatever it says it will do, then the market will decide if it is worth it. >>guest: right, they have been
1:46 pm
panicked about the reality of their agenda. solyndra was not supposed to go bust, they needed to create an ever lasting light bulb and they want the cost of electricity to skyrocket. he told the truth to san francisco chronicle. they are doing that through epa and they had the legislation, cap and trade legislation, to create markets for things they were inventing by hobbling the stuff that worked. there are two knowledges to the sword, they are planning to put that together which works, which fuels the economy to force us to the things they know we don't use for rational reasons but, well, we should. no, we shouldn't. >>neil: you think a light bulb would go off if their head. thank you very much. >>guest: thank you, neil. >>neil: newt gingrich pounding
1:47 pm
high gas prices in mississippi. will it pay off? or does he take a pounding?
1:48 pm
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1:50 pm
>>neil: newt gingrich pounding high gas prices campaigning in mississippi today where he is hopes to win to begin the white house. but if he suffers a miss in the going primaries on tuesday, what then? the pressure is on him to get out. but switch it around, if he wins one or both states where he has polled well, in alabama, heeding, he could put the pressure on santorum to drop out. >>guest: he has been free about doing that other times so i imagine he would. but, yes, if he pulls off a win
1:51 pm
if those states it makes the rationale stronger and you look at them rick santorum has the better argument, the polling in mississippi and alabama is surprising, romney showing more strength than i would think and newt gingrich has been strong on the energy issue in talking about gas prices in the south gas prices have been polling in the exit poll for tennessee and georgia for 80 percent level how much people are concerned. so that is a good tool to use. i'm not sure coming to fruition in the polling that it has worked. >>neil: this is an expectations game but the expectations were that the south is weak for romney and not expected to do well there so would it be a jolt if he lost in either or both? >>guest: for romney? yes, romney has a chance like in many cases get a technical win with delegates because they are
1:52 pm
proportionally divided and he can pick up quite a few by having a stronger-than-expected showing but he will not win the spiritual victory where all conservatives go, we are getting behind this guy. you will have the for it between santorum and newt gingrich about who is the non-romney. if rick santorum shows strong and newt gingrich does not, he will be more energetic about argue newt gingrich should get out. >>neil: newt gingrich has said he is not getting out no matter what. >>guest: but don't you believe newt gingrich more? >>neil: but rick santorum said the same. i can see an argument where boat determined and we will go all the way and that is probably what romney would prefer where they divide that vote. how likely is that, all four of the gentleman, including ron paul, go and stay through the convention. >>guest: if there are any two people who might stay despite continuing to lose and pecking up a now delegates, they would be ron paul and newt gingrich,
1:53 pm
when newt gingrich says i will take this to the convention i don't take him too lightly. he could change his behind and maybe rick santorum gets on the phone if it does not go well in mississippi and alabama but we will see. they will fight it out. and newt has a chance on monday with a forum in birmingham. if he can get a lit and speak strongly he could have a bet better showing. >>neil: i mentioned how important the south is to republican and the concern among romney supporters that is an area that is weak and this is a concern to the party in general if he is the nominee. that could be the big achilles' heel, does it put the pressure on for a southern running mate? >>guest: that would help. he has connecting issues with the rule voters and the classic
1:54 pm
modern southern voter. someone from this area is a good way to pitch but you do not need someone from georgia or alabama or rub know, connects well with everyone, and he doesn't lap to be the georgia southern kind of thing. >>neil: florida is close enough. enough. than you very much. with scottrr streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie.
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1:58 pm
to work, get cracking on the grand old spending cut plan of yours. if you say the president's plan doesn't do it follow-up on what senator rand paul introduced yesterday and wipe the deficit out in five years. if you, harry reid, stop such a vote in the senate because you fear it could pass, call republicans' bluff and vote on it and risk seeing it pass, and you can show you are a man of your word and take away the republican's biggest attack against you that you never let members decide. quit frying to score points. don't debate. do. don't put off. act. now. you will care the you know what out of your colleagues but you will do something else, scare us into thinking you mean what you say because it is bad enough you waste our money quick waiting our time and start making time because it is about us and it is
1:59 pm
about time. and a last figure, $4 billion a day added to our debt for every day you dilly-dally at our expense on our dime wasting our time. stop it. ahead of next tuesday's primary which of the final four is getting the big nod from conservative columnist? our guest is on fox business network. fox business news and i am thenning buddy --. >>guest: demand it, neil. >>neil: say they don't have fox business network. >>guest: call the local cable provider and demand it, pick up the phone, dial the phone, and demand, demand, demand, demand. keep calling. make a pest of yourself. you seem like


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