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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  March 10, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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restauranteur, house office-- suing the restauranteur at the house office building after he bit on an olive pit. he'll be-- i'd tell washington, i see olives out there. live from america's news headquarters. i am 58 brown. violence between the israel and palestinian. israel launched air strikes and militants countered. one israeli civilian was seriously wounded. this latest exchange of fire power is one of the worst since the war in 2009. the u.n. called for a cease fire. >> japanese people are marking
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the first anniversary of the tsunami and earthquake. more than 300,000, are still homeless. memorial services are held. the heavly damaged nuclear plant is stable. three reactors melted after the tsunami struck. on fox news watch. rush limbaugh attacks a law school activist after she goes public on the issue. >> that means her an absolu slu prostitute, wants to be paid. >> jon: and bringing out an attack from the left and media hyping the limbaugh story try hard to paint republicans waging war on women and forget about hurtful words for some of their ranks like bill maher. >> i hope that sarah palin gets in so they split the milf
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vote. >> jon: and a souped day of politics and coverage. >> big state to call, waiting for ohio. >> too close to call. >> ohio still too close to call. >> mitt romney finally gets the call in ohio and making big gains for the g.o.p. nomination, but earning not so big coverage in the press. >> what would you like to say to mr. romney? >> good luck tonight. (laughter) >> and the president calls in the press for a super tuesday news conference. stealing some attention from the g.o.p. contest. >> no, really, really. >> and a tearful plea for help gets attention thanks to the powerf power of the media. >> jon: judy miller, new york daily news columnist, andrea tantaros, jim pinkerton, the editor the american conservative magazine and usa today and daily beast, kirsten powers, i'm jon scott, fox
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news watch is on right now. what does is say about the college co-ed suzanne fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex. what does that make her? it makes her a slut, right? it makes her a prostitute. she wants to be paid to have sex. >> this is the mistake i made, in fighting them on this issue last week, i became like them. i descended to their level when i used those two words to describe sandra fluke and i again sincerely apologize to miss fluke for using those two words to describe her. i do not think she is either of those two words. . >> jon: conservative radio host rush limbaugh using
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choice words about sandra fluke, georgetown law students, and activist who testified on behalf of the obama mandate for free contraceptives, following allout attacks on the left and some on the right he apologized a few times. the question though, the apologies seemed to fall on deaf ears, especially in the media. >> right, rush limbaugh's apology did not stop the people trying it run him off the air, but oddly enough, john, the silence that i heard is bill maher's apologies and he said much worse about a lot of different women and also children and he hasn't apologized at all and yet, strangely enough the white house has $million dollars in the bank account. >> he's funny, don't you know. >> and cracks me up-- >> and kirsten you pointed this out perhaps better than anybody this week and tell viewers who might not have
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seen it what your column was about. >> the idea that the people coming out. again rush limbaugh, i support i think what he said was abhorrent and much more than the two words that he said, but the same people are completely ignoring bill maher. the president refuse today say anything about, condemn him in any way and all of the republicans including john boehner have been asked to c condemn rush limbaugh and the president he's pac received 1 million dollars from bill maher and they're saying we don't have any responsibility and there was a youtube, actually, of a couple of democratic congressmen, one asked would you condemn bill maher calling sarah palin the c-word and another word and they wouldn't do it. it's bizarre. >> jon: is there a double standard afoot here? >> absolutely a double standard. if you listen to most of the feminists and people on the left and media, they don't want to talk about, it's a leftist, they don't want to talk about what the leftist says. they want to shift the focus,
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i will say this, the white house loves this and this was their calculus, their calculus was to distract from the issue at hand with the mandate. stepping on religious freedom and to talk about birth control and the media ate it up and the media has helped fuel this thing, and i think that some on the right have taken the bait on it and let the media make them look like misogynists. >> have they turned it into a discussion of misogyny in the war on women. >> i think they have, there's a war on women, subtle or not, but it's fair and we've often complained on this show about what happened to sarah palin and michele bachmann and other conservative women. and the words that were used to describe them, and not just by liberals who know, but by many, many people who should have known better, and david letterman, i saw a video that was circulating by something called she, i guess support, honor, elect. i don't know who it is, but-- >> and she said the video was
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quoting letterman as saying that sarah palin was perfecting her slutty flight attendant's look and bravo, kirsten, i think you have to say you were very brave as a liberal to attack fellow liberals for doing this. and engaging in this again and again and again. one word in bill maher, hard to defend him, but he did accept rush limbaugh's apology, and. >> the writing on the wall. he knows he'll be forced to apologize at some point. >> and rush defended bill maher back when he last his show politically incorrect and-- >> the lift of saying we've got a deal and crash one another. and strange to say for a baby boomy to say this, and returning to victorian standards. >> no, no. >> jon: the president chastised rush limbaugh for
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the comments at the speech at super tuesday, but when bill maher writes him a big check or the super pac a check, he seems happy to take the money. >> there's a suggestion that you should return the million dollar contribution from mill maher if liberals are going after rush limbaugh for outrageous things he said about sandra fluke, that he you should return the contributions from bill maher because of things he's said about sarah palin. the notion there's an equivalent what a comedian said over the career and the defacto leader of the republican party said to sexually degrade a woman who engaged in an important part of our times is crazy. >> the democrats like to go to the rush is the leader of the republican party, do that all the time. >> yeah, the way fox speaks for the republican party. no, fox does not.
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>> and money talks really loudly and that's why they're shameless saying this'll take the million and not say anything bad about it. >> they want more money-- >> it's a little worse than that, actually. i don't think it's even really necessarily about the money. sure, they want the million dollars, but i don't think they care. i mean, i think that's what it comes down to. they haven't been complaining about it. you know, i think that andrea is right, this is about election politics, this is about the war on women, and this is their, their narrative and that's all that matters. i mean, they don't-- they don't want to talk about the issues at hand and think for some reason, their calculus is, there is a winning fight for us, we may have miscalculated in the mandate and republicans overplayed their hand. >> no one is talking about religious freedom anymore. >> we have to take a break, a big win for super tuesday for romney, was that lost in the news coffin. >> real change is finally on the way. >> mitt romney takes six states on super tuesday, some sweet wins for his campaign
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and a positive push towards the g.o.p. nomination, why is the media coverage so sour and negative? >> now, i understand there are some political contests going on tonight. >> mr. obama calls a news conference on super tuesday, and taking questions on hot issues and taking the media spotlight off the g.o.p. contest. was that intentional? det [ female announcer ] okay, miss look-at-. if your neighbor could bring his jaw back up, he'd say, "thank you for making evy day halloween." inspired by all you attention grabbers
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appears to be ohio-- to be ohio winner, santorum strong with no knockout punch, a bruising battle plods on. washington post, drawnout battle goes on and usa today, romney ekes out ohio win. the coverage was kind of similar on the cable channels and the networks as well. and there seems to be this reluctance to call mitt romney a winner. >> well, i think that's kind of fair. >> and i think santorum would agree. i mean, look, romney's having a very hard time and actually i think his speech tuesday night was probably the best i've heard him give. but nonetheless the media are the enjoying the fight. >> that seems to be the focus, the republicans going after each other what the media likes to focus on. >> wouldn't you if you were rooting for obama? let's take a look at four years ago, these are some of the headlines after the democratic super tuesday four years ago. and look at these headlines,
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"the washington post," obama on super tuesday, our time has come. in the new york times, with issues of war and peace on their minds, voters make choices, the wall street journal, tight contest, historic firsts heighten interest. >> record may fall and in usa today, bragging rights go to both democrats. again, is there, andrea, a little bit of a difference you read in how the races get covered? >> sure, and a couple of other headlines this week where they ask the questions, who should drop out first, let's play the speculation game. none of them will drop out, but they pit one camp against the other camp and i found there's he a lack of reporting about the math. really, can the candidates stay in and actually catch mitt romney? i have to say, i asked that question and took me a while to find the answers in the news stories and i won't get into the complicated answer and took me a while to find
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it. they're he not interested in reporting on the math and numbers and facts of it it. just the drama. >> judy seems to be nodding in agreement. >> we're going to be so bored in between now and the time we have a general election. >> well, i have to say that i actually think the media was biased in the way they covered hillary and obama. while i see the difference between this contrasted with the conservatives, of course, the back story on all of that was that people were trying to get hillary to drop out even though she had the same number of delegates that obama had. so they do pick a favorite and they do sort of get behind that person and we very much saw that in 2008. >> so if we ever get to one winner in the republican primary race are all of the articles up to election day going to be about the infighting that led to this point? >> i think the articles would be that mitt romney's another bob dole and guaranteed to lose by ten points. for example, on thursday night, abc teased that video
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that the obama campaign released and the secment was almost as long as the video. there was no coverage of anything republican that day and only how good obama whys in the video. >> jon: we'll talk about that next week. what do you want to do if you're the president and want to upstage super tuesday? hold a news conference. >> what would you like to say to mr. romney? >> good luck tonight. (laughter) >> no, really really (laughter) >> the president holds a conference on super tuesday and stealing the spotlight from the g.o.p., and did the president see this as an outrate political maneuver? the answer is next on tuesday watch you lost some wei [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu relieves your cough 50% longer than tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime. [ snoring continues ]
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>> not to be left out of the media limelight on super tuesday, mr. obama decided to hold his first news conference. year and talking about the housing crisis and taking questions on the the topics of israel and iran, to rush limbaugh to soaring gas prices. >> your critics will say on capitol hill you want gas prices to go higher you've said before that will wean american people off fossil fuels on to renewable fuels. >> ed, just do you want a president going into reelection wants gas prices to go higher. is there anybody here that thinks that makes a lot of sense? >> wouldn't perry mason say answer the question? >> answer the question. he has answered it in the past, in '08 he said he wanted electricity prices to go
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through the roof, you know, steven chu energy secretary says, about the-- >> steven chu's, somehow we have to significant out gasoline to rise to the level of europe. >> $10 a gallon, folks, run on that. >> i don't think he wants this just before his reelection and i think it's obvious he doesn't and i think the president used that press conference very effectively to take the limelight off of the republican race and to really score some points on foreign policy by saying, you, the republican candidates, you are not being serious when it comes to this very important issue of going to war in iran. i think he-- this is a win for the president. but i thought that the way he didn't answer that question was a master stroke because he gives the impression that oh, no, i don't want gas prices to go up, but he doesn't answer the question. >> he doesn't answer the question and i think the treatment of ed henry look the way he answered the other reporters questions.
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and he didn't answer the question, he laughed at ed henry and that's a fair question to ask about gas prices. >> jon: ed henry is a very good reporter. . >> this isn't the first time this happened before ed henry and the fox reporters have been treated with contempt by either the press secretary or the president. >> and what about the timing of thisall. all of a sudden the president on super tuesday wanders over from the oval office and wants to give a news conference. >> you can't fault him for not being a great politician. you get a sense of wanting to get out there and get his perspective out there. >> it worked. >> in the new york times, one side was super tuesday, the other time was, as you pointed out, judy, a head on line obama talking about iran. >> why you call it the bully pulpit. >> by the way, remember we were complaining he was giving too few press conferences and
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afraid to confront the press and answer our questions when they weren't scripted, now he's doing that and a lot of people. >> a lot of people complaining he was overexposed and seeing it too much. >> no matter what he does, people are going to be unhappy in terms of the press conferences. >> jon: time magazine apparently saw through the white house ploy, if you want to call it that. white house press conference was the headline, obama flexes the political muscles of incumbency. and the associated press wrote one, obama uses press conference to steal some publicity on g.o.p.'s day. i guess, in politics it's fair. >> it is fair. look, if i were on the other side i would have done the same thing, you always try and step on your opponent's story the next day and so, it is fair game and i think to some degree it worked. >> i mean, we're talking about issues of national importance here. >> well, he took them on. i mean, he answered questions for everybody who was there, whatever attitude you want to say, but look, a few months ago we were saying the
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president has been running-- and now running rush limbaugh and from his point of view we would say a pretty good target. >> he's going to run against the issues that republicans are giving them and rush lump beau-- >> the social issues. if they could make it to social issues from now until social issues from now until november they and the media forty years ago, he wasn't looking for financial advice. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military, veterans and their families. now more than ever, it's important to get financial advice from people who share your military values. call now for our free guide and tips on planning for your retirement this tax season. this one's for all us lawnsmiths. grass gurus. doers. here's to more saturdays in the sun.
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... >> jon: the government is
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repeatedly denied services because of lew's art visible. he will never be able to return to the regular work force. this week, president obama administration again cut his benefits. sir, will you look me in the eye and tell me -- who is going to take care of zblim that is father of u.s. marine who was injured in afghanistan showing his frustration in his family's attempts to try to get all the benefits and services his son deserves. david was part of a panel asking questions asking candidates questions during a huckabee number seen here on fox news channel. that question was put to mitt romney that made a little news about his reaction. but the real news, according to david, his son is now getting the benefits and services needed. might be a


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