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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 14, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> sean: we are out of time. [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: greta's next. if you want to joinous twitter, it's@sean hannity. >> former speaker of the house, newt gingrich joins us from illinois, the scene of the big primary on tuesday. nice to see you, mr. speaker. >> good to be with you. >> greta: mr. speaker, your southern strategy came up short, you didn't come in first place in alabama and mississippi, but you came in second. i assume as you shift to illinois, there must be a thought to change the strategy. is the strategy in illinois different because have you to zero in and win illinois? >> well, no, i have to keep moving forward and talking about big ideas and things like an american energy plan that would return gasoline to under $2.50 a gallon. it's $4.25 in chicago today. and talk about big solutions to issues we are faced with.
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i think that there is a place for somebody who wants to develop the right kind of approaches to create jobs, to balance the budget, to pay off the national debt and do the things that most americans want to do. we came in second in mississippi and alabama. very, very close, almost a tie in mississippi. the fact is that the so-called frontrunner, mitt romney, came in third in both states and got a third or less of the delegates. i think this is a wide-open nominating process. we'll continue to move forward and talk about big solutions. >> greta: okay. if you continue to come in second, you will get delegates and it will give you more power and muscle at the convention, but it won't give you the nomination, 1144 votes, going into the convention. so you have to change your strategy now to start winning these states. continuing along the big ytds doesn't have you winning. >> first of all, greta, look, i think that we have no idea how this is going to work out. we have never seen a nominating
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process like this in our lifetime. i think it's very possible we are going to be at the end of all the primaries on june 26 and have nobody at 1144. and then we will have a conversation about who would be the best person to defeat barack obama and who bye-bye the best person to solve america's problems and move us in the right direction? next week nlouisiana, it's only half-time. we literally have half the delegates left to come. we'll keep picking up delegates. it's a three-way race at the present time. i am third, but we are continuing to campaign and develop ideas. i have a hunch, just as has happened in the past, the more we watch romny and santorum fight, the more attractive i will look and regain strength as people look at my solutions, rather than pol tig -- politics as usual. i'm somebody who wants to have large change in washington? i guess there is a quote from
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the lincoln date dinner, when you said, we cannot win with a normal party. a normal party caught me. what's a "normal party"? and what did you mean by that? >> i was outlining the idea of a very big ideas. it's a lincoln-day dinner. lincoln was for the transcontinental railroad, involved in science and technology. he is the only american president to have held a pat ept. we have the opportunity to offer an american energy program, which not only makes us independent of the middle-east, but no american president will bow to a saudi king again. it not only means $2.50 a less a gallon of gas and not only creates millions of jobs, but you could create a debt repayment fawned and take the royalties of oil & gas and pay off the federal debt, if you had the discipline to balance the federal budget. i am want only speakener modern
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times to have balanced the federal budget. part of what i am campaigning on, let's balance the budget, develop american energy and pay off the debt. that's technically doable. >> greta: i have never run for office. but i have stepped back and put myself in your shoes and thinking, how would i do it? going to illinois, which has about an 8% hispanic population, i looked at the demographics of the state, what kind of message, how would i get my message to that population? that's traditionally a democratic population. in '08, obama won 76% of the hispanic vote. so i am curious, why should hispanics in illinois vote for you in particular? what's your message to them? >> the same message, if you are a typical hard-working hispanic american and you pull into a gas station in the morning in chicago and you are paying $4.25 a gallon, a newt gingrich plan to get you below $2.50 is right
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in your pocketbook, right in your family's quality of life. it may be in your job. if you are an independent trucker or you run a small business, these high prices are running a riive of driving you out of business. so i think at one level, we will have a round table tomorrow with hispanic leaders here in illinois. part of the roundtable will be economics. how do we create jobs and keep taxes low and get energy costs down so they have the money for their family, instead of paying all of it for gasoline. >> greta: i think a lot of hispanics might be fearful of the republican party that they are trying to keep them out of the country, some of their relatives who are here illegally. combined with the message that you are going to get them $2.50 gallon a gas, is there some other message you can impart to them to persuade them that they should not vote for president obama, but should vote for you? >> well, i think this is a general agreement among hispanic leaders that i have made the
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most serious effort to find a commonsense solution on immigration. i am for controlling the border and for english as the official language of the government, but i am also for modernizing the visa vs. system and a guest worker program and making -- it's something i am very eager to continue. the republican party has to be prepared to become a party of all americans and to truly reach out to americans of all backgrounds, whether they are asian or hispanic american or african-american or native american, you cannot be a governing majority in the long run unless you try to serve and work with every group in the country. >> greta: another demographic, thought to be sewn up by the democrat, the union vote. is there any message you want to imfooter union members to peel them off president obam ain terms of voting and why should they vote for you instead? >> well, let's say you air
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construction union and you are hoping to get 30- to 50,000 jobs off the keystone pipeline. the president vetoed yourions. the construction unions are very heavily in favor of the keystone pipeline. let's say you are a member. 47% vote for republicans, and some unions, it's higher than that. it's pocketbook issues. let's say you live in chicago, but you have a fishing boat, you have a pickup truck, you like to spend the weekends going in wisconsin to fish, you are paying a lot for gasoline to get there. you like the gingrich plan for american energy to enable you to have a better weekend and extra money so you could buy beer on the fishing trip. i think it's a very practical appeal. this is an old-fashioned pocketbook appeal. but i do think that the american energy plan that we're outlining, that people can see at and shows how we
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would do it, i think that's very appealing to most americans. by the way, the white house thinks so too because they have been attacking me now for a week. >> greta: in terms of economic and jobs, that's a very important job of this election, we are told. but also some of the social issues. gay american vote is thought to be more democratic vote. is there any way, is there any message to get to a gay american to convince them to vote for you. gay marriage is very important to the gay population in this country. is there any way you are reaching out to them to say, vote for me anyway and this is why? >> look, i think the general policies we have on national security, on tax and job creation, there are a lot of areas where we can appeal to people, beyond sexual orientation. if the only issue they vote on is gay marriage, they are probably going to feel uncomfortable because i believe marriage is between a man and a woman and i am committed to the classic christian concept of what a marriage is. that question is, if that's the only issue you vote on, that's
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one thing. if it's one of a number of issues issue you look around the country, this is the worst economy in and unemployment since the great depression. gallup indicated that the real number for unemployed/under-employed and dropped --ed out of work is 19%. a lot of folks are looking at the issues and saying, we will go with you next time. this time, i want somebody who will create jobs. >> greta: if you are in the inner city, and nobody's bothered to go to the neighborhoods of 25 or 30% unemployment to campaign. how do you get those votes? if no one's reaching out to those communities and campaigning, how can you get that voter, convince those people you are going to change their lives? >> the first republican candidate to campaign in an african-american church in columbia, south carolina. i very eagerly are talking with a number of african-american
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leaders. i am convinced that when have you 43% black teenaged unemploim, there are a lot of church leaders and neighborhoods who want to work with you. you talk to african-american congressmen, like tim scott, allen west -- they will tell you that they believe there is a real opportunity for republicans to reach out. herman cain is a very strong supporter of mine. i worked for years with michael steele. j.c. watts is a very strong supporter of mine. i have had a more managedical effort to include african-americans in my campaign than any other republican. i think this is part of this that i am proud of. professor of carnegie, leading african-american is endorsing me. i think there are a number of people who give us a much broader reach than the other candidates. >> greta: you know, i know your time is limited. every candidate's time is limited.
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but i have been monitoring this. i haven't seen one republican candidate and i have not seen president obama go into the inner cities in the last two years and talk to these people in the inner cities whose unemployment rate is dreadfully high and have that conversation. they are not going to the town hall meetings and not watching the news and they are excluded from the process. >> why don't you come with me and let's do that? when i was speaker of the house, we had town hall meetings in washington, d.c. i think i am the only speaker to have town hall meetings, inviting local neighbors to talk. you can ask donna brazil who was a part of it. it was very effective. i think people felt that we did things to improve the economy of the district of columbia that had a genuine effect on lives. time magazine saying that ron paul's campaign has sent discrete signals to camp romney that the key to paul's shop can
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be had for the right price. any response from that quote in time magazine? >> i have no idea. but the way you read it, it strikes me as probably true. i don't know what "right price" means, whether that's a policy question or a personnel question or having him for lunch on sunday -- i mean, who knows! conceivably, congressman paul's inicated, a bit of reasonableness. maybe he wants to help make romney inevitable. that would be a huge boost to governor romney. it would be interesting to see what romney agreed to to get that. >> greta: you notice i didn't whether you are going to get out. >> i am proud of you. >> greta: i don't want to bore you. >> i am very proud of you. >> greta: yeah, i know. this conversation that you say is going to happen in june. explain it -- what who will be there at this conversation? how is it going to unfold? >> look, i think the american
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people will be. the key ye question is simple: can romney win the nomination on his own by the end of the primary? or does he fall short? if he falls 30, 40, 50 votes short, he will get the nomination. but if he is 150 or 200 votes short, i think it's possible to have a wide-open convention that would start a consideration in late june, 60 days before the convention occurs, i think it would be the first electronic conversation we have ever had and you valid a people people's convention with an amazing amount of interest and involvement. so we don't know. i think it's even money. certainly tlooks like governor romney is having a much harder time locking down the nomination than they thought? >> do you intend to dispatch your wife to wisconsin, her home state? that's a very competitive and important state -- is she going to lead the campaign there?
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>> you know calista very well. the idea that i would "dispatch her" anywhere, is hopeless. i will ask her and i think she is going to. and i think she will be very effective. i have a son-in-law from sheboygan and i am going to ask him. but i am not able to dispatch either of them because i lack dispatching power. >> greta: here's a tip. no one wins the wisconsin primary without a cheesehead. >> good luck getting that on calift a. i might wear one. there is no hope she will. come to wisconsin with us. >> greta: i might. thank you. news from the president obama campaign, david axel rod's cancel his appearance on the bill maher show, after criticism of his appearance and saying that maher uses vile language against women and when rush limbaugh made lewd comments about a law student, obama only
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blasted limbaugh and not maher. the super pac of obama accepted $1 million from maher and has not been returned. targeting a political opponent from 2008. it is 2012, right? so why the new ad from president obama's campaign, featuring governor sarah palin? we go on the record, next. and arizona, arizona republican lawmakers seem to be in a constant fist fight with president obama. this is a new fight. not immigration. it's more explosive. that's coming up. then talk about burning your bridges. on his way out the door, a goldman sachs employee barbeques the investment bank. he called goldman sachs toxic and destructive. but there is tow much more. and the obviously bruised goldman sachs is firing back. that's all coming up
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>> greta: is president obama going hollywood? well, sort of. tomorrow, the president's campaign will release a 17-minute hollywood-created documentary. but that's not all. a few days ago, his campaign releasedap ad, targeting 2008
10:20 pm
vice-presidential candidate, sarah palin. and she is not even running. why is his re-election campaign flooding the airwaves? he doesn't know who is running against him. the republicans haven't chosen a candidate. good evening, sir. your thought about the president's issuing this -- or sending out this documentary, tomorrow? you haven't found your candidate, yet? [chuckles] >> well, leave it to this president to blastericize his accomplishments in true hollywood fashion. i think it's funny -- in 2008, he had a 30-minute ad about all the things he wanted to do. he has accomplished none of it. i guess other than give us government-run health care. but he is running a hollywood documentary. it's only 17 minutes long -- touting his accomplishments. i don't know where the other time went. i guess it's par for the course for this president who, loves to give speeches and a communicate in hollywood fashion with
10:21 pm
directors and people from tinseltown. so, you know, we need to get our country back on track. i think that america's tired of the show ponies and all of the plasticized hollywood. we have a mess on our hands and he hasn't been willing to get serious, greta. >> greta: the 30-minute ad from 2008. i imagine, i have not gone through it now. i imagine have you gone through it with a fine-tooth comb. anything he didn't accomplish that he promised to do, or said he wanted to do will beue are going to run that one onover and over and over again. right? is that the plan? >> hey, listen, i have a feeling at the rnc, we will do our own siskel and ebert special we will have our own reviews of this documentary over the next several days. my sense is that it will be two thumbs down, greta. but we will keep an open mind
10:22 pm
and watch it -- [chuckles] -- but you know, he hasn't been able to accomplish a whole lot when it comes to the disebt, when it comes to the deficit, when it comes to the trajectory from in this economy that is facing our economy. and we are going on get serious about that. people like paul ryan will be unveiling a budget over the next couple of weeks. it will be an adult conversation about how to get our country back on track. >> you know, you were talking to newt earlier about people in this country that are hurting. and i got a laugh over the fact that he said that he wanted people to have, you know, enough money to buy a beer or two. quite frankly, people are hurting out there. whether you are hispanic, greek or whatever your background is, we need jobs again. we need a president who is authentic, who wants to lead this country. >> greta: what is your theory? i think a lot of people wonder why president obama's campaign has put out an ad against sarah palin, who is not running for
10:23 pm
office, at all? i would have thought it would have come charging hard against romney, gingrich or santorum or even ron paul. but why is this 2008 and why governor sarah palin? there is no indication she plans to jump into this race. at all. so why -- >> because it's vicious. i mean, look at where this president is. he has taken $1 million from comedian who is use vicious language. it's a tactic to divide and conquer this country. this is the same president -- we know the phrases, whether you are a republican or democrat, you have heard the president say, this is not the red states of america, it's not the blue states of america, it's the united states of america. that's what he campaigned on. now he is the great divider. it doesn't matter whether he is vicious to sarah palin or anyone else. he is not talking about the accomplishments of barack obama.
10:24 pm
why isn't he talking about-- i think that's tomorrow. that begins tomorrow. 17 minutes, narrated by tom hanks. >> right. what i am looking for, how did he do on cutting the deficit in half by theep of the first term? how did he do at getting unemployment down? how did he do at getting the debt under control? how about the lobbyists he wasn't going to hire in the white house? it is not all negatism we to start talking about getting the country back. this president is too busy giving speeches and putting hollywood movies together. we have serious work to do-- all right. >> this president's not on track. >> greta: let me ask you about wisconsin. governor walker, subject to a recall, june 5 is the recall. last time president obama won wisconsin by 12 points and two yearsulary, governor walker, a republican was elected. then there was an enormous story about the collective bargaining and now have you his voter i.d.
10:25 pm
law just invalidated by the judge in wisconsin. if he isn't re-elected in june in the recall, is that a bad sign for your party that wisconsin is likely to go for president obama again this november? >> that's not going to happen, greta. we have had a winning streak here in wisconsin, starting with the supreme court race before walker and then walker walker ad another supreme court race and a senate race. the in thees have a couple of problems. 1; scott walker's programs are working. property taxes are lower. mrs. smith is still teaching at the local elementary school. the other problem that the democrats have, they don't have a candidate worth two nickels. they have a world series event for a recall and bring in $30 million of big public union money and look at the candidate. this is a -- kathy falk has the distinct honor of being the only
10:26 pm
democrat in america in 2006, you might remember, republicans didn't do well in 2006, but our attorney general was the only republican in america to win a race statewide that was previously held by a democrat. he beat kathy falk. this is the person that the democrats think they are going to knock off scott walker? we will be watching very closely. it's a big race. thank you. >> hey, thank you. >> greta: coming up, arizona's republican lawmakers, trying to cut the federal government off at the pass. they are proposings their own contraception rule. sprks are flying. ripping cleans off. a decline in fiber. this is an example of the blistering accusations of employees against goldman sachs, putting accusations in print in the new york times. what does goldman sachs think when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we were determined to see it through. here's an update on the progress.
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most popular bed sets. plus, free standard shipping - but only through march 18th only! there are 400 sleep number stores nationwide, where queen mattresses start at just $699. >> more trouble for president obama out of arizona, the state's republican lawmakers are fighting back against the hhs contraception mandate. but they want to broaden the exemption for secular businesses as well. arizona state representative debbie lesco is here. what is the status of your attempt to do this? >> good evening, greta.
10:31 pm
thank you for having me. the status is pretty good. it passed out of the house and now it passed through the senate judiciary committee and it will go on to the full senate and i think this law will be signed by the governor. >> greta: all right. this is broader than the one, the federal one, the hhs rule? >> you know, i am not as familiar about the federal one. but what my bill does is basically says that arizona employers can opt out of the contraceptive mandate if they have a religious not objection. that's all didt did -- it does. this is about protection of our first amendment rights. >> greta: currently does arizona have that mandate? >> we currently do. there was a law put in place in 2002 and the legislature back in 2003 introduced a bill similar to mine that was passed by the legislature. but vetoed by governor
10:32 pm
napolitano. >> greta: i am curious, let's say that yours pass and it is governor signs it. let's assume, come the end of june, the supreme court concluded that the president's health care is constitutional. so we have a conflict between what is required -- required by the federal government and what you isn't arizona. what happens then? >> well, the lawyers tell me my legislation doesn't really conflict with the federal rule or law. however, my legislation is passed and signed by the governor will put arizona and arizona citizens in a better spot when we go up against these federal mandates and challenge them. >> greta: how popular -- can you get a feel from the community whether the people -- is it half and half in terms of whether the people are with you or against you? >> well, i think the people are with me, as they understand the bill. right now, the opposition is spreading lies and mistruths, mistruths about my legislation.
10:33 pm
and it's just wrong. all my bill does is protect religious freedom. basically says that government should not be telling a mom and pop employer or a catholic charity organization that they have to do something against their moral beliefs. i believe that's unamerican and it violates our first amendment right. >> greta: have hua conversation with the governor, if pass the, whether or not governor jan brewer will sign it -- i can guess, but tell me if you have had a conversation with her, what she said. >> you know, greta, i haven't had a personal conversation with her. i have talked to some of her staff and other people have talked to her staff. i think this bill will be signed by the governor of arizona because it protects our religious liberties and our freedom to exercise religion. >> greta: thanks very much. we will be watching. your state is oftentimes a thorn in the side of the administration, so it's interesting to watch it.
10:34 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: tomorrow night, we will have the other side of the debate, democratic representative matt heinz will be here and go on the record about arizona's contraception bill. talk about going out with a bang. a former employee of goldman sachs writes the ultimate resignation letter in the new york times. an executive director, talking to the new york times, to quit his job and rip apart the bank. writing in part...
10:35 pm
>> greta: did smith hit goldman sachs with a 2 "x" 4 between the eyes? goldman sachs has responded, calling him disgruntled. but tell me who, wins in the p.r. realm? are people feeling sorry for him and supporting him or goldman sachs? >> i think people are siding with greg smith, the letter writer. essentially, sax put out an internal memo that fox business has obtained, saying it's disappointed with his editorial tdoesn't reflect the client-driven values and the client-focused values of goldman sachs and notes that he was a vice-president, he wasn't a executive director. but the broad focus here is that goldman sachs has become more of a trader's operation, not so much a investment banker/merger,
10:36 pm
adviser. under jon corzine, it became a trading operation and now it's more of a trading operation. the issue is that there are more short-term focused and what can you do for me today? the issue is that goldman sachs got a lot of bailout money from the u.s. government and was one of the first to run to the federal reserve and make itself a bank and became a bank in order to avail its of federal reserve discount window money. that's the issue here. was the united states government -- not basically on the stick there in watching who was coming running from wall street and getting federal reserve and taxpayer money. that's the issue here. >> greta: you know what? i suspect -- i mean the american people listen to this revolving door between goldman sachs executives and the federal government. it's back and forge, back and forth, back and forth. plus they seem to be lining their pocket with lots of money. so it's hard when you have that
10:37 pm
p.r. sitting out there, it's hard to zero in to see what the facts are in this fk particular case and whether this is a disgruntled employee. he has hit all the buzzwortds and called them greedy and have, you know, only interested in their money. he is playing to a very popular notion, based on the history of goldman sachs that they have created for themselves. >> when you read the editorials, some things strike you as ringing true, saying that goalman furb pushes on unwitting clients, these opaque three-letter acronym derivatives that not many people would know b. the serious issue is that goldman sachs has been criticize in the past, knowing the price, keeping their own knowledge about the price, not telling the clients about the price that they know about and basically, doing things like letting outsiders short or goldman sachs participating in shorting these investments that they are basically pushing -- not
10:38 pm
pushing, but basically doing the hard sell for clients. but the issue here, too, the next step is goldman sachs has a big asset management in public pension funds. if they are selling pension funds in copper hedges and those pension funds nnevada fired goldman for underperforming. if they donned happened what goldman sachs is selling them and they are under water and they need bailout mon from the the u.s. taxpayer, that's a danger zone that the government needs to be paying attention. that's a danger zone when the federal reserve allowed am-ex and all sorts of companies to avail themselves of bank money. certainly, the government did that with a.i.g. goldman sachs is all about covering their bets for their own clients and shareholders to get that. but with u.s. taxpayer and the federal reserve not told what was going on, that's the issue.
10:39 pm
>> greta: i have to go. next time, we will get in on how much the lawyers make. that's the next one. >> sure. >> greta: thank you. >> sure. >> greta: coming up, former governor rod blag is heading to prison. but he had a few things to do in his final day of freedom. what did he do? you may be surprised. and gabrielle giffords is taking
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you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪ >> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. reports show the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians was flown out of the country on wednesday to wu kuwait. the suspect, an army sergeant was in a base in southern afghanistan. he allegedly opened fire on sleeping families in two villages. the u.s. says it has the
10:44 pm
necessary detention facilities in kuwait. a pentagon spokesperson says that doesn't necessarily mean a trial would be held outside of afghanistan am a wild scene outside of a texas courthouse, ending with the capture of a gunman who killed one person and wounding three others, wounding his daughter and her mother. they were there to testify against him at his trial for sexually assault on a trial. the daughter is in critical condition. a 77-year-old woman, a bystander, was killed. a fourth victim hit in the hand. the shooting happened in bombeont, outside of houston. beaumont, outside of houston. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to greta. >> greta: this is the ignored crisis. we robbery have been telling you this almost nightly and we have taken you to mexico. mexican cartels are vicious, violent and growing out of control. it is no longer mexico sav
10:45 pm
knowledgaging the citizens and spilling onit our streets. tone, we can report that they near europe in britain, france and the netherlands. oscar is here. he is a specialist. i am i right that the mexican cartels have spread to europe? >> yes. you are correct. we have intelligence and our sources have indicated that they have spread to europe, including england, the netherlands, france and as far as africa. and in the middle-east. >> greta: what is being done, if anything? i understand that the british are talking to you -- is that right, sir? >> yes. we have established the contact with the british authorities, specifically, this organized crime agency. the british have visited us here in el paso to see how we tackle
10:46 pm
the cartels. we have experience, investigating high-level cartel members all over the world. we have offices all over the world. so they have reached out to us and we are now beginning to share intelligence and information. >> greta: if you were to compare a year ago with right now, has it gotten better, the control over the cartels or are the cartels grown and spread out over the world, in a year? >> compared to a year, and we point back to my time in mexico, i believe that the cartels have grown in violence and in tactics and ruthlessness. right nu, we are see that this cartel violence has taken hold. we attribute to that, as being in a wait-and-see posture with an election coming up. they are trying to determine if the new administration will be as vigorous in pursuing them as the calderon administration new are talking about the administration in mexico.
10:47 pm
you are not referring to our election in the united states, right? >> no. exactly. i am referring to the mexican elections. >> greta: do the british seem to have the same level of urgency or more of a greater level of urgency to this problem than the americans? or are they both on the same page? >> i think we are both on the same page. the only difference is that they haven't been exposed to these kinds of investigations. they have never had to deal with the ruthlessness of the cartels and to how they operate. so they took this opportunity to communicate with us to see exactly what our methods are, to investigate and dismantle them. we have done this for years. we have investigated the cartels for numerous years in the united states and mexico. so who better to teach than us. >> when you talk about the cartels spreading to europe, are you talking about a distribution network for their drugs? or are you also including the
10:48 pm
vicious violence that we see -- that we have heard about in mexico, like beheadings and tortures? is that also spreading to europe? >> well from, what we have gathered from our intelligence is that right now, what spread to europe is a distribution network, one specific cartel has been very adept at doing that and setting up distribution networks throughout europe. they don't have much competition, so you won't see the level of violence that there is in mexico, where they are battling against each other for the lucrative wraps. so at this point, what europe and anybody else in africa, the middle-east should be concerned is that they set up and entrench themselves in the society to launder money and try to legitimize their money. and at this point, we don't foresee the violence spreading there. but it has the potential.
10:49 pm
for example, wh they see how lucrative the distribution is in europe, who is to say they they don't muscle there way over there and continue the violence there? >> agent, thank you and good luck, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, if you were headed to prison, any thoughts how you would spend your last day of freedom? see what former governor rod blagojevich buy one spectrum by lg, and get one free ? with verizon 4g lte and a 4.5" true hd display, it's great for watching movies. i'll get one for me and one for my wife. i'll be like [manly voice] "a phone, my sweet" and she'll say [swooning voice] "oh, my hero !" and i'll say [manly voice] "i am a hero" and she'll say [swooning voice] "did you remember to pick up milk, my hero ?" and i'll say "whoops." hopefully the phones will make up for that. behold the power of two 4g lte smartphones. buy one spectrum by lg at $199.99 and get one free. verizon.
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>> greta: you have seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. it may not be the place you would go before thogd prison, but illinois senator rod blagojevich went to the zoo, where the animals are -- well, behind bars. the former governor and his family visited the linkon park zoo and today, he spoke outside his home. he said his legal saga is not over and tomorrow, governor blagojevich reports to prison, serving a 14-year sentence for corruption. and gabrielle giffords has an advantage ahead of her. she and her astronaut husband, mark kelley are heading to the high seas. they will talk about the power of the human spirit.
10:54 pm
and congresswoman giffords will make a special appearance and take photos with guests. they am set sail in july. >> how much would you pay to get the perfect mead mate? how about $1,000. that's what a boston florist says he will pay anyone who can find him a wife. he says he's not rich, but he would be a good, faithful husband. he is looking for a woman over 50, who would be willing to retire with him in sikh. there would be beautiful flowers at the wedding. what are the odds of seeing a leprechaun in the streets of las vegas? pretty good. the men and green are really police officers in disguise. they are walking the streets to test whether drivers will yield to pedestrians. driver who is don't stop for the green people are facing hefty fines. how much? nearly $200. and it is not the school children in fresno who need a spelling lesson, it's whoever made the speed limit signoud
10:55 pm
their school. the word children is misspelled. who is responsible? fresno county. they say a new sign is on the way and there you have it. the best of the rest. coming up, your last call and a quick round before we turn down the lights. march madness hits washington, d.c. see [ male announcer ] the game of life with the prius c! ♪ oh, my maltipoo's depressed. but my affordable prius c means i can pay for his acupuncture.
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[ male announcer ] with 50 horsepower, dual overhead cams and fierce acceration, the gator xuv 825i will shatter your expectations. ♪ and so none gets left behind, check out our affordable xuv 550s at ♪ >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights it's time for last call. in this washington, d.c. what is to fight about? here is jay leno. >> tomorrow morning president obama is going to release his bracket. you knew this is going to happen. republican leaders vowed to overturn it. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. go to greta there is an open thread and we talked about many other issues. we'll see you tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on


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