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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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report." fair, balanced and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, a child kidnapped 8 years ago found. but his parents will not get him back just yet plus, another series of major setbacks for the united states in afghanistan. the afghan president orders american forces to retreat and peace talks with the taliban fall apart. >> we will finish the transfer to afghan security leads in 2014. >> shepard: now, the feds warn the kandahar massacre could mobilize terrorists here in the u.s. [sirens] >> shepard: it's something no state has done before. >> i can't think of a more
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important singular law enforcement tool. >> that increases the mathematical odds that people will be more wrongfully imprisoned and convicted. >> shepard: debate for new gla database for those convicted of just about any crime. plus. >> i screamed. >> a rapist accused of terrorizing a home full of college students. >> i'm worried he is going to come find me. >> shepard: how two women took action and saved their friend. and feathers fly right in somebody's face. >> i literally had to fight it off. >> shepard: tonight, the story of one very angry goose. but first from fox this thursday night, the white house insists it is sticking to the mission in afghanistan. but experts say that mission just got a whole lot more complicated because the taliban has just broken off peace talks with the united states and the afghan
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president harmid karzai is demanding that u.s. and nato forces pull out of rural areas there and go back to their main bases. karzai is also calling for a quicker transition to control to afghan security forces. but he says it's all because of the massacre in kandahar in which a u.s. soldier is accused of killing 16 innocent afghan civilians. most of the victims women and children, gunned down in their own homes in the middle of the night. now the fbi and homeland security department are warning the killing spree could have consequences here in the united states. they insist there is no specific threat. in fact, they say the attack is unlikely. but they also sent a bulletin to law enforcement agencies across the country today warning the fbi and department of homeland security are concerned that this event could contribute to the radicalization or mobilization of homegrown violent extremists in the homeland, particularly against u.s. based military targets.
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again, they stress there are no specific threats to the united states. but they have concerns. james rosen on fox top story live tonight in washington. james? >> shep, good evening. top u.s. officials made clear they aren't immediately removing u.s. and nato troops from afghanistan villages and rural areas. leon panetta says his private talks with karzai focus on the existing u.s. strategy calls for afghan forces to take over security by the end of 2014. the white house emphasized the flexibility of that plan. >> the pace of withdrawal. the nature of deployments. how quickly certain territories in afghanistan are turned over, you know, those kinds of details, i'm sure, will be made closer to the ground and will depend on conditions as the weeks and months go on. >> meantime, the afghani interpreter who drove a stolen truck at high speed toward a group of marines who were gathered to greet secretary
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panetta shortly before his arrival at a coalition base yesterday has died after the truck caught fire and 70% of the man's body was burned. >> from the evidence that i have been told so far that this individual basically whatever happened here were directed at others on the field and not me or my plane or anything subordinated with me. >> finally the american soldier being held in kuwait in connection with sunday's shooting rampage in southern afghanistan apparently has a lawyer and that is seattle defense attorney john henry brown who is perhaps best known as the lawyer for the so-called bare foot bandit. 20-year-old colton harris moore who is doing time on federal charges related to stolen planes, a yacht, bank robberies and more. john browne says he has spoken to the american soldier whose name has not yet been released and making plans to meet with
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him. shep? >> shepard: james rosen. thank you. back at home another indication today that our job market is indeed turning around. the u.s. labor department reports fewer americans were fresh out of work last week. the number of people filing their first claims for jobless benefits dropped by 14,000 to just more than 350,000. and that ties a four-year low. it comes after a report last week that showed companies continued to hire more workers. but even as more americans get jobs, it's costing them more to get to those jobs. according to the reporting of triple a, the cost of a gallon of regular unleaded gas has risen by more than 30 cents in the past month to an average of 3.82 a gallon. that has become a very hot topic on the campaign trail with republic presidential candidates insisting the united states should ramp up oil drilling to increase supply and decrease prices. but today the president told a crowd in maryland that the u.s. has already producing more oil than at any time in the past eight years.
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refining is the real problem. he dismissed the republicans' promises to lower gas prices. >> may start acting like we have got a magic wand and we will give you cheap gas forever if you just elect us. every time. been the same script for 30 years. like a bad rerun. >> shepard: but it could have a big impact on othe race as new fox news poll shows more than 60% of americans disapprove of the president's handling of gas prices. wendell goler is live at the white house tonight. what do the polls show about who they are blaming for these gas prices? >> well, the polls indicate, shep, that they don't blame the president for high gas prices but they don't like how he is handling the situation. mr. obama says there is not much we can do in the short run but his republic challengers keep focusing on things he hasn't done. >> he held off drilling in the gulf. he has held off drilling on anwr. he said no to the keystone
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pipeline from canada. >> if we in fact opened up offshore. if we in fact opened up federal lands. if we in fact encouraged people to go out, we would find more oil. >> republicans have ridiculed the president's push for alternative energy forces like biofuels. newt gingrich calls them president algae. shepard? >> shepard: what's the president's response, wendell? >> definitely a push back today shepard in a community college at a suburb of washington, d.c. and suburban, maryland. it was a friendly audience. the event more like a campaign appearance. the president said he is trying to move the country into the future. people like gingrich are stuck in the past. >> we have heard this kind of thinking before. let me tell you something. if some of these folks were around when columbus set sail. [ laughter ] they must have been founding members of the flat earth society. >> his critics say government
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subsidies to alternative energy sources amount to the government picking winners and losers though they focus most on companies like solyndra, bankrupt solyndra in which the company actually bet on a loser. shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler live at the white house. thanks very much. 8 college students were home in the middle of the night when police say a convicted rapist broke into their house and tonight cops have released the 911 calls that a couple of students made as it all went down. this happened last week at a home in seattle near the university of washington there. police say the suspect broke in, armed with a knife. they say he tied up six of the women who lived there and forced one of them to take off her clothes. the students say the suspect threatened to, quote, kill everyone. what he apparently did not realize is that two other roommates were hiding inside that house. each of them called 911. and one of the students told police she heard the suspect yelling and threatening to hurt her friends.
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>> what threats? >> i will stab you. the door is open. >> the door is open? did somebody open the door or did you open it. [screams] >> scream. should i go? >> shepard: we're told the suspect moved the students to an upstairs bedroom then used electrical tape to restrain them. and now we're learning one of the women grabbed the suspect's knife not long before the cops showed up. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub following this. how did she get that knife, trace? >> well, the suspect made the women lie face down in a row, shep, then he grabbed some electrical tape and began tieing their hands, after three women he ran out of tape and began looking for more. and set the knife down. one of the women grabbed the knife, hid it under her body and then pass it down to the worst woman in line. and while the suspect was screaming, looking for more tape, another roommate was hiding in a back room on the phone with 911. listen.
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i'm worried is he going to find me. >> we have several more outside the house, >> shepard: there was another roommate hiding downstairs? >> yeah. and that roommate really saved the day. in fact, she called 911 on two different occasions because she got disconnected the first time. and there was a time where she wasn't sure if the suspect had actually broken in to the house or had been invited home with one of the other roommates at one point she didn't know if police had arrived or if the suspect was coming after her. listen to this.
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>> police stormed in the house, the suspect was easily apprehended because he was no longer armed. police say he was also carrying methamphetamine which he said that he had used. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles this afternoon. trace, thank you. there is new evidence today that iran is indeed helping the syrians murder their own people. and it's on video and we'll show you. and how would you like to know what's in the syrian leader's secret emails? it's not all about the uprising. seems there is a fondue set involved. plus, breaking now, reports of a tornado touchdown in michigan. our eye in the sky is flying over now courtesy of our fox stakes wjbk out of detroit.
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>> shepard: fox news weather center. a live look from the wjbk fox for detroit. damage after a suspected tornado touchdown down west of detroit. town of dexter. several storms there torn apart from what we can see in the air. a viewer sent us this photo. you can see the outline of an apparent funnel cloud in the background there just between those two houses. kind of faint but you can see it no word yet of whether anybody was hurt. chief meteorologist is watching along with us as the live feed comes in from there. i was just hearing from the local station, rick, that it's passed by dexter but the trouble is not over. >> passed by dexter. two trouble spots.
4:16 pm
one cell, this is the storm right there. it's dropping to the south of detroit. that's good news. another cell off towards huron that one has a tornado warning. concerns for both of those. take a look at these images coming out of there. it's shocking to see this right now. this time of year in began, first of all, you don't get these kinds of storms or typically you shouldn't get these kinds of storms. if you look at this radar map, this is kind of what you would see in june or july. this is kind of a summer air mass here. temperatures are really high around the 80-degree mark. in fact, it's 80 degrees in chicago right now. you get that kind of temperature and this is kind of like summer. there isn't any big strong jet stream that's going to cause big long track tornadoes or anything right now. when you take a look at these images coming out of here, you can see individual homes getting hit. some of that damage is looking very very extreme. do we still have the live picture coming out thereof? if we don't have the live picture i think we have some tape take a look at this home there one home completely demolished.
4:17 pm
live pictures coming out of wjbk a live shot. that completely destroyed houses. damage done to them certainly not as much as that one house you are seeing right there, shepard that would give an indication to me we are not talking about ef 3, ef 4 huge tornado but strong ef 2 tornado strong enough in that small area to hit and cause that kind of damage. the one thing i would say about, this shepard, right now we have severe thunderstorm watches in effect. not swatches. but tornado watches. you can have tornadoes pop up. that's what we are seeing today, shep. >> shepard: you can almost see the path of where this funnel cloud come through. we know there was a funnel cloud because we saw a picture of it listen to fox 2 for the detroit area. another one now, listen. >> that's it. that's the tornado here in wash that -- washtenaw county. and you will see, it has a tendency to move up and move down. but the debris -- what you are
4:18 pm
seeing right on the horizon, right on the ground is the debris that's being picked up by the tornado and there is a great threat from debris flying around. it's not just the damage itself but all the things that are moving through the air as these tornadoes cross. and this is just about an hour and a half ago. not far from dexter. that's a tornado. and here is the same area that was affected by that tornado you saw on video. and, obviously, the wind speeds in that tornado will have to be judged by the experts but we're talking well above 100 miles per hour. perhaps closer to 120 or 130 on the f scale, you know, a best guestimate would be in the f-2 range or f-3 range. we have more video. >> shepard: clearly the local meteorologist and our weather center are in agreement on that. this is video of a tornado in that area. is this the same one that hit there? we have no wave knowing and neither does the local station. can you sees a this thing just
4:19 pm
whips around. some information you need to know now nearby eastern michigan university in ypsilanti michigan is buckling down for this storm right now. you parents who are watching, they put the campus on notice for students to take cover and a tornado warning is now in effect. that's from the school spokesman. nearby ypsilanti, tornado warning in effect until 6:30 eastern daylight time in that area. the one continues in the air i just mentioned so live look now from wjbk's chopper. you can seat lightning in the distance and a big storm is roaring through that area. we'll have continuing coverage of this storm as the spring of 2012 approaches. six years after cops closed a missing baby case, closed the case down, all of a sudden the child has shown up. coming up. where police say this child was all this time and why his
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>> shepard: eight years ago a mom had her 8 month old child snatched away from her. now word that finally that child may be headed back home. i say may police in texas found the boy very much alive while they were conducting a child abuse investigation. cops have arrested this woman who we're told was baby-sitting him when he disappeared back in 2004. she is also the child's god mother. and that's exactly whom the child's mother says she suspected from the very beginning and told police exactly that but the mother says the police just brushed her off.
4:24 pm
>> the cops really didn't do much i didn't get amber alert or anything. they kept my baby's picture on the national missing thing for two years and they took it off o. >> shepard: took it off after two years. then cops closed the case and never told her. the mom says she had no idea of any new leads until she got this phone call that her son hadn't -- that the son she hadn't seen in eight years was alive david lee miller is following this in our new york newsroom tonight. >> shepard, although the boy had been secretly living in saint augustine, texas two hours drive from where he was abducted he was located in houston the very city which he vanished. tipped off by a sister of the alleged kidnapper. tonight he is living with a foster family and said to be in good shape. his mother and father were in court this afternoon, hoping to see their son. instead, the judge ruled no visitation or reunion of any
4:25 pm
kind would take place until d.n.a. confirms the identity of his parents. miguel's mother says when first told he had been found, she didn't believe the news. overwhelmed because it's been eight years. he was 8 on the first of march. it's sad that it took eight years to get any information. >> miguel's mother says when her son disappeared she put up fliers and no web site because she could not afford the $500 the houston police told her it would cost to send out an alert asking the public for help. houston police are not commenting tonight except the quote possible kidnapping is now under investigation. but a deputy sheriff with the st. augustine sheriff's office which arrested babysitter crystal tanner for kidnapping says houston police closed the case after prosecutors said charges could not be filed because the exact date of the abduction simply was not known. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller
4:26 pm
in new york tonight. iran remains defiant in the face of international pressure over its suspected nuclear weapons program. but will it change its tune if its money dries up? we're about to find out because a huge change happened with iran today and we will tell you all about it and what did rick santorum mean exactly when he said puerto ricans need to speak english if they want to be a state. oh, he is clarifying those controversial remarks. plus, can your pizza guy do this? ♪ >> shepard: perhaps more importantly would you want your pizza guy to do this? that's next. bottom of the hour, want to news on fox. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military,
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shown shep turns out your mother was wrong. life is better and more fun when you play with your food. ♪ snet. >> shepard: pizza dough which just touched his shoe and this is acrobatic style world tossing. pizza games at the pizza expo in vague. yes, -- in vegas. dexterity, variety of tricks. for instance, this pizza chef has all the skills but he needs to work on his delivery. >> shepard: i'm shepherd smith. this is the fox report.
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it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. that guy and iran are about to get a swift kick in the pants. a global financial service called swift reports it is cutting all ties with iranian banks. and that is huge news. because that means it is shutting off a huge chunk of iran's cash flow. officials at swift call it unprecedented and extraordinary step to enforce financial punishments against iran. at swift, they say it makes it impossible for tehran to do any business around the world because almost every bank in the world uses the swift system. of course, this is all about cutting off funding to iran's nuclear program. but as we have been reporting, israel is said to be considering much more drastic action jennifer griffin with the news. the former pentagon planners are raising questions about what damage israel's air force could even do if it tried.
4:32 pm
>> well, the big problem that israel's air force face according to those planners is that they don't have the kind of planes that can carry anything more than about 2,000 pounds. that's about it. they don't have the b 2 or b-52 bombers that the u.s. has. that are large enough to carry the bombs that really can hit deep underground according to these former air force planners. >> the israelis have several hundred f-16 and f-15 fighters. they have no strategic bombers, no b 52s, no b-1s. we are the only ones that have that kind of bombing ability. you need something like a b-52 to carry the 25 to 30,000-pound bombs that we think might be necessary for some of these targets. >> the kind of bunker buster bombs that israel has can only go about 20 to 50 feet underground but most intelligence sources say that iranian facilities are about 200 feet underground, shep.
4:33 pm
>> shepard: yet, yesterday, in parliament. in israel, the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu seemed to be laying the groundwork for the israelis to be going it alone. >> he gave a passionate speech outlining how successive israeli prime ministers for the last 65 years have went against u.s. president's wishes militarily and how the relationship survived. today we spoke to this former israeli national security advisor who argued israel would need tacet approval from the u.s. >> even the american president said we future in a very explicit terms don't even think of that. the netanyahu any other prime minister do something against an explicit american request or claim. >> fox news has learned today that israel has been asking for u.s. help to strike iran's program militarily for the past 12 years.
4:34 pm
u.s. central demand began planning in earnest back in november. but so far we have seen no large u.s. build-up in the gulf, shep? >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. it's been a year since the syrian government started murdering its own citizens. today we have new evidence that iran is involved in that blood shed, even as opposition fighters call for the world to do anything to help them. >> shepard: god is good they are saying. the united nations secretary general said today that the syrian troops have killed well over 8,000 people in the past year. they call that opposition the free syrian army. it's the main opposition force. it's greatly outmatched. but one fighter said he would rather die than live under the rule of president bashar assad. >> we went out to fight for our rights that been denied to us for the past 40 years. in syria is living like in
4:35 pm
prison. if any citizen dare to speak a world, they would disappear for 14 to 15 years. we'll would not hear anything about them. we don't have the right to speak. isn't it our right as syrian people to live freely and to allow our children to live in freedom. >> shepard: iran is now smuggling weapons into syria using unregistered civilian cargo planes we're told this saidio shows a plane landing near one the country's largest cities. workers unloaded creates filled with ammunition for the syrian army. of course, fox news cannot confirm any of this. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. jonathan, a year in, precious little has changed over there. >> yeah, really, shep. the only thing that has changed is the number of dead civilians. now, estimated by u.n. officials at about north of 8,000. remember, this all started one year ago with school children
4:36 pm
writing anti-assad graffiti on a wall and being arrested and in some cases killed for their troubles. one year on, the violence continues and despite predictions of his downfall by u.s. and other officials, president assad remains in power and as state department spokeswoman acknowledged today as vicious as ever. >> so, what have we seen in this year? as the peaceful protests have grown, the assad regime has become more and more bloody and violent. vis-a-vis its own people. has, you know, gone into town after town, trying to suppress the violence with guns rather than sitting and talking with its own people. >> one other thing that has not changed in a year is that the international community appears to be talking a great deal and doing very little, shep? >> shepard: so while bashar assad is murdering his own people is he downloading implet tunes and laughing it up and yucking it up with
4:37 pm
syrians and his wife is at it, too? >> yeah. we saw for 3,000 documents obtained by the guardian newspaper in london most of them emails involving the assads. now, the guardian says it is authenticated many but not all of the emails. state department spokeswoman said today officials have no reason to doubt the authenticity of these emails. they show the president taking advice from iranian officials, coordinating the military crackdown and mocking his own reforms that he has publicly proclaimed as showing that syria is on a new path. as for mrs. assad, as you said, how she copies with these stressful times is by doing a lot of online shopping for designer shoes, for expensive furniture from paris and in one case for a fondue set apparently to serve a ham some continue tore her murderous husband in his presidential palace.
4:38 pm
>> shepard: incredible. jonathan, thank you. newt gingrich, he said i have to win mississippi and i have to win alabama for my candidacy to be viable, period. must win states. crucial to the southern strategy. had to have them. he didn't win mississippi. didn't win alabama. so he is out of the race, right? no. >> i'm staying in the race because i want to see if i can't in the second half of the race, louisiana is sort of halftime. i want to see if we can't reset the whole race around the idea of really big ideas and really big solutions. >> shepard: newt gingrich is promoting his really big ideas today in illinois ahead of tuesday's primary. ron paul focusing on this weekend's caucuses in missouri. mitt romney is taking another day off from the campaign trail and rick santorum is in puerto rico. where is he doing some damage control. more on that in a moment. first, let's get to mike emanuel in washington. mike, newt gingrich got to win m b p mississippi, got to win
4:39 pm
alabama. getting out of the race. not getting out of race. is he taking a swipe at santorum, too. >> that's right. both gingrich and santorum serving in congress. while both may consider themselves conservatives. question credentials as fiscal conservative. this is a major reason that i'm still in this race because the truth is while i was speaker we balanced the budget for four years and while santorum was in leadership they borrowed a trillion 700 billion. there is a big difference between real fiscal conservative and politics as usual. >> that comment was in illinois and chicago tribune poll gingrich is 19 points behind second place rick santorum in illinois. >> shepard: i mentioned rick santorum in puerto rico trying to clarify something as he said yesterday. >> santorum did a lengthy interview and suggested english should be made the official language of puerto rico in order for it to become a state. that upset some folks there. so today santorum tried to clarify but didn't back down. note, the audio isn't great.
4:40 pm
>> nawbilityd >> on sunday puerto rican voters will go to the polls. be interesting to see if this english issue affects the outcome. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill on a dark night. officials in new york say d.n.a. plays a critical role in solving everything from murders to subway gropings. now the new york governor is set to sign a law that would dramatically expand the state's d.n.a. database. listen to this. not everybody is convinced this is a good idea. think about it. the details are fascinating. could it happen in your state and would you want it to? we will report, you decide, that's next. and blago. keting analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob.
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>> shepard: some parting wisdom from our hero as he headed to the jail. rod blagojevich, our blago now a federal prison inel nate in colorado. this morning, news crews staked out his chicago home before he left to start his 14 year sentence. you will remember last year a jury convicted our blago on corruption charges including trying to sell president obama's former senate seat. news choppers tracked his every move on the way to the prison. he seemed in no her i hurry to get there he he stopped at a nearby burger joint. and that's where our blago went all poetic. >> you take as i said yesterday, the hard times and the tears but you have to live in your hopes and not in your fears and that you have got to believe that there is a purpose for things. >> shepard: oh, blago. after grabbing a bite that he did not finish.
4:45 pm
our blago turned himself in to prison officials. i'm going to try to visit him there, i promise. new york said to be the first state in the nation to collect d.n.a. evidence for any people convicted of any single crimes including misdemeanors. expand the existing d.n.a. data base. the governor is expected to sign it within days. now, prosecutors say it will not only help connect suspects to crimes, but will also give defendants greater access to d.n.a. testing. which could help prove their innocence. all 62 of our state's district attorneys back the legislation along with some 400 police chiefs. critics say police labs have already too much to handle and more testing could lead to more mistakes. rick leventhal is following this one. is he live in our new york newsroom. rick, the vote in albany overwhelmingly in favor of this law. right? >> yeah. in part, shepard, because d.n.a. sampling has already solved thousands of crimes in new york. the state has been collecting swabs from some of its
4:46 pm
convicted felons since the late 1990s and slowly expanding the list of crimes that require a sample to be given. when petty larceny was added, for example, investigators found suspects linked to 48 murders and 220 sexual assaults statewide. >> i can't think of a more important singular law enforcement tool than expanded d.n.a. collection from all convicted offenders. >> violent offenders don't just commit via lebility crimes. sometimes they're caught and convicted of misdemeanors. and now the state gets their d.n.a. and could close a lot more unsolved cases, shep. >> shepard: there is an interesting exception there,. >> pot gets a pass. if you are caught small amount of marijuana and don't have a criminal record you won't have to give a d.n.a. example. state crime labs aren't equipped to handle the bigger load coming. d.n.a. evidence susceptible to human error, fraud and abuse. >> when you add too many samples to the data base, that increases the mathematical odds that you have a false
4:47 pm
match and that people will be wrongfully imprisoned and wrongfully convicted based upon a false match. >> well, supporters of the law say there has never been a false match in new york. that anyone with a match is automatically retested and the data bank has also exonerated dozens of innocent people, shep? >> rick leventhal in new york city tonight. thank you. police catch a suspect in the street after they say he set fires at a nearby shopping center and that tops our news across america. arizona. a bystander's cell phone camera caught two phoenix police officers arresting the guy right in the road there. say say he swung a bat at them after he had lit multiple blazes. one man says he saw the whole thing. >> i don't know if he was off his rocker or something but i mean he did it right there in front of a bus stop. >> shepard: cops say they think that suspect has mental health issues. and just outside phoenix, police say coyotes have been
4:48 pm
attacking homeowners. this woman says one of the animals bit her. >> those big eyes. i still can't forget it. >> shepard: she got four stitches and rabies shots. utah a 6-year-old boy near salt lake city getting credit for saving his grandfather. the kid reportedly called 911 after granddad fell and passed out. grandmother says her husband had a stroke last year. >> that's why i told call 911. she calls her grandson a smart little guy. california. a man with a degenerative eye disease says he plans to run 12 marathons in 12 states in 12 months. all to raise money to fight the disease. >> there was a real shocker to be told you have a disease that you never heard of. >> he has reportedly raised more than $30,000 and that's a fox watch across america.
4:49 pm
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fox news weather alert. some of the damage we are now seeing in eastern michigan. a tornado apparently touched down there in the last hour. the town is dexter, 50 miles west of detroit. many of the homes there severely damaged, at least two or three destroyed. so far no reports of injuries. updates throughout the night. the ncaa men's basketball tournament started today. no upsets yet really but a close call for a number one seed syracuse. which avoided becoming the first number one ever to lose to a 16 seed. 105 times a one has played a
4:53 pm
16. never happened. unc ashville god bless hem led by as many as 5 points in the second half but syracuse climbed back for a 72-65 victory. a lot of folks have a lot of money at stake in all of this. a recent survey found 3 out of every 5 folks have filled out a bracket for march madness. three of five but it's technically illegal in several states, strangely. thought online payment service papal is cracking down. gerri willis is with us tonight. what he pay pal doing. >> acceptable use agreement. here is what they told these folks you may not use pay pal service for activities that involve gambling, gaming or any other activity with an entry fee and a prize. so forcing people sign these agreements that they are not going to do. this you know how this works. everyone is involved in march madness. you know, putting money down,
4:54 pm
betting have a good time. john how they are going to stop this. >> shepard: hopefully they won't. >> good wishes and fun times will continue. >> shepard: indeed. gerri, good to see you. >> good to see you, sir. >> shepard: cool critters now or not so cool for the victims of the angry geese of maryland heights, missouri. look at this. a pair of geese has been terrorizing people in this parking lot. look -- ha ha. this man apparently suffered dirty hands and a scrape of the right knee. is he not the only one to come face to beak with this ferocious beast or series of beasts. listen to the horror in the voice of another victim. >> he was coming at my face. [ laughter ] full force. and it would not stop. and i ran and it continued to come after me. it just would not stop it was coming at my head and my face and i just had to fight it
4:55 pm
will. >> shepard: wildlife expert say geese are being very good parents because they are protecting their nests. las vegas is known as the city of sin apparently it doesn't come close to leading the drinking category. drunkest cities that might just surprise you. is yours the drunkest? you will find out next. ♪ [ female announcer ] who'd have thought that the person you'd grow up to be -- how creative or confident or kind -- was shaped before you lost your first tooth? ♪ the first five years are forever. that's why pnc created grow up great, a $350 million, multi-year initiative that began in 2004 to help prepare kids from birth to age 5 for school and life.
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4:58 pm
>> shepard: it's understandable that folks who work in the washington, d.c. area might need a drink every now and then or 50. but, according to a new online survey, singles there are boozing it up more than any other singles anywhere else in our nation. 34% classify themselves as frequent or very frequent drinkers. other heavily intoxicated cities include, yes, new york
4:59 pm
stock new york city, second place texas and boston. for more sober experience sin city, las vegas topped the lightest drinker list. impossible. on this day in 1972, the three hour epic mob flick the godfather first hit the big screen. at the time, the relatively unknown director called francis ford cope la was but 31 years old. his vision and his all-star cast included brando, pacino, cane and keaton, made the movie on the family a blockbuster success. it took three academy awards and critics still call it one of the best movies of all time. the see squeal scored six oscars. the crowds first heard the wise words, leave the gun, take the cannoli 40 years ago today. ♪


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