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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 16, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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and "your world," is coming up, have a great afternoon see you tonight onñi fox report. >>neil: what the pluck? china accusing mickey d of selling stale chicken! welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and china playing chicken over an american icon. mcdonald's. chinese state t accusing the fast food chain of selling chicken wings sitting on a warming tray for an hour and 24h minutes. the limit is supposed to be 30 minutes which would be news to a lot of the establishments around here but i digress. where was the outrage when ma tell recalled toys coated with lead paint or food that had a
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pet food add different. actions but is this just in response this week to the administration going after certain 2 tit for tat. >>guest: there could be politics behind this but this could be nothing more than the regulation arm of the government flexing its muscles decided they willi-i regulate. we went through the same thing in our history where we used to not have any bake health and safety as we became a richer country we put those things in. >>neil: you are giving them the benefit of the doubt. >>guest: not the benefit of the doubt. there is probably political stuff if there but the fact that mcdonald's and, also, a french company that has beenfñ targete, too, this could be nothing but regulation nonsense or it could be something political but in
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the big picture? the big picture is the countries get richer they can afford to produce pollution and increase their health and safety. >>neil: but should they police themselves? with toys or cat and dog food killing our pets, you can lock at this and just say, well, we think you are protesting the wrong country. >>guest: to the only that but i am sure that western firms and safety standards well before the local standards where a duck was hanging off the hook all day and someone comes along and buys it, i would rather if china eat at mcdonald's because i wrote feel more comfortable what i am getting, not a knock on china or their food but countries as they become richer can afford to do the good things. >>neil: mcdonald's said this
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incident in baying is isolated and does notxd reflect mcdonald's lows employees and te separation. this particular shop where it was discovered to be the case, it is not part of a country-wide effort of china going after all mcdonald's? >>guest: we did not know. if they are upset with the president --. >>neil: you are more up on this, i am looking at the timing, and just a couple of days ago we were rough on them on the precious stuff that goes into the plasma tv's. >>guest: if they are doing at this tit for tat went they pick more than a mcdonald's franchise maybe all the g.m. cars. >>neil: that could be coming.
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>>guest: they could throw sand in the gears. i want mcdonald's safe so when i travel . >>neil: the same thing but no offense to fine eating establishment, i have left the building to get something and i seafood that i think has been there since ... the hillary clinton and obama debates. >>guest: my kids get food that has been out for more than 60 minutes. get out handcuffs. >>neil: inflation is spiking at consumers are fretting with the consumer confidence dropping with a 70's percent spike in gas prices. and my guest says if the consumers clamp down any job gains we see could evaporate. this is not showing up in the official data and i know how it goes, take out food and energy but even when you do, it is as
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if those numbers are unusually subdid youd. >>guest: scattered showers and stormses are being, picky, data from companies like walmart that do blind and they have the convenience stores what they are saying is the consumes are filling up their tanks and not going in the shores and shopping and the spending the last six months has been muted and that is because higher fuel costs. so this is a real problem and everyone thinks consumer spending will follow jobs but they don't. you will see our jobs gain start to tail off. and that will impact the economy. and the market. >>neil: a lot of economies worry about this because gas is volatile k, it goes up and down and normally anyone that goes to
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a service station when the prices are up they stay up, but is there something bigger at play? what is worrying a lot of folks the longer the gas prices stay up and go up the harder it is to remove its reach from other areas such as produce that has to be shipped to different stores and that cost goes up and that is the spiral people worry about. >>guest: it is a war of attrition. and people put a little bit more on the credit card, a little bit more and everyone wasa/a saying, consumer credit is expanding like that is good. they are spending more. but that is not what is happening. what is happening they are putting more on the credit cards because they are spending more at the gas punch. it is a war of attrition as when you get not unemployment benefit the longer they go on, the 99 weeks people get more and more in debt and it becomes all the
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more difficult to recover at the normal level and it is ongoing and we still have global issues that keep the prices high including what is going on in israel and iran, >>neil: thank you. did you see this, folks lining up, camping out, even in the rain because they cannot get enough of our primaryçó coverage on fox business network. >> looking forward to the new one. >> worth it. >> everyone loves them. >> what is surprising is how international it is. >> worth it. >> love coming out. and seeing everyone on fox business network. >>neil: you heard them and you thought we were tag about the new apple ipad. amazing. when it comes to counting the votes and your money you cannot find any finer coverage on the planet than fox business news. tune in on fuse as we bring you the illinois primary at 7:58
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p.m. is odd, that is fox business being "us." we will have market reaction as votes come in and we will look at this in a way that no other network does simultaneously our futures action and you often get physical our elections closer than we do on basic cable. how where is that? it promises to be cool night, cool as the new ipad on fox business network. you don't get fox business network? demand it! >> who says the job market is out of the basement? tell that to the growing number of parents who have 30-year-olds living in their basements. , my .
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>>neil: this is not only in the movies. >> hello? >> mom? hi. >> you are supposed to say hello when you pick up the phone. get off the couch or you will find someplace else to live. >>neil: jeff lives at home today and talk about timing there is a new report out today showing three in ten young adults between 25 and 34 are living with mom and dad. not in the basement sometimes they pick the best room. the biggest reason is the economy. mike huckabee is not surprised. more than just parental love. >>governor huckabee: a lost factors are involved including the kids are coming out of school with $100,000 in debt and they do not have a job so it is hard to pay it back. do you realize 45 percent of people age 18 do not have a driver's license?
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when we were growing up the whole thing was when i was 16 i wrote get a driver's license, a car. >>neil: i was driving long before i had i license. >>governor huckabee: i am sure and word has it you still don't have a driver's license but the interesting thing if you thing of that, half of 18 year olds, not 15 or 16, 18-year-olds. >>neil: what is stopping them in >>governor huckabee: they don't care? a lot of them just would rather not worry about it. the debt issue is a factor. not a job market for them that is scooping them all in. and another factor, the parents of this current group of young people have been helicopter parents, and they have protected them, and wanted to make sure they dent do the things their parents did, and as a result --. >>neil: you know my daughter
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that well? >>governor huckabee: parents need to be more like birds and push them out. that not happening as when i was coming along. my parents did in the give me the option. i was dying to get out. but the point is if i wanted to stay they would say, are you kidding. we raised you to get it you. >>neil: in spring break of the senior sear i went home and my mother had redone my room and it was a family den and that was the tip-off. >>governor huckabee: my parents moved and left no forwarding address. >>neil: i wonder if it is driven by economics or they are using that as an excuse. >>governor huckabee: there
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are, again, there are a lost factors. i want to be clear. i don't think this is where you can claim washington is partisan only, so if i can blame something, rather it is the obama administration or democrats i will find a way do do it. >>neil: i blame the kids. >>governor huckabee: i cannot say that it is the obama administration policy fault. only if a larger degree --. >>neil: say your daughter really likes the president can you link it does that would be rude. >>governor huckabee: it is a cultural difference. >>neil: when i studied this in italy is commonplace. in ireland it was commonplace. higher percentages in the united states. by comparison although it looks like we have sponges for kids, bigger sponges over there. >>guest: we are becoming more european in our cultural model.
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it is a different kind of cultural philosophy that kids are growing up with and another example, people don't feel like they need to get married before they are 21 or 23 or 25 now the average age is 30. the point is that is a big, huge difference from 50 years ago. >>neil: what is their success rate when you are getting married older, better, right? >>guest: we still see 50 percent of marriages ... not going there. >>neil: we have a staff member we are fond of just got engaged and we are watching out for her. >>governor huckabee: his name is norman bates. >>neil: you can catch the hit
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>>neil: president obama is hoping to cash in as republicans slug it out, political guru sabato. would wins the longer this goes on and on and on.
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larry: the president is finding things more difficult to raise the big bucks. in 2008 people were throwing money at him and why think that is true anymore. but, look, the republicans are spending down the seed corn for the fall. no question. >>neil: with all the pac's and there are many more and they are deeper pockets so, why know whether it will be equal battle of opponents but looking at the freezes -- the sell -- wealthy folks out there. >>guest: maybe the people will open their wallets and purses but this is money the republicans happied to save for the general election. i wonder, neil, whether, say if the nominee is romney, given that he loaned his campaign $40 million, i believe, in 2008,
1:22 pm
will he do something similar again? he is only given $50,000 if that area, this year. >>neil: so you think if it is not enough and he has been going through cash, fast, he would tap the substantial coffers again? >>guest: well, he is worth $200 million to $250 million which is not something we can relate to, but --. >>neil: aren't you modest. i have seen those sabato swiss bank accounts. >>guest: with the presidency on the line maybe you would be willing to part with that. >>neil: even $40 million or $50 million of his allotment when the presidency is on the line. >>guest: we did not know if president obama will be able to raise $1 billion and some think
1:23 pm
it could be closer to $750 million and they are worried whether they can get as much money from the super pac's as the republicans. if i guessed today i would guess obama would outspend the republican nominee but i get it is not an enormous difference and what matters whether you spend enough to get the message out, not whether you spend more but enough. >>neil: here is where i know more than you, you are the political expert, a deity but i them wall street phony worms and i will say this, they are fair weather friends, at best, at best, and the reason why they are leery to cut a check for anyone because they are hedging. unlike you and me they wait to commit at the last second and if one of these guys breaks out, then, and only then, it has to be a good lead, and then and
1:24 pm
only then will they commit. that is my crackpot history. >> you are right and that is the ace if the hole for the republican nominee once selected. the fact is a lot of these people do wait to see whose train is leaving the station. once they hear the whistle, they will jump on. >>neil: fair weather friends. not like you and me. they broke the mold, pal, broke the mold. larry, our viewers love you. at least the crew. why is this guy jumping out a castle at 70,000 people because he cannot wait to get to work on the fox business network provide marry college. you are thinking i am overdoing this fox business network thing, it is not just about you. temperature that to the scientific crud. that is why on tuesday night starting at 7:58, keeping with this nasa theme, we will bring
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you the illinois primary results as they come in so you don't get fox business network? demand it! now, my next guest crowned rick santorum king in iowa and then the republican won state but nine others and despite the win rick santorum is behind six points down in the latest real clear politics average but that is national. that could change. bob, you really did change the tone of the election, that i actually thought you were running. here is the rap, that your candidate cannot win. disavow the people. >>guest: a former gift you had, mike huckabee, they said he could not win. >>neil: and he didn't. >>guest: most would say he would have been a better candidate than john mccain.
1:26 pm
>>neil: but he didn't. he didn't. >>guest: governor reagan, they said there was no way he could win but he did win. rick santorum i believe --. >>neil: but governor reagan was up against a pathetic challenger, saying nothing against jimmy carter at that point ... well, i could have beaten him. >>guest: but you look at the polls and santorum will do well against obama, and he is doing well this primary. >>neil: but some of the social issues very important to you, alienate the general population base in a general election because what is said of ronald reagan, the economy was just tailspinning. >>guest: why think so, i think the spend bit establishment who want to see romney win you are trying to hire someone to be your c.e.o. >>neil: and he has been a c.e.o. >>guest: but do you trust him? with conservatives, not just
1:27 pm
social conservatives but authentic conservatives they have a trust gap. >>neil: you think newt should go? >>guest: if he would have dropped out and we are very good friends santorum would have put michigan in the win column and ohio in the win column and he would have beaten romney. >>neil: assuming all of his votes go to santorum. but even if some of them went, the narrative would be very different. do you think it is too late for him to do that? >>guest: it is not too late for voters in illinois and the other states that rick santorum is the alternative to romney. and what we said in iowa that is true, romney does not want a one-on-one and the more conservatives divide up the vote the better for romney. >>neil: what did you see, a lot people think everyone is glomming on to santorum because he has the mojo and you backed
1:28 pm
him when no one did. when i was in iowa and a moderator including bret baier and megyn, and you were there, too, but i noticed at the time no one paid attention to him. no one. but you did. knowing and reading the polls as you did. now, are you worried you stood out and everyone is kind of catching the fever and it could boomerang. >>guest: i was at that debate and the guy i was sitting next to --. >>neil: who was the best moderator? >>guest: you. >>neil: thank you. >>guest: the guy sitting next to me was a romney supporter and he said why isn't santorum catching on. i said you wait and see. he got a perfect storm working iowa awfully hard and put in the ground work and we endorsed him
1:29 pm
at the right time and newt was collapsing and we want dead see another person rise and santorum did, but it is not just him winning iowa now the rest of country is saying, not only can he beat romney but i believe they see him being the shot to beat obama. >>neil: can he win the home state of pennsylvania? >>guest: i think he will win the home state of pennsylvania. >>neil: if he doesn't, is that bad? >>guest: sure, everyone wants to win the home state. >>neil: last election did not do well. >>guest: that was 2006 a bad year for a lot of veterans and romney can barely get a victory if his home state. >>neil: you support whoever the nominee is. >>guest: i support getting rid of president obama. >>neil: you are saying
1:30 pm
santorum is a better choice. >>guest: i believe so. >>neil: very good to see you. in the meantime, two new videos which is hotter, the guy behind one them is here. next. or at one of over five-hundred scottrade locations." "it's why more investors with i.r.a.s are saying.." "i'm with scottrade." ♪ [music] but we couldn't simply repeat history. we had to create it. introducing the 2013 lexus gs, with leading-edge safety technology,
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>>neil: our top business story, steaming up the screen for this ad for a hardy's new burger and another new ad by house budget committee chairman who says if you want to see something immoral look what is happening at the nation's debt. some determines blasting the budget advise. and paul ryan is not here and neither is kate upton but the power and the force behind kate upton is, the c.e.o. is a big backer of romney, to get the politics out of the way. andy, what do you make of the fact that paul ryan will be targeted because he is revisiting some views he is looking at draconian cuts, and last time they portrayed him as throwing romney off the cliff. now what? >>guest: you have to be blind
1:35 pm
to see that kate upton is gorgeous but how blind do you have to be to know $15 trillion debt which we increase each year, larger than our gross national product, and we increase by another $1 trillion makes no sense. you could not do this in the business community or with your family and you have to be someone from washington, dc, would has been in washington a long team to even approach this with any semblence of being rational. you cannot make sense of it. congressman ryan is on point and he should continue saying what he is saying. >>neil: we could do worse than have kate upton do a national debt commercial. you could probably have this baby in a week. >>guest: could work out better than it is working. >>neil: we don't do that, though, and maybe the way we sell tough love we should expect
1:36 pm
tough luck. so, your candidate being romney, does he effectively regular december that in a way that is appealing? >>guest: mitt is the one candidate out there who depth grow up in government and live in government and he has had a job in the real world. >>neil: he did grow up in government in a way the son of a governor. >>guest: but not in his business career. he ran small companies and had to balance the budget and ran large companies and a huge company and balanced the budget at the limp picks, he balanced it, and a state budget. he lives and breathes this stuff. he is not out there talking about colonies on the moon or whether women should be in the front lines in combat or speak spanish, he is talking about the economy. he knows how to fix it and he knows what needs to be done. this is his time. here is cheerly the right candidate. >>neil: but is tough love enough? you talk about entitlement programs and he does want to
1:37 pm
rein entitlements and he is not shirking the economic news, but when democrats tell the people that he wants to throw granny off the cliff, how will americans respond? say what you will of the attacks on paul ryan he didn't get much support from fellow republicans. >>guest: when you look at country overall and you have to get away from pundits and analysts, and you talk in the real world and the private sector, people fundamentally know something has changed they know there are problems with the budget, and there are problems with the way government is run, and they know government is larger, and they know entitlements have changes but something fundamental about america has changed and people sense this is something they
1:38 pm
don't want, they are changes that were not good for the country. >>neil: here is the thing. you are a very good marker, who else would bring someone in to sell a burger, and your burgers are fantastic. >>guest: she plaintiffs them. >>neil: she says she loves them, fine. >>guest: i trust her. >>neil: i am looking at the markets romney and i am wonder diagnosis he is -- wondering if he is getting the message across. the south is one thing but the longer this drags on and your emergency may not be resonating with enough folks, you need a new marketing campaign or maybe you need a new marketer. what do you think? >>guest: well why want to get into the numbers, ask any number of people, he is ahead in
1:39 pm
delegates, 7.9 million votes ahead, and he really, this is his time. this is the time we need someone like romney and thank good we have someone, who can come in and, really, seriously address the problems. when you get into the campaign, you wonder what rick santorum and speaker gingrich are thinking the best thing for them is a brokered convention which is only good for one candidate and that is president obama. so, i'm not sure of their end game. we have a candidate who can solve the problems and address the issues and the kept knows they are serious and they know that governor romney is serious of fixing them and that will make a huge difference in november. >>neil: but as a c.e.o. of great accomplishment, there are others out there and the guy left standing after you win, if it is dragged out, they will not
1:40 pm
be happy campers. >> dragging it out is bad for republican party and bad for the country, and it is bad for the two candidates dragging it out. i don't see the under game for them. can you not think it is in our interest or the republican party's interest to drag this to a brokered convention. they say they don't want the elites decide it but who decides it in an -- a brokered we convention? i have met a lot of congressmen and senators, republicans and democrats and the last thing that people in congress want is to have gingrich or santorum at the top of this ticket which is why romney is getting so many party endorsement. dragging it out does not make sense. you vote for santorum, you vote for gingrich, you are voting for
1:41 pm
president obama and hurting the republican party. >>neil: they might disagree but you have been in the fast food business for decades and you are thin as a rail so god please you. andy, good to see you. forget march madness the white house is preparing for its own matchup with a fresh health care defense, and the media says it will be score. but lis says not so fast. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years. chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie.
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>>neil: a new report that the white house is shifting defense of the health care law. the supreme court taking up mandate debate in less than two weeks. and lis wiehl on whether there is a winning strategy. is this new? >> i am mad at you because look at all the work i had to do, these are all the briefs from both sides. >>neil: i thought a lawsuit you filed against imus. >>guest: thai, it is a new
1:45 pm
strategy and i can sum it up by saying, look, what the department is saying in the mega briefs, remember how it used to be it wasn't a tax and now it is a tax, a while ago, and now --. >>neil: i don't. >>guest: they are saying it is not just the commerce clause but also a much broader clause in the constitution, the fess and proper clause. what that does is give congress, really, carte blanche do write any law they want if it is mess and proper. but the department is arguing, this mandate is necessary and proper and you, the other side, against it, have said, well, the mandate is unconstitutional and it must be sever and if the mandate is sever the whole thing goes down and the department of justice says, wait if the whole thing goes down the only way to save it is to invoke the necessary and proper clause. it is actually a smart ploy by
1:46 pm
the department of justice. >>neil: i didn't understand a word you just said but it sounds like you are outrage sod i am outraged. they trying to deflect and say, look you altered thing, and, then, what? >>guest: it is not just deflection but good lawyering. it is the spaghetti method. throwing the spaghetti on the wall. >>neil: what is new in the strategy? >>guest: they have not offered the "necessary and proper," clause. >>neil: but they say you need the mandate. what is different? >>guest: nothing. >>neil: why did you study the papers? >>guest: studying a different way to get mandate in. >>neil: we brought you here to update us on the changes and you are saying they have not made changes. a new way of --. >>guest: a new way.
1:47 pm
you are comprehending and i appreciate that after eight hours of working on this. >>neil: making her final appearance on this show. >>guest: wait a second. >>neil: that is ridiculous. ridiculous. thank you for bringing this to light. what did she bring to light? anyway ... don't like these guys tracking your every move? wait until you hear who else is watching. ♪ somebody's watching me call or come in today to take control of your personal economy.
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>>neil: they know everything about you. what you like. where you check in. all the details of your life but i'm note talking about facebook
1:51 pm
the president's re-election campaign. and all at the same time the administration is cracking down on companies like facebook and google over their privacy policies. is that hypocritical. a privately lawyer is our guest. what exactly do they know we don't or we didn't think they knew? >>guest: well, they can track your location. they can track your cell phone. and your provider. they can do what you said, personal previous republicans in you have put out there so you are targeted if a campaign. >>neil: why would the president's campaign want that information? i can understand the stuff that can help you zero in on those would like you and get them to vote for you but, say, they are zeroing in on people who don't like you, that could be a weapon, right? >>guest: well, it is both, a weapon and what you said, you zero in and i know where you went to school so i send you
1:52 pm
something, and tell you what is going on in your town and how, you know, for obama, a we will do, that is important to you. so, maybe if you are not that political they targeted and you feel like, well, maybe they do understand me and maybe i got this guy wrong and maybe i should vote. >>neil: but in order to do that, it takes a lot of money to personalize that message and i know there are programs where that is easy to do these days, but it is very expensive to do, so, is that where this so-called billion dollar campaign is going? is that where the money is going? >>guest: absolutely. they now have a super database. before the lists were segregated and now they can type in i want a woman between this ages, this much money, with this education, would frequents these evens and they will get an e-mail or phone call and be on a campaign and i always wonder how much is this walking the privacy land.
1:53 pm
the president is advancing that he wants the registration crackdown and people should be more private, and everything should be more guarded but they are targeting the information. >>neil: is it legal. you are a go lawyer, is what he is doing legal? >>guest: it walks the line. >>neil: but the argument is it is all out had then ... fair game, right? >>guest: not necessarily. there are a lot of cases in terms of tracking cell phone use, targeting where someone was if an area, it is comparable to that and we are waiting to see how the law is analyzed and what the justices rule as to whether it is legal. it is gray area. it is being analyzed because if you don't know you are using your cell phone and it is going to put you in a place that you didn't want people do know ... i
1:54 pm
am not sure. >>neil: thank you, from >>neil: thank you, from chicago. ♪ oh, my maltipoo's depressed. but my affordable prius c means i can pay for his acupuncture. whew. i love my pooch. oh no! my homemade sushi... turned p-ushi! use estimated 53 mpg to find a gluten-free alternative. look, this means i'm a chef. [ male announcer ] be a winner with the all-new prius c from toyota. ♪ so i us my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind.
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ripple. more cabbage for the cabbage. the government doesn't see it but we do. smart people who bet real money on this stuff see it, too. people who trade government treasury notes and bonds. prices for the folks trading this stuff, they have been telling me they have been tumbling on just the very fears and when the treasuries tumble as they did again today, continuing a trend going on for many, many days here is what happens. interest rates climb. this week alone the fastest pace since last july and the folks who get their cash are growing convinced that a lot of things are going to cost more cash. a lot of things except bonds suddenly not so hot and not so sure of that. i know the white house and the federal reserve and the treasury and all the smart financial folks desperately trying to keep us calm will tell us all is well and enjoy
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the parade that rates are still ridiculously low. not say a word whether they are at all-time lows. not even close. the smart money knows that inflation creeps up on you when you least expect it. when you are still marching but unaware of something marching up on you. the government calling the tune and telling us the weather is just fine and enjoy the parade and the music stops and the last saint paddy's day band has walked off and lo and behold the wee little problem is too expensive to ignore. that is when you realize the green you are celebrating is the green you are going to be paying long after the guiness is gobble. i think i got all the irish saint paddy's day in there. if they don't get this, they have a blackbe


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