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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 21, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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a president who doesn't hesitate to use all of the means necessary to force obama care in the american public but leads from behind in the world. it's time to say these words, this word, enough. we had enough. >> runner up senator santorum says it was not a tough night for him because nobody expected him to win. he is happy he picked up any delegates. >> there is one candidate in this race who can go out and make that contrast with the
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current occupant of the white house. someone who has a track record of being for you, being for limited government, being for solution that is empower people. on the biggest issues of the day whether it's obama care, romney care, they are interchangeable. >> speaker gingrich also said they can't allow them to out spend the components 7-1. he also knocked senator santorum. >> senator senator rum who i like personally has a hard time explaining why the guy who set the all time record for losing pennsylvania and was part of the largest defeat since watergate in 2006 as part of the leadership. so i am staying in the race because i think it's a question of who can beat barack obama. >> you didn't hear from congressman paul there. if you are keeping score at home
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congressman paul still has not won a state. >> they are all in it for the long hall. no one budging right now that's for sure. why did people vote the way they did? let's take a close look at brand new exit polls. >> the poll numbers show illinois as a state much like the ones where romney did really well in the primary season. he pulled the support as a group he wins 51 percent of the moderate, 53 percent of the college grad and 56 percent of the voters earning 100,000 a year. he dominate withed seniors and catholics and tea party supporters the group that swept for gingrich in alabama and mississippi primaries last week. the illinois primary was an open one. any one who was registered could go and vote. independents made up a quarter of the voters. most choose romney paul was ahead of gingrich 19 percent to
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9 percent. which candidate is most likely to beat obama 60 percent of exit poll responders said mitt romney. 22 percent santorum follow bide gingrich in 9 percent and ron paul with 5. back to you, ladies? >> thank you so much. a look at who is talking. >> this morning charles krout hymer and brit hume are talking giving their analysis of the race. >> the geography is we are going from maryland to northeast to new york, connecticut, rhode island, delaware. those states are obviously romney states. after april 1st under the rnc rules the states are allowed to go winner take all. if and when he wins gets all of
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the delegates that's when you can establish the spread between you and number 2. if you look up the word inexorable in websters you will see romney in illinois smiling. >> if mitt romney secures the nomination is there a deal to be made for santorum. here is what brit hume thinks? >> what he has to think of is whether it is worth going on this way and whether it's worth it to try to initiate some kind of conversation with romney. he might be a potential vice presidential option more than gingrich. he is more conservative. he would tend to unite the party perhaps. he's someone romney would have to think about. >> newt gingrich you heard placed 4th last night. could he be dropping out of the race any time soon? brit hume does not think so? >> newt gingrich is a guy with a lot of energy and a lot of things to say. he likes to say them.
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if he stays in the race he has more of a platform. we don't hear from those who are out do we? >> twoef wait and see. gop candidates a must womin for santorum in saturday's primary. >> keep too right here in fox news we will have all of the latest on the election. and it's time now for your 5 at 5. we begin with a developing story. a tense standoff underway in france between police and the man they say murdered three children and a rabbi outside of a jewish school. that man claiming to be a member of al qaeda. he has been hold up inside a house in the city of tell loout all night long. he opened fire leave it would go police officers injured. the plan is still heavily armed but piers close to surrendering. there are reports the suspect as brother is behind bars arrested just before this dramatic
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predawn raid. crowds rallying outside of the state capital in florida in support of treyvon martin who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch captain. (chanting) >> they met with governor rick scott. they are hoping to have the state look at the stand your ground law. martin was unarmed and his accused shooter was not charged or arrested because of the law that allows the use of force if the person reasonably believes self defense is necessary. the just test department -- justice department and fbi all investigating. the lawyer of the soldier accused of killing civilians in afghanistan is headed there. john brown says he met with robert bales for the past two-days. right now he's not convinced the
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evidence against him is true. >> i don't know about the evidence in the case. i don't know that the government is going to prove much. there is no forensic evidence or no confession. i am interested in what the evidence is. >> brown describes bales as a quote soldier's soldier. he has little or no recollection the night it took place. >> kate bailey hutchinson adding their voices to the congressional chorus blasting attorney general eric holder. hutchinson telling the daily caller there are serious questions about several of the programs he is implementing like fast and furious and other areas where, this is a quote, i don't think he is making the right priorities in the administration. and sessions saying this. this has been really a growing disz pintment in the attorney general's leadership, frankly, and i am sorry to see it happen. senators stopping short of
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joining 123 house republicans calling for holder's resignation. >> we know the secret service code name for mitt romney is javelin and rick santorum is pet ryes. he told jay leno what his name would be. >> bulldog. >> paul says he's genesee kret service protection. he's a regular citizen and taxpayers should not be paying to protect them. that is your 5 at 5. i want to know what our code names would be. tweet it in. >> time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. i know you have a serious weather situation. >> we are seeing more tornadoes at this early hour this morning. something to keep in mind when these warnings are issued out at 5:00 in the morning, 5:08. it's dark out you don't see any
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tornadoes. take them seriously. it was for cameron perish and west central parish. what was going on basically meteorologists have detected rotation in some of the thunderstorms that dump a lot of heavy rain in louisiana. there is a chance they could be on the ground. these storms are moving quickly to the north at 50 miles per hour. you can see them one moment and the next moment they are out of the area. you can see them crawling toward the east coming from missouri to louisiana. the other problem with the storm system is flash flooding we have been getting reports of across louisiana. there's reports avoss southwestern portions of the states there are flooded roadways entering some homes. we will keep you updated on these dangerous situations. you can see the storms. we have had reports of basically 3, 4, 5 inches of rain recorded in some areas.
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expect to see another couple inches of rain as the storms slowly creep eastward. you are talking about an abundance of water. the ground saturated. flash flooding will be a concern. tornadoes are a concern. that means conditions are still favorable for more tornado touchdowns from some of these thunderstorms. that will be in effect until 6:00 a.m. central time. you can see the tornado warning to the east. seek shelter when is warning is given. we have a number of flash flood warnings in effect across louisiana, flood warnings as well. new orleans are included in that, jackson, mississippi. arkansas impacted by flooding as well as person portions of the state of missouri. you could have headed roadways early this morning. east of the system it is a warm day out there. 85 for a high in chicago. >> already felt warm in new york when we were headed to work.
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thank you very much maria. appreciate it. >> it is now 10 minutes after the hour. he is charged with 42 counts of sex abuse. 42. how in the world did they let a certain illegal immigrant go? the details might trouble you. >> this talk about troubling disturbing new reports your tv is watching you? what? but first what you missed late last night on jay leno. candidates are all choosing their secret service code names. rick santorum used petraeus after his grandfather. you see romney? thurston howl the thiiii. flush twenty-five thousand mornings, give or take, is all we humans get.
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we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, really lucky, it dawns on us to go spend them in a world where a simple sunrise can still be magic. twenty-five thousand mornings. make sure some of them are pure michigan. your trip begins at
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>> 14 minutes after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. hundreds of ballots were too big for the scanners. about 25 counties had this problem. the ballots had to be trimed by hand. it was resolved the afternoon. severe storms causing widespread flooding in the middle of the country. heavy rain bringing 3 inches of rain in parts of texas. storms also causing major headaches for drivers in eastern oklahoma. you can see one driver getting stuck in the water. >> now stories you can bank on this morning. joining us from the fox business network lauren simonetti. good morning to you, first of all. >> good morning. >> president obama is giveing in to the keystone pipeline? is that true?
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>> he is said to announce in curbing, oklahoma that's where we have huge potential for oil refineries plans to expedite the southern part of that controversial keystone xl oil pipeline bringing oil from oklahoma to texas. it will shave a couple months off the process. we have a problem. not that we don't have enough supply but we can't get it to where we need it from oklahoma to the northeast where there is major bottleneck building. >> our other hot topic. if you want a job you need to be prepared to give up your facebook user name and pass word. more and more companies asking for that? >> yup. you are on a job interview. we are hearing several companies and employers are asking those candidates right then and there for their facebook log in information. some who are not doing that are asking that candidate to log on the computer right then and there and go to their facebook
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profile page. others are saying hr managers have greater access to what you do on-line if you have anything inappropriate going on in terms of relationships comments and pictures. it's a murky issue. it is a violation of privacy even if you give your consent. >> here is your lesson. don't put anything on-line that you don't want to have out there because it lasts forever anyway. finally speaking of big brother type things, is your tv watching you? some of samsung's plazas and led's can watch you? what is this about? >> this is one of the consequences of technology getting smarter and better and making our lives easier but it can also invade upon our privacy as well. samsung new tv's have voice and speech recognition data microphones built in, cameras. they can watch what we are doing. what they are doing with that
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you wonder. they could be selling it to an advertiser. say you are looking tired samsung knows what you look like an advertisement comes on saying take these ambian pills. crazy kind of story where we are subject to technological advances. thank you very much lauren simonetti. his arrest made headlines the marine facing jail time for trying to check his gun at the empire state building. we have a big update on the case. he is supposed to honor president eisenhower. the president's family does not like it. what do you think? we will report you decide. >> first a check on your gas prices this morning at 3.86 a gallon. ♪
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after a massive write in campaign from fellow service member. ryan jerome was charged with a misdemeanor. he had no idea his guns registered in indiana would not be allowed in new york. one driver in miami really paid for her i am patience at a g -- impatience at a gas station. she got so fed up waiting she swerved in front of a yellow hummer lost control and slammed into a gas pump. it exploded into a ball of fire.
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amazingly no one was hurt. controversy over a design of a planned memorial honoring president eisenhower making it all of the way to capitol hill. chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> the most famous like the gooing enhimes museum have been fan it's cal works of structure and daring. frank gary hit a brick wall in his plans to honor a towering figure. >> acclaimed man the world over for his leadership. >> dwight d. eisenhower was not only the supreme allied commander during world war ii liberate tore of germany's consultation camps, but also america's 34th president for two terms builder of our national highway system, enforcer of school integration and steadfast cold war sentiment. on tuesday eisenhower's granddaughters conveyed to house resources subcommittee the
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family's displeasure for his plans for eisenhower square the 4 acre plot would be punk rated by soaring columns and giant metal facade ultimately images pictures of ooik. a sculpture of ooik as a boy between enormous stone carveings depicting ike the general on the eve of d-day and eisenhower the president casting his weary eye on a troubled world. after years of going along with the project the granddaughters now object to it. >> the number of people including holocaust survivors is notable they said the metal curtain is reminisce sent of internment. if you remove those which i understand he is not willing to do then you don't have a whole lot left. you have a little boy sitting on a ledge looking at two. the narrative is not correct. >> the head of the memorial commission defended his
2:25 am
proposal. >> the designer's vision is a young eisenhower is looking out wh at what he is to become a great general and president. >> the starting cost of dumping a self described socialist and atheist at $32 million with a completed project expected to cost 100 million. enough to prompt ike if he were here to warn us about the memorial industrial complex. heather and patty. james rosen, thank you. 25 minutes after the hour. the president's chief campaign advisor may need some advising himself. what happened when he sat down with bret baier coming up next. >> take a look at this video. like nothing you have ever seen, yes? those are firefighters fighting a fire wearing dresses. you have to hear the story behind this video next. >> but first on this day in history, in 1980 one of the most famous cliff hangars in u.s. history. j.r. ewing shot on dallas.
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♪ (gun shots snchl ( flu) test
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first"." i am patty ann brown. >> ill heather childers if you are just joining us here's what you missed. a big rin for mitt romney. >> getting a big boost winning the primary by a wider margin than many expected. he won by 35 percent 35 percent to 25 where do the candidates stand now in the all important
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delegate count all about the numbers? mitt romney won at least 41 delegates in illinois last night with rick santorum picking up at least 10, newt gingrich and ron paul not winning any delegates there. there are still three delegates that have not yet been delegated. now for the total delegate count. they need 1,144 to rock up the nomination. mitt romney currently 563 delegates. that gives him a 300 delegate lead over rick santorum. newt gingrich in third place with 135 and ron paul in 4th with 50. even though mitt romney scored a decisive win rick santorum doesn't sound like he is going anywhere. peter doocy is live with us with more. >> governor romney is solidly in first place before last night's results were announced.
2:31 am
even though he is still not even halfway to the 1,144 he needs after the nomination amp the results came down late last night romney's sxant an e-mail out to all of the supporters said he is that much closer now to securing the nomination and uniting the party the governor is already looking forward to a head to head match up highlighting his private sector experience outside of the chicago suburb. >> too often today americans who want to start a business or launch a new venture they don't see promise and opportunity. they de government standing in the way. i am going to change that. we are going to get government out of the way. >> senator santorum finished a distant second. his rally was in gettysburg, pennsylvania same city as president lincoln's address. he has regularly said made in america in the past. but last night it was different.
2:32 am
a oo whether it's in the economy or the budget crisis all boils down to one word that's what is at stake in this leblgs and it's behind me on that banner and that's the word freedom. >> last night was not pretty or speaker gingrich. he didn't speak at any rallies but had a paper statement putting out romney only won in illinois because he out spent his opponents 7-1. that is no way to beat president obama. it is time to see who else is talking this morning. david axle rod sat down with bret baier. >> the strategist answered questions on the senate budget battle bill maher and why he says the keystone pipeline did not go through. >> why did they rush the decision? why did they choose to force the issue when they were told the state department needed more
2:33 am
time to go through the review? i think the answer is they wanted to create a political issue that should have allowed that process to run the legitimate questions. why haven't senate democrats passed a resolution in 1,040 days. >> you understand that in the senate. there are lots of things we haven't been able to pass. a lot is procedural. >> doesn't take 50 votes it takes 61. we have deep divisions in the congress between the house and the senate and that has complicated our ability to get these things done. >> why not call for the super pack supporting president obama to return the $1 million from bill maher? why not all fcall for that if t president is calling for civility why not just say return that money? >> first of all as you know we don't control the super pack. we don't tell them what -- we don't tell them what to do.
2:34 am
>> now for your 5 at 5:30. the other five sere stories making news at this hour. for 7 years this marine was listed as awol. now we know what really happened to him. his body was found in an apartment complex parking lot in long beach, california in 1974 but police couldn't identify him until now. detectives are now looking at this case as a homicide. a suspected sexual predator on the lose this morning and federal immigration officials admit they are to blame. according to the daily caller ramirez was arrested for 42 counts of predator reacts in chicago late last year. that's when he tried to post bail and local police turned him over to ike. instead of deporting him or putting him back in jail ice released him. he never showed up for scheduled
2:35 am
immigration hearing and has been on the run ever since. gas prices keep soaring. average price is 3.86 a gallon. what do you think steven chew thinks about his performance? >> in controlling the cost of gasoline at the pump do you give yourself an a minus? >> the tools we have at our disposal are limited, but i would say i would give myself a little hire. >> that was chu testifying before an over site hearing. since becoming the energy secretary he has been doing everything he can. >> here is a fun story. if you are traveling today you may want to hit up some of the sweetest airport and bars in the country. laurel wood public house and brewery at portland international airport has some of the best micro brew from the northwest. you can have an counter at los angeles international airport. it votes a ufo theme with a 363
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degree view of the city. in houston you can sit back and relax at the wine brother inside george bush intercontinental airport. >> getting thirsty. this might be the best video you have seen all day. those are firefighters. they are really battling a real fire. a car fire in drag. they were on their way to a charity event where each year they trade in their firefighting frok for designer dresses. on the way there they got the call. they hiked up their skirts and went to work. thanks to their quick action no one was hurt in the fire. those are your five headlines at 5:30. >> always on the job we need them in the skirts on these stools. that's what we need. so maria we have an ex trem weather alert with potential flooding in some parts of the country to talk about. what's the latest on that? >> unfortunately we have a severe weather threat with the slow moving storms.
2:37 am
we have been tracking them for several days across the country. today is no different. bringing in heavy rain from minnesota down to louisiana. one of the out looks is a severe weather risk. we have southern parts of arkansas, louisiana, that's in effect until 5:00 a.m. central time. we have a tornado warning. what it means is there could be a tornado on the ground. when these warnings are issued you have to see shelter. stay alert. there's a possibility some of these thunderstorms could produce some severe weather in the form of tornadoes damaging wind gusts or even strong wind gusts and isolated tornadoes. as far as flooding we have a flood add rise ry across louisiana, up into parts of arkansas and missouri. 6 or more inches of rain spots where there are flooded roadways
2:38 am
rod road closures and water making it into some homes. each not too bad if you are traveling across the northeast. 80 for cleveland 81 in atlanta. chicago you are expecting a high temperature today of 85 degrees. we have either tied a record high or broken it. >> extreme weather to keep our eyes upon this morning. thank you very much. back to the illinois primary the economy played a role. take a look at how exactly the economy factored into the illinois primary. jeff flock of fox business network is live in chicago with that for us. hi, jeff. >> patty, good morning. nice to look at the exit poll numbers to see what people were thinking when they went in and made their selections. there was good news and bad news pieces in it for mitt romney. take a look at what people think about mitt romney. the perception of mitt romney. whether or not he understands average americans. that spin one of the things that has been a problem for him.
2:39 am
if you put the numbers up now looks like romney, at least in illinois, does better than any of his opponents in terms of understanding aying america-- a americans. 87 percent voted for illinois only 36 percent think he best understands average americans. they voted for him anyway. kind of cuts both ways. this is the other big one, though. the nation's economy what do people think about it is it headed in the right direction or wrong direction. 88 percent think it is getting worse or the same in illinois. more than half think they are either getting better or the same. i think maybe in november it could be that what it comes down to is if you think you are better off thatten ue -- off t used to be maybe you vote for the guy who is there if not you make a better selection. it could be that simple. >> jeff, live in chicago, thank you. the situation dealing with a
2:40 am
situation of his own. tmz reporting the jersey shore star checked into rehab to deal with substance abuse problems. sources say he has been making nightclub appearances every night for the last two years. each paying him up to 50,000 dollars. his reps say he's dealing with exhaustion. >> one hot model adrian alena saying she is pregnant with a second child. they already have a 2-year-old girl named valintena. this video of her was taken after she gave birth. good for her. >> oh, man. now for your starting lineup nfl edition. the pate fon manning area officially underway in denver. broncos introducing him as their new quarterback. manning signed a 5 year deal said to be worth up to $96 million. it is a win now situation.
2:41 am
with denver scoring manning they are expected to pass tim tebow to another team. reports say the jets are very interested. jacksonville, miami and green bay also reportedly interested. he knows he can still play football, but he cares more about being a steeler for life. retiring from football after 14 seasons in pittsburgh. the steelers released him 3 weeks ago. >> are you normal or nuts? >> what is normal anyway. >> i don't know the answer to that one. good friday just became bad friday for students at one university. the college no longer cancelling classes on christian classholid. so other religions don't feel bad. what you missed on jay leno last night. >> he will sign with the denver broncos next season. back when tim tebow heard the
2:42 am
news he dropped to one knee. don't trade me to cleveland. please. test [ female announcer ] the next generation of investing technology is now within your grasp with the all-new e-trade 360 investing dashboard. e-trade 360 is the world's first investing homepage that shows you where all your investments are
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>> it is 45 minutes after the hour. let's go spanning the globe to see what stories are making headlines overseas. a jet crashed near an air pace near south korea. the pilot is okay no one on the ground was hurt. here is how it looks. the moment the magnitude 7.4 earthquake rocked mexico city 200 mile from the epicenter. sent people running into the streets. hundreds of homes are damaged. already no reports of any injuries. try walking down the aisle in
2:46 am
this. this bridal gown on display features a train more than 2 miles long. the silk and lace gown took 100 days to make with 10 steam stresses working on it. it is now in the guinness book of world records. >> is the balloon to lift up the end of it? that would be very heavy. religious controversy brewing at stony brook university in long island in new york. deciding not to give students off for classes for major christian add jewish holidays. hi, ainsley. >> hi heather. it is a new policy stirring up trouble on campus. they made this controversial decision to hold classes on major christian and fewish holidays. it will ensure some are not given special treatment. christians would be affected on holy friday and jewish rosh
2:47 am
hashanah and rom kippur. he says it's the fair thing to do adding muslims and buddhists have never had their holidays officially recognized by the schools. students will be allowed to attend their religious activities and be given time to make up any missed class work. e-ams will not be allowed to given on those days. a university spokesperson says while we have always been reof all religions and celebrate our diversity we are an educational institution that has to provide maximum instruction time and efficient structural time for all of our students. not everyone agrees. those who oppose it say it maigt be heen as an apack on religious services. it is 47 minutes after the hour. coming up next, are you normal or not? we have a psychiatrist on call
2:48 am
to answer your medical questions. >> don't try this at home, folks. here is one very good reason you should leave the tree chopping to the professionals. >> we will have that plus also let's check in with brian kilmeade from fox and friends. >> i can't answer whether i am normal or not. write it down on a piece of paper. let me tell you what's going on. the general who led the american attacks on iraq. he will be joining us live. the oldest cheerleader in the nfl appears. that he is 23. paul ryan, fox and friends gets started soons we get doocy dressed. @?
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2:52 am
>> 51 after the hour. we all have our odd quirks. when does it go from normal to plain nuts. joining us is clinical psychiatrist and author of "better than normal: how what makes you differenten make you exceptional." it's a must read, folks. here is dr. dale archer. good to have you. >> good to be here. >> each day of the week i have a color theme for what i am going to eat. i eat health kwhi and i am in good shape but if there is no food to meet my criteria i am anxious and i often skip a meal. wednesday a red tuesday is orange. i am healthy and happy but my friends think i am crazy. what do you have to say to rick? >> sounds like an eating disorder because eating disorders are about power and control of what you put into your mouth. you feel like no power or control about anything in your life. she is happy, she is healthy. it's quirky to have to have colors determine what you eat,
2:53 am
on the other hand, i am going to go to wenormal on that. >> you have never heard of this before? >> i have never heard of it before. it is on the eating disorder spectrum. sound like she is doing well. i would say she could lighten up a little take a vacation day from colors. >> next female lost 150 pounds after gastric bypass surgery. no matter how many compliments i see i see myself as a fat person. i still wear baggy clothes. i refuse to throw away my big clothes just in case i gain weight again. why do i feel so fat? >> before gas tick bypass you have to have a psychological evaluati evaluation. you still see yourself as a fat person. the good news is over time this gradually goes away. this is very, very common. we see it all of the time. you don't really need therapy for it, you need to understand
2:54 am
physically you are no longer big and over time psychologically over time you will believe that. i am very shy but i try to be outgoing and pleasant with people. others say i am pretty but i can't image anybody being interested in what i say. many think i am snoby. i don't want people to think that but i have a hard time talking to any one. help. first of all being shy is not a mental health disorder. that has gotten lost in this shuffle of crazy world we live in. shy people say i want to be like everyone else i want to be outgoing, when thin reality the are tremendous advantages of being shy. you are a good listener. a lot of close friends. you can work well without supervision. if she tries to go out in small groups or big events. thank you so much, great
2:55 am
advice, folks. the time is 54 after the hour. don't try this at home here is one good reason you should leave tree chopping to the pros. word of the day for you. it's all scrambled up. can you figure out what it is? stick around for the answer. ♪ water, we take our showers with it. we make our coffee with it. but we rarely tap its true potential and just let it be itself. flowing freely into clean lakes, clear streams and along more fresh water coast line than any other state in the country. come realize water's true potential. dive in-to the waters of pure michigan. your trip begins at
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>> 57 minutes past the hour. almost 6:00 a.m. as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. an aspirin a day may help keep cancer away. three new studies finding a daily dose reduces the spread of cancers to other organs by 40% to 50% and finds aspirin has a short-term benefit in preventing cancer. next, the ugly. 262 united airlines passengers left san francisco on sunday expecting a 13-hour flight to shanghai. instead, they found themselves stranded in alaska for two days. apparently shortly after takeoff, the bathrooms stopped working. so the plane diverted to anchorage and finally, the ugly. an amateur lumberjack demonstrates how not to chop down a tree. yeah, that hurts. and get this, the guy was
2:59 am
worried that the giant tree was going to fall on his house. so he spent a few hours trying to figure out the best way to cut it down. obviously, he figured way wrong. >> oops! >> yeah. >> all right. time to get scrambled up. let's bring in steve doocy to help us out with today's word. there it is. steve doocy, this is a long one. >> no kidding. >> it has something to do with today's show, remember. >> train wreck? >> i'm just kidding. >> whoa! > >> 35 seconds. it was a -- >> still don't know! >> two can play this game. >> eisenhower from kansas. >> chris from new jersey got that. >> eisenhower, the word of the day. and you know what, peter, we hope that you -- i just called you peter.


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