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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 21, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> blasts rocking the home of a man accused of gunning down 3 children in a school. that man suspected of al qaeda ties is intu lose france. we we have heard more from the suspected killer, who is fending off the police.
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we have heard, we believe, three gunshot, we do not know which way they were coming, from the police inside or outside from the suspected killer. again, this has been going on for 24 hours. it started in a noisy fashion, as well. the suspected killer, again, shooting at the police when they started to make their moves, early in the morning, yesterday. and then, a long siege. negotiations going back and forth between the police and the suspected gunman. and then the claims came out, the claims coming from this gentleman, this 24-year-old french citizen of algerian dissent, descent, he claims he has ties with al qaeda. the officials here say he has spent time in terror training catches along the border with pakistan and afghanistan. but more crucially, concerning the crimes here, over the past week and-a-half, he claimed that he was, indeed, responsible for
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the killings, the killings of three french soldiers last week, the killings of a rabbi and three children in a jewish school this week. and his most gruesome claim that in fact, that he only wished he could kill more and he had another soldier and two policemen in his sights. greta, we had a few reminders today of the gruesome murders ms and killings that he has been responsible for. today, three french soldiers marked in a memorial in a base not far from here. french president cecilia sarkozy there was and he said, in fact, justice would be served. also in israel, the rabbi and the three soldiers -- three students killed at that jewish school on monday, brought back to israel for a funeral. so again, quickly, wrapping up here, greta, it is quiet right now.
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the siege continues, however. the individual remains inside this apartment building. the police want to get him but they want to get him alive. we'll see what happens and keep you posted. back to you. >>. >> tim tebow is heading to the jets. how does this play out? we could go on and on with the awards and accomplishments. but let's say, former red skin quarterback joe thiesman is here. >> good to be with you. >> was this a good deal for the jets? >> no! i don't see it as a good deal whatsoever. as i look at this, you are [ing in tim teborks after you signed mark sanchez to a three-year extension for $40 million. have you guaranteed a quarterback controversy in new york. the jets don't need him to sell
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merchandise. they don't need him to do that. as far as the competition goes, to be able to throw the football, that's where he has to get better. but i don't understand the thinking of rex ryan and the jets to bring in a tim tebow to be a quote/unquote wildcat or part-time quarterback. have you a full-time quarterback. from mark sanchez' perspective, i don't want to come off the field. i like playing. all of a sudden, i have to leave the football field because the wildcat is coming in. it will be a very interesting balancing act in new york. >> could he have learned from baiton man ago and is peyton manning going to rescue the broncos? they were in the afc playoffs last year. but they won them. but is he going to rescue the broncos? >> i think anybody can learn from peyton manning. i could go back and learn from him. that's how much respect i have for him. >> so why not train tebow instead of on the bench behind sanchez? >> you will wind up with a
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similar situation. let's say that peyton does struggle, throws an interception or. two all of a sudden, you will have the "put tim in." that's not something peyton wanted or john elway wanted. fee we forget, peyton signed the contract yesterday. tim tebow is out in a heartbeat. that was done and gone. so to me, i don't think they could co-exist. if tim didn't have the year he had, maybe he could have co-existed. but tim needs to become a much more accurate passer. you don't want anything in peyton's world. it has to be left alone. he needs to remain there and be the guy without any distractions. >> new orleans saint it's they got slammed today, big penalties. your thoughts on the penalties? >> i think the penalties were justified. when you look at what the commissioner has tried to do. he has tried to drive the point home that safety is very, very important in the national football league. i want to protect the players. you bring the term bounty in. that has malicious, heinous
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connotations to. it and you start paying players to hit other players. i know i had bounties on me when i played. if you didn't have one, that means the other people didn't think much of you. but we never paid attention to. >> it i have my eyes on drew brees. he is trying to get the record -- but he has the johnny unidas record of consecutive games, with a touchdown pass and he hes has lost and his coach is suspenned and his team is punished. the team must be turned upside down. >> i am not sure if they are. the draft hasn't happened and their general manager will be out 8 week, shawn's gone -- >> but to lose the coach. and i mean, they have been punished and told they are bad. >> not just the coach. but the play caller. he's the guy who called the plays. he's in charge of the offense. this will put a tremendous burd own dree drew brees and a lot of pressure on the new orleans saints to say, we need to sign drew brees.
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if we don't get him signed and thhave that for the fans, what did we -- what do we have? but roger said,il not tolerate this action when it places the safety of the players in the national football league in harm's way. >> i am outing you, you are a new owner. >> i bought my stock, i'm a packer owner. >> you heard it here. joe thiesman is an owner of the green bay packers. >> president obama in a four-state tour, touting his green energy policy, but is he advertising his own goals? former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here from louisiana. good evening, mr. speaker. you have been very harsh on the president, traveling around four state, telling everybody he's doing a great job with the green energy. >> i am excited to have joe thiesman join us. i am also one share owner of green bay stock. this is very exciting to have
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joe become part of the team. >> and my next guest also has a share. wait until you hear about that. but go ahead. we all have shares tonight. we are all owners. we have a meeting tonight. >> listen, let me say, first of all, the news from france that you started the show with should be a remindener dealing with radical islamists, we need an american energy policy so we are independent of the middle-east, so we can confront the saudis and others who are the largest funders of al qaeda and this kind of terrorism. it's just a reminder that for national security reasons, we need an american energy policy. it's a grim reminder of how dangerous these radical islamists are. the president's first day, by the way, i think is truly weird. he went to nevada to a site in which five people -- five -- have full-time employment for an average cost of $10,800,000 a job. it's a solar power site.
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it's an absurdity economically. it has nothing to do with the
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. >> now what you get is one of his senior advisers reminding everybody that romney could turn on a dime. the day after he gets the nomination, he could say, you know, i have to go to the center, i have to win the election, so let me sell out everybody conservative principle i promised -- he tells us he won't do it, maybe he won't do it. but i think the reason it was so powerful was the idea of a metasketch fit his past record and made you think something was there and maybe they have been
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talking about the senior staff about how they will jettison the conservative stuff for the general election. >> headline tonight, as i got ready for the interview, national journal in big headlines, gingrich ignores obama muslim comment. you were asked a question about a lose lieu voter -- about president obama and the person made a crack about president obama being a muslim. number 1, i taking you don't think president obama is a muslim. number 2, why didn't you correct him? >> you know, that is such total baloney. i was asked by a reporter immediately afterwards. i said, of course, i accept he's a christian. the guy didn't ask me a question. he stated his opinion. i don't have an obligation to correct every voter about every single topic. i also didn't agree with him. for a journalist to make that a big deal is stupid. he's a christian and his policies are to apologize to muslim extremists while they are
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killing americans at the same time that he is waging war against the catholic church and every right-to-life institution in this country. i went today to louisiana college, which is a baptist college,s have very right to life. the president said publicly, they will close the university before they will give in to obamacare because they are not going to provideay abort-ifications to students or employees. let's accept he's a christian and he went to a christian church for over 20 years. why is it he's more sensitive to radical islamists who are killing young americans than he is to the catholic church, to baptists, to fundamentalists and people who are pro-life, i mean the fact is, this is a very strange presidency. he carries this out in other ways. why does he want to pump oil in saudi arabia, which he called for last week and he's against pumping oil in louisiana? you have to wonder, why does he want the jobs in saudi arabia and not in louisiana?
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i think it's a strange presidency. you don't have to attack his personal religious beliefs to attack his behavior. >> well, i'm not going on answer all those questions, there are so many of them to begin with. i will leave that for you and for another day. speaker, thank you, sir. >> good to be with you. >> two years and 11 months, that's how long it's been since the senate passed a budget. yesterday, house republicans unveiling the budget. the house budget committee calls for deep cuts and changes in medicare. every other proposed budget has been a bust. senator john thune is here. you are the mystery guest, i might add who i share the green bay packers. >> also a big joe thiesman fan and green bay packer owner. >> we are all packer owners tonight. is the senate going to pass a budget? >> it doesn't look like it. as you said, the house -- they -- they submitted their budget this week. they voted on it, the budget
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committee cast out tonight, it will be on the floor next week. under the budget law, the senate budget committee is supposed to by april 1 produce a budget and the house and the senate are supposed to have acted by april 15 on a concurrent resolution. i don't see any -- i just don't think there is any chance that the senate will pass a budget this year. >> i just don't understand that. as i understand the way it works is that -- senator harry reid is the stopping party. the president submitted his proposed budget. the house has its budget. or it goes through the committee and the senate doesn't have any budget and if one showed up, it won't be voted on, right? >> i think that's right. i think the budget committee has talked about -- the chairman has talked about doing a budget, although that's gone back and forth. but i think the main is from the leadership from, senator reid, you can do a budget, the budget committee, but we won't vote on it -- >> who made him king isn't whole job is to guide the country, be a steward for the country, to vote on things and create legislation. because of his position, he
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does -- a pocket veto to stop the whole chance of us having a budget, whatever budget we should have. but we don't get a chance to have it considered. >> that's the power of the majority. you get to set the agenda in the senate. that's why elections matter. that's why if we get the majority back, the responsibility will be uponitous do a budget next year, the first time, next year in four years, we will have acted on that. it's really unfortunate because you -- you are want setting out for the american people your plan for getting spending and debt under control, what you will do to create jobs and grow the economy. that's what the house budget does, whether you like it or not. they have made an ernest effort to show the american people where they would lead the country. >> and the new farm rules that you and 29 other senators wrote the secretary of labor about in december. she hasn't bothered to respond, so let me ask you, what's the problem here? >> we have maintained for sometime that the administration's policies are making it more expensive and more difficult for people,
10:18 pm
businesses, to create jobs in this country. this is an example of regulatory overreach, run amok. this is big government gone crazy -- >> on farms. >> on farms! you are telling young people on farms, in 85 pages of regulations what they can and can't do, things that young people on farms have been doing for generations. >> where i grew up, i went to school with a lot of kid who is grew up on farms, they all do chores and they all want to run the form. the concept of the government telling them what to do eye am surprised at that. >> it's insanity. if you look at how prescriptive it is, you can't work with farm animals older than six months old and certain types of equipment, including lawnmowers and tillers and electric tools. >> the farmers in wisconsin think washington's insane. >> we didn't get a response back. so i have introduced a bill to prevent the regulations from going into effect. we have 38 co-sponsors and nearly every form organization
10:19 pm
is supporting it. this is insanity. this is excessive regulations. >> she could at least have the diseens tow respond. but i'm -- decency to respond. who do you want it make the decisions about how much medicare's available for you or your family -- or are the number crunchers making decisions to delay or cut your medical care? also, imagine filing this year's tax return and expecting a hefty refund, only to find out that someone else has cashed in on your refund -- yes, your refund. so the irs won't pay you? this could be you. there is breaking news, three children murdered in france and a paris standoff. if anything happens, we will bring it to you live and john bolton goes on the record with live analysis of tonight's breaking news. ok, guys-- what's next ?
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>> two years after president obama signed his health care plan into law, we're getting closer to finding out if the law's constitutional. next week, the supreme court hears arguments about the individual mandates, but republicans are gearing up for a fight in november. what is their game plan for
10:24 pm
taking on president obama and changing health care? we spoke to jon kyl here. assume the supreme court does not declare the national health care unstiewgdzal and it will go forward. between now and november, is there anything that the republicans in the senate plan to do or can do, vis-a-vis the national health care bill? >> first, the democrats control the senate. so we won't be able to pass a bill that repeals any part of crare obamacare. but if it is not unconstitutional, it will be the biggest issue in the campaign. we will try to bring attention in any weigh we can with amendments and floor speeches. >> greta: all right. let's assume that governor mitt romney is the candidate, the republican nominee. how you can make that an issue, an effective issue for the republican party, in light of the fact that massachusetts has a state health care is very much
10:25 pm
similar to the national health care? >> i think if that occurs, mitt romney's going to have to be very specific and say, look, the court has spoken, by the way, i am hoping the court will rule the other way, but let's take your hypothetical forward. i believe that candidate romney has to say, look, we need to repeal the twhoal thing and here are the three reasons why. if we can't do that, we need to repeal this piece and this piece and this piece and here's the reasons why. in other words, it can't be general because they did something like that in massachusetts. so people are going to be skeptical unless he can be very specific about what he is talking about and why. >> greta: how can anyone, though, as a viewer, have great confidence in that? he was an advocate for the system in massachusetts. i realize that's a state. but he was an advocate and if that's what the republicans are aggressively going to go at the president with, if he has it in his back yard, this issue, just saying, i am going to do away
10:26 pm
with it, may not be persuasive. >> that's the point that rick santorum has been making. the answer is, as i said, i think eye am not his campaign manager and i am not the smartest campaign guy -- but i think you have to be very specific and if you say, here are two specific things or three specific things that are wrong and that's why we have to repeal it and i am committing to do that, then the public begins to see that you are serious about it and you have something concrete. now, what he valid to do then is to say, and that's unlike massachusetts, or one of those things is actually a little bit like with we did in massachusetts and i don't see it working out so well. you would have to have another reason to distinguish it from what happened in massachusetts. >> greta: is there anything implemented that the economy or we are feeling you should the national health care. >> great question. i think that the experts would say, just the fact that it's hanging over our head and about
10:27 pm
to be imp lemmed in most of his pieces, some of it is being richelemented, but the big pieces are yet to be implemented, the fact that that is hanging over our head is dampening our economy, job growth and job creation. why add more people to our roles, if we skeed [inaudible] and then obamacare applies to us. why buy health insurance for our folks when as soon as obamacare comes in, we will have to scrapthat, go to a whole different plan, or pay a $2,000 fine as an alternative. that's why people are going to leave the private sector because it will be cheaper for the companies to spend $2,000 on a fine than it is to spend $10- or $15- or $20,000 for insurance. >> greta: the republicans object to the advisory boards thatville control over prices and
10:28 pm
services. do you oppose thosism that's the second worse thing about the bill. the i.p.a.b., a board which is appointed by the president. he could make recess appointments. it doesn't have to be politically balanced. these people have one job and that is to make sure that some arbitrary number that is assigned for medicare payments is not exceeded. in other words, here's the budget. and everything has to fit within it. and if it turns out that there are people that need more care, they have to find a way either to delay that care into the next yearar, or reduce the amount of care so that it fits in with the money part of the budget. it's a little like indian health service. i represent a lot of native americans. there is a saying in arizona, you better get sick before july. twha do they mean? theyor a budget. if you get sick in the latter part of the year, they probably run out of money and have you to
10:29 pm
wait until next year to get the operation or the care. so it's a sick joke, but that same thing could apply to medicare, with the i.p.a.b., that means they have to ration care. >> greta: there are a lot of people that make decisions who are not elected. i understand that. but in this instance, these are decisions on the budget, essentially. these are budgetary decisions, not made by members of congress, so if we don't like it, we can't throw you out. they are appointees of this president, the next president. is there any objection to the fact that it is nonelected officials that would serve on this? >> sure. that's one of the problems. the first problem is that inevitably, whoever you put in that position will have to ration care. and that should not be in america. we shouldn't have a government program that has -- that is contained contained in such a way that the only way to make it work is to
10:30 pm
ration health care. >> greta: don't we ration it now? some people are on medicare, some have better medical care than others. don't we ration? >> very good care. very good question. in medicaid, which is the program for poorer people, we pay doctors even less than we do in medicare. and guess what? those are probably the last people in the waiting room to be taken care of, if the doctor gets around to them. a lot of people say that care is being rationed to some extent in the medicaid program because we don't reimburse the hospitals and the doctors enough. so why would they want to do that work? that will creep into medicare and become a big part of medicare. itville to do the same thing that is being done with medicaid to a little extent. we are trying to prevent that. it's already happening with the indian health shefers. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, tax refund robbery could happen to you, yes
10:31 pm
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>> this is a fox news alert. french police surrounding the building where a terrorist suspect, accused of murdering 3
10:35 pm
children in a jewish school and a rabbi is holed up. heavily armed police in a standoff with the suspect, who claims lispings to al qaeda. ofe wolf. but ties to al qaeda's bad. >> there are a lot of reports that he trained with taliban in al qaeda across the border, inside pakistan. the killings that he has undertaken, obviously, number 1, directed against this jewish school. but the free french soldiers he killed, all american muslims, all apparently north african in dissent, i suppose that means algerian, so a very clear signal to muslims in france that you integrate into french society and become part of the society, at your peril. >> greta: also, it shows the danger of one person in al qaeda. you don't have to be part of a group of 19 people doing harm. you can do it as one. >> that as a mode of terrorism
10:36 pm
is a lot safer for al qaeda, send them out one by one. you can't trace them back. very effective technique. it has gotten france's attention? >> the oil sanctions. the united states announcing there will be exemptions to those who will be punished for getting oil from iran. >> another triumph for the sanks mechanism -- you say it with sarcasm? >> heaven forbid. this is the most anybody will have to do. you will notice, no decision made on china, india -- does anybody think that the obama administration is going to slap sanctions on chinese and indian financial institutions? i believe this is on the verm of collapse. >> greta: sanctions are hard on everybody. our countria a richer country and the wealthy don't suffer as much as others, but sanctions for everyone to join together and put the squeeze on something to achieve a goal. the minute we give exemptions,
10:37 pm
we lose all the power or potency of sanctions. >> the 10 european countries are being given the waiver because of the european union decision to cut off oil exports this summer. however, the european union on its own is going to consider giving exemptions to fwrees and italy, spain and portugal. so the waivers and the exemptions begin to build a head of steam. >> greta: i was looking at the u.u -- france, germany, belgium, greece, germany, poland, spain, u.k -- it's almost, there are more, but it's unbelievable. the list. >> it is only for the promise that they are going to give up importing oil this summer that. hasn't happened yet. so i think what is going on, the waiver mechanism that the obama administration insisted on really begins to open up gaps for everybody else. what are the turks going to do? are they going to comply and then seek a waiver?
10:38 pm
yes. will the administration refuse to give them a waiver? i don't believe it? >> greta: is it remain ago even though there are sanctions that the iranian economy will have -- will have some effect, some punitive effect, but it is not going to have the squeeze to get them, perhaps, to stop with the iranian nuclear program? >> exactly. there are incremental costs here. there is no dispute about that. but there their has been no evidence that any of this has affected the iranian nuclear weapons program, which is the ultimate objective here. >> greta: i would love to be a fly on the wall in israel tonight to see what the leaders think about this. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, the irs is coming under heavy fire. rebundfund robbery. that's next. have you wanted to own a piece of michael jackson history? if you have a mere $24 million and you are not afraid of ghost,
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the police chief in samford, florida, receiving a no-confidence vote from city commissioners over how he handled the killing of an unarmed teenager. tray von martin's parents joining hundreds of demonstrators in new york city on wednesday. a neighborhood watch volunteer said he shot martin in self defense last month. he has want been charge in the killing. >> former florida governor jeb bush throwing his support behind mitt romney, calling on republicans to unite behind the former massachusetts governor, saying we need a leader who understands the economy. the endorsement comes one day after romney won the illinois primary. the win gives him an edge of 300 delegates over rival rick santorum. thanks for watching fox. check out our headlines on
10:44 pm have a great morning. >> greta: could someone be stealing your 2011 tax refund -- right now isn't answer is yes. there is a growing crime epidemic, costing hundreds of millions of dollars. identity thieves are filing false tax claims and the ierrors can't seem to stop the problem from spiraling out of control. grif jenkins hit the ground. >> reporter: greta, it's tax season, millions of americans getting ready to file their taxes, hundreds of thousands who have diabetic so and found out the hard way that they became victims of identity theft. a criminal stole their social security and file aid claim in their name and got their money. we are here in tampa, florida, where the problem is significant. over 20,000 case this is year, according to officials. nationally, the problem has grown, according to the irs, from nearly 50,000 cases in
10:45 pm
2010, to over 250,000 cases last year. so we hit the ground to find out what is going on. >> it was like, wow. you know, to me, for somebody to sit back and just do this, for all of us who get up and go to work every day, for somebody to take what we worked for -- i don't understand how -- irs or anybody has let that happen. why? >> is the first time your identity has been stolen? if so, do you have any idea how it happend? >> we have no idea. 53 years, nothing like this has happened. i am sick over this. >> is the irs doing enough i. hell no! hell no! they're not. you know? no. that's not fair to us. >> for them to beo arrogant and treat us because we are working people, where you got corporations owing millions of dollars and woo are working people and we work everything,
10:46 pm
and something needs to be done about this procedure. >> reporter: did they get a refund in your name? >> $8,000 in our name. >> reporter: $8,000? >> yes. >> reporter: we spoke with the mayor of tampa to find out how bad of a problem this is? >> it's emdemic proportion. i think -- epidemic proportions. this fraud perpetrated on those getting the identities stolen and it is fueling a subculture of criminals. we estimate $100 million, in our latest operation, we identified over 20,000 fraudulent tax returns. drug dealers have moved from the corner to their houses and a laptop. simple as that. it has moved into the prisons. prisoners are now getting fake i.d.s, from legitimate people like you and i, filing tax returns with our i.d.s and our names and getting the benefits of that and spending it on
10:47 pm
bentleys, drugs, criminal activities. it is epidemic proportions. not just in tampa. i would submit to you, it's going on in every city in the country. >> reporter: according to the irs, the number of tax dollars, involving fraud activity is in the millions and it was the focus of a senate hearing on capitol hill. what is the irs doing about it? steve miller is the deputy commissioner for enforcement. >> from the hearing, this is a big issue. what are you doing about it? >> we have taken tobviously, very seriously. we are increasing the amount of what we do up front to prevent the fraud for the refund goes out. so we have top stopped, obviously, we have stopped as much refund fraud to date as we did last year. when you consider the number of refunds that we are looking at. before we take a full look at the refunds, we're not going to know how much of that is
10:48 pm
identity theft. but clearly, we are on the right track nterms of stopping these guys up front before they get the money. >> the irs has pointed on their own number, showing it has risen dramatically, tripled from 2010, 2011 tseems to be out of control. what can the folks in washington do? the irs, to help you try to get your hans around this? >> we need them to show up, first of all. we are not in this alone. this should be a team effort. we understand the privacy issue there's the irs deals with. but there has to be a way to balance the need for speed, if you will, in terms of getting the tax returns back and the irs's ability to check and make sure it's a legitimate recipient and it's a legitimate tax refund. and it's a legitimate individual. they can do that. i think any legitimate taxpayer would sacrifice two or three days to know their names are not hijacked, their social security numbers are not being hijacked
10:49 pm
and they are not going to fund some thug who will use that money for more criminal activities. we need the irs to get off the bench. it's an epidemic. if they don't get involved, our hands are tied behind our back? >> this gives rock 'n roll a new meaning aa giant boulder changes the landscape. how cow would you like to live like a king? now you can, the king of pop's house just went on
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>> here's the best of the rest. an ohio neighborhood get ace big scare when a giant boulder goes rolling down the hill from a hilltop and aimed straight for several houses. residence ran outside and -- yes, just in time. no one was hurt. but it did deal a crushing blow to one house and two cars and took out power and water liance. heavy rains are probably the cause of the rock slide. how would you like to live in michael jackson's old house? now you can. but it has a big price tag. the california house where jackson died was up for sale. he was representing it for $100 thousand. but you can buy it for a whopping $23.9 million, 17,000
10:54 pm
square feats, 13 bedrooms and a pool, a guest house is included. a majority celebrity's expected to lock at the estate tomorrow. there is a mystery in -- where else -- wisconsin. it's a weird noise. loud booming noises have been rousing people from bed. it's been happening for several nights. right now, no one can figure out where the mysterious booms are coming from or why they are happening. clintonville officials have set up audio and video recorders to capture the booms, but they came up empty. now they will try to use vibration detection. residents describe it as sounding like thunder or fireworks. so the mystery goes on. coming up, your last call. why did ron paul turn down secret service protection? probably not the reason you think. but we are going to show you. but we are going to show you. that's [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
10:55 pm
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two of the most important are energy security aneconomic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project icanada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash the studio lights, it's time for last call. congressman ron paul sits down with jay leno and telling his secret autos paul the candidate reveals code names, i think code name for romney was javelin, santorum, i know you don't have secret service names. what would your secret service code name be? >> bull dog. >> i think i know why you don't need protection. i saw what happened when you confronted a gentleman. take a look, here. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. make sure you go to greta people are really mad at me. i'


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