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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  March 24, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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luse -- louisiana is the focus wantful tonight you for watching on the busy primary night. chuckabee in 60 second and the time is now for voters in louisiana and the polls are closing and the republican presidential primary. 20 delegates will be named after the contest and more in the republican convention. this is the key. it could come down to perception and the winner in louisiana could claim to have momentum after tonight. while we wait the numbers. we have exit numbers to show you. voters who want a candidate to beat president obama go for romney. according to the same voting.
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conservative go to santorum, far behind paul and newt gingrich . romney last with five percent. i am harris faulkner. i will see you with updates throughout the night. now huckabee. >> tonight on huckabee. >> the president's budget is putting us on a path of a debt crisis. we propose to ge our budget on a sustainable path. >> paul ryan said it can reverse the spiral. tom price on the republican's proposal. >> and 26itates taking obama care to court with supreme court hearings. texas attorney general greg abbott makes the argument for overturning the rule for buying insurance mandatory. bleep) >> a powerful film about a problem in america schools and
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one kid had the guts to speak out. alex libby and his parents tonight. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> thank you very much and what a great audience full of life and energy. we are live from new york. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios. first of all i want to begin with a special announcement. former vice-president cheney is recovering from heart transplant surgery that took place outside of washington d.c. in a hospital in virginia. our thoughts and prayers go to former vice-president cheney and his family. we are grateful for the medical procedure that makes this possible. that happened earlier today. president obama said a president can't do much about the cost of fuel and promotes green energy. i am all for green energy and
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also for common sense. we are not closer to green energy thanks to the corrupt cronyism of handing half billion to the white house for a solyndra solar plant so they could build a nice build give bonuses to the executive and shut it down. that left big shots with green cash and the taxpayers got nothing green but the grass and weeds at the plant. the president is wringing his hands about why he can't do anything about the high cost of gas and tralking about using algae instead of oil. if he jets around on air force 1, it is not algae but jet fuel. at cost of an hour $200,000, yeah, an hour. i don't expect the president to flyy coach on delta and
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hole up in the white house. i want him to quit acting like oil and gas is our enemis and open our own spick on thes of our own energy capacity. i am tired of held hostage by middle eastern oil sheiks getting richer and merrence are getting poorer. for one. i would like to recommend he fly on a new start up airlines that my grandson launched this week. he got his pilot's license and he's ready and learning to talk in the head set and tell everyone to get all out of the way when he lands the plan . if the president is not ready to fly with grandson chandler. go to the water way tug boat named the governor mike huckabee it was kristened in new orleans. founder of blesy marine could
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teach the president about free enterprise. that is walter and his wife in the background and aptain marti crel. one in the tan shirt. he launched it in 1978 on the kitchen table with one employee, himself. and walter has built the company in a model of corporate conscious. by sharing profits with 700 people who work for him and built a government not on government hand outs but on hard work and integrity in deal customers and doing a business with a hand shake instead of a room full of lawyers. companies like blessy marine don't need president obama to bail them out. but if you are travelogue the river and you see captain marti crel and the crew, give them a wave and a salute and know they are creating jobs one nautical mile at a time .
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by the way, they are doing it without the government bailing out their boat or business. [applause] that's my view. i would love to hear from you. you can reach me at click on the fox news feed back and go to the facebook page and sign up for the facebook page and follow me on twitter and by the way, my book, a simple government, new york times best seller and available in paper back. if you found it was too heavy in the hard back, get the lighter version and up date and i hope you get it >> last time the senate passed a budget was on april 29th, 2009. do the math? that is three years that congress worked with no budget and yet the country is going deeper in debt. this year, paul rhine proposed a bold plan to get spend
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nothing check and some of what he's proposing is causing controversy even in the budget committee itself. joinning us from atlanta is congressman tom price who serves on the house budget committee. [applause] >> great to be here governor. >> we'll talk about the budget, it is had controversy. largely because i don't think many democrats want to support it. but tell me what does the budget do that americans ought to like? >> guest: as you know the depth in this country is stifling the economy and threatening our future, so much so that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said it was not a national security problem in terms of military that concerned him, it was the debt. that was the largest concern as it relates to national security. quee have to get our spending under control. we believe it is irresponsible not to put forward a budget.
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we can't understand why the senate will not put on paper what their priorities are. our proprietaries are to decrease spend reinvigorate the economy and allow the taxpayers to keep. and saving and reforming the programs that are driving the largest portion of the debt. medicare and medicare and social security. we believe there are wonderful way to solve these things. we wish the other side of the aisle would join us. >> mike: the chart is startling. if we continue on the current conjectory and this is what happens to the debt versus the economy versus congressman ryan and the committee's plan. there is the green to get back to the budget and takes to 2040. but describe what happens if we don't do something bold.
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>> the gray on that chart on the left side of the chart is the amount of debt as it relates to the gross domestic product that we have had from 1940 to now. the red is the president's budget and current plann that the president has in order to get the economy rolling. as you can tell and viewers and folk in the audience that will kill us as a country. we believe that there are and positive ways to solve green on the chart is an responsible way to get us on the path to balance . allow us over a significant period of time and allows us to pay off $15 trillion in debt that this country has. >> mike: the house may pass this but in all reality harry reid will not let it get near the senate floor.
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>> guest: i think you are right, governor. he wouldn't pass the last one and i doubt he will pass this one. the republicans are the minority party in washington. we have the majority in the house of representative. it is our responsible to gov yern imperative to put forward a budget so american people know that adults are standing up trying to do what is necessary for company. we are the minority in washington because we don't have the senate and white house. we have to provide the contrast and american people say we believe there are folks fighting hard as they can to solve the challenge in a positive way and their job, american people's job to send more people to washington who will allow that to happen. there >> mike: simplify the the tax code and i wish you well. and i would love to see the other side, the republicans get a majority in the senate
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so it would get to the senate for. >> guest: thank you, gov goch. appreciate it and great to have you here. >> mike: supreme court is hearing argument that is the federal health care law is unconstitutional. texas attorney general greg abbott is here to explain why. and later, how many times have we hear stories of kids taking their own lives because they were tormented at cool. maybe you and your grandchildren were on the receiving end of the bluster. there is a documentary who follows kid exercise you will not believe what you are going to see tonight. hen we come back, stay with us . ohhh my head, ohhh.
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[ male announcer ] remember when you were a kid? you ked getting dirty and building things. there were no limits -- yocould move mountains. the john deere 1 series subcompact tractor -- the way grownups move mountains. and with auto-connect implements, it's the eiest tractor to use yet. what will you create? learn more about the easy-to-use 1 series tractor at [applause] >> mike: on monday president obama's health care law goes on trail - trial.
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they are challenging the man date of the law that requires american to have to purchase health insurance. ag's say that is unconstitutional. one of them is attorney general greg abbott from texas it is great to have you here. [applause] >> mike: i know you concern with me the concern for vice-president cheney as he recovers from a health transplant. >> guest: we wish him the best. >> mike: you have to do your job from a wheelchair and you are able to do that. tell us about the powerful personal journey and health care law. >> guest: i was jogging while a tree fell on me . it crushed my spinal cord and left me paralyzed. i learned something that lies in the heart of all americans and human beings . we find that our lives are not
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defined how we are challenged but how we respond to the challenge . if you rely -- >> guest: with faith and family. i was able to piece my life and run state wide in itate the size of texas. it shows it doesn't matter what your physical challenges are if you are truly committed to what you are doing and committed to god you can do this? >> mike: you are one of the most popular andective public officials and you will be with your colleagues in the supreme court this week; what is the biggest issue that you hope the court will pay attention to in regards to obama care. >> guest: i am proud of my fellow state ag's. half of the states are suing our country because our country did something that they never did before from the time of george washington
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through the time of george bush. never has congress passed a law compel forcing all americans to go out and purchase a product. in this instance usesing the constitution to force everyone to purchase health care insurance. we can do a better job with health care and insurance. but congress can cannot trample the constitution to achieve the noble goal. that's what congress did. [applause] >> mike: one of the questions, i have politically. the polls overwhelmingly show they want it repealed. but talk about the legal realit i. how likely do you think that the supreme court will overturn part or all of obama care when they take the case. >> guest: there is solid reasons why the supreme court can rule that obama care is unconstitutional . in doing so they will uphold the decision we got. state attorney generals we won
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in the trial court and court of appeals and all we need is the supreme court to affirm that. one, it is unprecedented. never before in the history of the country is there a law like this. the supreme court doesn't have to overturn anything to uphold the law. and unlimited in scope. there will not be a dividing line to limit congress going forward. if they can make you buy health insurance they will make you buy water, food shelter and clothing. >> mike: that will be the next thing that congress will past. >> guest: the law is unnecessary. congress wanted address the problem, they had a constitutional way of doing it through tax and spend authority and not any idea there but could have done it in a another way. and they chose an unconstitutional path to achieve a goal that may otherwise to have merit. one last thing you brought up
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first. it is unpopular and majority of americans dislike it, and they think it is unconstitutional. and the court is not striking down something that is strongly embraced by americans. the court will be on the side of the americans and rule with the states. >> mike: you have a front row seat. we'll keep greg abbott. his state is in the city of the voters id controversy and i want to talk about that. and so he will be here to do that right after this.
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>> mike: i am back with attorney general greg abbott
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from texas. we'll get to voters id. the issue of a voters id. texas passed a law that would show a video id to vote. federal department stomped on you and said no. what is the status of that and why do they object to the texas law? >> guest: it is stunning, just four years ago united states department of justice was in favor of voters id laws and filed a brief pending before the united states supreme court saying that voters id laws were perfectly constitutional . now the department of justice is against the photoid law in the state of the texas. eric holder said texas hasn't shown justification. i have 50 convictions for voters fraud and some voting for dead people and twice in an election. >> mike: that's highway i got
5:24 pm
elected. [laughter] >> guest: voters fraud is real and united states supreme court ruled that voters id laws are constitutional and texas believes it has the same right other states have to require a voters id. >> mike: i tried to ask democrats and i am sincere. i don't want to keep anybody who is legal to vote from voting. i don't want to do anything to supriss the vote and i don't think you do either. are there specific thing that is the justice department pointed out that would create voters suppression. >> guest: it was a concern that was addressed by the supreme court that it may suppress votes in the minority. the supreme court said it is not discrimnatory and look at the state minor voters turn out increased and not
5:25 pm
decreased. >> mike: really. we don't ever hear that? >> guest: of course you will not hear it. we make it simple. we don't even require for seniors or disabled. if you don't have a photoid, we'll give you one. there is no excuse or question when you carb your check or go to a bank and fly an airplane can't be require to show one to vote. >> mike: sounds like the state of texas is in big trouble with the federal government. we hope you win all of them. >> guest: thank you very much, governor. >> mike: up next, cameras followed alex libby to see what was happening to him in school. every day from the moment he left the house. his story in just a moment.
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i will break your adams apple and kill you. >> his story is in a new documentary called bully. we'll talk to alex and the film maker and alex when we come back. do not miss this. [ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s.
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i am harris falker. we are minutes away from the polls closing in louisiana. gop presidential primary under way. exit information coming forth. conservative votersses backing santorum and giving him 50 to romney 26 percent. but mitt romney winning among the voters who identify them as moderates and getting 38 percent and rick santorum 33 percent. and earlier a late surge by mitt romney is still possible.
5:30 pm
louisiana with 46 delegates to give. and 20 with the candidates and remain maineder a state convention in quube. rick santorum is awaiting primary results. i am faulkner and now back to huckabee. if you would like to comment on tonight's show e-mail us. >> mike: do you know what is happening when you send your child off to school and would you know if they're picked on and harassed. bullying is a big source of violence . some kids are too afraid to tell parents and teachers and some of them commit suicide because they can't bear to spend one more day in school. their stories are shown in a new documentary called bullied. >> it is so uncomfortable.
5:31 pm
>> i feel all nervous going to school. i like learning, but i have trouble making friends. he said he was a geek. and some people told him he was worthless and go hang himself . enough was enough. >> the perkins boy just len years old desperate enough to take his own life. >> they trangle me and take things from me. and that is enough. >> he's not safe on the bus. >> i have been on the bus. they are good as gold. >> the last boy is alex lib yenow 15 years old and he and his parents join us from oklahoma city . here in the studio film maker of bully. lee is with me. thank you for being here . jackie and philip from
5:32 pm
oklahoma city thank you for joining us. lee, i want to begin with you. this was not a professional project that you wanted to do artistically. you were a victim of bullies when you grew up. and tell us what happened to you and why the project was so personal. >> my bullying was violent and physical. and it was sort of elementary and middle school and i couldn't get home without getting beaten up . kids would way wait for me and my dad fought in world war ii. he had a attitude of toughen up. you will get there it and kids will be kids . i want to give a voice to the family and to these kids so there would not be argument about is bullying bad and rite of passage. now we can talk about it >> and we need to talk about it. this film is a gut punch to every parent and teacher and school board member and every
5:33 pm
grandparent in america. jackie and philip, i want to ask why did you consent to be a part of something like that? it is emotional for you, but jackie, just explain what went in to you and philip's decision to be a part. >> they aproachhed us. we had been having a lot of problems with alex. he was depressed and with drawn and no longer participated in family activitis and had no weigh wanted to know what was wrong with him . he would follow him at times when we weren't able to and we hoped he could tell us what was wrong even if it was us and times it is you. but as an outsider maybe he could have said this is what
5:34 pm
you are doing wrong and why he is so sad which turned out is what happened. >> alex, i want to tell you how much i admire you. you are a extraordinary brave young man and put up with more than most of us could have imagined. when these kids were being so unfair and unkind and vicious to you. how did it make you feel inside every day when you went to school? >> it made me fale inside that i just didn't that i upon didn't have like a way out. i didn't tell my parents,
5:35 pm
until lee came along because i was embarrass we had just moved here. and so i wanted to make them feel like they made the right choice. >>iacy, when you saw some of the video and how your son was treated in school. kids punch hitting him and calling him the most horrible names in clear view of a camera and you saw that, what was the first reaction as a mother when you saw your son getting this kind of treatment at a school. >> my first reaction. i balled i literally bawled. i couldn't stop crying. it is hard to explainn when you got the answer that you are looking for and think this is all i want. this is my answer. this is not the answer i wanted.
5:36 pm
we felt ashamed that we didn't know that we were forcing him to go every day. cthat we were punishing him for missing the bus and he was not telling us. and so we just thought we were right and he was being irresponsible. >> you went to the principal and talked to the school principal and said my son is being bullied and her reaction said no, the kids on the bus are golden. tell me what your reaction was when you didn't feel you were getting any real traction with the school officials and they did not pay attention to you? >> well, we felt bullied. she wasn't listening to me at all. i was desperate. i think it shows in the film. i wanted her to do something. she was not interested in what i had to say.
5:37 pm
>> i want people to see it. this is the exchange that you had with the principal on tape. >> you send your kid to the school with the assumption that they are in the care of being safe and i don't feel like that he's not safe on the bus. it is hard. and you know what, this was my day on thursday. this is my grand daughter and new baby brother. i would be sitting there crying like you if anything happened to the kids. this is my new baby. huh . >> there seemed to be a disconnect and in fairness to the cool official. they hear parents say things are happening to the kids and i do understand that. but in this case it was really happen it was one of the shocking things. >> i am sorry, she saw the footage and she knew what was
5:38 pm
happening and she was shown the footage. >> mike: there was no excuse for that. >> none. she wanted us to go away. >> mike: i will keep you here. this message is so important for every american. bully will get an r rating and petition to get it changed so kids have seen the film. it ought to be available as many people who can possibly see the film. don't restrict it. we want to talk with lees when we come back, stay with us.
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how come the bullies are not for the death of this proficiency child. >> mike: we are back. we are talking about upcoming documentary bullied. if it is playing near you go see it and is when it comes out on dvd. i will buy copis and my children who are grown and starting their families will get a copy of this. i want kid and parent to see it before the kids go to school and get in this kind of trouble. we are visiting with lee and we have jackie and alex and philip libby out of the oklahoma. alex was followed a lot in the
5:43 pm
film. alex, i told you how proud i am of you for the courage. you are in a new school and your family moved from the place you were bullied and are things better for you now and you are feeling better with life? >> yes. i mean, it has gotten so much better and i have tons of friend and have good grades. so. >> mike: i am so glad. no one deserves to be treated like you were. and i am so grateful that your parents showed a lot of courage and made a sacrifice to move and put you in a school that you would be respect treated with dignity and a citizen of worth . i want to say thanks to jack yephilip. again, your courage as a mother and father. this movie is rated r and i don't understand why.
5:44 pm
i watched it and i have seen on television that are far worse. i know it is parent for you to try to get the motion picture association to change that rating. is that likely to happen? >> chris: i >> guest: the petition has shy of 600,000 signatures and started by a girl from ann arbor, michigan 17 years old and herself a victim of bullying. i can't go further without thanking you for regular me here and this family and giving honor to the stories and really it means the world to me. >> mike: you are kind to say that. [applause] >> mike: i tell you, the libbies are my hero and the other families that are depicted on the film because they open themselves up to america and show us things that are going on. as a director, what was the
5:45 pm
toughest moment you had. we saw this stuff and yet, you couldn't reach in it and stop it you saw things happening to alex and there was a point that you finally had to step in. >> guest: there was no conversation we decided to take the footage to the school and family. and i want to say something about the school. it took a lot of courage for them to let us make the film. really. most schools would say absolutely not we don't have a bullying problem. and they allowed the film and stood by it. and that was a extraordinary act. but these families, the toughest part being with the families that lost their kids. there's nothing else that can prepare you for that. >> mike:ip - i found that overwhelming. they were taughted and chase
5:46 pm
harassed and just beaten down until they decided that life was no longer. one kid was told to go hang yourself and he did it and then kids mocked him after he was dead by coming to school with nooses aroundd their neck. you just wonder how can people be so cruel? it is hard to imagine >> guest: cruel as they are. i believe we have the capacity to change. and i believe that kid and adults can see this film and talk about it by exactly what we are do being and make the choice to say i will look out for that person and stand up. i am going to act on behalf on someone that is being bullied. and that is everyone's capacity. see ty smally. he was 11 years old after being buried. his father said something that
5:47 pm
truly to get to me. >> we are simple people. we are nobodies. i guarantee you, if a politician kids did this and he was picked on in a public school, there wanting a law tomorrow and changes made tomorrow . you know, we are nobody. but we love each other and we loved our son. >> mike: you know, what smally said that they are nobody. that is not true. they are somebody. somebody just like the rest of us who loved their children and thought they sent their kid to school the kid would be okay. after all, they are paying tax dollars and the school would be a place once they walk through the doors, they would be. 13 million kids are not okay. they are harassed and bullied and like ty, they take their
5:48 pm
lives. this can't go on without americans speaking out. it doesn't matter if you are liberal or conseshative or republican or democrat. it is an inexcusable situation. no american child will be a school. they are chasing him down and giving him this kind of bullying. my heart felt thanks go to the parents and all of these children that are willing to let us hear these stories and then thank to lee heard. get the movie bullied and be sure to watch it when it come to a theater near you. it is life changing for you and your children . i hope this country will never allow it to go forth. the movie is bully, make sure you watch it. we'll be right back . mcallen, texas.
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>> mike: it is called bring it on home. joining me now joanne osborne. great to have you here. welcome.
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night and god bless, i am mike huckabee. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is lois. the day starts with arthritis pain... a load of new listings... and two pills. after a morning of walk-ups, it's back to more pain, back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills. sealing the deal... when, hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol.
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