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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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gets my attention right away. please, always remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight, we have new information out of florida regarding the tragic shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. wofl in orlando, got an exclusive interview with zimmerman's father, robert. he says his son followed trayvon to give a cross street for his location. here's what his father says happened next. >> he went to the next street, realized where he was and he was walking back to his vehicle. it's my understanding that at that point trayvon martin walked up to him, asked him, do you
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have a [bleep] problem? george said, no, i don't have a problem. and started to reach for his cell phone. at that point, he was punched in the nose, his nose was broken and he was knocked to the concrete. trayvon martin got on top of him and just started beating him -- in the face, in his nose, hitting his head on the concrete. >> and did trayvon martin say anything to your son as this was going on? >> umm... after nearly a minute of being beaten, george was trying to get his head off the concrete, trying to move with trayvon on him, into the grass. in doing so, his firearm was shown. trayvon martin said something to
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the effect of you're going to die now or you're going to die tonight, something to that effect. he continued to beat george. and at some point, george pulled his pistol and... did what he did. >> sean: joining me is one of the martin family attorneys, darrell parks. mr. park, thank you, sir, for being with us. >> good evening. >> sean: appreciate it. look, any time we have a 17-year-old young man killed, it's a tragedy. i think we all agree with this. and our thoughts and prores, i want to communicate to you, go out to the family. let me ask you this, are we at a point where there has been a rush to judgment? in other words, you know, vinoticed some of your comments and you said that you want mr. zimmerman arrested. you want him charged. but do you know the full
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circumstances, do you leave open the possibility as robert zimmerman talks about the story that his son told him about what happened that night, but maybe there are factors you don't understand, not having been there? >> that's always a possibility, mr. hannity. however, in this situation, we have several things we know to be true. we have a 911 tape where he says he's following the young man. he is suspicious for no reason. the operator tells him not to get out of his car. he gets out of his car. he is chasing him. we hear him breathing very hard. he engages trayvon. now we know, as late as today that we have a witness who was an eyeball witness who saw mr. zimmerman on top and saw him shoot trayvon on the bottom. and we have mr. zimmerman saying, yes, i did shoot him. now, whether or not he is guilty
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or not is not the issue when it comes to arresting someone. he should be arrested. and a court of law decide whether or not he's guilty or innocent. >> sean: i understand that. but we also had a witness that was there and available that first night and he has a very contradictory statement. his statement was that he saw trayvon on top of mr. zimmerman and pounding his heads into the concrete and into the cement. just to -- just to point out one other thing is that according to zimmerman's side, he was walking back to his car when he said he was confronted, in fact, by trayvon. and so obviously, we have -- we have conflicting stories here. >> mr. hannity, when you have conflicting statements in any situation, right? we have enough for probable cause. i think no one can refute that. so what, we have conflicting statements. he should be arrested. we go to court and let the court decide -- >> sean: you are talking a witness that came out today. but the police spoke to the one
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eyewitness that night that said he saw trayvon on top of mr. zimmerman, pushing his head into the ground, his injuries with a broken nose and lacerations to the back of his head were consistent, were they not, with the story that the eyewitness was talking about? >> well, we have something to contradict that. now we see pictures of mr. zimmerman -- >> sean: what is that? >> the pictures from the sanford police department when the cruiser is in the bay, mr. zimmerman gets out of the vehicle. we see him get out. we don't see any blood on the shirt -- >> sean: hang on -- he was treated by a medic, was he not? at the scene? >> he claims to have blood all over his body. do you see any blood on his shirt? >> sean: the daily caller appeared to show an injury to the back of the head. either he had a broken nose or he didn't have a broken nose -- there was another witness that came out, fox 13 in orlando,
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interviewed a woman who said that the blood was -- was all over the place and that she saw the injury to -- mr. zimmerman's face? >> well, if she said there was blood all over the place, we can look at the frame and determine -- >> sean: how do you know he didn't change his clothes? he was treated by a medic. do we know if he changed his clothes? >> if he changed his clothes, mr. hannity. we have a real problem. >> sean: why's that? >> it's evidence in a murder case. >> sean: that doesn't mean that the clothes were not given to the police. we don't know. we know that -- we also know there were green stains on the back from grass from the back of mr. zimmerman's shirt. here's my point. this is what is very concerning. i don't know what happened here. i just think this is a tragedy. i have almost thought from the beginning, if you listen to the 911 call, you hear the comments of mr. zimmerman and he says,
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uh-oh, he in his mind -- right or wrong -- it appears it was wrong -- thought he saw somebody he didn't recognize in the neighborhood, a neighborr neighborhood that had experienced crime. he talked about, quote, acting strange, reaching for a waistband. so in his mind, he thought there was some threat. secondly, have you trayvon, i can understand from his point of view, probably thinking who is this guy looking at me? who is this guy on the phone, maybe following me? you know, i can see where both sides at least emotionally, mentally had a very different perspective of what was going on, which could lead to an horrific tragedy and in this case, the death of an innocent kid. >> mr. hannity, please, back up a second. first of all, you see trayvon walking down the street with some skittles and an iced tea -- >> sean: he didn't see that. that's not what he said on the 911 tape. >> he said he was walking down the street.
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that's what he said. >> sean: well. >> sean: i'm only giving you both sides here. the zimmerman side is saying that george zimmerman told his father he was walking to the car and trayvon threatened him and confronted him and broke his nose and put the lacerations on the back of the head. are you denying that that's a possibility? >> let me take you back. okay. >> sean: you can take me back. but is that a possibility that trayvon broke his nose and pounded his head into the cement? is that possible. >> it's quite possible that he instigated the incident when he came out of the vehicle and became a vigilante -- >> sean: wait, wait. wherate proof of that. the other side is claiming the opposite. do you have evidence of that. >> yes! we have the tape that we provide to the police department from the young lady. we have phone records we
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provided -- >> sean: so that conversation was taped with trayvon and his girlfriend. so you have the conversation of the girlfriend saying he's confronting me right now. >> yes! >> sean: how do you explain the proximity of the confrontation, if in fact mr. zimmerman, relaying his son's story was that it literally took place as he was headed back to the car. >> well, we violate witness that came forward on a.c. 360 and said that he saw him and the altercation took place on the grass. >> sean: whoa. where was that witness a month ago? >> that's a good question. we continue to worry about all the evidence that continues to be linked against poor, dead trayvon -- >> sean: it's irrelevant to me about the school suspensions. that's not relevant to me at all in any way. i would say, the allegations of
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racism against mr. zimmerman, you have an hispanic american, who according to reports, tutored young frps on the weekend. he does not seem to fit the profile of someone with racial antipathy. does he? >> i want to say this to all of america. we are not making this a racial issue. i think he was profiled, yes. we are past the issue. we know we have an issue that we all americans are dealing with, most african-americans accept that that is a challenge in life and we move on in life. in this situation, though, i think have you to give some credence to the girlfriend's testimony. >> sean: i agree. that's part of the puzzle. >> we have the phone records from 7:12 to 7:16. at 7:17, the police department is on the scene. mr. zimmerman should have stay in the vehicle ii agree with this. >> that would have never happened. >> sean: i agree. when the dispatch said that we don't need to you do that, i
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agree, he should have retreated. i have said that many times. the question that remains and is open is whether or not he was walking back to his car and whether or not trayvon confronted him or he confronted trayvon. and we don't know. we don't know -- >> yes, we do. >> sean: we don't know who screamed on the tape that we hear. we don't for sure -- both sides are claiming that it was one side -- one side says trayvon, one side says mr. zimmerman. the eyewitness from that night said it was trayvon on top of mr. zimmerman. you're claiming it was just the opposite with a brand-new witness that came out just tonight. >> let me ask thuhere. if we go to the 911 tapes, they are very clear on mr. zimmerman's words that he was following trayvon. you agree with that, correct? >> sean: oh, yeah, absolutely. >> okay -- >> sean: you can hear him out of breath. >> that makes him the instigator. in america, if you instigate an altercation of any sort, right? when in our life, if you
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instigate a fight with someone, you happen -- >> sean: following someone that you think may be a suspect because there is a rash of crimes in your neighborhood doesn't make you an instigator of a fight. >> but also, he never properly identified himself. he has no badge. he's a guy walking around with a 9 millimeter. he's a vigilante. >> sean: we are going to fine -- find out in time. i hope that it's fully investigated and i hope that people, including congress members stop rushing to judgment. there are both sides here. we were not there and we don't know the answers. hopefully, we will get to the truth and our thoughts and friends are with the family. thank you for being with us. >> we want him to have his day in court as well, sir. >> sean: we appreciate your time. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. irvetionr. >> sean: troubled obama supporters, the trayvon martin left an elderly couple fearing for their lives because of a hateful tweet.
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should president obama return the money that spike lee helped him raise. that and much, more on vetting the president tonight on "hannity." [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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spike lee tweeted the address of george zimmerman. but he erroneously blasted out an elderly couple's location, prompting death threats and hate mail. he finally apologized. we are learning that lee settle welted couple. now, according to their attorney, lee agreed to compensate them for their loss and the disruption to their lives. it is important to note that spike lee, like bill maher is a big obama supporter n. january, he held a fund-raiser for the president at his house that netted him $1.6 billion. now, in light of the president's position and lectures on civil discourse, wouldn't returning the money that spike lee helped him to raise -- wouldn't that be the right thing to do? no pun intended. joining us now are tam raholder and de19virely, author of the book, black lash. tam ra, there has been a bunty on the head of george zimmerman.
6:18 pm
he has been talked about in congress on the house floor that he quote, executed somebody. that he hunted him down like a dog, without anybody knowing all the facts, with the one eyewitness that the police interviewed on the night of the shooting saying that in fact, it was trayvon on top of george zimmerman, pounding him, beating his head. he his lacerations, broken nose, confirmed by the police, in spite of the way the media portrayed this video. what was spike lee's intention here? what could possibly be his intention if he thinks he's giving out george zimmerman's address? >> well, i think it was a stupid, stupid decision -- >> sean: what do you think his intention was? there was a bounto george zimmerman's head by the black panther party. what do you think the intention of spike lee was. >> spike lee is not a violent person. i think his intention was for people to voice their opinion in front of the house -- >> sean: to go to george
6:19 pm
zimmerman's house he just was saying, go to this address and voice your opinion? that was what -- >> kifinish?! >> sean: go ahead. >> okay. thank you. i think it was a stupid decision. i said so. i think that wearing hoodies on the floor of congress is stupid. i think the blacks are making this more of a racial issue than it should be. we need to, in america, discuss white, black, hispanic, whatever you want to call george zimmerman, we need to discuss racial tension and violence -- and violence -- >> sean: but three no evidence -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: maybe it will show up later. when you talk about -- when you give the address of somebody, when there is -- first of all, where is erec holder! there is a bounto somebody's head. how about arresting the people who put a bount oat guy's head. >> what spike lee did was
6:20 pm
absolutely wrong. but look at the fact that we have president obama -- now, i have written about this in black lash. we have a president who has frozen racial tension in our country, instead of thawing it. based on the comments that trayvon would look like him. what president obama needs to do is reset the tone. he needs to come out and say we are a nation of rules and laws and want a nation -- >> sean: where is erec holder? how long has this bounty been out there? why aren't these guys arresting? >> with the new black panther party in 2008, when they were intimidating voters in philadelphia. the you have that and the cambridge police -- >> sean: they acted stupidly. >> that's right. we need to hold these people abilitiable. president obama came out today and he was criticizing the fossile fuel industry. he could say, we need to stop this and let them -- >> sean: members of congress --
6:21 pm
they are talking about, well, this is an constitution. they are declaring this a murder. this is a hate crime. all of this without -- you know, why have a trial at this point, considering members of congress, lawmakers don't believe in the rule of law or the presumption of innocence. yet, we have an eyewitness saying that trayvon is on top of him, beating zimmerman. >> we have a monopoly of a communication effort in the black community. we have the liberal black establishment, who has this echo chamber of the same message. this is why i am saying a direction needs to come from the top. president obama needs to put a lid on this powderkeg because things had have the potential to escalate. they already have -- >> but he's not going to. president obama is not going to -- >> sean: why. >> he has no cajones. he had the opportunity and instead, he had a beer in the back yard. i have voted for obama as i have said many times --
6:22 pm
>> he needs to step up and be a leader -- >> wait! let me finish! he has had every opportunity to do soa. the black community is just as upset with him as the white community. he has an opportunity. you brought up bill maher. president obama should have said, saying things about sarah palin, saying things about the left or the right or any woman -- >> sean: any time he has an opportunity to speak out about civility, when it's a conservative, he does. he will take bill maher's money. he will take spike lee's moan. i think it's time for the president -- he needs to use the phrase sister soldier moment. another opportunity, another window has closed. an opportunity blown, i think, for the president -- >> even as he did -- >> very important time by distancing himself from radical statements and radical comments by members of his own party and supporters of him and financial contributors. >> will he allow jesse jackson, al sharpton to allow this to go on and continue what they are
6:23 pm
doing? or is he going to step up and be a leader? >> coming up, we are going to examine the irresponsible treatment in the media, in terms of coverage of the trayvon martin case. checking in later with his beloved health care bill on life support. president obam amembers of his administration, they are in hiding. we am examine what the supreme court arguments and decision could mean for his re-election campaign. that and much more coming up on this edition of "hannity." [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for media mash. the mainstream media has been irresponsibly reporting on this trayvon martin tragedy. joining me to go through this, brent bozel. it is not just the media, but the halls of congress. let's look at some media, in sm comments, rush to judgment. watch this. >>tra trayvon was hunted down, like a rabid dog. he was shot in the street. he was racially profiled. >> just because someone wears a hoodey does not make them a
6:28 pm
hoodlum. >> i personally believe this is a hate crime. >> but next week, we are looking forward to getting 1 million for the capture of george zimmerman. >> jeb bush helped pave the way for this senseless tragedy. >> this investigation is raced raced -- is laced with racial profilingly, lies and murder. >> he was executed for w.w.b. in a g.c -- walking while black in a gated community. >> let's not play this double standard of trying to demonize who is dead. >> sean: you have nbc news. i wonder if they are proud tonight. on the other hand, then you have the lawmakers. members of congress. hunted down like a -- hunted like a rabid dog, shot in the street. racially profiled. forget the contradictory eyewitness testimony and everything else.
6:29 pm
your reaction. >> i think the public needs to be stunned at what is going on here. look, i don't know what happened. i don't know if this guy zimmerman committed this -- if he did, i hope they string him up. but the point is, we don't know. yet nevery single one of those quotes, that person somehow knew. then this is laced with dishonesty, the black panther saying they are going to put a bounty out for his capture,as those though he's on the loose. somebody has to stand up and say, these people are out of control. they have -- >> sean: a bountee where is there -- let's go to nbc news. now, they distorted zimmerman's 911 call. we are going to play the edited portion first. then we are going to put in what they missed, which give this is an entirely different meaning. this is what they did in a time when emotions are running very high in this country. >> this guy looks like he's up to no good.
6:30 pm
he looks black. >> did you see what he was wearing? >> yeah. a dark hoodie. >> this case drew national attention after 911 tapes from the night that george zimmerman shot and killed martin, an unarmed teenager. >> are you familiaring following him inr? >> yeah. >> okay. we don't need to you do. >> the police accepted zimmerman's statements at the scene as fact and never gathered any facts as to what happened then. >> this guy looks like he's up on no good or he's on drugs or something. it's raining and he is walking around, looking about. >> okay, is he white, black or hispanic? >> he looks black. >> sean: now. what they din the first one, it said he looked like he was up to no good. he looks black. but they forgot the question. how could nbc do this in good conscience, do that? >> sean, this isn't distortion
6:31 pm
or bias, this is an all-out falsehood by nbc news. let me say it again. a falsehood by nbc news. what they did was in the first clip, when you hear him say, he looks black, anyone watches that believes there are racial overtones to what this man did. how could you not? it goes with the narrative of the profiling. but they edited out the dispatcher asking him what does he look like? >> sean: he answered the questions. that's so distorting. >> but, sean, it's not distorting, it is advancing a falsehood -- it's worse. >> sean: let me go to george zimmerman's father, robert, interviewed by fox 13 in orlando, he brought up the political implications and brought up barack obama by name. let's roll the tape. >> i never foresaw so much hate come from this president, the congressional black caucus and the naacp, every organization
6:32 pm
imaginable is trying to get notoriety or profit from this in some way. but there is so much hate that i have never been involved in hate. george hasn't. it's really unbelievable. >> sean: we don't know what happened. but we do know that george zimmerman had a broken nose, lacerations in the back of his head and we also know that in this particular case that we have one eyewitness that the police talked to that night said they saw trayvon martin on to which zimmerman. so something happened here well beyond what the implications have been from the media and from activity vist who is are down there. >> the radical left has acted as judge, jury and executioner in this case. this is another moment. al sharpton never apologized -- he has to respond. every person who hung this person without knowing the facts
6:33 pm
has to respond -- >> sean: what about nbc news -- >> nbc news -- they are despicable in this. i am going to say it again. they outright advanced a falsehood on national television. they outright told a deliberate lie on national television. >> sean: it's sad. with emotions running high. the height of irresponsibility. thanks. and coming up, after three disastrous days inside the appreciate and with obamacare on life support, the president is in hiding when it comes to health care. that and much more, and our great, great american panel. we will go overs in the trayvon martin case and tapes that will shock you, coming up. if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like.
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>> >> sean: health care was the talk of washington and beyond. but for some reason the man who ran it through congress and into your home, he doesn't want to discuss the greatest domestic
6:38 pm
policy achievement in his administration. clinging to life support after three dismal days inside the u.s. supreme court, the president is looking to change the narrative in washington, d.c. so today, he took to the podium to do what he does best and that means use class war foreand demonizing big, bad oil companies and rascally republicans, straight ahead. watch this. >> today, members of congress have a simple choice to make. they can stand with the big oil companies or they can stand with the american people. on top of these profit, oil companies are also getting billions a year, billions a year in taxpayer subsidies. they can vote to spend billions of dollars more in oil subsid tow keep us trapped in the past or they can vote to end these taxpayer subsidies. as long as i'm president, i am betting on the future. today, the american people are going to be watching congress to
6:39 pm
see if they have that same fate. >> sean: it's funny, i didn't hear mention under the health care plan, americans can keep their doctor if they so choose. joining me with the strategy of diversion and how it talk about the pending supreme court decision and how it could impact the november elections, co-host of "the five." kimberly guilfoyle. when supreme court justices are laughing at your solicitor general and with all the time they had to prepare, they can't distinguish between a penalty and a tax and they have to be corrected and bailed out by sympathetic justices -- >> right. and give them examples of broccoli. i mean, we thought it was going to go pretty badly for the government t. went expoinentialliy worse than we anticipated. it wasn't a fair fight t. seem that the solicitor general, i feel for the guy -- it is not easy -- [overlapping dialogue] >> everybody's mocking him.
6:40 pm
even the left. >> sean: how do you feel for a guy when he had all of this time to prepare and, if you recall, the issue of a penalty in and a tax was a trap that obama himself fell into. >> he walked into it. this wasn't his plan, when he was running against hillary. i don't think he believes it. this wasn't his plan, this is pelosi's plan and they are getting clobbered. this is the most important, we spent 18 months with this, he promised it was going to bail everything out. it's a disaster, it's indefensible. and i think the justices laid out very good arguments of why it's unconstitutional. how do you say, my most important thing on the constitutional lawyer, allegedly, who taught law school, allegedly, basically, visomething that the supreme court's going to slap down -- >> sean: that's a great point. what about james carville's spin -- >> this is great. i welcome the fight. 65% of the country doesn't want this bill. you couldn't get the congress, even if huthe same congress
6:41 pm
again, you couldn't pass it. if they want to make it about this piece of legislation, they will lose and lose bad. >> the teflon left, what? slides right off. no, no -- kidding around. we weren't thinking that. we have other things up our sleeve, whisper, whisper, if we are given another four years. i think this is a disaster. they can spin it all ther all they want. they were clinging to this. this was their big achievement -- [overlapping dialogue] this is a mockery. this man is supposed to be a constitutional law expert. >> sean: isn't that the amazing part. and his own solicitor general was laughed out of court. >> it shows disregard for the constitution is the big problem, they should have seen it coming. that's the interesting part. let me ask you, add the economy, 47 million americans in poverty, millions more close to poverty. unemployment, chronic
6:42 pm
unemployment. record debt, $5 trillion in obama new debt. and you add the other issues on the side, trayvon martin case, for example. the president -- you know, spike lee does a fund-raiser. spike lee tweets the address of george zimmerman. he lectures the country about civility. he gets $1 million from bill maher. won't take a stand against either one. does that impact perception? >> it's divide and conquer. what we need to do, we need to have, like my partner here, be a good prosecuting attorney and indict the guy and make the case against him. day in and day out. >> sean: so in other words, our vetting of the president has to be from now until november? >> absolutely. every day, remind people, this is what he promised to be, the bipartisan president. he's been the most partisan president in my lifetime in 40 years. >> sean: she's your partner, but what am i? chopped liver? >> you are the master. this is your show. >> we are generous.
6:43 pm
>> she's a prosecutor. >> he's right -- >> sean: anything else you want to say about her that's great? >> a record that he has now, but it's so abysmal. name one success -- health care was the big beacon, the ray of hope. >> sean: i would say bin laden, but it wouldn't have happened had george bush not had his way with gitmo rendition, et cetera. >> let's take nothing away from the great navy seals. >> sean: but he did make a brave call. but we wouldn't have the intelligence -- the bush administration. >> it was through the cia intelligence and the programs. >> sean: well all right. >> while she's indicting him, is he going to dismantle the greatest military we have ever had. >> sean: and the medvedev moment. >> whisper. >> sean: let not your heart be troubled. our great, great, great american panel is next. [ male announcer ] this is lois.
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>> sean: he's a republican congressman from the great state of texas, the former vice-chair of the committee. scott brown. deidre imus. you have the longest introduction of anybody -- and your husband has been so rude to me in his emails. >> why do you take that out on me? >> sean: is there something wrong? >> if have you something going on -- >> sean: he writes emails,ac tacking me. is he happy that mitt romney is doing well? >> i think so. he likes romney. >> sean: then he yelled at me and said, i don't blanking want him now. wasn't he saying he wanted newt/palin. that was the latest for the past week. but now he's doing well. >> sean: do you think this is over? do you think the race is settled? is there any chance it goes to the convention? >> i don't know. i think it could. i am disturbed about a brokered convention. it's just a convention where
6:49 pm
have you one rote and somef somebody doesn't get enough, have you another vote. and then if they don't have enough, it's another. what's the difference of that and going around the country, please endorse me. >> sean: is it better that it's settled in june and want in august, that we know who the nominee is and they have time to raise money, prepare and campaign, rather than shortening up the cycle? >> sean, obama has a lot more money than any of our three republicans, or four, including ron paul. but all the money's being split going after the three different once. -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: do you think rubio should be the v.p.? >> i happening he would make a great v.p.? >> i do, too. i said that on your show a while ago. a lot of people have been saying that. >> sean: as a democrat, was there anybody that you most fear
6:50 pm
going up against, of the candidates that were running? >> no, i'm loving this. i think this will go deep into the fall. >> sean: do you like obama's 41% approval rate and. >> i mean -- >> sean: what's that. >> congress's approval rating is under 8%. so i don't think -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i think the american people are not happy with their elected officials, period. >> i agree. >> i think it's very difficult to beat barack obama. >> when you see that your opponent has up side-down numbers, more unfavorable than favorable, that's always excited me. wow! our opponent just went upside down and the numbers that came out yesterday, i saw, whoa! 50% unfavorable for mitt romney maybe it's better with independents. then, 52% unfavorable with independents. >> sean: but he's also been in a heated primary and i think that's going to calm down. >> sean, once it calms down and
6:51 pm
they zero in on one candidate, all of that money goes to one guy. >> one guy not vetted on andrew breitbart and drudge and here on obama -- >> hasn't been vetted! >> sean: no, no, no. he has not had his moment. every republican has had it. >> he has his moment for 3 or four years. the right-wing media and -- >> sean: right-wing media has been on barack obama before he ran for president. >> sean: okay. i can only -- >> he has been very vetted. >> sean: we are going to remind everybody of barack obama in his own words, so often and so consistently. you think he's been a good president. did you vote for him? >> i did not. >> sean: good for you. >> i voted for him. i think he's been a great president -- >> sean: $5 trillion in debt. >> that's all inherited from the bush administration. >> no,. >> sean: that's his debt. >> that was inherited. he had all the problems --
6:52 pm
>> sean: his budget, his stimulous, his health care. thank goodness for the stimulus. >> who knows where solyndra would have been and all the solar companies that are going broke, think of where they would be now. >> the obamacare is a big care. i am not for that manned's. there are other things i am for -- in that. >> sean:r. >> aren't you for pre-existing conditions -- >> we were willing to pass -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: you don't know what i am for. >> okay! then tell me! >> sean: i am for patient power, it's a great book. that is individual insurance accounts so that have you control of your own accounts, in your healthy years, it incentivizes -- >> answer the question. >> sean: catastrophic insurance is part of if. if you don't need health care, you get to build up an account and that's your money. how's that? >> what about if you don't have
6:53 pm
any insurance, people right now, and they have a pre-existing condition. they have cancer. what do do you? what would you do? >> sean: they get treatment. that's -- that's a fact. >> they are losing it right and left because of obamacare. if we don't get this ended, everybody's -- >> sean: more with our great, great american panel, straight ahead. [ female announcer ] here in california, our schools need help.
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>> sean: we continue with the great american panel. all right. here we have a bounty put on george zimmerman's head in the trayvon martin case. now -- then we have spike lee, who tweets out the address of george zimmerman, it turns out it wasn't his address i. okay, sean. you are jumping way ahead here -- >> sean: forks no, no. those are the sunder which he did it. >> listen, what would you do if this was your kid? if this happened to your kid, if trayvon was your kid, think about it, what would you do? wouldn't you want that person arrested? >> sean: you know what i would want. i want to know the truth is. >> that's the way you do it [overlapping dialogue] >> you are talking about vigilante justice. that's never good for anybody. >> this is my child and even being this child, i want him arrested. >> sean: but he was taken to police headquarters and an
6:58 pm
eyewitness that night said, craberative. he had a broken nose -- >> [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: kifinish he had lacerations and an eyewitness saying he saw trayvon on top of zimmerman. >> let a jury figure it out. >> that's right. that's the whole point. >> let a jury figure it out. >> that's what they need to do. >> he can use the defense. the law is there. let's go to trial. >> sean, again. >> first, you have to have a grand jury -- >> exactly. let's go to grand jury. >> they're tainting the whole process. >> you have to remember, his parents, think about being a parent. >> i understand. >> sean: it's a tragedy. i have said it a hundred times. but this goes deeper. somebody broke mihm zimmerman's nose. >> how do you know his nose is broken? >> how do you know all of this? >> sean: have you eyewitnesses that talked about it -- >> how do we know they are telling the truth? >> sean: i talked to a reporter that spoke to people --
6:59 pm
>> have you seen the x-ray? >> sean: they saw the broken nose -- >> how do you know it was broken! you saw it -- >> sean: you [overlapping dialogue] >> this should go in frontave grand jury. this is unbelievable. everybody saying all of this. >> sean: the police said it was broken. it's broken or it is not. >> but go through the court system! this is crazy! if you are want parents, to have him not arrested and to have this grand jury -- >> through the court system. yet you are demanding that he be arrested. you can have a grand jury investigation before the arrest. that's not uncommon. >> okay [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: doesn't bother you the bounto somebody's head, doesn't bother you -- >> because there hasn't been a process, that's why the people are upset. >> sean: putting a bounty i. i


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