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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 30, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>>shepard:çó now, $640 million reasons to upin and that is what people doing in new york alone, an estimated 22,000 mega millions ticks are being sold every minute. every point. imagine that happening. if 42 states and we are officially if lotto frenzy. the countdown to the jackpot starts now. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and the chance of winning is 1 and 176 million but that does not seem to be stopping then from wanting in. most people already have their lotty winning spent.
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>> a lot people i owe money to. they get paid for. >> get my car fixed. so men people i could help. >> first, i would pay off bills and probably get me a little condo. >> i would retire. >> do good thing for other people and not worry about money. >>neil: i even hear my crew is getting in on the act and someone here is saying to avoid these types of office pools especially it is dionne. >> brenham membership, here we come. mom, i will be able to bail you out jail. >>neil: you won't have to demand fox business network, these guys will be able to buy fox business network. a lot more. there is a goal. a lot more in a moment. but first to rick in the thick of it in new jersey. rick? rick: and the numbers are
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astounding. new york state selling $3 million in tickets each other. the odds are that someone at least one person will have the winning ticket, officials have told $200 million more tickets than they thought they would, they expected to tell $625 million tickets for the drawing alone. so the odds are there could be t complain and across the nation this have been long leans including in california, south of los angeles where people are lining up for their shot at this jackpot, despite the long odds, the largest in the history of lotteries in the world, chips. but the thing, the line was going around the building. go to >> a sure winner. the market, the dow chessing -- closing the best first quarter ever, the first we is seen since
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1988 up 8 percent the last three months. what is fueling this more certain surge? >>reporter: investors gobbled up financials and tech because they missed the early games and others believe the rally will continue and stocks bouncing back from a string of declines we saw early in the trading, putting the as back on track to close their strongest quarter in two years on a positive note on friday despite falling six of the last nine sessions the s&p 500 rose 12 percent, 12 percent this the first quarter, and the best start since 1998 in any given year and the index's best quarter since 2009 and the dow stellar gains were head by financial names with the best bank of america, rising 72 percent. j.p. morgan, valued at 38 percent higher and technology was hot and mike soft and
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american express and home depot round it out. technology was also very hot and we all watched it, apple shares surging, and they ranked among the losers, and, today, the maker of iphone stock rose 50 percent in the first quarter, the best quarter for apple in seven years and, also, consumer names were popular with investors with consumer spending rising the most in seven months. even as personal income rose only modestly. following the stellar first quarter the question is, what is next? investors will focus on the big employment report and, then, their attention will turn to earnings. so it should stay exciting. >>neil: thank you very much. ain't life a breach? more than 10 million mastercard and visa cards may have been compromised. and word the secret service is looking into this.
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an i.d. theft expert say the cardholders have reason to be worried. do we know what happened? >>guest: the buzz is that organized cream, possibly from latin america descent in new york were able to compromise an account potentially using knowledge-businesses questions and answers to get to bypass supreme court. >>neil: is if you can get through to that, what do you get access to? >>guest: witness you are in, depending on what level they entered through, they may have been able to actually put some type of a spyware on the system or had full administration criminal seeing what is passing through the servers and collecting that data. over the course of a month, depending on the size of the payment processor they could potentially have garnered millions and millions, and tens
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of millions of credit card numbers and data. >>neil: do they know if they have or been getting millions? >>guest: well, officially reports they are showing only numbers in the thousands, 50,000 or 60,000 or 80,000 but they saying somehow that it could be tens of millions. that being said, the amount of fraud that has been perpetrated so for in regard to the breach, that information is not disclosed. >>neil: so what do people do? >>guest: well, you have a credit card i have a credit card. you use it, you hand it off, to a cab driver and so on and when you give it out it is 59 -- at risk. even when you at home it is at risk. play it simple, pay close attention to the statements. i lock at ploy statements weekly online both at my bank and the credit card and make sure all
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the charges were authorized by let and you have 60 days to refute unauthorized charges so make sure in each bying cycle you look at every single charge and making sure you made the charge. >>neil: what about the notion of following the card? if you are at a vaunt and the weighter takes the card you are supposed to follow him to wherever he is going? >>guest: no, you cannot do that. overseas in europe they bring the payment terminal to you. in the united states they disappear. when they disappear there is not much you can do. so you can to the actually protect the card or the number but you can pay attention to your statements and, again, refute the charges if they were not made by you. >>shepard: all right, robert, good work, thank you very much. they pass add -- passed a law and now they are fuming over a supreme court justice's conduct.
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mike huckabee is seeing hypocrisy. ok, guys-- what's next ?
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>>neil: the supreme court today holding a key vote on the president's health care law. they took a show of hands. we know maybe how their sentiment is headed. but the final decision will not be months. the democrats are blasting justice scalia over this comment. >> what happened to the 8th amendment, you want us to go through the 2,700 pages? and do you really expect a court to do that? or do you expect us to give this function to our law clerks? is this not totally unrealistic we will go through this enormous bill, item by item, and decide each one? >>neil: democrats were blasting that statement but it got us thinking about this. remember this? >> i would like to know if either of you actually read the
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health care bill before it was passed? >> i don't think you want me to waste my time reading ofly word, because it is written in statutory language it takes a real, real, real expert to know what the heck it is. we hire experts. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what it is. >>neil: let me get this straight. democrats who created or passed the president's health care law they didn't have to read it but justice scalia does, and mike huckabee ... flummoxed. >>governor huckabee: i am. i love scalia. i duck hunts with him. he is a great guy with a tremendous sense humor. he came to arkansas and duck hunted. he is quite a good hunter and good shot. >>neil: your friends, supreme court justice ... i'm with bob
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the deli owner. >>governor huckabee: he has a great sense of humor. this not a surprise. i thought it was great because in its ensure he was pointing out the irony, a congress that didn't read it expecting a court to read it. i would like the congress to read the dog gone constitution. it would be noise if they would understand their job is to pass a budget but they will not get that done but they will pass a 0 health care bill that revolutionizes not just health care but the economy and not read it. >>neil: say it is shot down in young. you can read all sorts of things into it. the democrats are poised to say republicans torpedoed this and it is bush 4 all over again and that is the big issue, and their clay -- clairon call is to help
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everyone. >>guest: that is in the preponderance of american citizens liked the bill and it was popular but 70 percent believe it is unconstitutional and they want it over turned. it is not something the democrats will want to campaign on. fit was a popular idea why dent the president light is cake and trot it out last week on the second anniversary instead he shoved it away and his resolution secretary has changed all the language. it was interesting carney saying now, it was a bipartisan bill. really? no, it is not. and talking about how the republicans had a great deal of input and all nors the individual mandate. >>neil: governor, if it is shot down and, say, this national health care law is a debacle it will boomerang on romney because they will say if
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given the chance the courts would have said the seem about yours in massachusetts. >>governor huckabee: a big difference to have something at the state level that is constitutional in that state and have something at the federal level that imposes upon the states. that is the fundamental difference. romney doesn't have a problem. he could have a problem philosophically defending an individual mandate but not the constitution los angeles issue the feds have because what they were doing was stepping all over the 10th amendment to get where they did get. >>neil: you were the vice presidential running mate that is how you would handle it? >>governor huckabee: you would say you tried something, some parts worked some didn't but why impose something on 50 states would have not decided if they want it. >>neil: governor, thank you very were. and his health show is tomorrow night the give is on fire. does this president, this president, have it worse than
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>> a state of war has existed between the up and the japanese empire. >>neil: okay. world war ii. depression. do you think fdr has it easier than president obama? vice president biden thinks so telling a crowd and i quote, "no president in the 20th century including the 21st century has had as many serious problems." roosevelt faced more dire consequences but in a bizarre
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way it was more straightforward. no idea what those remarks made but presidential historian looked into this and slightly disagrees. >>guest: that is right. vice president biden is exaggerating a little bit. and we see that on both sides of the aisle. but it is hard to make a case that what has been on president obama's desk has been first instance. when you look at the great depression, we reached 25 percent unemployment at the height, a quarter of the population. today we are looking at 8.3 percenten him. far different scale. so that doesn't make the vice president's case. >>neil: why would saying something that he knows is just laughably off the mark, and say what you will of fdr and the times he inherited but he did come into the middle of a bad mess taking nothing away from this president and what he came
1:21 pm
to, both the financial melt down, very serious, what have you but is this even a comparison? >>guest: well, it is really difficult to compare. if you want to look at scale and proportion it is very challenging to make that comparison. certainly we have been living in difficult times. unemployment has affected my family. it is difficult to get through a great recession. but, scale wise it is very hard to make that case. >>neil: why do you think he is making it? why is the vice president assuming he is still assures of being on the ticket, assuming that is still on, why, why, why make such a comparison? to remind people of what a mess the 39 had because he keeps mentioning that, even now, what? what is the upside? >>guest: that is probably why, to show how bad things have been by making this comparison and saying we have been dealing with
1:22 pm
things that have never been dealt with before a way to bolster the case my guy is up to the job and has backbone that can do it and that is probably why he is making some of these comments. >>neil: but it is more intrinsic going on? we know things are not great and the recovery isn't robust, but it is a hell of a lot better than what we had, and what they are trying to say to remember what we had, this is better than what we had. is that the idea? >>guest: that is, perhaps, the idea. to try to say, hey, fdr had more straightforward consequences and we don't. you look at history, things when you are in the middle of something, you can't see the future. and it is easier to look back at history and say that was easier and that was more straightforward and today it is more complex but it is always complex. it was complex for fdr.
1:23 pm
it was complex for ford, president obamas when he was so, by just trying to bolster his guy and saying he is the one, he can win the next election. >>neil: thank you for your expertise. my next guest says romney should be loving what is going on. ♪ when you clap your hands for the ryan plan ♪ ♪ that's amore ♪
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>>neil: paul ryan endorses romney and democrats wait little time. ♪ that's amore ♪ when paul ryan gives props to romney's chops ♪ ♪ that's amore >>neil: launching the ad four days ahead of the wisconsin primary. will this help or hurt his chances? my guest says it can only help. how so, larry? >>guest: wisconsin is coming up on tuesday, neil, and paul ryan i would say is one of three
1:28 pm
most prominent republicans in wisconsin and probably the only one whose endorsement could help romney on tuesday. so, it is a big plus for wisconsin and that is still, while romney should win it, it is city competitive enough romney needs the help. but for the general election, look, neil, this is no way that romney is beginning to win this election running a stand pat campaign he has to define big, sharp differences with the obama administration and focus the voters on them. while the national debt, the budget, all of the related issues, that is a great way to sharpen the distinctions. >>neil: when you get a reminder in an ad like this, of the big ideas and big plans, like paul ryan who is supporting romney, that illustrates that point? >>guest: if romney follows up with his at he has to respond to not specifically this ad but it
1:29 pm
is a great ad and they worked dean martin into it. >>neil: i knew dean martin he was a friend of mine and that was not dean martin. >>guest: well, it locked like dean martin. >>neil: you don't think it will have a backlash? >>guest: well, look, is it risky to embrace any plan that can be portrayed as cutting medicare? yes. but neil, think back over all the modern presidential campaigns i would estimate there is somewhere around 100.30 percent chance the republican nominee will be accused of trying to destroy medicare anyway, may as well make a virtue of it. >>neil: especially in this day and age. recovery, always good to see you. paul ryan's endorsement does not help romney, maybe this will, get personal. romney supporters are urging the governor to share more personal
1:30 pm
life steps something i suggested to romney's wife weeks ago. >> there are so many stories and maybe it is time to share those stories of how i have seen mitt dealing in relationships with people where he really had what to counsel them and help them, and i will take that as good advice and maybe he will hear more of those stories coming from me. >>neil: behalf i was raising was her battle with multiple sclerosis and her husband dropped everything to get her the best care and how personally he was involved with her if that and so many other instances but you don't know about that to a guest who says this personal touch is very crucial right now. a p.r. guru says time is wasting to get out. >>guest: he needs to define himself. primary season is were wrapping down and he will win wisconsin. so now he has a chance to redefine himself and reintroduce
1:31 pm
himself. he is a twoçó dimensional character, we know him as a businessman and a governor and he has been defining himself that way but he has to break done the third wall and introduce people to his family, five boys, a great family, inspiring story of taking care of his wife and do the shows. he was on leno, and maybe "the view," and daytime talk. this is a little bit of reservation from him talking about this but he needs it get past that. >>neil: i raised this with the fonder of jetblue last might and i asked whether it was a mormon thing. here is what he said. >> what happens on tv? >>guest: i cannot explain it, the give, everything he touches turns to gold and everyone who comes in contact with him loves the go. >>neil: okay. what he was saying as a fellow more monday it could be part of the religion thing mormons are taught not to brag and thought
1:32 pm
to try to get sympathy, whatever, and it is what it is but you say get over. >>guest: get over it. when you are a political candidate for highest office in the land people want to know would you are. candidates have used spouses and families to be a window into them. kennedy did that, and bill clinton did that and george w. burn did it and president obama. romney heeds to break that law and allow people to see him even if it goes against his natural instincts where it sounds it does and "new york times" did a story and he is a thoughtful and caring man in private and a much more multidimensional person than you see and if wants to be effective he needs to get beyond that and allow the american public to see him beyond just that. >>neil: but he feels awkward and at bain capital an employees child was kidnap asked he shut
1:33 pm
everything down but he said i don't want people to know about that. and you are saying get over that. >>guest: in texas -- in 1996 dole had a problem talking about being a war hero and people were mystified and john mccain had trouble talking about that. and it is understandable why people would be reserved about talking about their private lives. but --. >>neil: but the more he can open up, it is not as appears. >>guest: there is nothing wrong with showing you are a multifaceted human being that has thoughtful relationships with employees and others and you take care of your wife, you have a beautiful family. you need to let people see that. there is nothing wrong with that. it is required now as part of the presidency. the american people want to know who the president is and not just what you stand for. >>neil: very well put. thank you very much. did any of you see this?
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>> do you have a front tag, batman? what your name? batman? other than batman? >> lennie. >> he was racing to -- fox business network. we have primary coverage coming your way with the follow head the new york stock exchange and imus, and sarah palin, as we couple the votes and track the market reaction we are your superior hero all things money and politics. wait, you don't get fox business network? demand it! it's the thing to do. they are not selling like mega millions tickets but sales of certain homes getting hotter. is that a sign the housing market is making a comeback? [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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>>neil: sales of vacation and investment homes surging last year with buyers not patting up bargain prices. and my guest said this would be the first thing we would see. is there a connection between that and general real estate moving? >>guest: we have to look at the overall housing market and how we doing at this moment. if we compare sales of this year, of this february, with sales of last february, we are actually up 8.8 percent. so we have seen --. >>neil: what is up? >>guest: sales units are up. >>neil: vacation units? >>guest: in general and i will go in vacation in a second but we have 6.4 month supply so our industry standard is six month supply when we dip below six month supply we see slight price
1:39 pm
appreciation. now, in my believe by the end of this year if we continue at this pace we actually will see a slight price appreciation and the reason for that is unemployment is at a four-year low from 2008 and so people have more jobs, obviously they can afford more housing and interest rates are still low relatively speaking, and i have expenses buyers are more serious so last year they called and said i want a deal i will not move physical i get a deal and now the buyers are moving and working hard to close the deals. >>neil: but investment properties and vacation properties including florida, what has turn ready? >>guest: what is happening there some people can no longer afford their homes because they don't have jobs and investors are scooping under the homes, bank of america is testing this out right now, where they are were somewhatting the deed and having people that are currently if their homes that cannot
1:40 pm
afford it represent it back and then an investor comes in, they will buy the property, and the pot will now become a rental property and that is why we are seeing a rent rally in the market combined with a demand in housing. so, both of them are going up at the same time. it is a win-win situation for the real estate market in general not to pension housing is the last part of the puzzle. >>neil: we have been fooled before? you get the idea it is looking up and boom, something happens. >>guest: but the numbers are not lying. >>neil: you talk about a 6.4 month supply. what was it at worst? >>guest: above 12 percent. so, six months of this and now 6.4 month supply so we are good. >>neil: but sure you can sell something --. >>guest: some prices are going up more like in south florida doing great and new york doing
1:41 pm
great. >>neil: new york is always great. >>guest: new york is always great. because this is no place like new york, face it. but there will be markets like cleveland, for instance, where they will never see the price levels they saw during the boom because the jobs are for longer there, such as manufacturing. so, we are seeing an even upward trend all over the nation and some markets will always do better. >>neil: you thing this is taking hold. >>guest: i do. i do. i do. and it starts at home. so we starting to see a change in home prices and that is the last part of the puzzle for the economy. and you and hannity should run for president. i would vote for you. >>neil: he is jealous of me. it is sad. very sad. sad. katrina, thank you. she has been prescient. why a certain tax rate will make
1:42 pm
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>> no, i can't see. i'm blind. blind. blind. >> april fool's! >>neil: that could be funny but this april fool's day will be no joke because sunday, the united states will have the top corporate tax rate in the world because that is the day that japan drops its rate. and uncle sam will look like a fool. and now our money manager. >>guest: not only do we have the highest corporate tax rate not world but we have the most complicated tax system in the world even small businesses need armies of accountants to wade
1:46 pm
through the system. so, we are on a global laying -- playing field now and we are putting our businesses at a disadvantage. it is no wonder they send business overseas. no wonder they leave money overseas. it is easier to do business over there. and china and russia used to be communist countries have lower corporate tax rates than we do. it is a terrible system. it is the worst not -- in the word and no surprise or job market is recovering so slowly. >>neil: other countries are getting the idea maybe the better idea is to lower the taxes with england cutting the continue rate from 50 percent to frye 45 percent but the trend is the opposite here. >>guest: you look at the state of texas account state of tennessee what they are doing they have no state income tax. what happened?
1:47 pm
businesses moved from california and new york to tennessee from california and new york where they have high tax rates. this happens on a country basis, too. the republican ireland turned around and they are in trouble now because they had a housing boom, they attract sod many corporations from around europe they lowered their tax rate and england is doing the same. we have kept ours amazingly high. look at the other countries that have high tax rates. japan. belgium. france. they are not doing so hot. but we seem to be right down that path as you mentioned and we really need to simplify the code and lower the overall rate to where our businesses can compete on this global scale. >>neil: amazing. if to have you, jim, portfolio advisor and good read we on the market trends. more on all this on fox business network, and why a restaurant c.e.o. the guy behind hardy's says this is why the there section so important, get the
1:48 pm
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china is blitzing on every drop of oil it can find wherever it can find it. we're ignoring vast cracks of land we know we have it. china has less oil than we do but now it owns the top individual producer. petro china is number one because china is all in. exxon-mobil is now number two, because we cannot figure it out. china pummel companies to expand abroad. we punish companies that expand abroad. china doesn't care where the sales come from, as long as they come back from china. we had a huge issue where sales come from. even when they come back to us. china doesn't care how many workers companies hire abroad. as long as the foreign workers know who hired them a paying them at home. china figures it comes back to china. we figure it better stay here. china gets capitalism. we apparently forgot capitalism. china makes partnerships that
1:53 pm
benefit china. we make partnerships that benefit no one. china is minting wealth at ten times our rate. we all but say being rich isn't great. china pushes workers to produce more than anyone on earth. half the citizens here are on the government dole. the highest percentage on earth. china is so so certain state. we give up states. they're planning to go to mars. we are building bridges to nowhere that i felt are playing to win. we're playing to lose. they seize on our mistakes and we keep making mistakes. china comes to canada and say we'll buy our hour your oil hous canceling keystone. we alienate our friends and embolden our energy. china cozys up to the friends and say you know the americans are the enemies. super powers are not subtle.
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sometimes they don't only carry a big stick, they use it. we lost a big stick because we forgot we had it. superpow rers the future for the president. we're losing the future because we're botching the president. dashing wealth as if it's a bad name, why china is creating wealth for countless names. china is in it to win it. piles up surplus faster than it can outsource it. we're in it to pile up deficits faster than we can deal with it. we don't take the ball an run. we kick the ball and pray. china just makes deals. they're running with the ball and kicking our ass. it's amazing. amazing. an hour from now on fox business, soaring gas prices. spiking food prices. you won't believe what wal-mart is doing to beat
1:55 pm
that. a few examples of those getting it while we keep botching it. that's tonight on fbn. if you don't get it -- >> neil, you have to demand
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