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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 13, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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this is lois... who chose two aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. [ female announcer ] try aleve d for strong all day sinus and headache relief. >>neil: 100 years later, after the titanic went down, growing talk soaring tax could bring us all ... down. work with us. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and talk about going down with the ship, not the titanic. us. because it is tax filing time for millions of americans this weekend, and if you think your tax hit is bad now, wait until a year from now when those bush tax cuts could all be gone that payroll tax break will almost definitely be gone and whole new
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taxes will be on including a big one, no one is talking about, when you sell your house, to pay for medicare. yes, a medicare tax on your house. all this sinking in? think on this titanics and this is a pilot of ... ship? i am not "shipping" it. that was tough. no wonder why money guy has that searching feeling. ed? >> how are you? >>neil: you have a concern about the steady drumbeat of the taxes that even if one of them sticks we are stuck. >>guest: yes. depends on how you get your income but this is nothing good about this and the government right now is literally doing the complete opposite of what i believe and most people believe they need to do to get the economy going. that is, putting a blanket on top of growth and enterprise and
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obviously regulations do not figure into this but everything they could do to keep growth and the economy from expanding they are doing. >>neil: we have had a volatile trading week, not that this is the primary reason, but i would think people can see what is expiring at the end of the year and how difficult it is for washington to address a single issue let alone multiple planes stacked up at la guardia how do they reconcile that? the closer we get to the deadlines how will the markets respond? >>guest: well, look, no one likes anything that is happening right now in the markets and your intuition is dead on. you look at the time before people start to pay thei well. people wait and they have to literally go in and sell stocks to get the money to pay the tax bill so the intuition is dead on. how can any positively say that
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this is a good idea to get the committee going. obama often said we get the economy going is the last thing we need to do is tax people. well, why do we have the policies in place we have today? >> it is going to be news to a lot of peoples in 2013 when they sell their house and they find that there will be a 3.8 percent charge on those profits, to pay for medicare i can see folks saying, what? >> when anyone goes to sell a house and i have a lot of client taxpayer look to buy and sell they are negotiating a drop of 1 percent or 2 percent and now they have to factor in 4 percent more going to medicare law that has come out. >>neil: most of them are underwater to begin with, so that's just to get ahead of that. >>guest: it is not on all the
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proceeds. it is not transparent but when you say, by the way, pay your realtor 6 percent and give 4 percent to president obama for his policies, now you are out 10 percent based on what you thought you would take in. that is not a positive thing and it will not help the economy. >>neil: with all of tax hikes likely taking effect, they will try to take as many as they can off the table, but we will have a delay at the least, right? we are going to deal with these probably six month extensions but it will not be resolved and the markets will have more uncertainty and what will it look like? >>guest: well, you will have to look at each individually but what really drives me crazy is this dividend tax going away. there are a lost hard working people and at the same time, a lot of people who are retired live off of dividend income. interest rates are so low you is people who are literally, i talk to them, saying, i want to find good dividend paying stocks and,
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now, people have to understand they now going to be taxed at their income rate and that will be in some cases 39.5 percent, plus, neil, another 2 percent which is for phased out of some of the itemized deductions so the dividend tax will go from 15 percent to possibly 40 percent. and that is going to hurt the income for a lot people. >>neil: thank you. i think. union leaders are teaming up with the democratic committee to public for tax hikes on the rich and touting private sector job growth. the former g.o.p. presidential candidate, huckabee, sees irony in this. >>guest: we are talking about increasing taxes when we really need some things that will get the job market doing and what ed was saying is powerful. people say romney is not paying enough taxes making it off of capital gains and he will be come january with a tax
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increase, as will a lost other americans and he can afford it and a lot of retired firemen and teachers would live off investment income would cannot. >>neil: not a huge difference between the release of the president's tax rate and romney's but i digress. do you get a sense, governor, that this will be an issue that resonates or that arguing about who pays more in taxes or the rate, will register, period? >>guest: well, the romney campaign has to be careful that romney does not come across as a person who doesn't understand and doesn't care. people do not resent wealth. they resent it if the wealth is seen as arrogance but romney's emergency ought to be you do not want to elect a president who is not honest enough to pay taxes but neither do you want to elect one who is so stupid to pay more than he owes. everyone gets that. no one will write a bigger check than they have to to the i.r.s.
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>>neil: even where they can pay more. >>guest: no one is that stupid, if they are, they really do not need to be voting. >>neil: my friend joe biden commented on this tax mess ripping romney for trying to save the bush taxes. react to this. >> that is another $1 trillion in tax cuts the next 10 years going to the top 1 of american taxpayers. i don't blame her for crying. she will inherit it. she is going to pay for it. >> that is one smart baby. >>governor huckabee: the baby was smarter than gentleman biden because what has been seen in that clip, is the fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative. when there 10 difference between the amount of money government has coming in and going out liberal says we need more taxes and the conservative says we
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need to cut spending. that is the difference. one sees the problem is we spent money we didn't have and the other is we have not taken enough that wasn't ours so take some more. >>neil: in the week we had a lot of talk about fairness and ronald reagan would want and his pitch was that everyone should pay taxes and he was trying to get rid of special breaks preventing special few from not paying taxes at all and this president not saying anything about the half of eligible filer whose pay no federal income tax. >>governor huckabee: it unstate was i believe is the best way: total tax reform. we are toying with tax rates. what we ought to talk about is a fundamental restructuring of the tax same. a fair tax is only a tax on what we purchase not on our productivity. why penalize the things that are productive, that make a better economy? >>neil: the argument is it would be regressive? >>governor huckabee: there
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is a untaxes of the poor of necessity basics and the people who benefit most with the fair tax are those in the bottom third of the economy is it has the opposite effect as often alleged as being regressive. it would be if it was pure sales tax. this weekend dolly parton will be with us. tune in. a lovely lady. delightful. >>neil: she is lovely. and you can catch the governor on his fine show and everyone sucks up to him. that is power. known sucks up to me. i am working on it. he is still here. and we have advise for this government trying to disguise inflation. give up. no one is fooled.
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>>neil: you already know this you are paying more but not getting more, sticker shock sending shop wave throughout main street but to tell us the government inflation is "mild," and you have said they are in another world but obviously they are in another world. >>guest: they are. the last to segments were about taxes and the most unfair tax at all to the economy particularly seniors and lower income people is inflation. look the government likes to strip out the food and the fuel component of inflation because they say they are more volatile but they have only been volatile upward the last year. food prices are up 5 percent. fuel prices are up 12 percent. bread prices are up more than that.
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this is really hitting consumer spending. and guess what, neil? consumer spending is the single biggest determinator of job creation. 70 percent of our economy is consumer spending. we are taking money from their pockets through policy related to inflation. >>neil: i talk to a lot of smart folks and the former budget director, who says inflation is not a big problem but, gee, maybe i am an idiot and bernanke says it is not a problem and i realize everyone has an interest in keeping interest rates low to keep this recovery going, because if you acknowledge inflation the only way to address it is to raise interest rates and they do not want to do that. so, is there -- what is going on here? >>guest: they are trying to cause inflation and keep interest rates low all at the same time. >>neil: you can't do that very
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long without something going wrong. >>guest: you can't. and when you keep the interest rates this low big speculators borrow money at very cheap rates and they go out and buy the things like energy, like gold and silver and commodities, and that drives up the prices for the little guy. and seniors bought cd and t bills and treasury bonds to fund retirement because they were safe. they cannot get a return on these right now but they are getting hard by inflation. so we have policies that are fostering inflation, we were denying it and we cannot afford to let the rates go up because our debt service would skyrocket. >>neil: this is the week, at the corner of wall and broad, volatility returns and i wonder
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if the week's prior or this last week is the reality? the weeks prior were go, baby, go, momentum is behind us and earnings are looking good and the economy is getting better and this is the week people said, oh, no. which is right? >>guest: you look what is happening with corporate profits they are coming back down and part of it is because what we were talking about. input costs to build and make things are up because of inflation and that is cutting into corporate profits and at the same time people are spending less, the consumer spending flat lined and their revenues have come down and the stock market is reflecting this and, remember, we don't have a lot of room in the economy. our growth has been very below par and at the same time the fed seems to run out of bullets for stimulus, so, market is taking a deep breath and say this is tricky more than just interest rates are low and it will not go
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through the stocks. this is that time of year brought market starts to hiccup so investors have to be careful. >>neil: have a good weekend. north korea tries to launch a rocket and the white house says let's talk. to this guy?
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>>neil: supposed to be a show of force but north korea's missile fell apart after lift off as the world was watching. and expert worry they could try to go bigger and more dangerous to make up for it. they have history for that sort of thing. reaction from the white house. well, let's talk.
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kc, you heard leaders will meet to try to talk with iran and you say the talking is the problem, right? >>guest: it is a crisis. sort of a cascading crisis of credibility. if the united states threatens north korea saying you cannot do it and north korea tests missiles and nuclear weapons, and iran looks at not korea and says well if america isn't going to stop north korea, and israel says we cannot trust president obama who said we have your back, israel, so, israel has an incentive to deal with iran on its own soon we rather than later. >>neil: what about the new leader, what is he, 17? how old is this guy? >>guest: they all look like they are 17 to you, neil. >>neil: i wonder, normally you try to prove, the macho thing is you will launch a rocket and proof how tough you are and it
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blows up. what kind of hold does he have on power? i cannot imagine the generals are saying we barely tolerated your dad we are not going to tolerate you. >>guest: it is humiliating. this was meant to show the new leader in his late 20's never been in the military or done anything to distinguish himself and the claim to fame was he has the right blood line and he looks like grandpa. but, now, this is humiliating set back. >>neil: that is how grandpa looks? >>guest: yes, absolutely. that is how the grandfather looked. to recover from the humiliation will he do something aggressive? they have responded that way in the past, and kim jong-il that a year ago and provoked a crisis with south korea and south korea turned the other cheek. they did not rise to the bait but it is not clear that they
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would turn the other cheek if there is a crisis now. >>neil: and japan? i am sure they do not look highly at a missile that could go on japan? >>guest: over there? exactly. that is why it is important how we react and respond. at a minimum, president obama should step the food deliveries. we made the deal with north korea we were going to give them food aid and they would stop the missile testing and nuclear program and they reneged. so why are we sending food in second, what we should do is reimpose our banking sanctions that president lifted in 2007. they made a real difference in north korea. i talked to u.n. diplomat whose say in order to pay the u.n. personnel in pyongyang they can on go with cash, suitcases full of cash because you cannot cash a check in north korea. reimpose the sanctions. and if north crow tries to test a pill, shoot it down. we have every right to do it. if bedon't, remember, iran is looking, and israel is looking
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at iran and north korea. >>neil: if we shoot it down what will china do? >>guest: no, you handle it differently you give china advance notice, 30 minutes, we will shoot it down and let everyone save face saying we had to shoot it down because it was debris and we were worried that the debris was going to fall on japan or south korea and you make the point. >>neil: could we just make you secretary of state, would you mind? >>guest: knell, i have much too much fund talking to you. >>neil: you make more sense. this is not right or left but you make more sense in a few minutes than, my goodness. have a great weekend. is that your library? >>guest: you would be surprised. >>neil: it looks like a great library. great to see you. she would be a great secretary of state.
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do any of you remember this guy? like friday the 13th could be a day to remember for jon corzine. charles gasparino on the explosive details. man: 1939 -- my parents ran across an ad for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years.
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not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪ >>neil: john core dine is having an unlucky friday 13th. but he will remember because if charlie gasparino is right this could the day his world came
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crumbling down. >> maybe not this day but if a few days. it was conventional wisdom and fox business network was first to report the criminal case was on the back burner and they thought the missing money, and that is what this is about, customer money gone missing during the final days, and it was a big mistake. that theory now they are doing a 180, maybe a 160 there could be, now, possibly a criminal case. why? because they may have testimony from a witness and they may grant the witness emcommunity for the testimony, the former treasurer who is right in the middle of the action. in recent days authorities have been discussing this, having major discussions about whether or not to give her that immunity. >>neil: what is the crime? >>guest: well, it's possibly
1:30 pm
against the law to use customer money that is supposed to be segregated and kept secret to keep the lights on, on a firm going under or to pay off other creditors. if you have a broker rage count at mayoral lynch and it is going up your money is supposed to be separate, that is your money not the company money. what happened that michigan -- money was used and $1.6 billion is missing. >>neil: saying to a congressional hearing that is facing potential perjury. >>guest: and, also, the notion of conscious avoidance, you told her, do what it takes to keep the lights on and you knew the only thing you could do is to use the customer money. step looking at that. >>neil: but he could --. >>guest: it is her word against his. >>neil: won't she have to rely
1:31 pm
that he told me take this money and do this specifically and anything short of that is too vague. >>guest: absolutely. this is what we know. they are weighing giving her immune and the potential of a criminal case is on the front burner. we will know in a week we will have an idea. >>neil: what will happen to him? >>guest: here is the thing that is a problem for him. say, and i am not saying this is what will happen, but say she just gives enough today bring charges. it is not that hard to indict somebody when you have a witness like that giving testimony under oath. if she comes out with this stuff he could be indicted. the issue is, if you are a federal prosecutor, you cannot allow $1.6 billion of customer money. this is separate. these are ranchers and mf global's futures business, they
1:32 pm
would buy futures contract. they are out of their money. you cannot allow that to happen without something. someone being held responsible. >>neil: great reporting. charles gasparino. president obama is on the way to columbia, south carolina for a summit with latin american leaders. sound like deja vu? only last friday the president obama was dealing with the president of brazil in south africa -- i said, south carolina, and that is not good. it is south america. he might go to south carolina but it would be on the way. charles payne, unbury me from this. bottom line, we have plenty of that stuff here why get it from these folks? >>guest: and the main stuff, he is so eager, actually salivating at the notion of buying brazil's oil, and, what
1:33 pm
the heck? and this is the same person that stopped the keystone xl pipeline in i don't get the timing of the visits. why get the intensity of the visits. you remember when our nafta partners were here the president of mexico said in the rose garden and he dogged america, he dogged everything about america and he said nothing about mexico's responsibilities with respect to the drug lords and the drugs coming into the country. it was all america. you would think that maybe the greatest debate to mexico was whether they shouldable wall to keep americans out. it was amazing. >>neil: so, now, i guess i am wondering, you have to be careful, republicans -- you have to be careful and i foe you are just a fair and balanced critique and you do got like the money wasted but republicans like to do trade deals and
1:34 pm
business deals. they like the fact that bill clinton did trade with mexico and others. so, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. if he is trying to strike up deals you should welcome it. >>guest: you are absolutely right. and trade deals is a two-way street. we would love deals where we sell people things and they sell us things. they only have three official trade deals since obama has been in office and those were all launched under the bush administration, and it took years. they should have been a stroke of a signature person right out of the gate. so a lost countries in the world we would love to do more trade deals with, real, good, deals. we start to scratch your head when you see how eagerly we are buying brazilian oil and we could be self sufficient in that area if we took care of the assets we know we have in our ground. >>neil: thanks, buddy. as always, you can catch him on the hit radio show. this guy is upset, and you just
1:35 pm
say the out of way. if you are leaving washington, dc, you go through south carolina to get through to south america. >>guest: better reception. >>neil: a new $5 billion move today that will let canada send its oil to china rather than here. gulf oil c.e.o., is he blaming the white house? he will join us at 6:00 p.m. on fox business network. you don't get fox business network? demand it! >> i don't like clowns. but something tell me i am not alone. especially come november. and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought.
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>>neil: a new poll, romney up, anything to do with this going down? okay, with rick santorum out of the race, has that changed
1:39 pm
everything? what do you make of this, bob? >>guest: well it is a factor the attacks have subsided because rick santorum hasn't endorsed romney. not yet. this time around. but that will help romney. he is trying to unify the party. he has a lot of work to do and you still have newt gingrich and ron paul but at this point romney is the nominee. it is a formality. that gives him some momentum. and, the recent issue with the gsa clowns, that certainly helps, as well as the remarks of hilary rosen. >>neil: you need distance and breathing room from the heat of the remarks and this comes to mine. he is out of the race but a lot of people will remember these. >> he is the worst republican in the country to put up against president obama. obamacare, romney care, interchangeable. >> someone who is not etch a sketch. >> give all the speeches you want about agreement but you
1:40 pm
have to have your policies. >> he believes in man made global warming. >> he said i am not trying to return to the days of reagan and bush. >> we do not want a massachusetts moderate but a conservative. >>neil: that ground to make up. >>guest: that is some tough words. but i do think in previous primaries we have seen it with hillary clinton and president obama, you can say, well, you throw a lot of elbows in the primary season and you see john mccain threw a lot of elbows at mitt romney in 2008 and now is backing romney. listen, we need to have someone defeat president obama and that's part of the healing process going on right now in the republican party. >>neil: smart guys like you told me what wednesday out is the hatred of the other guy more than the changing of your guy.
1:41 pm
so, romney has wrapped it up early and the main stream media said it would drive on and on and that is not good but now it isn't going to drag on. >>guest: romney is happy this is basically over. he has to win the women vote and he has to when, do better in the hispanic vote. that process begins now. helped by hilary rosen's comments on women. the next battle --. >>neil: by the way, that was a shift in the week the rosen remarks and later we will get into the president and then her remarks and it could have turned the tide on female voters. >>guest: i think story goes into next week it will be talked about on sunday shows and congress is back next week. what does nancy pelosi think of
1:42 pm
those remarks? democrats will have did deal with this question and the polls were so bad for romney and women and this i do believe has turned it around at least gotten to a point where romney can start to get off the mat and try to compete with president obama. but he also has to raise a lot of money the he is behind in the money race. >>neil: no doubt. you look at it, he is up against the president, now, well in the margin of error but with that lack of support from women, and overwhelming lack of support so if he carves a few percentage points off of that he could be talking a much bigger national lead than the polls indicate. right? >>guest: this not going to be 2008. you talk to republicans and a little of then think that obama is going to win and there is a long way between now and 200 days before the election, so it will be a roller coaster and president obama is not going to win 365 electoral votes as in
1:43 pm
2008 the team would be happy with 270 and this is probably going to be a tight race and the three debates will be big because this has been the year of the debate. >>neil: well put. by the way 270 electoral votes which bob referred is the number of votes needed to get elected president of the up. two hundred and 70. the president got 365 last time. he will settle for 270. fighting for the funds to stay in the presidential race, altogether, and ron paul joining me at 6:00 p.m. on fox business network. did this clown just kill an entire government agency and, maybe, someone else's chances in november? why is he giving me nightmares? taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model
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>>neil: gsa calling it a day? more than a few lawmakers are questioning whether we even need the agency. and now, an agency not only underfire but under serious threat. jim? >>guest: they are under serious threat and they will really get it going on monday when congressional committee starts taking a look at all the stuff we have been talking about. the latest, of course, executives worried among themselves back last year about how the media would see the lastish trips for employees to las vegas and hawaii and whether mind readers and clown suits and expensive hotels could suggest something other than serious substantive government work. some folks worry the "washington post" would describe the trips -- you cannot stop yourself, can
1:48 pm
you? >>neil: love this, love this. so creepy. >>guest: centy for the gsa, too. so, some officials worry that the "washington post" would describe the tests as the gsa squandering $1 million taxpayer dollars during unemployment being high and how congress would view that and they know the answer. outrage. over one revelation after another. and now, investigators have found another thing to be upset about, interns had a conference at the palm springs riviera resort and spa that included a catered awards ceremony but still paid employees per diem allowance for food by classifying $75 to $100 per person buffett as light refreshments. they did not have clowns but some stayed in suites described as "opulent," and the congressman says they have been
1:49 pm
providing luxury junkets for high level executives but for the interns, as well. and he netted interns in congress work out of storage areas or a hall way and do not get sent to resorts or spas for a week on the taxpayer's dime and another congressman argues that such things being on the taxpayer tab demand serious action for what he called a blatant waste of taxpayer dollars. listen. >> we want to call in all of the individuals that have been fired or on leave but we want to go deeper and we want the new acting director to come in and explain how he made the changes so that this will never happen again. >>guest: so, he says the extent waste and misuse of taxpayer dollars by gsa appears to have no end and all of which will get a full airing when hearing begin on monday. >>neil: do republicans think this is registering or that they are going on an overboard
1:50 pm
fishing expedition? that most people when they hear this story owing to our cynical tomorrows say, that is just the government. how are they distinguishing what going on here with what is happening, say, in cases like solyndra and what have you. >>guest: well, it is interesting because it is not only republicans as you heard from what i was saying, even the people inside the agency were concern about this. they looked at this and said, wait, when people look what we are doing we are going to resorts and spending a lot of money, going to lavish places and flying to hawaii for five days for a one hour ribbon cutting people see that what will they think? they were worried that people would think exactly what congress is thing, exactly what republican lawmakers are arguing, which is that the gsa was out of the control. this is one other thing, and that is there is a regional director, a seasoned person, who was worried about his ratings
1:51 pm
and he got a letter, a mild rebuke, if you will, one person inside gsa saying he is expected to display highest standards of common sense, and he went on to chastise someone who sent a letter saying it wasn't even a slap on the wrist so even people inside the agency believe that they ered, and in retrospect did not speech those responsible harshly enough. >>neil: will the issues be that a lot of these things, this is since 2010 events, the agency kept following up on it later and if you know that president has again out there and said i don't leak this sort of stuff, you are not exactly carrying his water. >>guest: of course it is not clear that you know, exactly what they thought they were doing and whether they thought it was okay to do this under
1:52 pm
president obama or not but, clearly, look the worst thing for me, is people flying to hawaii for a when hour ribbon cutting and staying for five days? give me a break. anybody in an agency knows that is not going to look good and, in fact, all of the information congress is getting is they knew it wouldn't look good when it was exposed. >>neil: you are the bet, buddy, thank you, jim, and now a war on human decency. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
1:53 pm
the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this.
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it's a smart way to go. ♪
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an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, if your car is totaled, we give you the mone for a car one model year newer. liberty mutual auto insurance. >> so ann romney doesn't have real life experience, doesn't know about difficulty or pain, that her guilded life shields her from day-to-day concerns of average folks. you would think after hillary rosen we would be done debating
1:56 pm
nonsense but you're wrong. to pick up the shovel and dig a cluesless pitt, terry o'neal, happily chiming in that neither ann romney nor her husband have the, quote, life experience and imagination to understand what most americans are going through right now. what the hell does that mean? i suspect either would be it news to ann romney whose charmed life raising six boys couldn't prevent her from getting cancer and multiple sclerosis. you know the odds of getting both in one life is as daunting and rarefied as living in the cushy 1% times 1,000. i should know. because full disclosure, i have had cancer and i too have m.s. i'm not saying this to get your
1:57 pm
sympathy, although it will come in handy if i rub you the wrong way or get out of work at home. but to remind mindless, heartless critics, back to ann. stick to the issues and stick all this other nonsense somewhere else and for god's sake, show a little empathy. walk a mile in ann's supposedly designer mack moch sons. it's painful knowing your body is recoiling into a physical shell of what it was and you can't stop it. not what you were, not what you will ever be. every bit of energy sapped, important details over time ripped, forever pondering the imponderable over what is incurrable. i would gladly give up a lot of this stuff i know to give you
1:58 pm
this almost humiliating disease i have but i have to wake up and move on. ann does it with a smile and hug even when she proudly introduced her husband to the world for every primary, every caucus, every time when i suspect ann romney would rather plop down in bed. i know i would, but not ann. i've known poorer folks who would stop everything for a hang nail but to assume there's class to say pain, that's very bad, sick and wrong. courage is not defined by cash in your wallet, i suspect the strength in your heart. i suspect a world looking at this supposedly charmed couple refused to see much past the charm maybe because the husband is reluctant to talk about how he stopped everything to make his mate better. the ultimate test of a marriage
1:59 pm
and how so many other marriages up and quit on a spouse. the all too familiar outcome in many wealthy celebrity marriages, lots of marriages. not these two and no ann who told me recently she was grateful for the pain. >> one thing this disease has been for me has been a wonderful teacher. and with that comes an ability for compassion for others that are suffering. for me, i want to make my family bigger. those suffering from m.s. or cancer or any disease, i feel i want to throw my arms around them and say welcome to the family. >> this isn't left or right. this is right and wrong. i'm showing my bias for a woman who knows a thing or two about difficulty and whose body


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