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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 16, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the dow is having a decent day up 8 2 1/2. and now "your world," with neil cavuto and today stuart varney is here for neil. what is your title at g.s.a., mr. neely? >> on the advise of council i decline to answer based on my 5th amendment constitutional privilege. >> did you attend the 2010 western regional conference? >> on the advise of my counsel i respectfully decline to answer on my 5th amendment privilege. >> all right, spending up. now the guy as the center of the
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storm, clamming up? taking the at when asked about the lavish $823,000 las vegas party. at the same time, the senate now moments away from voting on the buffett rule, the president's plan to hike taxes on the rip. but, today, taxpayers are asking, will any money raised by this fund more of this? >>stuart: welcome, everyone, this is "your world." tax delay a day away, and for those who owe, paying uncle sam seems even more painful this year because of where the tax dollars are going. lavish parties in las vegas. trips to hawaii. and. today, a congressional hearing in how your tax dollars are being spent. >> he wrote if a letter "we will get you guys a room near us, and
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we will pick up the room tab, could be a blast, it is not your money. it's the taxpayers' money." >>stuart: so, is this any time to be hiking taxes? and my guest is no fan of the buffe tt rule, not a time to raise taxes especially when we are spending tax money like this? >>guest: no, it is not at all. and, in fact, this is, really, just a subterfuge to try and raise capital gains taxes. there was a great article in the "wall street journal", when capital gains rates go up, revenue goes down. they go down, the tax revenue goes up, so, the whole thing really is a subterfuge to avoid talking bigger issues like the economy, like unemployment, like the debt and the deficit that we are strapping our children with. so, it is a political, it is
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political. this is not a way to raise revenues, and income redistribution at best and political at worst. is it a political winner? is taxing the rich in america a political winning strategy? all people did not understand it does not raise any revenue. it is really meaningless from a revenue perspective because the president said this could really stealize our debt and deficit for a decade and that is almost a quote. well, the numbers are that it will not do that. so what you end up with, being from england i am sure you are familiar, the european socialist attempt to try and redistribute wealth or look to consents of fairness rather than accomplishment, achievement and free enterprise all the things that governor romney is emphasizing. it draw as very distinct difference between president obama, big government, european
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socialism and higher taxes and big debt and big deficits, no economic growth and governor romney at limited government, basing things on success, accomplishment, opportunity. we did not take takes up but we take them down to increase tax revenues not increase tax fairness or redistribution. so, it sets the two candidates apart distinctly. >>stuart: the question asked, is your tax money spent more or less carefully today than five years ago? an increasing population who respond say 53 percent say it is being spent less carefully. if that is the back drop, we are not spending our tax money wisely, it seems like bad timing at the least to ask for more tax money from anyone at this point. the timing is bad. isn't it? >>guest: timing is terrible. you have solyndra. you have the g.s.a. testimony
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today. you have the government trying to pick winners and losers and many going for political purposes oz popes to economic growth purposes. and it is a very bad situation and it really indicates and i don't think, a last people think president obama is a bad guy. i don't think she a bad guy i think he is over his head on the economic issues and the statement of how this would self, stabilize the debt and deficit is an example of that. he just has a problem understanding the issues because it is not his background. like governor romney who has the background. >>stuart: and axelrod talking on the state of the economy over the weekend. >> he will not contribute money to the treasury to help with the deficit? >> that is not the way we rate our tax system, okay? we do not -- it is not about volunteer im. we all kick in according to the system. and the system allows that. >>stuart: the president is not going to kick in more money of
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his own to pay down the deficit. he will not write a check as warren buffett wants others to write checks. >>guest: i encourage him not to write the check. the reason he has lower taxes he made a lot of charitable deductions and romney made a lot of investments the kind of conduct the tax code encourages. the president by abiding by the tax laws, doing the things that the tax law incentivize them to do, complied with the law and he should not have to do that but stop asking other people to do that and get back to fixing the economy, getting growth going and unemployment down and the debt down and reducing the deficit. we need to do these things to succeed as a nation. >>stuart: thank now joining us. ♪ not trying to get ♪ got to get pods >> did you catch the word "neely," the man of the hour who
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coordinated the conference. high had no trouble spending over $800,000 for the party, telling investigators he was paying for "quality," including $2,700 on a private party in his hotel sweet. but, the traveling from california to washington, dc to testify today, well, that is another story. requiring neely to travel from california to appear before the committee when you have been advised he will not answer any substantive questions does not advance any legitimate committee purpose. so wasting tax dollars on a clown and mind reader is okay and spending on travel from washington, dc to testify about it, that is not. utah republican congressman is a member of the oversight committee looking into all of this. your first reaction, sir? >>guest: this is absolutely government at its worst. the audacity of not just him but others in the agency to go out and so grossly spend the
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american taxpayers money and then when i questioned the former administrator who had to resign in disgrace, ms. johnson and i asked why he got a $9,000 bonus and she said he was entitled to it. i have never, not been offended to that degree if a long time, that is so on knock shouts -- so obnoxious. >>stuart: a lot of people were paying their taxes to the i.r.s. and now they see mr. neely in a lot tub on the taxpayer dime with a couple of drinks right there next to him, and the time is very bad causing real outrage and i think you reflect that i can hear it in your voice. >>guest: you have to remember this took place in 2010, and this guy is still a government employee and the idea he is not fired at this point is just so outrageous literally they spend hundreds of thousands getting
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clowns and other types of things, this is just total disregard and respect for the taxpayer money and the obama administration, this is a theme, there are a lot of different investigations and they do not fire anyone but they hire more people and there are 140,000 additional federal works since president obama took office and we see this massive spending and people have to write their own checks to fund it. it is absolutely intolerable. >>stuart: is he still being fired? >>guest: he is being paid. he is still collecting a check and he makes six figures that is what is so outrageous. he got $9,000 bonus for the supposed great work, and it is ridiculous. >>stuart: and the other side of the fence for a second, this is one agency, it is one conference, and you could say that some of the videos that we show so frequently are self-mocking, not mocking the taxpayer but self mocking that is the other side of the coin. how do you respond?
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>>guest: they were using taxpayer dollars and taxpayer time to do this and they had two, $30,000 expenses used to have the events and award ceremonies which really look leak fiction. they were not doing any work. they spent $800,000 for 300 people and mr. neely and others took eight, eight, eight trips to las vegas to "scout out," where they would do this. it used to be in oklahoma city but now suddenly in las vegas? give me a break. >>stuart: is this an indictment of the way government workers obey or all government workers because that is their psyche their approach to work. which is it? >>guest: i hope it is isolated. there are a lot of good, frugal employees but we have too many doing this that destroy the reputation of the united states of america. remember, the g.s.a. had a budget of $595 million to
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operate and the obama administration gave them $6 billion stimulus to go out and spend and then the administrator said we need another $80 million increase in the budget and they are just, they cannot spend the money fast enough. that is one of the problems with the stimulus and part of the problem with the obama administration, there does not seem to be oversight and we fine the problem, they do not fire them, they are taking a paycheck. >>stuart: congressman, republican of utah, thank you for joining us. he is called president obama's million dollar man, but, now, the attack on ann romney is creating a firestorm. should the president force his super pac to run the money? here what bill maher said and here what bill maher said and you decide next. having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation here what bill maher said and you decide next. puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide
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>>stuart: the calls are pointing for president obama to return the donation of bill maher to his pack. look what he said about ann romney. >> what you meant to say, i think, was that ann romney has never gotten her act out of the house to work? no one is denying that being a mother is tough. i was a handful. i remember. okay. okay. but, there is a big difference between being a mother and that is a tough job and getting your ass out the door at 7:00 a.m., when it is cold, dealing with the boss, being in a work place or if you are unhappy you cannot she it for eight hours, that is a different kind of tough thing. >> the thing is --. >>stuart: is this someone the president's have pack should take money from? we turn to monica crowley and pat caddell. if the president doesn't return this money now, after that, what we just heard, the use of that
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language, if he zone return the money now he never well? >>guest: the sound you hear based on the comments there, is the left continuing to dig themselves deeper and deeper into this hole. this is a huge cries for the left. a big problem for the president's re-election, and bill maher compounded it on friday when he made the comments that are now in the echo chamber. president obama is not going to return the million because he wants it but the european any, this guy in 2008 was a fundraising machine and he continued to raise a last money for his campaign, why is that million dollars so precious? he should be able to turn around in a second and replace that million and cut himself loose from the liability of bill maher. >>stuart: do you think president obama wants the bill maher's to talk like that? >>guest: you thing that hilary rosen was a mistake? you is to be naive or uninformed to believe that she rated on her
1:17 pm
own. what i care about is that hbo has him on 20 some time as westbounds his he is repeated on the air and it is nothing but a campaign propaganda. >>stuart: you thing that is a successful political strategy send someone out like bill maher and use language like that, that is good politics? >>guest: this is the price you pay for the rest of us carrying the water. this is where the real attack, the craziness of attacking a spouse, that is the third rail american politics. they do it because of their contempt. they want the issue on the table, anything that will distract from the committee. when david axelrod says, no, no, no, she is one of you people, a commentator or bill maher, his attack, she never has gotten out
1:18 pm
of the house, hilary rosen is rich. she doesn't know about ordinary women. and bill maher doesn't know,er, he has no connection, i have grandchild. he has nothing. >>stuart: he goes after a woman who supposedly is rich lifing a life of luxury and doesn't work, raising five sons is that angle? class warfare on a gender basis? >>guest: absolutely. look, it is why they chose this angle to go after the most charismatic and popular person on the campaign trail, ann romney. she is incredibly popular but you are 100 percent right. this is a class warfare type of argument. they will go after romney as being part of the evil 1 percent so, by extension his wife is also part of the evil 1 percent and, remember, obama made several comments last week when obama himself, pat said, look, we din -- didn't have the
1:19 pm
therery of michelle staying home, she had to go to work. it is class warfare. >>guest: you know, the problem for this, the attack on ann romney is that the attack on her being wealthy is so bias because for hilary rosen she has never work add day in her life in terms of not having the resources. what does she know of ordinary people? the president, the white house, when she is the news who doing we discovered 35 times is representing communities whose interests are there. >>stuart: i am shocked bill maher would want to double down on a losing political strategy. >>guest: he thinks it is a winner. >>stuart: a shake up on how the unemployment hands out unemployment data. forcing reporters to use government computers.
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>>stuart: knew rules at department of labor forcing journalist dozen use government-provided computers when covering information like unemployment figures. the department also choosing which reporters will fill the 20 to 30 spots that get priority. to our reporter on what this means. we called the labor department but we have not heard back. do you see something sinister in the government forcing reporters to use their computers and choosing which reporters cover the events? >>guest: well, i'm not sure that i would use the word "sinister," but i can tell you having been in this town a lot of years it is one of the more
1:24 pm
perplexing stories from the blue the department of labor says you cannot use your own equipment you have had for years and we will rip that out. >>stuart: it could be because of a security threat you are getting sensitive information in advance of the general public and if you go in there and plug in your own laptop that could be a security breach. would know what happens is on your computer. >>guest: well, that was obviously a question and early today this was a conference call and a bunch of us participates in and the labor department spokesman did say that there have been two instances in the last two years of journalist whose have committed unspecified senators and he did not say it but he emlied that was the reason for the change. speaking for myself and i think for the other journalists there is a lot of skepticism. >>stuart: what do you make of the priority access give ton
1:25 pm
some reporters and the labor department will choose which reporters get the 20 to 30 priority access slots. what do you make of that? >>guest: that is not unusual. they have been doing it that way for years. and basically what it does it favors the wire services and the cable news networks, fox news being among them, and to help get the news, the data out, as quickly as possible. that is not the financial part. the government computers, that is the change. >>stuart: in the background you have millions of people leaving the workforce and the unmoment rate coming down during the obama administration and people seem to say, wait, what really going on here and along comes the labor department and changes the computers you can see to get the information out and that is why i use the word "sinister," and and if the word is appropriate. >>guest: we value to
1:26 pm
wait-and-see. a last us on the journey level side that wonder if that will be an accurate description. there is worry about it, absolutely. >>stuart: thank you for joining us. very interesting stuff. here is the obvious legal question, are these through rules legal? good question. anthony is us with. welcome. the question, are they legal? >>guest: you know, on its face, initially, well they are just putting in new computers how could anything be wrong and you think, wait, why are they restricting the use of computers that news organizations regularly use and have used? why? accident argument that there have been two leaks, what are the leaks? they need a rational basis gore this if they are impeding upon the president's ability to disseminate information quickly l is freedom of the press. >>stuart: but take the jobless
1:27 pm
numbers released each month. if you get initial access, if you get knowledge of those numbers before they are released to the general public you can make a ton of money because the financial markets move rapidly on that news. is there have been two breaches, if that is what it is related to, if that is the case, you can understand clamping down and making sure there is no prepare. >>guest: i understand the breach issue. but if there have been two breaches you know how to fine the person or the entity that has breached the number and that person should be restricted access. no access to the priority of the numbers. but, to restrict the president if a manner that i don't think the public truly understands when we are on our commuter we use i-news and communicate differently. >>stuart: the labor secretary politicized out there re-electing on the campaign trail, look at that, she is out
1:28 pm
there, really, would being up -- working up a storm and she will decide which reporters get the priority access. does that worry you? >>guest: of course, that is a big concern. we are allowing people to be recre den shalled, and we want to make sure when the people are selected and those selects of the news organizations come in, that it is balanced. balanced. fair and balanced. like fox. >>stuart: thank you for joining. he likes to hammer the rich. but when it comes to his own giving why some critics are saying the veep is just cheap.
1:29 pm
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>>stuart: the vice president pounds the rich paying their farewell. >> matter of fairness. >> one set for the wealths and and another for everyone else. >> 3.1 million, you did not need another $100,000. >> everyone else is paying their fair share. >> well, is the vice president practicing what he preaches? he contributed less than 1.5 percent to charity last year compared to 22 percent for the
1:33 pm
president, and 19 percent for romney. and radio talk show host calls it "pure hypocrisy." i'm surprised the vice president having had a whole year to direction up his tax return, neck it was going to be released and he still gives less than 1.5 percent to charity. that is surprising. and you? >>guest: well, this is him showing off, i think. it gives new meaning to the 99 percent versus the 1 percent, joe biden keeps the 99 percent and gives away the 1 percent. it is one thing that occurred to me, that he knows these are going to be made public, and, still, this is the best they can muster. so much for all of this fair share stuff, and to whom much is given 1.4 percent is expected in return. it is pathetic. and the president's generosity and he gave about 22 percent and he lives in public housing as
1:34 pm
does joe biden and public transportation, but, the reality is that president obama and mrs. obama between 2000 and 2004 went no one was paying attention gave less than 1 percent. and this goes to the overall, the over arching reality that conservatives give more to charity than liberals because liberal think the government will take care of this. >>stuart: isn't vice president biden doing what the left wants him to do? that is, have the government take care of charity through taxation, rather than giving? that is what the left wants, isn't it? >>guest: well, it is what they want. they believe in government. we believe in the private sector. we believe in charity, and they believe in government to get it. and it goes back to the government. you can fine study after study that conservatives give considerably more money to charitable organizations to churches and beyond, and romney gives millions and millions and
1:35 pm
millions even though the percentage is slightly lower than president obama's percentage this year, and that is the first time this is the case. the president is running for reelection, after all. >>stuart: the bidens earn $379,000. they gave $5,500 to charity so that puts them in the top 1 percent and they gave 1.4 percent to charity. >>guest: well, look, i'm not surprised, and i don't think any of us should be surprised. joe biden was the poorest member of the senate when he was chosen to be president obama's vice presidential running mate and never a wealthy guy. i'm not sure if that is in his defense but he was the only non-millionaire in the united states senate. and he gives out pennys as though he has been living in poverty for a long time. >>stuart: thank you. more americans working overtime,
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>>stuart: bosses, you may want to listen to this before sending the late night e-mail, more and more workers are suing for overtime without extra pay. that type of lawsuit leading 50 percent since 2008 when the recession began. a case making its way to the supreme court today. the defense attorney says overworked employees have every right to sue but charles payne disagrees. we have a rotten economy. we are losing jobs overseas. we are racking up massive debt with slow growth. what is wrong with asking employees to work a little harder and if necessary on the blackberry and you are net paid. what is wrong with asking that?
1:40 pm
>>guest: well, you lose employee morale, and, you do not get everything for free. just because the person should be thankful they have a job, that accident mean they should be working for less pay. there are wage rules and when people go, or wage laws. when people go for a job and they are told you will get x amount of dollars an hour they expect if they are paid a certain amount of money per hour that is what their paycheck will reveal. >>stuart: this is a reason why we lose jobs overseas. do you think chinese employees will balk and fire a lawsuit if they have to use the blackberry at home? what is wrong with getting a group of people, getting team morale up? i part of the team? this company is going place. you cannot say that in america, you have the answer to that and then charles. >>guest: well, to say we will send your job overseas if you
1:41 pm
are not willing to work is kind of like modern day slavery, look, people have an specification of getting paid a certain amount of money if they are going to work a certain amount of hours. we cannot turn this country into china and say, you have to work for peanuts or penny on the hour. that is ridiculous. charles: they do have a job and they are getting paid and the suits are rest length not for people who work for hourly wage, but, rather for salaried people, someone comes to a job and says you will work, you will get $70,000 a year every single year, obviously people are smart, they see what is happening with the world, they see what is happening with our country and they understand the meltdown and the atmosphere of shared sacrifice, wait, my morale is really high when the options are, no check. or a check the my morale is through the roof when you tell me i can still get paid whether i have to put in a few extra hours trying to keep this company athreat, trying to make
1:42 pm
this work so that when things do turn an, i am at the top of the list. i get the raise and share not knowledge i kept the country athreat. what you are talking about is some authority of unionization among worker whose simply want to work for the company and keep it alive so they can stay alive. >>guest: well, first of all, the beginning argument about we will send your jobs overseas --. charles: forget that. we are not talking about that. >> let me finish. stuart brought up taking the jobs overseas. i am an employer, i cannot send a job overseas. >>stuart: wait, wait, wait, let me express myself very clearly here. if i'm a multinational emaccomplish, i could offer it anywhere in the world do you thing i would rather go do a country and build an office or run an office where my employees will note sue me if i ask them
1:43 pm
to stay in the loop on the blackberry at home? come on tax makes an overseas job far more attractive? >>guest: nikkei and apple are doing that. they are sitting in the boardroom and it is not a question --. >>stuart: it is a question of whether the best labor force is. charles: from small business with five employees to large businesses the idea is you all work to keep the company going and that is unstated fact, and anyone who is working for themselves, most employers do not want them and i am sure you agree with that. >>stuart: don't you want to be part of the team and being in the loop? >>guest: yes but --. >>stuart: don't you like that? >>guest: i like that but at the end of the day we want to put food on our table. charles: food? stewart substitute you are a good sport. you, too, charles. these photos of secretary of
1:44 pm
state, hillary clinton partying in south america. they are going viral. critics say when the economy here is down it is no time to be living it up over this. are they right or wrong? today is gonna be an important day for us. . . . how bout ya, joe?
1:45 pm
let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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>>stuart: as the heat wave grips the east coast the secretary of state is catching heat for what she was doing in south america. she was caught tearing up the dance floor at a colombia salsa bar. first, our guest has a big problem. you do not approve of the secretary of state having a december and dancing?
1:48 pm
>>guest: well, it is rather embarrassing for the secretary of state to be conducting herself in this way on the world stage. and, of court, at u.s. taxpayers expense. she is on official duty here representing the united states of america and she is partying away in some cuban-themed nightclub in colombia. >>stuart: come on, with an action sent like that you sound a little bit straightlaced and if the taxpayer has to pay for a beer or three, it is not the end of the world. listen to what the state department says about this. they say it is no story. >> i can con firm she did have a very good time and it was just enjoying some of the night life in colombia, kind of a dog bite man story. there is no, nothing to it. >>stuart: come on, take it easy, nothing to it. >>guest: well, i would say, a
1:49 pm
public servant there to serve the american people and i think that conducting herself in this way on the world stage does not advance american interests and sit down right embarrassing. it is as though she is auditioning for "jersey shore," rather than representing america on the world stage as the secretary of state. i do think that it is rather a bit much to expect the american taxpayers to be funding these kinds junkets. i cannot thing of a single thing that hillary clinton achieved in the entire summit of the americas. the only imaging from the s ssummit will be of hillary clinton partying away. >>stuart: you are really, really, really, get a grip. aren't you reading a little bit much into hillary clinton's
1:50 pm
night out? do you agree no senior public official must ever be seen in a bar, with a drink, and or dancing, without make that rule? >>guest: it is a pretty good idea if they do not ... they look extraordinarily embarrassing, stuart but i go back do my original point, people working for the government are servants of the taxpayer, servants of american people and they should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and, of course, recognizing the fact that they are representing the american people on the world stage. all the pickets circulating around the internet of hillary clinton are down right embarrassing. >>stuart: we heard you, especially the reference to the "jersey shore." thank you, clearly, he is not terribly impressed. i wonder if my next guest shares that opinion. this is a g.o.p. strategist.
1:51 pm
you are a g.o.p. strategist. >>guest: republican. >>stuart: you say? >>guest: i defend her. if anyone should have a drink who has gone through what hick heck -- hillary clinton has gone through, she was first lady, she was u.s. senator, she was almost the democratic nominee for president and now she is secretary of state, you know, she deserves a few beers. and i think niles needs a case of beer. really, is he even an american? he has no place ... >>stuart: he is no longer with us. he is off camera and does not have a microphone. but doesn't you thing he has a small point? this is the secretary of state. this is the third ranking member of the american government. in a bar. >>guest: she wasn't working. it is a stressful job. >>stuart: she was on camera. >>guest: it is healthy to have
1:52 pm
downtime after a tough job and it is unfair and i have toll you if her name was hank everyone would go, yeah, that is great and slap her on the back. >>stuart: are you accusing my good friend, niles, of being vaguely sexist. >>guest: yes. yes. yes. it is unfortunate. i didn't like how ann romney was treated unfairly and the unmeted comments about hick hi, -- about hillary clinton and names is talking about all this cost. ten beers? i would buy hillary clinton a beer and a couple of whiskeys to say, good for you. you have done a great job. strong american work, i don't appreciate her stand on most things but as a woman it is important that we are supportive of strong american women and we do not say, she a bad person for
1:53 pm
on her time off having a drink or two. that is wrong and unfair. >>stuart: ten or 12 beers, some whiskey and some water. in a group. she did not consume them all. >>guest: niles needs to consume all of that. and i will take him out. you need a beer so badly that i'm willing to host you. >>stuart: you made your point. romney wants to give everyone a 20 percent tax cut and now we get details on how he plans to pay for it. are you going to like this? fione that ford dealers sell a new
1:54 pm
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how's that for common sense? that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
1:56 pm
mitt romney revealing how he may offset that 20% tax cut he wants for everybody. aides say they are just ideas but at a private fundraiser, the republican front-runner said he may get rid of deductions for state income taxes and state property taxes. plus, cut the mortgage interest deduction on second homes for some high-income
1:57 pm
earners. essentially, keeping it that deduction for most people. greg rand, the ceo of own america. what do you make of this? specifically, the mortgage bit here? where he may take away from high-income earners, the mortgage deduction on second homes. what do you say? >> i'm relieved. it's the first time we heard anybody talk about the mortgage tax deduction where they weren't talking about taking it away fresh. i see him throw the ball to moderate and liberals saying we're not just giving the rich fat cats a free ride but we're saying that he is leaving from 90-plus percent of the home purchasers out there, owner, and investors, leaving it in place. >> okay. you are in the real estate business. i put to you this removal of a deduction for a group of people who are buying now, that is not good news for the market. >> i don't love it. you know what? part of an overall tax package that includes lowering rates across the board. >> you're saying this is part of tax reform, which you lower
1:58 pm
the rate and get rid of some -- >> throw bones on the fringes to make everybody feel like you're not just giving a complete blanket tax reduction across the board. the people who would see their cost increase on a second home are going to see benefits elsewhere. just by virtue of mitt romney getting elected frankly. the business economy is going to boom because there are so many people holding back right now. you are under attack as a business owner these days. talked about in a negative way. regulation heaped on you. the idea it could be reversed, this is a very simple p.r. spin. >> i'm surprised to hear that. surprised to hear that. you consider the phoenix market, for example. the house markets are down 55% in three-fourth year period. now beginning to come back a little, because some wealthy people are putting money in to buy second homes, maybe retirement homes. if they lose a mortgage deduction -- >> won't change the decision. >> it won't?
1:59 pm
>> no. too small an impact, at the end of the day, decision-making buying a second home in phoenix is based on the massive appreciation, foreign investors. you talk about that on the show. coming in with a weak dollar. it's on the fringe. i don't want to see any tax increase at all. he is leaving majority of the tax deduction in place. >> everybody else stays in place. it's important, because now we find out some, which loophole of mitt romney take away for rich people. that's part of tax reform. that is the importance of this. >> he is taking heat for being rich. i'm not shocked about the fact that he would do something to make it mitigate the edges. >> thank you for joining us. greg rand, thank you. what is the government doing to add $3,000 more to the price of that new car? find out at 6:00 p.m. eastern. on fbn tonight. and then, tomorrow, on


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