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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 17, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> sean: all right. political ads from democrats and republicans are flooding the airwaves as we inch closer to november. all in an attempt to win over your votes. our own frank luntz has been testing the tv spots with various focus groups around the country. tonight he is here to share with us one of the highest tested political ads he has ever seen. here to explain which ads are resonating with the voters, none other than the man himself, one and only, mr. luntz. how are you, sir? >> i'm fine, sean. we went to wisconsin, to milwaukee, wisconsin, ground zero for politics in the governor recall coming up in
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two months. in the presidential race, coming up in november. and even in the hot senate race. so we took a group of swing voters, showed them 15 different ads. and the one that you are about to show, man, it blew off the charts. we had a couple of groups almost in tears in anger for what this administration has allowed to happen in terms of how the government behaves. >> sean: is this tax day or the other ad that obama is favored -- this is tax day, right? >> this is tax day. >> sean: by cross roads so people know. okay. roll this ad. we'll show people the reaction. >> tax day. time to pay. as you write your check to the government, ask yourself one simple question. just how exactly is president obama spending your tax dollars? ♪ ♪ >> billions in hand-outs to green energy companies like solyndra, that went bankrupt. sent jobs overseas, or were risky from the beginning.
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now we learn that a federal agency spent nearly $1 million on a lavish las vegas conference for themselves. complete with clowns, mind readers and bicycle building. and in an ironic twist, while the agency was partying in vegas, the head of the agency couldn't make it because she was having meetings at solyndra. a different sort of gamble. if that wasn't enough, the agency's employees also flew to hawaii for an entire week so they could an the end an hour-long ribbon cutting ceremony. >> this is pretty big government. this is pretty big government. >> is it big government. shouldn't someone be in charge? >> sean: you know what is fascinating to me? this is one of the rare times you see an ad, where both republicans and democrats are almost identical. >> i want to go beyond just those lines you saw on the screen, because they're off the charts.
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the people we talk to, were people who were middle class. often working class. really struggling, sean, to make ends meet at the end of the week. have a conversation with them after they see the ads. what was so frustrating here, the people in washington are behaving in their words, behaving like bigs. we're trying desperately to pay our bills and do the right thing. we have work hard. we have so little money at the end of the week. this is how they behey. the anger, the agitation is real. >> sean: what is fascinating is the president tries to play class warfare, there is real resentment at $5 trillion in debt. 16 trillion total in debt. $5 trillion in new obama debt. interesting. all right. let's roll to another ad. this is an rnc ad about obama and his favorite amendment to the constitution. i thought this was pretty clever ad. >> on the advice of my counsel, i instroke privilege afforded to me by the fifth amendment of the constitution of the united states. i respectfully decline to answer any questions. >> i respectfully decline to
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answer any questions. >> i respectfully decline to answer based on my constitutional richerts. >> federal prosecutor patrick cunningham is going to plead the fifth. >> what is your title at gsa? >> mr. chairman, on the advice of counsel i respectfully decline to answer based on the fifth amendment constitutional privilege. >> not as high number as the last ad was close reaction between democrat and republicans. >> there is a fundamental problem with the ad. it doesn't set the context at the beginning. you plead the fifth because you don't want to incriminate yourself, unquote. that ad doesn't explain it. that's why they plead the fifth. they don't want to acknowledge they're responsible. if they had taken that five seconds to put it in context it would have been a much more powerful ad, which makes a greater point. so many ads aren't effective. they don't achieve the goal
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because they're confusing or complicated or too many bells and whistles. it could have been better. >> sean: i didn't think it was that confusing. i'll show you an ad that i think is the best i've seen. before we get to that, roll an ad by president obama. remember, he inherited $1.80 a gallon gas. it's now $4. in some states as high as $5, which i paid. obama for america ran this ad. >> it lead to record profit for oil and now they have millions to ads falsely attacking the president. why? because obama wants to take away their $4 billion tax break. click here to get the facts. >> sean: all right. democrats, didn't resonate as well either. >> i's a short ad. we talk about jobs, jobs, jobs, unemployment rate at 8.2%. i believe in the fall people will decide based on the cost of life, even more than the
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unemployment figures, how much you pay for gas, healthcare, transportation, will have a bigger impact on the ultimate elec central outcome than the unemployment numbers are. that's what it's meant to go to. obama trying to blame oil companies rather than himself. >> sean: i don't think he can pull it off. he said things would be different and unemployment would go down and he would cut the deficit in half and he made promises and hasn't fulfilled them. i want to show you an ad. you didn't test the ad but i'll make a prediction when you test it, it will test extraordinarily well. i think it's one of the best ads i've seen. i want your reaction to it. let's roll. >> yeah, i'm not going to make any excuses. i'm not going to make any excuses. >> i will be held accountable. >> you know how quickly people -- >> that's exactly right. >> we're not there. >> well, we're not there because this recession turned out to be a lot deeper than any of us realized. >> i'm not going to make any excuses. >> i came in the midst of the
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worst recession since the great depression. >> i'm not going to make any excuses. >> worst recession since great depression. >> there were things we could not control. we've had a string of bad luck. >> an earthquake in japan. >> not going to make any excuses. >> arab spring in the middle east. >> not going to make any excuses. >> economic head winds from europe. uncertainty surrounding the raising of the debt dealing. because of automation, because of -- >> part of the reason that manufacturing has declined is because of automation. understand that was not our program per se. >> we used to go to the bank teller. now you go to an atm machine. >> i'm not going to make any excuses. >> we didn't create this. we haven't solved it yet. >> stuff hasn't worked, and people don't feel like i have led the country in right direction -- >> i don't think they're better off than they were four years ago -- >> then you'll have a new president. >> sean: all right, mr. luntz.
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you are the expert. how good is my instinct on this? >> the idea behind it, the idea that the president doesn't take responsen't for the things that he has control over, that he hasn't fixed, is perhaps the most powerful idea in the entire campaign cycle. i'm not convinced as you are that that execution will be as effective as you suggest it is. and here is why. it's a little complicated. they show the same, "i'm not going to make excuses" over and over again that doesn't make the case as well as showing it once at the beginning and once at the end. it'd simplify the ad and make it 30-second ad and show listing of things he said not to take responsibility. one more point, if your listeners want to participate in these, and they want their opinions heard all they need to go do is go to and think could use the dials and bevod in the focus groups that you often put on your air. >> sean: as long as they're
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prepared for you to yell at them, which you do sometimes. >> they get a chance to be heard and hold me accountable and you accountable. >> sean: kidding. one other good ad, by the way, show every time the president said, "shovel ready, shovel ready. i guess they weren't shuffle ready." him laughing and talk about suggesting for lowering our dependence on gas, tuning up your car, inflating your tires and algae. those could be good ads. off the top of my head. >> the more they use barack obama's exact words and more they put him, his speaking, video team speaking is the most credible case against him. in the ad he can't challenge what he has already said >> sean: great point. the most effective way. frank luntz thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> sean: when we come back, the tough gets going and president utilizes a good old tired and true technique. tell you what it is. and we'll play his tired recycled rhetoric and get karl rove's reaction to the ad we
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not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers. custom categorize your expenses anywhere. save time and get back to what you love. the latest innovation. only for ink customers. learn more at he rushed to the podium today to divert attention away from the key issues of the day. to do so, he decided to unload on one of his favorite punching bags, that, of course, big oil companies. take a look. >> we can't afford situation where speculators artificially
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manipulate market to buy up oil and create perception of a shortage and drive prices higher to quick oil for a quick profit. we can't afford situation where some speculators can reap millions while millions of american families get the short end of the stick. >> sean: as you are about to see, this is not the first time that the president promised to do something and not followed through. particularly on oil speculation. look at this. >> we also need to crack down on speculators who manipulate the market. >> crack down on speculators to help bring down gas prices. >> we had an energy situation where oil producers or speculators want to constrict supply. route out cases of manipulation that might affect gas prices. >> sean: sound like more recycled rhetoric.
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to divert attention of the key authors of the day. author of "courage and consequence" and we call him the architect, karl rove. this is one example. the rnc, i think everybody understands that, all right, the game has begun. it will be romney, and 99%. versus president obama. the rnc has come out i think with an effective ad that talks about obama blaming everybody but himself. watch this. >> i'm not going to make any excuses. i'm not going to make any excuses. >> i will be held accountable. >> will be held accountable. >> we're not there. >> we're not there because this recession was deeper than we realized. >> i am not going to make excuses. >> i came in from the worst recession since the great depression. >> i'm not going to make any
6:16 pm
excuses. >> earthquake in japan. >> in the middle east. >> not going to make excuses. >> not going to make any excuses. >> uncertainty, surrounding the debt. >> automation. >> part of the reason that manufacturing declined is because automation, because understand that this is not all program mistakes. >> we use to go to the bank teller. now we go to an atm machine. >> i'm not going to make any excuses. >> we haven't solved it yet. >> if stuff hasn't worked and people don't feel like i led the country in right direction. >> i don't think we're better off than four years ago -- >> you'll have a new presiden president. >> sean: they forgot kiosks and the shovel-ready jobs, karl. but they had almost everything else. >> they got almost everything
6:17 pm
else. they forgot you. >> sean: true. and you. >> exactly. this is why the president has seen a weak. the president has adopted the philosophy that if anything goes wrong it's somebody else's responsibility. presidents become bigger and stronger in the minds of the american people when they take responsibility on themselves. they're weaker and smaller when they are constantly pointing the finger and blaming somebody else. >> sean: yeah. let's look at the poll numbers. gallup tracking came out yesterday, started to track for the election. romney up by three. today they have him up by five. fox news has him up by two. and one other poll that has -- rasmussen has him up by two or three points as well. so, at this point in the presidency, if you look at the past elections, what i went back to look at and what i found is there has been no president that has had this position in the polls and come back to win the election. can we learn from history or is this a whole new paradigm?
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>> look, every election is different. i will say this. i'm surprised that romney is in as good of shape he appears in the polls. at the tail end of an ugly divisive primary not noble to anybody. this is not made him look better. he is in a good position to fight this out. you take a look at the real clear politics average of all the polls since april 5, obama leads by three. if you look at the polls since april 11, when the contest ended obama by a point-and-a-half. it's essentially romney ahead if you take out one poll that gives obama pretty significant lead. otherwise, romney is ahead if you average it from the 11th. there will be a competitive race. very tight, very close. it's not where the obama people want to be. it's where romney is surprisingly i suspect happy to be. if you saw axelrod on sunday with chris wallace, not a happy camper. not a confident, calm, political leader.
6:19 pm
that was a guy scared to death his candidate will go down flailing around badly. >> i got the same impression as well. one of those polls that you are including is the abc "washington post" poll. that poll, they had 11% more democrats they sample than republicans. >> sure. >> which i think that is certainly outlier based on the demographics. all right, so the president strategy is he can't run on his record. so he is going to go out and attack. it seems like every time he immerses himself the war on women backfireed, sandra fluke backfireed. all the attacks that the president has been making, they don't seem to be working. where do they go from there? >> look, they are going to keep it up. one thing is they don't get called by the media. the president can go out -- went out on saturday and gave us at least his third explanation why he needed the buffet rule. we need it for growth. billion dollars from the buffett rule additional tax revenue this year will somehow
6:20 pm
create growth? by taking and taxing savings and investment, more that is going to create growth? i thought we had a bipartisan consensus that we had for decades. we need to tax investment and tax savings less to encourage them. that is what drives the economic growth. on saturday, comes out and says, well, we need growth, we need investments but what we really say is we need government revenue for the government to spend. nobody calls him in the media on this stuff. keep doing it. there is no ifs, and or buts about it. not working well. >> sean: we'll continue to vet the president. tonight we look at his generous vacation schedule. one thing i find fascinating here, it's not come up as an issue. you have every american, families of four that make $50,000 each of january 1, if congress doesn't act, president doesn't act, the average family to make $50,000 a year the tax goes up on average $1750 a year. >> right. >> sean: a lot of money.
6:21 pm
>> let's not forget -- yeah, a lot. president obama broke his pledge not to tax people making less than that a year. and half a trillion tax increases in obamacare alone and fall on people who go to a hospital because they need a procedure. people who need to get drugs to manage the disease. people who buy health insurance policy and people who need medical device. there are a lot of people making less than $250,000 a year that fall in the category. half a trillion dollars worth of taxes on them. >> sean: karl rove good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean. thank you for having me. >> sean: coming up, looking ahead to the likely 2012 matchup. the next guest says there is evidence this election could deepen the racial divide in this country. whose rhetoric to blame for fanning the blames? juan williams is up next. the gone golfing edition as we vet the president and the edition of the real obama. check out his luxurious life and that of his family and
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vacation and golf and basketball. and all the fun they have.
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>> sean: tonight we look at the 2012 election from a much different vantage point. that is race. juan williams says there is evidence to suggest that the
6:26 pm
2012 election will deepen an already deep racial divide he says exists in america. he points to several fears at the aspen simposium and among them black fear of g.o.p. white house out of touch with them, demonizing them as it focuses on "tax cuts for big business, while slashing federal spending on safety networks for middle class from education to senior healthcare." these are some serious allegations, levied against republicans. tonight we look at who is spreading the falsehoods. and the damage they can have on the country. joining me now is fox news political analyst, author of that column, juan williams. good to see you. thank you for being back. >> my pleasure, sean. >> sean: i think this is going to be one of the most divisive campaigns we've ever seen. the president says the republicans plan is dirty air
6:27 pm
and water, they want down syndrome and the elderly to fend for themselves. paul ryan look-a-likes throwing grandma over a cliff. how much worse can it get? >> well, it becomes racial. the heart and soul of those opposing president obama are white males and those without a college degree. and the president standing among them sunk since 2008. he had 39% of that vote in 2008. down to 32% now. overall the support among white america has gone down from 43% in 2008 down again to the high 30s. he has had overwhelmingly support not only among blacks but hispanics, asians. overwhelming. >> sean: we don't know that. we know this, that gallup has romney up by five. fox news poll has romney up by two.
6:28 pm
rasmussen up by three. >> there is a racial angle. let me interrupt you. >> sean: there is not a racial ange to this. >> i'm telling you it exists in the polls you cite there that has romney up, what they're doing is they are mimicking the electorate that existed in 2010 when the tea party folks had energized electorate and showed up at the poll. there was a lower percentage of african-americans and hispanics in the electorate. it wasn't the 2008 electorate and according to the obama campaign it won't be the '12 electorate. >> sean: i don't like this narrative at all. but there is an underlying tone to what you are saying; that is, that this country which elected barack obama in 2008 and i would argue ignored a whole host of evidence that a few of us were trying to warn about that has since come true, elected an african-american president. to me this isn't about race.
6:29 pm
this is now about a record. a failed record. to suggest that there is any other motivation from the same america that voted for him in 2008 is absurd to me. $5 trillion in debt, failed economy, weak foreign policy and oil prices more than double. not more complicated than that, juan. >> it is. if you watch the republican primaries that you and i, we watch it intensely, you hear all the talk of entitlement presidents, social -- >> sean: we're going bankrupt. we're going bankrupt. >> a lot of this is racially explosive. >> what is racially explosive about -- wait a minute. >> the whole idea is somehow this president is letting poor people and minorities rip off hardworking white people. >> sean: stop a minute. barack obama himself called george bush unpatriotic and irresponsible borrowing from the bank of china in the name of our children.
6:30 pm
bush had $4 trillion in debt in eight years. obama has $5 trillion in 3-1/2 years. if i used the same language against him, i'd be attacked. the reality, we can't sustain the path he put us on. bankrupting us, ensuring we'll become greece if we continue down the path. responsible people are saying we can't steal from our kids anymore. how is that racial? >> i think responsible people are saying we can't steal from our kids and we need some kind of what was called in this town short time ago a grand bargain. but you will see that people aren't cooperating in terms of saying here is where we'll have increase revenue. match increase cuts. you say it's nothing to do with race. right now as we sit here today you see increasing divide. people, black, hispanic, asian -- college educated -- >> sean: juan, juan, 47 million americans live in poverty. obama has increased that number by over 10 million.
6:31 pm
>> you think it was barack obama -- sean, you think it was barack obama. >> sean: yes. >> a lot of people think when he showed up, you know, that old joke the black man gets the worst job in america, the economy at that point had tanked. he inherited a sinking economy. >> sean: we can argue about this all day. >> increasing the debt. nobody put the cost of the wars on the budget until obama showed up. >> sean: we can argue about this all day. i'll tell you something and the polls bear it out now with the 41% approval rating. his 43% average in the three recent polls that have come out. this is what it comes down to. did he fulfill the promise to turn the economy around? are we better off than four years ago? no. if he can't sell that he can't win re-election. >> i agree but a lot of people think in fact saved the
6:32 pm
country from going over the edge. a lot of people say you know what? to ignore that is evidence of, you know, mitch mcconnell saying we're just here to defeat barack obama. not looking out for america. >> sean: you know what? we can't afford four more years of obama. we are broke. obama's budget, obama's healthcare, obama-pelosi-reed had two years. they had free unfettered ability to do everything hay wanted and they failed. that's what -- >> you're not just picking on him. i hope that is what you sincerely believe and you're not just picking on this guy. >> sean: i would pick on any liberal that governed this poorly. >> okay. >> sean: good to see you. thank you. coming up the nation's problems keep piling up. president doesn't seem to have any solutions. what has he been doing the last three years? we're going to vet the president. talk about his vacation, his golfing. we'll talk about his basketball and all the free
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6:38 pm
r&r is something the president mastered and he never stops planning the next trip. >> i want the thank the president and the people of cartagena. we're having a wonderful time. usually when i take the summit trips part of my job is to scout out where i may want to bring michelle back later for vacation. >> the first family circled the globe on the previous luxurious vacation since 2009. destinations including but not limited to mount rushmore, hawaii, aspen, panama city, martha's vineyard, maine, north carolina, and even spain. the president himself wasn't on all the trips security concerns will prevent us from ever knowing the exact cost. some estimates exist. according to the hawaii
6:39 pm the 17-day christmas vacation in 2010 cost you the taxpayer more than $4 million. the gsa has nothing on the white house. to vet the president, the main stream media won't d do it, stuart varney. and amelia, good to see you both. let me show what they said about the corporate fat cat. flying to vegas. this is what obama said. >> you are not going to be able to get out the big bonus. be you can't get corporate jet or take a trip to vegas or the bowles on the taxpayer dime. >> sometimes when you see the record of the president maybe he should spend more time playing golf. keep him out of the oval office. look what he is done. >> gsa, the junket to las
6:40 pm
vegas is what you get when you expand the scope and scale and spending of government. it's massive government, massive spending. massive junketing. that is what you get. at the same time, we have faltering economy, massive unemployment and running up the massive debt. a clash between the lavish lifestyle, the time spent vacationing and what is going on with the economy and the record. how many vacations do you take a year? i don't take many. >> very few. >> whatever time i take it's usually my kid sporting event or school event. amelia? do you ever play golf? >> i don't have time for golf. i play once in a while. the ball is in the woods because i can't hit the stupid ball i don't practice or have time to play 94 times in three years.
6:41 pm
>> i am at the global summit now. the global economic summit now. i'm booked 20 hours out of the day because i'm maximizing the opportunity to sit across the table with world leaders from israel, panama, cuba, columbia. and to be able to get in their brain and say how do we work together? listen to somebody taking vacation time and not maximizing the opportunity is bad leadership. >> that's what it comes down to. >> is this a good political strategy to go after the president and playing golf and take the lavish vacation. >> and playing basketball. >> is that a good strategy? concentrate on his record. >> this could chase down the president. this is not chief to play
6:42 pm
golf. he is the one lecturing the corporations to get off the corporate jet to stop taking trips to vegas to pay back taxpayers. >> does america begrudge its chief executive playing a lot of golf and flying around on air force one? probably yes when it's lavish and the country is in bad shape. we have $45 trillion of extras. >> when you take a vacation, every two months, a little over two months, that seems to me to be excessive. >> to force the taxpayers to take advantage of this and beating up the -- doesn't this seem like a huge contradiction? >> it's nothing a ceo would do. ceo of my company, when the company needs me i am focused and drilled down until i get it to the next point.
6:43 pm
that is provable on paper. i would never insult my employees to take time off when they needed me the most. it's disgraceful. >> sean: good luck at the um summit. i hope you do well there. not sure opening up the trade with cuba but good luck. thank you for being with us. sneak peek of greta and what is come up in 18 minutes when greta van susteren goes on the record. >> greta: are we on? beckel told me when you trick him. >> sean: not on the air. >> greta: so i can swear like a sailor? now the sailors will be mad at me. >> sean: leave him alone. he has had a bad 24 hours. >> greta: oh, c'mon, i love beckel. anyway, tonight we talk about gsa and they never stop surprising us, as well as the secret service. brit hume is here to talk about what is going on in the senate. maybe a budget. don't hold your breath. but there is news. we talk about the gas prices and representative christie nome is here to tell you about the tea party.
6:44 pm
that much more. back to you. >> sean: greta coming up in 17 minutes. let not your heart be troubled. the great, great, great american panel is next. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want
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>> sean: tonight on the great, great american panel, editor of citizen jane politics contributor to daily beast, patricia murphy is here. he works for jon stewart, what else do i need to say? a big liberal. appearing through sunday at the comedy castle in royal oak, michigan. paul mercurio. the news editor for and contributing editor of the magazine and author of new book "fast and furious, barack obama's bloodiest scandal." katie pavlich is back. good to see you all. what are you complain about? >> nothing. i am not here to represent the daily show. i'll go beckel on you. i swear to god. >> you know what? i have had a great 24 hours. let's just leave it alone.
6:49 pm
/am trying to understand the left. rosanne bar joins the choir of attacking ann romney -- >> sean: you get the point. why? why are your liberal friends -- >> first, read the articles to me with the bleep. that would be awesome. >> sean: bleep, bleep. >> imus, quack, quack. >> this goes to hillary rosen and terry o'neil. why do people who are private citizens get attributed to the obama administration and the democrats? >> a democratic operative -- >> she is not an operative.
6:50 pm
>> have you been to the white house 35 times since obama has been president? >> yes, i know people! >> there is my point. >> rosanne is vile and insane, not an operative. >> like bill maher. >> the minute that -- you can't put the two of them in the same category. >> you can. this goes to the broader larger picture of the left. this is typical of the obama administration. >> the obama was the first to denounce the comments. first to come out. obama, axelrod. they thought within 30 second never seen anybody -- >> she is the democrats' ted nugget only more butch. >> he says what beckel says every night. i don't care what he says. i don't want to silence liberals february they're friends of yours.
6:51 pm
>> iif the president lectures us on sandra fluke, doesn't he need to return bill maher's money? >> they aren't speaking on behalf of the obama administration. >> took a million dollars -- >> there are a lot of people that support obama. there is a guy that things clingon should be the national language. >> that is not good enough. that is a -- >> weak. >> gave million dollars to the super pack. >> they are liberals. >> they are supporting president obama in november. president obama said he wanted to be the great uniter to come out and say look, the attack on women left and right needs to stop. >> where was the outrage when the "c" word is used against sarah palin. attack against her child with down syndrome, attack against her other children and against
6:52 pm
santorum's children. >> i'm not supporting the attack against ann romney. >> why should at no time president if he wants zilty give back $1 million to the loudest mouth with the filthiest most vile things he spews out of it? >> he came out and specifically denounced the attack on ann romney. >> but not giving money back. if he was getting money from rosanne barr. >> high unemployment, people's homes foreclosed and we want our president to run around and apologize and give money back -- >> he called sandra fluke and lecture everybody on civility. those be consistent. >> the left started this mess. >> the republicans are down 2 to 1 with women. >> i'd like to but you're wrong as usual. >> i'm not the guy that grew up swimming naked. that is what you said the last thing you're here. >> i am playing with a broken hand. thank you for asking. >> sean: i'm upset. more with the great, great american panel.
6:53 pm
straight ahead. [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain. two pills can last all day. ♪ ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram.
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>> sean: not black and blue -- we're on the air. we continue with the great, great, great american panel. look at this, record number of americans renouncing their citizenship. why are they renouncing their citizenship? we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. and number two, if you work at
6:57 pm
a foreign country and earn income in foreign country you have to pay income tax in this country. people say you know what this the price is too high. that is very, we never had numbers like that. that is three years combined a few years ago. >> okay, about 1800 people last year denounced citizenship. more than half a million people wanted citizenship and got it. this is a tiny fraction of people who don't want to to do paper wok. one person interviewed was canadian who pays higher taxes in canada than he would in the united states and doesn't want to do the paperwork. i think that -- i was going to say i think the bill that passed in 2010 is a little too onerous. the reporting requirements are too low. but to renounce your u.s. citizenship because of your tax forms to me is unpatriotic. >> it's more than just paperwork. i think you avail yourself of the benefit and the luxury of living in this country, when it's time to pay up. you move on. that is much like the secret service. >> people who are following --
6:58 pm
>> thank you. >> people who are leaving are ceos, companie companies who rue companies. it's not just the 1800 people two left but those people employing hundreds of thousands of people and taking those companies -- >> you're right. the other problem, if we are the highest, we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. which we do. >> but many companies get around that. >> wait a minute. i find this interesting. the president upset about the buffett rule that doesn't apply to him and he uses every tax loophole he can find including gifting his daughters. >> this design in 2010 to close the hole for people offshore $1 trillion of money overseas. >> this is -- >> we have created additional incentive. we have the highest corporate tax rate in world, that means that there are friendlier business environments for rich people, the evil people you don't like to invest their money elsewhere. >> talk about all the things that rich people buy. do you know how many jobs a yacht provides?
6:59 pm
>> how many? do you know the answer to that? >> are you going to say this country -- i want the answer to her question. do you know? >> a lot. [ laughter ] >> 17 -- that means you hired -- >> 17 people hired. >> my yacht is a little 30-foot boat. boston whaleer for crying out loud. i hate that stupid boat. like everybody else, one day -- great when you get it, i can't wait to get rid of it. >> rich people want to go to the moon because they don't want to pay taxes. >> i don't attack you. >> how many people -- >> we are going to be worse off. >> let them go make money somewhere else. >> complainsh -- here is the problem. >> rich people -- [ overtalk ] >> rich people -- hang on. rich people take their money out. who gets hurt? people that build the yachts,


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