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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 30, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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opine. here's the word of the day. do not be verecund when writing. please remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tonight on "hannity" the pakistani doctor who aided the runs in hunting down osama bin laden is tens to 33 years in prison and the obama administration shows they are incapable for standing up for allys of the united states. i will be joined by former secretary donald rumsfeld. the doctor ran a vaccination program and held the cia to verify that obama was in fact at the compound in pakistan. that's why they believe he is being held because i assisted the united states. but according to the judgment that was obtained by fox news, he is provided for providing
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financial and medical assistance to a militant group. his family, they are not buying it. his brother told fox news the blame has been placed on my brother because of america. we should get justice and protection. and a state department's smokes man was asked about the brother's claim. listen to the response. >> i'm not sure they have approached us requesting assistance, other than raising it very publicly as we have done via secretary of clinton, you know, and raising it consistently in our meetings with pakistani government officials, it's unclear to me what else we could do for his case. about we take it very seriously. the secretary is very clear in her remarks saying that there is not any basis for holding the doctor. >> not a very strong response from the obama administration but some politicians think there's more the united states can do. in fact kentucky senator rand paul is taking matters into his own hands. he said he will introduce a bill
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that would halt the fund to go pakistan until the doctor is released. join me with reaction, the author of the new york city number one best-seller, no one and unknown, is now out in paper back as ever today. former defense sector donald rumsfeld. how are you, sir? >> terrific. >> you are not getting in trouble lately. you haven't been criticized. that must really bother you. [laughter] >> well, it's been a good time for me. >> i asked you something earlier today. i want to get back to this story. i asked what do you fear the most when you think of all that you know, the five times you have been in and out of government, two stints as defense secretary, what do you fear the most about the future of this country? >> the things that race through your mind, of course, are things like iran having a nuclear weapon, north korea's behavior, the terrorist networks that exist in the world, cyber attacks. but the thing that worries me the most is not any one of those things specifically. it is the risk, the danger that the united states will
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increasingly be seen as weak. >> did you think under this president, because of his policies, starting out with an apology tour, do you think that the rest of the world views him as weak? >> i do. i think that the economic weakness of our country, the fact that we are spending trillion of dollars that we don't have -- >> wait a minute, the president said he's a thrift i spender. he said no one has been as thrifty as him. >> the gsa trips to las vegas i guess would punches wait that. >> $5 trillion in debt. >> yeah. but the reality is we are modeling america on europe and that's a failed model. and when the world senses that the united states of america will not be the cage, the nation that contributes to peace and stability in the world, then you are going to see people doing things they otherwise wouldn't think of doing. and if we go ahead and have the see questerring of the budget and end up with another 400,
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$500 billion of cuts in the defense budget, totaling something in the neighborhood of $1 trillion over the next decade, we will find that we will not only be seen as weak economically, we will be seen as weak mill fairly. and weakness is provocative. >> weakness incurs aggression. i agree with you. >> yes. >> but do you think the president's view -- we defeated naziism and fascism and led the cold war and we are battling terrorism. liberals don't see it that way. they view it at america is an aggressive nation. look what he said on memorial day. he was implying that previous wars were unnecessary. >> that was characterized at blame america first crowd. >> is obama part of that? >> clearly. he doesn't seem to feel that the
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united states has and should continue to be playing an important role in the world in contributing to peace and stay dillty. and you do that not by making war, you do that not by aggression, you do that by being capable and being seen as being capable which causes other countrys to avoid doing things that they would do if they saw weakness and increasingly we are demonstrating weakness. >> we have this situation. why would anyone help us again when they see we abandon this guy in pakistan and the president does nothing. why would they even help us again? >> let me go back a step. why would someone help us if somebody leaks a name and the fact somebody may have helped. why would anyone in our government leak information that suggests that a foreign national is giving us assistance? it is putting them and their familys in jeopardy. it is outrageous, it is inexcusable for us to be
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mismanaging information in that way. >> what should the president do to protect this guy, putting aside that it was leaked, what should he do now? >> i have trouble putting aside that it was leaked. i just think it is so terrible that people who step up and give us a hand, then are put in jeopardy because it will keep people from doing that. what should you do now? we should recognize that pakistan is not going to agree with us on every issue. i'm not sure if this was a religious court or a pakistani court that issued the judgment. but we ought to do everything possible to assist the individual and their family and protect them from harm and be a responsible partner. >> the president should lead the way. i agree with you. every time i say what aim about to say to you, liberals go nuts. like alka-seltzer and water, they bubble and fizz and give up a energy. and i kind of take pleasure. maybe it's the dark side of sean has been. but i'm glad the president got bin laden and made the decision
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to get bin laden. >> absolutely. >> but i contend, as do many former cia officials and secretaries of state -- i'm sorry, secretaries of defense, that without rendition, blacten haed interrio wead roiguez on this very program, he was leading the interrogion efforts against mohamed and others. we wouldn't is gotten bin laden, we wouldn't have had the opportunity or the intelligence. in other words, if obama had his way he never would have been able to make that decision that he's now out on the campaign trail bragging about. true or false? >> nor would they have had the capabilities that had been left to them by the bush administration. the investment in special operations capabilities, the investment in the intelligence capabilities. every president has available to them the capabilities left by their predecessors. >> then what do you think of the president politicizing the death of bin laden when the very
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policies he supported would have never given us the intelligence? what does that say to you? >> i was not in the pentagon when that happened, but i imagine anyone in the cia or the pentagon had to have been grinding their teeth when all of this information flooded out of the white house about whatevers done, how it was done, putting at risk, in my view, our military forces and our intelligence assets because of too much loose talk. >> do you think america, what is your fear if obama got four more years? >> eight years gives any administration an opportunity to sprinkle through the executive branch of the government a great many people who believe what they believe. to the extent that we have people in government today who have decided that they are willing to incur the kinds of trillion of dollars in debt and put that crushing burden on future generations, i think we just get more of the same. >> by the way, your number one best-seller now out in paperwork
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back. you are giving all the money to military causes. >> i am. military charities. every cent that we've gotten from the book, almost $1 million. >> secretary, good to see you. >> thank you so much. good being with you, sean. >> and the media misses you. i think they miss your press conferences. >> i enjoyed them. >> i think they did, too, but not for the same reason. they loved fighting with you. coming up, you don't want to miss the new planned parent hood ad. accusing romney of wanting to do away with cancer screenings for women. and also later it's michelle versus michelle. conservative columnist, michelle malcan takes it on herself to vet the first lady and some of her controversial stateme
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>> democrats are pulling out all the stops to distort romney's word and his record. this comes courtesy of the federally funded organization that's known as planned parenthood. with all the tax dollars being funneled to that group they have freed up enough money with an ad campaign filled with blatant lies about romney. >> listen to this. >> he says he will deny women the dirt control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says.
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>> do i believe the supreme court shoud overturn roe v. wade, yes. >> he's sigh saying he would support that. and romney is putting your paycheck as risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women. >> now perhaps the most disgusting claim made in that ad is the former massachusetts governor wants to do away with cancer screenings for women. on top of that being demonstrably false, it gives you the looks at the depths to which the democrats are willing to sink in order to win in november. we are talking about a man whose wife courageously battled and defeated breast cancer. here is monica crawly and monica holder. his wife had cancer. the federal government spends $487.4 million in government grants and reimbursements to planned parenthood. why should we spend a dime on an organization that gives -- that is providing abortion services?
9:15 pm
why? >> well, first of all, you bring up his wife. and i see what you are doing. you are trying to play on the heart -- you are tribe. >> it's a trick? >> yes, it's a trick. it's a trick on your viewers. >> tricking my viewers? >> yes, you are. >> i am? >> my mom says that i'm very despondent when i'm on your show so i'm trying to be very nice. >> okay. listen to mom. >> the trick is you are a trying to play on the heart strings of all of your listeners to say she had cancer. >> not heart strings, she fought back breast cancer and this ad is false. >> but you are saying, you previously said that women in politics should be left out. the wives should be left out. but now that she's had cancer, it's like now we are attackings her. >> you are missing the point. what the ad is -- look. this is like republicans wants dirty air is water is granny sorry the clip cliff. this is on your side because you can't run on obama's record and this is what a obnoxious because you are scaring women, scaring seniors, scaring every person in america because the president
9:16 pm
can run on what he's done. monica. >> that's exactly right. talk about playing on emotional heart strings, this is the only thing the left has in their arsenal. they cannot win in the marketplace of ideas. obama can't run on his record. he's been a miserable failure. only thing left to run on is a campaign of fear and loading. so you get scaring women, you get squaring seniors, you get class warfare, get all these -- >> hang on a second. >> this is -- >> hang on a second. >> but he wants to defund planned parenthood. >> why should the average american who has deeply held religious views, we have religion freedom, be funding something that goes against their conscious? 487.4 million taxpayer dollars is a lot of money. now live action, they undercover at a texas planned parenthood facility, and a counselor advises a woman to get an abortion because she wanted a boy, not a girl. we have the tape. >> do you think i should just go and ask for an ultrasound and
9:17 pm
just not tell them i'm going to terminate? i feel like there's been some judgment. >> to be honest with you, i would probably think so just because we've had even -- i mean regular doctors that actually have even told women, you can't terminate after you are 16 weeks, which is not true. but, you know, a lot of doctors will stretch it because of the fact the brain is already developed and a lot -- pretty much of everything is already developed and is ready to go. so to terminate, usually they tell them you don't actually have to say what you are going to go did. >> then we can probably -- you are thinking like if we did that we could probably get pregnant again soon after? >> oh, yeah. i have two abortions and i have four kids. >> all right. >> so i can tell you from
9:18 pm
experience. >> talking about abortion for sex selection. now this is the counselor from planned parenthood. governor romney only wanted to end federal funding for planned parenthood. that means taxpayer dollars when we are broke. but this is a woman tell her how to steven her friends if she needs an abortion because she just doesn't want a little girl. sounds a little like china, doesn't it? listen to this. >> i'm just trying to help you as much as possible. >> thank you. >> and i hope i answered all your questions. >> you did, yeah, yeah. >> some of the things i might not be able to figure out like how to tell your friends. if me personally, i probably wouldn't have even mentioned it, you know, if it is a girl then i would have just, you know, made it seem like it was a miscarriage or something like that. there are people out there that will make judgment, you know.
9:19 pm
well, good luck. >> thank you. >> and i hope you do get your boy. >> does that not disgust you, yes or no? >> no. i think that is the most bootlegged, want to be andrew breitbart video that i have ever seen. this person was like in the job for three weeks. they are trying to attack planned parenthood by going to the very lowly person on the totem poll. >> she's actually talking to the client. not a lowly person. >> but when you are a business owner -- >> that lowly person talking to the person that wants an abortion because she wants a boy not a girl. >> sean, when you are a small business person, sometimes you hire people and they talk to people on the phone who may not have all the information. and that's what this person did. it was wrong. >> they are hired to talk to the person who wants a boy, not a girl, is being -- >> well, this particular planned parenthood employee has been fired by planned parenthood. but for every one of those employees who have been publicly
9:20 pm
exposed and fired, how many others are -- >> oh, come on. >> and the gallop poll last week said 50% of americans call themselves pro life and the number of people calling themselves pro choice is lower. >> does it sound to you like china? doesn't this almost sound like china, one child policy? >> one-child policy, gender selection. >> and again, the point is that this country is moving more to the right. it's becoming more conservative, and we are now being led by a very, very small narrow fraction, 19% self described as liberals. that's the tier ran ann any of the liberal government right now, and the democrats in congress and obama. >> i can believe you think that, a, the taxpayers should fund it and in the meantime you think we should pay for contraception for other people even if it goes against your deeply held
9:21 pm
religion views. we are talking about sex selection. the only reason for the abortion is i want a boy, not a girl that she's talking about, with the representative of the planned parenthood, which is funded by the taxpayers. >> who got fired. >> okay, got fired. >> can i say i agree with monica this country is moving to the right? you recall mitt romney was originally pro choice and then once he realized he would get more voters by being pro-life, then he was -- >> but as governor he actually governed pro-life because he had a change while he was in office and there's nothing he signed legislatively that i can think of that is pro-choice. not one thing. >> right, bass he lost most of it -- like he's going to rule the presidency. >> we have to roll. >> what about barack obama, who as a state senator in illinois voted multiple times for post birth abortion. that when the fetus are born arrived after a botched
9:22 pm
abortion, he was all for killing them. that is really disgusting. >> your position is the government has no right to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body, right? >> i believe the government should be involved when it affects everybody in the united states. >> the government has a right to tell a woman what she can do with her body. >> they want to tell a woman she can't have an abortion but if she want afford it -- >> if it is two days before the due date can she have one. >> no, absolutely not. >> a month before. >> if it's a viable fetus, it should not. >> the sex selection doesn't offend you? not that random person that was never trained. >> and i have to to go. and time to vet the first lady michelle obama. and debbie wassermann schultz is calling it a dry run for november. we will check in with wisconsin governor scott walker with the latest in the recall election
9:23 pm
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♪ [ male announcer ] dip into sabra hummus and discover a little taste of the world. enjoy sabra dips. adventure awaits. my next guest is taking it upon herself to vet the first lady of the united states, michelle
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obama. she said she's fair game in this election despite he has said lay off his wife. the hypocrisy is there sense she's appearing on television programs and all to push her husband's agenda in the process. to join us more to join the campaign to vet mrs. obama is the ought authority of "culture of corruption" michelle malkin. hi. >> hi. >> i read your book. and yes, you say michelle obama is fair game, and i get a little concerned when you talk about -- first of all, i don't believe children should be involved ever. period, end of sentence. do you agree with that? >> yep. >> i think she's fair game in as much as anything she says politically. if she wants to talk about her husband and he's the greatest thing then at that point she opens herself up to political criticisms.
9:28 pm
do you agree that has to tapes first? >> i have done that for the last five years. there are very few people in the media that want to take michelle obama on. it isn't merely the statements she's made in the past, and i think you and i and a few others during the course of the 2008 campaign stepped up to the plate to talk about all of her disparaging remarks about america. the remarks and the rhetoric that earned her the moniker in my words of the bitter half of the obama administration. but now over the last four years we have seen not just actions, not just words that are troubling, but actions and behavior. and taxpayers subsidized behavior. it's the cronyism that she's been linked to. it's the junk science that she has used to use this -- her bully pulpit to bully food corporations and parents and schools into pursuing the service employees international
9:29 pm
union agenda. and i talked extensively about that over the last several years and reported on it. it's the cronyism that was involved inner botched attempt to get all of her chicago cronys, the olympics and how that would have benefited many people associated the chicago team from day one. >> let me ask you this. you refer to her as the bitter half. another issue involved is the if we go back and the issue came up for the first time in my built life i am proud of my country, and she said it wise, not just once. >> right. >> that bothered me. let's remind people what she said. >> let me tell you something. for the first time in my built life i am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback. >> i mean, that reminded ming a little bit what bach said in san francisco, didn't think mics were on about bitter americans cling to go their guns, bible and religion to an e-- what do
9:30 pm
you mean that she's the bitter half? is that a bitter statement? >> of course it is. it's the politics of class warfare that she has been quite the cheerleader for over the past several years. over her entire public career, for that matter. she's as much a ideological far leftist as her husband is. and the media, whether it's barbara walters or people like jon stewart has let her getaway with it. and all the kid gloves that they treat her with now that she's on this media blitz. and for a woman that so publicly has begrudged people, their wealth, it's about time she has been with other people's money and that includes the $6 million grant that obamacare money is now funneling to the program that she oversaw when she was at the university of chicago medical center. >> and that's something we covered as well and that's an important issue. let's go to the issue of the
9:31 pm
attack on governor romney's wife that by hilary rosen that she never worked a day in her life. let's roll this tape. >> what you have is mitt romney running around the country saying, well, you know, my wife tells me what women really care about are economic issues. and when i listen to my wife, that's what i'm hearing. guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life. she's never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country of facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school, and how do we worry -- why do we worry about their future. >> should michelle obama have spoken up in that instance, considering her husband had said, you know, lay off my wife, you know, it's about me. >> certainly she should have. there are a lot of people who should have spoken out. there are a lot of people on the left and tied to the democrat party and team obama that sat
9:32 pm
silently on the sideline where all the rhetoric is aimed not just as mitt romney but pretty much every conservative woman in public life. and there again i think michelle obama has gotten away with a lot of double talk. because at the same time that she says we need more civility with regard to the public square, where do we see michelle obama? sitting with david letterman who has said the most disgusting thing not only about sarah palin but about her children as well. there's so much hypocrisy that we could drown in it. here's michelle obama, she's pushing this garden book on every cable tv show from the beginning of the day until the end of the night and nobody is going to ask her these tough questions about her behavior in the east wing and about her failure to speak up for women, not just the women who are going to support her husband, but women in general in the workplace and stay-at-home moms as well. >> just for the record, she is
9:33 pm
invited on this program, as is president obama, but so far i've had deer row luck. >> too bad there is never going to be a head-to-head michelle versus michelle because i would love to vet her in person. >> i must be doing something wrong, or maybe right. thank you, michelle malkin. appreciate you being with us. >> you bet. >> fiscal conservatism is about to collide with big labor. the final hours until the wisconsin re-election. coming up next governor walker will join us live on the very latest with this important contest. we will tell you how it i
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of dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles, yo feet will feel so good you'll want to get up and go. >> the wisconsin recall has garnered national attention. you have scott walker who is looking to reign in the out of control spending in his state. on the other, the democratic party lacking to do nothing more than to apiece big labor.
9:38 pm
next tuesday wisconsin voters will go to the policy to state their mind. according to the dnc chair, debbie wassermann schwartz herself, this is a must-win contest for democrats. >> ultimately i think tom barrett will pull this out. but regardless it's given the obama for america operation an opportunity to do the dry run we need of our massive, significant grass roots successful campaign which can't really be matched by the romney campaign or the republicans because they have ignored on the ground operations. >> so why is it say, quote, dry run for democrats? because if they can't buy the outcome with all the money being funneled into the race by big labor and other radical left wing force that is means they have no shot of keeping the white house either. considering the latest poll out of wisconsin there is reason for concern as governor walker is up now by 7 points over barrett, that's 52 to 45% and joining me live is the man himself of the great state of wisconsin,
9:39 pm
governor walker. i know it's been a rough haul for you and the people of your state. your state was headed for record deficits and debt. how much debt were you facing before you decided that, hey, you know what private sector benefits, that should be for public employees, how much debt were you facing? >> we had a deficit, we inherit add year and a half ago of $3.6 billion. it was not only one of the biggest in the state's history, it was one of the biggest per capita. and unlike other states like illinois and california that have bigger budget messes today, we chose to handle it without raising tacks and without cuts to medicaid and instead put in long-term reforms to help our not only state budget but local budgets. what we did was think more about the next generation instead of the next election. isn't that what you elect us to do? that's exactly what we do. >> you were able to close the gap and now you have a balanced
9:40 pm
budget in place, correct some. >> the amazing thing is all they claim this whole recall election is about, they don't talk about anymore. we documented more than a billion dollars of savings for the hardworking taxpayers. we have literally for the first time in twelve years have property tacks going down on the medium value home in our state and the state has $154 million surplus. the best news of all today is that jobs, not just the numbers here in the state as we've collected from our employers, but today the very federal government that my opponent claimed had not confirmed them, today the federal government's bureau of labor and statistics confirmed that wisconsin gained jobs, 230608 new jobs in 2011. we getting jobs in 2012. since i have been governor more than 30,000 new jobs. the unemployment rate the lowest since 2008. we are turning things around and heading state in the right direction. >> you were able to take the huge budget deficit and all you
9:41 pm
said to the unions, because this is the danger that i see still is out there for you, and i think the people of wisconsin need to pay real close attention, is that big labor, these radical groups, people that were busting in on the outside, all the outside money came in, and even though those union left its that have their own self interest at stake hear, they will go out in force against you because they want the benefits. they didn't want to pay what the average person of wisconsin is paying for their benefits. so the question is do you feel confident you will be able to get your ways, the independents in your state that have to pay this bill out there to counter that? >> well, obviously even with good poll numbers you would rather be ahead than behind but i'm still very concerned. you are right, you have watched it all along. since last february we've been under massive assault. tens of millions of dollars have come in over the past year and a half to attack us. thousands of bodies brought in from outside of the state.
9:42 pm
people under attack throughout this time, it's been overtime. our secret weapon has been the truth. the more we got the truth out the more we changed the debate and put the focus on. that's why i need people to help us out to help get that message out. i had a guy today at a factory that's union run, just yesterday, i should say, a union employees who said we are voting for you because it's about time that everybody pace their fair share, including the public sector as well as the private sector. i need guys like that at the policy tuesday. >> i think this is a key election. you win they recall election and i think it opens it up for governor romney come november, and if the governor can take wisconsin, i think this election is in the bag. it's that pivotal. we will watch very closely. governor, congratulations. it's really refreshing to see a principled politician in office that actually cares about future generations. i know a lot of the media out
9:43 pm
there, we have the paid hack consultants taking money electric big labor, they have been hammering you but i don't think it's had the effect they wanted it to have. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> coming up, yesterday the president awarded this woman the medal of freedom, but what you may not know is she is is a committed socialist, and the gop, quote, hates latinos she says. that's is coming up i took the dare... will you? [ female announcer ] take the pantene dare to compare challenge. get healthier, stronger hair in less than 7 days guaranteed. then tell us your results on facebook. pantene healthier hair in less than 7 days.
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lookin' good, flo! feelin' good! feelin' real good! [ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> doug schoen is here with us, and she's an editorial online producer at the at the washington times, care picket is back and he's the ceo of w and charles payne and here and also a talk show host. so the president gives the medal of freedom to a democratic
9:48 pm
socialist of america chair, dolores is her name, and let's roll some of the tape. she met with hugo chavez and she says republicans hate latinos. roll the tape. >> recently. the president hugo chavez. he is putting up cooperative faxes for the people and you know what, like there better like the factory they have medical clinic and a dental clinic free, free for the people. they can go to the doctor and they can get their dentist and medical free of charge. now we are the richest country in the world right? so why can't we do that here in the united states. >> the president doesn't like to be called a socialist. why would he do this? >> this is what he really believes. when you see these sorts of events, these are the groups, the people that the president looks up to.
9:49 pm
>> people like me and other conservatives were excoriate when had we say that the president is a socialist and he's honoring a socialist. with the medal of honor -- i'm sorry, medal of freedom. >> guys, i have to tell you. >> the whole notion when they say this country is so much better, america. i don't understand t i looked at the stats. whether it's hospitals foreperson, life expectancy, money spent on healthcare, inflation, poverty, there's no way you can compare america -- why of. >> why america is better because dolores, who said some very dumb things, you shall right, sean, but she was the fundamental advocates with hugo chavez of the farm workers. she supported bobby kennedy and hillary clinton. she's in the mainstream and she's a hero. >> a hero? >> yeah, she is. >> wait a minute. the republicans say -- >> look, she said some dumb things. >> we want dirty air, water, granny dead and republicans don't care about anything. >> in the '60s were literally
9:50 pm
working in poverty, she is singly responsible for bettering their quality of life. >> as a wise latino here, i will like to point out what republicans and conservatives do hate is a marxist. >> she's not a marxist. >> she's hanging out with hugo chavez. >> she was for hillary clinton. >> and moreover, usually president like to honor those who reflect their values. ronald reagan ended up honoring, of course, mother theresa. you would george w. bush who ended up honoring tony blair, and who does barack obama end up honoring, a social snift. >> in 1968 she was at bobby kennedy's side when he was shot in the ambassador hotel. she was working to bring progressive change to america. she said dumb things but she's a heroe. >> you sit here and talk about the courses and the discourses in the country.
9:51 pm
republicans hate latinos? that's a lie. just like the president said we want dirty air and water and all the images of granny going over the cliff. i'm getting a little sick and tired of it, and you know what i'm really happy with, donald trump. donald trump is telling republicans take the gloves off and start fighting because they are pounding you, and they will say anything to get re-elected. >> the best thing that can happen to barack obama is to have donald trump associate mitt romney with the birther issue. just a mistake. >> the bottom line, there's a distinct difference, doug, between someone saying something dumb and someone sag something so device i have and mean spirited and so wrong and promote it over and over again. sean is right, why the double standard? if you say we can stability. but this is -- >> i went to venezuela to fight chavez. books attack him. i stand with you on that. but this is a woman in her professional life who has made a huge difference for farm workers and poor people. >> we have a lot to get to when we get back. we will have more on the great,
9:52 pm
great great american panel right [ morgan ] lopez lomong started running when he was six and he didn't stop for three days and nights as he escaped life as a child soldier.
9:53 pm
twenty years later, he was still running, he just had a different thing driving him. every step of the way. ♪ visa. supporting athletes and the olympic games for 25 years. join our global cheer.
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9:55 pm
>> again, total power in one person's hands. not the american way! all the damn time. come out here the last second. i have to try to figure out how to vote for my people!
9:56 pm
ashamed of yourself! i'm sick of it! every year we give power to one person. it was not made that way in the constitution. he wasn't around when it was written. now we give him -- we have rules that stop each one of us. enough! i feel like somebody trying to be released. let my people go! >> ouch. >> if you listen to the substantial and put the emotion aside slightly, he's right. and this happens in state houses all across the country. this happens in washington. they come in last minute u don't get to read the legislation. they hit you with the bill. they tell you -- it's so corrupt. >> this one it's bad legislation because they want to turn state public to regulate budget, pension and benefits to
9:57 pm
municipalities and use local property taxes. it's just a terrible die and irresponsible. >> but you have the few people in power. they control when the bill goes to the floor. they control what is in there. they control the timing of the -- >> mike in illinois. >> and he's right on substance here. >> we could use this -- i wish he was around when nancy pelosi was ramming the healthcare bill down everybody's throat. forget about local politics, what about national politics? it's the same thing. you will like the bill once we pass it. we will ram it town your throat. >> that's one of my favorite pelosis, and the other thing is food stamps create jobs. i'm like what? this is the reason why scott walker is ahead right now over in wisconsin. >> he's going to win. but i don't take it for granted. >> and this is why a number of democrats right now are thoroughly concerned that wisconsin could very well be going toward the right to work state. >> wouldn't that be amazing? look, this is where -- we have 11 states it's going to come
9:58 pm
down to. we know what the stakes are. i don't see any way, i think that romney is going to win florida, i think he's going to win ohio, i think he's in play in wisconsin, pennsylvania, even new jersey. >> i don't think new jersey, i don't think pennsylvania. ohio a tossup. wisconsin will lino obama, florida, virginia, north carolina i think are leaning romney. the electoral count is within a couple votes as we speak. >> you will look at states like new hampshire, ohio. >> absolutely. that's where it will be decided. >> as long as barack obama thinks he can keep on going toward the social issues and trying to pound mitt romney on him, it will keep on backlashing. >> everything obama play is trying, if it's bain capital, that capital, the dog backfired, war on women, that's backfired. it's like he has to run this negative campaign and every time he does it blows up. >> it will be totally negative because there's no positive argument. >> look at his numbers in abc. ice popularity has gone down significantly. romney's numbers on women have
9:59 pm
gone up. >> and people just look at mitt romney. do they think this is the guy that doesn't like women? if someone is honest with themselves, are you crazy? this is a guy, look at women and look how he supported his wife. there's no way you think he ask not like women. but the president is trying to run out the clock. he's buying time. if he's not going to talk about the jobs numbers on friday, he's not going to talk about employment or gdp. so every time romney doesn't have an inclusive program. neither he nor obama has offer a vision for the future. >> yes, he has. i disagree. he will have a stronger natural defense, repeal obamacare, lower taxes and get the country back working and spend less money. what is so hard to understand about that? >> how can you get the public back working and without a plan? >> you have to have fiscal austerity. we will keep the tax cuts. >> and get rid of obamacare. the first thing. >> that may happen on


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