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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 2, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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see you again next time. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. fox news alert right now massive crowds that you you are looking at in egypt. egypt's former president now in a prison hospital. hosni mubarak suffering what is being called a health crisis after learning his fate from an egyptian court. and we welcome you to a brand new houin side america's news headquarters. i'm kelly wright. >> the cuffs you were seeing in the incredible live picture spilled out into the streets from the courtroom scene. check this out.
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this is after the verdict was announced for the ousted president and his two sons. the ousted president life in prison for the killing of protesters tur during last yeas support of the bishops rising those his sons were acquitted leaving folks not all that happy in cairo. leland vitter is streaming live and in the midst of it all, leland. >> massive protests on the streets of cairo. the square is now filled up. i'm watching just off to the left-hand seed on the balcony another 2,000 or 3,000 people marching in and chanting the revolutionary slogans. this was, of course, an unprecedented moment. hosni mubarak convicted, sentenced to life in prison but a sentence that a court hearing and court verdict that many of these people on the street aren't happy with. chaos in the courtroom as peck taters began pushing and shoving.
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some eck stat eck and some angry with the conviction of former president whose is any mubarak. in court he remained defiant even when the judge sentenced him to life in prison. outside the courthouse, hundreds gathered under the intense sun and tight security. many holding pictures of relatives killed by mubarak's forces during last year's revolution. >> this is my younger brother. murdered. i'm so angry because after a year and a half, nothing happened at all. >> this is the moment of truth outside the courthouse. you can see everyone raising their hands in prayer. in just the next couple of seconds we will hear the verdict on president mubarak it could be unprecedented. an arab dictator thrown out by his own people and put on trial in his own country by his army. and right now, these folks sea the only thing they feel is justice is the death penalty. you would think the crowd was at a rock party it went absolutely crazy.
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many of these are the victims' families out here chanting god is great as mubarak has now been sentenced to life in presidential hopefuls son in his own country after being thrown out by the revolution. this picture may not do it justice. it is hard to see just how many people are down there, how loud they are. how angry they are and one of the things we are hearing here is is how much anger there is not about mubarak's sentence necessarily but the fact that a number of his deputies who led the police forces and commanded the police forces during the revolution were acquitted of any kind of murder charges. and that is something that is if going to play a big role over the coming couple of weeks as this country heads into elections. a number of the people who are now protesting here behind me have said that they will turn to the square for the coming weeks and, indeed, after the elections if someone from the old regime is elected. that is one of the two choices. either a muslim brotherhood
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candidate or mubarak's former prime minister. jamie, we are entering into a couple of very intense and a couple of very tense weeks here in egypt and a start like this in this part of the world especially now probably does not bode well for the next company of weeks. back to you. >> the crowd is sure to grow through the night. thank you so much. great reporting there. give you a little context on how we got here. the uprising began in egypt on january 25, 2011 and followed the overthrow of tunisia's president. prior to president hosni mubarak's reseenation 840 killed and 6,000 killed in an japeriesing. a military council was formed to run the country's affairs temporarily. just this week egypt's infamous emergency law expired. the suspension a key demand of the protesters who toppled
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mubarak. >> and we turn to another hot spot. syria. a humanitarian crisis spiraling out of control there. activists seaing government forces are shelling the same villages where scores of innocent civilians, many of them children were found ms. kerred, their bodies bound, shot execution style at close range. this as the u.s. is releasing satellite images said to shown mass graves and the wide scale of the syria regime's slaughter of its own people. peter doocy is live in washington with more on this. >> in theory the killing continues and the united nations security council had their hands tied because sanctions are off the table since russia keeps using their power to block them. pouredveto >> if we ten to say we he won't do anything to help the syrian people unless there is united
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nations security council authorization that is essentially saying to the russians you can block the world from coming to the aid of these people in syria against your ally asaad. >> that is not all because the u.s. ambassador to syria says iran is complicit in the assad regime bad behavior explaining that "russia continues to supply the syrian military with arms. we all know that the iranian regime's interests are deeply embedded in the assad regimes in survival. it is directly supporting the syrian government through lethal and nonlee shall means and its irgc and intelligence services are coaching the syrian military. we can see before and after pictures of what they say is a probable mass grave on the left. a picture from may 18 that shows a clear dirt area. on the right the same area is
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filled with freshly dug trenches likely being used as graves. another shows are tellry pointed toward. things are ugly in syria and the u.n. ab last count is that 10,000 people kelly wrighted by killed by the assad regime in the last ten months. >> thank you. jamie? we new jobs numbers. it is such a big story it deserves a big open. we got the new job numbers on friday and they were a bit disappointing. what happens? the political blame game over who should get the jobs market back on track. unemployment up to 8.2% in may according to the new report and now president obama says it is congress that needs to get to work.
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anybody not lost on northbound that this is an election year. we have responsibilities that are beggar than an -- bigger than an election. we responsibilities to you. with so many people struggling to get be now is not the time to play politics. now, is not the team for congress to sit on its hands. >> who really needs to take the lead here? angela mcgowan. ladies, thank you for joining us today. santita, you first, if you don't have a job clearly you paid' tension, only 69,000 jobs created but if you do, do you think the job numbers, the information is lost on those voters? >> no, he mean i was really glad to hear what the president had to say today. i think it is time for all of us to move. i want us to fix the problem and not fix the blame. the fact is, of course, we want to see more jobs created but at least we are not bleeding
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750,000 jobs a month as we were several years ago. that said i think it is important to have a rooseveltian moment because we are facing rooseveltian times. in urban america as you have reported in the past about 40% to 50% of black pen alone are unemplowed and we are seeing a hemorrhaging of jobs because the jobs that left are not coming back. i'm hoping that congress and the president and we as citizens will push to get the jobs that we so desperately need in a consumer driven economy. >> jamie: i don't want to put words in your mouth but sounds like you are putting the blame on everybody. >> not the blame, the responsibility. >> jamie: angela, does the president still have time to turn this around between now and november? >> he doesn't have team to turn this around. too much. too little. too late. and the president still using his deflect, divide and strategy and the american people are not buying it. the only proven way to increase
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ross parity and reduce poverty is through individual responsibility santita but also capitalism and free markets and bipart tan politics. >> jamie: let me throw this out at you. in the speech that the president gave when talked about the unemployment report on friday he asked congress to pass more legislation to create more jobs. will that cost more money? >> it will cost more money. and i want to go back to the days of clinton of true leadership and true responsibility where clinton signed 70% of the contract with america that republicans put together. the bottom line is this white house worked with its democratic congress when had the house and the national. they have not worked with the republican house. let's talk about the leaders in the senate. harry heed has not even put -- harry reid has not even put forth a 2012 budget plan and he said it would be foolish to do that now. >> i can't believe she called on clinton.
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i was about to call on rae began but he hooked spending employment and purchases during his administration when coming out of another recession 30 years ago. are we swapping roles here? >> jamie: we are so close to the election and for three and a half years we have seen some growth but even the president admits not the kind of growth we need to get the country back on track. is he going to change course right now? mitt romney point out that the plan we had in place, the spending, the stimulus didn't work and will that be effective? >> i think it is important to point out the fact if governor romney becomes president romney he said he wouldn't even cut $1 trillion because that outriggary 5% decrease in the gdp and trigge trigger a resixa depression. where i live on the south side of chicago and what we see all over the place, people are them hemorrhaging. we are about to watch federal
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unemployment insurance lapse. >> jamie: if we were a corporation we would probably be close to filing bankruptcy. >> and that is when you cut costs and this president with his $830 billion job stimulus plan said that unemployment now, would be at 5.7%. we had 8% straight unemployment, over 8% unemployment for 40 straight months. and santita you talk about the daes of fdr. obama made a joke about the shovel ready programs aren't quite shovel ready yet. with the construction firms you had those firms cut jobs by 28,000. we have got to stop the blame game and if i could give president obama some advice, the strategy now is work with congress around stand up to what you said in 2009 that your administration would be about accountability and transparently and responsibility. so stop blaming others and stand up for what you did. >> jamie: santita says that everybody should take responsibility.
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>> that is the mature way. we need maturity now. politically mature discussion and that is when you take responsibility and everybody needs to stop assigning blame. it's not working. >> jamie: you are going further than the president did in the speech where he basically pointed the finger -- >> shame on you. >> jamie: let's hope everybody gets ton because people are hemorrhaging as you said. ladies, thank you so much. great discussion today. >> thanks for having us. >> jamie: god bless. thank you. >> eric: there are strong storms and at least one confirmed tornado near the. >> near the baltimore airport in maryland. winds snapping limbs and this some yards bringing down trees and power lines close to homes. listen to these folks describing the storm. >> all of a sudden the trees just started flying around wildly in the backyard and then this amazing like total whiteout occurred. >> i looked at my dog and i said i think we better head to
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the basement and the minute we got down to the bottom of the basement steps we heard a huge thud. >> frightening moment for them. maria molina is live with more details on what is happening out there weather wise. >> looking at the storm system still on the move. yesterday produced over 200 reports of severe weather and still that time of the year where we get the strong storms that produce large hail, damaging winds and even tornadoes and we had 17 reports of tornadoes from the planes all the way into the mid atlantic yesterday. not really looking at that kind of threat today from this storm system. more of a heavy rain concern across portions of new england where that rain is coming done across boston, new hampshire, up into portions of maine and there is a flooding concern base that rain is going to come down heavily at times throughout the entire weekend on the order of two to 4 inches. locally 6 inches of rain possible. a number of flood advisories and warnings for parts of southern, maine, new hampshire and northeastern parts of
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massachusetts. further off toward the west associated with a different storm across parts of montana and eastern colorado and the oklahoma and texas panhandles large hail damaging winds will be big concerns here with the storms and, of course, we can't rule out isolated tornadoes when the storms start to rotate. across the southwest, kelly, it has been hot. breaking records and another scorcher. 104 in las vegas expected to be the high and 100 in phoenix. >> thanks, maria. >> jamie: might have thought this story quieted down but the clock is ticking again for george zimmerman. a florida judge revoking his bond in the trayvon martin murder case and ordering him to turn himself back into jail by tomorrow. the prosecutors claiming he may not have been honest about his financial situation when had the initial bond hearing and then the matter of a second passport he never mentioned. anna koiman tracking it from
10:16 am
the new york stemple newsroom. >> the judge has order od george zimmerman back to jail by sunday afternoon after prosecutors presented evidence showing zimmerman didn't disclose some $200,000 given to him online by supporters resulting in a lower bond. well, zimmerman's attorney says his actions were inadvertent. prosecutors say at least four jailhouse phone conversations show zimmerman and his wife talking in code about the money. for example $8.60 in one conversation was really $86,000. >> i don't think they believe that they had free access to that money. and i think that was evident by the way they used it and didn't use it. he think it was compelling evidence quite honestly that they didn't go out and just use it it to get h him out that very day. >> the court was misled by the actions of the defendant and his wife and that is what we argue that his bond should be revoked and the court made that finding also. >> zimmerman is accused of
10:17 am
killing 17-year-old trayvon martin the night of february 26. he was charged with second-degree murder six weeks after the incident and plead not guilty, claiming self-defense. the case will likely henning on zimmerman's credibility and the martin family attorneys say the instances like this prove zimmerman can't be trusted. >> remember, it is only george zimmerman's testimony that says trayvon martin attacked him. all the other objective evidence suggests that george zimmerman pursued and confronted trayvon marten. >> zimmerman could turn himself in as early as today. law enforcement officials say they are in constant contact with him and do know his where abouts. >> a complicated case involving florida's stand your ground law. could be a medical breakthrough for people battling overweight and diabetics. we will talk to one of our fox
10:18 am
news medical a-teamers next. >> jamie: an interesting break through potentially. and a new scandal that could be brewing at the gsa. remember the agency responsible for the lavish conference in vegas on the taxpayers' time? wait until you hear who got more than $750,000 in travel expenses. plus, it it could have been the ultimate -- but youle never guess how a garbage man saved a baby. >> i hi put the park and jumped out to grab it. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high. i'm not juice or fancy water, i'm different. i've got nine grams of protein. twist my lid. that's three times more than me! twenty-one vitamins and minerals and zero fat! hmmm. you'll bring a lot to the party. [ all ] yay! [ female announcer ] new ensure clear.
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>> jamie: a seattle garbage truck driver gets the accolates he deserves. this is surveillance video caught on tape. he was on his is route and saw a woman jogging with a babe. she parks the stroller to meet a group of friends. the stroller takes off. this is what the quick thinking driver did next. >> hit the brake and jumped out of the truck and tried to run over there and grab it and luckily when i was honking the horn there was a fed ex truck and he stopped as he heard the
10:23 am
horn honk. >> he used the truck to block any traffic and ran to save the baby. the frantic woman arrived seconds later and grabbed her child. i hope she said thank you for that. >> well, it is a remarkable thing to observe the row gress of african americans from the 20th century to the 21th century. that is what broadcasting legend herald jackson witnessed. along the way he helped tell the story of hope and achievement as the first black in broadcasting. during his recent funeral here in new york people celebrated how jackson pioneer whos life . >> the house that jack belt i always used to use it that was the name of my radio show. >> he was born as harold baron jackson in charleston, south carolina, in 1914. be 1939, hall jackson became a
10:24 am
pioneer who broke the color line in broadcasting at winx radio in washington, d.c. owned by the washington post. in an era of segregation jackson was initially denied a position because of his color. >> he was told by management and i quote no nigger will ever broadcast on this station. for hall jackson it was the beginning of the first in a series of racial break throughs in america that would impact the growth and development of minorities in communications in the 20th century. >> jackson secured sponsorship to launch a 15 minute segment on the station and started a form at of achievements that impacted black america. >> his guests ranged from dr. charles drew that discovered blood plasma and the founder of the national council of negro women. joe louis and duke elington.
10:25 am
>> jakscheson became a pecs fuhr in radio for 70 plus years. he dedicated himself to inspiring millions as a broadcaster, a civic leader, a crusader for civil rights and in the process became a living legend. >> he used the air waves to entertain us, to give voice to the talent that emerged from our streets and shined light on them. >> i'm grateful to be a part of a legacy of artists that he had supported and loved and that means so much to me. i'm so honored so thank you for that and so many more gifts, mr. jackson. ♪ remember me as a good, good thing ♪ >> remembering how jackson brings back memories of how he sought to help america's youth. in particular, he launched hall
10:26 am
jackson's talented teens which helped girls and boys turn into successful men and women. among them, jada pinkett smith, vanessa williams and more. >> i grew as a person. he grew as a human being because of mr. jackson. >> jackson and his long team friend percy sutton were the first african americans to own or create inner city broadcasting which launched wlib and wbls radio stations which became the most powerful black-owned stations in america. jackson and his wife debbie hosted the popular, new york radio show sunday classics at wbls. the house that jack built, popular radio personality jeff fox fondly remembers working with jackson. >> he was a person that was there from the beginning of all of this and it wasn't for hall i wouldn't have had an opportunity to have the career
10:27 am
that i had. ♪ >> gratefulness flows from the heart of many. he has been honored by six american presidents and the signature sewnian institution recognizes them as a national treasure. hall jackson an american would amplified america's hope and helped people live their lives beyond the dream. >> he was really something. hall jackson had a saying that sums up h his character. it is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice. and that is certainly something we he can all live by. >> jamie: beautifully told, kelly, thank you. new questions after attorney general eric holder weighs into the debate on voter i.d. laws. a into you update to the
10:28 am
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>> jamie: welcome back, everybody. there is a brand new scandal to tell you about brewing at the government serviced a penetration. that is the gas. the -- administration. the house oversight committee saying that documents showed $750,000 in travel expenses for 100 officials assigned to work from home. internal e-mails showing even former agency commissioner jeff ne manely was surprised by the price tag. good thing you didn't have to
10:33 am
do the interview in the tub, jamie. >> jeff neely of the hot tub in vegas fame. he stepped down in may after spending became public. but the new documents show that last fall when neely was alerted to the $750,000 in travel expenses from the work at home gsa employees he wrote an e-mail to a colleague saying "omg, well, this is a fine mess we have got p ourselves into. he sent details to other colleagues and wrote in an e-mail "this will take your breath' way, don't their further." the eronny i irony is not lostl issa. he sent a letter to the gsa yesterday saying "the fact of the excessive travel reimbursement shocked jeffrey neely speaks volumes. he says gsa failed to monitor travel reimbursements.
10:34 am
the 95 employees who racked up the hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses did so over a nine month period in 2010 and 201. now, the new acting gsa administrator promising an extensive review of the agency's operations. only on-the-job for two months now, he wants a close look at "our travel policy and staff deployment according to a spokesman and says the gsa is committed to eliminating any excessive spending. jamie? >> jamie: it's time. thanks. >> kelly: now, to the hot button issue of voter i.d. laws. attorney general eric holder facing new questions over remarks he made to african american church leaders. america's top law enforcement telling them minorities rights to vote is under attack. >> i would argue that of all of the freedoms that we enjoy today none is more important or
10:35 am
more sacred than the right to vote. i have heard a consistent drumbeat of concern from citizens who often for the percent time inner that lives now have reason to believe that we are failing to live up to one of our nation's most noble ideals and some of achievements that define the civil rights movement now hang again in the balance. >> about you critics claim holder's remarks politicize the justice department in a role they believe the attorney general shouldn't be taking. did holder cross the line? jason riley is a member of the "wall street journal" editorial board and a fox news contributor. he joins us with details on how he views eric holder's -- the attorney general's comments. what do you you have to say, jason? >> eric holder is the highest ranking law enforcement official in the u.s. wields a tremendous amount of power including political power and it is a little disconcerting for me to listen to him sound pretty much no different than likes of al sharpton on the issue of race and voter i.d.
10:36 am
he is going around the country essentially saying that the laws are a racist republican plot to disenfranchise black voters but there is absolutely no evidence to support those claims. >> kelly: that is a mouthful of information that you put out there right now. and you state that team obama is in a desperate situation and given the poor job numbers and unemployment rate going up to 8.2% it is clear that president obama is in poe let cal trouble and it is clearly about the economy but you launched an argument that it is also about race. why would you accuse the president or the attorney general of playing the race card here? >> first of all, on the evidence or i should say the lack of evidence of what he is saying. where voter i.d. laws have been put in place in places like georgia and indiana black voter turnout actually increased not decreased. the idea that the laws depress black voter turnout simply is not borne by the facts. what is going on here and this is why i think the accusation that holder is politicizing the
10:37 am
office makes sense. the washington post had an interesting store arery last month on black voter registration and how it is down significantly. 5% to it 7% around the country from where it was back in 2008. that worries the reelection campaign. it worries the administration particularly in swing states like, nevada, and virginia where the margins are very narrow and help put obama over the top last time. so that is the concern that they had and what holder is doing is trying to scare black people to the polls in november. >> kelly: let me bring this up. you say there is no evidence out there right now about the attorney general and president obama of race baiting to get the minority vote. there is a 2006 study by the brennan center for justice at new york university which estimates that up to 25% of african americans citizens of voting age do not have current government issued photo i.d.s and many of the states are
10:38 am
calling for that compared with 8% of white citizens. do you still consider the attorney general and president as wrong to tell hispanic voters that perhaps their voting rights could be in jeopardy? >> the figures don't dispute what we have seen happen on election day. the question here is do these laws depress black voter tornout and there is no evidence that they do. >> kelly: jason let's go back to the voting rights act and language. do you know what the voting rights act of 1965 actually called for. in. >> the voting rights act of 1965 was about access to the ballot. that was the original intent of the voting rights act. >> kelly: let me read a little bit for you. the act is considered a landmark in civil rights legislation though some provisions have sparked poe let cal controversy and during the debate over the 2006 extension some republican members of congress objected to renewing the preclearance requirement.
10:39 am
isn't the attorney general seeking to do this by -- >> there are some lawsuits out there today winding their way through the lower courts concerning the voter rights act and that is another part of holder's agenda here in raising this issue. under the voting rights act the justice department has to precheer any changes in voting but as in certain states and if the lawsuits are successful in terms of making their way to the stream court it could give the roberts court a chance to revisit whether some of the provisions are still necessary in the year 2012. >> kelly: about 30 seconds left and i hear you argument clearly but on the other side there are a lot of african americans and latino hispanic americans are saying people die to get this voting rights act and isn't it up to the attorney general of the united states to make sure that the act stays intact and challenges people to actually do the right thing at the polls and that is help people get to the polls to vote? >> sure, it is. but it is also the responsibility of the attorney general to act in a responsible way and not pretend through his
10:40 am
racial rhetoric here. >> kelly: what would you have him say to african american pastors when he is in the meeting with them? >> to pretend that we are on the cusp of returning to jim crow is irresponsible for someone in eric holder's position. there is no evidence to support it. if he has the evidence he should bring it forward. >> kelly: thank you for sharing your comments with us and your perspective. look forward to talking to you again. have a good day. >> jamie: another rough jobs report raidersing new concerns about the direct of -- raising new concerns about the direction of our economy and causing major fallout from wall street to washington. here is house majority leader eric cantor. >> these job numbers are pathetic and the american people really deserve better. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation.
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>> jamie: more than a few investors trying to pick themselves up after the dow took upleanings majo a a majore yesterday, down 270 points at the closing bell wiping out all the gains made this year. a bad jobs report and appears to have investors spooked leaving them to wonder what comes next. joining us michael seymour, founder and president of uni private wealth strategies and always when we are together we tree to build that wealth. nice to see you, michael. >> hello, jamie. thank you for having me. >> jamie: was everyone hit hard no matter you invested in or what sector? everything was down? >> on friday when the dow dropped 275, no, there was a couple of safe havens. one would have been gold, certainly and the other would have been government bonds. other than that if you are talking about equities, no, there was no real safe haven of any kind. just a question of ouch what you might have been in dropped. some were hit worse than
10:46 am
others. financials and energy stocks were hit particularly hard on friday. >> jamie: a lot of people got back into equities because last year was a good year for the dow and from what you are saying it sounds like hard assets, gold, maybe art and other things like the bonds would be the safest way to go right now. would you keep that strategy for awhile? >> well, you know, you have to -- everything gets back to what are your own investment objectives look like. you can never have all of your eggs in one basket, jamie, you know that. and certain things have enhair rently a lot nor -- inherently a lot more risk a lot more volatility than other things do and not everything is made for everybody. you should always have a nicely diverse arefied portfolio because if everything is going up at the same time chances are what you have might all be going down at the same time when the market turns on you. >> is cash king, michael? >> well, i will tell you, last
10:47 am
week it was. i think any well rounded diversified portfolio should always have a about percentage of cash in it. but jamie, the person that cash is not king for would be the people that are retired, the people that are on a fixed budget, senior citizens et cetera. cash is paying virtually zero. one quarter of one percent is virtually zero. so for the people that have to live on their investment income if you are all in cash be that means by necessity you will be spending principle which is something that needs to be given careful consideration. >> jamie: michael, we want to retire. right, kelly? the american dream for us is some day sitting there with a pena colada. it is looking less and less, isn't it? >> one thing we learned is before the last decade really in the stock market, stocks averaged about 10% a year. you know, in most every way you
10:48 am
wanted to slice up the market over longer time periods. we haven't seen that in over a dozen years as far as onaverage. and i think what is happening here is is it looks like some time horizons for you and kelly might have to extend a little bit. you might have to work a little bit longer, save a little bit more and take down the expectations of that it is all right as investors to get 10% a year on our portfolios. i think we need to teak down our expectations.wn >> jamie: those are the days. and those were the days with the little umbrella in the drink. we wish everybody well out there and diversify. diversify. a great reminder for us. always great to have you on. >> jamie: not a pina colada, fine wine. >> kelly: i will never retear. a new type of surgery is offering overweight diabetics
10:49 am
some hope. we are discussing the procedure next work , with a member of or medical a-team. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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>> kelly: great news to talk to you about. the potential that a possible
10:53 am
new breakthrough for some diabetics. a surgery showing promise to potential liqueuly cure the die without losing weight. a very good doctor here in new york city and a member of the fox news medical a-team. we are glad to have you. let's talk about the possible breakthrough that rules out over-- obesity and overweight in diabetics and gets right to the core of curing diabetes. >> this is actually very exciting and when i was coming here and i was reading about this i was getting excited about this and you know wure rollists, it takes us a little longer. >> kelly: i'm glad you are clueing me in now. >> what is happening is we know that obesity is on the rise in the country. a third of the country is suffering from obesity. 10% of u.s. is suffering from diabetes. as doctors we thought percent you become obese and then the insulin becomes resistant and from obesity you get diabetes.
10:54 am
in order to take care of diabetes we have to give you insulin but the first rule is to get rid of the weight and that is why all the gastric bypass and surgery centers in the last decade has become popular. the lap bands and gastric bypass. now, there is a new way according to a doctor from cornel coming up with a nice way of doing this that on some of the patients that are not mored by obese, they are not really heavy there is no reason to cut down or put staples on the stomach. we still do the bypass. meaning the food instead of going to the first part of the intestine and then the second now it goes straight to it. the bypass surgery which is special is sends a signal to the brain saying wait a second there is too much sugar going on and tells the liver to shut down the sugges sugar productid
10:55 am
as a result you can tea take ce of diabetes. you can see patients leaving the hospital within two weeks with normal sugar and it is good news. the critics american diabetic association has been saying this doesn't work well. >> kelly: why would they say that? >> medicare right now only pays for gastric bypass for body mass index over 35. >> take it there to medicare and money is that part of the issue? >> i think that is maybe part of it. they want to see more data before they really approve this. i think this doctor is up to something and we will see some really good outcome. they have done the same kind of research in toronto and in minnesota. they have come with a really good outcome. i personally am excited about this. >> kelly: i can see that. >> a lot of these guys are suffering. i don't have the graphics for you. >> kelly: the doctor is very shy but this is actually a graph. i don't know if you guys can get this.
10:56 am
he actually shows how the bypass surgery typically operates. >> this bypass is called rny. the food. >> kelly: bayically youing seaing take it from there. you got it. that is fantastic news. >> jamie: that will do it for us. great topic and you are on the a-team, that is why. i'm jamie colby. glad you could be with us and tomorrow a special show at 10:00 a.m. we will be in london and here with the latest news on the job jubilee. >> coming up next, the journal editorial report. have a great day, everyone!ugg >> jamie: i'm see you back here at 6 teem as well. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. ♪
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