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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 11, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is wednesday july 11th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> let's get right to our top headlines this morning. we are going to start with your 5 at 5:00. >> passengers thought they were going to die on a flight. >> everybody is screaming. you see the people jumping up and down. it was freaked out. >> basically with the noise and bumps you think you are going
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down. >> i thought you were going to die. >> it was scary. it was. >> emotional. well the plain just 30 minutes from landing when the turbulence hit. >> another frightening ordeal on a flight. a foul odor forced a u.s. ir ways flight to make an emergency landing in philly. 5 crew members got so sick they were rushed to the hospital. the plane had just taken off from charlotte. it was heading to rome. the flight duke otook off for i with a new plane and crew. lose part of your salary. introducing a bill to penalize members of congress who miss vote. it is called mow show no pay acted. if they miss a vote they won't get paid for that day. most members make 174,000 and
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work 164 days a year. that's about $161 for each day they miss a vote. >> a it started less than three weeks ago and burned more than 18,000 acres today. the most destructive wildfire in colorado history is 100 percent contained. these images is reminder of what little is now left for some people. two people died. a hot air balloon ride was quite a bumpy landing. the balloon careened out of control. the basket dragging 200 feet before it came to a stop. >> just held on tight and kept bouncing in slow-motion really. >> we were coming in fast we bounced and we dragged we bounced and we dragged then it was green. >> the balloon caught up in a
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wind gust. >> funny because no one was hurt. we are hours away from a huge decision on capitol hill. the house plan to go hold a vote to fully repeal obama care. peter doocy live with more. good morning. >> good morning. the house of representatives voted to repeal part or all of the care act 30 times. today's vote isn't going to go any more the president will veto the bill if it makes it through the house and democrat controlled senate. they are calling today's message is stunt and calls them careless to what will happen to everyday americans if the healthcare law actually goes away. >> healthcare is a right and it is not a privilege. not just for some people but for all people.
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we cannot and we will not go back. do you want to go back? do you want people to be afraid to have a checkup? >> gop leaders are undeterred. most of the law does with stand constitutional muster republicans don't think that means it is good for the country or specifically for the healthcare system. >> if the facts we know today were allowed when we debated it there would be no way it would become law. this is effectively a government takeover of 17 percent of our economy. remember the line, if you like the healthcare plan you can keep it? completely not true.
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today's vote won't be straight down party lines because democratic congressman mike mcintyre from north carolina who has a tough reelection will vote in favor of a repeal. congressman larry kiss el and perhaps others like arkansas congressman mike ross a democrat who says he doesn't know how he will vote yet. heather and ainsley back to you. >> time now to look whose talking. >> president obama is doubling down on a tax increase for the wealthyest americans. >> republicans say they want to do the same thing. we disagree on that. why don't you compromise. go ahead and do the 98 percent we can keep ours at 2 percent.
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>> vice president joe biden takes it one step further going directly after mitt romney and rich people. >> hey people are just as patriotic as poor people. nothing has been asked of them to get us out of this god awful hole. >> is it any wonder why their economic policies are premised on a notion that the way to com build this economy the economy of this great nation is from the top down, to maintain an environment where the powerful where they have little risk, few rolls and virtually no accountability, they are the facts. we have a fundamentally different view. we believe the way to grow the economy, an economy built to
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last is from the middle out, the old fashion the charles kraut they are playing games with the american people. >> i think the most impressive of this is how small a game he is playing. he passes a trillion dollar stimulus he does a healthcare bill that is one 6th of the u.s. economy cap and trade which will control the energy industry i does don frank. what he is proposing here is the economic plan a partial extension of tax cuts for one year on the american people. >> time now for your first
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degree weather update with maria molina. she has good news on temperatures this morning. >> good morning maria. >> good morning heather and ainsley. good to see you. we are looking at beautiful weather across parts of the midwest and also the northeast with sunshine and temperatures where they should be this time of year and even slightly below average. par some of you will see highs in the low 80s and upper 70s for some of you. it will be beautiful out there especially after the heat wave we had over the last several days where we saw temperatures make it into the triple digits or parts of the northeast. as we head southward we have a frontal boundary that is stalled producing more showers and thunderstorms through parts of carolina and texas. it is bringing relief to the hot temperatures we were experiencing and bringing in much needed moisture. we are in a droudght across pars of the southeast. we will take the moisture when we can get it.
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out west it is heating up. 92 degrees for your high temperature today. we could see upper 90s for salt lake city and phoenix. another scorcher for you 109 degrees expected high temperature this afternoon out there. so really make sure to stay safe. we have a number of excessive heat warnings for you as well. across california and also nevada due to the very hot temperatures. we already have showers and thunderstorms fired up early this morning across the carolinas also southern parts of virginia for you. it will be a slow go for you we have a heavy batch approaching the city of raleigh we can see delays over the airport. slow movers. you will need the umbrella. tennessee dealing with rainfall as well. southward along interstate 1010 you see southeastern parts of
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texas. also most remaining offshore south of houston. you will get in on some of the action as well. we have picked up 1-3 inches of rain. we are in a drought we still need it. you can see some of the train cars exploded in a train derailment. no word on what the train cars were carrying but haz mat crews have been called to the scene. two people have been injured. but the extent of them not being reported on so far. we will keep an eye on it. now to some stories you can bank on this morning. san bernardino, california. the third city to seek
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bankruptcy protection. they may not be able to consider payroll. lauren simonetti is here from the fox business network. >> san bernardino facing a $45 million budget deficit and not being able to pay city workers. major concessions with the workers slash it by 20 percent over the last four years. >> your americans are talking about partnering up. >> american airlines owned by amr has been bankrupt since late last year they have been looking for a partner. they are seeking out potential bankers it would reshape the airline industry. >> that would be good for them? >> yes. they need to have bankruptcy
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protection. >> chicago the best buyer's market. >> yes. real estate says in may nearly half sold for half of the price and nearly 40 percent of homes listed has seen we knone price . milwaukee, cleveland, philly, houston and where the sellers have the power sometimes because buyers are coming in and swooping up and buying homes in bulk salt lake city, boston, san jose that's where the sellers have the market. >> the time is 12 after the hour. congressional candidate says he was a green beret in the army special forces. sounds like a great resume. one problem. he lied. now he's paying the price. the jetblue pilot using complete
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lack of sleep as his defense. it worked. but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company by continuing to help you do more and focus on the things that matter to you.
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>> it is 16 minutes after the top of the hour. backlash over obama administration plan to close 9 border patrol stations over four states. they will under cut efforts to catch drugs and human traffickers. the they say it is closing the station in order to reassign agents to high priority areas. big brother laser scanners. the report says they will be put
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in place at airports for the next 1-2 years. drug use, chemicals weapons even the food you ate at the push of a button from 150 feet away. incredible. >> now for a look at whose talking. this morning it is presidential candidate mitt romney. he has coined a new name for president obama calling him the out sourcer in chief. >> it is interesting that when it comes to out sourcing that this president has been out sourcing a good deal of american jobs themselves by money into energy companies solar and wind energy companies that make the products outside of the united states. if there is an out sourcer in chief it is the president of the united states for the the guy running to replace it. >> president obama has the words for the former businessman turned candidate.
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it is all about being made in america. i want goods stamped with "made in america" selling all around the world. i want to stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs and factories overseas and start rewarding companies that create jobs right here in the united states of america. governor romney has experienced companies that were called pioneers in the source. as long as i am president i will keep fighting to make sure jobs are located here in the united states of america. so does president obama have a case? here is brit hume. >> i don't think either one is much of an out sourcer. i think the most telling thing
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about this flap about out sourcing is the owe bam paw campaign got this idea that sfz thinly sourced to begin with a weak story which tells you something about the obama campaign. we think about this apparatus they have about the skillful people they are running it. they grab a story they sense you are grabbing what you can against romney and throwing it up against the wall to see if it will stick. this i don't think has stuck very well. >> remember that jetblue pilot who had a mid air melt down back in march forcing that emergency landing? >> oh my god. oh my god. we got israel, we got iran. no! >> after the incident clayton osborn was charged with interference with the flight
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crew. they fear for their lives and the airline was neglect in allowing him to fly. >> just last week clayton osbon was found not guilty by reason of insanity and escaped the problem. >> is being tired a new defense to avoid jail time? send us your comments you can tweet them to us at fox friends first you can shoot them over to us at we are going to read them later on in the show. >> you think you can get it>> how long should unemployment benefits? it was cut off after a year and a half. >> we report you decide.
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>> he made a split decision from the jaws of a 10-foot gator. >> i knew it was either i am going to lose this arm or i am going to die. >> wait until you hear what he did next.
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>> should the voting age be lowered to 17? that's when a group of teenagers want. the vote says it would increase voter turnout and engage younger people in elections. will the movie "grease" make
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kids want to light up? >> let me teach you how to french inhale. it's really cool, watch? >> according to researchers at dartmouth the answer is yes. they found for every 500 smoking scenes the likelihood of kids trying cigarettes increase by 49 percent. >> in response they are suggesting all films with smoking scenes get an r rating. >> how long should unemployment benefits last? they were eliminated for thousands of americans who have been out of work for more than a year and a half. here to explain all of this and why it is happening, rick leventhal. >> what we are talking about here is the federal extended benefits program which gave out of work americans up to 20 weeks of extra cash. it is a bit complicated but here's how it works. if a state's average jobless rate for the past three months isn't higher than a similar period during the past three
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years extended benefits are no longer paid. if a state adds jobs like new jersey did it is likely to lose the federal help. that means tens of thousands of americans collecting unemployment the longest in some cases up to 99 weeks aren't getting it any more. nearly 30,000 residents got their checks last friday. idaho is the only state left that still qualifies. critical to the half a million americans who were relying on it to meet their basic needs and to basically feed their families pay their presents and mortgages. >> there's obviously the humanitarian benefits of the families who received them. on the negative side it is established extending benefits causes workers who receive those benefits longer to find a new job. the longer someone is out of a job the more difficult it could be to find work. >> what we are preparing to do is help people wheith their job search quicker.
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help them aggressively to get a job. the best thing we can do as a state is to get people back to work as quickly as possible. it can stretch up to five months including states with high out of work numbers like nevada, pennsylvania, new york, delaware and california. they can collect benefits but only until another federal program ends on december 29th. that is the key. if they don't renew it out of working only collect state benefits which caps out at 26 weeks. >> oo rick leventhal thank you very much. 27 after the top of the hour. a breaking story overnight a train has just derailed in ohio exploding into a fireball. we will have the scene stay tuned. >> joe biden compares romney's tax return to illegal immigration. >> we want you to show you your
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>> welcome back. we start with a fox news alert. this out of ohio. you are looking live over the scene of a massive fireball. you see that? it is caused by a frait traeigh
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derailment. two people are injured. we know this train was carrying some type of agricultural product when it derails causing this fiery blast. people living within a one-mile radius of that explosion have now been evacuated. now to the other stories making news at this hour. it could be the new gsa another government agency wasting even more of your money. sandy adams calling for an investigation of the national institute of standards of technology. she says that it spent $34 million over 6 years for events. one meeting this year allegedly costing $4.4 million. the xhcommerce department rejecting those ideas saying it will officially respond today. the gsa sparking outrage for spending over $800,000 on a conference in vegas. dropped out of the race
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after lying about his military record. he said he was the soldier in the special army forces. a member of the green beret. turns out he failed out of special forces training for academic reasons three times. military records show he was in the army for more than ten years before being honorably discharged back in 2010. >> here to this story out of nowhere an alligator at least 10 feet long lungs at a teenager swimming in a river in florida biting off his arm. 17-year-old caleb lang dale thankful to be alive. he tried to fight the gator off somehow got its arm in his mouth and pulled him under then started spinning. >> he started pulling me down i knew east either i have got to lose this arm or i am going to die. so i took my feet and put it on his mouth and i tried to cherk my arm off trying to break it free. >> can you image?
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langdale lost his arm from the elbow down. officials did catch and kill that alligator. >> i hate them. especially when they do that. >> those and roaches. it was like a scene out of an action movie a man lucky to be alive after being catapulted out of his girlfriend's car. the accident caught on the homeowner's security cameras. according to reports the couple had been arguing before the woman rolled her car through a garden wall both walked away without any injuries. eric holder promising at the naacp convention to continue fighting texas efforts to require voters to have a government id. some texans are still fighting back saying it is simply trying to fight voter fraud. doug luzader is live with the latest on this story. >> this is a fight that has been brewing for some time between the number of states and obama administration over the voter id
2:35 am
laws from a political standpoint the white house sees this as a chance to fire up the president's space. yesterday u.s. attorney general eric holder was dispatch to do the naacp convention in houston where he promised to keep fighting efforts in texas to require voters show some form of id when they go to the polls. >> many would have to travel great distances to get them. some would struggle to pay for the documents they might need to obtain them. we call those poll taxes. they reject that argument. something need to be done to combat voter fraud. the attorney general says the state's efforts are legal and should be upheld. the conventitention is the u.s. supreme court ruling which says voter it is perfectly
2:36 am
legal he has picked on a few southern states to try to prevent them from using the same law that is being used and applied and upheld as legal across the rest of the country. there is a big dispute over how many voters would be impacted by the texas law. it may need to a larger show down over the authority of the voting rights act of 1965. which is something the supreme court may ultimately have to settle. back to you guys. it is time now for look who is talking. this morning joe biden is talking again comparing the tax return to illegal immigration. >> this is a man who says president barack obama is out of touch. out of touch with the needs of the american people. this coming from a man who recently had a swiss bank account and a million dollars in
2:37 am
bank account in the grand cayman islands. president obama is out of touch? when his father was a candidate for president in 1968 huz father released 12 years of tax returns because he said, and i quote, one year to be a fluke perhaps done for show end of quote. that was his father. his son has released only one year of his tax returns. making a lie of the old adage like father like son. he wants you to show your papers but he won't show us his. so many questions. >> bill o'reilly sees this in a different light. here is his take on the current
2:38 am
culture war. >> in addition we are seeing a big social change in the country. younger americans are dependent on machines. many are addicted to high-tech. when you have millions of citizens living in fantasy worlds generated by personal computers you have a distracted country. that's what happened in ancient rome. the country got so corrupt the powerful roman machine collapsed leaving to hundreds of years of chaos across europe. america is not yet close to collapse but we are in trouble. the national debt could rise 120 trillion before he leaves office. we are also a divided nation. this election will be close. many americans want government assistance. 58 percent of american workers are paying any income tax at all. while they are railing against the wealthy it is the affluent
2:39 am
carrying the vast financial burden in this country. >> before you leave the house this morning let's get your first degree weather update with maria molina who has morning temperatures. >> good morning everyone. we have great news across the great lakes and in the northeast we are seeing temperatures that are so pleasant for this time of year. right now only in the 60s from minneapolis down to chicago, cleveland 73 in new york city. as we head out the door it will be a beautiful morning for you out across the region with a lot of sunshine coming up later on. otherwise across the west we have a lot of hot temperatures. it is still hot even though it is early in the morning right now in phoenix. 93 degrees is the current temperature. you will be heating up out there to 109 as we head into the afternoon. widespread 90s northward in montana and across the state of ut utah. otherwise again beautiful day for the great lakes and the northeast. some high temperatures on twon' make it out across the 70s.
2:40 am
70s will be the high temperature in new york city. we are talking about extremely dangerous levels of heat. 125 could be our high temperature this afternoon in death valley. the number of excessive heat warnings in place. otherwise heather and ainsley we are talking about showers and storms from the carolinas on west ward and texas. we do need the moisture. >> cool things down in that area. thanks so much maria. 40 minutes after the hour. coming up, can we call this driver's ed. a schoolteacher taking police on a wild chase and gets launched into the air. wait until you hear why he was running for the law. >> i am going to stick around for that story. it is your last chance to answer our question of the day. please answer this. is being tired the new defense to avoid jail time? we have your e-mails up next. flush
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in thailand an american sentenced to prison is free after a royal pardon. he was translating a banned book about the country's king from english into thai then posting it on-line. no reason for his pardon. the captain of the costa concordia saying he was distracted by a phone call. the captain is under house arrest while a criminal investigation is going on. he's accused of manslaughter causing a slhipwreck and abandoning the ship. 32 people died in that wreck. lastly in brazil where prisoners are literally bike to go freedom. inmates shaving days off of their sentences in exchange for riding stationary bikes. the bikes hooked up to a car battery and then it is used to light a town square.
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>> interesting. >> don't spend the unemployment check too fast. the government may ask you to pay it back. they over paid 14 billion in benefits last year. we are here with those details. state governments and uncle sam made a few mistakes when paying out unemployment benefits last year. now they want resip yants to pay ba back. they paid 111 percent too much of all benefits. in order to qualify for benefits you have to be unemployed for reasons beyond your control and you have to be actively looking for work. but thanks to these mistakes several people received unemployment aid that shouldn't have including some that quit their jobs voluntarily some that weren't even unemployed and even a few prison inmates managed to collect. i am sorry to report this isn't
2:46 am
the first time it happened. laub department says they over paid by 20 billion and every single state in the country is guilty of handing out benefits in error. now officials are billing recipients to get the money back. people can often fight these claims if they can prove they didn't game the system on purpose. they only get a small fraction of the money back. >> see what happens with that one. thank you very much diane. >> it is time to brew on this. remember the jetblue pilot that had a mid air melt down back in march forcing an emergency landing? oh my god. i am so distraught. we got israel, we got iran. >> he was charged with interference with a flight crew. he was just found not guilty by
2:47 am
reasons oinsanity. the doctor testified he had a brief psychotic disorder due to lack of sleep. that leads us to our question of the day. is being tired the new defense to avoid jail time? here are some of your summonsre. being tired is not an excuse. >> anna laura e-mailed us saying this mental instability in this case is not about lack of sleep it's about lack of professionalism composure and control. thanks to everyone who responded. keep your comments coming we appreciate it. send your comments over to us. you can tweet them to us. >> the time now is 47 after the hour. a high speed chase you haven't seen before. there is a teacher behind the wheel. >> the secret to losing weight ainsley it is so simple. folks we are talking about it. we are going to reveal it up next.
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>> so hard to do simple yet hard. check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> good morning ladies. nice to see you on this wednesday morning. fox and friends kicks off right here on the fox news channel. there is this guy out in phoenix he's a preacher who has been holding prayer meetings in his house. yesterday he started a 60 day sentence because they say he can't do that. why? we will tell you all about that. the city of scranton pennsylvania is out of money. we have to pay everybody minimum wage. the cops don't like that the teachers don't like that. we have one of the firefighters with us as well. why is mitt romney suddenly 14 points ahead with independent. could it be the class warfare thing is not working in his favor? if you write out a check today you will notice the date is 7-11. how does 7-11 the convenience store celebrate?
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they are giving everybody in america a free slurpe and the slurpe truck is live on our show today as we suck down the goodness on this wednesday. fox and friends starts 12 minutes from now.
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>> time for some quick headlines. high speed chases in california. this is unlike any other. there's a teacher behind the wheel. sent trucks spinning out of control in a tractor trarl. the middle schoolteacher not giving up. he pulls away and crashes into a tree eventually. he was under investigation for child endangerment. >> what an easy way to start
2:53 am
eating less. try cutting your food into smaller pieces. researchers at arizona state. gave one group of people a whole bagel and gave another group a bagel set in four pieces. those who ate bite size ate 20 percent less. >> that's tough because i lo bagels. we love our bread. the question we ask ourselves from time to time. how do i know if i am normal or if i am not? fox news contributor and psychiatrist dr. keith ablow here answering the e-mails you sent to us. >> good mother-in-law. >> it says my husband of 14 years claims to me i have no friends and my family can't even visit. he makes it hard to enjoy them. i am not happy am i nuts dr. ab low for feeling this way. is he nuts for changing my life. >> two diagnoses. you are both nuts. people sometimes conspire to suffocate one another. you have to decide i want to have my own life and i don't
2:54 am
want him to be my jailer. my 36-year-old daughter has her own family. recently call mede mommy. am i normal or nuts to let this concern me? >> you are normal to let this concern you, because guess what? there's a reason for it. why does an adult woman do this? there's a reason she is reverting to this childhood state. why does she feel things in life are so tough? >> 36 years old that girl. my husband had a long-term affair over two years ago. he made amends. i don't feel he's cheating but i can't stop spying on his computer. what do you think? >> i think you are getting nutty. nuts. why? because you already decided you are staying with him. you slept with someone else you
2:55 am
are with him. stop looking through the drawers. your marriage was more important than that relationship and it is more important today. even if you don't trust him you decided the marriage was going to stand. >> send dr. ab low your questions at he will tell you if you are normal or if you are nuts. good to see you. it is 5 minutes at tbefore the of the hour. he was caught red pawed all part of the good, the bad and the ugly. the word of the day all scrambled up. stick around for the answer. big win there.
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>> welcome back. about 2 minutes away until the top of the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good.
2:59 am
an elderly dallas woman says she's mowed her neighbor's lawn for 30 years because she had given them her word. >> the people left here in 1987 and said -- gave us the keys and told us to take care of it so we've done our part. >> we love her! cunningham says now that she's 89, her great grand nephew helps her out and next, the bad. a criminal caught red pawed. these surveillance photos, take a look. apparently, revealing that a woodchuck has been stealing american flags off veterans' graves at a new york cemetery. not only did police spot the animal on camera but they also found flag remnants inside the woodchuck's hole. what's that if a woodchuck would chuck would. apparently he did. finally the ugly. >> ridiculous! >> a bench clearing brawl at a women's football game. it happened as the boston


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