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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 26, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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says was a bogus case. the governor of alabama is my guest tonight as we look back at something that leaves a lot of folks wondering tonight. hello, i'm eric, she's so hot the sun is listed in her family tree. kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, the bronze bonds. eric boling and she's bubbly, andrea tantaros, it's 5:00 in new york city and 3:00 a.m. in dana perino's pillow fort. let's build it america. i'm already tired. so according to gallop, a dating service for ponies, business owners approval of president obama fell to 35%, no surprise.
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this we didn't build it was like howard dean' scream. you enough understood the person until now like when your date insults the waiter. the light goes on. ladies and gents, we have a loser. where would web out sir ice ache >> isaac newton. do you think the pez dispenser -- he was using a family recipe. benjamin franklin, do you think he had government help. u.s. government was one of his insurrections. he needed government to invent government. did za waiting for the government to assist your creativity kills creativity. why invent a better mousetrap
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when the government hands out one that's almost okay. make sure inventors are at each other's throats. that's competition and why cae mustang and socialists gave us the ugo. >> are you surprised, bob, business owners oppose president barack obama? >> it's shocking. it's kept me up all night long. first of all, this was -- most of this was prehis comments that you all have takennen out of context. he's always been near the bottom with business owners and by definition, it doesn't surprise me. last time they were second to the bottom. the bottom of the fishermen and lumberjacks. i'm suspicious of breaking these out by job group but it's not
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surprising. >> his approval is the lowest among democratic cohosts. >> that's funny. >> it's like when the problem with the american economy is about confidence, this is is. it's the business owners. if they're not happy, we're screwed. >> how are we supposed to hire. >> an excellent monologue, not only has the government not created those inventions, the government's broke. if you're waiting for them who help, they have no money. the money has run out. i think from day one, the president's calculus has been grow the government, give more handouts then cross your fingers and hope on election day more people will getting a check that will come to the polls, more than the small business owners. >> it's amazing, because this is something people were waiting for mitt romney to talk about and obama gave it to them. when they start having debates in october this is it. >> do me a favor.
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take the two shot. >> are we talking about -- >> wake up. >> first things first, this is a daily tracking poll so you can't say it was taken before obama -- >> it's a quarter. >> daily tracking. >> business owners, 59% disprove of the way he's handling his job, president obama. farming, 57% disprove. transportation workers, 55%. it goes on and on. just about nobody is below 50% disapproval of. >> that's not exactly right. first of all next time you take a shot at me in my ribs, you better say good-bye to your wife and kids. >> oh my god, you can't make that threat. >> you're threatening him, not his family. >> what percentage of the population -- seriously, what percentage are business owners? >> there's probably i don't know. two or three million business owners in america. >> but let me point something
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out. small businesses produce 70% of the jobs in america. >> i was asking for -- >> it matters how many jobs. >> i would say of those that are overwhelmingly republican, wouldn't you? >> no way of knowing. >> do more people work for the government? or -- >> , no first of all i'm not getting into an argument. i'm asking questions. >> raising some questions. >> that's all. >> raising awareness. kimberly, i want to ask you, people who are fans or who were fans and supporters of president obama like steve jobs had warned him of this very problem and he doesn't listen. when is he going to actually say something other than this because he -- it's weird, he has to clarify his clarifications. >> it's getting worse and he has that mindset. they want the government in charge and the government to pick the winner. they abhor creativity and in
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your entrepreneurship. that's what we've seen in his administration. >> steve jobs says apple would not have existed without the government. >> he also was very worried about the reelection because he felt obama was antibusiness. you want to talk about voter enthusiasm polls. >> sure. >> we talked about this, how exciting they are. we'll dwell on it the whole show. dems more enthusiastic. 39% down from 61%. so they're not enthusiastic. republicans, reverse. they're more enthusiastic. 51% to 35%. is this something that happens because you've got an incumbent who is likeable to people aren't thinking about it? also because it's a democrat in thwhite house so reports are more galvanize the. like we saw in 2010. obama has serious issues with turnout. the biggest block is hispanics
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and youth, two demographics that placed him in the white house. back to the you didn't build that. >> do we have to? >> it's working. >> before he made those comments, bob, he said the private sector was fine and he was more concerned with the government workers. well, a lot of those workers in northern virginia -- i'm not telling you something you don't know, that professional class, he needs virginia. it's a state he won if 2008. >> he's got more favorable. >> a lot of young professions. >> i say this all the time. he said you didn't build roads and bridges. >> he said the private sector is fine. >> i agree with that. >> the point about enthusiasm is important. it's low even for an incumbent, 39%. on the other side, when you've got somebody dislike among republicans as obama is, 51% is terrible. it shows what mitt romney's problem is. >> it should be higher.
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>> much higher. >> this is the first time -- fir presidential election $200 million has been spent on negative advertising. >> 35% of republicans with barack obama in the white house are not enthusiastic? that tells you more about mitt romney than anything, he's not an attract attractive candidate. >> but the incumbent is unattractive. >> i understand that but mitt romney is about the worst candidate you could put against barack obama. >> why are you spending so much money and sweating it and -- >> a lot more than that. >> how much is karl rove spending? 250 million bucks. >> record spending. >> he has the money. obama doesn't have the money. >> he doesn't have to worry. >> half the country is red, half is blue and there's voters in the middle. undecided are not unlikely to brake for president obama. do they like him, no.
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they don't like mitt romney either. >> the other thing striking about the polls, only 5% of the people are undecided. normally at this stage you should have 5 to 15%. but five% are voting for somebody else. >> the presidential debates are those -- they're the ones that will swing the enthusiasm. >> this is conjecture. right now it's almost like romney and obama are in marriage counseling, not talking to each other. he said this about building businesses, i did not say that. the debate is when they have to talk to each other and it's still going to be about this point. it's about a philosophical difference. >> what it going to be about? >> i can't get away from it. >> what you say is if mitt romney believes he wants to do george bush policy, which was a disasterrer. >> that's not the point.
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that's not the one obama's putting forth. >> what is romney putting forth? tax cuts for wealthy and what else? >> the opposite of the president. >> you run on tax cuts for rich people and it's is small universe. >> it's called building the economy. all right, coming up, mitt romney heads to england and something happens. but what? if you stick around, with he might tell you, or maybe not. thanks for interrupting, bob. (phone ringing) good afternoon. chase sapphire. (push button tone) this is stacy from springfield. oh woah. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire.
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welcome back to "the five." i was is being to do this in a british accent but i'm not. mitt romney is in london, the first full day of his tour. he hopes to enhance his credibility as a world figure ahead of the election in november. kimberly, it's almost like he has to do this.
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remember president obama went overseas. he looks like the president, but there's a risk involved, right? you don't want to give the queen an ipod a gift with your speeches on it or hug the queen. wait, obama made those mistakes. do no harm, right? >> absolutely. he did look presidential. we commented during the break, that i like seeing him in front of ten downing street. >> which is where he belongs. a perfect prime minister of england. >> that's one job you'd like outsourced. >> he needs in the polls in terms of his international acumen, how people perceive him, foreign policy. so this is a good idea getting ahead of the message. bob had an interesting point saying mitt romney's missing out on an opportunity to define himself while the other side is spending heavily to define him negatively. why isn't he saying this is who i am, this is my background.
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>> the thing that surprises me more than anything is he's n stopping in afghanistan. he's got to fly over afghanistan to get to poland from israel. so maybe he has to go east a few thousand miles but i don't understand why a candidate for president doesn't go into a war zone. obama did. >> he went to kuwait, afghanistan, jordan, israel and france. do you think there's a fear of being away too long? is it a mistake? i kind of agree with bob. or is there a fear, i don't want to leave because he's getting momentum in. >> i don't know. i can't answer that question. what i want to talk about is what he did in london. he mentioned concerns over security. i think it's interesting because he got heat from cameron who said we didn't have our olympics in the middle of nowhere, referring to salt lake city. mitt romney says things no one
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likes to hear. >> what was he talking about, security around the olympics? >> he said is london ready for the olympics. >> he was talking about security because they were having problems. he's dead right. >> he is right. >> if you're not critical of safety issues and something bad happens you're to blame. it bugs me because so many people don't speak up. they didn't speak up at the fort hood shootings. he was a businessman. he said something that he honestly felt was right and he is right. >> to your point, bob, he was brought in to the salt lake olympics to basically save the olympics. he did an excellent job so he can highlight that and he should speak out. who knows better than mitt romney. >> he walked in and said look what's going on. are you sure you're doing it that way? president obama will walk into any venue and apologize for our american exceptionalism. we're trying to tone it down
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we're dismissive. he's apologetic. the only thing i found funny, anyone hear jay carney, when asked what the capital of israel s he couldn't answer. the reporter was like what do you consider the capital? he couldn't answer. tel aviv or jerusalem and he still couldn't answer. >> that's a great debate in the middle east. >> why couldn't he -- >> he should have been able to -- let's go back to romney. first of all it's interesting to see when you look at the history in salt lake, romney was the 6th choice to take that job. huntsman was in front of him. he did a good job. >> you act like he was sitting at home eating ding dongs. >> he was getting people not to pay their taxes. i don't understand.
2:19 pm
the salt lake olympics was positive. his family is a positive. why he's getting beat up on bain, rightfully so, why they don't invest money and biographical ads, i don't get it. >> very good point. i mentioned this the other day, it feels like the shooting in colorado was like a timeout, the ball was going back and forth. it feels like the last team with the ball will win the election and it's too early to grab the ball. >> it's not too early to -- that's one thing you do, 101 in politics. >> it's money, bob. >> kimberly maybe -- everybody primary win, he paraded his family out. he's got a great story to tell, him and his wife have been together, attractive sons, nice white beaches. why not do what bob says. >> i have been thinking about this. he has a great message but he's
2:20 pm
letting kodak moments speak for himself with his family, very supportive. i think he's kind of a later in the game kind of guy that waits for his -- >> he could say in the ad, the horses in the olympics that he owns. >> what? >> he's taking a shot at mitt romney. >> that's not a good idea. >> i think -- >> what worked for mitt romney during the primary? positive or negative ads? >> of course>> here's the point. you say go positive now when barack obama going negative. >> he was running against a bunch of losers. >> that's not nice. >> you could do both. face it, it was not a tough field. >> i don't think you should call people like newt and santorum losers. >> the point is romney, you can do both. >> especially if your negatives are creeping up. >> you can only spend primary money. they have plenty, why they don't
2:21 pm
do it -- if he loses, it's going to be one of the reasons. >> he has cash coming in. >> it's no time to turn positive if negatives are working. >> it hasn't been. >> the president will be in poland and israel, to areas where the president has had difficulty lately. >> chick-fil-a and the chicago way. guess who is taking on the popular restaurant chain. rahm emanuel, you miss him. we'll tell you why it's become his top priority on his agenda. details ahead on "the five." ♪
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welcome back everybody. called this a tale of two city's mayor edition, new york and chicago. new york has the yankees, chicago has the cubs. new york has hot dogs, chicago, deep dish pizza, new york, a aloney mayor, chicago, a aloney liberal mayor. michael bloomberg wants to band salt, extra calories, sugar soft drinks and booze but this has us scratching our heads. >> i don't understand why the police officers across the country don't stand up collectively and say we're going on strike. we're not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature do what is required to keep us safe. >> you're sake what would michelle say. >> michael bloomberg, an elected
2:27 pm
government official, essentially endorsed anarchy. >> bob, you go first. >> i don't think she's in a position to talk about this. let me say this about bloomberg, he walked that back because it's against the law for cops to strike. i've been jumping over him on the calories and all that stuff but on the booze thing, he's got it very good point. going out and finding out and interceding kids when they're younger who are abusing booze and particularly those who are binge drinking, the most dangerous form of all, it's a good initiative. >> i disagree. >> that's because you binge drink. >> you can't cherry pick causes. i think these a nanny because he doesn't like salt. oh, binge drinking, i'm for that. >> i can do that. >> no you can't, you're a hypocrite. >> this show has been going
2:28 pm
nicely as opposed to yesterday when you dumped on me. >> oh my god, you kneecapped everybody in the first minute. >> talk about what he said about the cops. >> by the way, completely irresponsible why would he say that and suggest illegal behavior. he's become so liberal. it was bad in the beginning but he's gone nuts. >> can he be sued for saying that? >> he's not going to be sued. >> let's get on the nanny state. the list gets longer of things he wants to ban. >> i'm surprised. i thought after the first school for cross-dressers funded by taxpayers was the worst idea he could have. this is right up there with the transsexual school. >> i love that, though. >> it failed, bitter by the way. bloomberg needs to lay off the sauce. what kind of idea is it to use
2:29 pm
taxpayer money to conduct the survey. we drink because of you, mayor bloomberg, we drink because of you and your bike lane. i drink because of you too, bob. >> we all drink because of you, bob. >> can i make a point? greg said cherry picking. it's one thing about calories and salt. booze is different and it costs the city billions of dollars a year. >> and brings in billions of dollars. >> rahm emanuel supports a ban on chick-fil-a. >> chick-fil-a's values are not chicago's values, they're not respectful of our residents, our neighbors, and our family members. if you're going to be part of the chicago community you should reflect the chicago values. >> chicago's burning averaging 42 murders a month and the mayor weighs in on chicken sandwiches?
2:30 pm
>> what chicago values, the ones established by al capone? chick-fil-a should be thankful or they'd be dead. the city should come with a warning saying when you come, you might be shot, hit by a car or beaten, 150,000 gang members. kids punching people on the roads, talk about deep-fried hate, he's deep-fried deadly. >> these people came from chicago. >> a grilled chicken filet is the threat? >> the fact is this guy, the coo, whatever is he, the family values company, the fact is he came out against gay marriage and he shouldn't mix his business with his personal philosophy. i guess he can, but i would not have a chick-fil-a within a
2:31 pm
thousand miles of my house. >> unless you were hungry. >> i wouldn't eat that crap. >> hold on, i did a little bit of research. >> hold on. stop. >> please. >> okay. i did a little bit of research and found that your bud y barack obama and the dccc are he customers of chickfully with a number of democrats like john conners. more importantly, there's a broader point about priorities on the left. sodium, salt, chicken sandwiches, food. what is going on in. >> sugar. >> the priority is about -- it's no about that, it's about whether you can have gay marriage. >> put that ahead of murder. that's smart. >> the murders are -- >> it's coming out as grandstanding. it's a grandstanding. why does he -- i don't know, i didn't like the approach. you're making a personal attack. >> he didn't make a statement.
2:32 pm
>> i disagree with his beliefs but this is idiotic. this is -- his city is in trouble. >> that's my point. >> evidence asked a question. >> and he enjoyed answer it. >> he should. >> why should a mayor weigh in. >> he comes off as moronic. >> he says no comment? >> yes. >> exactly. >> that's what the guy says before he jumped on the gay people in america. >> it's okay to rent a place to the communist party of america but not okay to open a chick-fil-a. >> i would rather rent to the communist party. >> is obama going to get involved and denounce chicken sandwiches? >> anybody who uses their business to come out against gay majors is a fool. >> it's preachy. it's all politics. >> coming up, the latest obama administration department to politicize globing -- global warming. kimberly breaks it down next. building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone.
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>> bret: the story today, growing demands for president obama to appoint someone outside his administration to investigate national security leaks. tonight on "special report" the white house press secretary refuses to say the leaks did not come from the administration and the top special operations commander says it could have cost american lives. when mitt romney said he wasn't sure great britain was ready for the summer olympics he didn't imagine the pushback. british leaders fired back and the press is having a field day. romney was head of the 2002 winter games in salt lake city. security is the concern with worries terrorism strikes in the olympic and that city could be
2:38 pm
repeated. if the army had a better way of detecting roadside bombs in afghanistan why isn't it being used extensively. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." snow snow -- >> ♪ a lot of corporate and school cafeterias across the country embraced the idea of meatless mondays. it's a controversial initiative that's supposed to protect the environment. but to the surprise of many department of agriculture announced its participation upsetting a lot of farmers. of the usda retracted it and said it was a mistake in the newsletter and they're trying to slide it back. >> it's a huge mistake. who funds the usda but
2:39 pm
taxpayers, a lot of them cattle farmers. i don't know in they get the memo but we're having a drought in the midwest and food prices are up so cows depend on corn and prices are up so farmers are under pressure and they're giving their cows hay. the cows are ex exhausted and enduring a lot of heat. you know -- >> i'm serious, they're worried about cow flatulence. >> listen. >> cow flatulence affects global warming. >> i own a ranch in montana with a bunch of guys. and believe me, it's a problem. >> what about the cows? [ laughter ] >> cattle has never been higher, i don't think, than it is now. they're doing extremely well. this was probably a mistake but i am curious, i'm not a vegan, but eric is. so i'm sort of wondering, what
2:40 pm
do you think about this story? >> i'm not a vegan, i don't eat beef but the usda is there to promote businesses of farmers, including cattle farmers, this shows their indifference, they're concerned with global warming and left wing ideology and forget the mandate, promote the farming industry. >> do you eat tofu? >> no i eat chicken and fish and foul, just don't eat beef. >> greg had a weird eye roll. >> every monday for me is a meat lest monday. i want no knuckleheaded government intervention thursday. the problem is they expand their mandate to justify their jobs. usda is to ensure the safety and food and leaving the diet to prevention magazine. shut up.
2:41 pm
>> except when it comes to global warming, which is real. >> please. >> are you noticing a theme? >> you have to get to the flat earth associate meeting. >> you have no stats when you talk. you throw it out and have nothing to back it up. you want to have global warming discussion, let's go. >> his research is up on the 17th floor. >> i want to point out we talked about white meat, now red meat. is it a question of priorities? chicken now beef? >> lam. >> it's the single-most important issue facing us. >> that shows how wrong headed you are. >> 1 degree ever 100 years. >> how do you know? >> that's what they said. i don't think there have suvs there. >> there you go on another global warming filibuster. >> you started it. >> i want to know, got milk? this is a cute story. >> hey, i can't milk you, this
2:42 pm
cow is crazy, but here's our owner, 0 milk her maybe. yeah, i'm a farm boy and here's my holestein. it's just a heifer, it has no baby. >> that's fred, who is adorable. i thought was a a cute video. he's 9 and singing to the cows, telling them they're crazy. so cute. you have to love that. >> that's the toughest job in the world, a dairy farmer. they get up at 3:45 in the morning like eric does to do fox & friends. that's cute. it was cute. >> his grandma got into it in the background, mowing the lawn. >> that kid is hurting our environment and what dangers is he put under when he's there. >> someone has to go. >> you're worried about the deficit and don't care about global warming. >> bob can say it's hard to be a dairy farmer but not jump to the
2:43 pm
defense of the cattle farmer. >> i said they're doing well. >> they're not. they're under tough times. >> they're doing the best they've ever done right -- the sale of beef. >> the facts don't support that but i love dairy and i love meat. >> let me point out beef prices are up as andrea pointed out, so are feed and transportation costs and -- >> i'm saying i went to speak to them and i've never seen a happier group. >> i spoke to the cattlemen association and you're not speaking out? >> i said those -- i said it was a bad idea but global warming is a bad idea. >> bob, did you speak to the cows? were they flat lating in. >> the cows got a lawyer. >> coming up, a high school student comes home with a bad grade and instead of being punished, his mother is suing the school. maybe she has a point. >> check out grandma ma, where
2:44 pm
does she think she's going, hey, i just fed you, this cow's crazy. you spill the bottle and feed the baby.
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if this is been me when i was a kid and my parents would have been in courtrooms all the time. in california a family is suing a teacher, chemistry teach, school district, the principal because the young boy, 0 who is 17, got a c plus in chemistry and had a's and b's in everything else and they insist the teacher didn't like him and gave him a c plus and that's why they've sued the school. kimberly, can you sue because of this. >> you can do a lawsuit and issue a formal complaint. it's a precedent setting case. no harm, no foul in bringing a lawsuit. whether they'll prevail is another story. it's difficult to change a grade unless you make the case a
2:49 pm
teacher went out of their way to give you a grade you did not deserve. >> that's what they contend. this teacher has disappeared. she was there and then she's gone on leave of absence then retired and she's had a history of this stuff. so what do you think? is this a legitimate thing to do? >> i'm a christian guy and wouldn't lie, my son, he's little, first, second grade, straight a's, third grade, first semester he gets a c in math and he's got a brilliant math mind. i see the the teacher in a restaurant and i said what's the story? she said i like to make him feel -- my kids feel like they're doing better. i said what did he deserve? she said an an a. i said why didn't you give him
2:50 pm
the a? next day he had an a. >> you just outed her. she deserves it. >> given the circumstances, apparently this kid had very good academic credentials and then she was going to -- >> maybe she's a tough teacher. they said their son suffered emotional damage because of the c plus in chemistry? i would have gotten on the ground and kissed it. >> i would have cried. >> my mom sued the school so i could get a c plus. >> i see. >> i guess i'm tired of these lawsuits. the thing is people can't solve problems anymore. they have to go to court. that's the real problem. >> but if it's chemistry, with math, you can look at the answers of the problems, with english, it's more objective. >> right.
2:51 pm
>> that's the problem. >> the other thing is parents are much more involved in schools now than they were before, right? they talk about helicopter parents. it seems to me teachers are under a lot of pressure all the time. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say kim can talk about this better, because it's so darn competitive to get into good schools. >> sure it is. they have a lot of psychological problems and anxiety and stress and the kids was always in school and did well, may 27 he had an a plus, 106%, how do you go from that to a c plus that's not right. >> when do kids have fun anymore? >> he has fun when he gets a good grade. >> we're not allowed to find out. >> did you never have fun in school? >> ii had a great time. >> obviously. >> all i have to say is one more thing is up next! i ta insulin,
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time for one more thing. >> all right. well, george jefferson is my one more thing. sherman helmsley played the legendary character on the
2:56 pm
jeffersons but passed away on tuesday. remember this theme song? ♪ moving up to the east side to a deluxe apartment in the sky ♪ ♪ we're moving on up. >> the premise was moving up. a deluxe apartment in the sky. jefferson was a entrepreneur, started a business, made a name for himself and celebrated it. no food stamps, no moving on down, no handouts. now, if george were real president obama would credit that to roads and bridges that got george out of harlem on to the east side. there's no shame in hard work and success, mr. president. george never son never apologized for sure his and neither should we. it's called moving on up. >> and it was a tv show. >> which was hilarious. and george touted his success every show and it was funny. >> i liked it, wasn't he a dry
2:57 pm
cleaner? >> he was. >> i've got a ridiculous -- interesting story for one more thing. kristen stewart, star of twilight, recently admitted to cheating on her boyfriend, robert pattinson to costars with her with a married director, 41-year-old director of snow white the huntsman, they issued public apologize and she said about her relationship with robert, this moment tear indiscretion jeopardized the most important person in my life. rob, i love him. >> she's an idiot. she denied she was dating him but now admits it three years later. >> apparently -- my wife spends the summer on the beach. she says there's a new head wear that they're wearing on the beach. take a look.
2:58 pm
look at that. governor chris christie wearing a five hat with my wife. >> i thought you said you only made us five hats. >> can you show that one more time? she's cozying up to the governor. >> i think so. >> a lot to cozy up to. >> i thought you said men and women can't be friends. >> oh my gosh. my new favorite pic for beaches. >> there's an australian skydiver, felix baumgartner, he has some guts. yesterday he went up in a balloon to 96,640 feet to jump out in a parachute in a free fall. who in their right mind would do this. he got to 536 miles an hour but the big deal is he's going to 120,000 feet and try to break the sound barrier. how fast do you have to go?
2:59 pm
>> you're looking at the wrong person. >> me too. this guy is at 2500 -- >> that would be physics. >> he's going above 18 miles and jumping out in a parachute and free fall for three or four minutes. i don't know, man, good luck. >> he's a hunk. >> he's a hunk? >> he's cute. >> he would look like a hunk if he hit the ground. good luck, i hope you make it. think of something else to do. >> four miles. >> four miles? >> when i'm here and dana perino isn't here it gives me time -- >> do you cry? >> it gives me time to reveal to the public -- >> the secret world of dana perino. >> so she told us she went on a trip and she's coming back monday so i'm in central park and who do i see? dana perino, hanging out in central park. i'm going dana, what are you doing? she said who are you? i go i'm greg, she's like, i don't kno w


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