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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 27, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. >> jon: american lawmakers worn a treaty. >> we are not going to agree to anything that impedes on the rights of american citizens. >> jon: supporters say the plan will save lives. >> one person every minute is killed by arms. thousands of people die every day. >> jon: tonight. showdown at the u.n. and let the games begin. michael phelps just a few medals away from making history. >> it's big. it's something that i haven't been able to ever experience. >> jon: it's not all work and no play for team u.s.a. ♪ and all the other boys.
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>> jon: even the world's top athletes have to have a little fun. >> jon: but first from fox this friday night, the man accused in last week's movie massacre was under the psychiatric carol of a doctor with expertise incident is her a package. as we have been reporting, law enforcement officials told the suspect mailed a notebook filled with details and crude drawings laying out plans for a killing spree. defense lawyers accused investigators of leaking those details to the media and claimed the contents of the package are confidential between doctor and patient. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding
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58 others during a shooting rampage in aurora, colorado. new york daily news claims he has no memory of the attack and doesn't know why he was behind bars. alicia acuna live from aurora, colorado. wants investigators to hand over the contents of that package immediately. right? that's right the prosecution asked. in the filing prosecution argued that the based on inaccuracies in the media reports about the notebook including reports from fox news. the judge is expected to address the matter during monday's hearing. jon? >> jon: and the suspect heads back to court on monday, right? what do we expect? >> yes, he he does. james holmes is not required to speak during this hearing. he just has to acknowledge that he understands the charges against him. his attorneys can speak for him as they did this past monday when he was read his rights. holmes faces potential for hundreds of charges ranging from murder to unlawful entry
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through a back door with intent to commit a further crime. it's all up to the d.a. >> chambers has to make some decisions. does she want to streamline this case with just murder charges or does she want to throw the book at the defendant? >> cameras are not allowed in the courtroom on monday. however, holmes does have access to tv news and newspapers, jon? >> jon: alewis i can't -- alicia acuna in denver. thanks. time is up and right now there is no deal to end a global standoff over guns. u.s. is asking for more time united states treaty to it crack down on illegal weapons dealers. supporters say it will save lives. dozens of american lawmakers are threatening to block the treaty warning it could effect gun rights in the u.s. bipartisan group of 51 u.s. senators have sent a letter to president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. writing quote the
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constitutional protection of these individual freedoms must not be infringed we will oppose the ratification of any arms trade treaty that falls short of this standard. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt live at the u.n. jonathan, the deadline to cut a deal was today. so, what happened? >> yeah, the deal fell apart just in the last hour or so, jon. and we are just hearing that the united states was among the nations who said they are not ready yet to vote on this treaty. and that is why t has been delayed. russia, another of the nations that said no, not right now. cuba and venezuela also joining the u.s. and russia in saying we need more time. supporters of this treaty are very disappointed even angry. they say the treaty is needed to stop illegal weapons getting to terrorist groups and regimes like that of president assad in syria. which continues to murder syrian civilians. and they say this treaty is needed now.
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listen. >> the international trades at the moment has many loopholes. they are a national system. some of which are very strong. but globally there isn't a standard that everybody shares. this treat is is trying to bring all of that together and make sure when governments are considering whether to expert port a shipment of weapons, do they know whether it's going to go to the one who is going to use it to commit serious human rights abuses? >> it appears now that a vote on this treaty might not come until the fall. possibly even until after the u.s. elections. that timing in itself may of course be significant, jon. >> jon: if there this is about weapons trafficking why are americans worried. >> individual gun owners in the united states, a lot of senators and congressman and, of course, the national rifle association believe that this is the beginning of a slippery slope. while it may not be aimed at individual gun owners, that is the effect t would have. making it harder for those
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individuals to get the weapons they are allowed under the u.s. constitution. here is one of the senators who signed that letter to president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. listen. >> we're not going to agree to anything that impedes upon the second amendment rights of u.s. citizens but an agreement ought to include some basic things and one of them ought to be recognizing the value of self-defense, the use of firearms for hunting and other recreational activities. >> and when this eventually does come up for a vote again this u.n. treaty it will certainly have the same political ramifications, the same political arguments surrounding it, jon. >> jon: jonathan hunt at the u.n. thank you. the supreme court justice who wrote the 2008 decision overturning washington, d.c.'s handgun ban says he could support some limits on gun rights. here is what justice anthony scalia told "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace today. >> yes.
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there are some limitations that can be imposed. what they are will depend on what the society understood were reasonable limitations at the time. there were certain location limitations. where. >> what about these technological limitations obviously we are not talking about handgun or musket. we are talking about a weapon that could fire 100 shots in a minute. >> we'll see. >> chris says he also asked justice scalia about the supreme court's ruling upholding most of the healthcare overhaul. can you seat rest of the interview this weekend on "fox news sunday." that's on your local fox station. check the tv listings. the u.s. economy continued to grow this bring but at a snail's pace. the commerce department reports the gross domestic product grew at an annual rate of 1.5% over the past three months. slower pace than the three months prior. value of all goods produced in the u.s. one ever the broadest
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indicators of the nation's economic health. spend more and spend less on big ticket goods like cars and computers. ed henry is live at the white house for us. ed, the folks there acknowledging how anxious americans are getting about all of this. >> that's right, jon. sunday will mark 100 days until the election. this report today on slow economic growth is about the last way that the obama camp or the white house wanted to it celebrate that upcoming anniversary this weekend. the bottom line is white house spokesman jay carney tried to kind of a familiar refrain that while they there is still positive growth. he acknowledged it is not enough to bring unemployment down. but he tried to turn it around by saying republicans on capitol hill need to do more to past the president's jobs bill, take a listen, this is growth that is not fast enough. this is job creation that is not substantial enough. that's why congress needs to act. that's why, you know, the president continues to insist that the proposals that he has
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put forth that outside economists say would have an immediate impact on economic growth and an immediate impact on job creation must get through congress. >> the mid session budget review that revised downward previous projections for economic growth not just this year but next year as well. that's not a good sign obviously, jon.publicans are pinning the blame on the pub's policies. >> this was a softball served right up to presumptive republic nominee mitt romney and his staff. even though he is overseas and doesn't the to blast the president while on foreign soil. his economic team had no problem doing just that take a listen. >> door number one, let's say governor romney's plan was tax reform, deficit reduction, or do i get door number two with very high marginal tax increases from the president's plan, that's just an enormous amount of uncertainty.
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the romney camp trying to make the case there that uncertainty about taxes and other issues is leading both businesses and individual consumers to sit on their wallets right now. the other big issue to watch moving forward is a week from today, next friday we'll get a jobs report about the situation in july there at the beginning of august. that is going to be a big deal in terms of how it effects the campaign, jon. >> jon: ed henry at the white house. this someone of the headlines that mitt romney woke up to in london today. british paper in arms in comments about the olympics. today he made a new comment about the games and got unexpected chance to hit the streets. we're live in london. plus, police say the medical worker accused of causing hepatitis outbreak that could effect thousands of people wrote a suicide note. details next on "the fox report." ♪
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more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. >> jon: the former lab technician causing outbreak of hepatitis c wrote a suicide
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note shortly before cops found him at a motel room. metro west daily news. also states that the man was intoxicated when officers first encountered him and several prescription drugs turned up inside that hotel room. police arrested him a few days later. investigators say he injected himself with drugs meant for patients and left the con tan contaminated needles to be used by others. public forum new hampshire had delay a new round of patient testing. >> there is a fair amount of staff, there is a fair amount of logistics, the supplies that needed to come in. so we just wanted to make sure that trying to pull it all together in a very short period of time. >> that technician worked at hospitals in seven additional states hospital officials in each of those states are investigating. governor mitt romney says it looks like london is ready for the olympics, good thing since they are officially underway.
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governor romney is under hand for the ceremonies. he ran the 2002 games in salt lake city. a couple days ago he said he wasn't sure how the london games would go because what he called disconcerting reports of problems. like the u.k. calling up thousands of troops after the company in charge of olympic security couldn't come up with enough guards. as we told you last night, the british media went ballistic over governor romney's comments. today he got a chance to clear the air. carl cammeron live in london. so, carl, what did he have to say? >> well, jon, he was accused of bad mouthing olympic planners and backing away from it this morning he essentially repeated what he has been saying all the way but he had a slightly more positive view of things having been here for a couple of days and seeing how things had unfolded. listen. >> i don't see that. i read the same reports i think a lot of people did about all the challenges that were being faced by the organizing committee. after being here a couple of days, it looks to me like london is ready and, of course, it is hard to put on
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games in a major metropolitan area. what they have done that i find so impressive is they took the venues and put them right in the city. >> and not long after that in fact, he experienced some of the problems. he had intended to go by motorcade to visit the irish prime minister at the irish embassy here in london. the traffic was bad. a taxi strike was underway so he had to walk it. perhaps like an awful lot of folks dealing with the congestion and the chaos that is a city hosting the olympics, jon. >> jon: he did some fundraising there, i understand. >> he did. a fundraiser last night in london with americans living abroad raised some $2 million. for many romney has a lot of opportunity to pick up new support in europe because just as in the u.s., a lot of folks, moderates and democrats are a little bit disaffected with president obama. is he not raise as much money or support as he did four years ago. that's the same overseas. so romney is trying to tap that aggressively. a fundraiser coming up this weekend when he visits jerusalem in israel raising
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money as well as politics, jon. >> jon: mrs. romney is staying behind for the olympics? >> she is staying back here because her house is participating in the tournament of the olympics. mr. romney will be going on to continue his trip. meaning mrs. romney will stay here. listen. >> i would love to be there. because this is kind of a busy time for me. [ laughter ] i'm not going to be. >> i give him a pass when it comes to my horses. >> now, it's interesting because mrs. romney will be here until the 8th or 9th which is long after mr. romney will have returned to the united states. don't look for a vice presidential pick until she is back state side next to her husband, jon? >> jon: carl cammeron in london, thanks. the details of those opening ceremonies have been top secret until now. straight ahead the look at the royalty and rock stars helping kick off what could be the very last american games for american swimmer michael phelps. he is on the brink of making history. controversy over his work atlantic threatens to steal some of the spotlight. that's next as fox reports
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>> jon: the 2012 summer olympics are officially underway in london. getting her first look at the opening ceremonies which organizers had kept so secret. the spectacle wrapped up several moments ago. mary poppins dropping into the stadium. huge volt mart. a giant baby and lot of mures to honor britain's national health service. the olympic torch arrived in style on a speed boat raising racing down the river. soccer star david beckham on board. noticeably absent from those marching with team u.s.a. swimmer michael phelps is resting up for first race early tomorrow. understandable considering is
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he just three wins away from becoming the most decorated olympian of all time. phelps has 14 gold medals and two bronze. he made history in the 2008 beijing games grabbing gold in all 8 of his races the push to perform even greater this time because it is his last chance. phelps has long said he will have hang up his trurches trunks after the london games. he talked about that with reporters. >> i have had a lot of mommy's where, you know, i don't know if i will say get choked up but kind of be more emotional because these are the last, you know, competitive moments that i have in my career. so it is big. >> one teammate has criticized phelps as a slacker who gets by on raw talent. phelps seems to be taking it in stride. tweeting to his fans today, quote. last workout ever. signing off with now let's have some fun this week. trace gallagher is live with the news. trace, do analysts expect a repeat of his beijing performance? >> well, i have got to tell you, jon in the life of
4:23 pm
olympic athlete four years is an awfully long time not just because they are getting older up and coming competition is also a lot younger. there have been reports and critics have said that michael phelps simply is not training this hard this time as he did four years ago. michael phelps as you we all know san ha amazing athlete. i will tell you that he looked awfully good at the olympic trials, plus, you have got to know he is still the best ever. here is michael phelps followed by an analyst. listen. >> >> i prepared myself the best way that i think we can and i'm going to step up on the block on saturday and race as hard as i can. >> i don't think that there is any way that he could be as dominant as he was in 2008. but i do think that he is going to get to the medal count that is going to make him the most deck core rated olympian of all time. they might not be all golds but they will be medals. >> by the way you mentioned jon he has 16 gold medals, former soviet gymnast is the all time leader with 18.
4:24 pm
jon? >> jon: so he says he is going to retire. anybody believe that? >> well.
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return again, jon. >> jon: trace gallagher live tonight. thanks, trace. well the swimmers of team u.s.a. are also making a splash online going viral with a youtube spoof of this summer's most addictive pop hit. watch. ♪ hey, i just met you. ♪ and this is crazy. ♪ but here's my number. ♪ so call me, maybe. ♪ and all the other boys. >> jon: well, the team members say it's their way of blowing off steam before the games. >> london's dealt with its fair share of mishaps in the run up to the games. cab drivers are gone on strike several times including today to protest the city banning them from driving in lanes reserved for olympic and officials briefly displayed the south korean flag for a north korean soccer match. as you can see the flags of those two bitter enemies would not appear to be easily confused. there is also the bus driver who got lost taking some athletes to the olympic
4:26 pm
village. watch what happened today when britain sport insisted london is ready for eiting olympics. >> yes. >> oh, my goodness, are you all right? >> yeah. terrible -- health and safety. are you okay? there we are. disaster. >> jon: that bell hit a publicist in the leg and the publicist we're happy to report is just fine. president obama just signed off on millions of dollars in new military aid for israel. and the white house insists that has nothing to do with the fact that governor mitt romney is about to visit israel. we're live in jerusalem. plus, google is taking on cable. we have new details about its internet tv combo. wait until you hear about the remote. and, the women who just parachuted their way into the record books more of that spectacular video next on "the fox report." done even more to move us. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium,
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>> jon: more than will 0 women putting on incredible show some 20,000 feet in the air. take a look at this. those women jumping out of planes in russia before coming together to form a red, white, and whether you flower in the air. one sigh diver said it was a tough feaf to accomplish because one botched jump. they call themselves the pearls of russia. bloke the record for largest flower permission to i-formation arrested cog to the world record academy.
4:31 pm
i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. president obama signing a bill that provides israel with tens of millions of dollars in additional military aid. his spokesman saying there is no correlation between the fact that he and his presumptive challenger mitt romney is schedule dodd arrive in israel tomorrow as part of an international trip. >> the president has been traveling so as is normally the case he signs a bill when he gets it from congress, a bill that he supports. that's what he did. so the timing of the passage and signing of this legislation was not up to us. but up to congress. >> jon: either way the romney campaign reports the governor is happy to seat president take steps to increase cooperation with israel. dominic di-natale is following this from jerusalem. so, dominic, exactly what will this bill provide? >> well, jon, the iron dome missile and radar shield that israel has which would defend it really against attacks from lebanon, gaza, or even syria.
4:32 pm
the bill also actually allows for increase in ammunition that the u.s. is to allow to streeblegly store in israel. that weaponry could actually be transferred to the israelis for their use if they requested from the united states, jon. >> jon: what's on the agenda when governor romney visits? >> well, i have got to say obama signing off has stolen the thunder from romney. he is actually going to meet the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and shimon peres. is he hear for what people squall learning and listening tour. is he really trying to win jewish voters back home in the united states. originally he really wasn't going to make any statements while here but we now hear he may actually do that no indication what he will say that will impress upon them more than the gesture that president obama has actually made to israel today, jon. >> jon: dominic di-natale in jerusalem. thanks. syrian rebels claim they have captured dozens of government soldiers and officers this week. and they say this is video of
4:33 pm
some of the captives. fox news cannot verify any of that. the rebels say they are bracing for a major battle in aleppo, syria's largest city. it reportedly is an opposition strong hold. witnesses say government trips and tanks have been massing outside the city. and u.s. officials are worried about a possible massacre in aleppo. meanwhile poland has shut down the embassy in damascus and pulled out all the democrats. the red cross reports it's moving all of its foreign from damascus into lebanon. the parents of george zimmerman the central florida neighborhood watchman who admits to shooting and killing the unarmed teenager trayvon martin now have their own web site. they are using it to ask for money and to defend their son. george zimmerman already has a web site which appeals for donations to help pay his legal fees and more. at their site, his parents ask for depositions to help with their, quote, greatly increased living expenses. the family put a statement on the site defending their son against accusations of racism.
4:34 pm
zimmerman's parents say people have threatened their lives. a statement on the site reads, quote: one in particular was alarming because it threatened to it kill anyone with george's d.n.a. it was not mailed but was left at our front door. these threats were in addition to the constant media calls and visits. it was time to go. phil keating with the news live in our south florida newsroom. so, phil, where are george zimmerman's parents? >> currently enduring a life of nearly unbearable constant hardship according to their web site. a life like their son george in hiding who is currently living on bond in a safe house somewhere in seminole county. robert zimmerman, george zimmerman's father did testify on the stand during george zimmerman's most recent bond hearing on his web site the father backs up his son's claims of self-defense which george zimmerman showcased in his reenactment video with police. regarding allegations that george zimmerman racially profiled trayvon martin, quote: although the media and
4:35 pm
numerous self-serving individuals have continually portrayed george as a racist, vigilante and even murderer, absolutely none of those names comes anywhere close to representing the real george zimmerman. george has always been and continues to be a truly carrying andselfless individual. we are extremely proud of george. robert zimmerman also adds there have been other severe hardships they have had to endure. he can't specify right now based on, quote, security reasons. >> jon: what about the reaction from trayvon martin's parents. >> they did not directly comment on the zimmerman parents claims of hardships. all they have ever publicly asked for was a simply justice for their son trayvon martin who would have been a high school senior this fall. their attorney though did speak to me saying, quote: they still have their son george zimmerman. sabrina and tracy still don't have their son trayvon. of the two sets of parents it seems that tracy and sybrina got the short end of the deal
4:36 pm
here. attorney for george zimmerman's wife shelly entered a plea of not guilty on that perjury charge. that for allegedly not divulging they had $130,000 in donations in the bank when she testified during the bond hearing that they were absolutely broke. she is not expected to be in court next tuesday. jon? >> jon: phil keating. thank you. if you want to be on the cutting edge of technology. it might be time to move to kansas city. that's because google has picked k.c. to unveil a potential game changer in the way we surf the web and watch tv. the internet giant already dominates the web. more than 85% of web visits in june were to goggle owned sites. now google has its own internet and cable tv which it claims is 100 times fast err than broad band. according to google it can download movies in high definition in less than a minute. then there is the dvr which going says can record up to 8 shows at once. and check out the remote that comes with it a google tablet
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which controls your tv and let's you watch shows from anywhere in your house. the price? 120 bucks a month for both internet and cable. one downside it does not carry some channels including espn and hobb. -- hbo. for now it's available only in the kansas city area. twitter reports a data center problem. not a surge in the traffic from the olympics sparked a major outage yesterday. the microblogging sight went down for more than an hour for users or four continents. second major outages in six weeks. twitter's vice president of engineering has apologized and said the company is working to prevent the site from going down in the future. thousands of taxi drivers in the streets but nobody is getting a ride. our top story as we go around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." spain. drivers clogged traffic in madrid to protest new laws that would loosen industry regulation. one long time cabby claims the
4:38 pm
changes would effectively make anyone's car a taxi. that would mean financial ruin for drivers and their families. china. firefighters doug with their hands to free an 8-year-old boy after his house collapsed on him. heavy rains in the south caused a landslide that destroyed the two story home. it killed that boy's mother and brother. but he survived with only minor injuries. chile the navy sank a peruvian boat which officials say was carrying marijuana. two people tried to get away on a smaller boat. one of them suffered a gunshot wound and the navy detained both. they recovered about 855 pounds of pot. >> running through the himalaya himalayas. fungus has medicinal.
4:39 pm
>> it is wildly used for vitality. >> kills caterpillars and grows out of their bodies and can sell for 50 bucks a pound. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around 0 seconds." >> cops looking for two missing cousins in iowa are turning to a tv station for clues. next, what investigators asked that station to hand over. plus, 70 mile-per-hour winds sparking danger all over the northeast. and these storms would prove deadly. that's all ahead on "the fox report." ♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach. ♪ this is our pool.
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outside agencies will now monitor the seattle police department after a report found the officers routinely used excessive source. the city agreeing and independent monitor and court in a deal that avoids a lawsuit by the feds. justice department launched an
4:43 pm
investigation last year after a number of violent violent police encounters with authorities. found officers were too quick to reach for their weapons and often used unconstitutional force. >> the news director of an iowa based nbc tv station says he will turn over the raw video of an interview with the mother of one of two missing cousins. 8-year-old elizabeth collins and her cousin 10-year-old lyric cook morsi disappeared two weeks ago. the news director at the tvization said police asked for interview of the lyric's mother at a time when she wasn't cooperating with them. she has since taken two policy graph tests the latest this week. she and her estranged husband have both served prison time on drug charges. officials have not named any suspects in this case. today a judge delayed a drug and domestic abuse trial against the father, the judge told the father he understood recent events have made it difficult to prepare a defense. more storms tonight across the mid-atlantic and southeast. but forecasters say they will
4:44 pm
be nothing compared to last night's deadly weather. check out this wild scene new york state. [buzzing] >> jon: power lines snapping and sparking last night in this guy's backyard. we're told the storms packed winds 70 miles per hour stretching from the northeast. knocked out power to 100,000 homes and businesses. officials say two people died from falling debris. upstate in he will myra, new york the storms spun off a twister, tore down trees crushing homes and cars. in cleveland two workers were hurt when wind tossed around a scaffolding platform. nasty weather shut down airports across the northeast. more than 900 flights canceled according to tracker flight aware. chief meteorologist. >> rick: mouth in the extreme weather center now. what can we expect for tonight. >> more storms but not nearly as bad as yesterday. right fox report we had storms widespread area. over 400 reports of wind damage yesterday from these
4:45 pm
storms. now we have some more. it's a little bit farther towards the south though and not as severe as what we saw yesterday. the cold front that moved through has sagged a little bit farther towards the south. second system pulling in across parts of indiana and illinois. good news so much of this area is under drought, so he wool take the rain unfortunately come at the price of a little bit of severe weather. mostly just some strong winds at times. we're not talking about a big severe weather outbreak even into the overnight hours. a few overnight hours could see some downed trees and obviously we know what that can do. one other story, jon we will be following all weekend long. obviously talking about the drought for so long. high temperatures in the plains that have cooled off just a little bit going to be coming back. tomorrow dark colors here back into the triple digit readings by the time we get toward the day on sunday. 103 turns back towardsha. the heat bakes here unfortunately no rain in that area where they so desperately need it. jon? >> jon: i will be warning my second lt. in kansas.
4:46 pm
couple in washington state helplessly watch their yard disappear in puget sound chunk by chunk as 200-foot cliff inches closer to their home. it all started about a week ago. homeowners say there used to be a 500-year-old tree in the yard. now there is a 50-foot hole. >> one day, just out of god's wonderment there was this guiser coming out the side and probably squirting 25 or 30 feet in the air. >> we cry and we laugh and -- >> jon: officials say the whole thing is probably due to an underground spring that changed course. they are worried a propane tank buried in the yard could go tumbling down hill. we have heard a lot about bird strikes since a flock of geese forced a plane to land in new york's hudson river three years ago. but now the birds have apparently moved on to easier prey. bird went come come -- small
4:47 pm
bird flew right into a boy's face on this 128 mile-per-hour coaster. kid is recovering to minor injuries to his face and neck and may have looked something like this. >> a top public relations official with the fast food chain chick-fil-a has died. just as the company is caught up in a nationwide controversy over gay marriage. plus medina gets booed in paris by some of her biggest fans. what the material fan did to make them so angry coming up inside the "the fox report." ing. well his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. are yoin good hands?
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>> new development surrounding the fast food chain chick-fil-a as it faces. today we learned the company's long time head of public relations has died. it comes after chick-fil-a's
4:51 pm
president and chief operating officer dan cathy publicly reaffirmed his opposition to same sex marriage. listen to his comments from last month on the syndicated radio program the ken coleman show. >> i think we are inviting's god's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage. and i pray god's mercy on our generation that has such a prideful arrogant attitude to think that we would have the audacity to try to redefine what marriage is all about. >> and some big city mayors are firing back. chicago mayor rahm emanuel says he supports another city leader's efforts to block chick-fil-a from opening a new restaurant there lauren green is live in our new york city. so tell us more about this p.r. chief who died, lauren. >> the head of corporate public relations died very suddenly this morning. no cause of death has officially been released. reports say he had a heart
4:52 pm
attack. perry had been with the company for 29 years helping it grow from a southern region restaurant chain to a 4 billion-dollar franchise outfit. he also helped spearhead chick fillet's popular marketing campaign with cows urging people to eat more chicken. the company's v.p. of marketing released a statement saying don was an incredible a friend a consummate p.r. foreseeable and absolutely in love with chick-fil-a, his passing leaves a great hole in my life as well as the lives of everyone who worked with him. jon? >> jon: how have some of these mayors responded to his the chairman's gay marriage comments. >> here in new york the mayor michael bloomberg weighed in. although supports gay marriage it sin appropriate for someone to look at political views as a litmus test for operating a business. that stands in contrast to the mayors of boston, san francisco, and chicago, all coming out in opposition to the fast food chain opening up restaurants in their communities. >> chick-fil-a's values are
4:53 pm
not chicago values. they are not respectful of our residents, our neighbors, and our family members. and if you are going to be part of the chicago community, you should reflect the chicago values. >> this controversy spills into next week. supporters plan chick fill chick-fil-a appreciation day and same sex couples kiss-in, jon. >> jon: she is the world's most successful police sketch artist and she has the guinness record to prove it. this is lois gibson helping police in texas to track down suspects for three decades. take a look at her work. her sketch is on the left in each case. keep in mind they are based on descriptions are from victims and witnesses. the folks certified her record five years ago. they tallied how many arrests or ids the cops had made using her sketches. at that time it was more than 500. helping solve more than 1,000 crimes. some hard core madonna fans want a refund after her paris
4:54 pm
show left many of them hurling bottles and insults. it was a special show. fan club members got first crack at tickets starting at 100 bucks a pop. some fans claim they camped out for days to get good seats but that the material girl only performed for 45 minutes. madonna's press rep says ticket prices were reasonable and that madonna rarely plays more than 45 minutes for small shows. latest in a string of recent controversies for the star. she showed a picture of swastika on a french politician's face during a different paris show. she also whipped out a fake gun on stage in scotland just hours after the colorado movie massacre. >> most every guy knows grocery stores are cumbersome. the chips are always far from the beer. one store in the big apple may have solved one of man's greatest annoyances. next we will take you down the man grocery aisle. follow the wings.
4:55 pm
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>> new york city grocery store is devoting an entire aisle to men. not an entire aisle really end of one. they are calling it the man aisle. people running the grocery store promoting t as the place where guys can get everything they need at once including doritos, beer and beef jerky. smoking orangutan has moved into rehab. moved tory to small island within the zoo. gained international fame when she started smoking the butts of secrets that cage. new island will make it difficult for anyone trying to throw her their cigarettes. before we go, our top five things. number five, a legally blind south korean archer broke his own record today in one the first contests of the london games. number four, the school bus monitor who became the target of student bullies in a cell phone video tells the associated press she is retiring because it's time to move on. number three, the dow broke
4:59 pm
13,000 for the first time in almost three months. number two, a top u.s. spy chief asking a convention of hackers in las vegas to help make the internet nor secure. number one, defense lawyers say the accused shooter in the colorado movie massacre got psychiatric treatment. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1996 a pipe bomb attack in atlanta's centennial park killed one person and hurt more than 100 others including a man who died of a heart attack after the blast. it happened at a concert during the summer olympics. security guard richard joule discovered the bag containing the pipe bombs and alerted authorities but it exploded before they could disarm it or completely evacuate the park. authorities initially suspected the guard but later cleared him of any wrongdoing. it took the feds years to find eric robert rudolph, the man who pleaded guilty to the bombing as well as an attack on an abortion clinic and a gay nightclub. a pipe bomb brought d


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