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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 29, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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you said during the break that sex is the prescription for that, now i see you are not kidding. it boosts your immune system. so, stacey, get on it. >> and take antibiotics! >> jamie: see you next week. >> eric: you can believe it? it's 100 days away from the 2012 presidential election. most national polls showing president obama and governor mitt romney in a tight race. how will the next few months play out in and what could tip the race for the white house in november? good morning on this sunday morning. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. we are continuing the countdown to november 6 t. may come down to the debates. people in battleground states and the still struggling
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economy. good morning, steve. >> one candidate overseas, the other here in washington. each preparing for a bruising battle over the next 100 days. mitt romney polishing up his foreign policy credential. romney's people have nailed down the central theme of their campaign. listen >> this is going to be a -- an election that is seen through the lens of how we have a better economic future in this country. if you look at the last 3 1/2 years, which has been the president's interview for rehiring, i don't think that the american public is going to agree they want to continue in the same direction. >> the obama team is focused on drawing a sharp contrast. they say the republican ideas for the economy have been tried and have failed. he continues to question mitt romney's credentials, especially his record with bain capital.
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i think this is going to be a very close race. that's what we are prepared for. i think what's going to break this race down ultimately is the choice between two candidates and two extremely different visions about how we build this economy and how we come out of the economic disaster that we were in and how we recover. >> it's a remarkably static race so far. nobody's surged ahead or fallen behind. the two candidates are neck and neck with the two party conventions and three debates coming up in the next weeks and months. >> jamie: and a lot of folks still undecided. thanks so much, steve. >> eric: fox news alert. governor mitt romney is set to give a speech from jerusalem at the top of the hour, just under one hour from now. he is expected to send a clear message to iran over that country's disputed nuclear program.
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earlier, the governor took a break from meeting with israeli leaders he has been doing this weekend, by, as you can see, visiting the jerusalem western wall. carl cameron is traveling with the governor and joins us live from jerusalem. good morning. >> hi, eric. while governor romney was at the wall with his wife. both of them were greeted by a throng of folks there. lots of shouts of approval and encouragement. for mr. romney, there is a foreign policy component to this. the former massachusetts governor is burnishing his foreign policy and international affairs credentials, in order to compete with the incumbent president. this is customary for candidates. mr. romney started his morning with a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, amid reports that the white house had had talks with
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the israeli leaders and suggested contingency plans to go after iran and take out its nuclear weapons capability should they take it much further, if negotiations and talks were unavailable to change the course in tehran. mr. romney was clear in standing with benjamin netanyahu that he will take some cues from israel and is prepared to support the jewish state, should they decide to take military action on their own, in order to prevent iran from becoming a nuclear power. listen. >> with respect with regards to iran and becoming a nuclear nation are ones which i take with great seriousness and look forward to chatting with you about further actions we can take to dissuade iran from their nuclear folly. >> romney and netanyahu have known each other since 1994. romney went to harvard and netanyahu went to m.i.t. and
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they were both recruited by boston consulting group and they worked together and they develop aid relationship and they called themselves friends today. it is clear it is quite a warm relationship. mr. netanyahu sent what to some appeared to be a shot at the obama administration, important because mr. romney has said he will withhold any criticism of the president overseas, but netanyahu suggest that the obama administration policy vis-a-vis israel and protection against iran essentially hasn't worked, listen. >> we have to be honest and say that all of this action and diplomacy so far has not set back the iranian program by one iota. that's why i believe we need a strong and credible military threat, coupled with the sanctions, to have a chance to change that situation. >> and romney has a speech to the israeli people and the world about the importance of the
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jewish state and the american relationship. tonight, heville a private dinner with the netanyahus at mr. netanyahu's house as a break-fast there. has been a fast underway and mr. romney will have a private meeting with mr. netanyahu, underscoring his close relationship with the israeli leader. >> eric: we saw governor romney place a small note on the wall, a tradition for many years, a prayer in the crevace of that very holy place. thank you. >> jamie: of course, everyone in israel and also many people here will be listening to what governor romney has to say about iran. someone who is going to be there, a former chief of staff to benjamin netanyahu, who is live on the phone, mr. bennett, thank you so much. have you so much insight from your time spent with the prime minister. what do you think he and the people of israel want to hear from governor romney today?
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>> well, the israeli public is extremely concerned by the fact that iran is racing to acquire nuclear weapons. all the talks and sanctions have done nothing to stop this race. amid the talks, iran has tripled the pace of the production of the high-grade uranium and rapidly moving the facilities underground and the talks are doing nothing to stop it. so we expect a bipartisan support of israel in taking any action necessary to stop this. we also hope that america will help prevent the need of an attack by presenting a plausible threat on iran. >> jamie: i assume you are talking about the potential for military action. i want to ask you -- short of a promise that the military would back any action that israel needed to take from governor romney, would you accept anything less? and has president obama stepped forward? i think people would be surprised to learn that during
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his presidency, he has not visited israel. that is correct, isn't it? >> certainly, president obama has not visited israel. but what we do expect of our biggest friend, the united states of america, we have never asked america to fight our wars. and we are not doing this that thtime. in the past, it was israel who allegedly took out syria's nuclear facilities and the world was very thankful. imagine syria today if they had nuclear facilities. we will do whatever we need to do again to protect ourselves. we are not asking to outsource our security outward. but at this time, we don't have the confidence that, you know, the world will be there for us when we do what we need to do. >> jamie: how many people are there to listen to governor romney, since you are at the location and you will be taking it all in yourself? >> i think we are talking about 3- to 400 senior israeli folks coming from bipartisan -- by the
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way, we are very pleased that governor romney has come. this is a bipartisan tradition for ages, where presidential candidates come to israel. we are very happy to have him over. >> jamie: we are very happy to have you, naftali bennett. our hearts are with israel as you face this unbelievable risk from tehran. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you, jamie. >> eric: with 100 days until election day, the biggest, is the struggling economy. with both candidates continuing to be on the attack, which side has the best chance of swaying undecided voters? and what in november could tip the race? we have a fox news contributor and a founder and consultant for the national republican
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senatorial committees. what do you think governor rom romney has to do to capture the white house in november? >> he will be given a couple of opportunities to present himself to the american people. until now, he has focused on the president and the failure of the last 3 1/2 years, when he picks a vice-president and when he gives his speech at the convention, he will have a chance to really introduce himself to the american people. and he needs to show a vision for the future. >> eric: how about the president for capturing a second term? >> i think this is what is best for the american people. i hope they don't go negative. we have poverty levels we have not seen since the 1960s, really wiping out the gains we have made on the war on poverty. college graduates, 53.6% are unemployed or under-employed. there are so many issues for the governor and president to tackle in the next 100 days -- it feels like 100 years.
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i don't know. >> eric: it feels like 100 years is because they have already gone negative. >> it's a complete waste of time. i don't think the american public wants that. i think it's back to the electorate. people want to feel good. i think matt and you would agree with me. people want to feel better. we don't need negative campaigning. we have enough bad views. let's get a man who has a good plan to get us out of this debt. >> eric: do you think it will go away? >> i think you will see romney pivot and go positive. unfortunately for the president, i think all he has left is to go negative. as he's doing so, he is hurting the brand he built in 2008 -- >> i agree. >> which is one of a populous reformer, coming to d.c. to change things. now he seems almost desperate in his negativity. but i do think we will see romney going positive and talk about his vision for his four years in the white house.
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>> eri wait a minute. i think i heard you say "i agree" that the president is hurting his brand of hope and change. >> i think they are both hurting their brands. they are both nice guys. this is the ideology that you subscribe to. they are nice guys, nice wives, great kids -- i mean, please. i have been with you before, eric, i think there is no, preciable difference between the parties-- really?! what about spending and the deficit and taxing and the fiscal cliff. >> democrats and republicans rolled us into this ditch. so you have the tea party and the up on movements today. let us come up with a plan to get out of the ditch because the republicans and the democrats will have to come together to do it anyway. >> eric: matt, is there no difference? >> no. unfortunately for the president, i think there is a big difference. what is going to happen, which always happens when a president's up for re-election and ronald reagan termed it the
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best -- are you better off than you were four years ago? right now, particularly among independents, they are saying a resounding no. so i think that mitt romney will get his chance to have four years in the white house because people have determined that barack obama has not gotten it done in the first term. >> you know, this is a generational problem. if, if, if, if, if -- he will face it is same problem in four years. i want to see a real plan to get us out of this depression, yes, i will see the "d" word. this is not a recession where i live, to be honest with you. >> eric: you have a point. the gdp is going down. 2% the second quarter. they announced. growth is 1.5%. 8.2% unemployment. let me ask you this and then matt, what will turn this around? >> jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. i feel like, please, do i sound like a democrat?
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ross perot was right. people want jobs and prosperity. americans deserve better than when we are getting. >> eric: which party will give us the jobs? >> neither. >> eric: neither. wow. >> neither. neither. really, when i say there is no difference, there is no appreciable difference. certainly there are rhetorical differences. but that's why you have more and more independents in america. we are growing, growing, growing because we need some real answers. you need people to go baft their ideological divide and their party affiliations and resolve the problems. >> eric: do you think that can really happen? >> it's going to happen. watch it. >> eric: matt, do you think it will. >> i think it will under president romney. >> oh, matt! >> an republican congress. we need the free market to get back to work. we really do. >> eric: thanks so much. fascinating. great morning. >> have a good one. give jamie my love. >> jamie: thank you. it's a big expense for parents.
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when have you to send your child to college and if you have more than one. what is the best way to pay without you or your child drowning in debt, coming up in the take charge consumer protection segment. >> eric: and the voter fraud unit has an investigation that will shock you. money from cocaine to marijuana operations going to buy votes. it's unbelievable. but folks in one part of the country tolds that you selling votes is just a way of life. >> you have people hounding you wanting to buy your vote... people with a machine.
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>> eric: there is a big fire down south. more than 100 firefighters battling a massive fire in a plastics recycling plant t. happened in northwest georgia. thick, black smoke could be seen for miles, burning chemicals forced authorities to evacuate homes and businesses within a quarter mile of the plant. two fire fighters had to be treated for heat-related problems. no word on what caused the fire. the flames are contained right now, but the fire could smolder for days. >> jamie: foaling heartburn
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about yush kids going to college? i bet a lot of parents are tossing and turning at night because paying for your children's college tuition or watching them take the loans they will need to could cost more than $200,000 to send your child to college in the year 2030. that's the estimate of the study out this week. so in the take charge consumer protection segment, i want to tell you how it better prepare for this huge but all-important expense. we have the founder and ceo of the powell foundation group. >> thanks for having me. >> jamie: it's a pleasure. this topic will help so many people. if you are a parent of a young child, what can you do right now? and how much do you need to do right now to make sure your child gets the right education? >> vinever seen a parent over save for college education. so the first thing they have to do is start. they have to -- they don't wait until the kid's going into high school.
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start immediately if you haven't done so already. if you can't save $100 a year, save $250 a year. get going on something because college is going to be on you before you know it. if you have more than one child, you are going to find yourself stressed or -- over the money. >> jamie: one thing is if the child will plan to take college loans, they can accumulate. with the jobs prospects dim for graduating seniors that are graduating with more debt than they ever had -- >> right, they are hurt doubly. what do you recommend? how much debt is too much for a college kid? i think the average college debt is $24,000. but for most kids, have you to back off from the graduation and make better decisionses before you graduate. for instance, have you to look at the job prospects.
8:22 am
is your degree going to enhance your job prospects? i was joking with you earlier and saying that there are not that many philosophy companies hiring, but engineering jobs go wanting. choosing your major is very important. there are want that many good job prospects for c&d students. you want to be the "a" & "b" students. they will get the best pay. >> jamie: i want to get your advice on scholarship money. you say the choice of school can make a big difference. but say a parent has only $5 or $10 a week. they have two or three kids. is it worth it to put the money away? where should you invest it? >> you bet. you should absolutely start, even if you have only $5 a week. you start in a segregated account. dent mix it because it will always be used for another purpose. i happen to like 529 plans,
8:23 am
every state has its own plan. some states give a tax deduction if you use their plan. one of the great resources out there, there is a web site called saving for college dot-com. i encourage your viewers to look at that. you are going to have a weth of information -- wealth of information and it will be tailored to your state. >> jamie: that's awesome. on the scholarship money. choose the school carefully. >> first of all, there is more money for scholarships than people realize. but it won't be there if your child goes to the hardest school to getn into. if you look at their -- if you look at where they would be applying, you will find scholarships that are not need based, they are looking at s.a.t. scores and grades. if you have a good student, maybe don't go to the best school because you can get them into another school and
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sometimes they will go for half. that's a tremendous help. >> jamie: that's a great tip. i hope we have helped folks help their kids get the education they need and not load up with debt. for more on how to take charge on consumer issues and we are trying to protect you, go to and click at the bottom of the main page at the america's news headquarters page for the show. you will see a link for take charge. you can only find it on this program. meanwhile, the accused mass murderer in the colorado movie massacre will be back in court. but you won't be able to see him because the judge has given a ruling that many are calling unprecedented -- frustrating folks, raising a lot of eyebrows. our legal panel takes the case. >> eric: plus, taking a look at j.c. lawson, a convicted cocaine and marijuana dealer, who admitted he bought votes for $50
8:25 am
each. the fox news voter frowd fraught investigation of vote buying. telling us that people do it all the time. you don't think it can stop? >> no. >> eric: they will be buying and selling votes here for years? >> yeah. >> eric: why is that? >> [inaudible]?
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>> jamie: the tragyey disee in colorado, so many innocent lives taken at a movie theater. tomorrow, the accused mass murderer, james holmes, is expected to be charged with at least 12 counts of murder and a slew of other charges related to that massacre, but america will not be able to see it because even though we saw this when he first appeared in court, the judge has said no cameras tomorrow. the judge expanding a sweeping gag order to not allow
8:30 am
information to be released from the university that holmes attended, information that could be evidence in the case. joining me, our legal panel, joey jackson, a former prosecutor and robert shaw, a defense attorney and also prosecutor. great to have you here. >> good morning. >> jamie: i am disappointed, not for me, but for the victims. some are in court, some are in the hospital and they would like to see the alleged shooter. they would like to be a part of this. if they can't, they won't. is that fair? >> you know what, it isn't. but it is evaluated on who it is fair to. the judge is overly broad, really. i am hopeful by the time the trial is retracted and we are table to see the totality of the case. i think what the judge is concerned about is the fairness to the defendant because you know our judicial system. this is going to be a death penalty prosecution, it is expected that that will be the case. you know, jamie, bob, the reality is that they are going to be appeals aplenty in a death
8:31 am
penalty prosecution. so to the extent that you can limit the appeals, in that sense, it protects the defendant's constitutional liberties. >> jamie: at this point, the gag order was expanded because there was reportedly a leak about information that came into the university, a supposed notebook that detailed potentially what he was going to do. first of all, is that admissible? >> it would depend. the attorneys will look at it in cam remarks outside, you know, anyone else's eyes -- >> jamie: privately. >> correct. >> the prosecution will want to use t. the defense isn't. but the judge is trying to be the filter of the information. he wants to see it first. as joey said, he doesn't want any information to be out there that would be inadmissible at trial, which would be in violation of mr. holmes' right as a patient with a doctor or at
8:32 am
a school. he would need to release those documents under normal circumstances. >> jamie: you know what, in florida with the stand your ground law and the trayvon martin murder, the judge is the first arbiter of the facts, the judge does make the decision, that's not the case in colorado, as far as i know, this judge doesn't necessarily decide guilt or innocence. >> but he decides the admissibility of evidence that the jury will hear. as joey said, the last thing that anyone wants to see in this case -- again, presume a death penalty case, is to have the jury hear evidence or come in with a predisposed notion as to what they think the evidence is and have this go to ao an appellate court. >> jamie: how do you pick a jury in this case? >> the whole world is talking about this. >> so true. not only as it relates to this case, but cases in general, we are in an internet age with twitter, facebook, there are tow
8:33 am
many -- so many ways for people to get information. and there has always been a debate. you. the case, 1981, over 30 years ago, the supreme court said, you can allow cameras. but at the same time, have you to limit it and have you to protect the integrity of the system. >> jamie: i don't see how it prejudices this defendant when this hearing is just the reading of the charges. >> i would agree at this time. but you may want to limit the pretrial hearings or discovery or any arguments arguments that. you don't want the people who watch "law & order" or "csi" to decide from the jury pool. have you to make sure that the only time, i would say, you are disbog see cameras is once the jury is sworn, i think you will see the cameras in the courtroom. >> jamie: i think the judge could say approach the bench. let me ask you about the notebook. if the defendant was seeking psychiatric help at the university and wrote down
8:34 am
something that posed aarn -- warning that there would be harm, can it be admissible in court by the prosecution? if he doesn't take the stand and can't be cross-examined. >> it's a great question. but in the event that there is an insanity plea, insanity defense that is proper, remember that there has to be an opportunity for the prosecution to rebut that. how do you rebut the claim of insanity but looking at documents that say you are insane. if you open the dorit your psychiatric history, the medical evidence and records which evident that psychiatric history and insanity become evidence for all to see. i think we are going to see it. >> this defendant proffered a so-called potential manifest so, if it seems rational, is he insane? has he waived his privilege under the doctor/patient. >> of course. the same way you waive an
8:35 am
attorney/client privilege. if there is a party there, that person can come in and testify. >> if that's the case, we way get to see that notebook. >> oh, yes. >> jamie: gentlemen, come back. we have a lot to talk about. my heart goes out to all the victims of the tragedy. >> flow to the fox news voter fraud unit and a stuping investigation. major drug dealer, buying votes to steal elections. drug money funding voter fraud. you wouldn't think that happens in our country. but prosecutors say none case it did and a string of federal prosecutions has exposed the widespread practice of buying and selling votes -- our very democracy for sale. >> eric: voter fraud has taken on a shocking new meaning in eastern kentucky. you sold your vote. how much did you tell your -- sell your vote for? >> $give. >> eric: richard moore was paid by a candidate to vote. prosciewferts say it's an accepted, long-standing and
8:36 am
illegal practice in eastern kentucky politics. selling votes is something that almost everybody does. >> just about everyone. >> eric: doesn't prize you? >> no. >> eric: how do you feel about it? >> i think they ought to do something about it and fix it to where they can't sell. >> eric: more than 20 public officials and others have been convicted in widespread vote-buying schemes to steal elections. moore testified for the prosecution that he sold his vete to michael sawiers, running for magistrate. >> when it comes to vote buying tseems like it's just an everyday thing. >> eric: sawiers met with voters here in the back room of this store in jackson, kentucky. he would send them to the courthouse to cast their ballots. when they returned, he would hand over the cash. >> the sellers in this situation, they would come to me and how much i was paying for votes and asked me if i was buying votes. i told them, the most i can pay is $25.
8:37 am
they would go in to the machine, cast their vote. i have one gentleman telling me, he said, i have four votes. i gave him $100. $25 a vote. >> eric: in another county, the cost was much higher. did drug money buy votes? >> yes, we believe that drug money did buy votes. >> eric: in clay county, prosecutors say over the course of several elections, $400,000 -- part of it drug money -- was spent to buy 8,000 voters at $50. one was bid up to $800. >> these folks go out and literally hijack the local elections for their own purposes and then they use the jobs to enrich themselves and their confederates. >> eric: in court, kenneth day admitted buying votes. the convicted
8:38 am
multi-million-dollar cocaine and marijuana trafficker was a clay county republican commissioner. according to the transcripts, he said, i always buy votes. i bought my first vote with a half pint of liquor. the democratic board of elections judge and convicted cocaine trafficker said, it was so easy, i would pay them in the booth. you would not believe the percentage of people that i bought their vote from. it's unbelievable. >> the foundational freedom is the right to elect your officials in free and fair elections. and the fact that we have people that would so plgly and so completely corrupt that process is just reprehensible. >> eric: state officials have set up a voter integrity task force to try to clean up elections. jack conway is kentucky's attorney general. >> if you sell your vote, you are selling part of democracy. if the government belongs to someone who is buying votes,
8:39 am
rather than the free will of the people, then it doesn't belong to everybody. it's a very central to our democracy. so this work is very important. >> eric: richard moore believes that vote buying can never be fully stamped out. you don't think it would stop? >> no. >> eric: they will be buying and selling votes here for years. >> yeah. >> eric: why is that? >> because that's the way -- [inaudible]. >> they are chipping away at the tip of the iceberg. if you don't do something about the inequality, if you don't do something about the poor folk, the lack of education, you are going to have this rise again and again and again. >> eric: as for sawiers, he regrets buying votes and is serving 60 days in jail. >> that's the worst thing in this whole situation, it's the people i let down. >> eric: he wants the people to know that he is sorry and he
8:40 am
apologizes. he will be rseelead from jail next month. last week, three more people went to jail for vote buying and there was a guilty plea, too. you can read more at and if you suspect voter fraud or problems where you are, we want to know about it. voter fraud at that's our address. >> you should shout it out like they do for neil caveto. voter fraud. we are momes away from mitt romney's remarks before a crowd in jerusalem. there they are gathering. the presumptive presidential nominee is expected to send a strong message to iran in this speech. we will carry the comments live for you. the case of a former illinois police officer charged with murdering his third wife -- his fourth wife still missing. what we can expect at the trial against drew peterson gets underway this week. it's hard to see opportunity
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>> eric: did you know that this happens in american journalism? campaigns give political reporters quotes and give the right to pick and approve what's used. is this a sellout of journalistic principles? or a way to get story right? liz trotta with her commentary now. >> earlier this month, readers who still care about a free press woke up to a front-page story in the new york times that sent them reeling. the report by jeremy peters revealed that journalists have let their own sources decide what goes into their sources. quotations from interviews inteh political aides and officials are screened and campaign and white house press offices, where they may be changed, rewritten or even killed. yes, they get to see what they said and edit it before the
8:46 am
words are in print. and the censors decide if the name of the person speaking can be mentioned in the reporter's story. this is called attribution and has become the third rail of american reporting. editors who surrendered their independence and given politicians the right to veto news copy. according to the times, this practice is widespread among reporters reporters and editors from the major news agencies, a stealth operation that has coopted the journalistic fraternity, especially westbound the beltway. quote approvals is standard practice for barack obama's presidential campaign, writes peters. the quotations once reviewed are sent to reporters from the presidential campaign headquarters in chicago. they come back redacted, skipped of colorful metaphors and colloquial electric and anything
8:47 am
provocative. most of the time, the verdict is no, mr. obama does not approve. mitt romney's campaign does not escape mention. the press aides insist on quote approval, if any of mr. romney's five sons are interviewed, even a chance conversation is subject to this rule. the campaign has the final word -- revisit and consent is the policy, said one furious observer. the battle between sources of reporters is an old one, but the stack -- the stakes are higher, as editorial snipers latch on to every word. it's more like sports or entertainment, where combat instead of real issues drive the race to publish first. the times named some of the offenders in the print media, reporting that those who submit are the washington post, bloomberg, vanity fair, reuters and, yes, the new york times. reaction to mr. peters' stunning
8:48 am
report ran the gamut from the times managing editor for news saying he didn't like the practice and maybe the paper should push back a little harder, to a statement from the associated press declaring that submitting quotes for an official blessing is not something they do. most of the others admitted thatv they have bought into the quote approval system and would try harder not to. the washington post released a statement that makes you wonder what is their policy? something about how they can trust the reporters to do the right thing. some years ago, a veteran newsman and journalist professor told me, never let them tie your hands. his meaning was clear -- make no devil's bargain with official sources. by example, he described a situation in which a reporter learns that an off-the 46 record or background briefing is about to unfold. soopz he enters the room, he knows he must follow the
8:49 am
guidelines -- not his own, but laid down by officialdom. he is a captive audience, sworn to anonymity and forfeit his story. in order to escape the bout of censorship, the reporter stays out of the room and interviews other reporters to get the story, albeit secondhand this. technique may seem quaint in the current media circus, where hundreds of reporters compete hour by hour. the public is the most aggrieved party, a public that already has little faith in the press and any chams to the fashionable idea of transparency. it used to be called telling the truth, the guardians of first amendment freedom freedoms have not kept the faith. >> jamie: governor mitt romney just moments away in jerusalem,
8:50 am
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>> jamie: this is the week that opening statements get underway in the drew peterson murder
8:54 am
trial. the former illinois police sergeant, charged with murdering his third wife in 2004. her death was considered an accident at the time. but then, her body was exhumed. new testing and he was charged. then his fourth wife, stacey, disappeared in 2007. she has never been found. we have more from the newsroom. >> reporter: jamie, attorneys are focusing on evidence or lack thereof, as opening statements are scheduled for tuesday in the long delayed trial of drew peterson. the jury is set at what some are calling lightning speed, 7 men and five women and five alternates. peterson's attorneys say his background in the chicago suburbs law enforcement is an important tool for their defense. >> we call them the ultimate jury consultant because he knows that area so well. he was a cop there for 29 years. he knows the neighborhoods, he knows the ethnic groups.
8:55 am
he knows the soc yaioeconomic parts of the county. >> reporter: prosecutors say peterson killed his third wife in 2004 because he feared their divorce settlement would wipe him out financially. her body was found in her bathtub, her hair soaked in blood t. wasn't until his fourth wife, 23-year-old stacey peterson, disappeared in 2007 that the third wife's body was exhumed and her death ruled a homicide. >> they are doing pretty well, as well as can be expected. they are very concerned and anxious that the trial may not go their way and may not find the truth of the matter at hand. but they are optimistic and hoping that that is what gets done here in joliet. >> reporter: the prosecutor brought murder charges against drew peterson, despite an apparent lack of physical
8:56 am
evidence. the state will be relying heavily on statements that savio and stacey peterson allegedly made to friends and relatives about friends from -- about threats from peterson. >> a briefcase of statements that they will no doubt use. thank you. >> eric: governor mitt romney is set to step to the pedeium in just a few minutes from now. he is in jerusalem. the presumptive republican candidate, delivering a major speech on foreignless and iran. keep it right here. we will see the speech live in just a moment. roperly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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