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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 29, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> this is the fox report, i'm harris falkner, several wal-mart stores on alert in different states. some evacuating choppers as a precaution. the latest on iraq bomb threat. and governor romney send ago message to iran in that country's own back yard. addressing one of the biggest concerns shared by the u.s., israel and much of the world, a nuclear-armed iran. >> my message to the people of israel and the leaders of iran is one and the same. we will not look away, nor will my country. >> that's not all the republican presidential candidate is saying during his visit to israel. fox reports live from jerusalem. and--
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[bell ringing] >> have you looked at your nest egg tely? we're seeing a surge and with the stock market set to opepen fofoaa new week, m manan invess watatchino see it willll continunu but what's s realal driving g thisisatest rally? and what could bring it all to a halt? also, adding insult to injury, why police arrested this boat captain after an alligator bit off his hand. we will not look away, the message to israel from governor mitt romney, speaking in jerusalem saying the united states has a moral duty to block iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability. >> make no mistake, the ayatollahs in tehran are testing our moral objective. they want to know who will object and who will look the other way. my message to the people of israel and the leaders of iran is one and the same, we will not look away, nor will my country ever look away. >> israel the second of three stops for mr. romney before
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he's expect today claim the republican nomination. earlier today he visited the western wall with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and demonstrating competence on a world stage and stop in israel potentially cutting into president obama's support among jewish voters. and mr. romney focusing on the right to defend themselves. president obama was never there as president, but was there when he campaigned for the white house in 2008. chief political correspondent carl cameron in jerusalem and carl, mr. romney said he would not be critical of the president on foreign soil. how is it playing out? >> well, he hasn't explicitly criticized the commander-in-chief overseas, but in the statement you just showed there there was implicit criticism that the president is weaker than romney intends to be should he become the president and made
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the point in 2007 he came to israel and outlined a number of steps he thought would be best suited to help contain iran and control its quest for nuclear weapons. mr. romney suggested today things would have been a heck of a lot better had mr. obama followed his recommendations and he hasn't. >> i say in my view that iran's pursuit of weapons capability presents a threat 0 israel, to america and to the world. that threat has only become wor worse. >> reporter: become worse. mr. romney has repeatedly said he won't criticize the president, but as this trip has worn on, he has been increasingly albeit indirectly critical of the president. harris. >> harris: well, we did hear some crowd response, a comment that mr. romney made on the jewish state capital. >> reporter: he did. as he's said before, believes that jerusalem should be the capital of israel and noted that the united states has long held that position and
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asked today if the u.s. would move its manisy to jerusalem were he president, mr. romney said he would first consult with israeli officials, but has been for the most part american policy, ultimately it would be in jerusalem across israel, most really liked that idea and of course, the dispute over the control of jerusalem and mitt romney was trying to deferential, and mr. romney has been out of the country for the few days, in the u.k. for the olympics and how does the israel visit compare to london? >> almost no comparison at all. he had a pretty rough treatment while he was in the u.k. for the olympics, but here in israel, a very, very warm reception, starting with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu to today's appearance at the western wall, very warm, very welcoming, tremendous encouragement and shouts as he's gone around the city, i'll vote for you, good luck,
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we hope you win. >> harris: and he and mr. netanyahu have been long time friends. thank you very much, and a quick programming note. tomorrow in prime time, 10 p.m. eastern, governor romney goes on the record with gretta van susteren on a one-on-one interview from israel and we'll share a sneak peek from the the interview coming up later inside the fox report. turning now to the economy and the rally underway on wall street. the dow jones industrial average coming off its best three-day stretch of the year so far of more than 400 points. the market's up a full 2% overall last week and traders brushing aside poor grosse pointe woods numbers on the hopes at that central banks in europe and the fed in washington will take action to pump up the struggling recovery and experts will be looking for signs the rally is not just a fluke, when overseas markets begin trading in just a few hours, senior business correspondent and anchor bulls and bears, brenda buttner has more. >> harris, the stock market's soaring at the end of last week, the dow did a
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triple-digit jump to pass 13,000, and the s&p 500, a part of many retirement accounts, shot to its highest close since early may. in the last two trading days, up nearly 4%. yet this just as we learn the economy was barely budging. slowing to 1.5% last quarter while consumers cut spending. we already have numbers that proved businesses are slow to hire and invest. and even the housing market, which looked like it might be stabilizing at last, took another drop in the latest reports. so, why the rally? well, wall street is hoping central banks in the u.s. and europe each meeting this week will signal new action. the bet is that the fed and the european central bank will step up to give their economies a much needed boost. the head of the ecb promised to do whatever it can to save the struggling euro and one day before the ecb meeting the fed, which has already aggressively tried to rescue the u.s. from recession,
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announces its take on the latest dismal economic reading. but there's an old saying, buy the rumor, sell the news. that means traders may have already bought on the possibility of action from the central bank, and that could mean this rally isn't for real. plus, other things might stop the bull in its tracks. namely, more of earnings season. many companies so far have done well on profits, from cutting costs, but not on revenues or sales. and not a good sign. neither is the expectation by street watchers who worry third quarter earnings will decline from last year. and that's not all. friday, we find out july's unemployment number. and that all makes for a big week for the bulls and bears. harris, back to you. >> great setting it up. brenda, thank you very much. for the the latest financial developments affecting your wallet. tune into the fox business network, to find fbn in your area, go online fox, channel finder
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and fox business gives you the proper to prosper. and supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> and a plane called the dreamliner, yeah, but for the company that makes it it's been a bit after nightmare, we'll tell you why one of the planes manage today close an entire airport. stay close. when i found out my irregular heartbeat
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>> want to show awe-- you a situation, people stuck at the top after rollercoaster. and we're learning that 12 people are stuck on the new superman rollercoaster ride at six flags discovery kingdom in
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vallejo, california. these pictures just coming into fox news, and according to witnesses, no word how they got stuck there and how long it will take to get them off the rollercoaster, we know they've been stuck for a while and if in fact they've gotten them down, but meanwhile, the superman ride opened on june 30th and 15 stories tall, and reaching speeds of 62 miles per hour when it's moving, obviously, it's not moving because they're trying to get them down. can you imagine being at that highest point waiting for rescue, because that thing's not bringing you back down on its own? again, 15 stories tall, 12 people stuck. this is vallejo, california, six flags discovery kingdom and we wanted to share the pictures. as we learn more, you will, too. we'll bring it to you. meanwhile, supreme court justice antonin scalia talking about the high court
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terms, health care reform. the court voted to uphold nearly all of the president's health care law. you know, it was a 5-4 decision. scalia voted against it. in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday he defended his criticism of the court's ruling. >> you don't interpret a penalty it be a pig, it can't be a pig, and what my dissent said in the-- affordable care act. >> affordable care act was simply that there's no way to regard this penalty as a tax. it simply does not bear that meaning. >> harris: justin scalia opening up you on gun control and second amendment rights and the issue popping into the spotlight in the wake of the movie theater massacre in colorado a little more than a week ago, the justice says the second amendment does leave up the possibility for more gun control legislation. >> my starting point and probably my ending point will be what limitations are within
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the understood limitations that the society had at the time. they had some limitations on the nature of arms that could be born. so, we'll see what, what those limitations are as applied to modern weapons. >> harris: now an update on what is happening in the wake of the tragedy in colorado. the alleged mass murderer, james holmes sitening a jail cell tonight n fact, that same detention facility was on lockdown, more on that in a moment. first tomorrow, holmes, scheduled to be back inside a courtroom, where he will be formally charged with murder for each of the 12 people killed and even more charges for the dozens who were injured. this as we learn new information tonight about the security at the movie theater the night of the massacre. no security guards were on duty that night even though other theaters owned by the company did provide security for what was expected to be a busy opening night for the film "the dark knight rises", but we will never know for sure if security would have been able to even prevent what
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happened. elizabeth is live with the news in centennial, colorado tonight. elizabeth what, can we expect to see in court tomorrow. we expect to learn a lot about james holmes when he enters the courtroom behind me. he could be facing a laundry list of charges from the district attorney here and in arapahoe county. for the crime scene at the theater and his apartment building and we'll learn the judge's decision on motions regarding the disclosure of a notebook sent to home psychiatrist, dr. lynn fenton, and will it be listed for the media and the victim's family as they try to understand not only a motive, but what drove home to murder 12 people and shoot 58 victims a week ago friday, harris. >> harris: what can you tell us about the lockdown situation the at the jail where he's being held? >> for the better half of the day this jail to my right-hand shoulder was on lockdown, sunday is a popular day for people to visit their loved ones.
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it opened about an hour ago, and arapahoe county sheriff says it was medical unrelated reasons to holmes. >> harris: i know trying to recover from what is happening and i know that survivors are talking. what are you hearing? >> survivors are really starting to come forward and open up about their journal i. one belonged to the edge church, a popular church here in aurora and spoke to his congregation pushing the fact that the day after the shooting, he started to forgive the shooter. >> how can you ever find peace in your life if you just are consumed with hatred and anger and vengeance. that forgiveness, actual forgiveness, the true forgiveness comes in your heart and sets you free. if the only way that you can ever heal. >> reporter: other sad news today. harris, ashley moser, the
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mother of that six-year-old girl veronica who died in the shooting on friday, suffered a miscarriage and she's now lost both of her children, harris. >> harris: heart breaking. elizabeth, thank you very much. on the screen, what could you call it, all hell was unleashed inside that theater. the film, the dark knight rises, was playing and this week that film saw a sharp drop off, possibly because of the debut in colorado. ticket sales falling 60% since then, despite the plunge, the final piece of christopher nolan's batman trilogy remains king rakeening 64 million, this weekend alone. more than ice age, centennial drift-- or continental drift, excuse he me. not far behind the debut of ben stiller, vince vaughan's comedy "the watch" and "step up revolution" and "ted".
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>> police searching for answers after something bizarre unfolded at several wal-mart stores. details on what led to mass evacuations in three different states and drew peterson less than 48 hours standing trial in the death of his third wife, this while his fourth wife remains missing and push to find answers in that mystery now heating up as well. we're keeping an eyecoaster in california and yes, the 12 people are still tlup. that's in vallejo, california. that's the highest point of the ride, 15 stories up. they're working to get them down. we're working the story. stay with us.
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>> wal-mart stores, evacuating employees and customers after receiving several bomb threats, it's happening over and over in three different states. police say someone calling in threats to at least 12 stories in missouri, kansas and oklahoma in a matter of days. investigators declaring all the stores safe, hours later, nobody hurt in any of this. no word who made it behind the phone call which appeared to be hoaxes at this point. well, in syria, the president declaring victory against the rebels in an important city, the capital, damascus. and assad making the announcement 17 months after the bloodshed happened across this country. meanwhile, the assad regime still trying to regain footing in the major rebel strong hold. new amateur video coming out
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of fox news, showing what we're told is a rebel parading a tank from government forces. of course, we cannot independently verify this video. and the u.s. involvement in the the conflict. providing nearly 64 million dollar to humanitarian aid to those cut in the cross fire and 15 million dollars in nonlethal aid to the opposition. and defense secretary panetta arriving where the arab spring began last year and travel to egypt, israel and jordan and hopefully a national consensus that assad must step down as syria's leader. our peter doocy with more from washington. >> reporter: the thieree syria opposition is being told not the to gut the regime when it falls from power, and today's washington post, details are
10:24 pm
laid out from an unnamed official, you cannot have a complete dissolution because those will be needed in a political transition. in a nutshell, the obama administration doesn't want syria in 2012 to resemble iraq in 2003 and as soon as assad goes away, wants whoever is left standing to respect everyone, including minority groups, not all experts think that's sound advice. >> the notion that you simply keep the existing regime in place, just to place a few of the top leaders, i think, is badly misguided. earlier this week, a state department officials says that assad's days are numbered and the white house press secretary said, that assad's fall is inevitable, but not necessarily imminent. >> there are daily reminders of the fact that his power is loosening, that his control over the country is diminishing. we've seen almost daily defections of high level
10:25 pm
government officials, military officials. >> according to the syrian observatory for human rights based in britain, 20,000 people have now been killed since the uprising in syria began and most of them have been civilians. harris? >> peter, thank you very much. and before we move on, i want to bring everybody up to speed, what's happening now. in vallejo, california from our fox affiliate in that area, we are getting word about what's happened with the stranded riders in that rollercoaster, and we're working the story, a superman rollercoaster at the six flags kingdom park in vallejo, california, right after the commercial break we'll bring you up to speed and have brand new video to show you. our news room is working on it now. election day 2012 is now a hundred days away. that's not a lot of time. take a look how the campaigns are shaping up for president obama and mitt romney, as the milestone is reached. one guy lost his hand when an alligator attacked him.
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>> i'm harris falkner, this is a fox report.
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the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the the news and we're getting in to the news room via fox affiliate ktvu, california all 12 passengers stuck on the new superman rides at six flags are down safely. now, what we have been watching as the new video has come in looks like -- we're working to confirm this. let your eyes tell the story. it looks like they released it, guys in a makeshift cherry picker up there working on it and all of a sudden, the thing goes into motion. the good news, they were upright most of the time and they saw them release it or what looks to be the case and they're down and they get them and everybody's safe. up there for more than an hour, as we understood upright and can you imagine, hanging upside down. moving on. governor romney giving a speech telling jerusalem the united states has a solemn duty and more imperative to block iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability.
10:31 pm
our gretta van susteren getting a one-on-one interview with the governor in israel. we want to play a little bit of that now as it's come in. the governor talking about another issue front and center in the region. >> do we want to s in the middle east, meaning between the palestinians and israel? absolutely. do we want to he encourage that and facilitate that? >> yes, but for that to happen, ultimately, the palestinians are going to want to have to sit down and negotiate and so are the israelis and i know the israelis are ready, willing and able to do so without pr pre-condition. >> harris: a whale breadth of topics, and catch it tomorrow 10 p.m. eastern, on the record, here on the fox news channel. ♪ >> one hundred days and counting until election day. when americans will head to the polls and decide who will be president for the next four years. right now, it's shaping up to be a tight race for president
10:32 pm
obama, and presumptive nominee, romney, as you saw was in israel. it's neck and neck, and our steve centanni is on it in washington. steve, what will the candidates do differently, at least we can expect differently in the next few months? >> reporter: harris, their campaign schedule, focusing intently on a handful of battle ground states that could determine the outcome of this race. the president will try to energize his base and appeal to independent vote, while painting mitt romney as someone who is not qualified to be president. the president's campaign advisor did just that today. when he attacked romney for remarks about the london olympics. >> and i think the world is not yet ready for mitt romney. i think there's literally to go overseas stand in the country of our strongest ally in the olympics they've been preparing years for and question whether or not they're ready does make you wonder whether or not he's ready to be
10:33 pm
commander-in-chief. >> well. >> reporter: romney later of course praised the london effort and said, he, too, made mistakes in planning the salt lake city olympics, harris. >> harris: you know, as we look kind of campaign by campaign, let's concentrate on governor mitt romney because he's overseas. what do we expect to see there? >> well, he'll continue hammering away at the president's economic policies and saw by going overseas he's trying to build his foreign affairs credentials and like president obama, focus on independents and mobilizing voters, but his campaign decided early on the main message would be the economy and they have not let up. >> this is going to be a-- an election that seen through the lens of how we have a better economic future in this country. if you look at the last three and a half years, essentially been the president's interview for rehiring, i don't think that the american public will agree they want to continue if that same direction. >> both sides will be watching those economic numbers very closely, because they swing this very tight race to one candidate or the other,
10:34 pm
harris. >> steve, good to see you, thank you very much. >> a dream liner nightmare for boeing is falling debris from a brand new 787 dreamliner shut down south carolina airport. take a look, a boeing sports person saying the plane was in the middle of the pre-flight testing, when the debris landed on the runway and in the grass, sparking a fire there. the airport was closed more than an hour as they work to put it out and no one heard. the n.t.s.b. is now investigating. a florida air boat captain who lost his hand in a close encounter with an alligator now faces charges. a gator attacked the boat while he was giving a tour of the everglades. he told he was hanging a fish over the side of the boat, when the attack happened. and he's now charged with unlawfully feeding an alligator, a misdemeanor, with possible jail time. really? the guy lost his hand. he's due back in court on the charge next month. and a toxic fire forcing families to run for safety in
10:35 pm
georgia. and a crazy ending to a kidnapping in new york, just two stops as we go across america. >> georgia, flames and toxic black smoke filling the sky at a recycling center northwest of atlanta. an entire town nearby forced to evacuate, because the chemicals there. the firefighters throwing everything they have at it, but city officials fearing it could burn for days. >> and for two or three days of this intensity? >> yes. >> no word what started the fire. >> wisconsin, crude oil gushing from a leaking pipeline from the small town of grand marsh north of madison and enbridge energy saying about 1200 barrels of crude escaped from a pipe system and refinery in chicago. the company says it's stopped the leak and working to contain the spill and start to clean it up. new york, a kidnapping victim turns up in an unlikely place,
10:36 pm
at the home of the long time new york city police officer. he's been suspended without pay, while investigators figure out what was going on. police stormed home in queens after tracing his cell phone used by someone demanding a $75,000 ransom. no charges against the officers, but four other men now face a slew of criminal counts, including kidnapping. california, berkley, and the 27th annual kite festival. one of the largest in the nation, from traditional design, other kites made to look like sea creatures. more than 35,000 people expect today turn out and gaze upwards. and that's a fox watch across america. >> he is the former chicago police officer whose third wife drown in a dry bathtub. now, drew peterson will go to trial for her murder while his fourth wife is still missing. a look ahead. the mystery of mona lisa could be one step closer to being solved.
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>> in australia, an update, with hundreds of people paying tribute to that surfer killed by a great white shark. friends and family gathering on a beach in perth. they signed a surfboard dedicated to him and a hundred paddled into ocean and formed a circle. and he was killed while out surfing and his remains never found and today his girlfriend talking about her loss. >> two weeks ago, i lost the love of my life, my best friend, my rock, my
10:41 pm
inspiration, and my soulmate. but i'm so grateful to have spent the last eight years creating memories and savoring every moment of being with him. >> harris: i don't know if they technical call that area shark infested, but he was the fifth one killed by a shark off the west coast in ten months and his death calling for removing the great white from the protected species list. an investigation after two minors died underground, it's our top stories as we go around the world in 80 seconds. chile, at least two people killed in an accident at that mine, a wall of rock collapsed on them. the investigators say it had been operating illegally, and hadn't registered and had no permit. hong kong, protesters chanting the word withdraw brainwash education.
10:42 pm
tens of thousands of them hitting the street angry over a school schedule which will include chinese patriotism classes and added to the curriculum, but the schools reopen in september. india, an activist starving himself to fight government corruption, he's done it before. last year, tens of thousands of people, fasting for 12 days, but multiple hunger strikes and allegations of corruption among some of his own aides, hurting. and italy, could the mystery of mona lisa's smile finally be solved? archaeologists discovering a skeleton buried in a monastery in florence, the woman who inspired leonardo da vinci's painting. experts would try to reconstruct her face and compare it to the one that da vinci painted years ago:
10:43 pm
he's the chicago area police officer who always seems to lose his wife and now going on trial for murder. we're expected to hear the first testimony object the drew peterson murder trial. accused of killing his third wife kathleen savio, police say she died in a dry bathtub in 2004. investigators ruled her death an accident, but then police exhumed her body in 2007 following the disappearance of his fourth wife stacy peterson. she's never been found. her family believes he killed her because of what they say he told stacy about kathleen savio's murder. boy, this as been coming for eight years the family has been waiting a long time. we're hearing from both sides. the lack of physical evidence means the prosecution will be relying heavily on hearsay or circumstan circumstanceal evidence and
10:44 pm
statements that savio and peterson made to family and friends before disappearing, stacy peterson told family at that drew peterson actually admitted to her about killing savio, savio's family members have waited years for this trial to begin and hope it will bring some closure. >> you know, they're doing pretty well, as well as could be expected. they certainly are very concerned and anxious that the trial may not go their way, and may not find the truth of the matter, at hand. but they're optimistic in hoping that that's what gets done here in joliat. >> reporter: and harrison, you know, hearsay is not typically allowed, but an appellate court ruled the jurors could hear the statements. >> harris: you know, during the sir jury selection last week and we saw drew peterson taking part in his own defense and he has been. >> right, and playing a very active role and peterson's
10:45 pm
attorneys say they want a fuller picture, his background in law enforcement is an important tool in his defense. he was heavily involved, seven men, five women, alternates chosen from the first 47 potential jurors. >> we call them the ultimate jury consultant because he knows that area so well, and he was a cop there for 29 years, he knows the neighborhood and the ethnic groups and he knows the socioeconomic parts of the county. >> reporter: now, if convicted of murdering savio, drew peterson could face 20 to 60 years behind bars or even the death penalty. peterson also remains a person of interest in stacy peterson's disappearance, b buffets, bu but faces no charges. >> harris: and we don't know if he'll testify on his own before. >>. >> reporter: we don't know that and we did sigh one of the spokes people for them, an
10:46 pm
attorney, saying they're happy with the jury pool they have. and happened quickly, lightning speed. >> harris: if it goes on schedule it will start on tuesday, anna kooiman, thank you. a delicate dance 210 miles above our head. and an attempt to dock with the unable space station, would you believe this is all to take out the trash? a member of congress who happens to be a military veteran accusing the u.s. army of refusing to provide our troops with life saving technology in afghanistan. it was detected the single greatest threat in the field. why isn't the military using it?
10:47 pm
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10:50 pm
>> well, it's a clear-cut case of at first you don't succeed, try and try again. an unmanned russian spacecraft finally docking at the international space station after a failed attempt last week. progress, 47 cargo ship separated for testing and things went awry with the new docking system. today's connection, much more successful. and the ship's faulty docking system will be sent back to earth for some tweaking. by the way, progress 47 mission to take out the trash, from the iss, reburned as the ship reenters earth's atmosphere a member of the armed house services committee, questioning the the army. claiming providing troops in technology in afghanistan that saves lives in the field. ied's, improvised explosive devices, why isn't the army
10:51 pm
using it? mike emanuel has more from washington. >> reporter: with improvised explosives devices or ied's, technology to detect the danger has been crucial. the successful clearing of ied's by 12% and a member of the house armed services committee is asking for an investigation to ask why the army isn't using this. >> you have the ground combat commanders asking for something from the pentagon and not receiving it. >> and the first of the 82nd airborne sent this urgent need request on may 12th and describes as mission essential for force protection in the targeting of ied threats which are not met. >> we have where the 82nd airborne says lives are at stake and this is going to help us save lives and limbs in the pentagon bureaucrats
10:52 pm
actually say, get tough. >> and hunter accused the army of destroying reports that favored over the system. an army spokesman says this is' an ongoing investigation conducted to determine the facts in the matter. and hunter, a marine combat veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan, says the army's logic doesn't make sense. >> it's extremely cheap and simple to get running and everybody is clamoring for it and allies are use it go and intelligence communities are using it. the military is begging for it and told no, not for any reason, but that the pentagon doesn't like it. >> saying that the dismantling and detection of ied's is a top priority for the field. >> and the president has confidence in the army to look into issues there may be with respect to the software, but i'll refer you to the army for specifics on the matter. >> 72 of the 187 american
10:53 pm
troops killed in afghanistan so far this year were victims of ied's, that's among the reasons why the house oversight committee is likely to open an investigation in a matter of days. and in washington, mike emanuel, fox news. >> well, does the u.s. have a new golden boy in the pool? well, if it does, his name might be ryan lochte, he's turning heads and winning medals and this is brutal. scandalous, one of our nation's soccer superstars leveled. what happened? pete of fox is getting ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company,
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>> well, as we have been following this hour on fox report. we saw the riders at the top of a six flags rollercoaster get stuck. that video came in and saw them get to the bottom safely.
10:57 pm
and a statement from six flags in vallejo, california. after they release them in a cherry picker and make adjustment. all 12 people stuck 15 stories in the air now safe and the superman ultimate flight rollercoaster, and this is the statement about it from them. they say it stopped at the crest of the ride, the coaster is equipped woo a sophisticated computeser safety system and all guests unloaded. the ride will be closed for inspection and reopened when the inspection is complete that from the spokesperson at six flags out of vallejo, california. the good news they weren't upside down, that would have been worse. everybody is safe. team usa going for the gold of course, a full slate of olympics action and spoiler alerts, plug your ears if you have to. i'll give you a minute. okay. pete schrager, fox is here. ryan lochte, is he the new swimmer of the world? >> we thought so, yesterday, ryan lochte came out and blew out michael phelps, got the
10:58 pm
gold medal. the first for team usa. and again, today, plug your ears, spoiler alert. lochte in 4 by 100 relay, had the final leg and french team gets it. u.s. silver, and france gold, and michael phelps outswam him. and men's basketball, i've got to tell you they weren't playing as a team, our u.s. team, until kobe got in there. >> that's right. kevin durant was the guy and led by 22. the game 22-21 when the usa good together the. the olympics was a cakewalk, it won't be, the foreign teams are good. >> because they have a lot of american paid players on there, tony parker playing for the french. >> and tony parker wearing the
10:59 pm
goggles because of a smash in the eye. >> harris: and a lot of drama, this is scandalous and tacky and our player got hurt. >> there was a punch and a shiner on her twitter photos, big black eye and this is going to be interesting in women's soccer, the big story in women's soccer today. former player brandy chastain criticized the team and now current goalie hope solo told chastain to be quiet, put the tv on mute, don't listen to her. the old guard versus the new guard, may be jealousy involved. new to the forefront. >> harris: football is back? >> football is back, the indianapolis colts first time since 1997 they don't have a quarterback named peyton manning, andrew luck, the first nfl pick in the overall draft and as a hazing made him sing kupt


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