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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 14, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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among active cell phone users. it is a form of tendonitis and fortunately they say texting thumb can be treated fairly simply. here is how. thanks for watching. >> megan welcome back. both campaigns are changing blows over medicare, the budget and energy across five battleground states. and governor romney says if he is elected they won't have to buy oil by his second term. live campaign coverage ahead. and a united states navy man accused of faking his own death to get out of his mistress -- to get his mistress out of his hair, and he is now out of a job as well. and video of an incredible car crash during a race at pike's peak. the car obviously did not make it, and the people survived.
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unless breaking news changes everything on studio b. first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the two presidential candidates and their running mates are in potential election swing states. the president in ohio and governor romney in iowa. paul ryan is campaigning in both colorado and nevada. first stop a rally just west of denver where the gop congressman slammed president obama on his economic and energy policy. we have team fox coverage this afternoon. ed henry is traveling with the president. as you can see he is on the bus who is live this afternoon in lakewood, colorado. hello, james. >> reporter: halfway through his first week on the gop ticket, congressman ryan appears to have hit his stride as a stump speaker. it is aside from one flubbed
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applause line his most self-assured performance yet. they packed the gymnasium to hear him indict president obama for what he called a record of failure for making a tough economy worse and it was for oat bough ma record on energy making it tougher to use her energy resources. >> he has 10 different agencies and four executive offices regulating hydrolic fracturing. we think coloradans know how to take care of this themselves. we want you to be in charge. >> reporter: just before his speech here at lakewood, congressman ryan sat down for his first solo interview since joining governor romney on the ticket. it was none other than the senior political analyst. he noted the relationship between governor romney and congressman ryan seemed to gel in april when they campaigned together in ryan's home state of wisconsin. >> what happened between you
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two men? >> we spent about five days on the road, five, 14-hour or so days and in between those stops driving from appleton to green bay and to milwaukee, we got to know each other. we conversed on policy issues and where to take the country. we started sharing the microphones and they were developed a chemistry with one another. >> reporter: you can see the interview on tonight's special report with brett bier. an aid to ryan also told reporters that this interview will show that the romney-ryan debate will talk about medicare. bay you are in mind congressman ryan heads to florida. >> james, thanks. president obama today blasted governor romney's opposition to tax credits for wind power. that came during a campaign stop in iowa. it was one of the biggest wind energy states in the nation. according to the feds, iowa's
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wind industry supports 6,000 to 7,000 jobs. the president says governor romney does not want to extend tax credits in favor of giving breaks to oil companies and it enjoys massive profits. the president says the governor needs a reality check. >> if he knew what you were doing he knew 20% of iowa's electricity comes from wind. it was powering our homes and factories and businesses in a way that is clean and renewable. in fact, over the past four years we have doubled the amount of electricity america generates for wind. across america we biffle -- we built the equivalent of 12 new hoover dams from wind energy. >> he has criticized wind power saying you can't drive a car with a wind mill on it. more from governor romney's campaign on this newscast. first, ed henry who is with the president on the president's bus . he is in water lieu, hua -- waterloo, iowa.
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hi, ed. >> good to see you, shep. you talk about the differences between these two tickets and one is energy. governor romney is in eastern ohio today charging that the president has waged war on the coal industry. his shot at trying to bring in the coal country, you mentioned the president though firing back and trying to win corn country here if you will by saying these tax credits for wind energy is supported by a lot of top republicans. and you mentioned as well that the president was picking up on that comment recently where governor romney mocked the idea of alternative energy. he said you can't power a car and you can't drive around with a wind mill on top. the president decided to make fun of that by bringing up the story about the governor putting his dog, shamus, on top of his car. >> governor romney explained his energy policy this way. i am quoting here, you can't drive a car with a wind mill on it. that's what he said about wind
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power. you can't drive a car with a wind mill on it. now, i don't know if he has actually tried that. i know he has had other things on his car. >> the president makes that reference right there. the romney campaign quickly fired back they think the president hit a new low by bringing up that old story. they are also saying they think this is a distraction and the president is trying to distract away from the economy and jobs. the president is spending in the second of three days here in iowa. >> well, ed henry is report frght bus. report from the bus. it is difficult to get a report from a bus, even if you have a window seat. more from him later in the day. a sub commander faked his own death so he could break up with his mistress. now they stripped him of his job. the married commander you can see in the center of this picture had just taken the top job on the uss pittsburgh. according to the recording of
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the new london day newspaper he had been having the affair since last year telling the woman he was separated from his wife. and then last month the woman says she received an e-mail from the chappedder -- the commander's address. well it was somebody claiming to be his co-worker. it read, quote, i am extremely sorry to tell you that he is gone. we tried everything we could to save him. i cannot say more. i'm sorry it has to be this way. the woman says she went to his home to pay her respects and that's when she found out he is not just alive, but he is married with kids. she says she later learned she was pregnant with his baby, but miss carried. now the navy has relieved the commander and said he didn't live up to the high standards of a naval officer. let's bring in our criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. what inned could of legal issues -- what kind of legal issues do they have here? >> this is the age old debate. character and leadership. do they rise and fall together, or can they be separate and apart.
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we expect our leaders to do things differently, men or women, as opposed to europe and the whole notion of an affair. it goes to what kind of character do you have? what kind of decision making do you make? this guy is running a nuclear sub with tomahawk missiles. if he doesn't have the gad sense to, hey, not have an affair, and if you are going to have an affair, cover it up by faking your own death. do we want this guy to have his finger on the button of tomahawk missiles. he could be subject to extortion and the people below him. that's how you do your thing. i will do mine the other way. one thing doesn't have to do with the other. we have had presidents do questionable things in office. in europe, again, one thing has nothing to do with the other. but here ultimately, uss pittsburgh, you are running a nuke, and you have tau
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tomahawks and back to 1775 the navy spoke of the highest character, the highest conduct. there is no room and no room for margin. you have to go. >> i suppose he can sarks what i did had nothing to do with my job. why did you take my job away from me? >> and that's the issue. why is what i do in my personal life have anything to do with what i will do with the decisions with my submarine. they are separate and apart. but it is one of character and making decisions. if in the heat of the moment you make a bad decision such as fake your own death let alone have an affair, how can we trust you with decisions that could alter the fate of the world. you have tomahawk missiles. you press a button and it goes off, millions die. >> you think if it is a suit, it won't go far? >> he will have a tough road to hoe. and does he want to dredge up, bring up all of this bad stuff that will come up which will do nothing but hurt him professionally and probably destroy him personally.
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>> randy, thank you. well this was breaking news on "studio b," the deadly shooting on the campus of texas a&m university. there is now new information about this gunman and new video showing the shooting as it happened. that's next. plus, you have probably seen the ads with the high end cars that are safer for your family, right? there is a new round of tests out that shows a lot of luxury cars are not sac safe as the commercials indicate. we'll give you the results as "studio b" continues on a tuesday afternoon.
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there is video of a gunbattle on the campus of texas a&m. a neighbor caught the scene on his cell phone seconds before the cops took out the gunman. here look. >> put your hands where i can see them. hands where i can see them.
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get your hands up. do not move! do not move! >> he moved. they were serving a warrant. it wounded several more people including officers. just minutes ago an attorney for the suspect's family says the accused gunman had mental issues, but there were no details. the suspect apparently agonized for the shooter. >> yes, shepherd, in fact, moments before he died he apparently apologized. that's according to the neighbor who shot that dramatic video you just saw. a u.s. military medic who lived right next door and while he was waiting for the very first ambulance to arrive , he said he administered cpr
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on the fallen constable, but it was too late. he then tried to help the gunman . although badly injured, the 35-year-old suspect was alive and talking. he told his neighbor to apologize to the man he shot. but as you are about to hear, it was not easy for that medic to even reach those victims. >> you got an ambulance here yet? i am a medic. >> it is coming. >> can i get to them? it is killing me to wait. >> 10-4. i have a medic over here if we need help. >> hey, hey, hey. wait until it is clear. >> and 24 hours later and still nomo tiff has been outlined in this case. >> how are folks there remembering the victims? >> well, last night there was a candlelight vigil that was held in college station. about 500 or so people were in attendance. they were there not only to remember 41-year-old brian bachman, the constable who had just finished lunch at a
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barbecue restaurant yesterday before going to serve those eviction papers, but also 51-year-old chris norcliff remembered, an innocent resident who was shot and killed. four other people were hurt in this gunbattle yesterday, but they are all doing okay this afternoon. >> casey, thank you. most midsized luxury cars are put through a new safety test and they failed. luxury cars. a safety group that picked the cars because they should have the latest technology, but even models from mercedes and audi did not do well. according to the insurance institute for highway safety, 2012 audi -- i should say a4 and mercedes c class cars both scored poorly in frontal tests and high marks in other categories. the acura tl and volume row sx sx -- volvos60 performed well. now a run down of who did
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what. i guess other luxury cars scored poorly. >> lexus is250 and audi a4 and lexus es350 scored poorly. three of the 11 cars tested, and these are luxury cars, did well on this. >> new tests, what is different about these tests ? >> we are used to the t bone. you are used to the side impact. this is more like pitting -- hitting a pole. maybe a utility pole. it hits the front of the car, but only 25% of the front end. this is a new and different test. you know how this works. once they do this testing, the scar designers try to protect the cars and they start building improvements. 10,000 people die each and every year in this crash. why the heck they haven't had this test before i have no idea. >> where can people find the list? >> well, consumer reports is covering it extensively today. every major news outlet is covering this. we are covering it. we will be talking about it
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tonight with our consumer reports expert. >> national institute for highway safety. if they want to google that, they can do that too. we will watch it at 5:00 central time. 6:00 eastern time. i think oxford time. >> i know, you are off in a different part of the world. >> i am always wondering what the family is doing. they don't want to miss you. >> thank you. george zimmerman's lawyer says his client should get a new judge for his case. the accused murderer who killed a 17-year-old could soon find out whether he will win that round. that and his lawyer's other moves in the case next. and how does someone steel more than $2 million worth of stuff from toys r us. $2 million. the mother and son pair accused of it. they figured out how to do it and then they got caught according to authorities. that's coming up.
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the lawyer for the self-proclaimed neighborhood watch captain who shot and killed an unarmed teenage neither central florida says his team has decided not to rely on the so-called stand your ground defense. that's the law in the state of florida and others for that matter that allows a person to use deadly force in self-defense other than run away. the lawyer says it doesn't apply because george zimmerman had no opportunity to back down from this confrontation. remember, according to george zimmerman, 17-year-old trayvon martin attacked him, punched him and slammed his head into the pavement. but prosecutors charged george zimmerman claiming he profiled the teen and then followed him. they point to 911 calls leading up to the shooting, calls in which zimmerman reports seeing a, quote, real suspicious guy who looked up to no good.
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meantime a three-judge panel wants to know if he should get a new judge. the current judge they say is bias against their client and he appealed the decision. now our senior analyst judge napal tan know. >> stand your ground defense requires a hearing before the judge at which mr. zimmerman would have to testify, and at which the prosecutors could cross-examine minute him. and the judge would decide whether or not stand your ground applies. the defendants distrust this judge. it is particularly about mr. zimmerman's credibility. the statements may be well grounded or may not b well grounded. but they indicate to his lawyers that they would not likely prevail in such a hearing, and it would run the risk of showing all of their cards so to speak to the prosecutors when they cross-examine minuted him.
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so instead they are going for regular standard simple self-defense. a, everybody understands what self-defense is. it is not some technical controversial law enacted by legislature. there will be no showing of the cards. >> and there is a decision not to do the stand your defense. while that is going on they are trying to get a new judge. >> and how difficult is that? >> it is difficult, but it shouldn't be. from personal experience when a jumping dislikes a defendant whether the dislike is well grounded or not, the judge should get off the case because that defendant whose liberty is at jeopardy for 20 years is entitled to a judge who is absolutely neutral. if something happens in the courtroom that causes you strongly to dislike one of the parties, and the jury trial hasn't started yet, you could
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get off the -- you should get off the case. this judge decided not to get off the case, and that's why it is being appealed to an appellate court. >> there was some gratuitous accounts according to the defense, but specifically this was about when the defendant said he didn't have much money , and then the judge later found out that he did, and the judge was says blee -- was visibly angry. >> now here is the flip side of the argument. when you lie to the judge's face, that is enough to get anybody angry at you. jurors get angry at that and judges get angry at that. some judge's anger candice pate. i was mad at you three weeks ago, but i am not mad now. we remedied it. it is ancient history. that's the arangement -- argument the prosecutor will make. he seems to be government oriented. the prosecutors want to keep him. that's a function of personality and history, and it is the luck of the draw. that's why we have jury
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trials. >> we'll see how this plays. governor mitt romney says he could have america completely energy dependent by 2021 or by the end of his second term. the latest from the swing through ohio coming up. and syria's foreign minister says the government he just ditched and near the breaking point. syria at the breaking point as we come back on "studio b."
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i'm shepherd smith. this is "studio b." it is the bottom of the hour and it is time for the hop news. the top news. voters could play a key vole in deciding who will take the white house. the governor stoppedz in the river town of -- stopped in the river town of beelesvill nee the coal country where he slammed the energy policy. the race is tight in iowa, no doubt, i should say why ohio. the two candidates are now dead even. but the clear politics average of all of the ohio polls has president obama in the lead. carl cameron is live in cambridge, ohio which is about an hour and a half or so to the south of akron. clearly the candidates are in an energy battle here, carl, and they have different approaches. jay sure and with the president -- >> sure, and with the
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president in iowa and mr. romney in ohio and they are talking energy and both are battleground swing states where the polls are very, very tight. mr. obama is talking about wind energy, solar energand green and clean energy. mr. romney went to a coal mine and surrounded by coal miners made a direct plea and said to them you need to vote me into office or risk the loss of your industry and jobs and accuse the president of a war on coal. he made an extraordinary prediction. he said if he is elected president he will be able to implement his policies. he believes the united states can be foreign energy free. they are no longer dependent on its energy and it is entirely energy independent. a bold accomplishment for nine years. presidential candidates in years past said it would be 10, 15 years long before the end of their first term. mr. romney saying he can get it done at the end of his second term. >> the criticism doesn't end there. governor romney criticizing the president on medicare.
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>> today mr. romney went after the president aggressively for the way in which his health care plan takes money from medicare. several hundred billions of dollars and accused the president of the united states of raiding medicare. listen. >> did you know that he has taken $716 billion out of the medicare trust fund? he has raided that trust fund. you know what he did with it? he has used it to pay for obama care. it is a risky, unproven, federal government of health care. if i am president of the united states, we are putting the $760 billion back. >> reporter: the obama campaign is reacting with predictable outrage. they say it is complete huh poke craw see that in -- hipocracy and there will be a voucher program that is optional to medicare itself.
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the ryan budget would have done much of the same thing. and in fact romney has by supporting the ryan budget supported taking some of the money out of the medicare trust fund in order to reform health care. the romney campaign that is ridiculous. they are opposed to obama care and robbing peter to pay paul is inappropriate in their view. and they say it is an opportunity for them to peel away seniors who rely on medicare and don't like the idea that it is being -- it is having money taken from it in order to fund obama care which obviously is very continue -- controversial. >> good of you. thank you. the former syrian prime minister said today that the president of syria's regime is crumbling. they say the regime is on the verge of collapse and the military controls a third of the country. meanwhile the united states secretary leon panetta
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commented on the growing calls from rebel fighters to protect them from syrian government airstrikes. of course activists estimate that 21,000 people have died in syria since the uprising started . jonathon hudd is here and it appears that the united states is not willing to give any military help per say to these rebels who were trying to overthrow the government. >> the official line remains, shep, that the only thing the u.s. will give to the rebels is so-called nonlethal aide. in other words there will be no weapons and they will not at this point be any u.s. help to establish and enforce a so-called no fly zone to keep the syrian jets and helicopters from attacking. leon panetta was asked in an interview with the associated press. the no fly zone simply in his words is not on the front burner.
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>> it would be difficult. it is difficult because of the air defense systems that we are dealing with here. obviously what the united states , as i said, we plan for every contingency. i think i have every confidence that if we could do it, we could do it and do it successfully. i think there is a major, major policy decision to be made here as to whether or not we should take that stuff. >> and in a briefing that has just wrapped up at the pentagon, he said iran's influence is growing in syria. meantime, multiple officials say that those 48 iranians captured by the army a week or so ago were not as they claimed, iranian pilgrims, but active duty of the guard. more on the fox report tonight. >> and a huge difference.
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the prime minister who defected talk about the eminent collapse of the regime. >> there seems to be a whole lot of wishful thinking, and not just what these syrian officials who defected like the former prime minister said, but what we are hearing from u.s.ish ifs consistently. you hear almost weekly the regime is collapsing and crumbling. the syrian president maintains control of the vast majority of his armed forces. and until they -- unless they defect in droves he will hang on. when the collapse comes, it will probably be sudden. but no experts think it is absolutely imminent. >> let's bring in the former intelligence officer for the office of the secretary of defense. he is currently the ceo of diligent innovations. mike you said when these officials do a lot of speaking, it doesn't be hoof us to do a lot of listening. >> when you think about it, this guy was the prime
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minister. that's not as important as it sounds. he was not part of asad's inner circle. what you have is sectarian strive between the sunni and the shira. everything he has riding for him is post uh sad syria. if asad stays in power he has nothing. he wants to be a part of the post asad regime in syria for sure. you have to take what he says with a grain of salt. he wants to rally the international community to claim they control 30% of the country. but that doesn't mean it is true. unfortunately it turns out asad is pretty well able to stay the course. >> and mike would you agree with the defense secretary that a no fly zone is not enforceable at the moment because of the russians and because of the syrian air defenses? >> that's correct. really there are three issues going on. essentially you would have to put american soldiers and airmen at risk. that's a big issue. you have the issue of chemical weapons that could be used if
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foreign forces invade and tip their hand. and then you have the risk of a even broader strategic conflict between the u.s., russia, china and iran because russia, china and iran are pretty well behind the regime. >> and it doesn't appear any of that will change. we finally talk of this as a civil war. you made it clear that this is nothing but war. it is full on war. the department will get this totally wrong. we will wait for the next election and see if the party can come back in. anybody who works with him in the regime they are dead. their family will be run out of the field. this is a blood letting civil war thing which is an all out total. war. total war. much different than a democracy. >> with the question of iran, are we seeing iran doing in essence what we are doing, but
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on the other side. we are helping those who are on the right side of history. but is that fair when they are taking a side the same way we are. >> they are being more active than we are. they are closer to the problem. and so for them this is closer to a national security interest. and in the same way we would be more concerned about things that hands in the uk or israel or australia, iran and syria have a much tighter relationship with who ever the syrian opposition is. iran is doing more than what we are doing, and it is completely understandable and in understanding what their interest is. >> mike, it is nice to see you. thank you. well, the military is investigating after a couple of skydivers landed at a high security navy base. the jump everies parachute need a high security area in southeastern georgia is the location. the east coast's main hub for
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nuclear arms submarines. it is next to an airport with a skydiving school. the wind blew them off course. investigators released them after verifying their id. this is reportedly the third time in three years they have missed the airport. well, the long, hot summer is making for a deadly fire season now. and another rash of fires just started across the west. the latest on the fire and how the weather is making things so much worse. that's next on "studio b."
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wildfires are a growing emergency as wildfires turn deadly. firecrews in washington state say they are trying to hold back the flames that already destroyed dozens of houses. firecrews say it has already torched an area the size of manhattan and more homes are in the line of fire. officials in idaho say this
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firefighter died when a tree fell on her. she was fighting one of 12 separate wildfires burning right now in that state. and in northern california crews are working to douse two huge fires. they say they are making progress and fear the wildfires could combine to form one massive blaze. adam is live in saint huh -- st.helena, california. >> talking about the fires that are burning they are trying to stop from combining are in lake county. they expect the temperatures again to be about 102 degrees here, but they are down to about 90 degrees. so 12 degrees lighter than they thought. but the winds have picked up. california is absolutely tinder dry. we have seen the fires across the west so far. when you talk to firefighters who have already gone to some of these fires here for example in northern california and have helped in other states, they will tell you they are already tired. take a listen. >> it is looking like some pretty severe weather ahead for us.
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the troops are starting to feel the crunch especially with temperatures in the hundred plus degree range. that wears on their activity level. it is going to be looking like a long summer here for us. >> a long summer absolutely. we have seen major fires in colorado, wyoming, montana and this one burning in oregon and it has turned into a massive blaze over 30,000 acres. two fires burning and another burning in the sierra. the firefighters will tell you the last couple years have been somewhat quiet years out west, but because it was wet, there was a lot of fuel. you add the hot temperatures this year and the drought conditions across the west. and they say they have a couple more months ahead of them. it will be a very long fire season, shepherd. these two fires are burning, and there are still homes evacuated in northern california. they are making a bit of headway today. shepherd? >> adam thank you. let's go to janice now. any relief in sight?
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>> we will not get any moisture in this area. that's the one thing we can count on. look at the fires we are talking about, close to four dozen. these are large fires burning across the west. for the next several days winds will be light, but we are still dealing with tinder dry conditions from the drought and temperatures are well over a hundred degrees across california and into arizona. these are the highs. 111 in palm springs and 107 in fresno and 117 in death valley. and just taking a look at the five-day where adam is, it looks like temperatures will remain warm through the workweek. winds will be light, but no moisture at all to be had, shep. >> and some folks could see some severe weather today. >> yes, on the east coast we are dealing with a frontal system that will push eastward. that brings a threat of severe weather. could see hail and damaging winds and isolated tornadoeses are not out of the question. this area that you can see shaded in yellow, that's a slight risk for severe
12:47 pm
weather. and already starting to see some severe thunderstorm warnings across portions of the southeast just southwest of macon and up toward the mid-atlantic and northwest of the dc area, but the storms are starting fires, and you know what that means. airline delays. >> yes, lots of them in the mideast corridor. they just captured the largest and most fertil bermese python. they captured a 17-foot long thing in the everglades. 17 feet, 7 inches. they say it was carrying a record load of eggs. 87 eggs. officials say since the year 2002 they have removed about 1800 pythons from nearby parks and other areas. many of them from pet owners who can no longer deal with the massive ?aiks. they are cute when they are little, and then there is that.
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cops in south florida busted a mother and son behind an elaborate crime ring. coming up, how police say they swiped more than $2 million worth of toys and went undetected for a decade. that's next.
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a mother and son face charges after ripping off toy stores more than $2 million in merchandise. here is how officials say they did it. they would take boxes of cheaper items and put more expensive items in those boxes and then check out and wala, they get the expensive thing for the cheap price. they say it happened at toys r us stores and 27 states across the country. according to court documents, they would resell the items and had a million dollars in ebay and paypal accounts.
12:52 pm
randy is back here in the studio. this seems like a real trouble for these two. >> it is. it is an amazing case. it teaches us and it will teachers and us so much about a couple of things. the presumption of ingnaw sense -- innocence. it is the 46-year-old son taking the box of an inexpensive item, and then that's what they have. >> they don't show him putting something more expensive in the box. >> and no, but fast-forward to the end. they have ebay and on-line accounts where apparently mom who is 70 and son selling expensive toys, toys r us toys on-line and pocketing a boat load of cash. that's the direct evidence. the prosecution wants to prove these items were stolen. good luck doing that. if this goes become 10 years,
12:53 pm
$2 million worth of stuff, that is 20,000 transactions. they will have to go back to toys r us records and reconcile and say, wait a minute. that toy that was sold, we don't have a record of it being sold. how do you prove it was these two that did it. at first it sounds like a slam dunk case, it is not an easy case. you go back 10 years and there are statute out of limitation issues. we learn about direct evidence, what we can see. circumstance shall evidence trying to link it from pointa to pointb. >> i don't know how they avoid the cameras. i don't understand how you could get the cheap stuff out of the box and put the expensive stuff in the box and get to the cash register without being seen every step of the way. aparently the prosecutors do not have that kind of evidence. >> well, they may not which means these two are either smart or shrubbingy and manage to do the swap in an area where there weren't surveillance cameras. there is something interesting going on here. how long did law enforcement know about this and let it go?
12:54 pm
they may think they built up a stronger case because there is more toys r us money. you have people buying stolen merchandise and you make a more difficult prosecution because you have more papers to go through to link everything up. was it really necessary to let this go? shut them down immediately. >> we will see how this plays out. thank you. dozens of people hurt in spain when a fireworks display explodes all at once. here it is. flaming rockets flew into the crowd to see the show. white, hot sparks flew into people's eyes. when it was over close to 30 people were hurt. officials say somebody accidentally ignited the whole box of fireworks minutes before the show was set to start. a dangerous mountain race course living up to its name today. look at this. it happened in a section known
12:55 pm
as the devil's play ground. and there bass still a long way to go for that vehicle. that's the freeze frame. the rest of it and a result coming up.
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a stunning race car crash on a mountain course in colorado. look at this. it is way worse than last year he said. it is awful. you can hear the crowd roar as the car went flying off the road on mile 16, a spot they call devil's play ground. the car flipped at least a dozen times down the side of the mountain. here it is in slow motion, and it just falls apart. it happened during the pike's peak hill climb this past sunday. the driver says he is doing okay. he is posting that he is, quote, a little beaten up, but nothing major. wow.
12:59 pm
imagine surviving that? >> we saw earlier there was a 40 mile an hour crash in cars we drive on the highway we die in. >> whatever that car was having, i'll have that. we'll wrap it up in "sphiewd yow b" --" studio b." a reason to give your bills a good look before paying they will. after 25 years grace edwards found out she was overpaying for electricity. she recently put her southwest connecticut home up for sale. a perspective buyer asked for her history of utility charges charges and noticed something unusual about the bills. turns out the power company was charging mrs. edwards to power the streetlights near her home. seriously. paid almostrs, the company $6,000 extra. after some fighting words from ms. edwards officials at connecticut light and power finally fessed up that they had made a mistake. the company cut her a check


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