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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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to hillary clinton, not barack hussein obama. >> sean: pretty moving. "leading from behind," he's let people make bad decisions then for him. richard, good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> sean: that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you too being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next. >> greta: tonight hit the road, barack. ouch? one mainstream publication taking on the president facing a huge backsplash. plus, president obama firing back at military veterans saying he doesn't take the veterans who have publicly criticized him too seriously. this is getting a bit ugly. but first another small business owner taunting the president, this time in new hampshire. the small business owner putting up a sign, "we did build it" sign in front of the president's motorcade route on saturday. the president of the company joins us. good evening now. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: al, what provoked puttings up this sign? >> i think like a lot of
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business people in america, i was just completely incensed with the president's remarks, that if you built a business, or if you have a business, you didn't build that, somebody else built that. and i couldn't believe it. you know, i built my business along with my family and my team. i could not believe that the president would make a remark like that. and we wanted to have an opportunity to let him know that, yes, we did build our business. he was passing by our place. we put a sign up to let him know. >> greta: why did that get under your skin so much? i mean, this has been going on now for about a month. >> greta, you know, it's something that we've worked really hard on, building our business. we've had the sleepless nights, staying up, taking the risk, doing everything that we've had to do to struggle, to make ends meet, to pass a budget within our own company, makes our business work. here's a president of the united states that even with his own
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party in control cannot even pass a budget after being in office for three years. so here's a guy who doesn't seem to understand what we do in business. and he has the audacity to tell us that if we built something, we didn't build it. and expect us, you know, to pay a higher amount of taxes than we're already paying. it's just something that flies in the face of those of us who struggle and work hard in our business every day. >> greta: what kind of business do you own? >> it's a wholesale food sales and marketing agency. we've been in business now for 24 years. we actually -- our family's been in the food industry for 100 years this year. so this is our 100th year in the food industry, 24 hours since my wife patty and i started the company. >> greta: how's the business been doing in the last couple years? >> well, you know, we're fortunate, of all the businesses that we can be in, we're in a business that people have to eat, so of all the different types of businesses to be in, i'm happy to be in the food
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business at this time, but it is a struggle. it's a very competitive industry. it's something that we have to work at and keep our pencils sharp and watch everything we do every day. >> greta: what could the president have done to make a -- or what would you like to see happen so you feel it would be a boost to your business and free it up to do better? what do you need? >> well, i think the president did ,and a lot of those like mid to him, government tends to interfere in what is the engine of our economy in business. they don't do a good job at it. in our company, we -- we work very hard to deliver a very competitive service, and do so while compensating our employees fairly and competitively, and working on razor-thin margins to get done what we have to do. to have the government -- owe the heavy hand of the government coming down on what we're doing, and in an uninformed way, does
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at what's happening with the obamacare, i can't believe what i see coming. we offer health insurance to all of our full-time employees and pay for it 100%, along with healthcare savings plans. so we are already doing what i think is what is hoped to be done for businesses across the country. i see extra costs coming our way. i see the president saying that we're not paying enough taxes when we're already paying a huge amount of taxes in our business. i don't think it's good. >> greta: give me an idea, in the -- do you have any sort of sense, being my eyes and years on the ground in new hampshire, do you know any people who voted democrat, moving over to the republican side, or vice versa? give me a sense of where new hampshire is going. >> greta, i spend most of my time in my business selling the product i represent, whether
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it's turkey breast, potato salad, whatever pays the bill, so i'm not out there every day in the street with this, but i can tell you as a result of our putting our sign up, holding it in front of the motorcade, getting lots of attention from that, i've received thousands of phone calls today, most of which i have not been able to answer because i was working today. but i have had people come out and tell me how much they support what i said and that i speak for them, and i'm very honored and humbled by that. i've received calls not only from people who are local to me in new hampshire, but i've received calls from coffee shop owners in california and body shop workers in virginia. i just received one phone call after the next. of all the emails and calls that i've received, it's all the same thing that, people are frustrated. i seem to have struck a nerve with a lot of other entrepreneurs out there. >> greta: al, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: our next guest says
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small business owners and franchises are heroes. why does he say they're heroes? he joins us. jim, why do you say small business people are heroes? >> greta, i think small business in general and certainly franchisees in particular are heroes, because these are folks that put their entire life on the line, and certainly often all of their savings. they're pursuing a dream with every bit of fiber and strength that they have. they display tremendous courage in making payrolls and overcoming obstacles, doing things, frankly, that put the seed bed of our society together. as an example, since 1984, every
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net job in america has come from small business. just listening to the previous gentleman, that for three or four years now, if you look back at 2009 as perhaps a year of maximum uncertainty, these businesses, these people, who have been creating jobs and revenue and tax dollars in pursuing their dreams at the same time have been just trying to stay alive under a greater burden of taxes and regulation, and frankly shrill rhetoric that's coming from the general direction of our administration. >> greta: jim, i'm trying to understand what -- you know, for these small businesses, what is sort of the impacts, or the natural cycle of having a rough economic time and also having the influence of economic times overseas and what's a direct result of administrative policies. i mean, the psident can be held accountable for small businesses. >> well, i think if you look at just the general concept of taxation, we have the highest corporate tax in the world on
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our business community. we have really an out-of-control regulatory policy. take that piece specifically for franchising as an example. in the last three, perhaps four years, just about 50% of the financeable transactions that drive business format franchising have not taken place. historically the organic growth of franchising has come from these people, these business folks, that we're talking about, who brought 10% to 20% of their savings to the table. they often financed about 80% out of the net worth in their home, and today, if any banks are lending, and they are not, they want 40% or 50% down, and there is no equity in anybody's home practically. so if you're looking at the franchisors, who attempting to scale and drive business in the united states, that becomes
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extraordinarily difficult. if you're looking at the franchisee, who just wants to pursue their dream, it's almost impossible. >> greta: tell me about the bank loans, though. do you hold the obama administration accountable for the fact that the banks have the money to lend and they won't lend? >> well, let me give you just a little insight into that. as part of the international franchise association some months ago, in fact twice over the last year or so, we've held summits on small bank lending. and we've had folks from the administration itself, the small business administration, and the banking community at-large talks about all of the cash that's there, and the fact that there's no demand. when the franchisors and franchisees step up to peek, sp, they talk about the fact that they need the loans to come to them, but they won't lend. the bankers say at that
10:10 pm
regulatory policy is such that they downgrade the banks if they're making commercial or business loans today in this environment, and these are the same people, by the way, that presided over the collapse. the smartest people in the world are still determining whether the banks can make the loans today. so i think there's not just a lending gap, but there's an information gap
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>> they are not addressing the key issues that i raise. number 1, is the president an effective leader in washington? has he led effectively on the topics of the day and is he an effective commander in chief? if you put aside all the nit-picking arguments about this and that, cost of medicare and obamacare and ask the key questions -- has he delivered a leader? has he led effectively? i don't think the answer can be yes. i shared the high expectations of the president when he was elected. though, i was a mccain supporter, i had to concede that he had made the most effective campaign. but now, four years on, we have to ask the tough question it's has he really delivered as president? and i don't think he has. >> greta: the story is quite tough on the president. and pacifically, i assume, you teach at harvard, i assume that
10:13 pm
by what i have read, you probably give him an "f" as a grade. that's what i am guessing. is that what you would give him on the presidency? >> of course, as you know, very rarely are fs given out at harvard. it's more or less unheard of. no, i think you have to allow for the fact that he inherited a tremendously difficult economy. my argument is not that he should have waved the magic wand for employment. i think that would have been hard for any president. i think the key problem was that, first of all, he delegated the details to the party in congress. that's why the key legislation of this administration-- the health care act, the stimulus and, of course, the dodd-frank regulation bill -- why this legislation is so defective. it was handed to nancy pelosi, harry reid and congress and left to them to design. that was, i think, a very poor use of presidential power.
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to say nothing of the fact that he has the greatest difficulty managing his team of economic experts, which contain some of the biggest egoes on the planet. it's really bad for -- let me be tough in harvard term, a b-minus. >> greta: i wish i had been so lucky as to get into harvard. i didn't know it was so easy -- that they only gave b-minuses. >> i think we have to be fair, greta. it was an extremely difficult situation he inherited. the point of my piece is not to say, he should have got us back to full employment. the point is was he an effective chief executive? on that kind of question, when you look at how he handled the power of the chief executive, the power of the presidency, he was not an effective leader. the mainstream media, generally speaking have shied away from saying that. every now and then we got the
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detail. tron suskin, which revealed the chaos of policy-making in the first two years of administration. i mean, that's the kind of thing i am talking about, that's the kind of thing, which is in the piece. the other thing that very interestingly my critics in the liberal blogosphere have missed are the critique of the foreign performance how far was he able to build on what turned out to be a revolutionary wave in the middle-east isn't answer is he was completely -- it was the last thing he expected was a democratic wave in the middle-east. >> greta: thank you very much. >> greta, my pleasure. >> greta: newsweek takes on president obama and will more medeiooutlets follow? byron york is here. your thoughts? >> first of all, newsweek was trying to achieve balance after getting a lot of criticism for publishing the "is romney a
10:16 pm
wimp" cover by a liberal author who wrote a story called the "coming obam landslide" by the daily beast, the sister organization. they were trying to get balance after taking a lot of heat. >> greta: it certainly has created a stir that newsweek, which -- that newsweek -- whether they had another mo. >> it and i have been critical of newsweek, thinking it has a financial problem, it's trying to stay alive. what about the statements-- the story itself? >> i think the striking thing about the story is that it does come from neil ferguson who, is a member of this global glamour elite, people at home in london and at home in new york. it's fashionable among most of them to support president obottom a. so for someone to come out and give an across-the-board denuncation of the obama presidency. he is right. he spends a lot of time on
10:17 pm
foreign policy and accusing him of failing on economic policy, for somebody to give such an across-the-board indictment of his stature is unusual. >> greta: it surprised me how quickly paul krugman came out and a professor from the university of berkeley who said fire his -- whatever. but what struck me, how quick and furious the response. usually tdoesn't hit so many nerves. >> everything goes fast. everyone has twitter and arguments happen fast. and paul crrks krugman came out approximate denounced this and said ferguson had gotten his math wrong on obamacare and a number of points. everything travels really fast. you are going to see this continue for a few days. >> greta: president obama came out and he went to the press room after -- he said it had been reported to him that he is missing among the press.
10:18 pm
is president obama gingbeginning to feel heat? >> this is a surprise. but last week, there was pressure growing for the president to talk to the white house press corps. he had been avoiding the white house press corps for a language time. they had been tough on mitt romney for avoiding his traveling press corps when he was traveling in poland and israel and england. so there was a lot of talk that president obam this shtalk to the press corps. he given interviews to softball outlets, people magazine, local radio stations, where somebody asked if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? there was a lot of ridicule about the president. today was a particularly good day for him to come out because what was in the news today? it was all of this news about todd aiken, the senate candidate in missouri. there was talk about the congressional republican who is had skinny dip in the sea of galilee and all of this stuff and the president could come out
10:19 pm
and talk about that, more than say, the economy. >> greta: but he was eager for more, the media wants more. >> they will want more. but they can no longer say it's been months. >> greta: that's right. they can no longer say that. thru go. >> thank you. >> greta: thank you. president obama slamming the military veteran who is are criticizing him. but he says, he is not taking them too seriously. but should he? that's next. if hubuildings eatingum taxpayer money, would you build another $400 million one? that would be insane, right? stick around. why wasn't governor christie picked to be vice-president? governor christie knows why and he is going to tell you in the way only governor christie can. ♪
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>> greta: president obama is saying he is not take the military veterans who criticized him too seriously over the national security leaks and what they say is his bragging about killing osama bin laden. he said, i don't take those
10:24 pm
folks too seriously. one of them is a birthyrer who says i wasn't born here. another is a tea party candidate. this kind of stuff springs up before election time. the editor of abc world news joins us. tactically, rick, you can ignore this one? >> you can until you are convinced that you can't. that's the danger that john kerry learned. if you let it sit out too long, have you a problem that you can't control. i think for now, the strategy makes sense. the only way they are addressing this is to raise money themselves. the obama campaign raising money from the threat of the ads that the groups are doing. but until they show they have real support, this is going to be a nuisance for the obama campaign and want something they want to justify with an answer. >> greta: i don't know. if a navy seal said anything about me, i don't care, even fithought it was wrong, i would be respectful and i wouldn't say something -- i don't take them too seriously. i think after all that the navy seals do for us, i wouldn't --
10:25 pm
in any way seem cavalier about t. one's a birther and one's a tea party. >> sure. that's at this time danger in dismissing critics, whatever their background is going to be. but i think in this case, you look at the scbriewp what they put on their web site, they are associating with fringe elements, not just the party, but the nation. the birthers seem to have quite a voice in the rarvegs. we don't know who they speak for. they have retired military and navy seals and you also hear from military members and current and former seal who is feel this is know the appropriate use of a title, to use it for politicking. >> greta: the two issues. one is whether he is trading off the osama bin laden. and the other is the national security leaks. the navy seals do the have the backing of senator feinstein. it is not like -- they are not making, you know, outrageous remarks, like they are taking anything and running with. it this is an investigation and
10:26 pm
this is serious stuff. that's i didn't think -- actually, if i were president obama i would be more concerned. whether he can diminish them by saying they are birthers and make less of them, i wouldn't do that for a navy seal. i would never do that with a navy seal. and they have the serious issues about national security leaks. >> let's see what the mains looks like. if they stick on the issues about the national security leaks and the politicizing of killing osama bin laden, they stick -- >> greta: if they fear the birthy -- but president obama brought it up. >> but they associate with a lot of folks. there is a big, broad agenda. some of the folks were giving brews and talking about birther beliefs. >> greta: i didn't see that. >> if they stick to the fact, maybe it's a force they have to reck one. >> greta: let me ask you about the polls. >> things are shaking out for president obama, decently well.
10:27 pm
have you to look at the broad facts of the economy right now, over the disapproval of the president's job performance. over the angst and realize this is a president still above water. he has had a narrow, but consistent lead in the polls and the battleground states. so this is a raitt race that by all rights, he should be losing, if you look at the factors and he is somehow winning. >> greta: i would be looking at the swing states. those are the only one it's the other ones, iee them and i think why is anybody doing those polls? >> it's a gauge of the broad centim t. will be determine in the 19, 10, 11 states. and a couple of things have changed. paul ryan is a runningmate -- >> greta: is that a -- something you see as tactically effective for mitt romney? >> in the battleground states, he has a risk with large retiree populations so they're trying to
10:28 pm
embrace medicare, rather than run from it. because they are concerned about this in termsave backlash. it gave a shot to the cam paib and they will rise back through the convention. they have to leave in tampa next week with a bump because you don't get many moments to make something out of. >> greta: you will join us between 11:30 and 1:00 when we have that -- >> i didn't know it was that late. i'll thereby. >> greta: i am getting commitments first. rick, thank you. >> thanks. >> greta: remember the story about the california judge at the fancy hawaiian spa? well! you won't believe what they just skipped back out on in l.a. is this story getting worse? the latest, coming up. what does governor romney say to governor christie when he told him he wasn't going to pick him for investment p.? how does governor christie feel about it? hear from the governor himself. what's with you?
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>> greta: here's some irony for you. remember those federal judges in california, the ones who used your taxpayer money to go to a fancy hawaiian spa for a judicial conference last week? well, apparently the day after that hawaiian conference they skipped out on a hearing back home in los angeles, a hearing about government waste. the hearing was about the gsa trying to build a brand-new $400 million courthouse for the federal judges. despite already having empty buildings in l.a. that are wasting taxpayer money, not to mention the fact that the
10:33 pm
current two federal courthouses have 61 courtrooms for 59 judges. that is an extra two courtrooms. sam allen of the "los angeles times" joins us. sam, tell me about this hearing. who called this hearing? >> well, this hearing was held by a subcommittee, a congressional hearing on government waste, on spending by the gsa. it was led by congressman jeff denim from northern california. he was certainly very vocal about the absence of the judges on friday. >> greta: were the judges actually invited to the hearing to defend the need for this new courthouse? >> they were. at least according to congressman denim. he said they'd been notified months in advance, and that he was simply told friday that no one was available to attend. >> greta: why does anyone think that the judges need a new $400 million courthouse when they've got these two other two courthouses with 69 courtrooms
10:34 pm
for 59 judges? >> greta: well, it's a good question. there's a lot of debate about how the federal judges are sharing their courtrooms at this time. right now they have a sharing system that has them as you said with 59 judges in 61 courtrooms. the judges say that one of the facilities they're using has a lot of security issues, it has some seismic issues, some earthquake issues that need to be addressed, and they would prefer to move to a new facility. the congressman at the hearing on friday, and the government accountability office, thinks that if they used a slightly differentiation plan they could different sharing plan they could stay in the buildings they're currently occupying with renovations. >> greta: aren't there other federal buildings? california. there are 14,000 empty ones nationwide. i assume you have in california, either owned by the government or leased by the government and are vacant.
10:35 pm
>> right. the one issue here is that there are some specific requirements for federal courtrooms from a security standpoint as far as transporting prisoners. and the junction just have specific demands about the space they occupy. >> greta: i've thought about that. the ones where they have security within the court, leave those for the criminal courtrooms, for the criminal cases, and when judges hear the civil cases, they go to the ones that don't need the lockups. >> that's a good point. that's a point that was actually raised on friday. again, there were no judges there to, you know, speak in favor of the proposal. the gsa representative there, you know, said that they think it's the best option, but, you know, that position was certainly raised by the congressman at the hearing on friday. >> greta: sam, thank you. we'll continue to follow it in the "l.a. times." fascinating story. thank you, sam. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, we have a very special guest for you.
10:36 pm
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>> greta: former secretary of state hillary clinton breaks the grass ceiling. not glass ceiling, but grass. she's the first female member at the augusta national golf club. secretary rice and south carolina financier darla moore have accepted the invitation to be the club's first female members. in its 80-year history, the club has controversially rejected female members, with a former chairman saying the club might one day have a woman in a green jacket, but not at the point of a bayonet. now the current chairman saying these accomplished women share our passion for the game of golf and both are well known and respected by our membership.
10:39 pm
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learn more at >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. president obama warning syria's president assad, u.s. military intervention is possible if chemical weapons are used in that country's civil war. activists claim at least 100 people were killed in aleppo on monday. the government hitting the city with tanks, airstrikes and executions. the assad regime has confirmed it has chemical weapons and threatens to use them against any foreign invaders. >> record drought has caused water levels to drop below 9
10:42 pm
feet in the mississippi. products are too heavy for passage. low water has halted traffic a number of time this is month. the coast guard says it is not clear when the shallow section of the river will be able to open again. i'm ainsley earhardt, now back to "on the record." exxonmobil. back to "on the record." >> greta: roger clemens is heading back to baseball two months after a federal jury cleared him of lying to congress about using performance-enhancing drugs. clemens is heading back to the baseball diamond in the minor leagues. he signed with a team in the independent atlantic league. he's expected to start on saturday. and nfl legend super bowl champ brett favre rival and "dancing with the stars" contestant warren sapp is here. the former defensive tackle for the tampa bay buccaneers is here with a new book, "sapp attack."
10:43 pm
congratulations on the new book, "sapp attack." great stories in it. i know that you wrote it because you said -- people always want to hear your stories, and indeed they're fascinating. i got a few questions for you. first of all, what was your nerve-racking to you? the first day as a pro player when you went to training with the tampa bay bucs or the first day you started training for "dancing with the stars"? which was more unnerving? >> first day "dancing with the stars." i had a beautiful blonde kym johnson waiting on me inside a studio in new york city, and i was absolutely afraid of what this little beautiful woman would think of my big old self walking in this room, walking around in 2 1/2-inch heels doing dance moves. it was a bit uneasy, but we got through it. >> greta: no yellow or roughlies when you danced? >> never, i can never show up in
10:44 pm
that and go back to the hood. i can't do it. >> greta: now let me go to the football field. so let me ask you this. speaking of ruffles and things, you accuse brett favre, told him he looked lovely in a dress on the field. some of the trash talk on the field. >> yeah. you know, that was just of us getting through the three hours of monotony of hitting each other, looking up at the scoreboard, the clock, but it was all in fun, no ill will or anything like that. >> greta: you're a talker on the football field. you gave the quarterbacks a hard time. >> listen, i had to. i had to get it in their head that my team had a chance of winning. in the nfl, we prepare our quarterbacks for anything and everything, but nothing prefers you for a mouth like this on a sunday afternoon, i guarantee you. >> greta: you got a super bowl ring, pro bowl, lots of awards for playing. you did win. you were successful on the field. i'm curious, i should confess, i
10:45 pm
own one share in the green bay packers. so i watched you rough up brett >> i had cris carter, marvip harrison and jerry rice. the original first 3,000 catchers. tim brown was the only one of the originals that i didn't have. we happened to be playing a game and i won. and i thought, to the victor go the spoils. give me the helmet. he said, can i have yours? i said, not a problem. >> greta: i have never known that. what i like about the book, it is so much behind the scenes
10:46 pm
that i didn't know and i follow football closely. do players exchange helmets? >> no. i'm more of a soccer guy. the way the soccer guys take off their jackets or jerseys, i just switched to helmet it is. i will get another one. my equipment man would always have me a new one. i would swap them out pretty regularly. >> greta: all right. clothes coming off. you write about a penalty that was never call audio hold on. it has to do with brett favre in lambeau field. what happened? >> we were in tampasm we were playing them, but we were in tampa. brad is chasing him to the sideline, i mean, chasing him. i'm on a funny angle. but brad's closer. he gets him out of bounds and some kind of way, he gets bret's shoe in his hand. i said, is that bret's shoe? he said, yeah, what should i do with it?
10:47 pm
i said, throw it in the stand and we will get him out for two plays. >> greta: and it wasn't called. >> they gave him time, though. he was more savvy than we thought. >> greta: you know, it is fascinating. you are such a tough play or the field and so many quarterbacks try to run away from you. but you write about your mother here. i mean, she's the one that really, i mean, if she said no, you responded. if she said jump, you jump. >> that's the only person on the face of god's green earth that i fear right there. she was my pride and joy, she was everything that i loved and my world evolved around. if mamma said no, i would ask grandma, but she wouldn't say yes either. it was one of those deals. that was my world. >> greta: you play really rough. you were a tough player. do you worry -- has the game gotten way too rough or not?
10:48 pm
is that just football -- a lot of players are getting hit pretty hard. >> i think the perception. but we did -- we tackled. i don't think these kids today tackle. i think they go for head shot and it is hits of the weeks and the jacked up, they are looking for the highlight. we grew up and we remember the greatest game ever. we want our shot like that, to last the next 50 years. if you are going on promote that and not for us, have you to find another way to make this game the most popular game in the world. >> greta: a lot of big name, ray lewis, coach dungey. but i have to ask you about the quarterbacks you didn't chase down. would you like to play against johnny unidas. >> black shoes. i would love to play johnny u. he really commanded an offense. if you can rattles him -- or better yet, beat himue know you had a full day's work. >> greta: you are a good man. that's my husband's favorite.
10:49 pm
if you -- if i department ask, i would be in trouble and you gave the right answer. loved watching you on "dancing with the stars." thank you, warren. >> thank you. pleasure being with you. >> greta: the inside scoop directly from governor christie. how did governor romney tell him he would not be his runningmate and how does he feel about not getting picked? would define you as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you as a true leader. to hold over 80,000... well, that would make you... the creato of the 2012 mercedes-benz e-class... quite possibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever. ♪ join mercedes-benz usa on facebook for the best summer sweepstakes.
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>> you've seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. governor christie finally speaking out about not being picked for vp today in new jersey. >> governor romney gave me -- sent me an email on friday night as i was flying back from montana, ending my trip, saying he needed to speak to me when i got on the ground. so when i landed, i called him, and he told me that he had decided to go in a different direction for vice president, asked me if i'd be willing to do the keynote address. i told him i would be. we had a good conversation. i don't know what i would have done if he'd have asked me, but i'd been very clear to governor romney and to anybody who was willing to listen, that i was not interested in being vice president of the united states, but that i would listen to governor romney if he had things he wanted to talk to me about. and i did.
10:54 pm
but in the end, he decided to ask congressman ryan. and in the end, i wouldn't characterize myself as disappointed or relieved. as i told all of you all along, i never felt i was going to be asked. i was right. so you can't be disappointed if you didn't think something was going to happen and it didn't. i like congressman ryan. he's a good guy. >> they're off! >> greta: that's not motley boating crew. it's the anything that floats regatta with 17 teams of amateur boat builders try to cross the finish line on their self-made boats made from a mix of household and outdoor items, including bubble wrap, plastic toys, and inflatable pool animals. the winner? a team with a plastic creation. competitors flew from as far as the uk.
10:55 pm
alpine sledding, bobsledding? no, no. it's the annual garbage can world cup in germany. 60 riders from germany, belgium, austria an competed. organizers expect up to 6,000 spectators. we hear the event created quite a stink. and coming up, vice president biden, or or his
10:56 pm
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>> greta: flash studio lights it's time for last call z another gaff by vice president biden. >> yesterday sh president obama said he's sticking with joe biden as his running mate though biden made a series of major gaffes this week. joe biden was like this is [ bleep ] great.


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