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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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unwelcome visit. we begin with a high ranking lawmaker calling for the resignation of u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan rice. this is all over the way the white house responded to the deatdeaths of those four americs killed at our u.s. consulate in
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libya. fresh fallout tonight. congressman peter king, republican from new york, heads the powerful house homeland security committee, saying rice must step down because the account she gave in the days and hours following the attack was plain wrong. here he is earlier today on fox. >> either ambassador was deliberately misleading the american people or she showed and demonstrated such a lack of
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mr. king says several people with the administration. so did the intelligence change, then, days after the attack, or what? >> well, as you said, fox news has sources that say intelligence officials knew within a day, one day, that it was a terror attack. a spokesman for the director of national intelligence, though, says the information about the attack did evolve over time, but didn't say how long it took. ambassador rice spoke five days after the attack, and congressman king says at
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>> growing concerns over possible voter registration fraud in florida. early voting begins in the crucial swing state less than a month from now on october 22nd. election officials in 10 different counties have raised red flags about questionable new voter registration. the focus, they say, is on an outside company recruited by the state's republican voters to register new reports. eric, new details now emerging about these allegations. >> yeah, they are, heirs. harris. he says he did nothing wrong, and may have been hoodwinked by people jokingly give wrong information on the forms. a worker sent out to register republican voters in florida, now a part of the fraud controversy. the company running the registration effort defending itself over just 100 suspect registrations showed up in palm
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beach company. the says, "we were able to identify the cards in question were all of work of one individual.
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continuing the stagnation we've had. i mean, the economy is limping along nationally. we got 23 million people struggling to find work. 15% of americans today are living in poverty. president obama came in with one party rule, and was able to pass nearly every item on his agenda.
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convicted of violent crimes and dealing drugs as prosecutors and defense attorneys stumble to clean up the mess. investigators say he lied about drug samples from a case last year and testified under oath she had an advanced degree from
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>> i'm heirs faulkner. live on "fox report." images the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. new york congressman peter king calling for u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, to resign. this coming as rice faces mounting criticism for her initial remarks in the days after the assault on our u.s.
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consulate in libya, saying it was spontaneous. meanwhile hundreds of libyans turning over their weapons at this hour. the libyan army setting up a gun amnesty program. winners of a lottery will receive electronics or cars. and congressman paul ryan in the swing state of ohio tonight. congressman ryan just now wrapping up the speech. he was the guest of honor at the u.s. national sports and alliance banquet in columbus. concern right now among some republicans about the accuracy of some of the presidential polling coming from some of the mainstream media. one claim that some surveys oversample democrats, a trend that could give president obama an edge over governor mitt romney on election day if republican voters don't think they can close the gap. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel reports now from washington. >> go up and down, we have
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plenty of time. >> history shows late september leads can evaporate by election day. in 1968, hub bert humphrey was down 15 points to richard nixon. while nixon won it was by less than 1%. in 1976, jimmy carter had a lead over gerald ford. after three debates, ford cut the lead to five points and led in the final gallup poll though narrowly lost. in 1980, carter maintained a consistent advantage over ronald reagan, but the final presidential debate changed everything leading to a reagan landslide. with polls now showing president obama building a lead over mitt romney in key battleground states, a democratic pollster and consultant who worked for jimmy carter says finding the right sample to survey can be tricky. >> we know from the exit polls and others, the republicans tend to respond to these polls less than oftentimes, particularly from news organizations, less than do democrats. >> in 1988, george bush managed a huge swing.
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gallup had michael dukakis leading by 17 points after the democratic convention, but lost to bush by 7.5%. in 1992, the incumbent president was down nine points in mid-september, tied with bill clinton by the end of october, though clinton eventually won. a former clinton pollster is questioning the assumptions being made in today's polls. >> these polls are assuming that you have the same high level of african american, latino, and young people vote in 2012 that you had in 2008. >> obama campaign senior advisor david axelrod told fox, "public polls are widely variant in their sampling and methodology so it's hard to case when they all point in one direction they're all wrong, but we are planning for a close race as we always have." another democratic strategist offered this assessment -- >> the race isn't over. look, this thing can move back and forth three or four times between now and november 6th. if i'm romney, you try to create
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that momentum. he saw a sign to do it. >> of the eight presidential races in the past 10 where the leads were cut or flipped by the opponent, the average of the comebacks was roughly 5%. in some cases it was a debate that moved the needle. harris? >> mike, thank you of the let's go to syria where the u.n. is estimating more than 20,000 citizens have died in the uprising against the government in the past year and a half. [gunfire] >> obviously you can hear the gunfire as fighting between the rebels and government forces in aleppo intensifies. one activist saying no one is making gains. this has been a key point for them fighting there, and people there are so frightened of the snipers they're leaving dead bodies lying in the streets. meanwhile the fighting sparking a major fire in the city's medieval market. this was actually once a major tourist attraction and world
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heritage site. activists say there was shelling and gunfire, and some 100 shops were destroyed. now to yemen, they're saying our u.s. military can carry out drone strikes in the country to target al-qaeda according to a "washington post" report, and says yemen's leader approved each strike, saying the strikes are helping to reverse al-qaeda's gains in yemen. this is the first time he's publicly acknowledged his direct role in a campaign of u.s. direct drones in yemen, the u.s. carrying out some 33 airstrikes this year alone. a criminal trial surrounding one of the worst security breaches in vatican history is now underway. prosecutors trying to prove the butler did it. he was the pope's once trusted aide accused of stealing papal documents and passing them off to a journalist. prosecutors claiming he wanted to expose as what he describes as evil and corruption within the church. that's a quote from him.
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courtroom watchers say the trial could shed an embarrassing light on the papal household. he faces up to four years in prison if convicted. they were working on a job, and suddenly bang. we go around the world in 80 seconds. russia. that explosion leading to this fire at the industrial waste treatment plant in siberia where oil sludge is processed. we know eight people died and several others hurt. authorities not saying much about what caused this, but we're told such fires are common in russia, and are often linked to old equipment and lax enforcement of safety rules. spain. wild killer weather, hitting the southern part of the country. 10 people caught in flooding did not survive. torrential rains forcing hundreds of people out of their
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homes. in the same region, a twister knocked down a ferris wheel. 35 people, all of them workers at the fair, were injured. japan. a powerful typhoon slamming several islands. the wind turning this truck on its side. a water tank blown down the street. dozens of people hurt in the storm and thousands now without power. china. meet the monkey who can walk on his hands. he had to learn how to do this after he lost movement in his legs following an illness. his caregivers says he's doing just fine. he served his country, and wants to fly an american flag to show his pride, but his apartment complex just told him to take it down. our fox affiliate in indianapolis with the story. >> this is, you know, our coast
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guard flag. >> just one look around chris smith's house and there's no question how he feels about the us of a. >> he was in for four years. >> he enlisted after 9/11 and the american flag means a lot to him. >> it represents freedom. you know, it represents the blood -- sorry -- that has been shed so that we can live free. and to tell me i can't fly a flag, i just don't understand. >> his problem after three years of living here at the applegate apartments in columbus, his apartment complex told him this week he couldn't fly his flag anymore. >> this letter in the mailbox. >> attached to the letter an orange note telling him what he had to take down. chris immediately called fox tv 9 and last night he started a facebook page called let it fly. >> i can't stand for it. it goes against everything i believe in. >> is this something the vice
4:38 pm
president wanted? >> the change comes after the apartment complex was recently purchased by new owners. >> it's not about the flag or anything. >> they have to take everything down. >> every single resident. not just flags. >> on site staff say he can still fly a flag, but it has to be in his specified area. >> the space they would rent would be from the front door in or if they have a patio inside their patio. they don't rent this space. >> chris is going to try to put his flag inside his patio and see what happens. >> i just want to fly a flag. you know, i just don't -- i don't just don't understand what the big deal is. >> that wa a police officer raca 9-1-1 call. when his squad car -- this is his dashcam, by the way -- goes out of control and off the road. watch out, people in that house. watch out. plus, turning the tables on
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one plan lets you share data on up to 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. add a tablet for only $10 per month. the more data you share, the more you save. at&t. >> nfl officials making it official. the referees formally voting to approve a new eight-year deal with the national football league. that means the lockout that irked fans, players and coaches since the start of the season is now over. actually before the paper was signed, you may know the regular refs returned to work thursday night, receiving a standing ovation in baltimore for the ravens-cleveland browns game. of course they'll be on the field tomorrow. well, video just released of an out-of-control police cruiser, but first emergency crews attempt a daring rescue from the sky to save an injured hiker. those are our stories tonight. a fox trip across america. georgia. that hiker enable to move after
4:43 pm
falling 25 feet into a gorge at a state park north of atlanta. a helicopter slowly lifting him out. he's, oh, so close to that rocky cliff just feet away, but they got him to the hospital. no word yet on the extent of his injuries. kentucky. squad car out of control slams into a louisville home. the whole thing caught on the patrol car's dashcam. the officer loses control after trying to go around a pickup truck. he was responding to a 9-1-1 call at the time. his injuries minor. no one inside the home was hurt. california. thousands of annoying cyclists in san francisco. it's the traditional event called critical mass. their goal, to take over the city's streets and make drivers angry enough they'll want to ditch their cars. >> definitely frustrating. i mean, i got to get going. i'm on the clock right now. >> heavy presence by san francisco police making sure no
4:44 pm
cyclists or drivers got out of hand. washington. >> ♪ a woman caught off-guard ♪ you do
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>> reporter: last month a poll released by democratic campaign had two virtually tied. it is close. peter, thank you. a color sight over a washington state this weekend and reminder about our nation's war heroes. you are looking at some of hot air balloon enthusiasts but for some war veterans it's a chances to promote a special cause. >> as a vietnam veteran it's close to my heart, having the ability to go out and pows and mia issue. we wanted to make sure the families are aware that we won't forget. we are promoting the issue. >> in fact that was luke and he has been piloting his freedom
4:52 pm
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consider this: when the unexpected happens, there's one brand of battery more emergency workers trust in their maglites: duracell. one reason: duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. guaranteed. so, whether it's 10 years' of life's sunny days... or... the occasional stormy one... trust goes a long way. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. >>. >> harris: it's time for carmegeddon take two. l.a. drivers are told to stay clear of heavily traveled 405 freeway. they are shutting down part of it all weekend long for a major construction project. live nor us in l.a. there are a lot of cars out in the weekend in l.a. how is it going? >> reporter: one would think it has potential of sequel to a bad
4:56 pm
movie. mayor of los angeles says it's pretty good and going pretty well. that is traffic on the other freeways in los angeles, this freeway is closed down, ten miles from san der in an dough valley to l.a. this is the construction part. they have to expand the freeway in order to expand the freeway by another lane, they have to make this bridge. this the mullonnd bridge and the landmark is coming down. it's come down in one big chunk buried into the hillside. most of it is coming down about chunks the size of basketballs. this is a 53-hour project and mayor says they hope it will be done in 53 hours. first version of carmegeddon. it was done in 37 hours. this one is going to take longer because its 30% longer span on
4:57 pm
the north side of the bridge. to get all of this down, you have to basically chunk away at this. they are hoping by tonight to have all of this northbound span down but they wanted to encourage people to stay home and eat and play locally. they are concerned that people will say -- oh, it's not that bad out there, we'll go out and shop. >> harris: we've seen this before. people complain but it's supposed to open friday morning. what does happen if it is not open? >> reporter: if it doesn't open at 5:00 a.m. there are stiff penalties for the contractor. it's $50,000 for every ten minutes. $6,000 a lane. so they have to get it done or they are going to have reach out with their checkbook. >> harris: $50,000 for every ten
4:58 pm
minutes? >> reporter: $60,000, that is a lot of money. >> harris: i hope they get it done. let's recap fox top stories. peter king calling on ambassador susan rice to resign following that deadly attack in libya. king accusing rice misleading the american people or misinformed about the attack. they are coming to her defense. >> congressman paul ryan in the swing state of ohio. we showed you a little bit of that live on fox report. only network i know to do that. congressman ryan wrapping up a speech. he was defendant of honor at a banquet in columbus. that is fox reports on this
4:59 pm
saturday. i'm harris faulkner. we pause there to see if they roll the music and here it comes. huckabee starts in just a seconds. stay with us.


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