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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>alisyn: thanks for muching what today. i am here for megyn kelly, she will be here tomorrow live from denver. "studio b" with trace, here for shepard smith starts right now. >>trace: the the news begins anew on "studio b" today. the verdict is in. after challenges to a controversial voting law in the key battleground state of pennsylvania forcing everyone to show a photo i.d. before casting a ballot. we will tell you if the law will stand. >> we are a day away from the first of three presidential debates. ahead is a look at the issues that will be front and center for president obama and governor romney. >> plus, one of the biggest u.s. airlines reports more problems involving loose seats forcing emergency landing and now the airline is responding to accusations of sabotage. that is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today.
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>> first from fox at 3:00, democrats today winning a major court decision that could have a profound affect on one of the biggest swing states in next month's presidential election. a pennsylvania judge today blocked a tough and controversial new law that would require voters to show valid photo identification. the republican-led state legislature passed the law in march. supporters claim it would prevent fraud and insure that only those who are legally eligible to vote would be able to cast a ballot. opponents argued the law unfairly targeted minorities and the elderly and intended to keep them home on election day. according to the average of all pennsylvania polls, president obama has a sizable lead. democrats have fought the law furiously because in the past lower town out has benefited republicans in pennsylvania. the state acknowledged in court that there has never been a case
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of in person voter fraud in pennsylvania. now like for us in new york city with more on that. what will happen come election day? >>reporter: trace, believe it or not on election day poll workers will ask for your photo i.d. in pennsylvania but voters do not have to show up. the judge simpson led the law stay in place ruling it is constitutional but not for this election in november. he was concerned not enough people have photo i.d.'s so far and there are concerns about people voting by provisional ballot and under the law having to prove who they are in six days. he ruled, "i expected morphoto to have been issued and the remaining five weeks before the general election." opponents are thrilled. >> the united states of america, the hallmark of our democracy,
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is universal suffrage. we are known around the globe for this. that is a ron we are admired. now, in are reasserting that view. it should not be difficult for people to vote. >>reporter: the critics hope to block the law before the election. >>trace: would do supporters say about this? >>reporter: the chairman of the republican party is disappointed but the republican governor is happy the law was upheld and the deputy secretary of state said it is a win-win for both sides. >> generally speaking, we are pleased with the court decision today, voter i.d. is still the law in pennsylvania. the judge has not ruled it to be unconstitutional although he said that it should be implemented in a different manner. because of all those things we are pleased with the ruling. >>reporter: this is a day when early voting has begun in ohio and florida.
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voters do need to show a voter i.d. in florida. in pennsylvania they will have to show an i.d. after this november's election. >>trace: thank you, eric, from new york. with us is the associate managing editor of the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. the deputy secretary of state in pennsylvania said a win-win for everyone. i'm not sure the republicans feel that way in pennsylvania today. >>guest: probably the republicans wanted this to go into affect and have some kind of voter identification in place before the election. the win-win comes through from the fact that this has not been outlawed in pennsylvania. you have it for later elections. imagine if the court had said "yes" and there was a close race, not what we are seeing in the polls in pennsylvania, but a chose race, and to have that law contested after the fact? this avoids sticky legal possibilities involving this
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particular election. >>trace: they will try to get this everruled. -- overruled. is there a chance the supreme court could vote and overrule this best election starts? >>guest: not in pennsylvania because the supreme court handed this back down to the judge for reconsideration. the judge decided, look, we are trying, we are finding people are not getting the i.d.'s expeditiously. it has run into problems in other states including texas and wisconsin along the same issues. can you get it enforced for this particular election? it doesn't mean it won't be there in the future. logically you could say, shouldn't a voter have to identify who they are to avoid fraud? the problem is, you have to give the voter an unit -- an opportunity to get the i.d. best election. >>trace: the judge rules it could cause people to lose their right to vote but did not
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expound on that. what was the intent? >>guest: the judge said, we are not going to have voter problems if you require an i.d. on reconsideration, and in talking to a number of voters who had trouble getting an i.d., he said well, maybe not this time around is what happened here leaving on the prospect for enforcing this in future elections. something on the order of 89,000 people in pennsylvania would nut have had the proper identification before, which is 1 percent of the voters, would not have had the proper identification for this election, is the tally. the judge said, let's hold off and not have it in force this go around. >>trace: sow think it is fair to wait until after the election and they can battle it again. >>guest: the republicans are disappointed and the democrats said it would unfairly hammered the poor, most likely, from going to vote. they tend to vote democrat. again, you could imagine the
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contest after the election if it was close in pennsylvania if the law was in place. >>trace: thank you, john, from the "wall street journal" this afternoon. we are getting more details about a shooting that killed a border patrol agent today, less than two years after the death of brian terry. remember, a shoot out on the u.s. and mexican border killed terry in 2010. some of the weapons were linked to the government's failed gun tracking operation "fast and furious" with one agent dying and a second agent suffering injuries in arizona. part of the known drug smuggle ing area in that city. the f.b.i. is now investigating. >> each time that a law enforcement person is killed or shot or injured in the line of duty, we have to take a moment and think of the families and the heroes involved.
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we very much feel in our hearts and prayers going to the families. >>trace: officials named that border patrol station after brian terry. now, sir, what are authorities doing to find the suspects? >>guest: everything. this is a desert area that is flat, and runs up to the natural forest. it is a great area for smuggling but a difficult place to find someone. so we have virtually an army with helicopters in the air, a drone, as well, all looking for the suspects. early this morning at 2:00 a.m., local time, a sensor laid down by the border patrol on a known smuggling route, three agents went out. one was killed. another has two gunshots. he will be okay. a third was not hit.
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right new we told no one is in custody and no firearms have been recovered. here is what we don't know: how many shots were fired? what were we awayed with? was anyone wounded? there are three to four suspects being in a shoot out is bad for business. did they come out with an expensive load of cocaine? how much time do they have to get over the border? an hour? an hour and a half, five or seven miles in in did they get back to mexico before we got them? we just mentioned this station was named after brian terry and the agents were based out of that station. >>guest: that is right. that is rue. this is why we are down there ten days ago when the station was named after brian terry. his mother released a statement today. i will read that. she said, first, another border patrol agent has been killed close to where bring appear was killed. he worked out of the new station. my heart and prayers go do his family. this should not happen to our agents. pray for his justice, also.
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this is the third border patrol agent killed in the line of duty this year. the worry now is that, was this agent killed with the "fast and furious" weapon? i can tell you from talking to the people, that is what they are worried about, that somehow the guns used here came from that operation. >>trace: the tracking of weapons will begin. thank you, william, from los angeles. >> the leaders of iran and israel trading sharp words. iran's president was nut impressed with the embrace's prime minister we depis -- depiction of the nuclear program, the red line. an update on a train crash that injured dozens. all safety precautions were working. what happened, then? the latest on that is ahead. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about that 401(k) you picked up back in the '80s. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like a lot of things, the market has changed,
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accusing the israeli counterpart of mobbing him for using a cartoon-style drawing of a bomb during his speech to the united nations last week. president mahmoud ahmadinejad calling it childish and primitive and an insult to the ought conference of international leaders. the prime minister held up the drawing while calling on world powers to draw a red line for blocking iran's nuclear program. iran claims the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes like energy and medical research. the united nations nuclear watch dog reports that because iran will not fully cooperate, it cannot confirm that. jonathan hunt joins us live. big surprise, the iranian president railing against israel, the same as we heard last week at the u.n. >>jonathan: picking up where he left off in his speech to the u.n. general assembly, saying that iran essentially has nothing whatever to fear from potential israeli attack against the nuclear facility.
12:15 pm
he has said repeatedly there is no excuse whatever for israel to attack iran but he says if israel does, this is only one outcome that will take place. >> listen. >> the iranian nation knows what it has to do. the iranian nation has never been invaded and never attacked others. however, it has been an excellent defender. it has defended so invaders are less for dreadful. >>jonathan: president president ahmadinejad has repeated that iran's nuclear program is purely for peaceful purposes and has defended, again, iran's right to pursue what he calls "nuclear energy." trace? >>trace: what do we know of the evidence of the international sanctions having effect on the currency in iran?
12:16 pm
>>jonathan: it fell to the lowest level ever again the u.s. dollar. president mahmoud ahmadinejad blaming himself, the sanctions, in fact, for doing that and say this is all part of the west's psychological war against tehran. listen. >> everyone knows that foreign trade and commerce does not have a great role in iranian commerce. this is being used as a great psychological war. >>jonathan: that is adding credence to the argument made that the sanctions are working and they should be given more time to bring iran down in terms of the nuclear program. >>trace: thank you, jonathan. >> new arrests in connection with the boat crash that killed 38 people. police in hong kong have so far arrested seven crew members from the both boats that slammed into each other.
12:17 pm
they are suspected of endanger people on board by not following proper procedure. no further details were provided. there is in word on exactly what caused the crash. >> a new report of more seats coming loose on american airlines flights. the third time this has happened in just three days. it is just latest problem for the troubled airline which now is accusing its own pilots of sabotage. [ female announcer ] food, meet flavor.
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>>trace: american airlines grounded aid planes on reports of more loose seats. it comes amid accusations of sabotage. look at the video. you can see crews inspecting
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seats on two planes today. american now confirms that three related incidents in the last week during which rows of seats came loose from the floors. american is stuck in contract negotiations with the union representing their pilots, less than a year after the company filed for bankruptcy this is occurring and last week an airline official santa an unions evidence that some pilots were deliberately trying to damage the company by delaying departures or moving the planes too slowly. today, a spokesman for american denied any sabotage linked to the loose seats. the company said and i quote, "we are working very diligently to gather all the facts related to our 757 seats issue." now, we have public relations consultant, the president of the communications firm emerald partners and author of "rethinking reputation, how p.r.
12:22 pm
trumps marketing and advertising ." good to see you. the f.a.a. and american say there is no evidence of sabotage, the word "sabotage" is going to scare people from the american gate down to the united gate. >>guest: this is a guy way to lose your reputation can to lose your company. they have to nip this in the bud. as you say, they had two incidents. they have grounded eight planes. there is a report this could have been a subcontractor who is working on the seats. whatever the case is, they have to find out and announce what has happened. unhinged seats and emergency landings and delayed flights are not exactly the ideal marketing position for an airline. they have to nip this in the bud. it is a serious problem. >>trace: it is very serious because even if this is not sabotage, you talk about p.r. perceptive, it is not sabotage
12:23 pm
but being sloppy on the part of maintenance workers. and in an airline being sloppy is as dangerous as sabotage. this is a reputation killer. >>guest: of course. perception, as you say, is reality. what they are involved in here, and you mentioned it, is a serious game of chicken with the pilots. they have 10,000 pilots who have no contract. they want the airline to merge with u.s. air. american is the third largest carrier in the country. it has $4.5 billion in cash. it has revenues of $2 billion a in. it doesn't want to merge because the management will lose their job. what they have to be careful about is people seeing this on the front page, on newscasts like this, and saying, rather than flying american airlines, we want to fly anyone but american. that is a problem. >>trace: the bottom line, even if american airlines is safe, which it still is very safe,
12:24 pm
more and more, it is a hassle to fly because 33 percent of the time you will be late. how does american convince people to still fly with them? >>guest: what it has to do is, like the nfl, realize that the time has come to settle with the pilots first. public relations fixes the action first. you fix the performance. they have to sit down, knock out a new contract with the piles. then they can start talking about working their way back to reliability with a better reputation. >>trace: thank goodness these are not replace president pilots. fraser, great to see you, sir. >> investigators are still waiting to interview the big-rig driver who knocked an amtrak train off the track. this was the scene south of fresno, california, yesterday. the crossing gate and flashing lights were working. the truck slammed into the train's side. around 40 people were hurt.
12:25 pm
authorities have not yet heard the truck driver's explanation for what happened. he was also hurt in the crash. he is expected to be okay. >> the presidential race is entering the final phase and the stakes can not be higher. ahead of the first debate, new polls on the state of the race and the huge percentage of voters who say they will be watching tomorrow night. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. want to try to ? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah. that's a very nice cake! [ male announcer ] well, you can't beat them. [ giggles ] ohh! you got something huh? whoa... [ male announcer ] humana understands the value of spending time together that's a lot of work getting that one in! let's go see the birdies. [ male announcer ] one on one, sharing what you know. let's do it grandpa.
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>>trace: this is "studio b" today. a little more than 24 hours until the first of three presidential debates between president obama and governor romney. a national poll out today finds that 93 percent of likely voters say they do plan to watch the debate. the same survey finds that president obama ahead nationally 49 percent to 45 percent which is just outside the margin of error. those polled rank the economy as the most important issue. on that, the two candidates are in a tie. governor romney leads when it comes to the handling of the budget deficit. however, the president is ahead on every other issue including health care and national security. we have team fox coverage. carl cameron has the latest from the romney campaign. first, we go to ed henry in las vegas. what do we know about the president's debate prep? >>reporter: they have tried to keep that quiet.
12:30 pm
we have spotted senator john kerry who is playing mitt romney in the mock debate sessions for the president in the las vegas area. he has been spotted in the lobby of the hotel, with reading glasses and a pile of papers, going through this like it is a final exam and researching every last bit. the president, when he delivered pizza to campaign volunteers to show he has a calm, cool image headed into the debate, he made clear he also things this is like a final exam. he has been holed up, long hours, inside, dealing with a big workload. >> it is all very nice. although they keeping me indoors all the time, that is a drag, they are making me do my homework. >>reporter: the president says he is doing his homework with 8.1 percent unemployment, the deficit, and now we have new numbers because of the start of the fiscal year, reaching $1.3
12:31 pm
trillion although the president promised to cut the budget if half in his first term and balance it down the road. that has not happened. this is a debate about domestic issues. that will be on the agenda tomorrow night. trace? >>trace: we know nevada is a big battleground state. what do you hear from the voters there? >>reporter: the place where the president is doing his debate prep is a special resort that has gone through a boom and a bust and now is coming back despite the struggling housing market. it is interesting because down the road from there you can see abandoned shopping centers and homes foreclosed. this is foreclosure capital of the country the we talked to an unemployed worker who said he does not scare who is a president, he is just looking if a job, and he said, yes, i will watch the debate closely. take a listen. >> i am a democrat, and i am leaning to obama, of course, but if mitt romney has a great land to get me back to work, to what
12:32 pm
i am good at and what i know i can do, i'm all for it. it depends. this debate will tell me a lot about mitt romney and obama. >>reporter: the romney campaign may not want to hear that, he saw the video of the 47 percent, but obama may not want to hear the voter said he would still give mitt romney a chance despite the video but he has to hear what he would do to help the unemployed in the big debate tomorrow night. mitt romney has a chance to reach out to the undecided voters. they are listening carefully. >>trace: mitt romney today making what appears for be a new pitch at spanish voters in the swing state of colorado. governor romney said that he would honor work visas that certain young illegal immigrants
12:33 pm
obligated through an executive order by president obama. you will recall that the governor has taken an aggressive stand on immigration in this campaign. in fact, he said he would actually veto legislation that provided a path to citizen to some immigrants. governor romney said and i quote, "the people who received the special visa the president has put if place which is a two-year vision 10 should expect the visa will continue to be valid. i will not take something they have purchased o now, live to carl cameron. is this a change, carl, or a change of emphasis for the governor? >>carl: change of emphasis. in colorado, latino are an influential voting block the he has been polling in the low 30's and even high 20 but most g.o.p. strategists says to be competitive nationally he has to get 40 percent of the that tomorrow vote. he is not close. the emphasis is he will not do what in his words he said, there
12:34 pm
will not be roundups of people being deported. he was reluctant to say that in the republican primaries and now, where latinos hold more sway than in the republican election process he is making a big deal of that. immigration is not going to be on the agenda tomorrow in the debate. there are six segments and the first three are on the economy, then obamacare, the role of government, and how each individual would governor iran -- govern in their approach to governing. if he has a liability, it is when he talked about the 47 percent of people in america who do not pay income taxes. paul ryan was on the trail today in iowa and turned it from a defensive problem for the romney campaign into the advance of the way they will frail the race in terms of the stagnation economy that they accuse president obama of overseeing and the prosperity economy they are promising. >> let's help them get jobs so
12:35 pm
they can get a paycheck so they are good taxpayers. (applause) this is the point that we have been trying to make. sometimes the point doesn't get made the right way. we don't want a stagnant economy that fosters dependency. we have added 15 million people to the food stamp roles in four years. largely there is no opportunity or economic growth. >>carl: that is the argument mitt romney hopes to make tomorrow night standing face to face with president obama. there has been mock debating today for mitt romney and stepped out if a quick snack and other than that it will be closed doors until the walk through tomorrow afternoon. >>trace: what about the 47 percent controversy. does governor romney have an answer do that? >>carl: he has been working through a series of answers on it. last night when he got to denver, he did an interview with the local fox affiliate.
12:36 pm
they asked him about it. here is one of the variations you would expect romney to use tomorrow night. >> they want to know, will i get jobs for the american people and get rising incomes? i'm a president for 100 percent of the american people. that is what the people care about. not 47 percent versus anyone, but president for 100 100 percef the people and i have demonstrated that throughout my life. >>carl: he will argue that president obama's record demonstrates an inability to get the committee going. trace? >>trace: thank you, carl. the presidential campaigns have been trying to lower expectations. it is a political strategy based on the idea that if voters are not expecting that were, they are more likely to be impressed. what do you think? joining us is g.o.p. consultant and young democrats of america executive director. emily, you look at the polls and
12:37 pm
it appears that governor romney is way down when it comes to women especially single women. you not about to be swayed toward the romney catch, but if you were, what do you want to hear the governor talk about? >>guest: well, the way governor romney will portray himself is what he is messaging. president obama is coming through with an honest conversation for the american people, another opportunity for a conversation. the president did it at convention and will do it tomorrow night. from governor romney, the only final we saw him be honest is as you mentioned, 37 percent, 47 percent, he doesn't believe he needs to represent 47 percent of the american people. if i were the working mother, and i was part of the 47 percent, if i was a student as a single mother, as a single women, or deployed veteran, that is part of the 47 percent, i would not believe he is there to represent me. >>trace: the president says, sherry, on the specific faces,
12:38 pm
he is an average debater, and we know he is a good debater. the question is, does he have enough ammunition to debate with? is the record strong enough to go in and go on the offensive? >>guest: president obama is a good debate ir. he gives good speeches. he trips up without the teleprompter but he has a poor record that he does not want to talk about. he is not only trying to lower expectations for himself but he wants to raise the expectations for romney in the hopes that mitt romney cannot reach the high level or that bar. that is what he is trying to do. look, if romney does his job right, he will keep the president, force him to be defensive about his record and the massive unemployment, and the people that is given up looking if work, about the debt and obamacare, the massive amounts of spending. >>trace: sherry, the problem is, the problem with that, he will get the president on defensive and he will go after
12:39 pm
him and you hear a lost pundits say, you know what he needs it do he needs to go on offense and score points. rather than putting the president on his heels he needs to promote his sell. >> what we saw in the primaries he is a gentleman, letting everyone have their 15 minutes of fame, like colleagues in disagreement. he cannot do that, he has to bring his best game and be strong and be aggressive. he has to talk about obama's record he would do differently and what he stands for. he has to keep obama on defensive. you say 93 percent of the people say they will watch the debates. they written. most people will hear the one linears and the outtakes. they say they will watch, but they will listen to what the
12:40 pm
main treaty media has. >>guest: mitt romney will go on the defensive, but he does not like to be interrupted which we saw during the republican debates he gets wooden and all over the place. what is worse, though, after he is interrupted, when he starts or tries the zingers he has been practices. do we remember in the republicans debate when he decided to bet form the last minute, $10,000, that was an off the cuff bet if that will not help with middle class americans. >> if there are one liners, it has to do with the obama record. >>trace: there is new fallout from the deadly u.s. consulate attack in benghazi. g.o.p. lawmakers say the administration shot down requests for help as the security situation in libya spun out-of-control.
12:41 pm
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>> the border patrol has identified the board patrol agent shot and killed doing swoops along the southern arizona border. he is a 30-year-old who was shot and killed. a colleague was slot and wounded. there is still a seven on for any suspects. this is about 15 or eight miles inside from the mexico and u.s. bodier, 90 miles from where brian terry was slot and killed in december of 2010. the border parole station he was working out of was named after brian terry. there is still no word on any suspects in this case. >> there is more breaking news coming out of pennsylvania. it turns out those samples they
12:45 pm
took from -- the samples in michigan, rather, are not jimmy hoffa. there is no human remains under there. they took that soil sample. they analyzeed the sample but there were no human remains beneath that michigan driveway. remember, a witness said that he saw a body being buried there about the time that jimmy hoffa disappeared in 1975. now we have learned there was nothing there. the driveway stays. jimmy hoffa remains a mystery. >> the u.s. consulate in benghazi faced more than a dozen security threats this year alone before the attack that killed four americans. that is according to top g.o.p. lawmakers who say they have learned the u.s. officials denied requests for increased protection in libya. no word on which department the officials work for. the california congressman issa and utah congressman have sent a
12:46 pm
letter to secretary of state, hillary clinton asking how much her staff knew about the dangers at the consulate. yesterday, the state department announcedit had pulled out all personnel after the assault. >> catherine, you obtained state department letters about security at consulate. >>reporter: they were obligated by fox news and show the state department refused to get involved in a dispute between the security license holder in libya and the operations partner, blue mountain u.k. that trained and provided local guards. a source tells fox there is was a meeting in june and july and the libyan contractors said the security was "substandard and the situation was unworkable." when the libyans tried to bring in a third party, a state department contract office shut it down saying the us government
12:47 pm
is not required to mediate disagreements between the two parties of the blue mountain partnership. both must grow to change key personnel. the contract and conditions preclude subcontracting. this july letter also notes that the state department felt that the performance in benghazi was "adequate." >>trace: what else are we hearing from the republican lawmakers? >>reporter: in this letter to secretary of state, hillary clinton, new accounts from whistleblowers allege 12 incidents that she the deteriorating security situation before the consulate was attacked. it says the mission in libya made repeated requests for increased security in benghazi. the mission in libya, however, was denied the resources by officials in washington. we told that the briefing a short time ago that secretary of state, hillary clinton, will be responding to that letter and the state department wants do work with congress. >> it is fair to say we are still working through what we
12:48 pm
have in this building in terms of documentation, in terms ofness about what we knew, who knew its when they knew it, that is part of the process we have to go through. >> we will get a lot of the answers with a hearing set for next week on the 10th. trace? >>trace: thank you, catherine, from washington, dc. joining us is former intelligence officer, mike barrett, the c.e.o. of diligent innovations. you her the report. they asked for more security. they were denied the security. what do you make of it? >>guest: unfortunately, if you look at history events something similar happened with the "uss cole", it was attacked before an recollection and it got lost in the shuffle. we did not have any counter response to that. i am very concerned about the fact that this is going to be emboldening for those who think they can attack our embassies and consulates and personnel abroad with no repercussions.
12:49 pm
>>trace: there were so men questions about there and very few answers. we now know that there were a dozen incidents that showed that the security situation in benghazi was deteriorating but when this went down for days and weeks after, there were still questions whether it was a mob or was this spontaneous or was this a terrorist attack. it seemed to me there are a lot people in libya who were at risk and are still at risk. this is not being properly defined. your thoughts? >>guest: that is absolutely true. it is broader than just libya. i would not want to be a western interest, a business person, or a student, or working for the government on a project, for example, in egypt or the other countries. there is a real swell of antiamericanism, of anti-americanism. a lost turmoil in the streets. a lot of chaos that comes with the revolution the administration has done a very poor job of explaining that and
12:50 pm
saying this will be a period of a lot of challenges. they have not been honest. there is a cost associated with the chaos. >>trace: your take is very important as a former intelligence officer. how could the information have been processed wrongly or did everyone know and they were trying to sell this as a different scenario in the first days? >>guest: one factor is the intelligence community. to be fair, be honest. for the period after 9/11, they got really in double for having missed 9/11 so everything that looked like it could possibly be terrorism we assessed as trim. then we would back it off over time. this administration has decided to make things, we have ended the war on terrorism as far as they are concerned. it is kind of a shame we do not talk about terrorism. >>trace: mike barrett, c.e.o.
12:51 pm
of diligent innovations and former intelligence officer. >>trace: on the first pitch in the major league he was hit by a past ball and now seven years after the play that could have ended his career, he is getting a second chance to step back on to the field.
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trace a former major league baseball player hit in the head on the first pitch in the pros gets a second chance in the big league. it comes seven years after he first stepped into the box. in july of 2005, chicago cub adam greenberg took a 92 miles per hour fast ball right to the back of the head. he dropped to the ground. the trainers helped him up. he left the field seemingly never to return again. for years he suffered vertigo,
12:55 pm
severe headaches, double vision, nausea. tonight, greenberg is lacing up up again after the miami marlins signs him to a one day contract, the very same team that almost ended his career moments after it began. now live for us in marlins park in miami. society the scene. what exactly happened to adam greenberg? >>reporter: it is a remarkable come back story that generated a lot of interest and international immediate ya seven years ago he was a speedy rookie outfielder for the cubs, breaking into the major leagues. the first at bat here in miami ended tragically with him knocked down by the fast ball. he says it felt like his head split in half. he talked to us at some length about symptoms he has had 20 overcome for seven years. >> my eyes would shift uncontrollably out of place, side to side, i would be left with migraine time symptoms for hours. if i go to tie my show i would
12:56 pm
fall over. >> he has signed a one day contract with miami here but he says his baseball dreams, his job league dreams have never died and he hopes to cap on next year in spring training at age 31. back to you. >>trace: we wish him luck. steve, thank you. >> "studio b" will be right back.
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>>trace: before we wrap it up in "studio b" today, an animal control officer in rhode island says the dog crammed into a front grill survived an 11 mile ride. the driver hit the dog in massachusetts but did not realize it and in rhode island another driver clued him in to the dog stuck in his grill the he called police and officers managed to get the dog out. a spokesman says that apart from a few minor injuries the dog is fine and animal control officials say they a


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