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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 6, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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tell the president to say it! >> i don't know an investigation into the terrorists, but why there wasn't the right security there. >> sean: release the cables today! we have to roll at this hour the drop in the unemployment rate giving a jolt to the unemployment race. one month does not sell a trend. we will tell you what the new jobless number is and from calling mitt romney a liar to the high altitude, the far left is coming up with all kinds of explanations and excuses for president barack obama's poor debate performance. can the attack technique back fire on the president's campaign. >> chaos reigns furiously as atlanta braves fans lash out after a controversial call.
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watch this. >> there are bottles and cans falling short and landing on fans down in the seats close to the field. >> infield fly truly blame. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> look boys and girls. >> hi, clayton, bring in the old refs. >> different sport. >> >> dave is on vacation, huh. >> that's why you are here. >> okay. >> we should mention this morning that mike jerrick, we brought him back down to sea level because of the high altitude. >> is that the explanation? >> i have used that before for many excuses i have used over the years. a rash, many different excuses. >> high altitude for your poor debate performance? that was, of course, one of the excuses we were hearing
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about this week. al gohl gore floating the excuse that high altitude the reason for the poor debate performance. he gave that incredible speech at the dnc in denver. remember that rousing speech with the columns. that was also in the same city. hard to believe ethics could you say. >> the obama team has yet to really fasten on an explanation for the president's very underwhelming performance at the debate. they have tried a few different strategy. the strategy they seem to be sticking with is mitt romney is a liar. that is what they have come up with for why the president didn't do better. let's listen to the dnc communications director brad woodhouse on this. >> there has been plenty of people have pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. i mean, if he was talking, if he was speaking last night, he was lying. look, mitt romney had a good night, but, you know, even, you know, a blind squirrel
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gets a nut every now and then. >> it's the old classic a broken clock is right twice a day. >> so the argument is that president obama was so shell-shocked, i guess he got up there on the podium he was so shell shocked he couldn't believe the lies coming from mitt romney he didn't know how to respond for two hours. >> that's ridiculous. >> don't you think the voters would prefer the president's team to say you know what? he had an off night. he overprepared. underprepared too busy being president. mitt romney a liar that's the best you can do. >> maybe mitt romney did really well. congratulations to you. i can't wait to get to october 16th when we can try this again. >> you thought so much of the primary season mitt romney was running to the right of the party saying he was severely conservative all of these things he was saying to say how conservative he was. he gets up there on the debate stage and goes to a moderate position again which is what everyone thought he was in the first place.
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maybe president obama didn't know where he he was going to go. and it took two hours to figure it out. >> brand somebody a liar. >> that's exactly what carl rove said prior to the debate. you can't come out and say anything about -- if you use the word lie, you can't do it because it's unpresidential. >> remember joe wilson screamed out at the president. >> you lie. >> very unattractive and bill ridely addressed this just yesterday. here is bill. >> fair-minded americans know vicious garbage when they see and hear it there is hatred vitriol directed at president obama as well. we all know that. but for the democratic party. not a talk show or cable host, the party to brand governor romney a liar and think that that will get vote for president obama is a big mistake. both president obama and governor romney should warn their campaigns to stop the slander. there are enough legitimate issues to be debated. the truth is the president could not defend his economic
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record on wednesday night. that's why governor romney won the debate. nothing lying had nothing to do with it. >> yesterday, big news came out and it was a head scratcher for everyone from economists to pundits to politician and these were the unemployment numbers. here is what was confusing. only 114,000 jobs were added in the month of september. that's less than we need to keep up -- keep pace even with population growth. >> what do we need about 200,000. >> yes and 114 is considered anemic. however, somehow the unemployment rate dropped from 8.1 all the way down to 7.8 and that has left economists saying how did this happen? >> how in the world did this happen because 873,000 more people had jobs according to another survey that was a part of this thing. so to make sense of all of this for us this morning is economists and proffer of international business at the university of maryland peter morris is i is joining us this morning. >> hey, peter. >> we needed a smarter person
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to join us this morning. seriously last night on facebook and twitter people just really confused about these numbers on the one hand it looks really good for the president. politics is perception you get this 7.8% number omit romney maybe hammering on it takes the number off the tape now. is there good feeling in these numbers in reality? what do you make of these numbers? >> well, the jobs count comes from surveying employers saying how many people are you paying payroll taxes? that's a pretty good number. the unemployment comes from what we call the household survey, calling people up at home and saying do you have a job? are you working? are you unemployment and looking for a job or unemployed and not looking for a job. in that group it's a larger group because you have the self-employed. over the obama years, more and more people have left the labor force completely. especially older people between 50 and 56 that live
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off their savings and ira's before they should. some of those folks have returned in part-time work essentially in home-based businesses. about 110, 115,000 jobs are created in the establishment survey or the employer survey. but about 850 in the household survey, that would imply 700,000 or about 5% of american families have established a home-based business. it's completely implausible that that could happen. >> okay. so you say it's completely implausible and you are not the first economist to say this. and the only sample in terms of teeny fraction something like 55,000 people they call. is it possible the bureau of labor statistics extrapolate out from that? did they possibly get their estimate wrong? >> i think it's possible they got their estimate wrong. more likely is that these folked do have home based businesses but they don't earn very much money. consider the reporter getting
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laid off by the toledo post or something, he sets up at home and becomes a stringer and earning a couple hundred dollars a month. according to the bls he is employed that's not a viable business. you can't have a 5% growth in employment from household businesses in an economy that's growing at about 2 tenths of a percent per month. i think what you have basically got is a lot of very high quality unemployment masquerading as home businesses. >> what are people intimating here that the books are cooked? is that possible to do? >> it's just a flawed methodology. they call you up, they ask you if you are working. you are making a couple hundred dollars a month they say i'm working. you count as much as donald trump does. he is he working too. it's a flawed methodology that doesn't know how to deal with part-time workers that are self-employed. >> so no cooking the books, just a flawed methodology. >> i would believe my mother would love me more than i would believe that the bls
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would cook the books for the president of the united states. >> did your mother love you. >> she loved me. >> how could she not. >> peter morris is i, thanks so much for coming. in we appreciate it. >> see you later, guys. >> we he have a lot to tell you about because the u.s. ambassador susan rice the woman who claimed quote spontaneous protests sparked last month's attempt. firing back that she mislead congress. that attack in benghazi left four americans dead including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. ambassador rice has been accused of lying to protect the white house during five television appearances later that week. she blamed the attack on protesters who were angry about a movie when, in fact, the attack was planned and executed by terrorists with ties to al qaeda. the administration now believes. last night rice tried to clarify in a letter to congress it says, quote: i relied solely and squarely on the information and intelligence community provided to me. a group of republicans led by senator john mccain responded
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quickly saying either the obama administration is misleading congress and the american people or it is blaming the entire failure on the intelligence community. we go to a fox news alert for you right now. a hook-handed, one-eyed terrorist suspect is on a plane head to the united states to face charges. sounds like a cartoon. abu al masri headed to the united kingdom. they wanted to open a training camp in the hills of oregon. he lost both his hand and an eye back in the early 1990 while waging jihad in afghanistan. if al masri is convicted he he probably will not face the death penalty. that was part of the deal with england when they helped extradite him. in just a few hours, the navy's newest warship will be commissioned here in new york city. the u.s.s. michael murphy is named for long island native.
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murphy was killed during ambush in 2006. dispit despite being shot he left a safe spot and ran into the line of fire in order to call for help. it has a crew of about 300 and will be stationed in hawaii. all right, ladies. check it out. you are about to meet rob wilson. he has won an online competition to become the first ever male model on the price is right. >> what are you saying? >> i'm saying finally gender equality. we have waited this long. >> why does he have his top off? the women don't have their tops off? >> maybe it's not complete gender equality. >> it's an outrage. >> he beat out hundreds of hucky hopefuls where they strutted their stuff for the show's producers. he will be on for a week starting october 15th. >> i'm sick of being object find -- objectified.
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>> what's is the job? you stroke appliances, right you? go here is the dishwasher? >> exactly. >> so you are qualified. >> he is going to be there showing off a boat, when someone wins a jet ski or water ski. >> i like the show already. >> rick, it's a big weekend. in the world of forrest industry and modern day lumber jack. we sent rick out to visit with paul bunyan in ohio. hi, rick. >> not shirtless. >> it's true and everybody out here has their shirt on. every last one of them. all the wood choppers. well, it is 6:00. that is also part of it, probably. the paul bunnian festival in southeast ohio. it's a big -- bit of a trade show for forrest industry and a lot of fun events for the family. we are going to be talking with a number of people here and there is good stuff lined up for the day today. i want to quickly talk about the weather and tease something that's going to be coming up. show the weather maps and show what's going on. here are your temps raking --
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waking up this morning. take a look how much this hged s in and around parts of the ohio valley. it's been warm ohio valley and to the east. now we are 15 to 20 degrees cooler here across the ohio valley as you were when you were waking up yesterday. when you go out, be very ready. move into the northeast, once you get the rain be ready because behind it the cold air is ushered in. the same system is going to bring a little more snow. up to 14 inches two days ago in minnesota. now today we are going to see some of that snow pretty heavy in across wyoming and colorado. not that much. 1 to 3 inches of that snow. temperaturewise for the day today. get ready. big cool down for some people. coal temps all the way down towards dallas only at 52. clayton, you live in new jersey. i know when you they're you see all kinds of lawn
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ornaments carved out of would. we have take this log into a "fox & friends" logo. >> that's fabulous. >> i thought he was going to turn into a camerota. >> some sort of "fox & friends" totem. >> thanks, rick. coming up on the show the abcs of early voting, once you vote, where does it go? can it get lost? can it get messed with? is there some guy changing the votes with a pencil. the results are fascinating. >> the ultimatum one employer just gave. get your flu shot or you are out of here. flu shot or fired. >> does that sound fair? we report. you decide. >> i already had one.
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have to do and we'll get on with the process. >> so why early voting? a lot of folks, live down in florida you would see the lines every weekend prior to the election, people waiting hours to get in early voting. why do it? >> well, essentially for this reason. these two reasons. modern americans have very
3:18 am
busy schedules. this is a straightforward common sense way for accommodating those scheduling. secondly it, relieves the pressure of election day congestion for election workers by giving folks an opportunity to vote early. so we have gone from election day to effectively election month where we will have probably 345 to 40% of ohioans voting before election day november 6th. >> once i send in that absentee ballot, who has my vote? where does it wind up? >> you go down and vote at one of the 88 county boards of elections. and it is then kept in a secure location whawnd we call a double-key system. meaning that no one party can have access to those ballots without the other party being present. and so it's under secure double or bipartisan eyeballing. >> which basically maybe answered my second question here on this one which is can it be tampered with? >> no. it cannot be tampered with.
3:19 am
the double lock system has historically proven to be very faithful to the whole principle security. >> good. so we also hear these things out there that maybe the obama administration doing well in early voting. can anyone see my vote before election day or is that all just sort of conjecture looking at exit polling. >> people can take a look at is when the vote was -- the date the vote was cast and secondly the party registration. so it's all, you know, conjecture, informed speculations as to how the vote might be trending. >> finally can anyone determine how early voting is leaning one way or the other? i mean, sort of goes with the last question? >> it goes with the last question. look, at the end of the day, early voting is to give us a much more effective way of managing a very hectic day.
3:20 am
particularly in a heavily contested election like we are anticipating on november the 6th. if this election comes down to what we call the margin of litigation, we think we have a system in place that will make it work secure the confidence of the voters. >> "yes" or "no," five seconds left here. do you think the election will be decided before election day? >> i don't know. >> we don't know. >> ken blackwell great to see you this morning from the great state of ohio. former secretary of state. many said the first presidential debate would be a game changer. >> is the reason that governor romney is keeping all these plans to replace secret because they are too good. >> you just don't pick the winners and losers, you pick the losers. >> was it a game changer? nic are a gotten who knows all
3:21 am
about that and his interesting insight next. while you were sleeping brand new information released on the death of border patrol agent nicholas ivy. we'll have more on that coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we understand that commitment.
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>> about 67 million americans
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tuned in to watch mitt romney and president obama to square off in their first presidential debate this past week. the showdown was not a zinger fest exactly it did have memorable lines. >> congratulations to you, mr. president on your anniversary. i'm sure this was the most romantic place you could imagine here with me. >> at some point, i think the american people have to ask themselves is the reason that governor romney is keeping all these plans to replace. >> i have got five boys. i'm used to people saying something that's not always true but keep on repeating it and hoping i will believe it. that's not always the case. i have a friend that says you don't only pick the winners and the losers, you pick the losers. >> the last point i would make. >> your two minutes is up. >> i had 5 seconds before you interrupted me. [ laughter ] >> was this a game changer and how does it compare to memorable moments from past
3:25 am
debates. let's bring in presidential historian nick ragone he joins us from washington. hi, nick. >> hi, alli. >> we're interested in getting your take on wednesday night's debate what you think the take away was and what you think the most memorable moment was. >> well, i felt for governor romney the moment he used the line trickle down government. that's a phrase hadn't used before. you saw instantly people started retweeting it and picking up on it legitimate break through moment in describing the president's philosophy and even this next day governor romney started using that on his speech. >> interesting. nick, let's play it for viewers in case they missed it. >> the president has a view s.e. very similar to the view he had four years ago that a bigger government, spending more, taxing more, regulating more, if you will, trickle down government would work. that's not the right answer for america. >> you like that because it's a catchy phrase? >> no. it's more than just a catchy phrase though.
3:26 am
that's more than a scripted line. in a nutshell it synopsized how governor romney feels about the president's philosophy on government. the fact that he used it the next day in his stump speech and probably use it going forward means it has resonance and catching on with the base. >> nic, you are presidential historian, how do you describe his lackluster performance? >> primaries got very good at debating. four years since the president has debated. you could tell he was rusty. the president doesn't like to debate. james carville on another network said it right. the governor wanted to be there. it didn't seem like president obama really wanted to thereby and it came through. >> let's look back at some of the most memorable debate moments and, of course, as we have heard so much this season ronald reagan really was the gold standard of how to deliver a line during a debate. let's watch one of those. >> governor reagan, smank, began his political career
3:27 am
campaigning around this nation against medicare. >> there you go again. are you better off than you were four years ago? >> we sort of combined two memorable moments there. there you go again, which was folks were and approachable and then are you better off? >> two great moments and reagan really decisively beat carter. there you go again was a way for reagan to quickly say to the audience like president carter is not in command of the facts. are you better off than four years ago captured in a nutshell are you better off in the economy from 1976 to 1908 was perfect. >> trying to spot the zingers to see if anybody had comedic one liners, again reagan did that against mondale. let's watch that moment. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience.
3:28 am
>> classic, right, nic? >> it was wonderful. because ronald reagan did poorly in the first debate and there was question about his age. with that one line he kind of disarmed his critic and said yes, i still have it. >> the last memorable moment we want to show you is not so much what someone said, it's what al gore did in terms of moving his body. you know, on wednesday night obviously the candidates both stood behind the podium and that was probably for the best when you look back at what al gore did in his debate versus president bush. >> that's what the question in this campaign is about. it's not only what your philosophy and what your position on issues. but can you get things done? and i believe i can. >> what was that? >> i mean, that's my all-time favorite debate moment because you could see al gore trying to be an alpha and own the room. it came off as awkward and clumsy. president bush looked over and had that give.
3:29 am
for a lot of voters it synopsized what they felt like about al gore which is he sun comfortable in his own skin. >> we are watching it again. >> nick ragone thanks so much. historical perspective. we know what it's like when someone invades your personal space. i get that sometime. >> sorry. if there. >> chaos reigns literally as furious atlanta braves fans lash out at a controversial call. one of these career killers. we have the list of what you should never do at work next. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me.
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star making an incredible putt. most professionals -- look at the length of this thing. >> did it go in. >> did it pop back out? >> 160 feet that's how long that putt was. >> this guy just can't lose. is that the deal. >> no, that's right. is he traveling the world playing the best golf courses in the world and putting on tape for a special. >> is that fun? >> yeah. that would be fun. >> apparently. >> good for michael phelps. hey, we are talking about jobs numbers this morning, of course. a lot of people maybe want to get -- of course you want to get ahead in your career,
3:33 am
right? maybe be held back at work as a gas ceiling. maybe some other ceiling break through. new study basically showing why you are not moving up at work. there are 8 habits that basically kill your ability to move up at work. >> i know what one of them is, not promoting your own work. sometimes you get embarrassed to promote yourself. they say that's a very good idea. >> you might not know about it did i not know about your great crocheting. >> listen, i don't like that one pro-moghtd your own work. maybe this is my problem. i think it's like -- then you become a self-promoter. is there anything more annoying than the person in your office who is shameless self-promoter. >> are you getting defensive? >> you seem defensive. >> that's the next point. career killer. >> this is a problem, too be more diplomatic don't get defensive. >> that makes perfect sense. i predict you might do the third one, mike. making a rash decision. >> yeah. many times things will come
3:34 am
out of my mouth but here is the problem. i know it's an inappropriate thing to say but it comes out anyway. that is a rash decision. >> making rash decisions. >> it's always better. there is some reasons happened in my family life. i don't know what it was. i know that if i reacted immediately to it then it would have been bad. i waited like a day and i think i called my parents. i don't know what it was. it ended up being better that i waited. >> that's maturity. >> i know. in my 20's i wouldn't have done that. >> the next one i think is important. do i think this is even better than being a self-promoter the mistake you make is not being assertive. you should be aer assertive. you should speak up for what you want the squeaky wheel gets the worm. i may be mixing them up. >> in a positive way being assertive. >> this is one i do a little bit. a friend of ours says negative people make positive people sick. don't be so negative. can i get into that habit a little bit. >> it's very easy to get into
3:35 am
that habit. many many years ago on a job i worked with. everyone was so negative about the place. >> i have that job now. >> not there i actually like that. but years before that and everyone was so negative you finally had to say i can't even be around these people. you have to remove yourself from the situation. >> in fact, you said it's a friend of ours but it's also our boss roger ailes. that is one of his adages that i always remembered he said if you are working near a negative person run away from them because they will get you sick. now, what about if you are in the next cubical. i need to ask a follow up question about that. >> you are right. the moment he probably said that 10 years to all of us. negative people make positive people sick it stuck with me every day, too. >> i agree. >> that's why i'm not feeling right now now. >> move aside. >> don't be negative. >> get to your headlines. we have a fox news alert for you right now. moments ago pope benedict's former butler found guilty of stealing private papers and documents and leaking some of those to an italian
3:36 am
journalist. he was sentenced to 18 months in jail. returned into a scathing book that revealed corruption and scandal inside the vatican. the butler pleaded not guilty but admitted to copying the papers and betraying the pope. >> friendly fire, not drug smugglers likely killed an arizona border patrol agent this week. it appears two other agents accidently shot at each other while chasing down drug runners near the mexican border tuesday. they do not believe the suspects ever fired at the agents. one of the other agents was also shot but is he recovering. no arrests have within made. the shooting is being investigated. >> helicopter comes down while the cameras are rolling. [shouting] >> so scary. two videos captured the crash while on lookers claimed god is great. it's believed god is great.
3:37 am
capital of damascus where the military has been turning records on civilian protesters. fox news cannot verify the authenticity of this tape. does not allow syrian journalists inside its borders. >> chaos on a florida highway with a series of crashes sending 52 people to the hospital. the terrifying scene unfoldingen n. front of drivers on i-75 who say all they could do was brace for impact. >> there was a wall of stopped cars. did i as much as i could to avoid it i had no choice. i had to hit a car. >> i heard the crashes behind us. i looked back. and all i saw was vehicles crashing and flying up into the air. >> all you could do is hit the breaks and slam the cars in front of you and you got slammed and slammed and slammed. >> no word if anyone was killed in that chain reaction crash. >> dave is not here. i know something about sports. last night major league baseball chaos. braves cardinals game. one game playoff after this
3:38 am
controversial call. watch this. >> there are bottles and cans that are falling short and landing on fans down in the seats close to the field. >> this is a wild display. started after a braves player was called out infield fly rule. take a look. the braves an do you simmons. two cardinals made it drop. >> dispute the call as protest there. >> the fans showered the field with bottles and cans and delayed the game for 18 minutes while crews cleaned up the mess. umpires reviewed the play. they go on to win 6 to 3. taking the national league wild card spot. >> braves are done. >> they are done now.
3:39 am
one game playoff. you can't call inrule fly rule during the playoffs. >> i know that. >> everyone remembers that tall tale of american folklore paul bunnian his legend lives on with a celebration that celebrates modern day lumberjacks and forrest industry why would we send rick. >> you like flannel. >> he likes the lumber jack special at wendy's? [ laughter ] both correct. very true. nice job on sports there by the way, clayton. >> thanks it. >> got to till we are out here at the paul bunnian festival in southeast, ohio. got out here yesterday and i was thinking i would find a bunch of strong men chopping wood. then i came across the executive director of the ohio forrest industry association and found out this is much more than that. this is a trade show and it's really important in these times. tell me about the economy and what forrest industry here in
3:40 am
southeast ohio is about. >> yeah. the business we have in the state, the wood business is tied directly to the housing market. when people think of building houses and all of that they oftentimes think of the paneling and the wood sticks that go into building it. our business is all about the things that make a house prettiy, flooring, cabinetry, furniture, the hardwoods in this part of the state are what make up the wood business. and with that being down, it's been a tough time. >> along with coal, which is big in this part of the coal industry. the for rest industry is another huge employer. how many people are employed in this industry here? >> in the state of ohio there is upwards of 50,000 people that in some fashion are involved in wood business in the state. >> the economy has been a big impact here. tell me a little bit as you mentioned that the romney bus is going to be coming by here. >> we just got word yesterday on sunday afternoon the romney bus on the way to cleveland is
3:41 am
going to stop for a few hours to stop in and say high. >> ohio obviously a big swing state a lot of economic issues here. that's a serious side of this but also some fun. >> tell me about the fun we are going to see today. >> thofd is the big day of the show and in addition to the all the equipment we have got, international lumber jack competition. a number of wood carvings and lumberjack entertainment that goes on today. a fun time for folks that want to come out. we hope everybody, even though it's chilly today to come out to the show. >> the sun is going to come out and warm up a little bit. we're going to be all right. >> competitions with lumber jacks we will be chopping wood and see if i can take him on on anything. >> why do i feel like rick is going to lose a limb. thanks, rick. >> coming up on the show, get your flu shot or get fired. does that sound fair to you? that's what some companies are doing. we report. you decide. >> talk about role reversal. one mom taking a backseat with
3:42 am
her son as the ceo of her company. the two are here to share their family wisdom on building a small business. ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
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woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this?
3:44 am
[ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. >> get a flu shot or get fired. several hospitals are requiring all workers get vac sib nateed this year as part of a new state law. if someone refuses, they first will be suspended and then fired. and david blaine kicks off his shocking new stunt last night in new york city. the 39-year-old stunt man is surrounding himself with millions of volts of electricity for 72 hours. is he naked. called electrified. is he wearing a chain body
3:45 am
suit as a barrier between himself and the electric current. >> wow. >> that explains why when i kept making my microwave meal it kept flickering. thanks, david blaine. >> i got it in the dressing room. i will wear it in the 8:00 hour. well, she claimed that spontaneous protests sparked last month's attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. now, u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice is firing back over criticism that she mislead congress. >> peter doocy is live in washington following this story for us, peter. she is walking it back this morning, it seems. clayton and mike. even though they knew the raid was premeditated act of terror and not angry mob within one day of the attack, five days later they dispatched the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice to five sunday shows, there she is. to say there wasn't enough information to characterize the attack one way or the
3:46 am
other. but, ambassador rice is now defending herself against some of her critics in congress who have gone after her initial explanation. she said in a letter, quote: i relied solely and squarely on the information the intelligence community provided to me, information represented the intelligence community's best current assessment of the -- as of the date of my television appearances. that is not good enough for republic senators mccain and johnson they have now written a letter of their own that says the obama administration is either misleading congress and the american people or it is blaming the death of four americans on the intelligence community. and also that, quote: ambassador rice claims the administration launched a comprehensive effort to determine what happened at benghazi. but the administration failed to secure the scene of the terrorist attack for three weeks. allowing evidence and sensitive information to be compromised and destroyed from
3:47 am
beginning to end. the administration's behavior in the wake of the attack indicates a breath-taking level of incompetence and suggests an intent to deliberately mislead congress and the american people. we heard from the defense secretary leon panetta a few hours ago. he said the u.s. is following up on some arrests that have been made in the benghazi case. and that they are doing everything possible to go after those who were involved in the attack. and he made those comments on a plane to peru. back to you. >> strong words from senator mccain there. >> yeah. blame it on the intelligence community. all right, thanks, peter. coming up on the show. the guys from the show gold rush. discovery channel's number one show. they want you to strike it rich. stay tuned to find out how you can win $100,000 in gold. they will be on our show giving away $100,000. no joke. >> really? one mom son be the boss. he he is the ceo of the company. how does that work exactly in the two are here to share their family wisdom on
3:48 am
building a small business and there they are. and apparently he works out.
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
role reversal mom taking backseat to the ceo new company. how are they making small family business work in these tough economic times. >> mother and son team beat their own business infusion sciences from the ground up. good to see both of you. >> what are infusion sciences. >> it's the company name used in fusion that is the product. >> what is it. >> multi-vitamin. effervescent formula. >> you basically have discovered the fountain of youth is what it sounds like. >> exactly. >> how does it work? >> i'm 95. [ laughter ] >> you are doing something right. what's your secret. >> most people have difficulty swallowing pills. with that being said the goal is to create something that's effervescent that tastes good
3:52 am
and actually encourages you to drink more water. >> what do you is get a cup of water. >> exactly. >> we rip open the little packet it has a tangerine taste to it. take it to the gym. >> perfect for travel. >> i will look young any minute let me try that. >> you don't need the help. >> you decided to start your own family business, linda. how tough has that been? >> it's very difficult. i have started businesses in the past so i'm used to doing that when buzz came to me with this wonderful formula i said we have got to do it. it's very difficult to even realize the work, the sweat, the hours that goes into business very difficult. >> rules for family businesses. we saw the new jobs numbers come out yesterday and in those numbers, peter morris is i is on at the top of the show what he saw in those is a lot of home based businesses people starting things at home. in this economy a lot of our viewers maybe really something that they're interested in, a passion, an idea that they have. one of your top rules is divided roles. what do you mean by that to
3:53 am
start your business? >> divided roles is really kind of personality type. for example my mother is type a. she is the kind that is great to be on the phone. i'm more analytical. when it comes to actually creating a product. contacting scientists and putting something together that's my specialty. divided roles you really want to capitalize on the person's expertise. >> don't try to do everything yourself and you have to know your own limitations. >> we are fortunate that we're different enough that it works very well together. if you have a family with six people you want to start you kind of have to take the personality, what they are good at and be sure you stick with that. >> you don't want to be afraid to ask for advice from other people. >> absolutely. that's the best thing. you are only as good as your employees and the people you hire and the people around you. >> that of course is your next tip which is to seek outside advice. next tip is the one i find intriguing, no family pictures in the office? >> on your desk is fine. but in the hallways. we have several employees we don't want to put family
3:54 am
dynamic on the entire office. we are there to work. >> even though it's a family business you want everybody to feel welcome. on your desk everybody can have their own family. >> right. >> do you have different strengths then? >> oh, yes. absolutely. >> he is the scientist, he is calm. he is good at calming me down. is he analytical. we work very well together. we are lucky because not all families. >> that's not what you were thinking. >> the other tip, office time is not family time. so it's not time for can a biting in the office. how does that help you? >> everyone has family drama i guess in some form or another. you don't want to discuss that during business hours. >> particularly the family business. you have got to check that out door. >> it happens, of course, on weekends. and if we're not in the office, of course, that's a different story but in the office it's different. >> the president has said some small business people you need the government. you can't really build it by yourself did. you build this by yourself? >> every, every single bit we
3:55 am
built by ourselves. >> that comes from someone who has never built a business. >> the government was not there when we needed money. the government is not there if you fail. the government is not there to pick you up and help you if you don't succeed. >> let me ask you this, because donald trump has railed against banks for not loaning to small businesses. in this economy you can't get loans and this is something that the white house has been getting banks to loan money out. >> we're trying to grow and trying to go through a bank is almost impossible. we are seeking investors. >> bail them out but won't give the money back. >> we are looking for outside investors because we cannot borrow money. >> do you have two kids. >> of course. >> is he your favorite? >> my daughter is watching. hi, kelly. >> listen, i will see you at the gym. >> i know. >> i'm going youth infusion is the product. where can people find out more information about. >> this trying to do direct.
3:56 am
drink juice vitamin at this time. >> best of luck with it and tranks for bringing on your tips for us. >> i have never been a budge. >> his sister did that. >> her name is kelly. she couldn't say his name when he was a baby so she came up somehow with budge. it stuck. >> we have a budge now. >> we got a budge. >> coming up on the show, is this the new guantanamo prison in illinois just bought by the feds causing a whole lot of concern for the people live nearby. we'll talk to them in the next half hour. >> the ultimate showdown. it's caught on camera. who wins this fight? you have got to see what happens. >> squirrel. ♪
3:57 am
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3:59 am
>> gorgeous, everybody. it's saturday, october 6th. here unemployment rate falls below 8% since the first time since the president took office. not our economists are buying the reason why. we will take a look at what the real unemployment number is today. >> first they call mitt romney a liar then they blame the air up there in the mile high city. some are claiming the race car outrageous claims. >> then, we are giving you a chance. $100,000 worth of gold from the guys on the show.
4:00 am
gold rush. during that segment, they are going to explain how you can raise $100,000. >> are we eligible? >> i don't know about you. i am. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> i like that show every now and then. >> gold rush. >> that explains your new maserati. >> i thought that show. there is mike jerrick, everybody. i thought like gold mining from the day would get out with a pan of gold and a hat and have a piece of hay hanging out. no they have huge trucks and big operation. they have a line of 10 different trucks that they use for this operation. >> we're serious. we are promising that you guys could win $100,000 worth of gold. of course, that leads to our top story which is people need that in this economy. the unemployment rate came out yesterday. and it was a real head scratcher because the economy only added 114,000 jobs.
4:01 am
that's not enough. economists consider that anemic. somehow the unemployment rate dropped significantly down from 8.1 to 7.8. >> the numbers were adjusted in july and august as well upward. >> what show showed was good news for president obama because politics is perception. the perception over the summer or at least in the last time we had a jobs number last month is wow we are in the middle of a slowdown. what this shows is the slowdown we thought we had in the spring according to economists didn't really happen or was short-lived. during the summer some of those numbers have been revised up. it wasn't as bad as we thought it was. however, as you pointed out, this weird number that's in here, which is a government survey of households that peter morris is i on our show earlier this morning was talking with, this 873,000 more people were looking for work. they get on the phone the bureau of labor a statistics and they call 60,000 people. they extrapolate that to 800,000 people.
4:02 am
68,000 to 800,000 that's the statistical numbers. i'm going to stop saying statistical. >> i hope you will. that's what some people from economists to pundits say they find a little suspicious. >> some folks. >> even some -- >> -- you have heard any economists say it's suspicious. >> no i haven't heard any economists say they are cooking the books. i have heard say gosh, this is a very surprising number. lots of banks and economists predicted that the unemployment rate would be 8.1. that's what they thought yesterday's unemployment number was. when it came out it was 7.8. how did we get our numbers so wrong. jack welch went further obviously the former ceo of g.e. and he said unbelievable jobs numbers. the these chicago guys will do anything. can't debate so they change the numbers. set person who suggested something fishy was going on. >> and of course our own lou dobbs has said no the bureau of labor statistics is insulated entity and peter
4:03 am
morris is i on our show a short time ago said no, this isn't the case that they would never cook the books for a white house. that's not something they would do. they are economists and statisticians and there might be anomaly in the numbers. here was jack welch yesterday talking to cavuto and he said something smells funny here, listen. >> these numbers don't smell right when you think about where the economy is right now. every economist this morning predicted roughly 90 to 120,000 and 8.2 unemployment came out very favorably just one tenth of a point below when the president took office. >> well, it's funny when people manipulate numbers back and forth on both sides. i always think about the 23 million people who don't have a job and you guys are arguing about points, numbers. who is cooking books and manipulating. >> the real issue is not whether or not the bureau of labor statistics was trying to fudge the numbers trying to look god for president obama. most people said no that's not
4:04 am
the case. each former bush officials say no that's not the case. >> mitt romney say a lot of people would agree with him a lot of people have stopped looking for a job they're not counted. >> also the 873,000 people who supposedly reported that they had found work. that is called, for many considered under employment as peter morris is i said they may be at home. they may have gotten a couple hundred dollars a week or a month. that isn't necessarily their optimum employment. 23.2 million people still unemployed. 2.5 million have all together stond looking for work. 8.8 are working part time when they wish they were working full-time. >> or they have jobs that don't pay anywhere near what jobs used to pay. >> here is lou dobbs last night talking about some of these unemployment numbers on o'reilly. take a listen. >> he is very quiet. >> it's not a sign that things are turning around but it's good news for president obama
4:05 am
7.8%. getting into the 7's is very important for him. so that's very good news for him. unfortunately it doesn't really describe the state of unemployment. and real pain in the country. 23 million americans remain unemployed or they have given up hope of being employed. >> and one big issue, of course that mitt romney talked about during the debate the other night was the deficit. the scrocketting deficit under president obama. remember, that the total federal deficit under president obama is still at $5.2 trillion. >> that's the debt that has been added, i think. the deficit right now it was also went down yesterday. the debt. and the deficit is now 1.1 trillion. that was also came out yesterday morning. >> another barometer people always look at, too. is food stamps. 2009 what did we have 33.5 million, right? and then in 2010, 40.3. last year 44.7. and look at this year already. 46.8 million. that's as of july. >> big jump.
4:06 am
>> yeah, so are companies hiring? that could be the good sign that companies are hiring. you want to have some good news, right? and it's hard because you are seeing manufacturing though for the second straight month also slipping. that's a sign of the strengthening economy as well which is getting the economy moving. >> but for people who don't pay attention. you know, you look at that number 7.8. things are turning around. >> are your pants ringing? >> is that my -- it is my phone. hold on a second. >> i'm hearing a 1940s style phone ringing it must be mike's phone. >> wait a second. let me take this call. can you do headlines or something? wait a second i wanted to order a pizza. >> we do have a fox news alert. because in the last hour a vatican court has found pope benedict's former butler guilty of stealing private papers and documents and leaking some of those to an italian journalist. the butler was sentenced to 18 months in jail. scathing book that revealed
4:07 am
corruption and scandal inside the vatican. he insisted he wasn't a thief. he leaked the information out of the love of the church and the pope. while you were sleeping the hook-handed hate preacher abu al masri was that exindicted out of the united kingdom and into the united states. lost eye and arm while waging jihad in afghanistan. he and four other terror suspects will appear in a connecticut courtroom within the next 24 hours. they are charged with trying to open a terrorist camp in oregon. an arizona border patrol agent killed earlier this week was likely the victim of friendly fire. and two othert appears agents accidently shot each other while tracing down drug smugglers on the mexican border. one the other agents was also shot but is okay. no arrests have been made and the shooting is still being
4:08 am
investigated. >> would you like to face off with an angry stag? [ laughter ] what's going on here? who made that sound? this guy will think twice two battling stags during mating season. >> are they rutting? >> no they are deciding how they are going to mulch this tree. >> reportedly got too close. >> park in london and one of the revved up animals ran after him eventually race chases him up a he tree. that's when onlookers called the police to help the man out. >> they brought the fire department out like a cat up a tree and got him out of the tree. >> the man fell out of the tree. >> man making that noise oddly. >> i would be, too. and oddly enough, our own rick reichmuth is up a tree right now. the annual all american celebration. forrest industry lumber jack. rick, how did you get away from that moose?
4:09 am
if you got a moose chasing you what else are you going to do? this is about your only option. that was nicely done by the producers who put those two pieces together right there. you had a lumber jack festival, maybe. and also you know that i like to climb anything if it's possible if i can get up high. so we have done that. come up the street right here. hopefully these guys aren't going to chop this one down any time soon. it's not horrible but certainly enough to make -- a little bit breezier up here. one tiny little limb that's holding me they say it's strong. since these guys are experts in forrest industry i trust them. let's talk about the weather. little bit of breeze right now coming through because there is front that moved through overnight. take a look at the maps and there you go. you see the temperatures really dropping for a lot of people as this front has moved through same system that brought snow to parts of minnesota. 14 inches of snow there two days ago and now just rain associated with it as it pulls
4:10 am
off to the east. once you get that rain in the east get ready because the temps are going to drop around 20 to 30 degrees for just about everybody. once the rain comes you are fine then the rain comes and the temps drop. here is tonight's low temperatures. it's going to be cold for a lot of people. all kind of freeze and frost advisories have been posted in areas here across the central plains have hard freeze warnings that have been in effect. so tonight will be the official end of growing season for a lot of people here. if you have got some plants that you still want to protect, take them inside if you can or do what you need to to protect those plants. take a look at tomorrow's high temperatures. you see that cold air pulls off towards the east. we're going to see much colder air make its way all the way down towards of texas and northeast. all right. coming up at the bottom of the hour. we have got a guy with the chain is you. one of the experts, one of those espn lumberjack competitors. ax shop those two trees down
4:11 am
here. >> make sure they don't accidently mix up the trees. >> right. rick, that's great. super fun. if you just give rick a rope he repels from something. >> that's right. >> either a build are or a tree he could jump that. >> that harness looks very tight. [speaking in high voice] >> thanks, rick. >> first they called mitt romney a liar then the obama administration blamed altitude for the problem. now some on the left are playing the race card. are voters going to buy that? we report. you decide next. >> then terrifying moments caught on camera. a me machete wielding robber. wait until you see how this plays out. [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer,
4:12 am
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4:14 am
fox news treatment of angry black man again. now, lest we forget. this lest we pretend the specter hanging over his neck i can't come across as too vigorous because then it looks like i'm coming across as an angry black man. >> is that going to resonate with voters. >> host of the david webb show on sirius xm patriot your name better be david webb. >> i hope it is. >> good to see you. >> good to see you guys.
4:15 am
>> how do you respond to that. >> dyson never met a race card he couldn't play. let's take what he says. in order to believe him you have got to believe angry black men are often vigorous and fox news is all powerful that when jim lehrer demoderates a debate a pbs anchor that fox has power over him. so look at the ridiculous nature of what i'm saying. this is in defense of the indefensible, on stub tans president obama was not ready. he was not ready to handle the result of the months of attacking mitt romney. he had been attacking him, calling him a liar, a his campaign. the responsible for the murder of a woman. now unfiltered meeting with mitt romney and they were face to face, that's a difficult position. so ed schultz lied about it, axelrod dishonest and liar. they are pushing a narrative of negative much like the president said he would do if you have nothing to run on you
4:16 am
make your opponent someone to run away from to paraphrase. >> silly a couple days ago i was talking to a republic strategist african-american and she was saying that black men sometimes do have to worry about this. whether it be in business or any field. >> why? then that's. >> some white people in our society do react to a strong point of view as oh you are an angry black man. >> i eject that. it's a ridiculous proposition. you are as you are. act how are in america. >> there was a time when women acted tough in business she was called the "b" word. well, in fact when women showed they were strong performers in business no one paid attention to her gender. they paid attention to her performance. same thing for the president and americans. look at us as americans. we respect the strength of a president. a president who stands up for us, stands up for his policies, and this president couldn't do that. >> i mean, that's the bottom line here.
4:17 am
the debate performance was that the president couldn't defend or didn't have a way to answer mitt romney's attacks against him. he didn't know what to do. he didn't come back and defend it so the left, it seems, has been grappling for responses. vice president al gore saying it was the altitude in denver which may have affected him. wasn't it really though that the president has been insulated? he is the yes man in the white house. he is the one who always wins every debate in the white house. because when he says it, then all of the staff run and do what he says. he doesn't have anyone challenging him. for four years no one has been challenging him. >> he not only has been unchallenged look what we have have heard about the people who have left the white house. in the end they say is he tone deaf doesn't listen. this is coming from his own people. if the altitude is the problem according to al gore how did he accept his nomination? must have had a rough time. >> he had oxygen. >> exactly. this is really sad and nothing to laugh about though because think about this country. in turmoil, really
4:18 am
23.1 million people unemployed, under employed, real problems tackling this country and the left is coming back with this divisive rhetoric of the race card. that's deplorable. again, in order to believe michael dyson or ed schultz you have to throw away that this man is the smartest man, the right man to be president but yet he can't handle. >> why don't you come out and say i didn't do well. mitt romney did very well. see you october 16th. >> americans would have respected that and so would i. if the president would have come and said i didn't bring my a game that day i apologize. see you the next round. we'll come out strong. exactly. >> good to he so you. >> thanks so much. >> coming up on the show is this the new guantanamo bay in prison in illinois bought by the feds causing concern for the residents there going to talk to one of them who lives nearby next. >> forget the ice cream, clayton, the government says you can't have it shouldn't parents get to make that choice? what we give our kids? we'll talk about it. [ male announcer ] when these come together,
4:19 am
and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:21 am
>> welcome back. first up, 48. that's how many american airlines planes are expected to be back in the air today after pulling them to repair loose seats. the airlines cancelled dozens
4:22 am
of flights. 6 bucks are how much some are paying for a gallon of gas right now. price is up to $4.49 and analysts say they are going to keep going. finally $995,000 that's all you would have to pay to live here in the amityville horror house. i said horror house. [ laughter ] the home suspect for sale just in time for halloween. remember that movie. >> it's called a horror house. >> i'm from philly. a horror house. >> better, thank you. the department of justice is denying the suspected terrorists being held at n. guantanamo bay are coming to the united states. after the white house bypassed congress by spending $165 million on a new federal prison some lawmakers are calling this a back door move begin the process of gitmo prisoners. a military mom, a resident of
4:23 am
illinois and founder of band of mothers. good morning, beverly. >> good morning, alisyn. thanks for something me. >> it's nice to have you. >> i have got to tell you i'm fed up by this latest move. >> you are fed up and fired up. let's explain the back story here. this past week federal -- i'm sorry the department of justice as we said paid $165 million for this thomas prison in illinois. now, what the governor of illinois, pat quinn has said if this will bring 1100 jobs to illinois it will help with illinois' budget whoas what do you think are going on here. >> our soldiers are fighting and dying in afghanistan and they are doing that to keep the terrorists away from our shores. they are doing it, you know, under extreme conditions, under insane rules of engagement that afford all of the advantages to the terrorists on this battlefield. and they are doing that to keep the tastes away from us.
4:24 am
president obama has has promised to gitmo and this is his way to do it. >> signed and order to clear the way for thompson prison to be bought and used for transfer of gitmo prisoners to illinois. but since then the administration hasn't talked much about it. what makes you think that they are reviving the plan for gitmo prisoners as opposed to just turning this into a federal prison. >> i'm very suspicious, a lot of us are. it's back door thwarting of congress and the american people the way they have attempted to buy this prison. fit me cost the taxpayers $500 million. illinois taxpayers have spent $140 million to build thompson and it sits empty. do you know what i'm concerned about and what i don't understand is why this president, senator durbin and governor quinn are more concerned about murdering terrorists in gitmo than they
4:25 am
are about the crime rate and the murder rate here on the streets in chicago. we have little kids being shot off porches. my sution to them is to be concerned about the people of illinois. get that prison up and running as a state prison. quit releasing the criminals on to our streets early and, you know what? that will create a lot of local jobs in sterling. i understand those people up there want jobs. there is a way to do it. this wasteful spend something ridiculous. >> you point out that the prison in illinois are overcrowded. they can't accommodate all of the convicts already in illinois. you want it to be open but not house gitmo prisoners? >> it should be open as a state prison. >> we got kids being shot off porches here in chicago. this is ridiculous. i heard governor quinn say the other day. this will make it safer for people across this country. i would ask him and president obam durbin what
4:26 am
about the people and little kids in chicago getting shot in the murder rate here is threw the roof. it is absolutely the worse it has ever been. i have a solution to all of this. here is my solution. if you want to stop this wasteful spending that's going on with this administration. if you want to stop the threat of terrorism, then elect mitt romney. there will be no gitmo detainees coming to this shore if mitt romney is elected president. >> beverly, we hear your outrage this morning. we hear your anxiety about what's going to happen with this prison. thanks so much for coming in and talking with us about it. >> thanks for having me. >> terrifying moments caught on camera. machete wielding robber. wait until you see how this plays out. guys from the show gold rush want you to strike it rich this morning. stay tuned to find out how you can win $100,000 in gold. and we're checking back in with rick at the paul bunyan show and it's man versus tree.
4:27 am
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4:30 am
springs in a row 16-year-old meranda ferguson flipped 35 times from the 15-yard line to the 15-yard line breaking the previous record of 32 flips. >> that's fantastic. >> and two guinness officials were on hand to make it official, of course. >> and then her spleen fell out. >> it's got to be good for carpal tunnel. >> i don't want to hear both of your excuses for why you can't do that. >> no way. >> let's get to your headlines right now tell you what's happening in your news ambassador susan rice the woman who claimed spontaneous protests is what sparked attack on u.s. consulate in libya. that attack in benghazi left four americans dead including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. ambassador rice has been accused of lying to protect the white house during five separate television appearances later that week she blamed the attacks on protester who's were angry about a movie when in fact the administration now says it it was terrorist with ties to al
4:31 am
qaeda. rice tried to clarify in a letter to congress it says, quote: i relied solely and squarely on information the intelligence community provided to me. end quote. a group of republicans led my senator john john mccain responded quickly saying, quote: either the obama administration is misleading congress and the american people or it is blaming the entire failure on the intelligence community. cameras roll and crowds cheer as this helicopter comes crashing down in syria. two videos captured this crash while onlookers shouted god is great. shot outside the syrian capital of damascus where the military has been turning weapons on civilian protesters. >> all right, take a look at this. this is a masked man holding up a convenience store with a machete. he forced the cashier to hand over everything in the register while another masked man with a knife made the other terrified shop worker
4:32 am
laid down in a different part of the store. this all happened in england. luckily no one was hurt. but much of the staff is said to be too scared to go back to work. i can imagine. a food ban at one new jersey school district may have kids screaming for ice scream. a long time pta fundraiser of selling the frothy treat to students during lunch has now within forced to end thanks to the government. under state law selling food for fundraising cannot happen at the same time the school's nutritional program is going on. >> it's pretty sad because they are taking it away from us. >> these kids can't be kids so a little bit of ice cream won't hurt them. >> a little bit? i eat gallons of those fundraisers. i eat gallons of ice cream. >> it's supposed to be for charity. >> for a good cause. >> the psa says this could seriously jeopardize a number of student activities that involve treats. those are your headlines. >> talking jobs numbers this morning. of course, the new jobs numbers come out yesterday and a lot of people still out of work. if you are at work and you are
4:33 am
trying to get an advancementment there is a new study out that shows a lot of things that people are doing that are killing their jobs. that they won't be able to get that raise or advance in the workplace. >> let's go through them. what do you say? >> dive. in this is why i have an agent. i hate to promote myself. >> very uncomfortable to promote your own work. you are seen as a self-promoter. >> are what do they say a tree falls in the woods and they are not there to hear it. >> you get a raise. >> getting defensive. when your boss critical at work when you get defensive that's advancement killer. >> fine. all right. i will do it it? >> and then making rash decisions also part of the study saying this can be a job-killer because if you just decide i'm going to march in there and do this or i'm going to send off this report this way without taking a day to
4:34 am
think it through to see if it makes sense can hurt. >> you some of these are ernesto twined like not being assertive if you are near a negative person you should run away from him has actually been his ad vice. >> i told a little story earlier which is my place i worked at years and years ago. like 10 years ago. so negative. you all got. >> i cannot be around these people anymore. they are like you want to go to lunch with us because all you are going to do is complain the entire time. you have to cut it out of your life. >> it's cancer. >> one the worst things you can do though is lie. everybody then thinks you are a liar. i'm not kidding, dave. quit lying to me. >> you are lying right now.
4:35 am
>> that's bad if you want career advancement. just tell the truth. own up to it. also, being disorganized is a problem. >> hold on, i have got my cards. >> it is a problem at work. then you can't fulfill the promises that you have made to other people that you will send that report or email if you are disorganized. >> this man here is very tech savvy that is extremely important. if you think you can coast by not knowing how to tweet or use facebook or your computer, whatever, that is not good. >> that's bad? >> documents in the cloud all these over -- i need microsoft word otherwise i can't do this report? really. >> actually a stone tablet and chisel is that bad? >> mike uses aba cass. bean counter. have them inon >> what exact solid a paul bunyan festival? >> an area in ohio. have you not been out there in ohio this weekend? he are doing it right now celebrating modern day forrest industry and lumber jacking.
4:36 am
of course, rick reichmuth is out there. big paul bunyan show and festival carving out his own niche. >> is he a frustrated lumber jack. >> he is. >> you know that. that's for sure. okay, guys. here is what we have got going on. first of all, we have a gretchen fan and alisyn fan. shirt on that says i love gretchen and alisyn. so i have got rick and richard and mike. we have got two trees right here. they say that they can take these trees down pretty quickly. we are going to race. how quickly we are not going to make you go your fastest. how quick can you take this down. >> probably about a minute. we will see. >> you have a chainsaw. you have actions. how long you can -- take to get your tree down. >> under a minute. >> under a minute also. to make it a little more interesting. jason, swing over and there is an accuracy test here for this, also. they have got two pumpkins out here that we need you guys to see if you make it fall into the right spot, that's especially important because we have people and crew out
4:37 am
here they say they can't guarantee but we will do our best. i have got tom myers over here. we will be talking the race here as you go. let's get this ready are you ready? you are up? okay. you are on. go. your time has started job if you have a clock back in the studio to downtown this down. the guy with the chainsaw is having a little bit of a hard time getting the chainsaw going, go. you are on. all right. so tell me what's going on here how do they do this to make sure they are getting the right spot right now, rick they are chopping a notch which is going to determine the directional fall of the tree with the train saw. rick is now doo doing a bore cut where he is he going to it take out the lion share in the tree and he he is creating a hinge which will control the fall. oh they are coming. oh. he missed it. >> just missed the pumpkin. >> you have one chance to get this other um king. >> that was very very close.
4:38 am
>> looks like it's coming right now. it's coming right now. rick, where is it going to go? oh. rick tompkins was much closer with the husqvarna chainsaw. >> the chainsaw got closer. i'm impressed that did not take very long to get this down. i have got to tell you you have got some more muscles going on than the guy with the chainsaw does. >> it has more horsepower than me though. >> these guys look a little bit more like the paul bunyan. >> i'm a tree trimmer. i'm ann arborist. i not only cut them but climb trees too. >> neither of you hit the pumpkin. >> wait a minute, i hit the pumpkin i just didn't smash it. >> he did hit the pumpkin. we're going to be back with mike later on doing some serious competition. is he like the real competitor guy. >> complicated way of smashing pumpkins. >> i tried to chop down a tree at my house after like five swings i was winded and had to go in and watch football. >> see i prefer just hurling a
4:39 am
pumpkin at a moving car. >> what? >> i'm kidding it's the jersey coming out. i'm kidding. don't do that children. >> coming up on the show, we're giving you a chance to strike it rich. find out how you can win. this is no joke. $100,000 right here on our show. the guys on the discovery channel show gold rush are going to be here. they will show you how to enter this contest to give away $100,000. >> both siewdz agree romney took round one of the debate. two more to go. what went wrong with the president? where was he? a former romney debate coach has advice for the chief. first some line richie. >> new interview first lady michelle obama said that she would choose will smith or denzel washington to play her husband in a movie. or as democrats put that any way they can play him in a debate? c'mon guys. next question. hello! what's your favorite color? what's my favorite color?
4:40 am
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4:42 am
unemployed and that figure is rising. and, i guess you just call it an inconvenient truth. researchers in nor way claim electric cars actually cause more pollution than gas powered cars. according to their new study, not only do electric car factories pump more poison into the atmosphere than regular car factories, it also found that many electric car owners charge their cars with electricity from coal powered plants. that wasn't the plan, mike. >> after round 1 of the presidential debates political pundits on both sides of the aisle say governor mitt romney was the clear winner and our next guest says the president played it too safe. what do the president and mitt romney need to do for round 2. here to break it down, former debate coach for michele bachmann and governor mitt romney brad o'donnell. bret, good to see you. >> good to see you.
4:43 am
>> let's go right to a bite from the last debate so we can talk and move forward from. this this is the subject of education. listen. >> when he tells a student that you know, you should borrow money from your parents to go to college, you know, that indicates the degree to which, you know, there may not be as much as a focus. >> mr. president, you are entitled, mr. president to your own airplane and house but not to your own facts. i'm not going to cut education funding. i don't have any plan to cut. >> so respond to that. why do you think governor romney did so well? >> >> i think he was a lot sharper than the president was. governor romney got on offense early this the debate. he framed the debate in a way that it was very clear to the public what exactly he was trying to accomplish. throughout the debate he portrayed two paths one that the president has the country on and one that he would put the country on. that's exactly what he needed
4:44 am
to do. he needed to go after the president on the economy. but he also needed to cast vision for where he would take the country. i thought that was imminently clear on wednesday night. >>e said mitt romney had like 37 debates, you know, back to back to back to back. and the president really hasn't debated in four years. is that a factor? can you get rusty when it comes to debates? >> absolutely. practice, you know, like in any sport, practice debating really really helps. it was pretty obvious that the president was not prepared very well for the debate either through his prep team or through the amount of time that he actually spent getting ready for the debate. >> you know, sometimes our -- we glaze over when people start talking about taxes. it's hard to explain to people sometimes. listen to next change now and i will get your response. >> virtually everything you just said about my tax plan is inaccurate. if the tax plan he described were a tax plan i was asked to support, i would say absolutely not. i'm not looking for a 5
4:45 am
trillion-dollar tax cut. >> for 18 months, he has been running on this tax plan. and now, five weeks before the election. is he saying that his big bold idea is never mind. >> bret, how would you handle that, the tax debate? >> well, i thought governor romney really handled it well. he never let the president mischaracterize his tax plan. he, every tame the president tried to say it was a 5 trillion-dollar spending. governor romney went back, corrected the president, and then went back immediately on offense against the president's economic policies. >> of course, the president. >> he handled it exactly the way it should have been handled. >> of course the president didn't want to hear the word solyndra but it was brow up. listen to this. >> you put $90 billion, like 50 years worth of breaks into solar and wind. to solyndra and face cure and tesla and inner one. i have a friend who says you don't just pick the winners
4:46 am
and losers, you pick the losers. >> good exchange there. real quickly because we're out of time. if you had to give advice to the president? how would you change the thing? it's a town hall format? who is probably going to do better in a town hall. >> the conventional wisdom is that the president connects better with voters than governor romney does except that governor romney on wednesday night shows that he connects very well with voters. he did a much better job than the president. the president has got to get into the debate prep sessions and work hard. there is no substitute for preparation. >> yeah. can you prep too much though? >> absolutely not. it's just the way you do prep. you have got to be -- you have got to know the issues. have you got to have a strategy. which the president didn't have. then you have got to be mentally prepared which it didn't appear the president was. >> what was the most surprising thick for you as far as the president's performance there? i was really watching the thing i was like why do you
4:47 am
keep looking down? what was he doing? is it ever a good idea to look like you are looking at notes? >> his body language said that he wasn't prepared and then by the end of the debate his body language if you noticed is he looking more to the left, which is not at the moderator, not at the audience not at his opponent. almost saying please get me off of this stage as fast as possible. >> what about being crazy like a fox? have you got three debates. maybe the most important one to win would be the last one. >> no, the most important one to win is the first one. if the public thinks you won the debate the first debate overwhelmingly, then you become the winner and winners win. if people think that you are a good debater after the first debate then they are going to project that image on you over the next couple. that's why governor romney's performance was so good because he broke the perception that the president was going to beat him in the debates. >> that's for sure. almost 70 million people watched it. i doubt if that many people watch the second or the third.
4:48 am
thanks a the lo. >> good to be with you. >> you want more energy? of course you do and blissful stress-free life? did you know you can make it happen in 40 days. we will tell you exactly what we are talking about in the next half hour. we have been teasing you all morning. finally up next, find out how you can win $100,000 worth of gold from the guys on gold rush. they should know. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways.
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4:51 am
>> after two years of battling bad weather and equipment breakdowns, a group of gold miners may be about to strike it rich. >> the huffmans are after the impossible. >> we could have a million-dollar season. >> to finally hit it big. todd is super sizing his operation. >> we are going to hit this one straight out of the park. >> it's a lot different than gold mining i remember. gold rush is discovery channel's highest rated series
4:52 am
and it's back for a third season. joining us now are two of the stars of the show the father son team of jack and todd hoffman. nice to see both of you this morning. >> thanks. >> this show has become the number one show on discovery channel. why? why are people so intrigued by what you do. >> i think everybody is living vicariously through us, you know. and we have done it in order to survive the economy. >> survive the economy, todd and get out there. is this something other people can do? do you see other people showing up to the mine. you have big trucks and dumpsters and dump trucks and everything else? they start watching all the troubles and trials and how extensive it is. i think a lot of people have the idea really cannot accomplish this because it's extreme and it's hard. and, you know, people go
4:53 am
plaster mining make it the odds are really not that good. >> jack, my history of what gold mining is is a guy out there in a hat and a pan. panning for gold in a river and a stream. that's not at all what you guys are doing. >> it is. but it is in a whole lot bigger method. we use the heavy equipment to do the same thing that the little guy did with a shovel. >> and, todd, this series you talked about the first episode that we're going to see here on october 26th which is that this could be your biggest season yet. a million-dollar season. so a lot of prep work went n the off season to give you a leg up this season. how do you prepare to find gold? >> you know, your third season is this. your first season you are kind of getting set up. your second season you are trying to get your legs under you. third season is your make and break. you know. the thing is that you either got to go big or go home. and so what i tried to do in this season is i try to go
4:54 am
big. and plus last season driving out of there, i looked right into the camera and i said you know what? i'm going to get a thousand ounces. i threw that out there. and, you know what? to be honest with you, it's taken a lot of abuse for even saying that because last year we only got 94 ounces. that's a pretty huge jump from 94 to 1,000 ounces. so, you know, that's kind of where we are at. you know, people get to see this. season is this going to be our last season. because of the economy, we have reinvented ourselves and we are trying to reinvent ourselves as gold miners. >> this isn't about tv jack. this is your family. this is your livelihood? this is my livelihood. i have put it in there. you know, we are all in. >> do you have any gold on you right now i can borrow?
4:55 am
i carry some. on a serious note. this isn't fun and games for us. you and i both know what's going on in the economy. we know what's going on with printing money. right? here is opportunity for folks at home to win gold of your own. you are about to do something incredible on your show. you are going to be giving away $100,000. "fox & friends" viewers first time you are mentioning it. get a chance to win $100,000. what do they have to do? >> what you have to do is at the end of the very first episode. there is going to be a code. you will go to gold rush give and you will place that code in there at the end of the second episode. they are going to they this
4:56 am
isn't me and jack. this is the discovery channel. i was impressed with the discovery channel to step up. our fans are the most loyal fans. they have been with us from the beginning. if you are not watching gold rush right now trust me you will be a god rush fan pretty quick. that's pretty awesome to step up and say thank you to the fans. 100,000 bucks. >> jack and todd for mentioning it and bringing it here and debuting it. watch the first episode of gold rush, the season premier of the third season gold rush give for your chance to win is hundred thousand dollars. thanks for joining us. i will give it back to you. >> i see you trying to keep it, clayton. for everyone who is wondering if the obama ha administration wants a massive tax hike, vice president joe biden had this message. >> you know, the phrase you always use obama and biden want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars.
4:57 am
guess what? yes, we do. [ laughter ] he self-corrected after that but the gaffes don't end there. is the mainstream media giving the v.p. a pass? former governor mike huckabee is on this next half hour and then his competition never saw this coming. this kid goes matrix in dodge ball. is this the greatest move ever? [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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5:00 am
v rm get away with gaffes like that? >> and a union supporting president obama hires a new attack dog. >> my name is richard haze and i pick up mitt romney's trash. when i'm 55, 60 years old i know my body is going to be break down. romney doesn't care about that. >> seriously mitt romney's garbage man has a campaign hit a new low this morning. governor mike huckabee is here playing a song. [ laughter ] >> we will explain why we have a piano in the studio and governor huckabee.
5:01 am
you never know what you get on this show. starts right now. >> welcome back, everybody. mike jerrick is in for the vacationing dave briggs. great to have you here. >> a garbage man? that's what they are doing now? >> wow. >> something stinks. >> smells like garbage. >> can i say quickly a quick shout out to lena sheehan, she is watching in california. she got up at 3:00 in the morning to watch this show. >> no, you can't. >> she is a real mike jerrick fan. there are legions out there. >> if you are watching the show this morning we will show you later in the show. a tease for you. we have a new "fox & friends" weekend facebook page. we are putting up polls and all sorts of stuff there we have been posting pictures and stuff on the show. >> we're fancy. >> we're cool. we are. >> we begin with headlines
5:02 am
right now and a fox news alert. there is new video out of new haven connecticut. hook handed preacher named abu al masri is due in court any minute now. is he facing terrorist charges here in the united states where he has just landed after being extradited overnight united kingdom. he and four others tried to launch a training camp in oregon. u.s. prosecutors have been awaiting this moment for nearly a decade. al for hands and he is missing an eye after a botched attempt to wage jihad in afghanistan. is he well known in terrorist circles. once credited with inspiring as well as shoe bomber richard reid. we will will keep an eye on this all morning long. friendly fire, not drug smugglers likely killed an arizona border patrol agent this week. the fbi says it appears nicholas ivy and two other agents accidently shot at each other while chasing down drug runners near the mexican border, tuesday.
5:03 am
investigators also don't believe the suspect ever fired at the agents. one of the other agents was also shot but is reportedly okay this morning. no arrests have been made his shooting is still being investigated. pope benedict's former butler stealing papers. leaking some to italian journalist. sentenced to 18 months in jail. turned into a scathing book that revealed corruption and scandal inside the vatican. he insisted weighs not a thief and said he leaked the information out of love for the church and the pope. >> the butler did it. >> all right. >> do you want to tell me about this next maneuver. >> my next reaction is ridiculous and unneeded. pullings out serious ninja moves. take a look at the blue shirted guy in the middle of your screen. watch. >> he nailed the guy. >> unnecessary or fabulous. >> he nailed the guy, right? because he is distracted by
5:04 am
the ninja move. >> perhaps, be like a baseball pitcher on the mound doing some weird flip and throwing the ball over for a strike but when he sees an open he does this crazy stunt and pulls a stunt called a gayner. >> i thought dodge ball had been banned in most schools now. >> it happened at keen university in new jersey. >> it's new jersey there is no rules. >> how many hits does it have on youtube already? just posted 800,000? wow. >> i hated dodge ball in school. >> because you were -- >> -- i was hit -- that's what happened to this face. >> let's bring in governor mike huckabee to expound on all of this. no, actually the jobs numbers. >> i thought we were going to play dodge ball is what i was told. >> hook and one eye. >> that's what the administration trying to do here may have dodged a ball this week. 48 hours -- >> -- what a segway. >> 48 hours after that poor debate performance the white house needed some positive
5:05 am
information. it was like they were handed a gift in this jobs report. now politics as you always say is perception. 7.8% looks good for the president. but the devil is in the details, right? >> this was the greatest thing the obama team could have seen since two tablets of stone came down from mount sinai. i mean this really was great news. it turned the narrative from gee what a horrible debate performance to hey the job numbers look better. the sad realty while the job numbers look better on the percentage there is still about 23 million americans out of work. people under employed and most people who would have been counted are just simply not even reporting anymore. they have given up. >> the numbers were stunning, right? that it went down so far. so one of the theories is that people have started home businesses where they are not making the income perhaps that they used to. still, they consider themselves employed to when people call to ask your status. >> that's exactly what's happening. people who have part time jobs maybe they are just picking up a little something here and there, not really full-time
5:06 am
employment, but are you working? yeah. i'm working. but, look, let's be fair. the number is a good number for obama. if i were him i would be going out there trumenting it all over the place saying we finally turned this around. is he going to do that? , he is. >> here is the way to look at it. there are a lot of americans out there. they know they don't have the income they had four years ago. they know they are not fully employed like they want to be or once were. so it's kind of like if you have pain and you just can't deal with it and you go to a doctor and he says you are fine, you are doing terrific. what do you do say i guess i'm making it up or do you say i better find another doctor? i think mitt romney has a great opportunity to say you can either believe the facts of the economy you are living every day of your life or you can believe your lying eyes here. >> how do americans -- do most every day americans look at 7.8 and 8.1. >> they are looking at gas prices. when they squeeze that handle on the pump, they know they
5:07 am
are paying nearly 4 and 5 bucks a gallon. when they get their paycheck they know it's less than it used to be. they know that food prices rupp. think know it costs more to go to school. they know their kids who just got out of college are living in the basement. they want to get rid of them. that's just fact. >> are there are a lot on the left after the debate performance the other night wondering what in the world happened to president obama. why didn't he show up? in fact i think on the cover of the new yorker this week there is going to be an empty chair picture next to mitt romney on the front page of new york. not exactly a right wick the newspaper. a lot of people wondering what happened. so all of these excuses were coming out. vice president gore said it was the altitude that caused him to have this problem. then we have this from the dnc communication director brad woodhouse on what happened the other night. take a listen. we will get to you respond. >> there has been plenty of people have pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night if he was talking, he was -- if he was speaking last night, he was lying.
5:08 am
and, look, mitt romney had a good night. but, you know, even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then. >> their argument now is that president obama was so shell-shocked because mitt romney was lying that he simply didn't know how to respond to the lies. >> first of all, that says more about the inadequacy of barack obama than it does -- if mitt romney was telling that big of whopper and barack obama didn't know how to combat it then give the game to mitt romney for being a better warrior. that's a ridiculous kind of argument. if barack obama had had half as much command of the facts. >> he has been living this for four years. why would you even need notes. that's just the hard facts. when you look at unemployment numbers. 43 months above 8% since 1948 to 2009 before obama took office. cumulatively there was only 39 months in which the unemployment rate was above.
5:09 am
what does he show up with? an empty chair. >> beyond being ill prepared as most pundits agreed that the president was. what about this reaction after the fact? i mean, you know, you know what it is like to debate. afterwards, if you have a bad performance. is it better for voters if you say i wasn't on my game? >> absolutely. yes. >> rather than saying, the other guy is a liar. look over here that guy is a liar. >> some of the excuses are ridiculous. al gore and interestingly, he was saying people around the table saying yeah, great insight. no not great insight. dumbest guy who said he didn't win the debate and couldn't debate well because he is black. are you kidding me? did barack obama get elected president and not realize he was black and suddenly realize in november. black guy, white guy i can't debate it that was dumbest thing i think i ever heard
5:10 am
ever. >> bite your tongue because this may be the dumbest thing ever. could this be a campaign low which is a union supporting obama campaign for re-election just gee leased new ad starring garbage man. not making this up. watch this. >> my named is richard haze and i pick up mitt romney's cash: invisible people. you know. he doesn't realize -- be a big health issue. picking up trash. >> it's time for us to cut back on government. >> we come out and shake hands, sometimes they give us hugs. and thank us for the job we are doing. >> that's just kind of embarrassing. >> does he say come out and give us hugs? >> that's nice. >> let's just get real. people who pick up trash do a very important job. they work very very hard. and it's a work that we should appreciate. and i think we do. but i don't imagine that most
5:11 am
people hear the trash truck and say honey, just a moment i have got to go out and hug the trash man. that's got to be the dumbest political ad. i have had a lot of fun with it on radio making up all the other things we can get. having a cop that wouldn't, you know, romney wouldn't bribe on a traffic ticket and how it kept him from having extra income. prostitutes that romney wouldn't frequent and it's really hurting their business. this is ridiculous. can you line up a lot of funny stuff. this is absurd. even jimmie jimmy kimmel was mag fun. look i may give my trash man a high five but i'm not going to go hug him. >> right. do you see what they're covered in? >> if i were the president and had a bad performance, i would want everybody just to be quiet speaking for me. >> i think what you guys said before, go out there and say it was not my best night. sometimes sometimes whether
5:12 am
you are athlete or entertainer, you just have a night you are just not on. town hall debates. environments can be relatable. mitt romney's achilles heel. >> governor, stick around, you are not done. >> i will give you a few more minutes. >> when vice president joe biden admitted well, sort of, that yes, there is a mask tax hike coming your way courtesy of him. you know the phrase we always use, obama and biden want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars. guess what? yes we do. >> he corrected for that afterwards. but we do want to talk about the gaffe plus whether the mainstream media is giving the v.p. a pass. >> then the ultimatum one employer just gave. get your flu shot or you are out of here. you will be fired if you don't have the flu shot. does that sound fair? we report, you decide after the break.
5:13 am
>> mitt romney really on the offensive the other night. he made statements that i think damaged president obama's credibility almost like he was he joe biden. you could feel it bob, these projections... they're... optimistic. productivity up, costs down, time to market reduced... those are good things. upstairs, they will see fantasy. not fantasy... logistics. ups came in, analyzed our supply chain, inventory systems... ups? ups. not fantas who would have thought? i did. we did, bob. we did. got it.
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- ♪ between your heart and mine ♪ male announcer: a message from the foundation for a better life. >> stand up, chuck, let them see you. oh, god love you. what am i talking about? i will tell you what. you are making everybody else stand up though, pal. this is a big [bleep] deal. >> thank you dr. pepper. chancellor, dr. paper. >> they are going to put you all back in chains. >> why don't you all sit down if you have seats. thank you. i didn't realize you didn't have seats. i apologize. >> classic. >> vice president joe biden known for going off
5:16 am
teleprompter every now and then. here is the latest gaffe bush tax cuts letting them. >> you know the phrase y'all use obama and biden want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars. guess what? yes, we do. in one regard. we want to let that trillion-dollar tax cut expire so the middle class doesn't have to bear the burden of all that money going to the super wealthy. >> okay so he admitting there that they do want to raise taxes. that's no secret. i don't know if you call that a gaffe, governor, he is admitting that taxes for people who make above $250,000 as a family will go up. how do you interpret what he said there at the podium. >> remember the warren beatty movie bull worth? joe bull worth. he can't help himself. when he blurted out the middle class had been buried for four years. what he just admitted walter mondale said in the debate in 1984, i'm going to raise your
5:17 am
taxes. you know what joe said was true. >> middle class line was worse than this. >> yeah in many ways it was because it was almost as if it was a freudian slip it was really what he knew. by the way, jewels before the debate the other night, biden called president obama and said go out there and win one for the gaffer. >> did romney send you that zinger? so the question in the mainstream media side of all of, this if this were -- if he were in the other party, would he be getting as much as a pass? it seems when he makes these gaffes oh it's just joe biden saying something funny and going off teleprompter is there a bias here in a way in which his gaffes are played in the mainstream media? >> there is and part of it is because there is a bias toward the obama/biden ticket. part of it is because i think everybody knows joe biden. is he a good guy. let me be very clear. i like joe biden. is he a good, decent man. i think people sort of say you
5:18 am
know what? that's just joe. you have got to love the guy for being candid and honest. i will tell you what i do love, joe leads with his heart. i give him credit for that. it's kind of refreshing in politics who see somebody who has a heart. he speaks it. you may not agree with what he said. have you got to at least accept the fact that here is a guy who truly does, i think, connect to people. i give him that. >> he is learnly going to make the vice presidential debate upcoming. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> who isn't. >> he is goings to make it interesting. will he seem folksy as he can, joe biden and will that make paul ryan seem stiffer. >> the big challenge for paul ryan is to be able to connect with voters emotionally in the same way joe biden has a capacity to do. for all the talk about biden's gaffes and he is prone to it it is he also a guy when he stands up and rally as crowd. he has them absolutely ready to be scraped off the wall with a putty knife. >> is the vice presidential debate important. >> it can be.
5:19 am
can make a difference in people's perception here is a team can i trust. not as important as the presidential debates but part of the narrative that people are looking at and undecided voters to say can that guy be president? >> there is a lot of history looking this week going back to 2008 to think about how then candidate biden did in those debates and he really cleaned the clock of both hillary and then candidate obama as well. then he went on to that vice presidential debated with sarah palin by all accounts won that as well. most memorable moments from that were sarah palin not answering questions. so can he do the same thing? that was a very difficult debate. do you remember all the prep for that? >> he had to walk a very delicate line and not insulting her. will we see some of that this week? >> i think what you have got on the stage are two very knowledgeable attic could you lat. nobody knows the budget better than paul ryan. nobody has probably at least in the national stage a better perspective, big picture of the overall sense of
5:20 am
government as joe biden. again, you may not agree with his conclusions. but he understands the intricacies, so this is going to be a great debate between two knowledgeable warriors. >> very quickly, what's on your show tonight. >> he well, we have frank will you tell us looking at ads and people's response. we will be talking about mitt romney's religion with congressman lab bore out of identified da who he. we have panget we will be doing a little bit of debate analysis. the kind of thing that will keep you on the end of your seat. you will even want to watch the commercials. >> the dinner won't be nearly as effective. >> thanks, mike. >> coming up, chaos literally as furious atlanta brave fans lash out after a controversial call. >> tomahawk chop. >> want more energy and blissful stress-free life? mike did, you know you can make it happen in 40 days? this guy the author tom newberry is letting you in on his secret and new book 40
5:21 am
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>> let me give you some headlines here the uss michael murphy the navy's newest warship will be commissioned in just a couple hours. the destroyer is named for the first medal of honor recipient for the afghan war. murphy killed during ambush in 2005. and, it's not exactly breakfast but you have to admit, looks pretty darn good, doesn't it? it's called the fleure burg ir. most expensive hamburgers in the world. >> what does it have in it. >> it cost $5,000. >> it looks worth it. >> at mandalay bay out in vegas. duck liver, truthful sauce and served on a briosh bun. they also serve it with a giant bottle of booze. >> that could be where the expense comes. >> in i hope they will send us some to sample. >> oh my stomach hurts. >> with the country still suffering from high unemployment. country finding themselves in a mental rut once in a while. apparently there is an easy way out of it from a man worked with countless business
5:25 am
executives and entrepreneurs. >> newberry's new book called 40 days to a joy-filled life. all about how you think and what you do. so nice to see you this morning, tommy. welcome to the show. so, 40 days to a joy-filled life it seems like a tall order to have pulled that off in just 40 days. >> it is. but you can at least get a head start. with so many people down and discouraged and a lot of people feeling defeated, some have even downgraded their dreams for their future. we hear about downgrading the credit. but downgrading your dreams is a lot tougher thing. so there is a nugget in the new testament philippians 4:8 that says focus on what's lovely pure, true, gracious, just. if it there is excellence, anything worthy of praise think of these things. if we use traverse as a filter for what we think, about what we speak, what we do, we start experiencing more joy. >> we kind of know what is neble deep down inside? >> we do. the things that are positive that give us inspiration.
5:26 am
that gives us faith. that make us look forward. >> you are what you attract. if you focus on the negative. you will attract more negativity in your life. >> whatever you start paying attention, to you tend to notice more of. if you focus on your spouse's flaws you will notice more flaws. if you focus on what you don't like about your work you will start noticing more things you don't like about your work. >> three questions you should ask yourself every day. the first one is what am i most grateful for, how does that help? >> it shifts your attention from your blunders maybe to your blessings. and the more that you focus on your blessings, the more blessings that you will notice. the more relational you will be with others. the more you will see the good in other people around you and in business, for example, the more opportunities you will see. >> i was reading in your book that you say just recognize what your strengths are. you know, and then run with them. >> that's right. i mean, you're good at certain things for a reason. and our school systems are set up to a large degree to make you good at everything.
5:27 am
most people find pleasure when they're doing what god made them to do day in and day out. half of your waking hours you are living. if you are just sort of blah about that that's unacceptable. that will take away from your joy for sure. >> a lot of peek passionate about painting or gardening. you say looking at those things, and trying to do more of those in the next 90 days. >> absolutely. and particularly in the next 40 days if you can't get all the enjoyment you want from your work. then after work and on the weekends, find the things you can throw your heart into. and this stunt mean you wait to get the job that you are absolutely passionate about if you are out of work. you find a job and try to make the best of it and over time work yourself into a position where you love what do you because that's probably where you can make the greatest difference. >> it's such a good book. 40 days biblical, too? >> it is. great spiritual significance. jesus was tempted the most probably in the 40 days in the desert.
5:28 am
noah, the flood, 40 days. so 40 days is long enough to make a difference. it's not so long like 90 days or six months or a year you can see the finish line from the starting line. that's why it's hopeful and probably takes that long to work a habit into your life anyway. >> great great. tommy newberry, author of a "joy-filled life." >> thank you for having me. >> starting it rightner. >> you will follow your passion and do more star wars stuff? >> right. >> coming up on the show the ultimatum bun employer just gave get your flu shot or get fired. does that sound fair to you? >> maybe susan rice has had her flu shots. i'm not sure. >> then ambassador susan rice insisted as you will will remember that the attack on our consulate in libya was quote spontaneous. now that we know it wasn't, how she claims how she got it so wrong?
5:29 am
ely. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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5:31 am
>> welcome back. it's the thing you have all been waiting for. >> i couldn't sleep last night. >> it's your shot of the morning. it's your "fox & friends" weekend facebook page. it just got a new face lift.
5:32 am
i was contemplating yesterday mowing the lawn. many of you chimed in and said skip it. don't do it? >> is that before or after your facebook. >> behind the scenes. >> here we are guesting. >> go to"fox & friends" weekend. that is the official page. like us there and post in there we will do polls throughout the show and all sorts of thing. twitter can be fleeting. facebook much more interaction. >> facebook is forever. >> right, facebook is forever. like my heart. >> all right. we have to tell it you this very serious top story there are new developments this morning on that attack that killed our u.s. ambassador in libya and the white house representative who was accused of misleading congress on the investigation. fox news peter doocy is live in washington with more on all of this. hi, peter. >> hi, aly. we just heard from the defense secretary leon panetta who was on a plane ride to peru. he promised to find whoever killed four americans on 9/11 this year in benghazi and make them play.
5:33 am
>> we are following up on the arrests that van made making sure we go after those who are involved on the attack in libya. as the president has said, our goal is to make sure that we bring those involved to justice. >> several days after internal investigation have decided the deadly raid on the consulate was a premeditated terrorist attack and not a spontaneous act of violence. susan rice said she wasn't so sure how to classify the attack because the investigation was ongoing. i relied solely and squarely on the information the intelligence community provided to me. this information represented the intelligence community best current assessment. as of the date of my television appearances.
5:34 am
but that is not good enough for republic senators mccain, ayot and rod johnson. ambassador rice claims the administration launched comprehensive effort to determine what happened in benghazi but the administration failed to secure the scene of the terrorist attack for three weeks allowing evidence and sensitive information to be compromised and destroyed. from the beginning to end, the administration's behavior in the wake of the attack indicates a breath-taking level of incompetence and suggests an intent to deliberately mislead congress and the american people when a white house spokesman was asked about a report saying the state department denied the benghazi security team's request for a dc 3 aircraft. that spokesman pointed to a line from that story that says nobody is arguing that a plane would have definitely made a difference for the four americans who ended up being killed. back to you in new york. >> yeah. i mean, hindsight is 2020.
5:35 am
hard to know what would have helped. >> deadly meningitis outbreak that's spreading across the east coast. it expands again now 47 people are infected in at least seven states, tennessee, virginia, maryland, florida, north carolina and michigan. so far five people have been killed by the bacterial infection being spread by bad back infection shot. they have sincen recalled. get a flu shot or get fired. that's what hospital workers in colorado have being threatened with. requiring all hospital workers get vaccinated. phased in over the next few years. some are implementing the rule now. if employee refuses the vaccine they will first be suspended and then fired. some employees say the requirement violates civil rights. the hospital says it's all for the good of the patients. downpours led to chaos on a florida highway series of crashes sending 52 people to the highway.
5:36 am
scene unfolding in front of drivers on i-75 saying all they could do was brace for impact. >> there was just a wall of stopped cars. i did as much as i could to avoid it i mean i had no choice. i had to just hit a car. >> i heard the crashes behind us, i looked back and all i saw was vehicles crashing and flying up into the air. >> all you could do was brace and slam the car in front of you and then you got slam and slammed and slammed. >> no word yet on whether anyone was killed. >> hey, alisyn, dave is off but i'm going to handle some sports now. major league baseball playoffs i love this time year. i would love it more if my phillies were in it. one game playoff after this controversial call. watch this. there are bottles and cans falling short and landing oen fast down in the field. >> what are they so angry about? may have started after a braves player was called out on infield fly rule so hard to say and also so hard to pull
5:37 am
off. take a look at all the trash and garbage the braves andrew simmons hit the ball to left field. let the ball drop, infield fly rule but the late signal calling infield fly rule out. of course fans started own protest showering the fields. delayed the game for 18 minutes while they cleaned up all of the mess. umpires reviewed the play and they let the call stand so now because of that, well maybe because of other reasons too it, the cardinals went on to win 6 to 3 and they take the national league wild car spot. one game playoff they added this year. >> look at that behavior. >> it's your own field. >> throwing on your own field. >> now they are out. braves are done and cardinals go on. there you go. >> meanwhile, this weekend, the paul bunyan show is going on in ohio. and it's all about educating the public on the forrest industry industry in america. our own personal lumberjack rick reichmuth is there and he has an ax to grind.
5:38 am
>> he have very orange. >> you said it, yeah. they put this on me. it's a paul bunyan show in cambridge, ohio. southeast, ohio. one of the things you can see if you come here is experts in throwing these actions. was there any practical forrest industry purpose to throwing actions. >> no. throwing the ax is a game back at camp. useful tools out in the woods. kind of a utility tool. >> you are good at this. you are going to be able to throw. this you say i can stand there if i trust you to. >> you don't know me that well. >> let me see what you can do. >> not quite a bulls eye but not bad. so when you come out here, that was good. i'm impressed. i'm glad i wasn't standing right there. one of the other things that you can see when you come to these shows, the paul bunyans ma log roll. and, lumberjacking and this isn't just for men. >> no, it's jack and jill.
5:39 am
>> jack and jill. all right. you are the jill. you are going it to get on this thing. and it's not enough for you to just roll around on it. can you jump rope on. this yeah, do i a little jump roping. >> hop on here. let's see. >> dale, come back up here. you and i are going to talk while she is doing her thing on this log. can we push you off? >> oh, i'm all right. >> >> take a look at this. this is nuts. and does she ever fall? >> once in a great while but not normally. >> jump roping on this seems kind of ridiculous. >> yeah, it's challenging enough without adding that element. i have got to tell threw has got to be some practical purpose as to how this ever started. how did log rolling ever start. look at that look at that. [cheers] >> originated with the old river drives. that's how they used to transport to the mills. down streams and men had to get out on the logs and break up log jams and sort it out.
5:40 am
of course on sundays they would have competitions. >> they would put logs on the river and then they would get on them and that's how they move the logs down the river? >> that was one of the methods used along the coast in the north. >> not bad. all right. missy, i'm impressed. no falls. all right. i'm going on. all right. guys, we'll send it back to you. >> not yet you are not. >> we're going to watch this. get on, rick, you are not allowed to toss it back to us until you jump on that log. >> don't you dare push me in. >> there is no way i would last more than two seconds. >> well good we have got time. >> thanks, rick, love to hear some music. >> five utah dads just went from playing piano on youtube to the big time. take a look at this for some music. ♪ ♪. ♪ >> the piano guys are here live in our studio this morning to share their awesome
5:41 am
story. >> you guys are cool. >> did you know the so-called wal-mart moms are a huge factor in this year's election? guess what, they say the debate was a game changer for them. we'll talk to them. >> they like low low deals. we use this board to compare car insurance rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ whooshing ] tell me about it. why am i not going anywhere? you don't believe hard enough. a smarter way to shop around. now that's progressive. call or click today. [ grunting ]
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5:43 am
>> wal-mart moms are the demographic that is all coveted this year. female voters with children. 18 years old or younger who shop at wal-mart. at least once a month. these women have been a key voting block in the last two elections. so what do they think about this week's debate and will their opinion actually sway the election? our next guest conducted a dial session with a group of
5:44 am
wal-mart moms during the debate and a focus group immediately following it it margie omero joins from us d.c. she is a democratic pollster with momentum analysis. and republic pollster with republic opinion strategies. ladies, thanks to both of you for being here. so, very quickly, margie, let me start with you. these wal-mart moms, they are all important and they also are undecided? >> yes. we talked to moms and we talk to moms who already naturally more in the middle. we didn't talk to the moms who have already made up their mind definitely going to -- definitely not going to change. how they saw the debate. >> a lot of moms thought the debate was a draw and some moms thought romney won. you didn't have any moms feel that obama won. but they still wanted to hear more from both candidates. >> not surprising. that that was the outcome. alex, let me show you one of the dials that you did. this is where mitt romney was talking about something that
5:45 am
obviously is important to wal-mart moms and that's education. let's listen. >> number three, make sure our people have the skills they need to succeed and the best schools in the world. we are far awaive from that now. northbound four, get us to a balanced budget. number 5. champion small business. they are the ones that have created jobs. and they have decided new business down to a 30 year low. i know what it takes to get small business growing again to hire people. >> wow, interesting. you could see when he was talking about education the incline there steadily climbing. >> right. exactly. and mitt romney really seems to have kicked the door back open with these swing wal-mart moms in these debates. you know, before they had somewhat been tuning him out. on wednesday night they saw a candidate who had plans who was talking about an issue that was really important to them like you just showed. education, they heard that he
5:46 am
wants to have more qualified and quality teachers and that is so important to them. they heard him talk about different parts of his plan as you saw those dials climb just now. taking off his different parts that he would do. they saw an assertive candidate and they are open to listening to him again. >> margie, let's take a look what happens when president obama is talking here. he is talking about tax loopholes. let's watch the dials. >> i also want to close those loopholes that are giving incentives for companies shipping jobs overseas, i want to provide tax breaks for companies here in the united states. on energy, governor romney and i both agree we have got to boost american energy production and oil and natural gas production are higher than they have been in years. >> so you saw there again a steep incline about what was it closing the loopholes the doe domestic production? >> yeah. wal-mart moms really
5:47 am
respond -- they responded well to what the president said. it's important to note while mitt romney had a better night than obama. it wasn't that the moms just tuned out whenever the president spoke. he this current out to a lot of of what he had to say we just watched or how the country is stronger when we have a strong personal class. when he told his own story. there was a lot that mom connected to. there is a lot what is going it happen in the in connection with next few debates. >> we can imagine moms are concerned about the economy. wall march moms are more concerned about getting food on their table than cash. did those things come up during the course of this debate with them. >> right. exactly. these moms are trying to figure out every day how to make ends meet for their family. when they heard the candidates talk about the economy and as margie just said, the middle
5:48 am
class, that is incredibly important topic for them. they want to understand how governor romney, if he is elected or if president obama, if he is reelected how their life is going to be better over the next four years. so, part of what they saw what was going on here, was that mitt romney really did come and connect with them in a way that they hadn't seen before. and, yet, they didn't really hears a much from president obama in terms of how things were going to be better and different. ' economy in terms of economy and of course education and healthcare. those are the things that they really care about for them and their families. >> of course. we can imagine they won't be undecided for much longer. margie omero alex brady. thanks so much for coming in and showing this dial. >> thank you. >> thank you, great to be here. >> the unemployment rate might be down but there is a few more numbers that are important to show you this
5:49 am
morning we will give you the context about that then five utah dads went from playing piano on youtube to the big time here are the piano guys. ♪ ♪
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> they are the five dads from utah whose mash-ups of classical music and pop songs turned them into youtube sensations. eventually they got a record deal out of this. they just released cd. there it is piano guys. please welcome to "fox & friends" the piano guys. are you all here all five of you. >> all six of us now. >> yes, i'm now a piano guy. elton john. well, how did you all meet each other? >> it seemed like happenstance, circumstances it was really miraculous. all five of us just crossed paths in saint george, utah. >> i have been to saint george, yes, yes. >> it's god's country, beautiful place, that's where we started filming music videos together and we are up on 1,000 cliff jumping out an a plane. all sorts of crazy stuff. >> you got this record deal. congratulations by the way. do you travel around the
5:53 am
country? is there a message to all of this? >> we just like to try to inspire kids. that's our favorite thing. we get comments from parents and they say hey, our kids showed your music to us. we're like wow, that's pretty cool. >> who is the first one of you that said we ought to take the tom off the piano and just start beating on it? that looks like you. >> it was definitely me. >> i'm just crazy like that. >> this is like spontaneous thing. we all kind of having add and it was a result of that we were just all sitting around the piano and tinkering and we were talking about a video shoot. before you knew it playing the keys and pluck the keys. >> 16 and a half children between the five of us but only one wife each. >> that's good. >> you know, it's utah. >> so what are you going to play? >> we are going to play a one direction tune called what makes you beautiful. >> i actually. >> dedicate it to you. >> oh, thank you. you are beautiful, too. one direction, one of the most popular groups in the world now. >> yes. >> a bunch of kids.
5:54 am
shall we do it? >> let's do it. >> can i do this too? >> sure. >> we will let you, come on. >> can i get over there and wheat on -- beat on something? let's go. the piano guys. ♪ ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪
5:55 am
5:56 am
♪ that, na, na na ♪ na na ♪ na na na na na ♪ na, na, na na na na ♪ na na na na na ♪ [cheers and applause] >> i like you guys.
5:57 am
>> thank you. >> whoo! >> oh, boy. that was exciting, mike. i didn't know you could play the piano. forget the ice cream, kids, the government says you can't have it now should parents be the ones making that choice? then, this story sweeping the nation. a dog slips out of his house and finds a way to the hospital where his owner is being treated. two miles away. that dog and his owner are here live. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation, not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be,
5:58 am
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6:00 am
and had a rate below 8%. but not everybody is buying the numbers. >> these numbers don't smell right when you think where the economy is right now. >> how did we get to the number? we'll get the real unemployment rate coming up. >> mike: something smells. excuses, excuses, first call mitt romney a liar and then the blaming air up there in colorado. if they're selling it, will you buy it. >> the best story all day, a dog slips out of the house and finds the way to the hospital where his owner is treated two miles away, how in the world? that dog and his owner are here live to tell us that story. >> mike: good boy. >> and you know, the dog wasn't using apple maps to knew where it was, he knew how to get to the hospital. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. ♪
6:01 am
>> good morning, again, everybody, and great to have you with us for the last hour. and mike jarrett filling in, and it's wonderful. >> did you contribute anything at all to that musical performance? >> i'm now the 6th piano man, i played the entire piano. >> and you played it with your back side. did you see that? >> and hit the notes. let's talk about the unemployment numbers because they have dropped to below 8% the first time in 43 months. 7.8%. something that mitt romney on the campaign trail has been hammering the entire time was that this president promised below 8% and now at that talking point is a little removed from him and he'll be down there-- >> we have one more jobs number. >> before the election. >> the friday before the tuesday. >> alisyn: by the way this raised the eyebrows of lots of
6:02 am
economists because nobody predicted the jobs unemployment number would drop below 8%. and shocked everybody and the numbers are interesting, because, what the bureau of labor statistics does uses two different metrics and how many did you hire. we've only hired 114,000 and they call a small fraction of households. hey, are you back at work? and somehow 873,000 people said yes. so, people have pointed out that those numbers, there's he a discrepancy. >> a lot of business people. >> in all the numbers there are discrepancies, we look at the summer they're revised a few months later and even, the revisions of the revisions of the revisions and jack welch former ceo of ge was on with cavuto and he's he not convinced and started the controversy tweeting that he thought somebody cooked the books and went on cavuto.
6:03 am
take a listen. >> you these numbers don't smell right when you see where the economy is. every economist predicted 90 to 120,000 and 8.2 unemployment. came out very favebly below when the president took office. >> and the twitter universe went crazy over it and everybody then had an opinion about it. >> we had on peter more ricci an economist says no way that the bureau of labor statistics cooked the books and they're insulated from the white house. >> however, household surveys, according to people even in the bureau of labor sta tis, calling a small fraction and saying are you back to work, maybe picked up a couple of hours, and that does have a large margin of error and lou dobbs was on fox and talked
6:04 am
about what the news it. >> and good for president obama. getting into the 70's is important for him. good news for him and unfortunately is doesn't really describe the state of unemployment and real pain in the country. 23 million americans remain unemployed, or they've given up hope of being employed. >> like he said 23 million people remain unemployed and we broke down some numbers for you, there it is right there and 1.12 million, unemployed. and some stopped looking altogether. >> and a phone calls that alisyn was referring to, called 60,000 homes to find out if they're working and many of them though found out were working part-time or may have started like a home-based business and making not as much from a full-time business and other numbers at that we are that were interesting from the economic reports the food stamps and number of americans relying on food stamps increased for the past couple of years, 46.8 million. the question, one of the interesting nuggets i took
6:05 am
away the revision of the summer, there were a lot of economists. >> that's right. >> who were really worried that this slowdown we were seeing in the spring was continuing through the summer, but now the numbers have been revised over the summer, so july and august actually were higher. >> they were higher. >> which means that that slowdown which we thought we had was not as dramatic in fact as-- >> a lot of people don't listen to all of that analysis. >> and wait a minute, i thought it was going to be good below 8 and now we're below 8. it's good news for the president. >> alisyn: it's very good news for the president, particularly given his underwheming performance at the debates the past week and the president's team has been struggling to do is basically explain what happened to the president that made him so off his game. but instead of coming out and saying the president was tired or now what the president wasn't prepared. >> home run hitters go 0 for 4, something like that.
6:06 am
i know you don't know baseball. >> to point out, the president following the debate, all of these surrogates sort of of came out and making out things. stephanie cutter came out and blamed jim lehrer, that the president had a bad performance. vice-president gore blamed the altitude in denver for the problems. and the dnc communications, saying that mitt romney is a liar and that's why president obama was thrown off. he just was shocked romney was lying, listen. >> there's been plenty of people that pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. i mean, if he was talking, he was speaking last night he was lying. and look, mitt romney had a good night, but you know, even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then. >> you can hear like maybe a radio talk show saying stuff like that, a liar, but not somebody with the campaign. it turns people off. >> alisyn: and that is the theory, is that why would the campaign, yeah, come out with such harsh language and bill
6:07 am
o'reilly had an opinion about this and the obama campaign using that kind of language. >> and hateful vitriol directed at president obama as well. for the democratic party not a talk show or cable house for the party to brand governor romney a liar and think it will get votes for president obama is a mistake, both president obama and mitt romney should warn them to stop the slander. the president could not defend his economic record, and that's why governor romney won the debate. lying had nothing to do with it. >> i would think the president would want people to stop talking about it. i had a bad night. >> alisyn: why not. >> the altitude-- >> just to focus on the job numbers, both are doing a victory lap and mitt romney
6:08 am
hammering his message which won the night for him in the debate and the president with the jobs number doing a victory lap trying to ignore what happened. >> alisyn: and that's politics. let's get to the headlines, what's happening, a fox news alert. this out of new haven connecticut where a jihadist is among several terrorist suspects due in court today. al mazry and four others are facing charges in the u.s. for one of two flights have just landed carrying the suspects overnight from the united kingdom. and prosecutors had them extradited for trying to build a camp. and he's missing an eye after a botched attempt to jihad in 1990. and and the news today about
6:09 am
the death after arizona border patrol agent who killed earlier this week and likely the victim of friendly fire. the fbi says it appears that nicholas ivie and two agents shot at each other chasing down drug runners and don't believe the suspects ever fired at the agents. one of the other agents was shot and he's okay. no arrests have been made, and a final investigation has not yet been completed. and the last hour, pope benedict's former butler guilty of stealing private papers and documents and leaking some to an italian journalist. palo gabriella was sentence today 18 months in jail and reveals corruption and scandal in the vatican and he insisted he wasn't a thief he leaked the information out of love for the church and the pope and the vatican says he'll likely be pardoned by the pope. a food ban at one new jersey school district may have
6:10 am
children screaming for ice cream. and the frosty treats served at lunch were forced to end because of the government regulation and the superintendent under state law says selling fund for food raising cannot happen at the same time the school's nutritional program is going on. >> pretty sad because they're taking it away from us. >> and give the kids a little bit of ice cream, and the pta says it could seriously jeopardize the number of activities, because of the financial loss. >> it's a rocky road. by the way can i clear something up. >> please do. >> it's not a moose. >> the video. >> i know moose. >> alisyn: and that's no moose. >> it's a stag. >> alisyn: a stag. >> what's the difference. >> we'll show you the difference, yeah, we'll show you, it was huge, but take a look coming up on the show. and it was a huge part this have week's debate. president obama claiming mitt romney wants a 5 trillion dollar tax cut, everyone was fact checking this online, but
6:11 am
is the president hiding something about his own tax plan. >> alisyn: we'll dive into the numbers next. >> you want to see a stag? >> look at this fight, the ultimate man versus stag. show you the rest of this. >> ♪ ♪ a battlefield, a battlefield ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
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6:14 am
>> economic plan calls for a 5 trillion dollar tax cut a 5 trillion dollar tax cut. if you believe we can cut taxes by 5 trillion dollars, you don't come close to paying for 5 trillion dollars in tax cuts and 2 trillion dollars in additional military spending. >> mike: of course the president of the united states
6:15 am
talking about mitt romney's tax plan that romney says is simply untrue, those comments. >> let me repeat what i've said. i'm not in favor of a 5 trillion dollar tax cut. that's not my plan, my plan is not to put in place any tax cut that will add to the deficit. point one. you may refer to it as a 5trill that's not my plan. >> alisyn: who is telling the truth here and is the president lying about his own tax plan and joining us from the review, rich. mitt romney is deficit neutral and lower everybody's tax bracket, buts' going to do away with tax loopholes to make up for the revenue. >> correct, you've got this better than the president of the united states does. >> alisyn: but where does the 5 trillion come in? >> there's an argument whether 5 trillion because it gets into the budget baseline which gets very complicated. the basic structure, lower the rate and try to make it revenue neutral and the president should understand
6:16 am
this because this is the bowles simpson plan. the bowles simpson plan would lower rate and cut more, enough deductions and loopholes and actually get more revenue so i guess from the president's term he would call that a tax cut even though it's creating more revenue which makes no sense so romney wants to make it revenue neutral, the distribution of taxes to income levels, rich pay the same proportion they do now and most economists agree this would make the tax system more efficient and more conducive to economic growth. >> mike: look at the words in the graphics next to your head. it makes you dizzy a little bit. >> yeah. >> mike: could you say in a couple of sentences what i need to know about the tax plan of both men? >> well, the president's tax plan is to raise taxes on upper income taxpayers, largely by letting the bush tax cuts on the upper income folks disappear. now, the problem with that, one, even he in the past has said you don't want to raise tax ins a weak economy, we
6:17 am
still have a weak economy. the other problem if you keep spending at the level we are now, you eventually will either go bankrupt and have some sort of debt crisis or you'll have to raise taxes on the middle class. so, when it comes to the charges and counter charges about raising taxes on the middle class, i think the president is much more likely to do it than mitt romney is. >> alisyn: here is what critics say about mitt romney's plan and the middle class, because he hasn't been specific, and going to cut the overall tax bracket and loopholes. and they say where does the mortgage deduction goes away, that hits the middle class. >> so the trick would be you cut the rate enough that you're evening it out. look, he doesn't want to talk about specifics, wants to be extremely controversial, let's be frank, if he talks about specifics, every democrat in the country will have to be dead set and opposed and lockout into the specifics. >> mike: if i want to buy a car, i want to know what's inside the car.
6:18 am
don't we need to know the specifics? >> well, he could say specifics, but when it comes to a deal like this, it's really going to have to be hammered out with congress and my -- i think the trick here, give the broad principles and then you have to sit down and hammer it out. and it won't, even if you were to set out specifics, the end. day, it would not look like that once you go through the sausage factory in congress. >> alisyn: and let's be honest, candidates often give specifics, president obama said that he was going to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. he has not done that. so, sometimes they do make promises or give specifics and doesn't end up happening. >> yeah, but i mean, you need to get the guys on the ways and means committee on board and senate, and a conference committee and it's complicated and given the broad direction that he wants to go and when it comes to a second term agenda in general, what the president has is basically that tax increase and nothing else.
6:19 am
he says he's going to sit down and work everything out with congress. romney has a much more specific second term agenda than the president and that's why i think it's good in this debate and i hope going forward, romney is going to focus on the future rather than just criticizing the president. >> mike: if i don't want taxes to go up, who do i want to win? >> mitt romney. and it doesn't constitute playing a piano when you sit inside the piano, i don't care with those guys say (laughter) >> and music label-- >> i think he was referring to yours. thanks, rich. coming up, terrifying moments caught on camera on the wielding robber. >> alisyn: the best story you'll hear all day, the dog slips out of the home and finds the way to the hospital where the owner is being treated two miles away. that dog and his owner are here next. ♪
6:20 am
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6:23 am
>> welcome back, everyone, it's time for the big headlines now. american airlines expects all 48 of its planes to be in the air. the boeing 757's were grounded so crews could fix a problem involving loose seats and caused the airlines to cancel dozens of flights. a pit stop in ohio turns into a rescue after a truck driver drops a puppy down the storm drain. yogi bear, the puppy fell down ten feet. a massive rescue operation helping to pull him back in the safety of the worried
6:24 am
owner. and he's going to be fine this morning p. so cute. >> mike: and speaking of brave dogs and cute dogs. a story about a man's best friend even more he amazing. and when john was hospitalized for a skin condition, his seven-year-old husky zander was supset. zander slipped out home and began running, where did -- how did he know where to go? >> he got to the hospital. no one knows how he got here, but he's here along with john's wife priscilla. >> mike: how did he do that. >> i don't know, he ran. >> clayton: the hospital react, what did zander just go up to the front of the hospital door and i'm here at the reception? because it's security in the hospital. >> what happened i got a call about six in the morning from a gentleman who works in the hospital down in the parking
6:25 am
lot and he says you've got to come get your dog right away because i have to be the at work. >> i said i can't get the dog i'm at the hospital. oh, boy. >> i got a hold of my wife and called the gentleman back, don't worry, i spoke to my boss and she said, shy heard the story and couldn't believe it, take your time and my wife went down to the hospital and sure enough, across the street from the hospital, there he was. >> now, priscilla, hold on one second here, when your husband john was checked into the hospital on september 25th, how was zander behaving? >> oh, he was for the first day he didn't realize it and i guess by the second or third day he was very depressed and mopey, didn't come out of the room. >> alisyn: sulky and whining. did he get loose from the house. >> yeah, we got new doors and i didn't close it tight and one of my other dogs opened the door and both of them ran away. >> so the other dog doesn't really care about john. >> apparently not.
6:26 am
(laughter) >> how long have you had zander. he's seven. >> and five-- shelter dog. >> got him at the shelter said he was maybe two, and had him for five along with the other shelter dogs. >> mike: why so close with you? and of you're with him every day? >> and you have to walk him a lot and he's close to me and we try to take him out. >> mike: it's remarkable, how did he know where the hospital is and how did he track you down? >> using an iphone? how did he figure it out. >> you can't walk that way, the way-- you can't walk on that without walking on the highway, a busy road. i don't know how he worked it out. >> in fact, he's believed to have cross under a busy crossway, a four lane road to get across there, you see the map, to the hospital. but you guys are dog lovers. do you think that he heard you talking? do you think he picked up the
6:27 am
scent? >> and what are you saying that john has a scent you can smell two miles away? >> i don't know. >> i think he found him, yes. >> he's on miss way to hollywood and smelled the bacon at the hospital. >> clayton: at the hospital, i don't understand how did the hospital know? >> because you have to have tags, and have the dog tags and there's my name and my phone number and they got a hold of me. >> amazing. >> mike: i'm here to see john. like an episode of seinfeld. >> mike: animal behaviorists can explain how it happened. >> clayton: if you're an animal behaviorists, go to our facebook page and tell how the dog could track the scent. >> they said that the dog sense of smell is a thousand times stronger than ours. >> clayton: are you doing better, john. >> much better. all of this attention seems to help.
6:28 am
>> there you go. >> thanks so much. >> thanks for having us. >> and zander, thank you. >> on your way home? >> i was going to say. >> that's typical. >> alisyn: stick around, coming up we're going to honor an american hero, the navy's newest war ship in the name of this fallen seal michael murphy. and it's minutes away. >> and the ultimate showdown caught on camera, who wins this fight? the guy was trapped by a stag, see what happens. >> zander is watching. he is. ♪ ♪ and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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6:32 am
♪ >> there have he is. mike jarrett ruining the five guys at the piano. >> i didn't know where they were going. >> they had a routine and you jumped in. >> you're choreographing. >> i'm just in the way. kind of typical of my whole career. >> i hope they show the part where you're playing. and our director wisely cut away of it. i had a full eye view of it.
6:33 am
>> and play the horn. >> and that was great stuff. these guys they will wake you up in the morning, they were fantastic. five dads from utah, and playing the piano. >> they met in a piano store. >> mike: a cd out called the piano guy. >> alisyn: and we begin with new developments on the attack that killed the ambassador in libya and the white house accused of misleading. >> and ali, leon panetta spoke to reporters in peru on a swing through south america. the united states is working hard to figure out who killed four americans on 9/11 in benghazi to make them pay. >> we're following up on the -- the arrests that have been
6:34 am
made and we're doing everything possible to make sure that we go after those who are involved in the attack in libya. and the president has said, our goal is to make sure that we bring those involved to justice. >> the obama administration internally declared the deadly raid on the consulate an act of terrorism as opposed to a spontaneous act of violence, within 24 hours of the attack, but five days later, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. appeared on five sunday shows and said the administration wanted to wait until the investigation wrapped up before calling it terrorism and some have criticized her for not being completely honest that day, but she says, quote, i relied solely on the information, the intelligence community provided to me, this information represented the community's best current assessment as of date of my television appearances, although that's not good enough for republican senators
6:35 am
mccain, ayotte and ron johnson who say in a letter of their own in response. ambassador rice's claims that the administration launched a comprehensive effort to determine what happened in benghazi, but the administration failed to secure the scene of the terrorist attacks for three weeks, allowing evidence and sensitive information to be compromised and destroyed from the beginning to end the administration's behavior in the wake of the attack indicates a breath taking level of incompetence and suggests an intent to deliberately mislead congress and the american people. and yesterday, we got our hands on a request saying to the state department before the attack on 9/11 by the team in benghazi, asking for a dc-3 aircraft which the white house denied them and when the spokesman asked about, nobody argued to this point that the aircraft would have made a difference in saving the lives of those four americans who ended up being killed. back to you. >> alisyn: all right. peter doocy, thanks for that
6:36 am
update. and now, another fox news alert, coming to us from israel in the past few moments where an unmanned aircraft has reportedly been shot down trying to enter the the air space. it appeared to be some sort of drone and right now they're searching the ground for wreckage in order to confirm that. and the israeli army would not comment on the source and the neighbors, egypt, syria and iran. and let's take a look at this, this is a masked man holding up the convenience store with a machete and forced everyone to hand over everything and another masked man made the shop worker lay down in a different part of the store and happened in england and much of this is said to be too scared to go back to work. >> all right, would you like to stave off an angry stag? oh yeah? >> oh. >> oh!
6:37 am
>> nicely done. >> and this guy will think twice before coming two battling stages during mating season, he apparently got too close at a park in london and one of the strags ran after him and he eventually was chased up the tree. >> and say over there randy. >> he's randy. >> clayton: let's check with rick reichmuth at the paul bunyan show, yeah. show. >> i was looking for the word. >> well, the giant graphic helps. here we go. >> and hey, rick. >> that's true. hey, guys, we're in southeast ohio and the big show and one thing that's going on today, is the international festival competition, and one of the biggest that happens in the country and mike sullivan you're he a competitor and a champion?
6:38 am
>> yeah, a multi-world champion. >> this ax is pretty sharp. >> yes, it is. >> rick: you showed me this. and you took a piece of paper and all right. that's like the ginsu knife. >> it's sharp, you could shave with it. and you guys do the competition. >> this is the other hand chop. >> how many seconds does it take you to get through this. >> should take no more than 20, 25 seconds. >> let's do your thing and see how long it's going to take to you do this, this is exactly what's going on in one of these competitions. now, do you see how schapp that knife was, ax is, and he's got his feet on that rock going at it and you've got protective socks and shoes and still his feet and shoes.
6:39 am
. >> rick: oh, there you go! okay. all right. they're going to did this. this is auld what? >> the underhand chop. >> and' going to stand away from this. >> this is similar to cutting a tree down. >> and at the start of the competition, and full-time lumberjacks and used to chop them by hand. >> and you guys, everybody starts at the same time. >> 3, 2, 1, go. >> let's get ready. >> and keep going. >> and nice, good job, here is the last one that we're going to do and what's this called, mike? >> the two man cross cut. >> all right. now we're going to do this together. let's do it, all right? okay, go. and we're going to be able to
6:40 am
do this in 17 seconds. what he's saying, you've got to breathe, got to breathe. 19 seconds. oh, very good. >> good job. >> there you go. the international lumberjack competition today might join next year. >> clayton: rick just made a lazy susan. >> alisyn: rick is in heaven. this is his dream assignment. nicely done, rick. >> clayton: thanks, rick. >> alisyn: coming up on the show. >> clayton: he's a man who sacrificed, and the navy is honoring lieutenant mike murphy. >> alisyn: and the unemployment rate falls below
6:41 am
8% for the first time since president obama took office. but not everyone believes this number. should you? >> first, let's check in with brenda buttner for a look what's coming up on the cost of freedom business block. >> hey, guys, good morning. just over one month until the election and your job is job one here at the cost of freedom. the unemployment rate may be falling, but job creation still falling. we're significanting out which man has the brand to get the job market really rolling and forget about rolling, we're speeding towards that fiscal cliff. but not one question about it during the first presidential debate. and time for taxpayers to start worrying big time? cost of freedom at the top of the hour. we'll see you then.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> the commission today after a fallen navy lieutenant. >> i'd say christening, but it's commissioning of course. and anna kooiman is in new
6:45 am
york city with the big event. >> at michael murphy, a magnificent navel destroyer named after a 29-year-old american had your if i, michael murphy, killed during a fire fight going down as history the single deadliest day of navel warfare since world war ii. a long island native and navy seal the first american to be awarded the medal of hour in of the afghanistan war after he was killed in an ambush on june 28th, 2005, leading a four man team, after being shot in the back, murphy left his protected position to radio for backup and he along with an another seal were killed and the michael murphy's mother maureen says
6:46 am
she's honored to be the ship's-- >> there's a hole in your heart that never heals and a part of you that's missing, and even though i know it's here, i physically miss my like and some days i can handle and other days it's just, it just brings you back to the day when all of this tragedy happened. >> reporter: well, and murphy hopes the crew members aboard the u.s.s. michael murphy will be like her mike serving in honor and loyalty. earlier this week the crew held a late ceremony because the home port will be in hawaii. >> here is someone that was really the same age of all the sailors on board this ship. one of our peers, someone that grew up just like you and me and that understanding and sacrifice that he made is something as far as all of us to make the ship the best that we can. >> as mentioned this commissioning ceremony is getting going in just moments, and it's interesting story the
6:47 am
only navy seal to survive has written a book, the lone survivor about the fatal day in 2005 made in a movie that's going to star mark wahlberg. >> alisyn: anna, thanks for bringing this to our attention. >> clayton: coming up on the show. the unemployment rate bee lottobee-- below 8% since the first time that the president took office and lori rothman is here, and the the numbers from the bureau of labor statistics. >> alisyn: come in, laurie.
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> this is a fox news alert. breaking news out of new
6:51 am
jersey, up to 60 people may be hurt and two people remain trapped after their charter bus overturned i-80 near wayne, new jersey. right now rescuers are trying to remove the trapped passengers. we don't yet know their conditions, but we'll bring you that as that comes in. and people in italy clashing with police over plans to cut the education budget. more than one in three young italians is unemployed and that figure is rising. that's intense, what's going on there. >> and these numbers don't smell right when you think about where the economy is right now. every economist this morning predicted roughly 90 to 120,000 and 8.2 unemployment, came outavorably 1/10 of a point below when the president took office. >> that's former ge ceo jack
6:52 am
welch, yesterday the unemployment rate. and experts predicted 114,000 jobs, but no one expected such a steep decline in the unemployment rate. so, what is behind the truth in these numbers? let's ask lori rothman. fox business network. >> great to be back with you guys. let's start here. so this bureau of labor statistics figure, how many jobs they're adding to the payroll. that's what they said. there's a second survey, household survey, called at home, are you earning an income. >> there in lies the rub, they're so different. >> 853,000 people. this is my view on things, because you have an issue where people are getting income by their own, let's call self-created businesses if they started a shop on yahoo! and selling items or doing some consulting work and making a couple of bucks here
6:53 am
and there on the side, but again it's not the to the level of employment they would prefer to be at. and that's the underemployment level people working part-time, but who would rather be working full-time, well, that figure is pushing 15%, 14.7 to be exact and it actually held steady from the prior month so we're excited by improvement in the overall unemployment rate certainly an improvement it's not a result of people dropping out of the work force. >> mike: what does that figure mean, the real unemployment rate then. >> the real unemployment, this is the number of people, 14.7%, right. and it's big, it's underemployment and as i said the total number of people who are still looking for full employment with full benefits the whole kit and caboodle. >> clayton: everybody is excited to see the monthly jobs report number, but seems like every month when we get excite today hear it, everybody rips it apart and why do we get excited.
6:54 am
>> it's politically important to be where it's at close to where the president took office. but here is the perspective. in terms of returning the full employment, right, which would be around 4%, 5%, unemployment in this country we need to add at least 250,000 payroll, in other words, companies need to tell us, this is the establishment survey, that they're adding nearly 300,000 new jobs per month. >> mike: per month. >> clayton: so is that headed in the right direction? now we know that the july and august numbers have been revised. seemed dismal and 90,000 and revised up. >> still dismal. and this is what we come to expect. >> alisyn: is this the new normal as they say that now we accept part-time employment as employment, and what does that mean for people? does that mean that are people who collect unemployment benefits or not? >> that's a great question, and i don't know the answer off the top of my head. i think it depends on what
6:55 am
your style of earning income is. if you're fw getting a couple bucks here and couple bucks there who knows whether you're declaring that. >> whether you get cash. >> and you dive into this. concerns of manufacturing, two months in a row we're losing manufacturing jobs. >> here is what was interesting to me, the government jobs increased. private jobs were weaker and manufacturing to your point, clayton is also weaker, too, break it down and where the job growth is, and it's concerning. >> wait a second, i thought the post office was supposed to be laying off lots of people. >> that's not. >> clayton: where are the government jobs coming from? >> washington than likely, looking for government spending. >> mike: okay, let me be a huge cynic, so, those jobs, the government that's creating jobs then, so why would people say we need less government? less jobs. >> more government is more government spending for the jobs, so-- >> and mike didn't like the
6:56 am
answer to that question. >> mike: how much time, you were really good, really smart and a lot of fancy words, but if you're just looking at some going 8%, and i thought it's getting better. >> the underemployment, 14, 15%, and not-- >> all right. >> a new york state of mind, and more "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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>> tomorrow, very exciting, we have julie andrews on the show, the hills of alive. >> and chris


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