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tv   Stossel  FOX News  October 7, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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governor romney i genuinely believe cares about education but when tells a student that you should borrow money from your parents to go to college, you know, that indicates the degree to which there may not be as much of a focus on the fact that folks like myself, folks like michelle, kids probably who attend university of denver just don't have is that option. >> mr. president, enentitled as the president to your airplane and your own house. i don't have any plans to cut education funding. grants that people go to college i'm continuing on
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planning to grow so i'm not planning on making changes there. >> it was a deeply divided nation or at least it was unless last night that brought all americans in agreement. there is no red america or blue america there is only the america that can't believe how bad this guy did in the debates. >> geraldo: a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera reporting that in the wake of mitt romney's undeniable triumph in wednesday's presidential debate there is conflicting evidence on whether the republican challenger continues to enjoy a post debate bounce. the rasmussen pressial tracking poll says clearly that he does. scott scores the rates romney 49% to obama's 47%. but today's gallup daily tracking poll still has the president up slightly saturday's gallup scoring the race obama 49% to romney's 46%. nowyer with reflects the current reality it is obviously a razor thin margin. so is there added pressure on
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the vice presidential candidates for their are thursday night debate? and who better to ask than bill kristol, the editor of "the weekly standard." was chief of staff for are then senator dan quayle during his debate against senator lloyd benson. while he probably lost the debate the bush quail ticket won the 1988 election in a landslide. how important then are vice presidential debates, bill? welcome. what do you think? >> i think this vice presidential debate is important because mitt romney won so big last week on wednesday night. the question for paul ryan is can he protect in a way mitt romney's achievement and can he consolidate it and after the romney debate after the ryan debate in a sense can it confirm what romney did. i think it is a very important moment. vice president biden will try very hard to retrospecktively discredit mitt romney's victory. he will say maybe obama was off
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his game a little. he won't say that but implication. all lies, deception, flip flopping, big mirage that you saw for 90 minutes. biden is going to come incredibly hard at romney. ryan has to defend romney and in effect consolidate romney's gains. like coming in in the second leg of a relay race. your team is ahead and you got to hold the lead and got to, of course, attack the obama biden record but above all sort of consolidate what romney did in the first debate and not let biden undercut it. >> geraldo: so you think that joe biden has to do something the president did not. he has to take it to his opponent? >> he is totally going to do that. not to ryan but to romney. if i were biden i would take all 45 minutes of the 90 minutes i have to attack romney both on the record and romney was wrong about the $5 trillion tax cut and doesn't do anything for the unsinced. uninsured. and raise things that obama didn't raise for whatever
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reason. the 47%. george w. bush was not mentioned in the debate wednesday night. bain capital. it will be a big assault both personal and in policy terms on mitt romney from joe biden. puts paul ryan in a tricky position. he would like to go on the offensive. he is good at prosecuting that record, the debt and obama care and all that but he also has to defend romney and got to lot let biden undercut what romney did on wednesday night. >> geraldo: i read something that you wrote that suggested that romney won by being moral not just matter of fact about the issues of the economy for example. what did you mean? >> there was a key moment about 25 minutes in. they had the exchange on taxes for the first 20-25 minutes and romney did well. i think it was still in question who was really going to win the debate and then jim lehrer said let's turn to the second session on the debt. the first thing he said was the issue of the debt and deficit
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is not just an issue of money it is an issue of morality. immoral to leave the debt to our children and grandchildren and i thought it was a strong statement and elevated the romney campaign above a kind of we can do a little better for your pocketbook next week than president obama can and put it in a bigger concept and elevated the race into who is the more are responsible steward of this country's finances and well being for the next generation. i thought it was a very important moment for mitt romney. >> geraldo: stand but youle join our all-star panel in a moment. first, news on fast and furious, folks. the botched atf gun running operation and news that hasn't been fully digested by the mainstream media. we know that one of the walked guns was used to kill agent brian terry but it took the spanish language news network to reveal that the walked guns were also used if you recall the horrific 2010 massacre of mexican teenagers in the border city of juarez.
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they broke into a birthday party and started firing and before it was over 14 innocent boys and girls dead and 12 more rounded. according to uni vision, three of the heavy weapons used in the bloody murders were linked to fast and furious. while the notorious gun walking operation played a role in that and other terrible crimes inside mexico it had nothing to do with the death deuce morning a border patrol agent onng of tuesday morning. >> investigators are look into the possibility that it was a tragic accident. the result of friendly fire. >> it was a fog of war incident that led to border patrol agent nicholas ivy's death. deadly confusion in the darkness. >> we were approximately two miles south of where agent ivy was shot and killed.
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we are in some thick foliage right here and just showing you how difficult it is to actually pick up illegal aliens when they are walking through this stuff. >> border patrol agents and union representatives brandon judd and art gave us an exclusive tour of the tucson sector where the tragic shooting occurred in southeastern arizona. >> right behind you is one of the roads that we try to keep in between us. it is about two miles until they get to highway 80 and we need to apprehend them prior to them getting to highway 85 because once they get past highway 80 the land opens wide open and it is nearly impossible to get them after that. >> there has been progress in securing the southern border. 57% is now considered under effective control especially in california but the drug cartels have found a weak spot along the arizona line that they continue to exploit. >> as you can see around us this is the area where there is
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several different mountain slopes and right up there at the top of that peak where you see two peaks come together at the would tomorrow of the peaks is what we call a saddle. it was in between a saddle that a trail led up where agent ivy lost his life. >> nationwide, 26 border patrol agents have lost their lives since 2012. since 2002. ivy is the first to die from friendly fire. >> this was 1:00 in the morning when the incident occurred so there is a good chance of misidentification. >> there is no lighting out here except what lighting the moon actually would give you and whatever flash lights or light that the agents would have. >> the shootout occurred in a notorious drug corridor where frequently outnumbered agents try to flush suspects in the arms of fellow agents in an attempt to trap them in the the middle. >> we have to do the best we can to try to arrest as many people as we can. we try to pinch them in between the two agents and that very well might have played a part
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in what happened here. >> the two awaiting agents took defensive postures with ivy who was about 20-yards away. each believing the silhouette pointing the weapon was a bad guy they started firing. >> it is amazing that we have gone this many years without seeing more incidents like this. >> it is unclear who tripped the sensor that alerted the agents but it has been definitively established that no one other than the agents was at the scene when the gun fire ehe runed. >> you as a representative of these agents have concerns about is the fact there are so many new agents with a lack of experience out in the field. do you think that came into play here? >> i do. i absolutely think that came into play here. we have approximately 16,000 ground agents. of the agents the vast majority of them are five years and under. that is a very, very inexperienced workforce. >> jeffrey self, commander of customs and border protection joint field command friday
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night. >> if the investigation ultimately reaches that conclusion it changes none of the following facts. that agent ivy gave the ultimate sacrifice and died serving his country. that he died in the line of duty he and will be honored as such for his final act of service. >> for this agent, the intense political pressure to beef up border security bears some of the praise for agent ivy's unnecessary death. >> what is the most upsetting thing and thing that you want to learn from 2 this tragic situation? >> perhaps more training should be available to the agents. the training is what is going to count. >> geraldo: tell pee exactly where you -- good report, greg. tell me exactly where you are right now? >> right now, i'm in nogales arizona which is to your screen right and to my right, your left is nogales mexico.
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this area is one of the busiest in the nation for illicit activity going across the border into america, geraldo. >> your light is flickering. before i lose you how did the agents respond when they heard it was friendly fire? >> well, the mood was very somber. there was a briefing held. ironically in the brian terry station renamed within a month to honor the slain agent and there were approximately 150 agents from customs and border patrol and when they confirmle that this was a green on green incident, border patrol agents wear the green uniforms, no one said a word. the air just left the room according to the agents over there. it was the worst thing that they could find out is that the life of one of their own was taken due to miscommunication and friendly fire. geraldo? >> geraldo: craig, thanks. coming up much more on border security with sheriff joe who joins us live and with our all-star panel and also an at large exclusive, george zimmerman's brother robert. he looks like just george.
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here with news about the here with news about the accused murdererúwñoa
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i got to ask him why it was that with our immigration system as broken as it is why it was that he didn't do what he said he would do in his first year which was put in place immigration reform policies that would deal with this issue and he didn't do that. >> geraldo: it is funny they never talked about that kind of stuff. i just want to give you a quick reminder coming up, george zimmer mann's brother robert live with an undate on trayvon martin murder case. first the whole question of whether border security and illegal immigration will play a role in the race for the white house. we are continuing with fox news political analyst bill kristol here in the stew we with me in new york former senate candidate from delaware, kristine o'donnell and republican congressman ran by forbes of virginia joins us.
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congress woman, start with you. border security one thing but in a battleground state like the commonwealth of virginia isn't governor romney caught between a rock and hard place when it comes to immigration the tougher he talks the more he loses the middle of the road or the latino voters? >> geraldo, i think it will be important for him to talk about immigration reform and have a balanced approach of cutting down the time that we have for applications and people coming to the united states legally. i think he has to make sure he is enforcing the laws and as you know the big issue for virginians are going to be the defense cuts and i think that is what governor romney is going to sell and i think that is ultimately what is going to help him win the commonwealth of virginia. >> geraldo: what about the latino vote, though, congressman? i underand it that defense is a huge, huge issue in the commonwealth where there is so many defense facilities. but there are substantial number of latinos there, particularly around the disdistrict of columbia. if he talks tough, first of
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alllet me ask you this. i withdraw that statement. the governor said he will not repeal president obama's temporary dream act measure where he gave a pass, a two year visa to those students you know story who were brought here as children. do you regret that governor romney has done that? >> no, i don't regret that he has. i think your word tough is a little different word. i think if he comes out and talks about the fact as we listen to a lot of voters concerned about immigration issues. one of their concerns are the huge backlog that they have of getting legitimate applications processed. i think you will find governor romney talking about the need to do that. i think also he will talk about having a fair approach that actually applies the laws that we have on the commonwealth of virginia but across the country. one of the things that we see with the border incidents i think most people want us to have a clear policy that we are working with the states not against the states to try to get that enforced. i think if governor romney does is that i think he will do well
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across the board with voters in virginia. >> geraldo: did you, kristine, enjoy the debate? >> i had a blast watching the debate. it was a lot of fun. >> geraldo: where did you watch t? at the pub or in church where did you watch it? >> i was actually with me family sitting on the couch. high-fiving everybody. >> geraldo: what did you think was the strongest moment, the governor's? ry moment was strong from the way he walked out exuding leadership and confidence and he would not let president obama get away with this misinformation. there is a saying a lie runs around the world while the truth is still lacing up his sneakers. that is how barack obama is campaigning. he is putting the lies out there hoping that voters aren't going to look beyond that and governor romney was is just like no, i loved his line as president you are entitled to your own house and your own plane but not your own facts. that was brilliant.
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>> geraldo: we hrunning again . is that true. in. >> i don't know. right now, i'm focusing on what is going on in my personal life. >> geraldo: what is going on in your personal life? i know you wrote a rap song. >> that is for political reasons. we are with some young people in a group called resist 44. resist the 44th president. we will be releasing the official video called the $6 trillion man on monday. it is a really fun song and people are like i'm surprised conservatives are writing such a great. >> geraldo: do you perform also? >> perform loosely. there is some fun cameos in there. we will leave it at that. >> mentions chasing the lie around the world and all that. now, the democrats are calling the president or rather the governor a liar at every turn. even tonight you had joe biden pointing out some of the
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purported misstatements by the governor or by the vice presidential candidate congressman paul ryan? is what what we it expect for the next month? >> autolysate for the next few days. they have to deal with the fact that romney thumped obama in the debate and seemed to win the argument. how to you after the fact explain to voters what they saw isn't quite what they think they saw. say implicitly he did well and obama had an off night. the facts he spewed out they weren't facts. they were misdirections and lies. it was a tissue of falsehood and that is what biden and obama are saying about romney and the romney campaign needs to fight back on that. >> geraldo: this is just now just within the last hour or are so. mitt romney's speech in apopca florida could have won him the pulitzer prize for fiction. >> i think that is cheesy. 70 million people watched the debate. the fact is mitt romney made his case pretty strongly and
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did not actually misrepresent his positions on issues. and i think that mets will say that and i think -- i think that mitt romney will say that and i think paul ryan will say that strongly on thursday night. >> geraldo: up next, joe
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we lived in the same neighborhood. when said he would walk me home i thought i would be safe but then he just tackled me. i got' way from him and i ran and i hid but he found me. he threw me to the ground. i pulled down my pants and he arpaioo scream but -- sheriff why didn't you do something? >> love him or hate him, joe arpaio is being slandered by the attack ad that said he ignored hundreds of sex crimes to pursue you his political agenda. everybody agrees that the ad is not factually, correct. joe, they are pulling out all of the stops. >> yeah. they sure are. you know, i never had any problems running for sheriff, geraldo. and all at once i'm enforcing
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illegal immigration problems that we have here and everybody is taking shots at me. you said i'm going for number six. i'm going for number seven. you can tell all of the critics out there. so i'm not going to give up. i'm doing my job. took an oath of office to enforce all of the laws. and that includes drugs and illegal immigration. >> geraldo: i'm sorry. won six, not five. i misstated that. how do the polls show you now? >> i don't know. i don't take polls. i know what the people feel in this county. and i expect to win but i don't take any deep redirect. i work hard. 50 years in law enforcement. 20 as the sheriff. by the way, we talk about the problems at the border, i was the director of the u.s. drug enforcement in mexico coe city, texas and arizona so i think i know where the border is and i have an interest in the problems that the border that comes in to maricopa county. we just arrested five more
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smugglers here. they are still coming in from the border. and we still have to do something about it. >> geraldo: the one beef i had with you, is that the impression is that arizona is like getting this tsunami of illegal immigrants and that it is causing all kind of property crime and crimes against people in arizona and look at the statistics and you guys are having another great year. way down over the last five years. everything almost cut in half. i think you are doing a hell of a job in terms of effective law enforcement. you never brag on it. seems ass if you think of arizona you think of this brown wave washing over the grand canyon state where i went to college? >> i'm not going brag about it. maybe i should start if i'm a good politician. i just do my job. let me say since i started the crime is suppression and all these arrests, 50,000 my office has made, crime has gone down 29% in the county. but we still have a big problem in immigration and drugs coming
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into our county. we can't rest, we have to keep fighting the problem. i'm poster boy, you know that from the president on down. i'm the poster boy for going after illegal immigration which i'm pretty proud of that. but they are taking shots at me from all different directions to get me out of office. i will keep fighting and do my job and i hope that the people rehire me november 6. >> geraldo: well, you know, i disagree wit agree with you onf the issues but i admire your spunk, you know that, that is why i keep having you on the show. let me ask but this this song. christine has given me the lyrics for the $6 trillion man. >> the $6 trillion man hope and change it was a scam, every baby born owing 50 grand to uncle sam. cucaracha didn'you didn't builu didn't build that that is obama style.
2:27 am
$6 trillion man doesn't have a budget planet set a. et cetera. what do you think, joe? >> am i mentioned in that song? >> geraldo: do you you mention sheriff joe there? >> justin and matt moran wrote the lyrics. we haven't released the song yet. >> geraldo: what do you think of the debates, joe? i'm asking everybody. >> i thought the governor did a good job. now, the president has a tough race and let's see what happens. you know i support mitt romney. i was his campaign guy four years ago. he did great and the people will decide on november 6. >> geraldo: thanks for being with us tonight. i appreciate it, sheriff joe arpaio. going go back to the panel. up next, the latest on benghazi gate. senator. >> john: isaacson will be joining us and robert zimmerman, george's brother here to tell us live whether his brother is going to sue nbc news for defamation for the
2:28 am
selective editing of the 911 tape to make george look racist. i will ask him if his family is a family of racists and whether they consider themselves to be minorities themselves. what do you think, robert, do you? you guys, what areto fox news .
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>> the u.s. government has been aggressively looking into precisely what happened since september 11th when the attack occurred on benghazi or the consulate in benghazi so we have not been sitting around waiting for information to come to us. we have been actively chasing leads in various ways. >> i believe obviously what happened there was a tragic failure. there had been warnings of a possible attack. there were requests on the part of our commission there of our diplomats there tree have additional security forces. they were turned down. and then following the tragedy, we saw, well, misleading
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information coming from the administration and in fact the president didn't acknowledge that this was a terrorist act for, what, a week or two? i mean this was a terrorist attack. lives were lost. this happened on 9/11. candor andan dorland and transparently from the president and the administration and we didn't get it. >> geraldo: with congress in recess, the first debate focused on the economy, the question of whether the obama administration intentionally misled the american people has not yet been answered. is it fair game politically and will it affect anybody vote? we continue with christine o'donnell and bill kristol and congressman forbes. are people grasping the significance of benghazi gate and paying attention to it or is the economy so paramount
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that it overshadows everything else? >> in virginia, a different question. not so much whether or not the administration was misleading but why we didn't provide the security that we needed for the individuals that we had there representing the united states the. secondly, it is the big concern with when they talk about how aggressive they pursued this waiting 23 days before they even get in there and get information when tv networks had the information before the united states government. but the big question we are hearing people asking across virginia is why is this an administration that is so willing to cut national defense in the united states but they won't put on the table the defense dollars that we are giving to libya and egypt and some of other countries when they see these acts taking place on tv. >> geraldo: bill kristol is there you think an impetus to check out and maybe reassess foreign aid like the $1.5 billion or whatever we give to egypt something of that order with the money we are giving libya, the money we are
2:34 am
giving to other nations in the so called arab spring. do you you think that that will resonate and be an issue going forward? >> i think mitt romney is going to address this in his speech at vmi here in virginia actually on monday. i have been told a little bit about the speech and i will think it will be a pretty strong critique of the obama administration in a broad way for failures, for weakness abroad, i mean signaling weakness in the middle east is the absolutely worst thing you can do and unfortunately the obama administration has been doing that with the haste to withdraw totally from iraq and a haste to undercut the surge in afghanistan and now to withdraw faster than the commanders would like there. just a sense that we don't stand by our allies strongly and being an enemy of the u.s. you don't really get punished for that. al-qaeda unfortunately is still alive even though it is great that osama is dead. i think romney will try to lay out the failures of obama's policy and what he would do instead including not cutting the military.
2:35 am
i think that issue you is underestimated. we cut the military a lot in the last two or three years, certainly stopped its growth and now telling sergeants who have been in 8-10 years hey, you know what, you have done a great job but we don't really need you, do your best in the civilian work force. really? if the world we he live in now we want to reduce the army and marine corps and don't want to procure new weapons? a low percentage of our gross national product and president obama is determined to cut it. foreign policy and defense policy could be a bigger issue than people expect in the final months of election. >> geraldo: is there still an appetite for an aggressive foreign policy for the military to be projected in the way that mitt romney suggests it should be? i sense great that failures teague out there. what is why there is not a lot of pressure on the president to intervene in syria for example where the blood is flowing in the streets. >> there is a fatigue and also
2:36 am
a sense of u.s. responsibility and also a sense of the stronger the u.s. military is the less likely we have to fight. this is a recipe for trouble we followed in the last three or four years and lead to us having to intervene in ways we wouldn't have had to if we looked strong and kept our military prepared and willing to do a little more earlier on in some of the conflicts. a tricky think politically. i think mitt romney is going to lay out what he thinks is right for the country. you cannot calibrate our foreign policy week to week and month to month. i think mitt romney will try to address that at vmi. >> geraldo: has the tea party moment come and gone? >> i think this transcends the tea party and we are talking about the safety and security of every american citizen. i couldn't help but agree with what you were saying. what we are seeing whether it is benghazi gate report latest death from fast and furious or what is happening in syria is a
2:37 am
very tragic result of the sloppy leadership that we see coming from the white house and we are paying a high human toll for that sloppy leadership and what i mean is he thinks that oops my bad is a good excuse. you know, whether it is the dnc platform debacle, oh, we didn't know they wanted to say israel remove our support for israel. and then the embassy cairo embassy in cairo apology, oh, oops, we didn't know they were saying that and now oh, were there terrorist warnings? there is a very high human toll we are paying for hyssops my bad."nhis "oops my gy can't wait until the adults are in charge. years ago osama bin laden was saying that america is a paper
2:38 am
tiger and the threat doesn't mean anything. >> geraldo: but bin laden is dead. you can't not give the president some credit for that. >> because of seal team six. it is not a direct consequence of president obama's decisive strong military action. so i mean look at what he is doing. >> geraldo: i think you have to give credit where credit is due. going back to congressman fox. i understand how every congressman needs to protect the facility in his district on his turf, congressman. is there not some kind of, you know, rationale to cutting back, why are there still military bases that were established for example during the indian wars and wars against the native americans. isn't that only to continue a perk to a given legislator in his or her district? >> geraldo, this is an argument for that but let me tell you this is much bigger than that. bill kristol hit it right on the head. it administration has cut
2:39 am
$800 billion over the last two years out of national defense. they are getting ready arbitrarily allow sequestration to come through which will cut a half trillion dollars more. look at what they did in europe. pulled the missile defense systems out of there. allowed the russians to spend about $700 billion creating 1600 new aircraft that we will have to defend against. this daunted shift to the pacific and pivot to the pacific that the administration bragged about, they won't have the resources to do that. we see china constantly taking greater and greater sovereignty claims in that area. allies wondering whether we will be there to defend them and in addition to that we see the middle east where we are not even supporting our allies there and giving the impression we are getting weaker and weaker. that is what people across the country are concerned about. >> i appreciate it. bill kristol, thank you. a delight, christine o'donnell. thanks for coming up from delaware and being with us in person. coming up, george zimmerman's brother robert is here to tell us how the defendant in the
2:40 am
country's most closely watched murder case is doing and whether george is going sue nbc for libel. and next the senator leading the charge against the obama administration mishandling of benghazi-gate. after this. [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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no one wants to determine what happened that night in benghazi more than the president and i do. no one is more committed to
2:43 am
ensuring it doesn't happen again. and nobody will hold this department more are accountable than we hold yourselves. >> this has turned into something, john, nothing short of benghazi-gate. i wish you had seen the briefing that took place. it was the most senseless worthless briefing that i have ever attended and i at this juncture we had four americans that have been killed. one was a widely known highly respected individual. the media knows more about what has happened than we do and we want answers. >> geraldo: senator corker of tennessee and senator. >> john: isaacson of georgia both initiated an inquiry into the state department to find out what they knew and when they knew it. as you sigh the investigation has been effectively put totally in the control of the state department which is saying one thing which perhaps does not reflect the reality on the ground in benghazi, libya
2:44 am
on the 11th of senator. a member of the senate commit cheapee on foreign relations joins us from atlanta. thank you for -- committee. >> does the intelligence community bear the blame as ambassador rice has suggested? >> well, i -- we have got to find out what was known and when it was known and who knew it because we had so many misstatements starting with ms. rice, secretary clinton has been the most forth right in term its of this actually being a terrorist attack. did we just find out yesterday we finally got the fbi on the ground at the scene but almost four years after the attack. the tainted evidence is going be if it is still there is not going to be as valuable. this s aborningled investigation that should have been quick, forth right and we need to know the answers. >> geraldo: talk about timing, senator isaacson and well, you should since the senate is now you in recess and does not readjourn until the 13th of november, the week after
2:45 am
elections. has the obama administration succeeded in making this a nonissue for the november 6 election? >> i think that they are trying to make it a nonissue for the election. but there has been too much misinformation. senator corker and i respect secretary clinton greatly. she has been the most the forth right of anybody in the administration. the president has hardly talked about it. ms. rice has told what she was told to say not what i think she really knew and as bob corker said in the clip earlier the one briefing from clapper and ms. clinton and the members of the secret service and the fbi was a nonbriefing. we need the facts and we need them now. >> geraldo: what about the tension that the best information that he had was what they gave and ambassador rice was merely echoing what the intelligence community had told her at the time? do you buy that? >> i think she was echoing what she was told to say. i don't think that is what the
2:46 am
intelligence community was telling her. within 24 hours of the attack the intelligence community has told us they began to see evidence this was in fact a terrorist attack. i never heard mr. clapper or anybody else from intelligence talk about the movie or the trailer for the movie. i heard the administration talking about that. >> geraldo: are you suggesting senator that the obama administration intentionally misled you all in the senate? >> i think there was a delay in us getting -- there still is a delay in us getting critical information and i understand the accountability review board. i understand the 60 day delay to get the evidence. i want the evidence. i want us to find out the facts but as senator corker and i have said if there are cables from chris stevens to the state department that reflected what was written in his diary then the state department knew or should have known he was in grave danger before the attack in benghazi and he was not protected. second, why was he in benghazi to begin with? our embassy is in tripoli.
2:47 am
we only have a consulate in benghazi. there are unanswered questions we need answers to now that would not taint the overall investigation but would help to clear a lot of the misunderstandings up. >> geraldo: what is your prediction? two of the perpetrators or the suspects in the crime now arrested in turkey reportedly. apparently we know more or less which militia, wil which al-qaa affiliated militia did more of the attacking on september 11th. do we take military action now? what would you counsel the president? >> my counsel would be to look back to 9/11 2001. we had a terrible terrorist attack in our country on that date. president at that time gathered the necessary information to, first of all, confirm where the attack came from which is afghanistan and al-qaeda in afghanistan. then we moved. i think we should expedite this investigation to do the same thing. the difference is in 2001 9/11 we made -- we uncovered that
2:48 am
information within two weeks. here we are in the fourth week and just now starting the investigation on the ground. things are going too slow. the evidence is becoming tainted. we want some answers and i think we deserve them. >> geraldo: do you counsel governor mitt romney to adopt the phrase benghazi-gate? >> i don't want to politic bize something that is more important to me than that because the death of this great united states representative chris stevens, the sixth ambassador to die in the line of duty is what we need the answers to. we shouldn't play politics with the issue but the president certainly shouldn't see to it that we don't get the answers until after the election. that would be the political issue not the attack itself. >> geraldo: senator. >> john: isakson, thanks again, sir. >> thanks, geraldo. >> coming up, george zimmerman, how is he doing with his murder trial at least six months away. i just want to give you a quick note. the president and first lady are celebrating their anniversary tonight at the
2:49 am
bourbon steak restaurant in georgetown. remember, it was his anniversary wednesday night the day of the debates and he missed it because he was with all of us and mitt romney. a night i'm sure he would like to forget. tonight celebrating his anniversary. happy anniversary mr. president and madam first lady. okay. robert z ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
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>> we had some break-ins in my neighborhood and there is a real suspicious guy. >> okay. >> and this guy is, he white, black or hispanic. >> he looks black. >> did you see what he was wearing? >> a dark hood die or a grey hood die and jeans or sweat pants. >> walked around. last seen running towards the back of the complex. >> i can't see him. i don't want to go out there. i don't know the what is going on. >> do you think he is yelling help? >> yes. >> all right, what is your phone number. >> i need somebody asap. i have one down with a gunshot wound and one secure. >> what do you say to people that did rush to judgment that
2:53 am
suggests that there was racial profiling in the case and there was some other motivation? the case? >> hall of fame' not a racist and i'm not a murderer -- that i'm not a racist and not a murderer. >> geraldo: we george zimmerman shot trayvon martin is focused the country attention on the florida stand your ground laws and ignited a firestorm of outrage over the alleged profiling of the unarmed teenager. with us with his family's take on the state of the states it case against his brother, robert zimmerman joins us. >> thanks. >> geraldo: you guys, i don't know if the the audio could pick up what i -- your answer when i asked you what do you consider yourself. what does your family consider itself? >> hispanic americans. >> you consider yourself a racial or ethnic minority. >> we grew up with the clear understanding we were
2:54 am
bicultural. we were raised in two cultures. ismis this allegation of race something that particularly irks you. >> you can hear even in the clip that you just played. george never called a reported a black person. he doesn't volunteer that information and it is not in any of the other calls either. somebody asked h him to describe someone. the way things were edited by nbc and others made it sound otherwise. >> so are you going to sue or is the family is george to sue nbc news? >> that is george's suit. it is not our family's suit. it has been confirmed. i'm not his attorney. i'm not here to deny it. i will leave it to the other means to confirm it. >> geraldo: is it or is it not confirm. >> t is confirmed. >> geraldo: that the family is going sue or george is going sue. >> george has his own suit. we are a separate entity from that suit. >> geraldo: do you live kind of beleaguered. you look just like your brother.
2:55 am
do you worry that someone. >> i lost my job because of this. >> geraldo: why? >> at the beginning when things were escalating people didn't really understand our situation. any one outside of the family didn't understand we couldn't use the last name zimmerman. didn't have access to medical care. didn't want to get sick and end up in an ambulance with some person that could turn us in. there was a bounty put out for george's head dead or alive by the new black panther party and people used words to describe george that were inaccurate. very hateful words. >> geraldo: did he do you think commit murder? >> he showed tremendous restraint when was attacked. i don't want to talk only about the events of that night but i will talk about what he told his family. he told his family the truth. nothing that has come to light in evidence that i know of has ever contradicted his truth. >> geraldo: what about the fact that the kid's dna was not on the weapon indicating that there probably was not a
2:56 am
struggle for the weapon? >> i think that is exactly right. that indicate was there probably was not a struggle for the weapon and george to my recollection has never said nor did i say nor has his father that there was a struggle for the weapon. it is important to make the distinction between george's family and other people who i guess were following their hearts. they knew our family was terrified and couldn't go out in public. they went out, like george's friend and they they may have made statements that conflict with the evidence that has been presented so far in court but his family has not. >> geraldo: how do you feel about his prospects? >> you know, in the end we have to put our trust in something and our family is going to put our trust in the judicial system. he is in good hands. he has great attorneys. don west and mark oh mara. >> geraldo: a terrific attorney. >> in fairness to mark when this first i guess when george was arrested it was kind of a strange thing for our family because you know on one hand you think gosh this should have
2:57 am
never happened but then think at least mark is handling the case and he repeated over and over again the truth comes out in court and i think that him repeating that in all fairness to him helped tamp down some of the hatred. >> o' mara did a great job and ben for the family don't you regret that your brother lied about the finances to the judge and got himself in such a jam. >> the last order and there has been a recusal. i wouldn't characterize it myself in my opinion he didn't lie. george was in a jam hard for anybody to understand other than george and his wife. when george was in jail i was with his wife 24 hours a day. we had too buy disguises to hide our identity. >> geraldo: how is he faring? >> his birthday is october 5th. >> geraldo: how old is he? >> 29. >> geraldo: how old are you? >> 31. >> geraldo: you are the older brother. and he is doing okay? >> he is doing better.
2:58 am
>> geraldo: does he have support still? >> his original support arers were his family. one of the reasons that i spoke out initially was my house was compromised. the address was on a list and his family w
2:59 am


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