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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 7, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, october 7th, i'm alisyn camerota. 30 days until election day and it's a whole new ball game. mitt romney up in the polls and riding high in the all important sunshine state. >> four years after presidency has not been able to get america back on track. he can't, he doesn't know how. i know how and i will get the job done. >> alisyn: so can romney keep up with the president in the cash race? we'll break down the numbers. >> speaking of campaign cash after the poor performance in the debate the president's off to hollywood. going to hollywood. is the president actually
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worried? the left is going to stream right? we report, you decide. >> america, we have a new odd couple. >> (cheers) >> and what would you like for christmas, little boy? >> more from the debate between bill o'reilly and jon stewart, last night. whatever show that was. >> "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> good saturday morning-- or sunday morning. >> that's close. well, it's still saturday somewhere. >> alisyn: in your brain. >> peter johnson, jr. in for dave briggs. >> nice to see you. >> alisyn: did you stay up and watch the debate? . no, i watched clips.
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>> on your twitter feed. thousands were trying to get in and the servers were down and so many people were trying to log in and the servers were down. >> didn't have to pay-- >> the twitter feed. >> alisyn: and meanwhile, we are in the final stretch, it has been a long two years, bracing up to this exact moment. 30 days. >> can you believe that? >> no, i can't, until the election, and by the way, mitt romney sees a post debate bump in the polls and it's significant, prior to the debate. and mitt romney in a national poll was two points behind and now he's two points up. and s-49-47. >> rasmussen in 2008 had the most accurate polls from 2008. we're going to ask scott about it on the show later. we asked him the last time we had new polls about the national polls.
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you can look at swing state polls and get a really nugget of information, national, sort of a not maybe as interesting. when you look at florida right now where the candidates, where mitt romney is campaigning north of orlando. look at this, florida, 49% right now to 47%, that's big bump from where president obama was leading mitt romney in the all important swing state. >> yeah, governor romney and his wife were down in florida yesterday campaigning hard and getting a pretty good reception. let's look at ann romney with some of the voters yesterday. >> every year, the median income in america-- >> and you are a tremendous asset to your husband. >> i appreciate that. you know, i-- we're doing everything we can, my boys, myself just out there working as hard as we can. >> well, i really believe that your husband is going to be-- i think they will have as much as ronald reagan did, he's
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going to do bet. >> i felt that for a long time. >> well, the wives of course in in race have high approval rating and favor ann romney and favor michelle obama, the wives are a huge asset. >> and president obama was off the campaign trail yesterday and finally celebrating his wedding anniversary, as you know fell on the night of the debate. so mitt romney was unencumbered on the campaign trail. there was no response that the president could give to anything that mitt romney did. and mitt romney seemed to energize after the debate. >> every year the median income has gone down, 4,300 a family ab with average family income around 50,000 bucks, that hurts. gasoline prices are up twice what they used to be. these are tough years for the middle class and for the poor in america. and if we calculate it, by the way, our unemployment rate in a way that was consistent with the way it was calculated when he came into office, be a
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different number. if the number of people shall the percentage of the american population in the work force were the same today as the day he was elected, unemployment rate would be above 11%, this is inexcusable in a nation so prosperous of ours, that four years of a presidency has not been able to get america back on track. he can't, he doesn't know now, i know now and i'll get the job done. >> a bet that most of the other states will be ignored. only eight states in the rest of these 30 days, that's it because that's where the candidates are going to have to put down their stakes and mitt romney needs to win florida. if he loses florida, that means he needs to win every other swing state in a sweep which seems highly unlikely, although if you look at the polls, the same thing goes for ohio right now. if mitt romney loses ohio he has to win every other swing state. and no president of course, no republican has ever would be won the presidency without wingoo and there is a new poll
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from rasmussen, a 1 point lead within the margin of error for president obama. >> and he is an obviously seeing the results of a successful debate the other night. and look at the poll in the state of virginia, it's dead heat there as well. 49% romney, 48% the president. so, obviously, governor romney has seen a big leap in a few states, already, as a result of the bump that he's seen. >> alisyn: by the way, you should stick around the until the nine o'clock hour of our program today because scott rasmussen will be here to unveil the newest polls, first polls taken entirely since the debate. some of the polls we've been showing you, two-thirds of those voters polled were interviewed post debate and one third was pre-debate. >> it's like a bakery, these are the freshest polls out of the oven. >> alisyn: not rolls, polls. >> the sinna buns of the polls.
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>> and we'll see how they play out. we see the papers and headlines and today on our show we'll show you the polls later. >> alisyn: hot off the presses. campaign cash, very interesting, at this 11th hour of the campaign. so, mitt romney has had a post debate spike in terms of his fund raiding, able to raise 12 million dollars online in just 48 hours after the debate. >> you're seeing a lot of this in the poll, republican enthusiasm gap, a lot of polls reflecting the new enthusiasm republicans waited until the debate to see which guy was going to show up. yes, you see the campaign donations flowing into the campaign. although the president and the democrats though are not far behind. >> don't feel sorry for them. wait until you hear this number. >> this number will blow your mind. 181 million dollars, what the president's campaign raked in in september, a brand new
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record. >> unbelievable. it is mind blowing, they said in a tweet yesterday that they got about 1.8 million new contributors and of that about 600,000 had never given before to the obama campaign either in 2012, or in 2008. so they're saying a net of 600,000 new contributors in september alone. i don't know how you achieve a number like that. >> alisyn: they say grass roots, low budget-- the right word -- not big rollers, and given. >> small rollers like you and me. >> alisyn: and however, much of the president's fund raising has come from hollywood and those big rollers and he's going there tonight for a star-studded celebrity concert to try to
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reassure those heavy rollers that he's still in. >> nokia theater and then $25,000 a plate at a wolfgang puck restaurant. >> yes, and katy perry, is that the concert, she's putting on the big concert. >> alisyn: and stevie wonder. >> big ticket guys and some people not happy, california. if there were any other state dealer with like $6 gas prices it probably wouldn't bode well for the president flying in there and snarling up traffic before a concert. the gas stations are saying we're out of gas. >> it's an all-time high. >> $6. unbelievable. >> alisyn: and we have a fox news alert. two american troops, special operations in the province saturday after a fire fight with insurgents. and brings the number of u.s. troops killed in afghanistan this year to nearly 260.
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two afghan police officers were killed in two separate bombings in other after began pro vipss. well, that partially blind egyptian extremists maybe his first appearance in u.s. sports, he did not enter a plea, and he's charged with taking 16 hostages in yemen and trying to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon and appeared in court without his prosthetic arm, claiming they were taken away on route to the u.s. and his lawyers asked that his hand be returned immediately. and four others with al mazry needed not guilty to the terror related charges. another scare in the air for american airlines. after a flight from dallas to orange county, california, apparently a problem with the wing flap which controls the speed of the plane. after nearly a week that american grounded dozens of planes because of loose seats
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that came loose in mid flight. a big celebration as the navy commissioned the newest war ship named after a fallen navy seal. ♪ >> 300 sailors charged the deck. and long island native michael murphy was killed in afghanistan in 2005. during an ambush, murphy man into the line of fire to call for help. and helped to dedicate the ship in th ship, his parents, and they'll join us later. >> and rick is back from his paul bunyan-- how did you get down from the tree. >> soft pillow. >> i just fell. in southern pennsylvania, clayton's territory,
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beautiful, spectacular the fall leaves are looking great and feeling like fall and see that in your temperatures as you're making up much cooler,s the great lakes and the northeast than you were 24 hours ago. and this is where the changes ever. the front is bringing a little bit of rain and little bit of snow mixing in across parts of the great lakes with colder air this morning and maybe a few flakes higher elevations of pennsylvania and upstate new york, but for the most part. scattered showers on and off and cooler day, everything is remaining dry once again workser' in the driest stretch in seattle. a lot of fires we talked about and significant fires and the dry air continues. i'm going to talk about the east coast and the changes are, and that's the cool temperatures tonight. 30's back here, we might see some freeze warnings tonight in effect. and then the next three days, look at this, the next couple of days cold. tuesday, all definitely fully
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in place across the for the niece. >> about time. >> i'm mad at you, rick. >> and snow next week. coming up on the show, forget the safety patrol. your child can now be part of the energy patrol. how the epa is recruiting kids in school. >> in days, it's their turn. joe biden and paul ryan set to go one-on-one. we'll take a look who has the upper hand, as well as the greatest moments ever in vp debate history. there are good ones. ♪ ♪ feels like the first time ♪ feels like the very first time ♪ ♪ it feels like the first time ♪ does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ?
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>> it's almost time for another debate. and paul ryan wants to replace
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in the white house, joe biden. in 2010 in the battle over health care, watch this. >> af got to tell you the american people are engaged and if you think they want a government takeover of health care, i would respectfully submit you're not listening to them. >> so, will that experience help ryan thursday night? joining me now is presidential historian the author of the book "what does the president look like", jane, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> clayton: what does paul ryan have to do. talking to huckabee about it. paul ryan can have a tendency to come off a little wonky and vice-president biden perhaps as a little folksy and flies off the handle with things off script. what do the two need to do to be effective. >> ryan needs to keep that momentum going and needs to explain their policies and their points of view in a very cheer, concise way, which you've heard him do in sound bites in different media interviews. biden, yes, needs to not make
3:17 am
gaffe and make up for some of the mistakes his boss made last week, he needs to seem engaged. he needs to answer those hard questions without being defensive and so, they both have challenges going in, but it should ab really great debate. >> clayton: it's interesting if you look back as a historian, 2008 and beyond. vice-president biden, then candidate biden crushed hillary clinton and barack obama in the debates. he was the one winning the debates. >> he's a very strong debater. i'm sure that that's the biden that will show up this week, but part of the problem that a president and a vice-president faces is that they can be insulated very easily. they speak to crowds that adore them. >> right. >> they aren't orphanage challenged with tough questions from reporters as we've seen lately and i think that's a big challenge for biden this time around. >> historically the
3:18 am
vice-president debates, i think, vealyielded a lot more entertaining moment and some think they'll stand out more. >> lloyd benson and dan quayle, 2002008. >> jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. (cheer (cheers) >> that was a fierce moment. >> that was a strong zinger and perhaps the most memorable moment from the vice-presidential debate and often, a vice-presidential debate is about assurance. can the second person on the ticket become president and step in if need be. you've got to remember in 1988 who was president? ronald reagan. lloyd benson had been in the senate 17 years, dan quayle, 7 years, that was about gravitas and the senior statesman versus the young new guy
3:19 am
upstart. this time it's different because barack obama was in his 40's when he became president and even though joe biden is three decades older than paul ryan, that issue is muted a little bit. >> clayton: interestingly in 2008. then candidate biden, vice-presidential nominee at the time had a walk a delicate balance with sarah palin. he had to be respectful of her on the stage and strong a lot of people thought it was a tie at theened of the debate wherever you stand on it want matter, but here is a clip from that, we'll get you to respond to that moment. >> you voted for the war and now you oppose the war, you're one who says, as so many politicians do, i was for it before i was against it or vice versa, americans are craving straight talk. hey, if you voted for it, tell us why you voted for it and you you also said that barack obama was not ready to be command ner chief and i know again you opposed the move he made to try it cut off funding
3:20 am
for the troops and i roux inspect that for you, i don't know how you can defend that position now. >> remember, "saturday night live" of course, didn't want to answer her own questions, aski asking her own questions instead of answering the moderator. >> she was attacking the record and you'll see both do in the next debate. ryan will attack the current president of the president and biden will attack ryan for his positions as well. >> jane hampton cook, presidential historian, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> clayton: coming up on the show, o'reilly versus jon stewart. see what happened when these two hit to the stage. and you have to see this, the black panthers allegedly intame dating at the polls and this year, navy seals show up to fight back next. we'll talk to one bet. ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." quick headlines for you now, a drone crosses into israeli air space, blown to pieces by fighter jets.
3:24 am
it's not known for sure where it came from, but hezbollah an iranian supported islamic militant group is suspected. and tensions between israel and iran over iran's nuclear program. amid soaring gas prices thieves trying to get away with free gas. a man somehow disabled the meter to show he hadn't bummed any gas over the course of a day stole nearly a thousand gallons. alisyn, peter. >> alisyn: thanks, clayton. in 2008, a group of black panthers allegedly intried to intimidate at the polls and now navy seals will show up. >> peter: and ben brink, get out the vet. navy captain, the dead always
3:25 am
vote democrat. >> hi, peter. >> peter: tell us what your plan is, how you're going to be bringing veterans and navy seals to ensure that over vote is counted properly and that the people who should vote are voting? >> well, first of all, the special operations people, not just seals, and they're retired and former, let's make sure everyone understands this, are part of a larger program to monitor polls, provide poll workers, which as you probably know, there are fewer of today than there were a couple of decades ago when that was still done by the greatest generation and silent generation people now getting too old to do it. but the plan for the special operators is that in areas where we've seen voter intimidation in the past, we felt that those folks would be particularly good at observing, reporting, taking videos and being invisible
3:26 am
while doing that. >> and we've gotten to the point now where we have enough that we believe we'll have almost every poll in the country where there has been intimidation alleged in the past to watch. >> and ben, ben, tell us exactly what they will look like at the polls. because i'm sure that some critics could say that having a group of navy seals or special ops guys at the polls could be construed at a different form of voter intimidation. >> well, we're very, very careful and very sensitive to that, and don't want to be part of the problem and the idea is that, they will be as invisible and inconspicuous as possible. the idea is to observe and report, not to become involved at the polls. >> so, the idea is, it's the former navy seals and veterans, it's the not involving intimidation, it's not trying it suppress votes, it's trying to ensure that people that want to vote have the right to vote and
3:27 am
reporting inactsies or irregularities at the poll. the problem is there are active service duty people that are not signing up to vote across the country. tell us what you can do for that issue. >> as you know, there's been a problem this year, and the dod fell down, didn't get the voter assistance offices up and running especially in overseas bases and registration is way down with our military. we've launched a campaign to let our you overseas military personnel know they can vote using the federal write-in backup ballot which all states must accept now and many states accept by e-mail and fax and we have a pretty successful, active e-mail campaign going on now to let all of our troops know how to vote, if for some reason we
3:28 am
don't get the ballot. >> we show the discrepancy by military members in 2008 versus nod. in florida, in number is 2006 from 2008. and in california down 59% from 2008 in virginia, it's down 70%, in ohio it is also down 70%. and we understand that you were in afghanistan during the 2008 election. how, how challenging was it for you to be able to vote from there? >> well, i was lucky. i was a senior officer and had access to headquarters pretty regular bye, but a lot of my troops and i was a senior navy officer at the time and i remember a master sergeant that worked for me the same
3:29 am
state, which is maryland, didn't get a ballot until five days before. and we know in 2008 only about 5.6% of our overseas military had their ballot actually get counted. well, benjamin, we want viewers to know to learn more about your program, get out the vet. i'll he tweeted it out. and thanks for bringing it to our attention. still ahead on the show today. a friendly face off? >> i believe in social security, do you believe in social security. >> absolutely. >> so we're both socialists. >> no, no. >> more from the debate between bill o'reilly and jon stewart next. >> alisyn: talk about a field of dream. fans go wild as cash is dropped into the stadium.
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. >> peter: hope no one was injured. ♪ let the good times roll ♪ i don't care, let's get together and let the good times roll ♪ ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves.
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i'll be out of here by nine o'clock local time. i have secret service just like michelle and i hit the hotel gift shop to get an anniversary present. let's see denver broncos sweatshirt. she might like that. the hotel has nice bathrobes for sale. that could be good. world's greatest mom coffee mug. everybody likes coffee. (laughter) >> "saturday night live" last night making fun of president obama's debate performance. >> their explanation, why he didn't show up. >> peter: what he was thinking about, certainly not the debate. >> clayton: last night. so there was a huge debate last night probably more than entertaining than the presidential debate this week, the daily show's jon stewart versus our very own bill o'reilly and even jon stewart poked fun at president obama for the poor debate performance talking about the altitude must have gotten to
3:34 am
his head at one point. a little interaction, thousands of people tried to get online for the pay-per-view and crashed the server. couldn't do it. here might be your first look at this. >> income redistribution, do you believe in it. >> do you? >> no. >> i asked first. >> oh. >> probably. >> i believe in social security, do you believe in social security? >> absolutely. >> so we're both socialists. >> income redistribution. >> social security is income redistribution. >> no, it's not. >> you pay into it. >> but you don't pay into it what you get out. >> some people pay more. >> an accumulate latiff effect. >> no he, no, no. >> and then he had a raised platform. >> right, because jon stewart, who knew is only 5-6, he's only 5 feet 6 inches tall and ball ryan is-- >> is he that tall? >> he thought he was
3:35 am
hobbit-like, very small. >> alisyn: as someone who is also a shrimp, i take umbrage. >> no, you're taller. >> alisyn: but o'reilly is really tall so jon stewart had to press a button and rise above. >> clayton: he had a hydraulic lift. he would lift certain points. and they had the podium and then they had chairs, to answer q & a from the v audience. >> how is it two personalities such as yourselves, who are almost polar opposites, policically share willingness to come together when congress can't? what advice would you give congress? (applaus (applause) >> wait, wait, wait, wait!
3:36 am
>> and what would you like for christmas, little boy? >> by the way, don't adjust your set of course that was our very own old friend, e.d. hill moderating. >> and bill o'reilly turned to e.d. hill, are you still here? he couldn't get a word in he think-wise. >> almost like jim lehrer. >> it was entertaining, we'll he show you more of that coming up in the show. >> a leading security official at the u.s. consulate in libya order today testify at wednesday's house oversight committee hearing. that hearing designed to investigate the deadly terrorist attack that killed four, including our ambassador. >> peter: peter doocy, what can you tell us about lt. colonel amy wood. >> the head of the 16 member special forces team in charge of keeping u.s. personal and
3:37 am
he's a green beret from the u.s. national guard and subpoenaed to appear in front of congress at a hearing about the deadly 9/11 raid at at consulate in benghazi, that killed u.s. ambassador stevens, and sean smith, glenn doherty and tyrone woods. we don't have a complete list, but we have an information what mr. wood will say. cbs it reporting that he met with ambassador stevens just about every day between february when his mobile security deployment team until august when he left just about a month before the deadly raid which was reportedly about the time his team's mission was over. and wood told cbs that it's unbelievable to him, that his team was pulled out of libya, given the fact that he says he was constantly trying to demonstrate to the state department how dangerous,
3:38 am
volatile and unpredictable things were in libya, as for the investigation on the ground, the fbi says they continue to coordinate with the state department, justice department and the defense department it figure out exactly what happened and who was responsible. but remember that the fbi wasn't able to get boots on the ground there for about three weeks after the raid when they'd already left the country. back to you in new york. >> peter doocy, thank you so much for that update. let's get the rest of your headlines now, we have to tell you about the rare fungal meningitis outbreak, seven time have died and 60 others are sick. it's spread across nine states and latest case ins ohio and minnesota. c.d.c. has linked the outbreak to steroids commonly use today treat back pain and those shots have been recalled and doctors fear that thousands of patients may have been exposed to this fungus. we've been updated now on the terrifying tour bus crash in new jersey and police say 23 people were hurt when the bus overturned on a highway exit ramp in wayne, new jersey.
3:39 am
eight of them critically and the bus had had headed to new york city,' it went flying and trapping them inside. >> and i heard cracking, and cracking and-- you know, i was laying on the floor. and grandma was on top of me and someone pulled me up on top of the floor. >> some say the bus driver was cut off. and police say speed may be a factor and remains under investigation. and children in the school are asked to monitor and inform other classmates when energy is wasted. members have to wear an i.d., a vest and carry a clipboard because clayton's morris' name all over it seven-year-old. >> clayton: put on a pocket
3:40 am
pro picketer. >> alisyn: turning off the lights when no one is in the room and making sure that thermostats of 70 degrees in the winter and 78 in the summer. >> clayton: that's what i do in the studio. >> alisyn: 68 degrees at all times. >> what's wrong with na. >> alisyn: what do you do when you drop $10,000 worth of vouchers on 400 college students? pandemonium. fans running, tackling during georgia state's cash drop. and the event stayed relatively civil. and helping to bring in more people to the games, cash will do that. >> peter: that's pretty responsible. >> clayton: next year they're going to arm them with swords and shields. and entertainment them. >> rick: yesterday at the pump, apum lumberjack show, and this is what they made, didn't want to
3:41 am
put that in my suitcase. they carved that with a chain saw, and keep that in the offices. thank you, guys, in ohio. and it's cool in cambridge ohio. look at atlanta, 54 as you're headed out this morning. let's take look at your forecast today. areas of the northeast, a chilly one, temps into the 40's and 50's and a few scattered showers passing at times, not a washout, but a scattered showers or two and cloudy conditions. down to the southeast, parts of texas let me tell you you, very cold. areas of texas around 25 degrees below where you should be this time of year, only in the 50's for much of this date as well. 49 for a high today in oklahoma city. up to the northern plains a tiny bit and back out across the west, that's where it's nice and sunny again and we'll
3:42 am
still be looking at parts across the southwest. >> thanks, rick. >> coming up on the show, you all know the man. >> i admire you a lot, mr. -- >> bond, james bond. >> clayton: does the man you see in the movie exist in real life? a true british spy separates fact from fiction on this anniversary of the first release of dr. no. >> peter: and then they're together in space, but divided at the polls. where does the catholic vote stand today. is there such a thing? jonathan morris live from rome to break it down from vatican city. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago.
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. . >> clayton: all right. 50 years ago this week, the world's most famous spy hit the big screen. >> i admire your luck, mr. -- >> bond, james bond. >> my name is bond, james bond. >> when was the last shipment? >> oh, lazzenby, i'm sorry. >> alisyn: and a half century later the most celebrated spy, in the movies he has it better than spies in real life. he was an of james bond, an mi-6, and spy catcher novel, dunn, matthew dunn. >> clayton: matthew, welcome to the show. >> good morning. >> clayton: it looks glamorous, bond over the years. help us separate fact from fiction here, although i think we might prefer the fiction side of it, but you guys are
3:46 am
in the trenches doing the real deal. the glamorous women, was part of the truth behind your experience and career? >> well, i certainly met many glamorous women and unfortunately i couldn't tell them i was a spy let alone matthew dunn so my experience was different. >> alisyn: it wasn't just a smorgasbord of beautiful women in plunging necklines for you? >> regrettably not, no. >> alisyn: do you have lying a cigarette that you could smoke and also fire bullets? >> again, no, that wasn't my experience at all. would have been handy, but no, i didn't have one. >> clayton: we're talking about reliable gadgets of course, when you go to the spy museum in washington d.c. you see the incredible gadgets not that you have a person like q or a person behind the scenes who is actually giving you all of these great gadgets, but i'm sure there were some pretty interesting things you not to use and work on, no?
3:47 am
>> yeah, i mean, we had a whole department that was dedicated to creating and eventing gadgets and some of them were fantastic. the problem that we had was certainly, i think some of us were a little bit cursed was that many of them wouldn't actually work when we had he' go to the places where we wanted them to work. a running joke at mi-6 and the gadgets were james bond. >> alisyn: let's talk about how you rolled when were you a spy. did you have an aston martin that you drove around in? >> top-notch transportation? >> no, i didn't. actually for the most part i had a fiat, so it wasn't quite the same. >> alisyn: no. >> come on. >> alisyn: you did not have to drive in a pinto? >> i lived in london at the time i think pinto is more practical than an aston martin. >> clayton: what about a great sound track like this?
3:48 am
♪ >> oh. such a great sound track. so, there's no music that plays everywhere you go? >> again, again, no, although that said, most of my meetings with foreign spies, assets were in hotels, so my experience was rather more that it was hotel music, elevator type music, the four seasons, that kind of stuff. it wasn't quite inspiring james bond sound track. >> alisyn: let's get to the serious stuff. obviously, james bond did have a license to kill. that was part of his motto and license to kill and you must have as well. >> clayton: it's interesting because we were looking at the numbers published about james bond. since 1962, james bond killed 352 people on the screen. is this something that happens
3:49 am
every day? that seems like a person a day? >> that's quite a lot, but in terms of le reality is, as a spy, everything do you overseas is illegal, so, having a license would actually be meaningless because of course you're at the mercy in of the lawmakers in the country you're operating. it would have been quite good to have a license to sort of show off to people, but in reality wouldn't much work at all. >> clayton: i'm curious from a spy's perspective, james bond being iconic member of the british family, if you will, are you conscious of that image when you're in the spy service or sort of look at each other joke, make jokes internally about being james bond. >> certainly i was never conscious of james bond when i was a spy. i mean, that was just like everyone else, in terms of the offices we enjoyed a good escapist thriller or a good movie and most of us liked the
3:50 am
bond movies, i'm a big fan, but no, when i was going about doing nigh job he wasn't in my mind at all. >> alisyn: the book can let people know what it's really like to be a spy. a spy catcher novel. matthew dunn, thank you for coming in and giving us insight into the world. >> my pleasure. >> clayton: i can't wait to see the new bond film and adele is doing the sound track. and "skyfall" coming out-- i'll update you on twitter. >> alisyn: and not going away, some parts of the country could see $5 gas. where were we four years ago? let's take a look at the number. >> clayton: and as the presidential election draws near, where does the catholic vote fall? we'll ask father jonathan morris, live from rome next. ♪
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> welcome back, everybody. we want to bring in peter and clayton now. >> peter: good morning. >> clayton: and to rome. >> alisyn: on a single camera
3:54 am
and-- >> since 1972, every single presidential candidate who has won the popular vote has also won the catholic vote. >> alisyn: and across the country, dioces are issuing guides to look at the issue at play in this election. >> clayton: from rome, to break down the issues of religion, jonathan morris. nice to see you this morning. what is in these guides? >> well, first of all, i wish you guys were here. we should be-- >> so do we. >> clayton: we should be here in rome. >> peter: i've been with you, father, we've had a great time. >> i know, now you let me come alone. and in any case, these voters guides are going down moral issues and lining up and these are the two candidates right now for the presidential election, and these are some of the issues and in many of these guides ten issues are mentioned and including, some
3:55 am
examples right now we see on the screen, from abortion, death penalty, educational choice, embryonic stem cell research, freedom of religion, et cetera. what is missing in some of the guides, something that the bishops as a whole, in the new introduction to faithful citizenship, i'm going to link on my facebook and on my twitter afterwards. which says, you know what? not all moral issues are equally heavy or weighty. some are more important than others. and let me give you an example. if there was a candidate in the the united states, and there was a favor of institutional racism and what if there was excellence on so many other issues, would we be able to vote for him or her? the answer is no, but the bishops have said an as whole and the new introduction put out last november to the voters guide or the faithful citizenship document. when he we come to issues like abortion, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research,
3:56 am
traditional understanding of marriage, these are nonnegotiatable, these are already completely-- >> and if we've got a couple, couple one among many other because there's been confusion on this issue of what priests and ministers are saying from the pulpit and-- >> and here, that's okay. and i think i lost you guys. >> peter: all right. father morris. >> clayton: we've had some satellite issues with his hearing ability. >> peter: and the important issue is, from what i understand, what i've seen, this is not an opportunity for the bishops to tell people you vote for obama, you vote for romney, for this senator, this congress people. i think it's a faith-based. >> alisyn: and i also think at that tells voters what the candidates' views are on the issues. >> clayton: there's a lot-- >> it's not endorsements, basically. >> clayton: from the catholic church we heard some controversy as related to the health care law earlier this
3:57 am
year and that has not been necessarily resolved, but as you take a look, i believe, do we have the pew poll that we can show you, this is the latest catholic pew poll and relates to catholic voters and president obama right now, 54% for mitt romney, 39%. so a sizable lead in the pew research. >> peter: and answers the question, it's not a monolithic group, it's tightening in this way. >> clayton: and thank you to father jonathan morris. >> alisyn: and i think he was-- some in the left are calling mitt romney a liar after wednesday's first presidential debate. and could that hurt democrats actually? our political panel is going to weigh in. >> peter: then, amazing video, a race car driver loses control. if you think it looks bad from here, wait until you see it from behind the wheel. wow.
3:58 am
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>> good morning, it's sunday, october 7th. i'm alisyn camerota. president obama and mitt romney continue to battle over the economy. >> he got a chance to explain his jobs program. and how he's going to create new jobs in america and did you hear what he had to say? i didn't either. >> alisyn: well, romney had to say, and the president, we're just 30 days away from the the election. >> peter: and president obama touting his 7.8% unemployment figure and still blaming president bush. >> after losing about 800,000 jobs a month when i took office, our businesses have now added 5.2 million new jobs over the past two and a half years. >> peter: more on that interesting number, coming up next. >> clayton: take a look at the video, amazing video of a race car driver losing control on a
4:01 am
collision course and watch what he end up driving threw, it's a vineyard and hits an electric pole. you think behind the care it looks bad, but we have a cockpit video from inside the car. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ >> good morning again, everyone, welcome in peter in for vacationing dave briggs, only 30 days left until the election. >> clayton: i can't believe it. think of what we've been through. >> peter: exhausting. >> clayton: it's crazy to think about the primary battles and the debates and presidential race and the debates and it's crazy, 30 days left. and of course, the candidate out there on the campaign trail trying to play up the recent round back and forth,
4:02 am
and prime minister of course needed some good news the other day after his poor debate performance on wednesday night and he got that. i mean, this jobs number that came out on friday, with that 7.8% in his saturday morning radio address, which turned into a youtube address, he turns the clock back a little bit and blames president bush a little bit and says we've got good numbers, listen. >> after losing about 800,000 jobs a month when i took office, our businesses have now added 5.2 million new jobs over the past two and a half years and on friday, we learned that the unemployment rate is now at its lowest level since i took office. more americans are entering the work force. more americans are getting jobs. >> that was president obama, obviously, on the saturday radio address, but he did take yesterday off the campaign trail to celebrate his anniversary. and as you know, it fell on the night of the debate and it's interesting that he would take the day off. you could postpone your anniversary until 31 days from
4:03 am
now, but he had-- >> that's good, you want a 20th anniversary, that's a pretty big number. >> alisyn: it's a milestone and their prerogative. it's interesting in the crunch moment as he's slipping behind-- >> would you demand of that of your husband. you're running for president, but-- >> no, not going to run for president and i don't remember our anniversary this year, so, i'm not sure. >> peter: you know, anniversary or not, governor romney or not, the president's anniversary, he jumped back hard as he was campaigning in florida, didn't let a moment go by to respond to the youtube video. >> clayton: he got a chance to explain his jobs program how he's going to create new jobs in america? did you hear what he had to say? i didn't either. i kept looking for a specific plan as to what he was going to do to create jobs and i heard more of the same, stimulus, hiring more government workers, raising
4:04 am
taxes, those things don't create jobs, they cost jobs. >> so question about the numbers, do you care when the number comes out, 7.8%, did you talk about it with your neighbors? do you care? and many pundits say no, that's not how people vote. when they go to the polls they vote their feelings, you know, they know if their neighbor lost their job and know if gas prices are currently through the roof or know if they put can't put food on the table and gas prices skyrocketing. january 20th of 2009 to today, out in california we're getting word upwards of $6 a gallon for gasoline and gas stations running out and people lined up trying to get gasoline out there. and this is not good news. >> and governor huckabee said that those are the things that obviously mean so much more to voters and whether or not the actual unemployment number fluctuates. >> they're looking at gas prices. when they squeeze that handle on the pump, they know they're
4:05 am
paying nearly 4 and 5 bucks a gallon and when they get the paycheck they know it's less than it used to be they know that food prices are up and costs more to go to school and kids who just got out of college are living in the basement and they want to get rid of them, that's just fact. >> there you go, $5.84 out in california. if that happened in any other state, it is california after all, a traditionally blue state and president obama flying in for a fund raidser, and you've-- you're going to snarl up traffic and-- the metrics for the president on median income and gases on inflation in terms of what it's costing to live and they say, why is the election so close? and historically it's in the past, if someone was so far behind the numbers, and they believed that it'd be a little more of a blowout. >> and the swing state polls, we'll have the scott
4:06 am
rasmussen, the fresh polls that have been conducted since that debate. and we should mention, rasmussen polls always are traditionally, in 2008 had been the most accurate in the election. >> alisyn: that's going to be breaking news in the nine o'clock hour and stick around for that. >> peter: we haven't seen those yet and i'm looking forward to. >> alisyn: headline and a fox news alert. three people are hurt after a train collided with a truck that stalled on the track, in newell near santa clarita. those three people were taken to the hospital and injuries are said to be minor. more than 200 on the commuter train before the crash. the truck driver was able to jump out before impact. another emergency landing for an american airlines flight. had a problem with the wings flap which controls the speed of the plane. the pilot landed safely at lax and no one was hurt. this problem nearly a week after americans grounded
4:07 am
dozens of planes because the seats coming loose on this flight. you have to see the video. a race car driver crashed into a vineyard, and during the race in france, the driver cannot seem to stop. and eventually hitting a power poll and the pole was crashing doub and setting off the sparks. >> a guy right benea poll and the amazing part. no one was hurt. >> and the driver and passenger tried to keep calm and-- >> oh, my gosh. >> the driver says he doesn't know what went wrong. >> it was hurt and the benefit in all of this he made a fantastic merlot blend as a result (laughter) . >> clayton: sorry. >> peter: sacre bleu. >> clayton: they can appreciate that. >> hey, rick. >> rick: any blend as long as the grapes are fermented. and it's cold out there, the
4:08 am
coldest air, we've seen this week snow, and settling into texas, 49 right now as you're waking up in dallas. take a look what happens over the next few days, it does warm um and better, but not right away. amarillo at 49 degrees, dallas, mid 70's and the same in tulsa and little rock, 60. go forward by tuesday we're back into the 80's for much of texas and still 70's, and get ready, be patient through today. today is fall and it will feel more like summer again quickly. this is the storm, the frontal system that's bringing the changes and will bring rain across parts of the mid atlantic and parts of the northeast today. it will be scattered and light, not going to be a washout for anybody, but you can kind of see where the front is down there across parts of even towards the south and the west looks good and dry in the pacific northwest and we need rain and we're not getting it. and the high temps across the country. in texas 25 degrees bee lore
4:09 am
where you should be. today, new york city is about the same as it is in dallas, hard to imagine. >> clayton: thanks, rick. >> alisyn: it's an age-old lesson in discipline, you make a mistake on the field, you take a lap. now one state says running around the track field is actually corporal punishment. >> peter: and mitt romney rising up the in the swing states. so what do the latest poll numbers mean for the election? we'll break it down with the political panel. they're coming in next on "fox & friends". ♪ good vibration, it's such a sweet sensation ♪ does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does.
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4:12 am
four years of a president can't get america back on track, he doesn't know how, i know how and i'll get the job done. >> and the candidates are in florida when their hair looks musted because of the humidity down there. and in florida, a swing state and showing after the debate. romney is making big gains in three key states. in sunshine state alone up 2 points and virginia by 1, ohio trails the president by only 1 point and within the margin of errors. what do we make of the polls? let's ask our political panel. jedia is-- what do you call it, fall-- >> mustard. >> and in the middle. and then brian is an obama campaign fundraiser. nice to see you all. >> the democratic perspective first. when you go see that the
4:13 am
president's performance in wednesday night's debate has hurt him? the new polls. >> stylistically he had a rough night, but mitt romney was making challenging comments. >> we've got two presidential debates coming up and vice-presidential debate and so many things up in the month. we need to be patient in the polls. >> clayton: a same changer? >> the headline, mitt's alive and he did something reaganesque, changed things by being himself and able to do that in large part because after mistake from the obama campaign, spending 150 million dollars to paint him as the devil incarnate and essentially mitt needed to show up and not be the devil in order to be a game change, he did much, much more. >> clayton: during the debate he moderated his position and mitt romney during the primary
4:14 am
season trying to say he was severely conservative and suddenly on stage he moderated his position on a the lot of things. did that sort of come back to bite the obama campaign who spent millions and millions of dollars to paint him as a far right wing guy and he's not. >> he's not far right wing guy not an extremist, i didn't feel as a conservative that he moderated from his position, but i think he just highlighted he's a guy who likes to get things done. he dealt with 87% democratic legislation in massachusetts and a guy that had to sit down with people on opposing sides of the aisle we need to fix things in the education, in economy and and let's do it. as opposed to the president who shoved obamacare down our throats and doesn't like to sit down and negotiate and who is out there saying if i can't get it done my way, not going to get done. a great contrast. >> that's very unfair. president obama and john boehner tried to work out a
4:15 am
deal. and the tea party said absolutely not. couldn't get a fair deal done last year, but let's talk about where the president is right now. the president is now looking at a situation where unemployment, 7.8%, and i know some republicans are saying the numbers are not right, but if the numbers were going up, they'd say the numbers are right. the unemployment is going down and we're moving in the right direction, if americans feel they're moving in the right direction, he's going to do well. >> in some the swing states, including ohio, that number had been lower than the national average, and that it seems that president obama going into ohio he's been up by a significant margin though with mitt romney closing the gap there. >> look, it's pretty sad state of affairs after four years for people to be excited about 7.8 unemployment. >> clayton: that's the reality of the situation. >> and if we use the same amount of participation in the work force, it would be at 11%. americans feel this every day, we don't need to have a candidate tell us what our lives are like, but even in ohio after obama spent at least 150 million in ads he's
4:16 am
still tied with romney. so it's not gotten him anything and i think that's a significant indicator. now we've watched surge in florida, iowa and heading in colorado now. >> clayton: can we make too much of the polls? some of the headlines, really that these republicans in these swing states are now coalescing around mitt romney and the independents remaining the same for president obama, that's unchanged, but it's now that republican enthusiasm gap that wasn't there before. they saw wednesday night. they said, wait a minute, this is a guy i could get behind. are these just republicans showing up at the polls. >> no, rasmussen has independents surging for mitt romney and i think that's chi. if you look the at a state like florida, also, you have to realize that the medi-scare tactics haven't worked. in ohio coal liners have suffered under the epa under barack obama. and pocket book issues,
4:17 am
economy, jobs is number one across the board, but each state has its own individual priorities as well and barack obama has failed on all counts there as well. >> clayton: brian, the final word on ground game. it's interesting in these states, people are reporting-- political reporters talking about florida and a ground game, than president obama does and ohio getting out the vote, early, early, bigger assets for president obama. >> look at iowa and absentee ballots and ohio early voting and democrats have done well on the ground game and tight race is going to be strong for barack obama. and it's tough to be an incumbent. with the economy turning around and foreign policy, it's tough for mitt romney to try to beat president obama. >> clayton: we'll leave it there and our political panel will stick around for this. first, they're calling him a felon and then a liar. the race for the white house reached a new low? we'll report and you decide.
4:18 am
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>> quick headlines. calling 2009 and 2010 dodge dakot dakotas, the axle could lock up causing them to drag. and crv's, honda he is a door could catch fire from a leak inside and both automakers fix the issues for free and like a real life goldie locks, but in this case the bear is breaking in. an arizona man shocked to find a 30 pound cub eating in his pantry, and check out the mess it made. the animal got in breaking a kitchen window. and now, back to the zoo. clayton-- >> can you blame him.
4:22 am
after wednesday night's debate some from the left have been rather critical of governor romney. here is what communications director woodhouse had to say. >> plenty of people pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. i mean, if he was talking, he was speaking last night, he was lying. and look, mitt romney had a good night, but you know, even a, you know, blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then. >> are these dirty attacks, calling mitt romney a liar. is it a good idea for the democrats. we're back with our panel. brian some suggest this is classless to come and attack mitt romney for lying when the president didn't seen prepared and shell shocked and that's the response. he was so shell shocked that mitt romney was lying that he didn't know how to respond. >> and mitt romney's facts were tricky, we don't have time for that. let's include john sununu,
4:23 am
romney's surrogate who said that obama is lazy, incompetent. has no idea what's going on. on both sides comments being made and let's not make this one-sided when you're talking about it. >> clayton: is that fair, tammy? >> americans and i think the tea party is a good example of this want to be told the truth. we have impressions of these guys and americans are going to make up their own mind and we know that politicians haven't been telling the truth. and the problem, came up in the first debate. the portrayal of mitt romney is not the impression that other people are getting. the continuing attacks on their end. implants john sununu and not romney saying it. in that instance a tough road and americans realize he wasn't honest with them about mitt romney in the first place and seems like sour grapes because they know who won the debate. one. things that came up. is the 5 trillion dollars and this 5 trillion dollar tax cut back and forth. in the obama camp tried to paint it as a lie.
4:24 am
listen, during the debate. >> governor romney's central economic plan calls for a five trillion dollar tax cut. a 5 trillion dollar tax cut. if you believe that we can cut taxes by 5 trillion dollars, you don't come close to paying for 5 trillion dollars in tax cuts and two trillion in additional military speck. >> let me repeat what i said. i'm not in favor of a 5 trillion dollar tax cut, that he not my plan, my plan is not to put-- >> and there's back checking what that means now. >> mitt romney is going to need to get very, very specific. people are tired of ambu get and he did talk about the deductions and more detail. he's going to need to be prepared with barack obama to come out with this stuff. independent voters are listening. generally independent voters do not like muscling from left to right and right to left. what they're interested in it is solutions. if president obama is going to
4:25 am
pick on mitt romney he better well have some forward thinking and explain what he's going to do differently the next four years to make him wore thif of getting reelected. if they are the same policies that 114,000 jobs a month is supposed to be a good thing, that's a failure. >> clayton: and the mitt romney campaign, brian, had to come out and correct something mitt romney said on the debate and pre-existing conditions and he had to correct them and the obama campaign saying he lied during the debate in front of a 65 million audience his campaign has to quietly correct it.ree with a lot of of your points, both have to come out and be very clear on some specifics. the concern is that mitt romney says he's going to cut taxes for the middle class and not cut taxes for the wealthiest americans, it's completely false when you look at his plan. >> can i just add-- >> i think when you talk about that then mentioned pre-existing conditions and that's not true and you look and saying, wait a minute, can
4:26 am
we trust mitt romney? he's laying out a number of issues, winning the debate stylistically and jim lehrer did not moderate. those are the facts as we know it. if you're channinging the plan, let knauss that. >> i find is fascinating, your guy has been president for four years. >> sure. >> and the conversation is trying to get specifics from him. mitt romney just a couple of weeks ago started getting even the national security briefings. here you've got a man who's got a book with 59 points about what he wants to do and the argument is between the regular civilian guy who is a business man about what's going to do to save the country and a president who's been in the office for four years, and we're still trying-- even we still want specifics from the president of the united states. and that's what americans are realizing. mitt romney showed them that he can be president, he's a viable alternative, and until you get into that office, which mom any does not have that benefit, you're going to have to-- and who is going to be in the senate helping to run the
4:27 am
country with you, you're going to need to be flexible. >> clayton: tammy raises good points. and team obama says we want specifics and called them out during the debate we still want specifics. >> is that fair or the opposite. >> it's not fair because barack obama-- this is a man who hasn't pressed the democrat senate to put forth a budget. >> we znt had a budget. >> so it's absurd to say that. do i believe that mitt romney needs to off specifics? i do. that's what will inspire confidence in voters. i think the more information they have with respect to education, with respect to the economy and respect to how, how you're going to implement the changes i think the better, but for barack obama who hasn't offered any specifics at all is a ridiculous claim. >> i don't think that's necessarily true, for americans making $250,000 or less and he had a fair and balanced proechd.
4:28 am
>> he's not cutting taxes, he's raising via obamacare and a ton of taxes on the middle class. >> we neat fact checks and nonpartisan, says that mitt romney's numbers are not true and if they're making that-- >> cbo said what about obamacare, it's going to raise taxes on the middle class. you've got conflicting statements. >> 30 days left. can you keep the passion going? >> i can. >> and great to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, everything you need to impersonate a new york city firefighter for sale on ebay and guess what it's all legal. the alarming details about that straight ahead and it's an age old discipline, make a mistake on a field, football field and take a lap, run a lap. you screwed up. one state says that running is corporal punishment. good means i don't have to do it anymore. ♪
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4:31 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." now time for a shot of the morning. the weekend facebook pagement take a look, got a face lift. get it? now you can like our facebook page and we've got stories and it's cool. if you've missed a segment. what we'll do, post a video up
4:32 am
there and an interesting photo. i was contemplating the lawn and many of you weighed in and said skip it. >> and here we are, and there's a theme. >> and a sneak peek as they say. >> behind the scenes action. >> and see peter back getting coffee back there. over a thousand now and people on there, go there and it's friends weekend. >> alisyn: and let's talk about this, this is a great debate for you all to weigh in this morning, i'm sure you know the age old practice of if you do something bad on your sports team, you, your coach orders you to take a lap. that's, that's your punishment, i'm sure you both have experienced something like that. >> peter: i have. >> alisyn: in fact my five-year-old in his karate class just this week, one of the boys was misbehaving, the coach says, get down and give me ten push-ups. >> peter: and my mother would
4:33 am
do that while we're growing up. >> alisyn: drop and give me 20. >> peter: you're three years old. >> clayton: peter, you're bad, take a lap. >> alisyn: and iowa is considering changing this practice because they say it could constitute corporal punishment. >> clayton: here is one of the iowa girls athletic union directors and said this to the des moines register, good sense would say we're past using running in a punitive matter. to use conditioning is almost vindictive in nature. >> peter: i can understand in some ways, let's reconstruct that. >> clayton: our lawyer. >> peter: what they're saying is, if you say, running is a punishment, you're not going to have kids running and so you're going to deter children from important physical exercise. so, when these phys-ed coaches, some of them who are sadistic in nature want to take out their lives on five-year-old children, and ten-year-old, 15-year-old children they're going to
4:34 am
dissuade the children and die early from heart attacks they didn't do exercise they would have done if the coach wouldn't have been out of control, is that it. >> clayton: that's the argument. >> peter: i'm not making it. >> clayton: era good lawyer. >> peter: maybe i will-- i'm not making the argument. >> clayton: the other side, if they don't do what you ask them to do on the team, the sports team. >> peter: they are what, say the word, they are what-- say it, they're wussies. >> clayton: and sit down and have a latte. >> peter: take a lap. >> alisyn: peter, i can see you as a coach. >> peter: take a lap. >> alisyn: it's frightening. >> peter: have a whistle here? a whistle. >> alisyn: there was a coach in iowa that apparently abused the privilege of the take a lap command. and he says that what happened he gave the-- lincoln, ohio-- i'm sorry, iowa, sophomore, 20 hill sprints, 20 up and down drills, whatever that is, and two laps around the practice field and more hill sprints. >> peter: guarantee a
4:35 am
correlation, the more that guy's wife beats him up at home, taking out the garbage and the kids are punished by taking a lap. >> alisyn: oh, no. >> peter: oh, yeah, take it out on the kids. >> alisyn: and blame his wife, wow. >> peter: i'm blaming him. his wife beats him up and then he beats up the kids, wrong. >> alisyn: wow. >> peter: i think it's wrong. stop making kids do laps. >> can we get some order in the court. >> peter: make the coach is the wussy, taking it out on the kids. i'm not sure the answering. >> clayton: let us know. >> alisyn: a good lawyer. and the house oversight committee scheduled to hear from our leading security official as the u.s. consulate i'm sorry at the u.s. consulate in libya and investigating the deadly terrorist attack that killed four americans, including our ambassador. >> peter: peter doocy is live in washington with the
4:36 am
details, what can you tell us about lt. colonel andy woods? >> reporter: peter, lt. colonel andy woods is a green beret with the national guards he was the leader of a 16 member special forces team whose job was to protect u.s. personnel in libya, but his team's mission ended in august, a month before that deadly 9/11 raid on the consulate. so, the team came back and so did the six man mobile security deployment team from the state department. now, lt. colonel woods has been subpoenaed to appear at a hearing next week about the breakdown that led to the deaths of four americans, ambassador chris stevens, information specialist sean smith a former navy seal glen doherty. and lt. colonel woods as part of his responsibility he met with ambassador stevens every single day between february when his team arrived and august when they left so they could try to figure out how to
4:37 am
keep both safe and he told cbs news that it's unbelievable to him that the state department decreased security in libya when he did, because he said he showed the state department how dangerous, and volatile and unpredictable the environment in libya was with at least 13 security incidents before september 11th be backing up his case and we expect to hear about that in a lot greater detail on hill in the next few days, back to you. >> alisyn: we need to hear a lot more in greater detail. thank you for that. let's get the rest of your headlines and tell you what else is happening. a partially blind egyptian extremist wi extremist appeared in u.s. courts and did not ender a plea. al-mas al-masri charged with taking-- he appeared in court without the prosthetic hand and the lawyer asked that his hand be returned immediately. our other terror suspects
4:38 am
pleaded not guilty to terror related charges. and seven people died from a rare fungal meningitis outbreak and more than 60 others are sick. and outbreak across nine states and latest case ins o-o and minnesota and c.d.c. linked the outbreak to steroids commonly use today treat back pain and those shots have been recalled and doctors are feared that thousands of patients may have been exposed to the fungus. everything you know to impersonate a new york city firefighter online. and keys to the city were sold on ebay and new york post uncovering another potential gold mine for criminals and terrorists and awe they be particular firefighter jackets, helmets and pants all available for purchase. the fdny says selling the department uniform is illegal, but ebay says none of it violates policy. and it's a moment this marine will never forget.
4:39 am
david doe mingus reuniting with his wife and his daughter. who is now one years old. . >> and see you again on the computer and-- yeah, it's hard. and didn't know what i would do-- >> oh, my goodness, marine sergeant will be home for two weeks and he's training to become an explosives engineers. >> can you imagine. using skype to learn about your child for the first time. >> you've never seen, what a hero. >> and let's get out to rick reichmuth out in this fall weather. it came out of nowhere. well, i know you know about it weeks in advance, but for us, it's like 75 degrees and suddenly a cool breeze blows through and it's 50 degrees. >> rick: i'm shivering out here, actually. almost time to bring the jackets out. where are you from in pennsylvania? >> philadelphia originally and then out in like, reading pennsylvania, my folks live
4:40 am
right now. >> rick: very good. yesterday i drove through southern pennsylvania. it was beautiful. i took this picture actually on this drive right around summerset coming across some of the mountains there and you know, you kind of want to see the fall this time of year and there you have it. absolutely spectacular across western pa, 39 degrees there and you're going to get up to 47. keep sending me your pictures, especially what fall looks like now. rick reichmuth on twitter and put them on the facebook page. a cool 151, and a few light showers. there will be scattered showers and cool temperatures, down to the southeast, nice in florida at least warm and south florida seeing some showers and orlando still at 90 and everywhere else to the west and north of that, it's cool and fall-like, 59 in nashville and only 55 today in dallas into the northern plains another cool day as well. and temps for the most part into the 50's and a lot of sunshine here and across the west.
4:41 am
still extremely warm and the pacific northwest, i tell you what, just continues to be very dry conditions and we've got one more button there, and there you go. you see warm conditions, 77, and sunny in portland, oregon. and all right, guys, back to you inside. >> and that summerset pennsylvania, use today make that drive from university of pittsburgh and drive up and you always got snow in somerset and hit the mountains in the appalachians, and a good rest stop there by the way. >> alisyn: i'll make a note of that. >> clayton: there's a burger king there. >> alisyn: in 2008, young people flocked to president obama for hope and change. how do they feel four years later about his performance. how do they feel about his performance at the first debate. we'll take a look. >> peter: america's favorite duck calling family, with the stars of duck dynasty, join us live from talladega just ahead. ♪ baby you can drive my car,
4:42 am
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you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums [ male announcer ] tums smoothies. >> in 2008. young voters turned out to vote for president obama, generation y. and vote they did by a wide margin. how do they feel now after the debate performance? here to fill us in, a smart and funny guy. steven crowder, good morning, steven. >> good morning to you, sir. >> what's this about? we know that fewer younger voters are going to be showing up the at the polls and based on what the gallup folks are saying. how are they feeling about this election and about this debate? you see the fallout? tell us, steven. >> depends how many young people watched the debate. you never know, could have been a kardashian rerun. the debate is very, very clear
4:45 am
like a father spanking his child and worse, making him pick switch he was going to be spanked and even in the left in the media, acknowledged it and changed tact, he won, but think he lied, or had a cheat sheet. and if mitt romney had a chance to make his case as opposed to letting the media create a case for him. and this is directly at young people and could cause relief for young people in the united states today. are you listening? i don't know. a generation in which i've been raised peter who always want, we've talked about this, more free crap and people who instead of voting for things like a financial, a visible economy, more job growth, they will he' vote for things like free birth control and cell phones. so it's tough to see how they react to the debate. my guess they're going to vote with the guy who they think gives them more free crap and
4:46 am
saves big bird and that would be barack obama. >> peter: mitt romney was talking about winners and losers, who is getting. listen to this. >> i thought we were bringing up a clip. >> and like 50 year's worth of breaks into solar and wind, to solyndra and fisker and tesla. and i had a friend that says you don't just pick the winners, you pick the losers. >> peter: and what do you say about that? >> i think it a fantastic quote. i think that mitt romney when responding to barack obama talking about exxon, and making tons of money at the pump. and in quebec the government was making so much off the gas at the pump and people got mad and put up a pie chart on the gas station and showed you the profit margin for the gas company versus revenue to the government. i would have pro cussed on that, young people probably want cheaper gas, it not about
4:47 am
free stuff, but keeping the government in constitutional parameters. big bird, and you go everyone where young people are saying mitt romney wants to kill big bird. he doesn't. he want him to operate on a-- i grew up with big bird, ab big bird lunch box and kids love that one. if big bird can't make profit with merchandise and big bird should probably be defrocked. >> peter: a lot of folks under 30, about 12% of americans that don't have a job. and they're unemployed. >> i just lost them. >> peter: are you there. >> peter i shall lost the audio, if you could repeat that i'd appreciate it. >> peter: sure, 12% of folks under 30 in the united states, 11.8% are unemployed. >> yeah. >> peter: is that affecting their vote or they're immune to that? >> it absolutely should affect their vote. listen, i wish i could tell you something better than the
4:48 am
truth and the truth is again, the people aren't necessarily looking at employment rates and thinking what would be the best situation, what would be the best policy for the economy? they are he' saying i want to stay on my parents health care plan until i'm 26. a lot of younger people wanting to go into the public sector because the wages are hi higher than the private sector and you get benefits. people are looking for a free ride, looking for security and that's what people my age have been raised with is the mentality that they're entitled this kind of a living. entitled to free things and they're 100% wrong, i hope they tune into the second debate and hope it's as much of a spanking as first, if if there are young people i'm easy to find. s crowder. >> peter: when they found you what should they do-- stumped the stars? steven, thanks for being with us. interesting observations about what what young are people are
4:49 am
doing in the debate. thanks, steve, so you soon. coming up next, their quacked, and some of the biggest stars in america, the stars of duck dinety, they're duck calling and combining it with car racing and we'll check with them live at the talladega speedway. nascar meets the ducks. ♪ all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones
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4:52 am
>> time for quick headlines and venezuela holding presidential elections today and president hugo chavez could be in danger of losing his seat. the polls show the race is close despite the reports that many people are pressured or bribed into voting for chavez. mila ku mila kuniz, sexiest alive, and she's now dating ashton kutcher. >> and you have to present her with the crown, as a former-- >> well, actually, you know
4:53 am
what? and you're not going to bait me into that. i'm not doing that. >> peter: and trying to make her say something. >> clayton: if you wanted to see something you needed to watch last night. fox news channel's bill o'reilly, papa bear, and jon stewart of the daily show squared off in a debate last night. a pay-per-view last night and so popular that internet servers were there and could not pay to watch it. and the first clip of what unfolded, it was really, really funny and be take a look. >> income redistribution, do you believe in it? >> do you? >> no. >> i asked first. >> oh. >> i believe-- >> it's complicated. >> i believe in social security, do you believe in social security? >> absolutely. >> so we're both socialists. >> no, no. >> social security is income redistribution.
4:54 am
>> no, it's not. you pay into it, but you don't pay into it what you get out of it. >> some people pay more. >> you pay in a cumulative effect-- >> no, no. >> the hydraulic chair there, or platform was funny because bill o'reilly is 6:5. >> and he dominated. >> clayton: he-- >> he dominated. >> alisyn: and that's what-- >> he dominated. >> alisyn: to hear the crowd at george washington university and you can imagine the college students were leaning towards jon stewart last night. >> clayton: and jon had good ones and viewers wrote and said i wish bill would have fired back a little bit more. >> alisyn: a funny report those two. and another moment i think really shows their very close rapport. >> how is it two personalities such as yourselves, who are almost polar opposites, politically, share a willingness to come together when congress can't? what advice would you give congress? (applause)
4:55 am
(laughter) >> wait, wait, wait. wait! and what would you like for christmas, little boy. >> clayton: i don't know that we'll see nance nancy pelosi sitting on john boehner's lap soon. >> peter: christmas in october. >> alisyn: that was our friend and former "fox & friends" colleague e.d. hill playing the role of moderators. >> clayton: and almost played the jim lehrer role at the beginning couldn't get a word in edge-wise and bill says i don't care, i'm going to give you a three minute monologue. >> peter: nobody wants to hear any moderator when you've got big, big folks like that. >> clayton: and bill turned to her at one point, are you still here. >> alisyn: she's used to that behavior from bill. and most of the proceeds went to charity.
4:56 am
and joe biden, and paul ryan, get ready to go one-on-one in the debate. will biden be able to make up for president obama's lackluster performance? we'll ask at the top of the hour. ♪ two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs
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4:59 am
we're going to report and you're going to decide. or want the money. money, money, money. buckle up for a bumpy ride. a flight team is trying to figure out how to survive a plane crash, bringing down a 727 on purpose by remote control. we'll tell you what they found out. "fox & friends" our three starts now. ♪ >> it's incredible and see the graphics or animation of a plane crash and national geographic taking a look at this and flying this thing via remote control and showing you how to survive and protect yourself in the event something like this would happen. >> alisyn: and the cameras are inside the cabin and some people of comforted by this. i am horrified by this, because you see the first person account of a plane crash for the first time. >> clayton: we'll show you more of that. >> alisyn: and 30 days until the election. >> clayton: here is peter
5:00 am
johnson, jr. and took some time off the campaign trail and-- >> i'm running for city council in the district and please vote for me. >> clayton: he's in for a vacationing dave briggs. 30 days before the election and we have new polls that show that post debate bump that people thought might occur for mitt romney. it has occurred and it's an average of the national polls and scott rasmussen from rasmussen reports will join us later to go into the polls, and 49% to president obama's poll. >> it's the most recent polls, and mr. rasmussen's were the most accurate. >> alisyn: by the way the polls have three day rolling poll and they interview respondents and two-thirds of those had dean the debate and you can see that added to the freshest from the debate and let's look at the battle ground states which of course are important, and let's look at florida, there again, there's been a bump for mitt
5:01 am
romney. 49% now support him versus 47 for president obama. >> clayton: he was in apopka. a large cuban population there and immigration population down there in florida. so, something that's near and dear to his heart. and what's very interesting though is the i-4 corridor down in florida which went for president obama last time. that's that i-4 corridor down through the heart of orlando right where president-- excuse me where governor romney was speaking right along i-4. >> alisyn: ann romney was working the crowd as she does so well. she's very popular with all of those that turn out to see her husband and she heard something from some of the voters there, and probably surprised her. they were likening her husband to reagan. >> and i want you to know that you are a tremendous asset to your husband. >> i appreciate that. you know, i -- we're doing everything we can, my boys,
5:02 am
king as hard as we can. >> and i really believe that your husband is going to be, i think, that he will have as much impact as ronald reagan, if not more. >> he's going to do-- >> i've felt that for a long time. >> clayton: so better than ronald reagan. >> and governor romney talking about a new morning in america. and echoing the reagan story, how prosperous the country can't get on track and going hard after the president in apopka florida last night. let's watch. >> every year, the median income in america is going down. it's down $4,300 a family and with average family income around 50,000 bucks, that hurts. gasoline prices are up twice what they used to be, these are tough years for the middle class and the poor in america.
5:03 am
if we calculated by the way our unemployment rate the way it was calculated he came into office, the number of people and percentage in the work force the same as the kay he was elected, our unemployment rate to be above 11%. this is inexcusable for a nation as popular as ours, he can't get it on track, and i know how and i'll get the job done. >> clayton: and the president in the radio address saying the 7.8 unemployment number is a good sign of course the first time since he's been elected president it's been back to that number, so, that's been a talking point. of course that mitt romney that is been hammering on and you promised, mr. president, we had he' get below 8% and now it has and all of you starting to see the messaging changing. >> and the president wasn't available to rebut what mitt romney said because he had the
5:04 am
day off the campaign trail to finally celebrate his anniversary on the night of the debate. >> peter: and interesting 7.8% number, economists and jack welch, where did this come from, the raw numbers put out and a disconnect. >> clayton: we have to look the at revised numbers a few months later and maybe find out in december what the true number was or were in september. but we have new numbers out of ohio. the all important battle ground state of ohio where president obama has been leading significantly there. in recent polls, well not significantly, but 5 or 4 points accord to go what karl rove was talking about, 49-50%. and looking at virginia, and there mitt romney has pulled ahead of president obama 49-48% within the mar begin of error, but definitely experiencing a debate bounce. and speaking of which, let's talk about the money they have
5:05 am
been able to raise because this plays into how people are feeling after the debate as well. in just the 48 hours since the debate, mitt romney has been able to raise 12 million dollars online and just staggering numbers. >> peter: at the same time, the president announced that they raised 181 million dollars in september, about 1.8 million dollars, 1.8 million donations and they said of that, about 600,000 for people that never contributed before. and i read a piece in breitbart this morning that says most of those folks were allegedly giving under $50 or so-so we'll never know the names of those people that actually gave. under federal law there's no obligation to disclose who those donors actually are. so, that's interesting, that they say there's hundreds of thousands of people that are coming forward, but we'll never know who they actually
5:06 am
are. >> alisyn: something else interesting. the president is head today hollywood tonight for another dig fundraiser, according to some reports, deep pocketed donors are feeling skittish after his debate performance and some have suggested that some of the hollywood directors will give him pointers how to better prepare for being in the spotlight when he gets there. but there's a big-- >> george clooney. >> alisyn: having a dinner. >> clayton: another debate prep for him. >> alisyn: he should, perhaps, and that there's a big celebrity concert. katy perry, steve ji wonder, jennifer hudson and jon bon jovi. >> peter: nokia theater. >> clayton: much more on that coming up aen we'll be speaking with scott rasmussen in a little while because he's going to have the fresh polls. the first time we'll hear new fresh polls and he will he' be pulling those out of the oven like baked bread this morning, fresh and tasty. >> alisyn: delicious. we begin your headlines with a fox news alert and we're learning more about the train collision in california.
5:07 am
that commuter train was filled with people and crashed in a semi truck carrying cars and that truck stalled while trying to cross the tracks, it happened in newell, california. three train passengers were taken to the hospital, but told their injuries are said to be minor. and the truck driver was able to escape harm by jumping out of the trick before impact. he's accused of plotting to blow up at least 48 churches in oklahoma, police arrested gregory wiler after discovering a duffle bag with 50 glass bottles, a funnel and lighter fluid in a garbage can at a motel. inside his room, police found lozs of empty beer bottles fashioned pass molotov cocktails and the suspect reportedly planned to videotape the explosion. the legal battle over pensions heating up in rhode island. last year, they suspended pension increases and to save over the next 20 years.
5:08 am
and public unions and suing-- and states deal with similar problems, at least ten states face a 1.4 trillion dollar gap between what they've promised workers and what they've set aside to meet those promises. a huge honor for a fallen seal as the u.s. navy commissions the u.s.s. michael murphy. ♪ >> 300 sailors charged the decks of the u.s.s. michael murphy yesterday in new york while hundreds of people cheered them on. navy seal and long island native michael murphy was killed in afghanistan in 2005, during an ambush he ran into the line of fire to call for help. he was awarded the medal of honor and his parents helped to dedicate the ship in his honor and they'll join us later on "fox & friends." those are your headlines. >> clayton: let's get it over to rick reichmuth for a look at the fall weather and the big cold front i guess moved through the east coast.
5:09 am
do you have to cover your plants? frost season yet? >> very good, plclayton. a lot of prices with a freeze, and do whatever it is, for a lot of areas tonight it will be the end of growing season. take a look at temperatures across parts of the central plains and it's 20 degrees in northern nebraska and 20 degrees in rapid city, this is incredibly cold air for this time of year and it's going to slowly migrate off to the northeast and be that cold, they'll continue to deal with it. here is what's going to happen the next few days, a bit of a bump tomorrow for omaha, back to 72 briefly and then it schools again down on that on tuesday and the same goes tore green bay, detroit, st. louis and cold the next couple of days. the northern plains are in that see saw time and that's what you see in october. that will be between summer and winters happening. and across parts of the east, scattered showers today from time to time. not a washout for anybody, but scattered showers and maybe even a few snow flurries, in the highest elevations of the
5:10 am
mountains in the northeast with the cold air moving in, across the west you're looking good. plenty of sunshine and incredibly warm temperatures continuing across parts of the pacific northwest and 73 degrees again today in seattle and that dry streak continues. tomorrow you'll be back again towards 71. phoenix 94 and a little bit of moderating in the temperatures across parts of the plains and texas back to the 70's, you'll be happy to hear that. >> thanks. >> is it too early to buy a pumpkin. no, they're out and the question is, you get it too early and it goes bad or a squirrel gets to it. >> a squirrel gets it in the house. >> the squirrels come into the house now. >> peter: and why do the people bring the plants in and leave the pets outside. that's a question. >> clayton: we'll try to tackle that. forget the safety patrol, your child can now be a part of the energy patrol in school. how the epa is recruiting your kids in their schools. >> peter: in just a few days it's their turn to hit the
5:11 am
debate stage. paul ryan and joe biden are going head to head. can joe biden make up for the president's performance? chris wallace weighs in next. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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thank you, insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. >> mitt romney after the presidential debate on wednesday both sides of the aisle saying he's the winner and four days until the vp debate and all eyes are on and will biden keep that going? >> joining us is chris wallace, nice to see you. >> hi, guys, who would have thought now that we would be saying that can vice-president joe biden help salvage some of the debate rhetoric this week? joe biden now has to try to help out the obama
5:14 am
administration. what do you make of this, chris? >> well, you're exactly right. obama had a bad first debate and you don't want to have two bad debates in a row. i don't think that biden will. you know, it's interesting, i interviewed paul ryan last week and talked to him about, about biden and i said what do you think of biden? you've been studying him obviously and prepping for him. he said, look, he's a very experienced guy and been in this for 40 years and you're not going to throw him off his game. and i said, yeah, how about the gaffes? he says he makes those in exte extempraneous on the stump and i don't think that he was spinning me, a strong determined biden. what's fascinating is the contrast between these guys, an old school liberal in the case of biden and a young gun conservative in the case of paul ryan and i mean, these guys couldn't be further apart
5:15 am
in their outlook on the government and what they think are the solutions for the country over the next four years. >> and the way they speak, too, right, guys? and paul ryan we talking to huckabee, does paul ryan run the risk of being too wonky and using charts and graphs and getting buried in the numbers, the weeds so to speak? >> i don't think so. i mean, my experience with him both interviewing him here on the show and also just in knowing him for a number of years, he understands the big themes. i don't think he's going to get down into baselines and things like that. having said that, you know, he's -- he has proposed a number of budgets with very he tough budget cuts offer the years that in fact romney has walked away from, you can be sure that biden is going to try to hold him accountable for those things even though romney is not proposing them and to try to portray ryan as kind of out of touch conservative extremist. so it's going to be interesting to see how he handles some of his own
5:16 am
proposals no longer the proposals of the romney team. >> and chris apro poe of what you're saying, and few are stronger than joe biden knows how to connect with a crowd and you pointed out his ratings during the convention were extremely high. do you think he's going to try and get congressman ryan to commit to positions that may be antithetical opposite to what mitt romney is saying? is he going to try to paint romney with what ryan says at this debate, on medicare, medicaid and on issues like at that? >> absolutely. what he's-- what i'm sure he'll say as well. now romney is talking a moderate game and let's look what you proposed two years ago or four years ago, for instance, ryan's plan, he also took 716 billion dollars out of medicare, and one of the main attack points na romney is making against obama and romney would put that 716 billion dollars back.
5:17 am
but, you can be sure that biden is going to say, well in your own budget you were taking the 716 out. so he's going to try to paint, you're exactly right, peter, paint romney with some of ryan's positions not to say they were extreme, but more conservative and more hide line. >> chris, tell us what's coming up on your show today. >> we will have our own debate, alisyn. we are going to have two interesting figures, martin o'mally the governor of maryland and a lot of people think win or lose for obama, a possible presidential candidate for the democrats in 2016 against kelly ayotte, one of the rising stars in the republican party, the senator from the key swing state of new hampshire, and then we're going to have a debate guru, bret o'donnell, may not have heard of him, but seen his work, one of the campaign debate coaches for 2004 and mccain in 2008. and mitt romney before the florida primary, florida debate, obliterated newt gingrich and we'll get him to
5:18 am
give tricks of the trade, what they do right or wrong and what they need to do differently next time. >> very good. tune into fox news sunday, thanks, chris. >> thanks, cries. >> clayton: coming up on the show, speaking of paul ryan, one voter asked him to be more specific with his plans. >> i heard you, was it sunday when you were on fox, and you didn't answer his question about how we're going to-- you know, what are your plans. >> yeah, no, look-- >> she says her words have now been twisted by the obama administration and she's here to set the record state. >> peter: then a scarlet letter for military veteran who was teaching a class on radical islam. is political correctness to blame for his problem? we report, you decide. well, if it isn't mr. margin. mr. margin? don't be modest, bob. you found a better way to pack a bowling ball. that was ups. and who called ups? you did, bob. i just asked a question. it takes a long time to pack a bowling ball.
5:19 am
the last guy pitched more ball packers. but you... you consulted ups. you fod a better way. that's logistics. that's margin. find out what else ups knows. i'll do that. you're on a roll. that's funny. i wasn't being funny, bob. i know.
5:20 am
5:21 am
>> welcome back, quick headlines, police arresting nearly two dozen people after an occupy protest gets ugly and trying to stop demonstrators from blocking traffic and one officer was hurt and is expected to be okay. volunteers in florida making calls for president obama's presidential campaign get a surprise visitor. ann romney, stopping by in orlando, call center with
5:22 am
pizza and meeting people and signing autographs and put to work by making phone calls and get on the phone. need some help. peter. >> peter: thanks, clayton. a 18 year army veteran has been flagged over a course he was teaching on radical islam. lt. colonel matthew dooley was fired as an administrator after his teaching was characterized as objectionable by top military brass. our next guest says that political correctness is to blame. and he thinks that legal action might be the next step if the negative ranking isn't overturned. and joining us now is the president of the law center. richard thompson. good morning, mr. thompson. >> good morning, peter, thank you for having me here today. >> tell us about this issue and why this colonel is in trouble for teaching about islam and rod radical! >> the back drop is in october much last year, 57 muslim organizations sent a letter to the department of defense, and
5:23 am
he demanded the purging of all instructive material that may be considered by of offensive to muslim and slam and demanded that all administrators using those trading materials should be punished. as a result of that in may of this year, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general dempsey, sitting alongside secretary of defense, leon panetta, publicly excoriated lt. colonel matthew dooley, saying that this teaching of this course was offensive, was unprofessional, and now, continuing on with the whole appeasement of the muslim group, they basically shut down the course, fired lt. colonel matthew dempsey from the position, and then ordered what was called a negative oer. which is an officer evaluation report. what is really troubling, up until this time. lt. colonel dooley, who was a 1994 graduate of the united
5:24 am
states military academy at west point. he served as an aide-de-camp of three separate generals and his entire career has been characterized by outstanding performance and they've indicated he should be be promoted. he has unlimited potential. >> peter: let's talk about his promotion. his promotions are going to be blocked as a result of this. >> yes. >> peter: and your organization has taken a very strong position against general dempsey. you basically say he is advocated to the forces of sharia and islam in the world in not allowing lt. colonel dooley to teach at joint chiefs school. is that correct? >> that's correct. we see the political correctness permeating the upper echelons of the military throughout. apparently we have not learned our lessons from the fort hood massacre and now we attempt to appease these muslim organizations and in doing stow, we are jeopardizing our national security. one middle east expert said
5:25 am
that the final defense against jihadist, the pentagon, has now capitulated and is teaching our military in accordance with the muslim brotherhood teachings. so, if he we don't have a strong military. and i think, peter, we have to understand that the course he was teaching was not the college freshman, it was a course of upper echelon military officers, lt. colonels and colonels and the purpose of this course was to engage in dynamic decision to think the unthinkable, to expect the unexpected because these officers one day will find themselves in the position of a nuclear attack on let's say the city of new york and if the president turns to this officer and says what should be our response and this officer can't say give me two weeks and i'll come back to you, this officer has to have a response. and that's what lieutenant matthew dooley was-- >> and we've asked the army
5:26 am
for a response and haven't gotten it. we'd appreciate it if you keep track on this going forward because it just seems incredible to me and probably to a lot of america that a man as dedicated to fighting to us in a war on terrorism is being held back in this way. please keep us abreast of this and let us know if in fact, he bring a lawsuit to reclaim his position and reputation. >> thank you for having me. >> peter: a pleasure. the battle ground state of florida investigating four groups for voter fraud including the democratic party. and plus, the robertsons are back, good morning, and they're combining, what, duck calling with car racing. i want to see how that's done. the stars of duck dynasty joining us from from the talladega speedway from the good ole south. ♪
5:27 am
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♪ >> i'll be out of here by nine o'clock local time. i've got the secret service distract michelle and hit the gift shop for an anniversary
5:30 am
present let's see, a jersey, or bathrobe from the hotel. that could be good. world's greatest mom coffee mug. everybody likes coffee. >> "saturday night live" poking fun at the president for the poor debate performance. >> alisyn: and the growing voter registration fraud allegations in florida. four groups are being investigated, two voter outreach groups and the state's democratic party. >> clayton: fox news senior correspondent eric shawn is live with the details. >> good morning, guys. first, it was that republican contractor and now it's the democrat's turn and florida the state democratic party being investigated for possible vote are registration fraud and secretary of state has turned over evidence of what he calls the irregular voter registration activities by the party and two other voter groups and we don't know the details yet.
5:31 am
this was start add week ago with that republican contractor and its owner has told us that they did a good job. and an exclusive fox interview defends it and blames a handful of ex-workers who he says violated the policy and law for handing in the fraudulent voter registration forms. strategic allied consulting says about 150 forms out of 50,000 may have had problems and that out of 5,000 workers in five states, less than ten did something wrong. >> when you law enforcement looks into this situation, what they will find is that our company had a systemic effort of quality control, at that looks for people trying to cheat the system. when we found them. we fired them immediately and have a long paper trail to demonstrate that a handful of people we caught cheating the system were fired and turned over to investigators for prosecution. >> even though he did work for the republican party and the national party, too, he says
5:32 am
that his firm did register voters. a colorado one of the 20-year-old workers first day on the job caught on tape claiming she worked for the county clerk's office which wasn't true. that video went viral because of the controversy he now says he may get out of the business. >> rumor and innuendo run rampant and i think so it's a sexy news story 30 days out from a presidential election to scream the word fraud and it's unfortunate. registering vote certifies critical it our country and unfortunately there's such a toxic climate associated with it now, i doubt few other people will attempt to do paid voter registration efforts again. >> the scandals seem to echo what happened with acorn, remember that? critics claim it's worse than the acorn scandal because-- freedman writes the voter
5:33 am
website. >> i hope there will be accountability, serious investigation, not just by the state of florida with you by north carolina, virginia, nevada, colorado, all of the the other places that this company was operating in. and that there will be serious accountability for the company and the workers who did this. >> now, he says his company is fully cooperating, and we asked for the democratic party to comment on the investigation in florida, but they have not gotten back to us, in three hours, we will be talking about the florida elections officials about this and of course, if you expect voter fraud, voter >> clayton: once again, an issue in florida. >> peter: i know, i hop we don't have what happened. >> clayton: the hanging chad. >> peter: thanks for being all over it more than anybody in the country. >> there's so much stuff it's really hard to stay on top of. >> your work is never done. >> thanks, eric. >> absolutely. >> alisyn: the rest of your headlines now, the house oversite committee issuing
5:34 am
subpoenas for capitol hill and the leading security officials after the u.s. consulate in benghazi, andy wood, the first one to be subpoenaed as the committee tries to learn more about the terror attack that killed four americans including our ambassador and andy wood the head of the 16 member special forces team was in charge of keeping american personnel safe. and says his team was pulled out in august despite the fact that u.s. officials requested more security there. and two big car recalls, chrysler recallings 2009, 2010 dodge dakotas, and trucks. and a rear action l, because of a part. and crv's, a door could catch fire if liquids speak inside. both will fix these for free. epa is recruiting children for energy patrol, being asked to
5:35 am
monitor and inform when energy is being wasted. they have to wear i.d., a vest and carry a clipboard and responsibilities including turning off the lights, and making sure that thermostats stay at 70 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer. and hey, guys, try to top this wedding proposal. ♪ so get up, get out of my head ♪ ♪ and fall into my arms, instead ♪ ♪ i don't, i don't know what it is ♪ ♪ but i need that one thing >> our producer says wished he would have done this. >> alisyn: i know he feels that way. i wish my husband did this. this is a michigan man, brad jensen, recruited 90 friends and families for the extravagant flap and led her
5:36 am
to a park at the beach and after that brad did get down as you saw on one knee and pop the question and she said, yes. >> oh. i hop so after all that. >> how great is this? >> i want it know how they got a television on the beach with power. and he had a monitor on the beach. >> yeah, yours wasn't like that. >> peter: was romantic, no, dint have that all of that kind of stuff. >> clayton: dramatic. >> alisyn: maybe when you renew your vows. >> peter: we'll do it. rick reichmuth, what's the weather. >> rick: no, somebody's got to put a stop to this craziness. >> peter: what do you think. >> clayton: just the sheer fact the large scale thing. >> rick: yeah, stop it, somebody's got to put a stop to it. and take a look at the picture from wisconsin, and southwestern wisconsin, spectacular, my gosh, that's where we should go next weekend.
5:37 am
37 today. and up to 52. keep sending your pictures. on my facebook page we'll share them and nice fall pictures to be able to share. and around the northeast, a cool one, scattered showers from time to time. not a washout, but just a scattered showers, a little bit gray and cloudy and cool, a nice fall day. down to the southeast, also cool except for coastal areas of the carolinas, and down to florida where it's warm still and aside from that a really cold day, texas 61 only in austin, and 15 in oklahoma city and cool for this time of year and northern plains, a tool day also, into the 50's and upper 50's for a few people and across the west, a son of sunshine and warm conditions continue. and still into the 70's in the pacific southwest, back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. >> alisyn: teaching your children, your child how to drive is never easy, but it may be more challenging for the robertson clan from west
5:38 am
louisiana. >> what are you doing? >> i'm doing you a favor. >> i'm teaching your brother there how to drive. >> did you learn anything? >> i learned pedestrians need to watch out! >> and watch out. >> it's a dangerous world out there. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's not a good move. >> and i need a beard like that. >> and ask our next guest from the duck dynasty joining us from the talladega speedway. and did she ever learn to drive? >> she did pretty good despite what she learned from her crazy uncle. >> i'm surprised you said that. >> alisyn: willy, you have a great life story, you grew up for, you, but of course, you've gone on to launch this incredibly successful business empire. how did you do it? >> well, the reason we were
5:39 am
making a reality show is that, just the hope that we would get to the infield of talladega and we're here and i've done everything i wanted to do now, retire. >> one duck call at a time pretty much. >> one duck call at a time. it was hard work and the lord has been good to us, we worked together as a family and came from nothing and he was a great seller and sell the dream and kept building the duck calls and we put a lot of work into it. >> korie are you out there hunting, too, hunting? >> no, not so much. i think i've gone out like twice with willy in our 20 years of marriage so i've experienced it you know, but i appreciate, i like to eat the food that they, you know, bring to the table, but other than that, no. >> yeah, calls me a yuppy girl. >> clayton: for some of those in the audience who never have
5:40 am
seen duck dynasty. what is the premise, what do you do? >> it's a family business making duck calls and other hunting things and we just, you know, sell them out there and got a phone call from someone in l.a. said, hey, man, this is a pretty neat story, you guys work together as a family and we arranged a show about our family and show how we work together and love each other and want to put together some positive tv and all weekend here in talladega, people come up and just saying, thank you for a show that the whole family can watch, our kids and don't have to worry about a bunch of garbage on there. it's neat and we love watching the shows and tickled. it's an interesting family to say the least and we happen to all have beards. >> alisyn: yeah, you sure do. i know the story behind that that you, korie didn't know he was going to grow a beard like that when you were first dating him. >> no, no, i did not. i married the preppy one. he was the one, all clean cut
5:41 am
and wearing his polos and i should have known. i should have looked and known it was coming, but it gradually happened through the years and here we are. >> so, what are you doing in talladega? what's going on today? what are you guys doing? >> oh, man, we're -- well, i'm trying to figure out exactly what we are-- >> we are ate honorary race officials and we get to lead the chant and ride in the lead car whi i'm excited about. >> are you going to use a duck call to start the race? >> that's a great idea. i'm not going to use a duck call, but i should have thought about that. >> there's still time. let's go. >> well, you guys are of course the stars of duck dynasty. and thanks so much for coming in and sharing a little bit of it with us. >> clayton: and your new book, give us the title. we have the split screen we can show. >> yeah. >> our new book is "the duck commander family", you can get it at any of your big book
5:42 am
stores. story of our life pretty much. >> thank you guys so much. >> thank you. >> and i'll start growing a beard. do you think that would work. >> peter: it would, yeah. >> alisyn: try that. still ahead, one voters question, paul ryan's rally, twisted by the obama administration, and used for their campaign. she's here to set the record straight. >> peter: do you ever know what to do what's if something went wrong mid flight. a crash and how to survive one. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it?
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>> for some, they say it's civil discourse at its finest. a concerned voter getting a direct answer from a candidate. let's watch. >> where are the answers? i mean, why aren't you more specific? i heard you, was it sunday, when you were on fox, and you didn't answer his question about how we're going to-- you know, what are your plans. >> oh yeah, no, look, when you get into math conversation, it can take a little while. let me give you specific answers, keystone pipeline perfect example. tens of thousands of jobs, let the oil from canada come to this country instead of to china. three-for. gas, lower prices and stop sending money to people who don't like us. number one. >> the obama released a statement about it saying congressman ryan can't be attend his own campaign rallies failing it providing
5:46 am
wh to provide specifics about what mitt romney would do if elected. and good morning, linda. >> good morning, alisyn and i want to say thank you for letting me set this record straight. >> alisyn: it's a pleasure. as you know, the obama campaign has taken that exchange that you had with congressman ryan and said that you were calling him out. is that what you were doing. >> no, i was not. i was just there, i had no idea it was going to be opened for questions. and i had no idea what i was going to ask him and had the opportunity. and to you know, quote, it's the economy stupid carville, it's the economy stupid. and he was standing right there. he couldn't spin, turn away from it and i could find out and that man looked at me and point blank told me what they were going to do. >> you were satisfied with his
5:47 am
answer? >> i was completely satisfied. i mean, he had five, five things he told us and he was detailed on each one. and so, i just, i just could not believe it when i read in the paper the next day that the obama campaign says that i had called him out. >> alisyn: right, how do you feel about their campaign claiming to speak for you? >> i was, you know, that's the way they do it and i thought if they wanted to know if i was calling him out, they should have contacted me. it made me realize you can really not believe everything you see because i was actually at the rally and so i knew that -- i knew what i had asked him and i knew what he said and always surprises me. he was very specific. all you have to do is listen to his answers, it took him eight minutes to answer that question. and so he was so specific and when he say that they're not being specific, you know, other newscasts or the obama
5:48 am
campaign, i'm surprised. >> alisyn: and you wish, as you said that they had called you. and let's tell viewers a little who you are and know the context. you are a long time registered democrat since you say since were you 18 years old and somehow disenchanted and now for the first time you're basically an undeclared voter, so. >> yes. >> alisyn: what is your take on what you've heard and seen in this campaign so far? >> i cannot believe how everybody is -- the, how do i want to put this. i cannot believe how, what one person said is misinterpreted by everybody. i sit there and i tried to pay attention, i bounce to different networks to see what everybody is saying and one day i will actually hear a campaign say something and the next day on the news, they are he' saying, well, that's not what they said. and i watched the debate. i watched mitt romney tell president obama you know that's not what i said, but
5:49 am
yet, nobody seems to believe, they don't want to believe him and he's point blank telling them. so, to me, this is just, you have to read through everything, you have to pay attention, and i -- i'm really scared about the direction this country is going and i am taking some of my personal beliefs and putting them aside and i am voting for somebody who i think can take this economy a completely different direction and i think he will use his business sense and bring in all of those people that he knows and is not going to be about the-- he's going to look at their resume's and say this person can do this job and this is who i'm going to put to fill that office right now. >> alisyn: and linda, you're spending a lot of time trying to educate yourself on the candidates' platforms and make an educated choice there in the polling booth and we appreciate you coming in to set the record straight about what went on there. >> thank you very much. >> alisyn: our pressure, nice to talk to you. all right, coming up a
5:50 am
democratic lawmaker refuse toss say the pledge of allegiance. why? she says she considers it a prayer. we'll figure out if that makes sense. and prepare for a bumpy ride, and our next guest is crashes planes on purpose in order to learn how to survive if something were to go horribly wrong in flight. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr.
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5:53 am
>> welcome back, well, buckle up for this one. for anyone who has anxiety about taking the next flight. one team sent out to intentionally crash a boeing 727 and figure out how to survive and this is the crash. joining us now is the pilot and remote control operator. curiosity plain crash is the name of the show on the discovery channel. chip joins us, a pilot from st. louis. nice to see you, chip. >> thank you, nice to be here. >> clayton: so why did you guys set out to recreate or actually create for the first time with cameras inside what it looks like to have a plane crash? >> well, basically it was survivability experiment discovery asked us to give them a presentation of, and one, an entire experiment and they wanted to document it and
5:54 am
we said, fine, we'd go ahead and do that for them. >> clayton: yeah, now you were in the aircraft next to this plane so you were controlling with he remote control this aircraft as it was coming down. now, how did you make it crash? what specifically? we've heard different crash scenarios right upon takeoff or mid flight. what happened in this particular crash that you guys created? >> we were simulating a crash on final approach with the landing, which is quite often where an accident will happen. so, we set up a normal rated descent on the approach and approximately 800 feet we pulled all the power to idle on aircraft and more after hard landing than a nosedive and that's typically how an aircraft will impact. >> so, here are some numbers for you, the plane desdended about 1500 feet per minute and crashed on the desert area you were testing it on at about
5:55 am
140 miles per hour with 15 crash test dummies inside of the aircraft that you'd placed strategicically throughout the aircraft. what did you find from the crash test dummies after the results. >> when you get briefed before each flight that impact position where you're bent over, really does make a difference. we had one dummy in the position, and one just sitting up straight. and the dummy sitting up straight had, probably had a concussion, possibly fatal, and also spine damage as well. >> the passengers in the first class rows, one through seven, what happened to those individuals? >> well, they -- the scientists asked us for three survivability zones, fatal, catastrophic, injuries, and then, walk away. and it actually progressed through the aircraft, so, first class was the fatal
5:56 am
section. >> clayton: you would have thought maybe that would have been, first class, right? and that turns out to be the worst class apparently. and those in the middle of the plane you say may have sustained injuries, broken ankles and concussions and passengers in the the back of the plane could have possibly walked away. how come on is it, when a plane crashes, we think that's it, nothing is going to happen. how much control would a pilot have in the situation? power is lost, they're descending quickly, 140 miles per hour, down to a crash area. and how much control would a pilot have to be able to pull out of this to give at least a little bit of a minimal impact here? >> well, the key is to maintain y and do you that by pointing the nose down. it's much like what captain sullen burger did in the hudson river, he kept the nose down and then you trade that energy, the air speed, to break your rate of descent and put it in a survivable mode.
5:57 am
and most people think that most people perish in an aircraft incident and that's not the case. most survive. >> clayton: the show is curiosity plane crash. it will be on the discovery channel tonight at 9 p.m. eastern time and the discovery channel always doing great stuff. and chip, great to see you this morning and thanks to bringing this to us, we appreciate it. >> well, thank you. >> clayton: and coming up on the show, mitt romney rising up in the polls days after the first presidential debate. will this momentum last through election day? scott rasmussen is here to break down the numbers. he made the ultimate sacrifice and a navy seal honored in a special ceremony. we're going to speak to his we're going to speak to his parents coming up. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, it's sunday, october 7th. unemployment has dropped but the economy only created 114,000 jobs. mitt romney says, mr. president, where are the rest of the jobs?
6:00 am
>> he got a chance to explain his jobs program. how he's going to create new jobs in america. did you hear what he had to say? i didn't either. >> well, with 30 days until the election, the race once again is back to the economy. >> democratic lawmaker refusing to honor her own country. >> i will not pledge the pledge of allegiance base on first amendment rights. >> she says it's a prayer. does that make sense to you? >> he paid the ultimate sacrifice. now lieutenant michael murphy getting the ultimate honor. lieutenant murphy's parents here live this hour to talk about the commissioning of the uss michael murphy. fox & friends hour 4 starts right now.
6:01 am
>> good morning, again, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. thanks to peter johnson jr. for filling in. 30 days left. get your calendars and mark the days off. >> get out the abacus to count down. if you believe, it's only 30 days left. we went through the primary, who the candidates are going to be and now it's down to this. president obama was handed a bit of a golden nugget on friday with these new jobs numbers. so he's of course taking to the airwaves saturday morning to play up the 7.8% unemployment number. >> after losing about 800,000 jobs a month when i took office, our businesses have now added 5.2 million new jobs over the past two and a half years. friday we learned the unemployment rate is at the lowest level since i took
6:02 am
office. more americans are entering the workforce, more americans are getting jobs. >> governor mitt romney was very quick to remind everybody that it's been president obama, not president bush, for the last four years. and he fired back on the economy. >> he got a chance to explain his jobs program, how he's going to create new jobs in america. did you hear what he had to say? i didn't either. i kept looking for a specific plan on what he was going to do to create jobs. i heard more of the same, stimulus, hiring government workers, those things 0 don't create jobs they cost jobs. >> the obama administration hammering the romney campaign about tax loopholes and deductions. back and forth on specifics. >> absolutely. lots of people expressed skepticism about that unemployment number coming down to 7.8, or at least confusion.
6:03 am
how could employers have said they hired 114,000 people whereas americans said 873,000 said they got new jobs. governor huckabee came on our show yesterday and talked about americans don't want to crunch the numbers. that isn't where their minds are. they're on their wallets and if food is more expensive. in 2009, a gallon of gas was $1.84. today on average, and it's higher in many places than this average of $3.84. in california, number $6. gas station owners are getting a run on, meaning people are running up and filling their tanks, worried it's going to be higher. governor huckabee said people vote on things that are tangible to them and how their neighbors respond to things and gas
6:04 am
prices. >> they look at gas prices. when they squeeze the handle on the pump, they know they're paying nearly 4 and 5 bucks a gallon. when they get a paycheck, they know it's less than it used to be. food prices are up, it costs more to go to school and they know the kids just getting out of college are living in the basement. they want to get rid of them. >> as mitt romney pointsous, he says the median income is $4,300 in america during president obama's presidency. people do feel that. >> stick around for another six minutes and we'll have the freshest, hot off the presses, poll numbers from scott rasmussen for you. >> we begin with a fox news alert. the commuter train that slammed into a semi truck in california. this happened after the truck stalled on the tracks. the train was filled with more than 200 people and three of
6:05 am
those passengers were hurt. luckily their injuries are reportedly minor. this happened in newhall, california, the semi was towing cars at the time. the driver managed to jump from the truck before impact. turkey, firing on syria saturday after more syrian more tars landed in southern turkey. the fourth day of cross border attacks. the fighting escalated when five tush kish civilian were killed turkey says it does not want war with syria but will respond to attacks. the blind egyptian extremist with hooks for hands appeared in u.s. court but did not enter a plea. he's charged with taking 6 is hostages in yemen and trying to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon.
6:06 am
he claimed his hands were taken away enute to route to the u.s. for other terror suspects ex expedited pleaded not guilty. >> after reporting the key to new york city was being sold on ebay. authentic firefighters jackets, helmets and pants are also available for purpose. selling department issued uniforms are illegal but ebay claims none the items vital the site's policy. maybe it's just for halloween. >> what are you going to be? >> a flapper. >> that's your favorite. >> every year. >> can i see a picture? >> why tamper with success. >> success personified, rick reichmuth. >> thank you for that, peter. here you go. >> rick is going for success. >> i'm not sure what it looks
6:07 am
like. >> it's a smiley face. >> all right. i can do that. clayton, you wonder about getting your plants inside. the first real freeze of the season across the ohio valley, parts of michigan and pennsylvania. tonight into tomorrow morning, very cold night and it might be the end of growing season for a lot of people. as you wake up, you see this cold pocket into the northern plains. 23 in rapid city, 28 in denver. cold air across texas. in texas, you're not going to warm up much today as the sun shines because the temps are so cold. this rain is bringing scattered showers towards the mid-atlantic. the northeast, light showers and not scattered. not big problems for the day. across the west, a ton of sunshine. we're in a very dry stretch in the northwest. the pattern continues.
6:08 am
we have had .23 inches of rain. 73 today in seattle, warm across the southwest. still next couple of days into the 90's. a little bit of a break and warm up in the central plains. i got nervous with the perfection thing. you set me up. >> no, you hit the mark. coming up on the show, an age-old lesson in discipline. you make a mistake on the football field and take a lap. one state says running is corporal punishment. what would forrest gump think? >> mitt romney getting a post-debate bounce in the polls. will the surge continue as we get closer to the election? scott rasmussen here next to break down the latest poll numbers from asbury park. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
6:09 am
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6:12 am
the new polls show mitt romney getting a post-debate bounce. according to rasmussen poll he's at 49%, president obama at 47%. is it a sign the debate changed the race and will romney's momentum last? >> joining us is scott rasmussen of russ mussen reports. nice to see you. >> great to be with you. these are the first national polling results based entirely on interviews after the debate. before the debate president obama was up by 2 points, 49-47. a net change of fours points. it's not as if the race is upside down but a small swing can have an impact.
6:13 am
>> let's look at the president's -- this this is they tracking poll. >> we want to get to a new poll you haven't posted on the website yet. that's how hot off the press it is. this is the president's approval rating. explain that. here's the new poll. 50% approve of the job president obama has done. 49% disprove. that's ticked up as we understand it. explain the sub text here. >> that's right. it's gone from 49% in the morning in the debate to 50% day. it's curious that the horse race goes in romney's favor but the job approval inches one point in obama's direction. both camps could spin this positively. president obama could say this means people haven't given up. we could win the voters back. if you're the romney team, you say this tells us that there was something gained by people get to go like mitt romney more or perhaps see him as a plausible
6:14 am
president. mitt romney is in better shape. in the romney story line is true, that may have a lasting impact. >> it's interesting his job approval goes up following the terrible debate. also interesting are the swing states of course. these are the new swing state polls and we're looking at these now for the first time. florida, ohio and virginia. what are we seeing? before it looked like a sizeable lead for obama. not so much anymore. >> the swing states are close because the national polls are close. mitt romney up by two in florida, one in virginia. still trails by a point in ohio. of all the swing states, ohio is the most interesting because it is where president obama is outperforming national numbers. it is his firewall. >> scott, you have experience in polling. is there any way to predict if
6:15 am
this is a temporary bounce for mitt romney or if this is endure. >> sometimes you just have to wait for the next round of polls to come out. we don't know. i could make the case either way. >> let's dive more specifically, scott. i saw headlines maybe from literal polling places this week saying that these numbers we were seeing in swing states weren't necessarily representative of a swing to votes for mitt romney, more of republican enthusiasm on the increase. republicans who watched the debate, perhaps, and were finally enthusiastic about mitt romney. what do you say to that? >> unaffiliated voters are moving romney's direction. we don't know if that will last but he has a sizeable lead. it's also true there's a jump in enthusiasm. a lot of republicans more excited about the race than three days ago. they've consistently been more
6:16 am
enthusiastic than democrats and that impacts turnout. four years ago only 32% of voters who went to the polls were republicans. i expect that to be maybe 4 points, 3 or 4 points higher that time because of that enthusiasm. >> scott, if this is a post-debate bounce for mitt romney, when would it taper off? >> within the next few days. you've got to remember the president had a jobs report come out friday that helped him. i don't think it will impact consumer confidence or the race but within the next couple days we'll get a sense of how much of this bounce is lasting. then of course we have paul ryan and joe biden in their debate then the president and mitt romney the week after. >> historically when you look at these numbers, do you ever see a bounce as a result of the vice presidential debates. in joe biden vs. sarah palin. did it do anything.
6:17 am
>> no but the mccain obama debates didn't change anything. wet the wall street meltdown before the debates. that was the defining event of the race and nothing moved after that. president obama was steadily ahead the last 40 days. vice presidential debates typically don't have much impact. the obama campaign you hope for a story line to get you away from talking about first presidential debate. >> scott rasmussen, we appreciate you giving us the first bite at that apple. thanks so much for showing us and obviously we'll talk to you a lot in the next 30 days. >> i look forward to it. >> he paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. that fallen navy seal being honored. >> a democratic lawmaker won't say the pledge of allegiance. she considers it a prayer. we'll talk to the politician to witnessed this ahead. [ male announcer ] let's say you need to take care of legal matters. wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier,
6:18 am
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6:21 am
uss michael murphy was commissioned in new york can yesterday in honor of a brave navy s.e.a.l. who gave the ultimate sacrifice. >> joining us are michael murphy's parents, dan and maw maureen. >> mrs. murphy, an incredible day yesterday. your son is the recipient posthumously of the medal of honor. now we have a destroyer named after him at pier 88 in the hudson river yesterday. tell us about the feelings that you have and you, mr. murphy, the overwhelming pride and also sadness you must be experiencing at this time. >> well, i'm proud and i'm honored to be the sponsor of the ship. and it's very personal to see
6:22 am
your son's name up on a big destroyer. michael was very humble but i think that he would be very happy because the crew and the captain of that ship, they're wonderful. they really are a great crew. and the captain is -- he's a very nice man and he's a good communicator. i think michael would be proud to witness this if he was here. >> mr. murphy, we know you're losing your voice. yesterday was probably a lot of talking for you. but it must have been overwhelming on some level, all of that. tell us your thoughts. >> it was a wonderful tribute to our son. you see all these great sailors and i kind of like to think that michael not only would be proud but that the ship my bear his name contains the spirit of 19
6:23 am
brave american heroes. the ship made sure that it wasn't just about michael, it was about his team. so that within the ship itself, it displays each of the other 18, 19 heroes. 18 who lost their life and of course the lone survivor, marcus latrelle. >> in your book, seal of honor, you chronicled that event and the spirit of these brave americans including michael murphy. tell us a little bit about how michael continued to return fire even after he was wounded, continued to radio for help and proved to be the best of the very best. >> i think that all came from his leadership ability. he was the leader of the team. all the members of the team looked to him for leadership. and i think he just took it upon himself inately if something was
6:24 am
with going to be done, he would have to do it and he stepped up and did it. >> it was important to him to bear the symbols of 9/11. i understand he wore the patch of a fire company in zant engine company 53, ladder company 43. in fact when they recovered michael, they cut that patch out of his uniform, cleaned it, an presented it to the firehouse. it now sits on their wall up at 102nd and third avenue. it's a true honor. there's a very close connection between the s.e.a.l. community and the fdny. >> we've heard so much about michael's bravery. tell us about your son. >> he was a great boy. he was kind. he was a really good friend to people. if he was your friend, he was your friend for life no matter what kind of -- if you needed
6:25 am
him, he would be there. if you got broke down states away, he would be in the car helping out. >> he was kind of for the underdog, mr. murphy. if he saw someone who was getting picked on or someone that needed help, even as a little boy, that he would intervene. he was courageous in that way. >> absolutely. moan -- he was known at murph the protecter. i don't know why but if someone was being picked on, there was something wrong, he would be the first to say wait a second, this isn't the way it should be done. i sum michael up by saying he always seemed to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons. and that was reflected in his whole life so that people who surrounded him knew that and so they knew they could always rely on michael to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasonses.
6:26 am
>> maureen, you sure must have done something right. i have a young son and i hear stories of your son, and i just wonder what you guys did from the time that he was a little guy to create that. >> he -- you know, i always taught him -- we always taught him nobody's better than you but nobody's underneath you. treat people the way you want to be treated. you have to love kids enough to say no. it's easy to say yes. if they're doing something that they're not supposed to do, nip it in the bud and say no. he really was very easy to raise. he was such a good boy. >> he smiled so broadly in talking about him. when his name is mentioned, it's wonderful. >> he's my boy. >> he'll always be your boy. >> he grew up to be a very fine man. he really did. >> that's an understatement, let me say most respectfully. >> i have to say what he did that day to save his other men,
6:27 am
that didn't surprise me at all because he was like that since he was like that big. >> gary, we understand you were part of a documentary screened last night about this story. tell us more. >> well, in seal of honor we documented it -- it's well-documented in the media, about what michael did the last few days of his life. what we tried to do in murph the protecter was to define and give people a real understanding of who he was as a little boy growing up and at his -- during his college years at penn state. everything was just kind of an evolution. i think that the filled auditorium last night got a good understanding of everybody reads that and says, geez, i wonder if i could do something like that. push come to shove, could i do that? i think what it did was added the natural evolution that when
6:28 am
they got done watching that, they said yeah, now we understand why he did what he did. >> well, on this sunday, mr. and mrs. murphy, you give us hope, courage and faith in the great american spirit and we can't thank you enough that you had your boy and sharing your story. >> author of s.e.a.l. of honor, we appreciate talking to you. >> brand-new details on the investigation into the four americans murdered at our consulate in libya. we have a live update in moments. >> if you make a mistake on the field, your coach makes you take a lap. now one state says that's equal to corporal punishment. your emails on this topic coming up next. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation,
6:29 am
not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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6:32 am
welcome back to "fox & friends." do you remember high school? for some like alisyn it was only yesterday. in gym class you weren't paying attention, the gym teacher would say go run a lap or the coach would say run a lap. >> one high school in iowa is considering doing away with the policy because there was a a coach who abused it, made a guy
6:33 am
do more than a lap. run hill sprints without a water break so the entire school system of high school are deciding they think that a lap could constitute corporal punishment. here's what the iowa girls high school athletic union director said. good common sense indicates we're past using conditioning and running in a punitive matter. it's almost vindictive in nature. >> i laid out earlier the arguments on both sides in a cogent, cohesive, compelling way and we have emails from people -- i have tweets too. wade says i was 265 pounds in high school, my football coach made me run two miles just to warm up. i survived. i wish he was here now to get me in shape. i guess he didn't get him in shape. >> that's not the punishment. the punishment is we're going to do these drills and, hey, clayton, you didn't do the drill
6:34 am
properly so run a lap as punishment. >> right. let's hear what allen says, the kids respect this that there was meaningful consequences t works as a deterrent in a positive way without anger. he's in agreement with the drop and give me 20. >> lauren in texas writes if taking lapse is punishment, isn't playing the game that involves running a punishment? stupid he says. >> glen says what's wrong with asking a player to do something he should be doing anyway. ashley says it shouldn't be up for discussion. why are you giving attention to something so outrageous. >> i have an idea. keep the running a lap in place but let them take a water break. >> drop and give me 20. drop and give me 20 right now. >> do we have it? reminds us of animal house. remember this? maybe not that severe. >> you're all worthless and
6:35 am
weak. drop and give me 20. >> calling them worthless and weak. >> i've come up with my decision, the kids need to run. >> okay. but do you like the water break idea or is that too wussy. >> there could be cardiograms, electrolytes, rest, naps, few to knows. >> now you're speaking my language. >> let us know how you feel. the house oversight committee schedule to hear from the u.s. consulate in libya as congress investigators that terrorist attack that killed our embassador. >> peter doocy is live with the details. >> lieutenant colonel andy wood is a green beret with the utah national guard and he was the head security official at the u.s. consulate in benghazi as
6:36 am
the leader of the special forces team whose job protect u.s. personnel in libya but his mission ended a month before the raid. his team left the country and so did a mobile security deployment team. lieutenant colonel wood has been subpoenaed to testify about the breakdown. chris stevens's information specialist sean smith and glen dougherty and tyrone woods. lieutenant colonel woods says he met with embassador chris stevens every day between february and august when his team left to figure out how to keep folks safe at the consulate. he said it's unbelievable to him the state department decreased security in libya when they did because he says he showed them how dangerous and volatile and unpredictable the environment in
6:37 am
libya was with at least 13 security incidents before september 11 backing up his case. this is all part of a u.s. government wide investigation into the terror attack. we heard from the secretary of defense about the status of that investigation and about the arrests of two tunisian men in turkey in connection with the attack. he said yesterday it's too soon so tell if these arrests, these men, are connected to al-qaeda. >> we're doing everything possible to make sure that we go after those who were involved in the attack in libya. as the president has said, our goal is to make sure we bring those involved to justice. >> we expect to hear a lot more details about this security failure in libya as these congressional hearings kick off in a few days. >> absolutely. thank you so much. let's go to the rest of the headlines. seven people have died from that rare fungal meningitis outbreak
6:38 am
and more than 60 others are sick. the outbreak spreading across nine states. the latest cases are reported in ohio and minnesota. the cdc linked the outbreak to steroids. the shots were recalled but doctors fear thousands of patients were exposed to the fungus. we have an update on the tour bus crash in new jersey. 23 people were hurt when the bus overturned on a highway exit ramp in wayne. eight of those people are critically injured. the bus had been heading to new york city from canada when it flipped sending passengers flying and even trapping some inside. >> i just heard the glass cracking, cracking, and then i look up and i saw -- i saw my god daughter's vest. it was laying on the floor. someone was sitting on top of me so someone had to pull me off the floor. >> the driver says the bus was
6:39 am
cut off by another vehicle but police say speed might have been a factor. >> venezuela is holding a presidential election today. hugo chavez could be in danger of losing his job. many people are pressured or bribed into vote for chavez. if he wins he'll secure power for another six years. if not, it could mean a change in foreign policy and loosening government economics. >> what do you get when you drop $10,000 of voucher on 400 college students? a party. fans running, diving, tackling during georgia state's cash drop at the georgia dome. >> what could go wrong? >> it was to help bring in more people for the game. >> imagine if they did that on 48th street. >> i can't. >> i'm imagining it. >> well, rick, what would it look like on 48th street if we
6:40 am
dumped a lot of cash on top of you? >> i would beat you to every last dollar. did you see the stands? they were empty. it wasn't that dangerous. that's a pretty good ploy to get people in there. >> smart move. we've been showing you fall pictures. look at this one out of ohio again. i can tell you i was right in that area yesterday and it's spectacular. this is from chrissy in can field, ohio. 45 degrees as you wake up. it will barely warm up today. just about five degrees, getting around 50. you'll see a scattered shower moving through, clearing out later in the afternoon. keep singed your pictures. your forecast around the northeast today. a cool one. we'll see showers and tonight i think even some of the higher elevations will see snowflakes. nothing that will stick or cause problems but if you want to see snow, the higher elevations might see a little bit. to the southeast, also cool,
6:41 am
except coalsa carolinas. al lean, texas, 49 degrees today. the northern plains you warm up a few degrees from yesterday, upper 50s for most. beautiful picture. thank you. coming up, democratic lawmaker refuses to honor her country with the pledge of allegiance because she calls it a prayer. does that make sense to you? >> the energizing youth vote in 2008 was hope and change but young people are less engaged this election time. is high unemployment in our youth to blame? we're going to explore this ahead. welcome aboard! [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪ [ honk! ] ♪
6:42 am
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welcome back. his message of hope and change helped bring young voters
6:45 am
in 2008 but youth engagement for this election is down 17% in 18 to 29-year-olds. what's causing this malaise is perhaps jimmy carter might have said. how will it impact the outcome of the this election. >> "wall street journal" columnist daniel henninger joins us. what happened to the youth enthusiasm? >> they lost their jobs. the pew research center shows only 18% of them are deeply engaged in this election. the more telling number is that only 50% are certain their registered to vote, which is the lowest number pugh has measured in 16 years. >> the enthusiasm is down. is it reflected in the fact they lost their jobs or can't find jobs? >> or can't find very good jobs. they've been hurt hard. while the inemployment rate is 8%, their unemployment rate has been twice that. the most interesting thing that
6:46 am
came out was the study at the labor market in center. in april they did a deep dive in the kind of jobs people had and discovered it totals up to 53% of young people are unemployed or underemployed, college graduates taking jobs you only need a high school education to hold. what's interesting is that in that big unemployment number that we got on friday, 7.8%, they said 800,000 new jobs, about 500,000 of those are part-time jobs which suggests a lot of people are going into the underemployment pool. >> it's particularly bad for young people because tuition keeps going un. expo -- exponentially. we talked about how expensive universities are, so kids are getting from both ends. >> they are. it must be just shattering to get out of college -- a lot of kids work hard in high school to
6:47 am
get into college and do well in college then get out and can't get a job commensurate with their skills. the reason for that is because really it's the low growth rate we've had for four years, 1.5%, historically in the united states it's been 3%, you need 3% to provide good jobs. >> let's talk politics. this is fascinating. in your piece for the "wall street journal," you say young are the sure losers but who will they vote for? i thought if they're not going to vote for president obama, the enthusiasm as dropped, surely the romney campaign has picked up some of those voters now. you say needless to say, mitt romney is not picking up what barack obama has lost. >> that's right. in recessions young people go with the idea you need a safety net or subsidies. i have been saying it's terrible that so few of them are paying attention. i think the romney camp ought to
6:48 am
reach out to them. the election is not about which guy you like more than the other, it's which one is saying things that's going to get that economy back to are a growth rate that will give you a good job. >> that's the answer and it doesn't seem either camp is cultivating them. >> obama has taken them for granted and most reports we get on campus is that their enthusiasm for him has fallen off. he needs them to show up to vote. but neither camp is appealing to those voters. >> obama looks like they've shifted to other demographics to make up for the lack of enthusiasm. the latino population and others. >> the minorities, they think they've got them. as you've seen, after that debate, we've had a reset in this eltion. i think all of these campaigns are going to have to go out and hit those groups that they haven't talked to up to now. >> 30 days. >> daniel, thank you so much.
6:49 am
coming up, one lawmaker refuses to say the pledge of allegiance. she said it was a prayer. she won't do it. the lame who witnessed it will weigh in on that next. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork.
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we have quick headlines. mila kunis crowned esquire's sexiest woman alive. the 29-year-old now reportedly dating ashton kutcher. >> it's like a real life goldilocks but the bear is doing the breaking in. an arizona man shocked to find a 30-pound can you cub eating in e pantry. he broke a kitchen window and is now back at the zoo. thank you z.
6:53 am
it's an expression of loyalty to the united states. our next guest was shocked when he got this response from a democratic lawmaker after asking her to lead the pledge of allegiance. >> i could ask you to lead us in the pledge? >> thank you. i do not pledge the allegiance based on my first amendment rights and i really think it's a prayer and i don't pray in public. >> she claims the words undergod makes it a prayer and refuse to say apologize. with us, pennsylvania state representative daryl metcalf. good morning, representative. >> good morning, peter, good to be with you. >> what do you think, is it a pair or a pat on -- statement aa lot of people have said. >> as a veteran i believe it's a public affirmation of your
6:54 am
loyalty and allegiance to our great nation. it's -- it's very offensive, i believe, for any elected leader not to represent their constituents and themselves in that way of pledging allegiance to the flag. it's something i've asked our members to do over the last years, asking our members to start the meeting by someone leading the pledge at each meeting. i've switched that back and forth from republican to democrat members, asking democrats and republicans to lead us in the pledge. this particular member is a minority chair and it was going to be our last planned voting meeting of the session. i offered her the opportunity and honor to lead us in the pledge and she refused to do so. when you look back -- i was watching again something i've seen in years past, a little skit done by red skelton where he talked about what a pity it would be if some day the courts would rule. >> that's a very inspiring
6:55 am
statement. representative, she stands her decision not to recite the pledge. >> how many years ago was 1954? i have not said the pledge of allegiance since and i will not say it into the future. let's vacate those words and make it less of a prayer. >> she's saying i'm not going to say it because it contains the words undergod. i mentioned there's a recent circuit court of appeals decision that says it's not religious but a a patriotic statement. let me ask you a hard question. did you know she would refuse to do that before you asked her to do it? >> i had -- it had been brought to my attention. when we were standing to say the pledge, normally she's to my left and we stand to say the pledge and i normally don't have her in my view while pledging allegiance but some colleagues brought it to my attention.
6:56 am
>> did you have an awareness she wouldn't saying it before you asked her? >> i had an awareness she was not saying it during the meetings. i did not know whether or not she would refuse to say it. i didn't know her reason for not participating in the pledge. when i asked her and gave her the opportunity and honor to lead us in the pledge of allegiance, it was on her. >> i have to cut you off. we're out of time. i appreciate you being here. we'll be back with more "fox & friends" in two minutes. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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thanks to peter johnson junior. >> my pleasure. what a great day. >> 30 days until the election. tomorrow on "fox & friends." >> donald trump will be here, plus howey long and terry bradshaw. we have an excite after the show show, it's national pierogi day tomorrow. we'll celebrate the pierogi. i've been looking forward to this. >> i used to eat a box of


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