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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 8, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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trace and the chargers are saddened. again. that is it for "studio b" and we are back tonight for the fox report. i don't know for sure what will happen in the future but i anticipate this. this is not my fault. let's see...that's it. >>neil: talk about pain in the gas pump, prices taking off hitting a record for the third straight day noun averaging $4.67 a gallon for a gallon. that is up 50 cents in a week. across the country, 15 states now seeing gas at or near $4 a gallon, california's democratic governor brown rolling back regulations in a bid to drive prices down. should the president do the same? welcome, everyone, i am here for neil cavuto and this is "your world." california is fast becoming the poeter child if high gas prices
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but at the current pace $5, could be in everyone's future. and now, adam is in los angeles where there is plenty of pain at the pump. so, 50 cents in a week. what is going on? >>reporter: you are right. the president was down the secret from where we are and he drove by the gas stations headed through the state. i can tell you from northern california to southern california yesterday, no matter where you look, you will find prices like this and then a car obscuring the sign but it is $4.99 for regular. others, for regular, it $5.29 and even up to $5.49. it is difficult for a lot of drivers in california. three reasons: one, supply; two, the supply is tied to demand," several of the refineries in california are off line. the refineries make the special
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blend of gas that california requires that you can not buy from outside state line. when you talk to drivers at good station they sure do feel the pain. take a listen. >> i have never seen gas prices anywhere near this. it is outrageous. shocking. i have a last driving to do. >> i spent almost $70 and it will only last a week. >> it takes forever to get them back down again. it is ridiculous. >> in response, the governor of california changed the summer standard which is more stringent to the winter standard which is easier to produce driving the price down by 10 percent but we are still significantly higher than at this point last year. right now we are 86 cents higher than this point last year so even if it goes down drivers paying more than 50 cent more than this time last year. people are not too happy here in california. senator feinstein is asking for
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a federal hearing to look into why the prices are manipulated, in her words. it will be interesting to see how it plays out. in california people are not happy and this is the capital of the car culture and everyone dries. >> and shepard smith pointed out a $6 price. is that just one or are the owners of the gas stations gouging? >>reporter: that is what some have said, the station behind us is $4.99. i have seen a couple that of $5.39 but some viewers show prices over $6. some of the more expensive areas you will find prices like that but driving down i-5, consistently $4.60 and $4.70. right now you still have consistent price above $4.50. >> california's governor easing regulations to bring the gas prices down.
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should the president follow his lead? my next guest says absolutely not. he is with a group called public citizen. tyson, i am trying to figure, we hear governor brown saying he will ease the regulations he will allow a winter blend to come into the market, almost a month early, and that will drive prices down. if it works in one city, one state, why wouldn't it work nationally? >>guest: because the california gasoline market is totally unique from the rest of the united states. in fact, i am not sure that the action will make much of a difference because october 31 was the date when the refiners were going to be switching to the winter blend and most of them already were producing that winter blend in anticipation of that october 31st day. i don't really see the governor's action doing much. >> is the winter blend cheaper? >>guest: it is. there are unique requirements in order to keep the pollution
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level down. the summer blend is needed to achieve better air quality. >> why not go with the cheaper blend now? >>guest: that is what california is doing. >> why not nationally? why not just do it? i got a good one, why not lift the blending requirement completely? >>guest: because if you did lit that blinding requirement you would only achieve a 3 cent a gallon savings. you have --. >> not according to jerry brown, he said it --. >>guest: i already said that, nationally, eric, suspending the air quality standards for gasoline fuel blends will not make a difference. >> why do you say it is only unique to california? i am looking at gasoline rices in chicago area, chicago alone, $4.304 a gallon. new york city, $4.12. there are a lot of location
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issues where if you lifted the requirement you could get a 10 percent or 15 percent drop. >>guest: no, the biggest thing going on in gasoline markets is the fact that the largest export in the american economy today is refined petroleum products. america is exporting three million barrels of refined product like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel out of the gulf coast but what that is doing is keep, refining margins nice and profitable but it is also elevating gas prices artificially higher than they otherwise would be. >>eric: could you suggest the refiners not sell to the best beller? >>guest: not if it is negatively impacting american drivers and the american economy. >>eric: so you want trade restrictions or protectionist? if you refine it here you keep it here and we make it more expensive for are to do business
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here but don't sell it anywhere elsewhere the standards are easier to deal with? >>guest: we already have those regulations over crude oil that is produced here in the united states. if you want to export american-produced crude oil you have on get a license to do so from the department of commerce. we ought to at least investigate whether the record level of gasoline exports from america is contributing to the higher prices at the pump. >>eric: you have to admit the reason why a refiner is selling their gasoline elsewhere is because it is too expensive to meet the requirements here in america? >>guest: no, that is false. >>eric: that why not sell it here? they do not sell it out of the kindness of their heart. >>guest: they are doing it because gasoline demand in the united states is flat or negative. >>eric: you cannot tell me glass flat is demand but prices
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are soaring. gasoline is $2 on the national average higher than the day president obama raised his right hand on january 20, 2009. do you know what that translates to? $280 billion a year coming from the american consumers' pocket. >>guest: and that has to do with we are an export driven market. americans are driving less, we are using less gasoline, but prices are going up because the refiners are making up the difference, jacking up the --. >>eric: it is a million barrels, not a massive amount, especially when we use 139 billion gallons a year. we have to leave it there, tyson, thank you very much. >> from the pump to the polls, more on the impact of the high gas prices and how it could affect the presidential race.
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you her the discussion back and forth with tyson, but americans are paying a lot more money of their disposable income. will it affect the polls in 30 days? >>guest: it will. when people are paying more for gas it goes to the disposable income and that is at the economy. you can debate whether rebound is to blame but when i think americans go to the polls, to go to pump their gas and it is $4 a gallon, $3 they can tolerate. $4 a gallon as the graphic just showed, a lot of states at $4, that is an issue. that is an issue that republicans win. in 2008, john mccain and sarah palin soared to be even with president obama when we talked about drilling and gas prices went up and we had the financial implosion and president obama went on to win. is this a concern for the white house? it has to be. >>eric: a couple of states including wisconsin, and ohio,
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gasoline prices have soared over the last couple of months, in some cases 50 cent as gallon. these are important states for both candidates? >>guest: this will be more of an issue in the debate. mitt romney raised it last week and president obama blamed exxon mobil and they fired back at the president when he suggested changing the tax law to affect that company and it will come up in the v.p. debate and more down the stretch especially if prices are around $4 a gallon. >>eric: what do you think of the idea of relaxing the epa standards? the way i understand it, it is the california epa standard and keeping the national epa standard in place with the blending requirement. what do you think of that idea? >>guest: i'm not an energy expert but the politicians always have to be active in this situation you cannot just it is back and all the people in california, they are upset, they want something done. you can just say, we cannot do anything, it is up to the
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speculators and the markets. you have to try something. even though a last times when you do something, times it doesn't work. you have to be active whether you are a democrat or republican. you have to respond to the concerns. when you are spending this amount of money, $70 or $80 to fill up the tank, you have less money for food, less money for college tuition. >>imus: is governor romney making the case well enough, big enough, to the american people, the impact of gasoline prices on their pocketbook or budget? not only driving the kids around to school and soccer but everything you buy is impacted by high gas prices? >>guest: that is a good pound. republicans have raised it but when gas prices go down they don't raise it anymore. they have been inconsistent. you will see that morever the next four weeks. they will start to hammer home gas prices and raise the stats you raised that under obama gas prices have more than doubled. any time, president obama says domestic oil production is at
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the height but people don't care about that. they care about what they are paying for. >>eric: 139 billion gallons a year we use, if it is $2 a gallon higher that is $280 billion, billion dollars coming out of your pockets going elsewhere. >> paul ryan campaigning in ohio today, but, joe, he is laying low. joe biden reportedly preparing for the big debate on thursday. how big of a deal is it? we are on it next. many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste.
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i remember the debates in 2008s primary and presidential and after that, the vice presidential debate, joe biden does pretty well, right? >>guest: a lot of conservatives have been licking their chops since paul ryan announced as the running mate and could not wait, had the day circles saying it will be a bloodbath. i think paul ryan is a very able debater. he has great command of the facts particularly on economic issues. i expect a strong debate performance from him. the idea that it will be a totally lopsided bloodbath like we saw in denver, by the way, that could overstate it a little bit because at least, joe biden is going to come out more energized and engaged than the president was in denver. just the body language that the play some what to biden's advantage, even if he is sort of off the beaten trail as he so often is. >>eric: lets me push back, after the debate on wednesday
1:17 pm
night, where mitt romney seemed to -- can we pull up that poll? 72 percent of the people think that mitt romney actually won the debate and only 20 percent believe that president obama won that debate. after that debate, literally the next morning, they were calling mitt romney a liar, the campaign and the democratic groups saying he is a liar, he made the numbers up, the facts up. if paul ryan is smart, he will go right at the numbers and say, let's talk numbers. doesn't paul ryan have an advantage if they talk numbers? >>guest: there is no doubt about that. he is an excellent explainer, particularly as i said in the economic and budgetary issues. i think if joe biden is smart, he will try to pull this discussion as much as possible into some extraneous issues like the war on women type of stuff and foreign policy. there is something of a hurdle for paul ryan to get over in this debate, to sort of passion just the basic eye test on
1:18 pm
foreign policy for a vice presidential nominee. i think that biden, look, there has been so much out there that paul ryan will wipe the floor with biden, i think that the expectations game has shifted in the obama-biden cam favor particularly after mitt romney's strong performance last wednesday. the only thing i am worried about from the perspective of joe biden and what democrats should be anxious over in my view is if joe biden has red enough of the press where people are expecting him to get clobbered and maybe he is feeling more pressure since the president performs so poorly last week. maybe he feels like he has to bone up and do it himself. when he gets emotional or angry his mouth does things that really hurt. >> a couple the last few weeks there have been a couple of gaffes from joe biden. maybe there is desperation in the campaigning saying we are spending hundreds of millions.
1:19 pm
there is some pressure here on represent biden. i think that the expectations are so low for him because of his gaffe reputation, people could underestimate him a little bit. paul ryan is in there. he has a very able guy playing joe biden in the debate prep and, at the same time, joe biden has been hunkered down for six days preparing for the debate with the role of ryan played by chris van hollen who happens to know ryan very well. can biden keep his cool? that is the question. >>eric: what is the sense, at least among, or need the beltway, you people there, not necessarily the media, what is the sense?
1:20 pm
even? leaning to paul ryan? >> in this debate, yes, most people are expecting paul ryan to do well in the debate if not outright win it. that is my expectation but i think that the media is itching to write an obama come back narrative story. if joe biden doesn't collapse on stage, that will be seen --. >>eric: they said the same thing about president obama, all he has to do is show up. and that was a different story. thank you, guy. >> of course, neil cavuto and his team will be headed to the debate in kentucky on thursday. don't miss all of the pre- and post-debate coverage. special coverage will start right here on fox at 4:00 p.m. on "your world," and then at 8:00 p.m. kicking off four hours of coverage. don't miss hit on fox business network. after the first presidential
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>> i know the president hopes for a safer and freer middle east, aligned with us. i share the hope. but hope is not a strategy. er earthquake governor -- >>eri: governor romney letting it rip on president obama on his middle east stand. what was the response to that very robust foreign policy speech? >>reporter: you are right. a robust speech. but a robust response, as well. three simple words from the president's campaign spokesman
1:25 pm
in chicago: bring it on. they know full well in chicago that four years ago it was then senator obama, a young first-term senator who did not have very much foreign policy experience was being questioned whether he was up to the test of commander in chief, not just by republicans but by his own vice presidential nominee who said at an event that obama would be tested early if his first term if he was elected by folks around the world as to whether or not he had the meddle to -- mettle to get the job done. they believe he has. listen to the president last night paying his case. >> four years ago i told you i would end the war in iraq. we did. i said i would end the war in afghanistan. we are. i said we would focus on the
1:26 pm
people who actually attacked us on 9/11. today, osama bin laden is in more. >>reporter: there lab a dip, though, in the president's approval rating regarding handling of foreign policy in the fox news poll and the nbc and "wall street journal" poll in recent weeks after the terror attack in libya. however, in the polls the president is still doing well on foreign policy but the point is, their vulnerability on the issue, especially in recent weeks after the attack in benghazi, the sort of fumbled response from the agent as to whether or not it was a stepper attack or spontaneous reaction to the antimuslim videotape, the bottom line is, that is part of the reason why mitt romney is trying to pounce here. he clearly sees an opening here. >>eric: thank you. this caught our attention in the governor's speech today. >> in egypt, use our influence, including clear conditions on our aid to urge the new
1:27 pm
government to represent all egyptians, to build democratic institutions and to maintain the peace treaty with israel. >> the national security analysts k.t. mcfarland. i have been waiting over 20 years for this speech. he was channeling ronald reagan. he was making a speech that talked about not just with pretty words but with policies, where he understands america can use the economic power to influence events and help shape world events, use our economic power in the sense of phone aid, if we get it, we want something back. but he talked about american military, he talked about, for example, putting aircraft carrier groups and men in the gulf, using economic warfare against iran using sanctions, tightening the sanctions and he realizes like reagan, that the notion of peace through strength is not just a throw away line but have a strong military so you never have to use it because no one picks a fight with you.
1:28 pm
>>eric: let me give you another soundbite talking about cutting off aid to egypt if we need to. that was in the introduction, sorry. we also have one where he talked about potentially how we should deal with libya. are you satisfied with what you heard? >>guest: what he has talked about doing is understanding events have happened. he was not angry and did not say you have done this wrong, obama, or that wrong, but these are the evens and we will use our institutions of democracy building in our economic power to do it. >>neil: take a listen to it. >> the blame for the murder of our people in libya and the attacks on our embassies in so many other countries lies only with those who carried them out. no one else. but it is our responsibility and the responsibilities of the president to use america's greatest power to shape history, not to lead from behind, leaving our destiny at the mercy of
1:29 pm
events. >>eric: your notes? >>guest: two examples when countries fall and revolutions happen. one was what jimmy carter and the shah of iran. we helped bring down the share of iran and then carter said let events take their own course. and iran is now an enemy. reagan used american power to help them shape their institutions of democracy, tree press, independent judicial review. look what we have, our strongest allies, the european countries, eastern european countries. romney is talking, romney is channeling reagan. >>eric: take a listen to the obama, i am not sure it is the campaign or the super pac but an ad talking about romney's foreign policy experience. >> reckless. amateurish. that is what news media and fellow republicans called mitt
1:30 pm
romney's gaffe filled tour of england saying the knee-jerk response showed a lack of presidential character. even republican perts said romney's remarks were the worst possible reaction to what happened. earthquake amateur in. >>guest: did romney make a few mistakes? sure, that is what happens first time out of the box. the policies, though, and the substance, are what really makes the difference. it is not just pretty speeches. on the other hand, it is not just using the american military to push our way around the world. i found this speech actually really phenomenal. i commend him for doing it. >>eric: i asked the producer to put something over the weekend, the israeli air force knocking down a drone. i believe, i don't think they have announced where it came from, but watch this. you can see it right here. it takes it out of the air. what is the message? the message isn't, we have a lot of firepower.
1:31 pm
what is the message on the timing of releasing the video. >>guest: a couple of things. one, the iranians we think did take the drone, the american dream that was over afghanistan and reconfigured it. necessity may have loaned it or given it to the hezbollah, southern lebanon, they probably fired it. did the israeli defense system work? it worked. >>eric: you are the israelis, you watching what is going on, was there anything political about releasing that video? >>guest: from the timing of israel going to release it right before an election? i don't think so. the point that israel has the ability to shoot down the drone, and the ability to defend itself and it shows you can do it. >>eric: i will leave it there. president obama's campaign releasing new fundraising numbers for the reelection and they are eye popping but raising eyebrows where some of the president's donations have been coming from. jack, you're a little boring.
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>>eric: president obama's re-election campaign raked if more than $180 million last month and now closing in on $1 billion. but my guest says forget how much, we should focus on where the donations are coming from. now, monica, what percentage of traffic is coming from outside the united states? >>guest: it is fascinating when you look at the new report.
1:36 pm
it was reported that 43 percent of all web traffic going to the campaign website, 42 percent of all traffic going there comes from foreign i.p. web addresses. we are not talking donations but the traffic. it makes it easier to foreign donations which are illegal under our system to come into the campaign. >>eric: what did they fine as far as foreign donations and the filter when you go do make a donation. tell us about the filter on the campaign. >>guest: under the system we have now, if you do donate under $200 you do not have to report. you can have dummy people, and dummy corporations, and if they donate under $200 it doesn't have to be reported. we saw this problem last time around four years ago with the obama campaign, all the investigations showed that so many of his campaign donations, hundreds of millions could not
1:37 pm
be traced. they were untraceable. one of the reasons why is there was no and still on that website there is no verification firewall, so, if you go on any website and you want to buy something, usually you have to type in the writ card security number, that three number thing, there are all kinds of firewalls so they can trace you to the credit card, you as an american citizen, you can be traced to a u.s. address and obama campaign does not have that firewall in place. they got caught four years ago and they fixed it. this time, they ought to have known better, they ought to have known better and they still do not have it in place. here is the kick other, on that website for president obama, if you go on the site and buy campaign merchandise, a t-shirt or a cap, you have to type in all of that information so the firewall exists for all of the
1:38 pm
swag. >>eric: it is not an oversight, but they apply it to the purchases of campaign swag but not the donation site. and mitt romney's website? >>guest: he has the firewalls in place and everything is traceable. >>eric: last night, president obama could be making an excuse, a sign of desperation from the campaign saying, look, we are doing a lot of things. i am not perfect. take a listen. >> incredible professionals, such great friends and they just perform flawlessly, night after night. i can't always say the same. earthquake, he is talking to a group of big donors? >>guest: he is on a campaign swing in los angeles and tonight in san francisco. that night he was talking in front of stevie wonder, and katy perry, saying they perform flaw
1:39 pm
lessly, and he told the americans he could walk on water. they used all the metaphors to exalt this plan and to have people worship the leader. what is happening now, people understand the emporor has no clothes, the economy is a disaster in large part thanks to him and his destructive policy. we want someone who is going to fix this. we want a human being, a competent and brilliant person. >>eric: do you sense panic? are the donors panicking? >>guest: there is a lost buyers' remorse, the big celebrities are diehard democrats on the far left anyway, and they are worried about their guy at this point. they should be. the name of the book is "what the (bleep) just happened." >>eric: think bo dietl was
1:40 pm
fired up about the new airport patdowns before? a new report has him fuming.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
>>eric: a new report slamming screeners at a new jersey airport with the flying public only getting a proper patdown 80 percent of the time and screeners removed banned items only 25 percent of the time. my guest, bo dietl, is not surprised. 80 percent failure rate at the screening booths? >>guest: start from the beginning. see would they hired in they hired for the t.s.a., after the 9/11 attacks, they threw people in there quickly. they have time now. i have been advocating bringing in the military. you have guys and ladies coming from afghanistan, iraq, bring them in there. by professional people. i arrived in las vegas. leaving john f. kennedy just now i was there talking to a lady
1:44 pm
that could not speak english. i could not understand what she was saying. i went to the next area and they were standing around, unproposal, discourteous, what you have to do is get rid of them, don't let them do that. civil service job mentality. bring some military kids in there to look at the job, they will stand there and be courteous, they will love to have the job. get rid of it. my fiance went through and they opened up the bag with her jewelry, they take it out, they set it up, she has very valuable jewelry, why opening up the bag? you can look in there, is there going to be an explosive device in your golden watch? >>eric: i don't know. i am all for them looking through anything including the jewelry --. >>guest: i want to get it back. a guy robbed $800,000 worth of jewelry at newark. i want to get my property back.
1:45 pm
they made me up up my stuff. >>eric: bo, what are the other issues with the report? some of the bags have been getting through screening with stuff that should not get through. that should scare the travelers. >>guest: i don't want to be caught going through the t.s.a. but i -- put it this way, hair spray, it looked like a tore peed, they didn't find that. >>eric: the point is, who knows what is a clear liquid that gets through it should be pulls. >>guest: absolutely. but, again, we have to go to the going, the origin of the problem, the professionalism of people that are there and they just --. >>eric: you just want to fire the t.s.a. so they hire bo dietl associates. >>guest: no, no, you are wrong. i want veterans this. i want women and men, veterans from our service, who fought in afghanistan and iraq. let them get jobs.
1:46 pm
>>eric: great, the unemployment among military is some around 17 percent or 18 percent. >>guest: when they come through they say, excuse me, ma'am, excuse me, sir, i have hired veterans for one of the job banks and they work for one of the major banks, the most court source people in the world because they have learned proper it quit in the service. they learned how to treat people. >>eric: you make a great point. i will leave it there. thank you very much, sir. >>guest: love you eric. >>eric: my co-host of "the five," bob beckel, they say you are back, the debate that mitt romney won overwhelmingly. you took a couple of days off for debate flu. >>guest: i looked forward to this day because they said i would be on with neil cavuto. we have a good dime and i find out you are substituting for
1:47 pm
him, and, well, i love you, but, i don't love you that much. go ahead. >>eric: so, let's talk post debate. i don't blame you taking a couple of days after that debate. i would have done the same thing. >>guest: obama truly mailed it in and romney did a good job and obama did not follow-up on things. but here is the thing, the expectations were so high for obama going into the debate and so low for romney, romney had a great advantage, the next debate, romney will have the expectations high, and obama will have them low. that is an advantage for obama. it did not fundamentally change the race but --. >>eric: i am not sure we will talk about, i hope, the poll --. >>guest: i thought you didn't like polls? >>eric: can you turn off your phone. we will talk about this on "the five." >>guest: we will talk polls
1:48 pm
and we will talk about that. i will say this, you cannot take anything away from romney. he did a very good job. obama, i don't know where he was. he just didn't show up. >>eric: we are in a boat, all five of us, they have to throw one out of the boat because one is sinking. who goes first, you make the decision? >>guest: there is a phone interrupting me. i couldn't hear. >>eric: we are all five in a boat and the boat is sinking, who do you throw off the boat? >>guest: i wouldn't throw of us five? we go down together! absolutely. together. remember the star of the show is "the five," the show, right? all of us could go down and they would get five more and it would be fine. it is nice to see you there doing the show and i wish that
1:49 pm
neil cavuto would come back. >>eric: he will be back tomorrow. >>guest: i have some questions to ask about gasoline because i don't understand this california thing. >>eric: we will talk about that in 11 minutes. a new poll, voters jazzed about the debate, but will it get them voting? that is ahead. hooo....hahaahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup
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>>eric: andy, the number we showed you, 72 percent of the voters believe that governor
1:53 pm
romney did better than president obama, that has to help, right, andy? >>guest: that is a big number. most of the time, debate cosmonaut make much difference in the direction of a campaign because they are not ever this lopsided. what this has done, it has energized republicans. we can see it in the polls. the gallup polls pre- and post- debate show romney going from 5 percent behind to a dead heat. it is even bigger, a george washington university poll shows a 12 percentage point twinge with romney leading. there is a change in the dynamism that republicans feel. the republicans are more enjoyed. >>eric: and predebate, governor romney was at 45 percent and president obama was at 50 percent, a five-point lead by the president. post debate, october 4-6, that was 47 percent to 47 percent. that is a big swing.
1:54 pm
that is a gallup poll. that is a big move, isn't it? >>guest: that is a significant move. as i pensioned, among likely voters it has shifted more because one of the things that happened in campaigns and especially in the battleground states where you have even balanced between republicans and democrats, the key thing is to get your marginal supporters to vote, the lessize logical republicans and democrats. we have seen in this battleground poll among the body rat democrats a 12 percentage point drop in those who said they are extremely likely to vote in the past week. they have lost some of their enthusiasm. with republicans it has gone the opposite way. they are energized. >>eric: among republicans, 84 percent are more enthusiastic about the race and voting and democrats at 76 percent, but that has been flipped historically, the democrats have
1:55 pm
been more enthusiastic about voting, right? >>guest: certainly in the last month we have seen the democrats have been more energized than republicans have. that is one of the reasons you have seen in battleground states polls of obama have been polling ahead of romney and now the dynamic is changing after republicans now feel they have a chance, conservative republicans particularly, are coming along behind romney and they are enthusiastic now. so, i think that the win that was coming out of republican sails is back. >>eric: now, another poll, kind of a score card and it seems to be changings kind of a scoreboard, you can see the early innings, looked like the home team was winning, look at this, 2012 presidential candidate, ill imagine after the first debate, better or worse, governor romney, 56 percent of the people polled say their image of him has increased and president obama only 13 percent.
1:56 pm
>>guest: that is not surprising. people know who president obama is. they have an idea of their impression of him. romney was still a blank slate to a lost voters. coming up we have a couple more weeks left before voters are fully engaged in this. that debate which was watched by the second or third highest debate ever. >>eric: 67 million. >>guest: 67 million, for many of those people that is the first time they have seen romney. compared with rebound in that debate he came off better. >>eric: in 30 seconds, the campaign, the presidential campaign, are they watching this? are they nervous? has this given a little bit of fear? >>guest: absolutely. they will be much better prepared for the next debate. i don't anticipate the next debate will shake things up as much. again, people know would president obama is. they didn't know romney but now they have a better sense of would romney is. we will see the next two debates
1:57 pm
be more of a tie. >>eric: thank you, andy. that is it for us. i am off to "the five," see you in 2 1/2 minutes.
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