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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 12, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> sentence. >> that's okay. joe biden with a lot of smiles. and the dentist was the real win. >> we'll break it down. great show. have a great weekend. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: lots of pearly whites last night. good morning, everyone. today is friday. october 12th. i am gretchen carlson thanks for shared up the day with us. paul ryan has debate advice. >> more people signed up for medicare after the change. >> no body -- i know i know you're under a lot of duress. >> did biden's demeanor cost him the victory . we report and you decide. >> steve: vice-president biden
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telling us who is to blame for the botched consulate attack. he said the intelligence community and sy. here is a comment that had back scratchers scratching -- fact scratchers scratching their head. >> brian: wait until you hear who won an award. "fox and friends" starsts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> steve: yeah. the debate just ended. the president of the united states said at the last debate he had with mitt romney he was too polite. joe biden last night didn't have that problem. he was trying to stop the erosion. and many independents were heading over to the republican
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side . joe biden was joe biden in so many ways. his demeanor was extraordinary. >> gretchen: i thought it was totally overthe top disrespectful. just speaking as a woman and i want to know the difference in the gender opinion. was this more offensive to women, men or either? maybe women have felt this more often. i could not believe how disrespectful he was and being from the midwest as paul ryan is as well there is such a thing as midwestern politeness and you go in front of me. that's what paul ryan was doing. should he had also been more aggressive or did he do the right thing in sitting back. >> brian: if people wanted strength on the democrat side they got it and conversant on
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every topic. but it was interesting on foreign policy. i think he showed experience. he's 69 and paul ryan is 42 years old and domestic issues. joe biden talked over ryan. and i am curious. democrats have to be heartened. i wonder about the independents and people who still haven't made up their mind. i have renewed faith? >> steve: if you miss the interrupt athon we have a bit of it to give you a idea what it was like for 90 minutes. >> we agreed with the obama. have a status of force to insure you secure the gain. we have these in place in spite of their opposition. >> oh, god. >> did they inherit a tough situation absolutely. but we are in the rough.
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mr. vice-president i know you are under duress to make up for lost ground. but people are better served if we don't interrupt each other. it is done before. >> it is never done before. >> it is a couple of times. >> lower jax kennedy. >> gretchen: ever felt like you want to deck somebody. if you are paul ryan and that's how you feel, you could tell he didn't want to be overly aggressive and he was the young guy and show respect to the elder states men. but by goodness. >> brian: see with that point and a lot of people playing. that moment was a great joe biden moment it wasn't. paul ryan was giving him example. first one was jack kennedy. and he said now you are jack kennedy. listen to what he was saying
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>> chris: we knew because paul ryan said. i expect joe biden to come at me like a cannon ball. he seemed like he was amped up on 5 hour energy . the very first topic libya and it was tough on the administration. but there was something that the administration had in its pocket and that is mr. joe biden. made stuff up and forget about the house testimony we heard and experts and people on the ground said we asked for more help and mr. security. joe biden said that never happened. watch. >> there were no protest why did that go on. >> it is what we were told by the intelligence community. and they told us that and they learned more facts, they chaced their assessment. >> they wanted more security there. >> we were not told that.
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and we did not know they wanted more security. at the time we said exactly what the intelligence community told us they knew, that was the assessment. as they changed their view we made it clear. >> brian: real quick. secrets because he said the state department didn't provide security and the intelligence didn't tell us who was at fault. so what he is saying, i exxonerated myself and manage is going to happen before today where the president is stuck in a corner. >> gretchen: if congressman ryan would have behaved the way biden did he would say that's interesting when people were under oath yesterday they said the opposite. but he didn't interrupt him doing the same treatment.
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he waited his turn and this is what he said. >> we should not be apologizing for standing up for the values. there were whys and those requests were not honored. look this the anniversary of 9/11. it was libya and we knew we had al-qaida cells there and al-qaida and its affiliates are on the rise in northern africa . we didn't give our ambassador in libya security. >> steve: joe biden threw the intelligence community under the bus. >> brian: they don't like it. >> steve: in the next week or so there will be leaks to major newspapers about stuff from the intelligence community regarding that the administration will find very bassing - embarrassing. >> brian: steve is willing to pay. he's giving me a chance. >> steve: i dollar. >> gretchen: there is too much else to cover.
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what is interesting, if you watched the whole debate, did you stop listening because of all of the interruptions. i myself what are they talking about. all i can look at is joe biden and him smirking and smile trying to focus and a lost vacous time period where paul ryan just tried to give hi point. this is not democrat or republican. it is important how imannualry is in politics. did that put you over the top. and all about imagery. >> steve: joe biden ran out of gas and in the end. >> brian: four and half. >> gretchen: you don't think it was on purpose. i think he was being more melancholy when they talked about abortion and people dying >> chris: he was running out of juice. >> in the end. martha raddus who did not
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contain joe biden and allowed him to interrupt over 80 times which is extraordinary. she said everyone gets to talk two minutes and paul ryan summed up his position it is time for a leader. >> look at all of the string of broken promiseless . try telling that to 20 million people who will lose health insurance if obama care starts and seniors. and i guarantee if you make 250,000. 12 increases for the middle class . health insurance premiums will go down per family per year they went up evering i and expected to go up $2500. and i promise to cut the deficit in half in four years.
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we have four budget it is and four trillion dollar deficits. a debt crisis is coming and we can't keep spend borrowing like and spending money we don't have. leaders run to problems to fix problems. >> steve: i got this tweet. why was bush crusify biden didn't get information on the intelligence community and that is okay. >> steve: ultimately some polls went out and they did snap pollings. cnn paul ryan . cnbc. winner 20 points. >> brian: cbsdid joe biden. >> steve: they did a focus group for 50 people. >> gretchen: we have frank coming up. and we'll show you that. now the rest of the head lineups for friday. one month after ambassador
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stevens was ciled. lawrence pope is the new charge of affairs. he will represent. pope retired 12 years ago and an ambassador to chad and political advisor for the special command and special operations in the middle east. governor mitt romney getting a spiritual boost from billy graham. >> reverend graham added he would do everything to help him. franklin graham has provided council to every president since harry frume an. we should know whether the
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body found in colorado. the body is not intact. jessica disappeared while walking to school. a body was found in the park sevenmiles fr where she was last seen. the winner of this year's nobel peace prize and the winner is not a person. who is it? >> the nobel peace prize is to be awarded to the european union. >> gretchen: i don't think people in the audience were happy about it. there were boos. and the decision despite the fact europe is facing a financial crisis. they praised the eu for peace and democracy in europe. >> brian: really? fantastic. they are at picking the cy young. >> steve: the eu can only hope there is a cash award .
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>> brian: thanks for joining us. joe biden's attempt to mock ryan didn't go well. >> the vice-president very well knows that sometimes the word doesn't come out that way. did that help or hurt paul ryan. mitt romney's former debate coach comes up next. >> gretchen: if you thought it was heated. just wait that was nothing compared to this one. ♪ ♪ ite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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detroit go bankrupt and we help people refinance the governor romney said let foreclosure hit the bom. he said 47 percent of the american people are unwilling. >> brian: romney is a good man and cares about 100 percent of the americans in this country. with respect to that quote the vice-president knows that sometimes the words doesn't come out of your mouth the right way. >> steve: did he bring in a win or a draw or loss. >> brian: let's ask bret o'donnell. your take on what you saw last night? >> it was a spirited debate between both men. they did a passionate job of defending the top of the ticket. governor romney and the president. and the one thing i think that the vice-president should be worried about, even though his side wanted to see him go
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fight and fight passionately and defend the president. he may have crossed the line and had an al gore moment. he was interrupting paul ryan. he was rolling his eyes and sighing and all of those things are going to remind people of al gore back in 2000 . so folks in the middle and undecided may have a negative opinion of how he performed. >> steve: chris wallace said the 80 ruptions from joe biden and paul ryan had five or six. unprecedented in the vice-presidential debate. people think is that guy qualified to be vice-president and president. how did they do on that? >> i don't think either of them disqualified them from being president of the united
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states. they demonstrated a solid working knowledge of the economy and foreign policy. paul ryan had much to gain. people knew who the vice-president was . paul ryan did a great job of introducing himself. >> brian: joe biden for the iraq war. and joe biden against it and negatives to paul ryan. he defended his plan more than he should of. what do you mean by that. >> at times, the big thing that paul ryan needed to do last night is project vision and make sure he was representing. governor romney and not worrying about the policy details and the math so to speak and at times he was little in the weeds. by and large he projected a vision. his big line of the night going back on the
3:20 am
vice-president about the words coming out wrong out of his mouth. was the line that leaders run to fix problems and that was toward the end of the debate. and that answer was projected vision and showed himself why he is one. icons of the republican party. >> steve: there you go. former romney debate coach. thank you for joining us from rocky hill, connecticut. >> good to be with you. >> brian: we know the debate ended 7 minutes ago. you have a checking account and new thing called hiding fees within your checking account. we'll go over it. >> steve: i want to know about that. and some americans cast their ballot for president. what the heck happens to that vote and november sixth. the worry may disturb you. ♪ ♪
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>> brian: at least one senator is conducting an investigation to the company that is linked to the deadly menigitus outbreak as the situation gets worse. 14 people have died and 170 sick in 11 states. u.s. banks are raising checking account fees and now they are hiding them. 12 major banks are increasing atm and overdraft fees. the bank is reordering transactions so that your account drains faster and leading to costly fees.
3:25 am
now there is someone to blame. >> gretchen: most americans have to wait until november 6. in ohio early voting has begun. more than one million absentee ballots were requested. can that information be release can we see who is ahead in that state? ken blackwell is here to explainn how it workings. >> hey, gretch . >> gretchen: people wonder why states are different and why do some have early voting. >> in ohio we have early voting so we manage it election day and voters participation. what we have done effectively is expand election day to election month. this helps with the entire process. >> gretchen: so people wonder if they vote early, who is keeping the vote and where is
3:26 am
it? >> in ohio, the ballots are kept in a secure location and before they are put behind the double lock system where republicans and democrats have the safety check. address, and birth date and social security and driver's license are checked to make sure all of the vital information is there and then, that ballot is reg mr. #2: ered on the voters rolls and not opened until election day. >> gretchen: can a vote be tampered with? >> no, our experience is the double lock system provides security and democrats and republicans are confident that that system works in ohio. >> gretchen: can anyone see that vote though? is it sealed and so there is no way for anyone to determine how the early voting is leaning so to speak? >> you are absolutely right.
3:27 am
a lot of people speculate as to how things are going. they use the voters registration information to make a calculation of how many democrats and republicans participated. >> so someone could make a guess. >> it is an educated guess. >> gretchen: ken blackwell in the important swing state of ohio. thank you for breaking it down. have a great weekend. >> thank you, gretchen. >> gretchen: military members denied the right to vote? will the decision get changed in time? in this debate someone had to call the cops. happy birthday to curt cameron 42 today. customer erin swenson bought from us online today.
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♪ ♪ we can make it we try. >> steve: how cute is that. paul ryan tweeted this with younger son sam in his pj's. he wrote this. great pep talk from one of my trusted advisor. and sam was having so much fun on the debate stage he didn't want to leave when ryan called him to.
3:32 am
he gave his dad a high five before he got up from joe biden's chair. adorable . very nice. >> brian: joe biden was serving when paul ryan was three. >> steve: joe biden was out of law school by the time paul ryan. >> brian: this is the biggest gap between cand dates. >> steve: i read that. >> brian: i will read that's why they are staring. reviews are pouring in over the first and only vice-presidential. ryan might have a slight margin of victory. steve with a look at the highlights. quick turn around for you. >> little bit quick and not too bad. yes, this was the first and only debate between the vice-presidential cand dates for the 2012 white house campaign. domestic side. both campaigns hitting areas
3:33 am
that they are comfortable with. for vice-president biden this had to do with his continued to return for the need for balance between public assistance while the economy is sluggish and stem the deficit . his performance described as biden, was the happy warrior for the middle class. have a listen. >> the president and i are not going to rest until that playing field is leveled and they have a clear shot and peace of mind. until they can turn to their kid and say with a degree of confidence that honey, it is going to be okay. that is what this is all about. >> for paul ryan congressman from wisconsin first time in a nationally televised debate and hit the sweet spot. conversation about taxs and the future of taxes
3:34 am
specifically the soon to expire bush tax cuts. >> so the next time they say don't worry about it we'll get a few wealthy people to pay their share, watch out middle class the tax bill comes to you. >> that is referring to the current plan to let the taxes for the top expire and maintain the rest for lowwer and middle class . romney campaign insisting that all of the bush taxes need to be preserved. back to you. >> brian: 26 minutes before the hour. twitter partnered with this and great to do the debate and read your twitter to find out what people think. >> gretchen: it had to do with pearly whites. here is larry. snl will have to can devote a entire show to biden's facial
3:35 am
expression. >> steve: saturday night live. >> brian: gretch gretchh -- gretchen has a personal reaction. >> steve: mr. james fortune said the real winner in the debate is joe biden's dent mr. #2: . he does have a beautiful set of choppers and we saw them a lot in inappropriate times and saw them a lot when paul ryan talked about the four americans murdered in libya and we saw the greatt big grin and laughs, inappropriate. >> gretchen: that specifically yes. and if you are thinking in the of the advisors, look people know you as a charming guy and nice guy and get along with everybody . show how nice you are and smile. that was overdone maybe and then it went in the condescension mode and very inappropriate at times as well. >> brian: i have a friend when somebody falls and hurt
3:36 am
themselves can't stop laugh every time someone falls she break in laughter. in one way when joe biden wants to show excitement and intensity. he can't help but smile. look at the left side of the screen. >> steve: rnc had a video put together . runs a minute long and shows all of the inappropriate laughs during moments of comber conversation by paul ryan and unemployment and stuff like that and in the end it said wh is so funny, joe? >> gretchen: usually saturday night life was funny and as i ran back from connecticut to new york, i was in a rush and i am running in front of the building and i hear gretchen, gretchen. a guy with head phones and i think i recognize that face a bit but not completely.
3:37 am
gretchen, gretchen, i am the guy who plays in your skit on saturday night. it was brian's character on saturday night live. i have to tell you in person, he's not bad. i don't know what they do to him. you are not fat. >> brian: thank you, i guess. >> steve: he's a heavy guy. >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: i saw him. i was not checking out his entire body. >> brian: why does he want to pull us over? >> gretchen: i was excite to meet one of the people they are talking about freiently. >> brian: and they are. >> steve: they have to watch hours and hours and hours was us and feel like they know each even though they don't? >> brian: they don't and they we went. he also plays joy. >> gretchen: i can't stay up that late to watch it now to the rest of the airlines.
3:38 am
american airlines hit with a midair scare. a bird flies in the engine of a flight headed from chicago to miami. the plane was forced to make an emergency land luckily landed safely. american cutting the california american blaming pilots that are sick and maintenance issues. >> steve: one problem, she's not licensed. cops in south carolina said denice admitted to giving the fake documents she worked for, for years. she failed to produce her license. she was also a teaching in the nursing college for 21 years. what? no word on what this could mean for the students who learned from somebody who didn't have a license. >> brian: bitter congressional race turns uglier on the debate stage. look. that was democratic brad
3:39 am
sherman getting physical with howard burman. they are competing for a los angeles seat in the house. exchanging words before a sheriff's deputy stepped n they could have scratched each other's eyes out. >> thousands of military members in ohio may not get to vote. one allows military members five extra days of early in person voting. ohio leaders are appealing to the supreme court and will a decision be made in time for this election. >> steve: joinning us now judge napolitano. >> i get in the way of the cam rampt >> steve: it is fine with live tv. they are asking the supreme court to step in to try to change this thing because military people are not getting extra time to vote. >> steve: the governor of ohio
3:40 am
whom we all know john, realized the problem of military people to vote and how it takes longer to get it to where they are and sign it and get it back. he introduced to give military personnel an additional five-days in which to vote. five more days than civilians have to vote. the obama campaign challenged this and said if you are going to give the military five-days, you have to give everybody five more days. a federal district court said to the obama campaign you are rightt and appeals court said the district judge that you are rightt . the governor will appeal it to the supreme court. i think it is late in the day for the supreme court of the united states to be addressing campaign law when ballots have to be printed. >> steve: it is a help for the members of the military?
3:41 am
>> no extra help. now if they had begin everybody five more days it would be no case. the constitution as kilmeade will tell you. equal protection clause basically means that you have to treat, the government must treat similarly waited people in the same way. >> gretchen: why would the obama administration come up against that. if you look at the polls, military people usually vote republican. - >> they are trying to keep people who will vote for governor romney and congressman ryan for doing so. this is a generalization and probably true with respect to the military. i don't know the outcome. my prediction that the supreme court will not hear this. you have the weekend in which
3:42 am
to vote. you have saturday, monday and special tuesday. and the extra day gone. >> steve: you are gone, too. andrew napolitano thank you. you watch the yankees last night? >> brian: they lost and there will be a game tonight. >> unfortunatelyy lost two. >> gretchen: and that's how we end the segment. judge, how desperate is the obama campaign? mitt romney hates kids? you got to hear this. >> brian: italian captain arrested after leaving the passengers for dead. >> steve: he needs something to do. ♪ ♪ ♪ you got the music in you. ♪
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>> gretchen: if you are just waking up. quick headlines. he's accused of crashing an italiann cruise ship that killed 32 people and suing now to get his job back. he said he was unfairly blamed after the costa concordia crash. he is facing chargings. prelimary hearings begin next week. washington state first to legalize recreational mot pot. anyone over 21 can buy marijuana and the key is pay taxes on it >> gretchen: one way to make money. >> steve: obama went after big bird and now saying mitt romney doesn't like kids. he declined to go on the special kids pick the
3:47 am
president. does that mean he doesn't like kids. co-author of brand new ebook called the lizard king and shocking truth by an white house staffer. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: interesting namitt romney hates kids? >> you have the war on woman and now children. first his big bird comments and some in the media derided him for not accepting a invitation for nick news. >> steve: linda has hosted some of the presidential cand dates and she said that he really needs to sit down with her. she is and she's way to the left of center. >> there is many examplings of this. i am not a regularr watcher of nick lordian news. in '92 she suggested overtly that the republican give in.
3:48 am
and it was a race for white men . they did a poll and number one concern for children is gay marriage? >> steve: that seems crazy. you have photographs that showed up in many newspapers . we showed a moment ago that extraordinarily awkward photograph, apparently the associated press that put the picture out without a correctt caption had to apologize over it. >> you have to question the judgment. it appears like she is looking at his derier. >> steve: she was excited that he was going to sit down in front of her. because mitt romney is leading and they have to figure out a way to make him look bad. lookk at the new york times, jamie, look at this photograph they used outside thav same
3:49 am
school. you have mr. romney looking robotic and the children at an awkward distance. >> steve: it is going on now. >> the obama campaign has run a desperate strategy to win the campaign with the economy where it is now and his most popular achievement like obama care is not very popular. way to win is paint mitt romney as toxic. >> steve: does mitt romney hate children in >> i would say not. he has five of them. >> steve: thank you very much. >> steve: we have talked about it all morning. was joe biden's performance down right disrespectful or do you think it is delightful. frank talks to undecided voters. he was locked up in federal prison for abusing animals and
3:50 am
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>> brian: joe biden broke news and he did it on the top. he claimed the intelecommunity dropped the ball in libya and never told the administration it needed extra security. >> there were no protest. >> that's what we were told by the intelligence community. they told us that. we were not told they wanted more security and we did not know they wanted more security . by the way, at the time we were told exactly.
3:54 am
we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. that was the assessment and as the intelligence community changed their vieww we made it ours. >> brian: will throwing the agency under the bus make it worse? author of "front burner". joins us. joe, your response to the vice-president's assess: >> he is flat out wrong it is clearly proven there was request for security for the ambassador and his staff. it went to the burrcrat and buried in hillary clinton's state department who made the decision it was worth while to save dollars than security on the ground. if those people lifing with a threat minute to minute and hour to hour, need security. get it to them. i am sure the american people
3:55 am
would rather spend money cautiouslyy than have a greeting ceremony for body bags in dover. >> brian: the cia is not one to take it lying down. as you know 12 yearrs since the uss coal attack. al-qaida is on the run and they are on the heels, does that ring true with the assassination of a representative in yemen in charge of security and what happened on 9/11 last month? >> clearlyy not. al-qaida today represents a threatt. it may not have the reach and capability that it had on the uss cole and attack on 9/11, but we are seeing a diverse and broader al-qaida who is expanding their reach in yemen and abrabian peninsula and alive in afghanistan and pakistan. it does represent a threat to
3:56 am
the united states. >> brian: here is the president on that topic. >> is al-qaida established in libya since our involvement. >> we focus on the people who attacked us on 9/11 and today al-qaida is on its heels and osama bin laden is no more. >> brian: bin laden no more. but he has to change that today, don't you? >> i think what we have to do is look at it and realize that may be a cute sound bite in a presidential campaign. the bluntt reality that the intelligence community and my sources tell me al-qaida is alive and well and represents a threat to our about. i will be pausing and be at arlington cemetery to remember the 12 sailors that were killed and i know al-qaida represents a threat to this
3:57 am
nation and we shouldn't lowwer our guard. >> brian: we talked about the performance. vice-president and chairman in congress. who was good and bad and disrespectful and too polite. frank lunttwheretalks to undecided voters. they can't pay theirr bills . the new fees you may not know about. . we use this board to compare car insurance rates side by side so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board. what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] [ laughs ]
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>> gretchen: good morning, i hop you're gonna have a great friday and weekend. it's october 12. i'm gretchen carlson. we got a big post debate show for you. he was supposed to make up for the president's poor performance, but did joe biden, did his blunder on benghazi do more harm than good? hear the comment that has fact checkers scratching their heads this morning right in the beginning of the debate. >> brian: and the obama campaign is calling the vice president their happy warrior. it wasn't all smiles fort vice president. >> i hope i'm getting equal time. he gets 40. i get 15. >> he did not.
4:01 am
>> brian: as it turns out, time was actually on the vice president's side. actually the numbers, we'll break it down. >> steve: the biggest question, what did undecided voters think about that? >> disrespectful and arrogance. >> well informed. >> commanding and passionate. >> steve: we're sitting down with swing state vote force find out who won the big debate. "fox & friends" hour two for friday starts right now. >> it's "fox & friends." >> happy birthday. >> gretchen: there is that snappy graphic for the 2012 -- oops. back to the snoozy graphic. >> steve: not that we need coffee. >> gretchen: we slept ten hours. it was the only vice presidential debate.
4:02 am
what did you think about it? here you got the two gentlemen coming out, the current vice president of the united states shaking hands with congressman paul ryan who would love to have that job. i think that's the most respect joe biden showed paul ryan right there. i mean throughout the night, he interrupted him, it was interrupting times ten and i want to know from you, could you even watch it and hear what was going on because there were so many interruptions? i could not believe the disrespect shown. this has nothing to do with politics, folks. the amazing disrespect shown to that man. >> steve: i think it's technically called debates interruptus. i want to meet genius who said you go out there and start gnawing interrupting him. there were over 80 interruptions by joe biden. paul ryan had five or six. he smiled, he smirked, he laughed inappropriately. this morning the "wall street journal" is writing this carnival act contributed to the
4:03 am
least illuminating presidential or vice presidential debate of our lifetimes. way to go, joe. >> brian: i tell you what, where joe biden was at his strongest, i think it was international affairs. when it came to iran, he was pretty much on top of it. i thought the congressman, mr. huge opportunity, prime minister netanyahu said the sanctions, which they talked about for 20 minutes back and forth, have not stopped or slowed down iran's nuclear program one bit. that's a direct quote. i'm not sure why paul ryan didn't say that because netanyahu's name came up. when it came to iran and syria, when it came to afghanistan, when it came to iraq, i thought the vice president was vulnerable, but i don't think necessarily the congressman took advantage of it. the way we left iraq, the way we fought afghanistan. we know for a fact on the other side, martha raddatz basically said not everybody is happy with you shorting the surge 10,000
4:04 am
troops or pulled people out during the killing season. >> steve: you know what? that's all the substance, if you were watching on tv, you would be watching paul ryan try to give a measured, responsible, sober answer, and on the split screen, you would see him kind of along crazy. >> brian: you're right. >> gretchen: charles krauthammer, this was so on analysis that if you were listening to this on the radio on reading the transcript, you would think that joe biden probably won this thing based on maybe content. but when you saw the optics and that's what it's all about, folks, politicians and optics. when you saw his reaction to paul ryan every time he opened his mouth. and i did think that later on in the debate t got away from martha raddatz a little bit. i thought she asked tough questions at the beginning. i think when she allowed joe biden to continually interrupt paul ryan as he was just about to make a point, and not say, excuse me, vice president, off minute to speak and now paul ryan has a minute to speak, i
4:05 am
think that that is when it got a little away from her. >> brian: yeah. i also like to add, when it came to medicare, when it came to social security, when it came to the taxes, i thought that paul ryan was excellent. where he was bad was on stimulus. they coo have two letters in their hand where they're requesting money for i don't think he had a good answer for that because if you're going to criticize stimulus, to know was your request for some of that. >> steve: both sides did exactly what they had to do. paul ryan had to make sure that people would trust him to be president and he accomplished that. and joe biden there, of course, today stop the bleeding and the erosion from the president's debate performance. of course, when the president did debate last week, one of the interesting things was when he was told he was out of time, he said, i got five seconds. last night joe biden also, fixating on time.
4:06 am
watch. >> now here is why i'm saying this. >> i hope i'm going to get time to respond. >> you'll get time. >> we can do better than this. >> hope i'll get equal time. >> you will get just a few minutes here. i'm really going to keep to you 15 seconds. >> he gets 40, i get 15. >> he didn't have 40. >> i think people will be better served if we don't keep interrupting. >> well, don't take all the four minutes then. >> gretchen: no doubt. according to our brain room, the total speaking time joe biden, 41 minute, 32 seconds. congressman paul ryan, 40 minutes, 12 seconds. almost even. but let me know. if you watched the whole thing, you don't get that impression because i don't know how you can calculate time with all those interruption. you give paul ryan, what, five seconds because then he was interrupted for five seconds. then he'd talk for five more second, then interrupted for five more seconds. i don't know how you calculate the time. it seems like it was lop sided when you were watching it. >> brian: the president said i thought bind was terrific. i couldn't be prouder and mitt romney was proud of his guy,
4:07 am
too. some news to come out of this that will affect tuesday's debate with the president and all the investigation that katherine herrage and others are doing, along with jennifer griffin. that is benghazi, the investigation. what was not brought up last night is the president despite all the questions swirling about, not knowing the circumstances the ambassador's death, hopped on a plane and went to las vegas to campaign. paul ryan did not bring that up. what i thought was significant and i think you will, that the vice president of the united states, when asked why you said one thing when the facts were totally different said this. >> there were no protests. why did that go on -- >> what we were told by the intelligence community. the intelligence community told us that as they learn more facts about exactly what happened, they changed their assessment. >> they wanted more security there. >> well, we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security again. by the way, at the time we were told exactly -- we said exactly
4:08 am
what the intelligence community told us, that they knew. that was the assessment. and as the intelligence community changed their view, we made it clear they changed their view. >> they suspect the u.n. ambassador out to say that this was because of a protest and youtube video. it took the president two weeks to acknowledge that this was a terrorist attack. he went to the u.n. and in a speech he said six times, he talked about the youtube video. now they're trying to blame the ryan-romney ticket for making this an issue. >> steve: of course, that's what they were talk being yesterday. so who won? cnn and cnbc did polls and mr. ryan was on top. cbs had one with some focus group. they felt that the vice president won. peggy nuland writes fort second time in two weeks, the democrat came out and defeated himself. in both cases, the republican was strong and the democrat somewhat disturbing. another way to say it is the old man tried it patronize the kid and the kid stood his ground.
4:09 am
the old man pushed and the kid pushed back. >> brian: she did not mean that complimentary. >> gretchen: i actually think had is a debate that's going to percolate over a couple of days. when people go back and read and maybe see video and see this reaction, i think it may percolate over time where people will maybe change their opinion of exactly how it went. >> brian: it was -- >> gretchen: i think a lot of people -- i think it rubbed them the wrong way with the attitude. the headlines now. one month after ambassador chris stevens was murdered, the obama administration has named a new american envoy to libya. lawrence pope will represent our country until the white house nominate has new ambassador. >> brian: can they give him some security? >> gretchen: pope, 67, retired 12 years ago. tough job to take. he was an ambassador to chad and the political advisor to anthony vinny. governor mitt romney getting
4:10 am
a spiritual boost from the reverend billy graham and his son, franklin. >> most helpful thing you can do for me. >> gretchen: reverend graham added he would do everything to help him. the meeting was at the evangelist's home in north carolina. billy graham has provided consult to every president since harry truman. we'll know today whether or not a body found in colorado is that of missing ten-year-old jessica ridgeway. police are having trouble identifying the body because apparently it is not intact. jessica disappeared a week ago while walking to school on wednesday. a body was found in a park seven miles from where she was last seen. authorities will hold a news conference to release more information. despite spending 18 months in federal charges on dog fighting -- in prison on federal charges, michael vick has a dog. he was banned from owning a dog during his probation that ended in july. since being released from prison
4:11 am
in 2009, he worked with the humane society speaking out against animal cruelty. those are your headlines. >> steve: coming up on this friday morning, the postal service can't pay its bills, so you're about to pick up the slack. the new fee that's headed your way at the post office. >> brian: paul ryan says the president is stealing from seniors to pay for obamacare. is he right? the woman who read the entire bill before most of congress did. did i indeed knock over my tea? the answer when i come back [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history heart or blood vsel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked. it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> steve: we're talking about the debate last night and health care front and center last night and the big question, is the president stealing from seniors to pay for obamacare? >> look what obamacare does.
4:15 am
obamacare takes $716 billion from medicare to spend on obamacare. even their own chief actuary at medicare backs this up. he says you can't spend the same dollar twice. you can't claim this money goes to medicare and obamacare. >> what we did is saved $716 billion and put it back, applied it to medicare. we cut the cost of medicare. >> here is the problem, they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare into a piggy bank for obamacare. >> steve: okay. so two different points of view. let's do some fact checking right now. who is right? betsy mccoy, new york's former lieutenant governor and author of" the obama health law, what it says and how to overturn it." she watched the debates closely last night. allall right. >> that's a good whopper. >> steve: was their hand caught in the cookie jar? >> yes. this law takes $716 billion out of future medicare funding over the next decade and moves it over to pay for new entitle ams
4:16 am
for people under age 65. >> steve: without a doubt, the money is out of medicare? >> yes. let's get it straight, seniors pay for over half the cost of this law. cuts to medicare pay for over half the cost of this law. and these reductions in future medicare funding, they're not savings. it's cuts to hospitals, hospice care, dialysis centers to care for seniors. get this, hospitals will have $247 billion less money to take care of the same number of thinners. they'll have waits for seniors and we have a mountain of evidence to show senior also have a harder time surviving their hospital stay. they won't have a chance to survive that heart attack. >> steve: oh, man. in that instance, paul ryan was correct. >> absolutely. >> steve: also last night paul ryan yeting that same actuary said their own actuary from the administration came to congress and said one out of six hospitals and nursing homes are going to go out of business as a result of this.
4:17 am
joe biden said, that's not what they said. but joe biden was wrong and paul ryan was right? >> yes. richard foster, the chief actuary showed greatness in testifying before congress not once, but twice. and warning that 15% of hospitals may stop taking medicare. where do seniors go when their local hospital doesn't accept it? 40 pours will be operating in the red. and that's the real danger because when hospitals don't have the money, they're going to have to spread the care thinner. it's going to be skimpy and we have so much scientific data to show that that means seniors will not do as well surviving a heart attack, congestive heart failure, a stroke, a hip fracture. it's going to mean lower survival rates for seniors in the hospital. they won't make it home. >> steve: and this administration is promoting abortion, if you so -- we were talking earlier -- >> this is a real irony. when the choices you came up. how it cost it be that the woman
4:18 am
has the freedom to choose an abortion, but not a hip replacement? either your body is free from government interference or it isn't. under these medicare regulations, seniors will lose access to hip replacements, knee replacements and other procedures that have virtually transformed aging because the government won't pay hospitals and doctors enough to provide them. >> steve: sure. one thing -- obviously the country in financial trouble. the romney-ryan team has a plan and paul ryan was depicting it last night. it was interesting, at one point paul ryan said to the vice president, the problem with your administration right now essentially is you don't have a plan. we called from congress, we said can we see the president's plan? and they sent him a copy of a speech because they didn't have a plan. but they had a speech. >> the irony is that biden and obama keep warning about this some future plan. but this law is already the law and it is dangerous for seniors! october 1, last week, the
4:19 am
administration, according to this law, started awarding bonuses to the hospitals that spend the least per senior and whacking the hospitals that spend more with demerits. even spending care on seniors had they leave, like prescribing rehab after a hip replacement. >> steve: doing fact checking. >> dangerous stuff. >> steve: thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead, we've been talking about it all morning, was joe biden's performance last night downright dit respectful or delightful? some felt. frank luntz talked to some undecided voters. their reaction coming up next. then the race was already ugly when this happened. cops had to be called in to break up -- is he going to get him if a head lock? that's a debate !
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
>> steve: spirit in the sky. time for your shot of the morning. it was hands up for vice president joe biden at the debate last night. photos capturing him looking to above as answered a question. here is another angle. got to wonder what paul ryan was thinking right there. one more, maybe the vice president was praying for good luck, that he'd win the debate. immediate polls afterwards have given paul ryan the edge. according cnn and cnbc. >> gretchen: maybe paul ryan was thinking, you know, where i grew up, they told me not to interrupt. that's what my parents taught me. that's what i'm teaching my kids. what about southern hospitality for all you folks who live in the south as well? i don't know. >> steve: brass knuckle night. >> brian: i think most democrats would love it because they were frustrated -- >> steve: fired up the base. >> brian: because president obama was not aggressive at all last week.
4:24 am
>> gretchen: there is a difference between aggressiveness and rudeness. >> brian: true. >> gretchen: i'm all for being a good debate, but i think after a while, you stop listening to what was actually said. >> brian: he did say my friend a lot. >> steve: and he didn't mean it. >> gretchen: they're not friends, come on! >> brian: they're probably together right now. >> steve: i think they're colleagues, but not friends. >> gretchen: fired up joe biden threw out all the punches during the debate was his performance strong enough to win over the all important undecided voters? >> steve: our buddy, frank luntz, sat down with a group of 27 independent voters in the state of ohio. frank? >> i'm here in the most important state in america, ohio, cincinnati. we've got 27 people who are trying to make up their minds who to vote for and they just watched the vice presidential debate. what did you think of joe biden? >> energized. >> disrespectful and arrogant. >> well informed.
4:25 am
>> commanding and passionate. >> in control. >> confident. >> articulate. >> agitated and offensive. >> straight shooter. >> were you surprised at the way that he presented himself? was this what you were expecting? you say yes. >> yes. i thought he had huge command of his audience. i thought he was well-spoken. i thought he spoke directly to the camera, which was really effective. >> john? >> yeah. i've always thought of him as a stand up guy, but he had a certain command and articulateness that i haven't seen before. he really did what i think the president wasn't able to do. >> dan? >> to me, he kept interrupting a lot more. he wouldn't let the congressman finish his thought like he was trying to throw him off track or defuse the situation. >> this group did have a positive reaction to joe biden. i want to show you one of the dial clips where the vice president did particularly well.
4:26 am
notice that both the republican and democratic lines score quite high. let's take a look. >> there is not enough -- the reason why the aei study, american intersurprises two study, tax policy center study, the reason they all say it's going to -- taxes are going to go up on the middle class, the only way you can find $5 trillion in loopholes is cut the mortgage deduction for middle class people, cut the health care deduction, middle class people. take away their ability to get a tax break to send their kids to college. that's why -- >> great clip. explain to me why was vice president biden able to do what barak obama wasn't a week ago? >> i feel that he was able to show strength that somebody in the white house should be able to demonstrate when they are in a debate situation, when they're standing up against world leaders. they need to have strength and a backbone. >> one more. >> i think that first of all, he has the personality that emotes and does make people feel like
4:27 am
they're with him and i feel like he used facts and backed them up with sources instead of just saying six groups. so that was impresssive. >> clearly was a very good night for the vice president and i think, would you agree, he exceeded your expectations? >> yes. >> which is going to make the next debate between the president and the former governor of massachusetts even more interesting. back to you. >> steve: all right. frank, thanks very much. no doubt about it, joe biden did a lot of damage control after the president's poor performance last week. he said a lot of the stuff that liberals and progressives really wanted to hear. the big question is, what about people in the middle, the persuadable people, the independents? because his demeanor was so crazy at times, you got to wonder whether or not they got turned off. >> gretchen: we just saw in that that some of them did and some didn't. some still sestons over style. that -- saw substance over style. did the substance rule over the style, which many people found
4:28 am
to be offensive and rude. >> brian: i'm curious after the interviewing. doing them for five months and if they're going to let him speak after this. we'll see. we want to find out what you say. if you didn't vote in the last two election, you could be in for a big surprise at the polls. we'll explain. >> steve: yep. then the white house says politics has nothing to do with giving millions of dollars to green energy companies. stuart varney has evidence that will have you seeing red. stuart, you're coming up [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods
4:29 am
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>> lot rougher than the presidential debate. they were going at each other like ronnie and sammy after a third round of kamikaze. i was clipping between "jersey shore." it seemed to me like joe biden spent about 80% of the debate trying not to curse. he actually said the word malarky at one point. >> steve: more than once. three times. >> gretchen: he said stuff. then he went to malarky. >> brian: last night joe biden tried to take attention off the administration's slow response to the attack in libya by saying this. >> why were people talking about protests when people in the
4:33 am
consulate first saw armed men attacking with guns? they were no protesters. why did that go on? >> what we were told by the intelligence community. the intelligence community told us that as they learned more facts about exactly what happened, they changed their assessment. in times of crisis we pull together as a nation. as i said, even before we knew what happened to the ambassador, the governor was holding a press conference, holding a press conference. that's not presidential leadership. >> gretchen: earlier the obama camp blamed the romney-ryan ticket for making libya a political issue. a senior advisor to the mitt romney campaign and he is our guest this morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so who is telling the truth? the state department personnel testified on capitol hill under oath wednesday, saying that they did, in fact, have that information from intelligence sources and that they were asked for security and they didn't
4:34 am
give it. joe biden seemed to have a different story last night. >> completely contradicting what was the sworn testimony of state department employees and security personnel who said that they had requested more security in benghazi and that it was turned down. then last night joe biden said that they weren't aware of any requests for security and nobody asked for it. now, somebody is wrong. either the state department officials in sworn testimony before congress or joe biden in front of the american people in a vice presidential debate. i think that's one of the stories today that people are going to want to figure out, who was telling the truth here. was it the state department officials in the hearing or joe biden on the debate stage last night? we'll see. if he's continuing to mislead the american people as this white house has done and the administration has done, that's a real problem. >> brian: do you think that paul ryan lost some ground on foreign
4:35 am
policy, 50 years difference between them, a lot of people think he came up short. do you? >> not at all. in fact, i thought that in making the case for strong leadership and not receding in the world as we've seen under the obama administration's leading from behind approach, paul ryan made a great case when it came to iran, when it came to dealing with syria, when it came to our ally, our strongest ally in the region, israel, talking about libya. i thought that across the board on matters of foreign affairs it was very impresssive, paul ryan, the way he matched and in fact bested vice president biden. if you look some of the flash results in terms of who people thought was stronger in the debate, most americans thought that it was paul ryan. >> steve: in the category of -- here is something where joe
4:36 am
biden blew away paul ryan of the that was in interruptions and smirks and inappropriate laughs. i know that paul ryan said going in he expected that the vice president would come at him like a cannon ball. well, he did. and some on the right are saying, you know what? paul ryan should have probable will he given it back a little more. why didn't he? >> i thought paul ryan was very strong in making the case for the path that the ryan-romney -- romney-ryan ticket would take the country in terms of stronger middle class and look, i'm not sure anyone told vice president biden that there is a split screen shot here sometimes when you're in this debate and i thought that these are very serious issues and i'll let the american people judge how vice president biden did in terms of his facial expressions and his chuckles. >> gretchen: what did you think about that, ed? you've been in politics a long time. some people are saying they
4:37 am
haven't seen anything like this in 40 years. i mean, did you think it was disrespectful to paul ryan? >> you know, i thought it was really disrespectful to the american people. when you're talking about some very serious issues and people, their quality of life and their jobs and falling incomes, you know, i think that's serious. and joe biden seemed to at times find those topics amusing. i'm not sure that most americans watching felt that way. but the problem for them, gretchen, is not style. it's substance and the record. once again last night, joe biden could not defend the failed policies of the past four years and he couldn't say how they would make things any better over the next four years because their policies wouldn't. >> brian: yeah. budget was one of the strong suits of paul ryan. he talked about the difference between what we needed and what we got from the president.
4:38 am
listen. >> run the problems to fix problems. president obama has not even put a credible plan on the table in any of thinks hiss four years to deal with this debt crisis. i passed two budgets to deal with this. mitt romney put ideas on the table. the president likes to say he has a plan. he gives a speech. we asked to see the plan. they sent us a copy of his speech. we asked the congressional budget office, tell us what the plan is. they said, it's a speech. we can't estimate speeches. you see, that's what we get in this administration. speeches. we're not getting leadership. mitt romney is uniquely qualified to fix these problems. >> brian: all he needed was a simple majority in the senate. he had the majority in numbers, but not the democratic support. >> yeah. it's remarkable. what paul ryan said is true, by the way, brian. the fact is in terms of scoring the president's proposal, they never put forward anything that
4:39 am
the congressional budget office could actually analyze and crunch numbers on. they literally referred the budget committee to the press secretary and they gave them a copy of the speech. that's exactly as paul ryan said. that's failure of leadership. that's not how you get things done in washington. the executive has to lead. as we saw in the recent book by bob woodward, there has been a failure of leadership on the part of the president. that would be fixed with governor romney as president. he knows how to work across the aisle, get things done. as governor of massachusetts with an 85% democratic legislature, he was able to. >> brian: it's the ed gillespie he book include. >> gretchen: we'll see you after the presidential debate. >> brian: i will talk to you on radio. >> steve: meanwhile, the administration insists that all loan guarantees given to green energy companies like solyndra were based on the merits and not on political cronyism. >> brian: new e-mails obtained
4:40 am
by the washington times paints a different picture. stuart varney is here. last night he said the success of the green companies were better than the average investor on wall street. >> ryan had some good points to be made if joe biden would let him without interruption. but that was not going to happen. look. these e-mails from the washington times show that a contract award, awards of taxpayers' money to green energy companies are not based on merit. no. they're based on political string pulling. if you're a green energy company and you want to get your hands on some taxpayer money, how do you do it? you go through the political process. you ask for mittcal strings to be pulled in your favor. these e-mails demonstrate precisely that in the case of bright source. that is a solar energy company with a big project in california. that project was in some trouble. they wanted more government money. so out went the e-mails to the leading politicians saying we need your help. we need help. and this is in your interest to
4:41 am
give it to us. >> gretchen: let's take a look. >> i think you got one that can come on the screen. this is from bernard tune, formerly biden's chief of staff. it went to the chief executive officer of bright source and he says, calls are in to biden's staff and i will be approaching the political affairs office at the white house tomorrow as well as this project could benefit two senators who are in the cycle process. whose races will be tough next year. that would be senator bob boxer of california, majority leader senator reid. clearly emmitt at that to go pull political strings on behalf of a again energy company trying to get $1.6 billion of taxpayer money. they got it, by the way. >> steve: i think a lot of us kind of know this kind of thing is going on in washington, d.c. and has for a long time. but never this level. >> it's precise and obvious, wasn't it? we're going to make the calls, you'll get the money. here is how we'll get the taxpayers' money for you. not based on private enterprise.
4:42 am
when a private enterprise company wants to raise money, it says, this project will work. give us your money. it will work. we'll make profit. when the government goes out to use taxpayers' money for a project issues it says, this project will bring in votes. that's the key difference. >> brian: i vote for watching you at 9:20 today on varney and company. >> i liked you a lot. >> brian: i have a lot of pull. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: have a great weekend. they can't pay their bills, so you're about to pay more? the new fee coming your way thanks to the postal service. >> brian: we just showed you how independence felt about last night's debate. so did joe biden blow his chance to win them over or did he win them over? joe trippi here and angela is here. they'll disagree but be nice. no face but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] dayquil doesn't treat that. huh? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief to all your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth!
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4:46 am
starting on january 27, a stamp will cost you 46 cents. of course, the ones you have right now will still be valid when the change goes through if it's a forever stamp. and a bitter congressional race turns even bitterer on the debate stage. that was democratic representative brad sherman getting physical with his opponent, democratic representative howard berman. they're competing for an l.a. area seat in the house of representatives. the two stood nose to nose exchanging words before, believe it or not, a sheriff's deputy finally stepped in. brian? >> brian: we're getting along better and better as a nation. the biggest question remaining, after last night, what did undecided voters think of the vice president's performance and the chairman's performance? let's listen. >> what did you think of joe biden? a word or phrase.
4:47 am
>> energized. >> disrespectful and arrogant. >> to me, he kept interrupting a lot more. he wouldn't let the congressman finish his thought like he was trying to throw him off track. >> brian: wow. those voters were part of a group that sat down with frank luntz in ohio. joining us with their reaction, former manager for howard dean, john edwards campaign, joe trippi, and fox news political analyst, angela mclowen, good morning. joe, do you think the vice president resonated well? because he was conversant on so many issues with undecideds? , i think he did that, but he clearly, i think, overdid the smirking and the laughing thing in a way that i think hurt his performance. to whatever extent, i think most of the instant polls show it being actually kind of a toss-up with a leaning towards ripe or slightly towards biden depending on which poll it is.
4:48 am
but the fact of the matter is, i think he could have done much better had he dispensed with all the smirking and the facial things that he was doing during that debate. >> brian: angela, it seemed like the chairman ryan had almost like a sly smile on. did that hurt him? >> no, it didn't hurt him. i wish he would have had more time to explain himself. the moderator was not fair to him. in the beginning, she wasn't. for biden, he was the attack dog. if it was his purpose to energize the democratic base, he did do that last night, but joe, you guys should be worried that less than four weeks before the election, you're utilizing your vp of your party to energize your base. this was to get independents. it's going to be independents that's going to decide who our next president is. i don't think that biden did that last night. i believe that undecided voters are still undecided. >> angela, i don't think that's right. i don't think they're going after independents. i think they were going after
4:49 am
women. i think both campaigns were going after women last night. >> both. >> biden scored on two fronts. on the -- we don't need another land war in the middle east. i think he really pushed that over and over again and on twitter, that's what the obama campaign was pushing all last night. i think with women, that's going to score. i also think he put the 47% statement that romney made at that fund-raiser back into play. >> but, paul ryan had the greatest line of the night tealing with the fact sometimes things come out of your mouth that you really don't mean. for women voters, the women that i know, they were pretty turned off by biden not being an elder statesman. by him being condescending, rude and interrupting and i was a good spirited debate. anybody that knows me, it was a debate that was spirited, but in the wrong way. >> brian: joe, final thought? >> that's the point. i think he went on some of the issues that he put out there.
4:50 am
i do wonder he hurt himself with women with his demeanor. >> brian: i hate to come between you two, a fine analysis, but i guess i have to. i wanted to let you go. i'm not going to get paid for this segment, i didn't really do anything. angela and joe, great job. i love your analysis. >> thank you. >> brian: thanks so much. coming up, remember this woman? the undecided voter who just wanted answers from paul ryan, but ended up being used as a poster child by the obama campaign? she was not happy about that. all she wanted was specifics. so did she get them last night? she'll join us live. first, on this day in 1980, "another one bites the dust" by queen. that was the number within song in the country. it was a simpler time. ♪ another one gone, another one gone ♪ ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ hey gonna get you too ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop.
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>> gretchen: you may remember this exchange of voter in iowa asking congressman paul ryan for more specifics on his plan to create jobs. this is how the exchange went down. >> where are the answers? i mean, why aren't you more specific? i heard you, was it sunday, when you were on fox, and you didn't answer his question about how we're going to -- what are your plans? >> oh, yeah, look, when you get into math conversation, it can take a little while. let me give you some specific answers. keystone pipeline is a perfect example. tens of thousands of job, let that oil from canada come into this country instead of sending it to china. jobs in america, lower prices, stop sending money to countries that don't like us. that's just plain, number one. >> gretchen: that exchange the obama campaign turned into an attack saying congressman ryan can't attend his own campaign rallies without being called out for fail to go provide specifics
4:55 am
about what mitt romney would do. now the voter said she was taken out of context. let's ask her. she provided specifics la night. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: so did congressman ryan or vice president biden give you more specifics last night as a voter? >> well, i thought that joe biden did not give us any specifics whatsoever. if you notice, when paul ryan would try to talk to the people, first of all, biden would interrupt and then when biden was talking to us, instead of giving us specifics, if you notice, at least i did, i thought all he did was -- he just kept raising his voice louder and louder as though i think he was trying to distract us from the fact that they don't have a plan and ryan does. >> gretchen: since you were 18, you were a registered democrat. have things changed for you? >> yes, they have. actually in may, when i moved from iowa to illinois, i went to change my voter's registration and illinois, they said i did
4:56 am
not have to declare, but i had planned on declaring as a republican. >> gretchen: so what would your general take away of the debates last night? some people say the vice presidential debates don't matter. did it and when was your general take away? >> i think they do matter. i think it shows, first of all, the president picked somebody who could step into the office and they picked somebody who they thought could do the job. and ryan last night showed the american people that he understands what's going on in this world, whether it's economics, whether it's our financial problems or with what's going on in other countries, our foreign problems. biden, on the other hand, all he did was just kind of yell, interrupt, and showed us that there is only one plan, theirs, and they just do not want to seem to recognize what we the people, the united states citizens, see as problems and they don't. >> gretchen: it will be interesting to see what the continued follow-up is from last night and then we have the
4:57 am
presidential debate on tuesday. linda morrisson, illinois voter now, thanks for your time. >> thanks, gretchen inasmuch independent vote -- >> gretchen: independent voters. eric cantor says something happened last night that should turn knew a republican? he's here live to make his case. right back. and geraldo. hi ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away.
4:58 am
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>> gretchen: tgif. it is friday, october 12. i'm gretchen carlson. fiction for their part of your day. he was supposed to make up for the president's poof p.m.ance -- poor performance. on the topic of libya, did biden's blunder on benghazi do more harm than good? geraldo here to weigh in on that. >> steve: and a fired up joe biden upstaging his boss' performance about a week ago, but paul ryan still had some debate advice for him. >> what i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> steve: you probably agree.
5:01 am
was mr. biden too aggressive? was he disrespectful? did you think he was delightful? we'll report and you will decide. >> brian: let's see if i can do this without being interrupted by geraldo. then paul ryan's most threwed advisor revealed this 7-year-old son, this adorable snapshot, little sam did after the debate. everyone is talking about. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: we had no idea you were on the set. >> i thought brian queued me. >> brian: it was like the honeymooners. they would just like roll the cameras and see what happened. >> gretchen: he actually said, i hope geraldo won't interrupt me. >> oh, i see. >> gretchen: you must have heard geraldo. [ laughter ] you learn well. >> gretchen: could you be more like paul ryan and listen to the
5:02 am
headlines? >> brian: do you think there should have been a hispanic honeymooners? >> gretchen: what? >> you know what? i deplore in bough the debates not one mention of any latino issues. how is that? >> brian: that is unbelievable. that would -- >> or any urban issues. >> gretchen: interesting transition. but here we go. we should know today whether or not a body found in colorado is that of ten-year-old jessica ridgeway. police are having trouble identifying the body and here is the horrible part, because it is apparently not intact. jessica, that is, disappeared a week ago while walking to school on wednesday, a body was found in a park seven miles from where she was last seen. authorities will hold a news conference this afternoon. they plan to release more information then. one month after ambassador chris stevens was murdered, the obama administration has named a new american envoy to libya. lawrence pope is the new man in charge. he will represent our country -- >> brian: you're getting better and better. >> gretchen: my french is coming back from high school.
5:03 am
>> brian: i took german. >> gretchen: until the white house nominates a new one. he was an ambassador to chad and retired 12 years ago. tough job to take over. governor mitt romney getting spiritual boost from the reverend billy graham and his son, franklin. >> prayer is the most helpful thing you can do for me. >> gretchen: reverend graham added he would do everything to help the republican nominee. the meeting at his home in north carolina. in the past, billy graham provided counsel it every president since harry truman. before heading into last night's debate, vice president biden and congressman paul ryan did what most contenders do before a big fight. they chowed down. paul ryan maintaining his healthy diet, having a meal similar to what's on the left side of your screen, apparently salmon and rice. as for joe biden, he had grilled chicken, spaghetti and salad. sounds good. the meal, a little on the
5:04 am
lighter side for the vice president. >> brian: i hope no one had onions. they were so close to each other. >> steve: joe biden and paul ryan came out swinging in the first and ohm vice presidential debate of this election cycle. immediate polls show ryan may have gotten an upper hand. steve brown has the early morning dawn patrol duty in danville, kentucky. good morning to you, steve. >> for the record, steve, only by coffee -- fuel the by coffee. last night the only debate between the candidates, how big an impact this will have on the 2012 race? probably we're days away from knowing because we don't though exactly the size of the television viewing audience and future polling may reflect some changes based on how large that viewing audience was. mostly the two candidates stayed pretty close to their comfort zones for paul ryan, it was talk about the economy and the romney jobs creation plan. have a listen. >> five point plan, get america energy independent in new york
5:05 am
america by the end of the deck indicate. help people who are hurting get the skills they need to get the jobs they want. get this deficit and debt under control to prevent a debt crisis. make trade work for america so we can make more things in america and sell them overseas and champion small businesses. don't raise taxes on small businesses 'cause they're our job creators. >> and as paul ryan did, vice president joe biden kept pretty close to the campaign talking points, discussing how it is that he believes that his campaign, their campaign, are defenders of the middle class. have a listen. >> the president and i are not going to rest until that playing field is leveled, they, in fact, have a clear shot, and they had peace of mind. until they can turn to their kid and say with a degree of confidence, honey, it's gonna be okay. it's gonna be okay. that's what this is all about. >> traditionally, vice presidential debates don't move the needle very much.
5:06 am
they generally don't make polls go one direction or another. as we found out again and again during this presidential year, most rules of thumb do not apply. steve, gretchen, brian, back to you in new york. >> steve: that is so true. thank you very much for getting up with us today. >> gretchen: now it's finally time to bring in geraldo who has been patiently sitting. >> good morning. >> gretchen: what did you think of the interruptus fest? >> you know, steve brown just said that generally speaking, vice presidential debates don't move the needle very much. i only disagree to this extent. i think what joe biden did last night was stop the needle from plummeting any further on the democratic side because it was in free fall following the president's woeful performance last week. >> steve: you know what? he seemed to have gone from joe biden gaffe machine to joe biden laugh machine. when paul ryan was talk being very serious things like libya and poor people being murdered over there, the vice president of the us husband a great big goofy grin on his face and it was so unsettling and people at home are going, wait a minute. he's our current vice president?
5:07 am
>> you know, i used the baseball game that was on, the yankee-orioles game was on of the first of all, i thought that in terms of analogizing it to the baseball players, i thought joe biden was to raul ibanez as the president was to a roted. the yankees superstar couldn't hit the beach ball, so they took a rod out of the game, the superstar out of the game, the president. and paul in the veteran, been around forever. hit two homers and the yankees won game 3. i think joe biden performed a valuable function for the democrats. he hit the pinch hit and kept them in the game. he was so rude. he was so toothy. he was so -- >> steve: toothy? >> he was rolling his eyes. but on the other hand, it's joe biden and i think that where other people might be held to task for that, he's like the old shoes you just can't throw out. >> gretchen: i disagree with you totally on that. i think female voters felt that
5:08 am
reaction before. i don't think this is going to go well -- maybe with men, too, but if you were paul ryan sitting there, you just felt sorry for him after a while. like he wanted to reach over and deck him to say hey, can i talk for one second? >> you mentioned female voters. i thought the most interesting thing was the abortion discussion and i believe that that is where the democrats have suffered the most severe erosion since last week. >> brian: they're dead even now. >> dead even now. where the president was up by double digits. i think that bringing up abortion and abortion rights and the way joe biden did, he made a stark contrast. if you are for choice, then go for the democrat. if you are for life, then you go for the republican. i think that he laid it out very clearly and i think that because of that, in my opinion, that's the only incremental gain the democrats get among female voters because of that issue. >> brian: this expertise i can't wait to hear to get your take on. yesterday something significant happened can affect tuesday and today. that is the vice president said
5:09 am
the white house was not told that the protest wasn't a protest. it was a terrorist attack and the white house did not know that they wanted more security in benghazi and tripoli. your reaction where this goes and his statements. >> i think paul ryan did a magnificent job last night. he held his own against the person far more experienced. the vice president, member of the senate foreign relations committee and all the rest of it, he held his on. but on benghazigate, i thought paul ryan allowed joe biden to sleaze out. >> steve: you want to see? >> i would love to. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security again. by the way, at the time we were told exactly -- we said exactly what the intelligence community told us, that they knew. that was the assessment. and as the intelligence community changed their view, we made it clear they changed their view. >> steve: we just heard in the house testimony this past week that there were people on the
5:10 am
ground who said send us more help! >> that was paul ryan's job to -- he landed the first punch. now he has the vice president on the ropes on benghazigate. now it's incumbent on the congressman to go, but you knew. you must have known. how could you not know? you gave us one story, where was susan rice? she's telling this -- that's where paul ryan could have, i think, really trumped the vice president, but he let him off the ropes. >> gretchen: once they got past that, they didn't go back. >> they never got back to it. i think that was the one substantive area where i thought the congressman dropped the ball. >> brian: by the time your show comes on, the c.i.a. will find a way to get their story out and the state department got thrown under the bus will find a way to get their story out. we already saw it. by tuesday, the president will have a whole new bunch of things to defend because the c.i.a. doesn't like being thrown under the bus and they shouldn't have been because we know lieutenant colonel there said he could even identify the militia who
5:11 am
perpetrated the attack n it will take longer than tuesday before the truth seeps out. remember in watergate, the election happened well after the crime, but it was months later before they finally found that it was a cancer on the presidency. i think likewise with benghazigate -- the election will be in the rear view mirror. >> brian: she's all over this. a few other reporters, this is getting personal at this point. >> it is personal, but it is still sufficiently complex and layered that it will take some time to discern the truth. in other words, you'll be able to snowball it or stone wall it rather, you can stonewall the investigation, slow it down. the election will happen and then gradually will come next january, february, march -- >> gretchen: i don't know about that because the third presidential debate, not this one coming tuesday, but the following monday is on foreign policy. >> gretchen, i just have to say on foreign policy, i thought that was biden's strongest suit. >> gretchen: no, i'm talking about the president now. how the president will have to respond to the benghazi
5:12 am
situation. which up until now has not been asked a lot of questions. >> brian: he went to las vegas! >> let me click off where the democrats scored last night. on iran, it shows the policy really not that different between the democrat or the republican. >> brian: i could stop you there. netanyahu said the sanctions are not slowing down their nuclear program one iota. he did not said that. >> joe biden said my buddy, bb, i've known 100 years. totally defused -- iran is the same, israel is the same. syria is the same. afghanistan, paul ryan confirmed it was going to be a 2014 withdrawal. i have think when you look at foreign policy, you don't find a big difference between one side or the other. >> brian: there was a bigger challenge. >> i think paul ryan, really he had him on benghazigate. benghazi is the big story. we broke it here. he should have kept slapping him on it. he should not have allowed him to leave it behind. >> steve: when it does come up,
5:13 am
the debate on foreign affairs, the question was referring to the president does have a slight edge as we look at a poll. the president leads by about five points. now, exit question -- we've got a minute and four seconds. >> gretchen: we have 30 seconds. >> steve: does the meter move? does the needle move? >> as i said, i think the needle stops falling. now it's incumbent. now as it should be, it's on the shoulders of romney and obama. now it's the top of the ticket. now they're going in there and the president is not going as someone who is reeling and collapsing. he's going in with someone who may be slightly behind, but steadied his partner steadied the precipitous drop. ibanez hit the pitch. >> brian: i don't like the sports analogy. i don't get them. i don't understand them. >> steve: thank you very much. >> gretchen: have a good show this weekend. >> thank you.
5:14 am
10:00 o'clock eastern. >> gretchen: vice president biden said last night america would be much better if republicans would, quote, just get out of the way. so does the president's campaign really support bipartisanship then? house majority leader eric cantor will be here to weigh in next. >> steve: how did undecided voters feel about joe biden? frank luntz has the answer. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
5:15 am
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5:17 am
prescribed by rheumatologists. >> brian: vice president hopeful paul ryan stepped up to the plate last night against veteran debater and vice president, joe biden. >> look at all the string of broken promises. if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. try telling that to the 20 million people who are projected to lose their health insurance if obamacare goes through. remember when he said, i promise by the end of my first term i'll cut the deficit in half in four years. we've had four budgets, $4 trillion deficits. a debt crisis is coming. we can't keep spending and borrowing like this. we can't keep spending money we
5:18 am
don't have. leaders fix problems. >> brian: did his colleague think he helped the ticket? let's go out to -- on the road to eric cantor, good friend of paul ryan, leader cantor,u thint night? >> i think he knocked it out of the park. there is no comparison. if you're someone still tune not guilty undecided on this election, what you saw was a class act in paul ryan. and you saw somebody who certainly is up for the job versus a joe biden who was joe biden. i mean, he was up in paul's face, he was animated and i think it turns a lot of people off. and i think ultimately what voters are going to be look for is how are you going to make my life work again? and paul was very definite in terms of setting out what mitt romney's plan is to bring this economy back and get people back to work. and all joe biden could do was sort of defend a record that is
5:19 am
really indefensible on the economy. >> brian: i understand the president tuesday and the vice president certainly last night says we're on the right track. we have good job numbers, things are going in the right direction and they were so bad before i got here. your reaction? >> i just think that falls on deaf ears. how can you say that? we've got an employment number, the number of people who are at work is the lowest level in 30 years. you've got the poverty rate as well as the rate of folks on food stamps at the highest ever. how could you say that we're going to defend where we're going right now? >> brian: the stimulus program, do you think he scored on the chairman when he said hey, you sent me two letters asking for stuff for wisconsin. how bad could the stimulus have been? you think he scored there? >> you know, i can i'd tie with paul -- i'd faye with paul on the issue. we all get requests from constituents who see available federal grants and want to us advocate on behalf of their cause. i think paul dispensed with the question in the appropriate
5:20 am
manner. he said look, i'm elected by my constituents. it's not that i approve of the stimulus programs. i'm endorsing their project. not the stimulus money. i think he handled that well. >> brian: now, real quick, what do you expect on tuesday judging by what we could take away today and also what came up about benghazi and libya last night? >> i certainly hope there is more discussion about that because joe biden was quick to roll the c.i.a. under the bus. you know, i think this is also reflective of the relationship that the white house has had with the c.i.a. and it left the american people with more unanswered questions. i mean, the question is: why did we ignore, why did the white house ignore the request for more security? how did all this happen in the first place? what is going on? are we able to operate and secure our embassy? >> brian: probably get some answers this weekend. eric cantor, thanks so much. >> thank you, brian.
5:21 am
>> brian: coming up straight ahead, the real winner of the debate last night, joe biden's dentist. his demeanor was the real story. and the european union financial scuffle. they were just awarded the nobel peace prize. how does that work we have big dreams. one is for a clean, domestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now.
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5:25 am
raising checking account fees, now they're hiding them. according to a new study by the pugh research group, 12 major banks, including bank of america, chase, and wells fargo, do not do a good job of disclosing their fees. now you know. gretch? >> gretchen: as most of you know, for the last four weeks, we've teamed up to bring awe fresh look into the lives of extraordinary people inside the hispanic and latino community. alicia acunia is your last feature. i guarantee you, people will know who we're talk being. >> absolutely. i could not have been more excited. forgive my voice, a little cold here. it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with the feisty quirky, bundle of joy that is rita moreno. as an actor, she's done it all. i sat down with her at her home in berkeley, california, to talk
5:26 am
about her remarkable career, how she broke through and why she still is performing today. >> the best way to get over a man is to find another man. why don't you let me fix you up? >> you don't know my type. >> sweetheart, too we really have the luxury of having a type? [ laughter ] >> you literally have been on stage on film for 75 years. what keeps drawing you back? >> i was born to this. you know, i really blame my dna. i don't think there is any other way to explain it. from the time i was a little girl in puerto rico, i used to dance for grandpa. it's just in me. >> this is where all the action is, huh? >> i love the attention and any performer who tells you otherwise is lying. would it kill you to just once come over here with happy news? >> born rosa dor lories, she
5:27 am
spent the first five years in her native puerto rico. but when her parents divorced, her mother brought her to new york for a chance at a better life. but they learned early on it wouldn't be easy. >> when i started to go to school, which was kindergarten, i didn't know a word of english. but i'll tell you one thing, it's one way to learn really fast is i got called mean names. i didn't know what they meant, but i sure saw what they meant. it was very tough. and it really colored my life for many -- too many years. i really grew up thinking that i didn't have much value. i mean, i know better now, but -- i'm 80. [ laughter ] you know what i'm saying? >> yeah. on stage, little rosita flourished immediately. first with her dancing and then her voice. but when she caught the eye of mgm, there was a problem. >> the man who was in casting, in charge of casting at mgm, very powerful guy, called me to
5:28 am
his office and said, we have to change your name. it's too italian. marino is an italian name. so we went through a bunch of names. it was hilarious. one was orchid montenegro. i was like i don't think so. i said, what about rita. i thought, she's my icon. okay. >> rita moreno was born and her new name only took her so far. you're dealing with these stereo typical roles over and over. how tough was it? >> it was bad. it was really bad. i remember one of my most famous lines, not for anybody else in the world was, why you no love conchita no more? and when the white man told me, i threw myself off a cliff.
5:29 am
i mean, you know, you think you can fool conchita? ha, ha, ha. i can laugh at it now, but i have to tell you that it was demeaning and it made me feel really bad about myself and what eventually sent me into psycho therapy. >> she spent five years in therapy repairing herself, something she talks about in her new book "rita moreno, a memoir which comes out in the spring. >> i cried so much when i wrote it because it opened up -- it opened up so many things that i had literally thought that i had put away and i mean, i would be typing away, really, and sobbing. and then having to wipe my eyes so i could see the keys. >> shear perseverance and tons of talent propelled her to roles that not her noticed, but nothing put her on the map like "west side story" which made her a star on the world stage. >> that moment before they called your name, do you
5:30 am
remember? >> i remember clearly! i remember that i thought everyone else in the movie is getting the oscar except me so far. and i was putting on my -- well, isn't that wonderful, face, and my name was called out. and i said, don't run. it's not dignified. don't run to the stage. and i didn't. >> more awards would follow, including a tony for "the ritz" a grammy for singing on an album for the electric company and emmy for speech appearances on the muppet show and the rockford files. but it was the power of her personality that eventually changed hollywood. >> now here you are and you're playing a jewish grandmother. >> isn't that great? i love it! frankly, i want to you meet our daughter, fran. >> hey. >> get out. [ laughter ] >> when others look back at your story, what do you want them to take away from it? >> that i believe if you get
5:31 am
knocked out, you really can get up. i'm an actress who can do, in my opinion, anything that i want to do. i'm at the top of my game as far as i'm concerned. i'm in the prime of my life and i'm 80. i'm going to be 81 in december and i am the happiest puerto rican you've ever met. >> with all the wonderful things she's done on stage and in the movies, she says her most important role is that of care giver. she's a national spokesperson for the american heart association and specifically talks to groups with type 2 diabetes on how to reduce their risks for cardiovascular disease. to see more stories celebrating hispanic heritage month g to fox news one thing i have to say is i really appreciated her honesty. you could really see it. >> gretchen: so inspirational and all of the stories you've done have been fantastic. thanks for the time and effort. >> thanks. >> gretchen: thanks but no
5:32 am
thanks. joe biden's closing statement leaving a lot of people shaking hair heads. up next, what they thought about congressman paul ryan's performance. frank luntz with his dials. he's going to put it all into focus for us. right back [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. marie callender's gives you a way to make any day a special occasion. new mini cream pies for one. real whip cream and a cookie-crumb crust. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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[ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪ >> let me say at the outset that i want to thank you, martha, for doing this, and center college. >> i want to thank you as well,
5:36 am
martha, danville, kentucky, center college and i want to thank you, joe. it's been an honor to engage in this critical debate. >> brian: the vice president never thanked paul ryan. >> steve: it was a classy thing for him to do, his friend. last hour a group of independent voters in ohio gave us their reaction to joe biden's performance in last night's debate. there was a lot of interrupting. now frank luntz is back with those same voters to see how they liked congressman paul ryan. frank? >> the vice presidential candidates went at each other and right here in cincinnati, ohio, we've got 27 undecided voters. let's hear what they had to say about paul ryan. >> robotic and coached. >> i felt he was a little too timid and lacking in some of the details. >> i thought he was confident and respectful. >> a little shaky. >> misleading. >> out of touch. >> diplomatic and prepared.
5:37 am
>> it's interesting because earlier we heard that there was -- there was a universal opinion about joe biden. but you're very divided on paul ryan. mike, how come? why did you not have that same kind of positive reaction to paul ryan? >> paul ryan appeared very confused to me. with biden, it seemed like a seasoned pro in and ryan seemed like a rook weigh to me tonight. he seem to get rattled early and never got back to it. >> there is one powerful clip where the congressman did particularly well and talked about not apologizing for american values. let's take a look at that because it scored very high. >> what we should not be apologizing for are standing up for our values. what we should not be doing is saying to the egyptian people, mubarak is crack down on them, that he's a good guy and then the next week say he ought to go. what we should not be too long is rejecting claims for calls for more security in our barracks, in our marines, we
5:38 am
need marines in benghazi, when the commander on the ground says we need more forces for security. there were requests for extra security. those requests were not honored. >> i saw you nodding in approval over that aspect of ryan's performance. why so positive? >> i really thought they both -- they have high values. i really respect their points on that. i also respect the fact that they don't necessarily agree on things. i thought they did a good job. >> your reaction to congressman ryan? >> seemed to be organized with the facts, knew what the ticket was representing and was ready to go forward with it. >> how many of you are going to watch the next presidential debate? everybody. your opinions matter more than anybody else because where ohio goes, america goes. fascinating to hear what they had to say. i can assure you that they will be tuned in next week. back to you. >> steve: all right. thanks very much. you know who else was a big winner last night? steve penally, our friend who did the paintings.
5:39 am
>> brian: fantastic. meanwhile, 22 minutes before the top of the hour. let's find out really what you've been saying about last night because after all t just ended a short time ago and now we're talking about it. tina uses a proverb. >> gretchen: she said proverbs 29-9 says it all, if a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs and there is no quiet. >> steve: i wond who are shows talking about. >> gretchen: i wonder who she was talking about. >> brian: that could be anybody. >> steve: alan sent this, based on the debates thus far, i think it's fair to say we have a choice between four more years of the children running things or do we turn it over to the adults? grand island, nebraska. >> gretchen: judy says ryan let biden win with his lies. he needed to go back into his face and interrupt him and done a better job. >> brian: one time martha raddatz, he had a point to make, she said we're moving on, he said okay. if it was the last debate -- >> gretchen: i got to tell you that, is a midwestern thing, okay? midwestern people, there is such
5:40 am
a thing called minnesota nice. i'm sorry, that's the way you're brought up. you're told by your parents it's not proper to interrupt people! i don't know. i think that played into part of it and maybe some of his inexperience and not being in a debate all the time, like joe biden has in the past. anyway. maybe he'd do it all over again. maybe not. >> brian: keep on e-mailing us and keep on tweeting us. >> gretchen: let's do some headlines. fox news alert, one month after chicago's first teacher strike in 25 years, out the door. ce oxygen claude broussard. mayor rahm emanuel mutually agreeing to close the book on his time at the hem am. he faced questions about his management style during his tenure. and he was pretty much out of sight during the recent strike. emmanuel expected to introduce the chief education officer as a replacement in less than three hours. >> brian: judge will decide whether or not that man arrested for carrying a suitcase full of weapons at l.a.x. can go free.
5:41 am
that guy. he is set to appear in court. they found inside the 28-year-old's checked luggage smoke grenade, knives, body bags, handcuff examines more. he's wearing a bullet proof vest and flame retardant pants. federal authorities say he's not cooperating. he's on his way home to boston from japan. sounds like a good guy. >> steve: a heart warming father and son moment captured just before last night's vice presidential debate. paul ryan tweeted this picture of himself. i think that's an instagram with his youngest son, sam, still in his pajamas. he wrote this, great pep talk from one of my most trusted advisors. fast forward a few hours, sam was having so much fun on the debate stage, he didn't want to leave. watch this. sam is in joe biden's chair and he gives his dad a high five. and as you can see right there, it was kind of hard for the dad to get sam out of joe's chair. >> gretchen: he's like psyched, i'm way past my bedtime.
5:42 am
i got to live this thing up for a little while. >> brian: someone is not going to school today. >> gretchen: probably not. it was hands up last night for joe biden, but from this photo, you can see peter johnson, jr. says those hands were just caught in the cookie jar. he's going to explain i have a cold... i took dayquil, but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] dayquil doesn't treat that. huh? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief to all your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth!
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>> steve: joe biden using some scare tactics last night to sell obamacare. but will it work? here to weigh in once again, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. i talked about this yesterday and kind of came true. i said that the vice president was going to be engaging in scare tactics and he did it on medicare, did it on social security and frankly, paul ryan came back hard on it and said he
5:46 am
caught his hand in the cookie jar. vice president biden claimed that they saved $716 billion. >> steve: saved it! >> and then put it back. so we heard betsy mccoy former lieutenant governor of new york state this morning say there was no savings to achieve the $716 billion reduction in medicare. it was taken. it was put into fund obamacare, almost half of obamacare. but there was an ethos last night that i found disturbing. this is the vice president of the united states. he obviously has no impulse control. i don't know what was going on with him. forget about politics. to interrupt 70 or 80 times in a solemn event where people want to hear answers, it really reminded me of going to the movies and watching austin powers. you tell me if you think i'm right. let's take a look at this. [ laughter ]
5:47 am
[ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> that's dr. evil and that's vice president biden. there is nothing evil about vice president biden. he's an honorable man. but these outbursts, crazy strange looks and the bouts of laughing when mr. ryan is talking about certain issues, including the death of four americans in libya, i found it to be very unsettling and very offputting. >> steve: you're an expert at debating, you were a debater in high school, but also -- >> i was a panel on the death bait. >> steve: in law school and beyond. is that a tactic perhaps what joe biden did? because the first five, ten minutes were really tough on libya and what does he do? vice president has a kind of joker grin the whole time. >> it's an outdated, outmoded tactic. it's a tactic of ward bosses and old political bosses in chicago
5:48 am
in boston and new york and maybe wilmington, delaware. that's not the standard that we're look for. it's not what independent voters are look for. they're looking for someone that can forge consensus. how do you forge consensus when you're laughing at the other guy? >> steve: that's a good point. you keep calling them my friend. your premise yesterday was about how he was going to use scare tactics. you alluded to it a moment ago. we got a sound bite. here is joe biden. >> folks, follow your instincts on this one. folks, use your common sense. who do you trust on this? a man who introduced a bill that would raise it 40, $6,400 a year, knowing it and passing it and romney saying he signed it or me and the president? >> steve: joe biden also used scare tactics with regard to abortion. he said the next guy in here gets to appoint two new justices to the supreme court. >> paul ryan made it clear, he made it clear that what the obamacare plan does is actually
5:49 am
reduce medicare advantage for about 7 million americans, costing them $3,200 more. so the facts don't match up to the scare tactics and ryan was strong and stable and consistent and calm. he kind of played george bailey to mr. biden's henry potter. kind of sitting this at the bank and loan look at this scornful man that was laughing at him for whatever reason, i don't know. i don't think it added much to the debate. >> steve: exit question, joe biden still did better than his boss last week. >> he did. he embarrassed his boss in that way, but i don't even know if he did better. it wasn't presidential. >> steve: all right. you could be right about that. peter johnson, jr., have a good weekend. meanwhile, next up, her son was killed in the terrorist attack in libya and she says the president is not telling her or the american people the truth. she wants answers and judge jeanine is here with her story. shea talked to her yesterday. first, let's check in with bill hem who are is up late last night. >> how are you doing?
5:50 am
>> steve: good. >> top of the morning to you. we have a terrific line - up this morning. mike huckabee, karl rove, their first reaction on last night's debate. they'll share that. chris wallace had strong reaction to joe biden. we'll talk to him about that. there were major differences on iran and also what did you think of the explanation on libya? both campaigns defend their man fair and balanced. there is so much to discuss. we'll see you in ten minutes one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> steve: it has been more than a month since the terrorist attack in libya at our consulate where four americans were murdered. instead of getting answers, the victims' families are getting grief from a white house that wants to apparently win reelection. >> gretchen: one of the men murdered in cold blood is sean smith. he worked for the state department. and sean's mother says the administration is not telling
5:54 am
her the truth. judge jeanine pirro spoke with his mother, pat smith, and she's our guest this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: what did she tell you? >> i spoke with her yesterday. sean smith's mother, pat, is bitterly disappointed in the administration. she is convinced she's not getting all the facts. she remembers when her son's body was brought back to the united states, she said, you know, i looked in the eyes of the president and hillary clinton and at the time, i believed them. but now i don't believe them. i can't get answers. i want to know how my only son died. she said to me, i can't get a straight answer from these people. it's very, sad. >> brian: the statement is unbleachable that she said. she said, i cried on obama's shoulder and then he kind of looked off in the distance. so that was worthless to me. i told obama personally, i said, look, i had him for his first 17 years. then he went into the service and then you got him. and i won't say it that way. i said it, but i said it.
5:55 am
you screwed up. you didn't do a good job. i lost my son. >> she continues to say that, brian. she says look, my son came back and i wanted to see his body and they said oh, it's too late. you know. and so she never got a chance to see him. this is a straight shooting woman. i mean, she is a straight talker. she wants no bs. she said to me, this is not about politics. this is about my only son, that i raised alone, that i can't get answers about. we've got an exclusive with her tomorrow night. >> steve: so after she was on another cable channel, she made those comments, and then out of nowhere, some ambassador called her yesterday. >> she said to me yesterday when i call her, she said, i can't believe it. all of a sudden the white house starts calling me because i was on a tv show. she said, i never really understood what they meant when they said the power of the media. she said now that he's calling me and all of a sudden, he said, i'll get back to you in an hour or two. i have to go. she said he's never called me back. >> steve: blew her off. >> they blew her off.
5:56 am
she said, i'm not stupid! i just want to know how my son died. they knew about this in real time and they knew what was going on and now they're trying to give me a load of crap? she is a straight shooter. >> brian: they tried to stop the bleeding at the state department and said they never told the white house. >> she said to me, who were these people who say that they never asked for more security? i talked to my son! >> steve: we'll be watching the interview this weekend on your show. >> right. >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends," going to wrap everything up for the entire week when we return you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition.
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mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. ( bell rings ) they remwish i saw mine of my granmore often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family.
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