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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 20, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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washington. today both candidates are engrossed getting ready for monday's final matchup which zeros in on foreign policy. can this be the game-changer? carl cameron joins us live from boca raton, florida with more. >> hi, it does make for a tremendous buildup and what is sure to to be a dead even cresco over two weeks from now. both candidates down this weekend, the president's at camp david, mr. romney at boca raton where the debate will be monday night. it sets the trajectory for the final stages. not that the last two debates moved the needle much, though mitt romney got momentum in the first one. we still see that in the polls. having said that there's been slip age in the midwest and
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rockies. mr. obama will go to the states and shore up. last night in daytona beach, mitt romney and paul ryan held a joint rally. it happens to come in the middle of the biketoberfest bike week, twice a year in florida. half a million bikers and mr. ryan gave a nod to harley fans, trying to put together what will be his choosing argument for the two weeks remaining after the monday debate. watch. >> i just came in town and saw a lot of milwaukee main harleys running around town. we know thousand build things in america. >> the obama campaign has become the incredible shrinking campaign. this is -- this is a big country with big opportunities and great challenges and they keep talking
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about smaller and smaller things. we have big ideas. bold ideas, a strong agenda. we're going to get america working again. >> that's mitt romney's indirect reference for the president hounding him about big bird and binders with women in them, reference to portfolio of resumes. international chaos with the likes of libya and egypt and muslim brotherhood an whether the u.s. is an ally, something mr. obama raised questions about, that the president is instead looking for short term day of news cycled jabbed. two days left for closing arguments for romney. you have governor sununu coming up next, my pal from the granite state. i'm interested to know how he can explain who are how mr. romney's going to do in the granite state having campaigned there more than any other
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presidential candidate in new england presidential candidate history. howard dean from maine. romney has been a taxpayer in new hampshire nearly a decade so i'm interested in hearing him explain why it's a tie in the polls. >> we're going to ask him. three days until the debate, the question is what does governor romney have to do to breakaway? joining us, former new hampshire governor sununu john sununu. >> tell carl, romney will win by two or three points. >> he wants to know why romney is in a tight race in your home state. >> look, because the democrats are pumping money in here. the president's been up here a few times, biden's been here. it's always a tight race in new hampshire in the presidential campaign. obama won last time. romo will win this time by two or three points. >> let's move to the issues of libya.
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documents show embassador stevens sent repeated cable to washington about security fears, even on september 1-11, the day he and three others were killed. why did the white house wait so long? what impact will the new documents have in the final debate? >> they're going to impact the final result. certainly it will be part of the final debate. look, now -- the president wants to play semantics on this, whether you put a word here or word there. fundamentally the mistake this administration made was trying to pretend and tell the world that terrorism was quelled in north africa and across the dangerous spots of the world. it's rampant and reared its ugly head and the administration is trying to hide that. when poor embassador stevens sent cables saying it's real, it's here, they shoved him under
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the table. shame on the president and shame on the state department. >> can we expect mitt romney to be aggressive about the benghazi it attack and ask about the video? >> i don't know what he's going to ask him but i will say he was kind of shocked when the president lied about having referred to the attack at a real terrorist attack in the rose garden speech. that's what threw governor romney off. he couldn't believe the president was so ballet dishonor. >> honest. nor north arch african foreign policy is disastrous. the two principle responsibilities the president has, foreign policy and national security on one hand and on the other hand, jobs and economic viability.
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the president is an abject fairly. the president wants to talk about binders and big bird. look, you've got a man of stature like mitt romney running against a small incumbent. i think the voters will decide november on that. >> you're a senior advisory for the campaign and you say the white house lied about libya. does that speak for mr. romney? >> i've been an observer, i've been in the white house. i see how the white house operates. this white house -- when the president went to the u.n. and said video six times. it was clear to everybody it had nothing to do with the video. it is either blatant dishonesty or incompetence. >> focusing on the campaign, learned the negative ads against mitt romney were pulled bit obama campaign.
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i couldn't do you think this happened? >> it turned out to be a dumb move. this he spent $250 million attacking mitt romney and the minute the u.s. saw the real mitt romney in the first debate, it wiped out the expenditures and the public doesn't believe what the white house is saying about mitt romney anymore. the president's going to have to at some point defend his own policies and they're trying to run ads now that sound as if there's no unemployment in america. there's 23 million americans suffering. they're trying to run ads as if the president calmed the world down and we have terrorism rampant. so he's grasp ping at straws. the mitt romney campaign's focusing on the economy and foreign policy. that's what a president's responsibility is all about. that's what mitt romney can deal with. it's what the president is running away from. >> we're into the homestretch. are you expecting fireworks on monday? >> say that again. >> are you expecting big fireworks on monday then?
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>> i think it's going to to be a interesting debate. i think the president found out he better go home and do some homework. i'm sure he's going to come back armed to be aggressive but the difference is -- i think it showed in both of debates. mitt romney has compete command of the facts, the reality and he can demonstrate clearly in a debate that he can handle the presidency and deal with the economic problems and the international problems. >> governor, always a pleasure to have you on the show. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> it's your turn to chime in. have the debates been make or break for you? how have the performances influenced your decision and vote? tweet to a.anhqdc. i plan to read your responses later in the hour.
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this fox news alert. lawmakers from both sides are pushing president obama about what happened in ben benghazi. one lawmaker demanding answers is chair of the armed services committee. he sent these letters to senior military commanders asking yes or no questions about what happened in benghazi. congressman mckeen sent the letters with a 24-hour deadline to respond but he's told they will not make the deadline. welcome, congressman. thank you for being here. we know warnings about security threats were can contained in embassador stevens's words in cable to washington. this against the assassination attachment on the british embassador. why are your efforts to get
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answers being stonewalled? >> we don't know. thursday, as you said, i sent yes or no wes to -- yes or no questions to senior commanders asking yes or no questions regarding advice or warnings the commanders gave to the state department prior to the attack in benghazi. i wanted to know, had they or anyone in their command warned the state department of any problems they had in libya or have offered any help. i gave them 24 hours to respond. on friday, we received a call from the senior officials in the department of defense saying that they would not respond in a timely manner and they did not say when they would be able to answer our question. at the same time, they went on to say they would not be spoon responsive to a previous request we had asked about special
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operations activities surrounding the incident, that they would not give us an answer to those -- to that request. five weeks, it seems like those commanders already know the answers to the question that i asked. it seems to me the american people deserve to know if the white house and state department were using all of the information available prior to 9/11. i'm troubled by the way this incident is unfolding because for all the president's talk about wanting to get information to the american people, they're not being spoon sieve and i don't have it happening. >> the house committee chairman sent a list of questions and for that you received no response. do you believe the president has been lying to the american people? >> we asked over three weeks. >> do you believe he's lying to the american people, concerns
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about al-qaeda have been diminished? >> i watched the debate and i heard him say that he went into the rose garden immediately after and -- the attack and said it was terrorist attacks but we know that five days after the attack, the embassador to the united nations went on five television shows and said it was just a spontaneous combustion, that people just showed up off and on a demonstration with more more -- mortgage for and ipg's. if they don't tell the truth the only thing left is a coverup or lie. >> how surprised were you to learn our embassador sent a cable on september 11-saying he was worried about his security? >> you know, the more i hear about this, and it's just coming from the media, we're not getting this from the white house. we have not, as we talked about,
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had any response to serious requests we've made of the white house and it's the first time in my service that i've seen the secretary of defense prohibit the uniform military from being able to respond to a direct question from the chairman of the armed service committee. it looks like they're trying to hush this up. hope it goes away and wait until after the election. they're wrong. the american people are getting engaged in this. everywhere i go, people talk to me about this. they're concerned. they can take the truth and i can't understand for the life of meow why the president doesn't say this is what happened because people already know. to think we let that embassador out there on his own without adequate protection sickens me. >> let me ask you in the final moments i have, we're hearing about video that shows the
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events as they unfold in real time. should that video be released and what do you know about it? >> all i know is what i've heard from the media. and it seems to me that the longer they hold out, the longer they wait to show the people, the more interest will develop. they ought to get out there and tell everything they know. usually all the problems that erupt in washington, the -- when there's a coverup, it's always worse than the incident itself. they ought to come clean, tell us what happened, admit mistakes were made and make corrections for the future. because this is just going to be a deeper and deeper, bigger hole, they're digging. >> thank you so much for joining us today with your insights. i know you're following this closely and we'll continue checking with you as events unfold. thank you for joining us. thanks for having me.
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>> fair and balanced. coming up, we'll talk to a democratic member on the house foreign affairs committee, congressman engle of new york. >> there's news of another brazen insider attack in afghan. six afghanistan police officers are dead after coworkers orchestrated an attack at a checkpoint in hell mewed province, a police officer and cook poisoned their colleagues with militants attacked from outside. the officer was caught as he tried to run but the cook escaped. >> coming up on america's news headquarters, a progress report on the pakistani teenager shot in the head. the brave girl makes great strides in recovery.
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welcome back, we have a
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wonderful update on malala, the pakistani girl attacked by the taliban. malala is the outspoken advocate for girl's education in her country. taliban shot her in the head to silence her. she's being treated in england and her doctors say though there are positive developments in her condition, she faces a long, difficult recovery with uncertain prospects. this fox news alert, today marks a milestone for libya. a year since the capture and killing of gadhafi. we're joined live from benghazi with more on that and new information on the investigation. >> that's right. one sign of the unsettled nature of things. the former spokesman for muammar gadhafi was arrested south of tripoli today. he's on the run for more than a
9:21 am
year. we were at the scene shortly after muammar gadhafi himself was captured and killed exactly one year ago. at that time, there was grim satisfaction among those involved. now, as we talk to people in ben benghazi, there's happiness as well as reservation. here's a little bit of what we heard on the street. take a listen. >> i'm feeling happy. i'm very happy. >> i'm so happy because gadhafi is dead now. some problems, especially the people with guns, so we have to collect all the guns. >> we're going to be better. i hope some of them. our country been better than in the past. >> another example of instability of course the attack on a u.s. mission here which left u.s. embassador stevens and
9:22 am
three others dead. the main residents of the burnt out shell, you can still smell the smoke from the fire. blood splattered in a bathroom, hand prints on the wall. as for answers to the remaining questions you've been talking about, one eyewitness tell us the mob which marched to the compound were chanting blood thirsty slogans before they attacked. maybe that's the reason some think there was a protest first. varies members of the islamist groups were in the mob and deny responsibility. we spoke with a leader this week who was named as a key suspect. we counted as many as five close -- [ audio trouble ] certainly as you've been discussing, the video from the cameras could be very interesting. finally, embassador stevens and his staff, as you've been discussing, saying they had growing concerns about terror
9:23 am
threats. that's the indications from a variety of directions we've been receiving. for example one libyan official told us he told the americans days before the attack they were at risk and they agreed. back to you. >> all right, greg. thank you so much. very interesting developments there on this one-year anniversary of gadhafi's death. earlier in the show we talked to congressman buck mckeen about the new state department document showing embassador stevens concerns about the growing problem concerns. now democratic congressman elliott engle is here to share his thoughts on the matter. we have those newly released documents, congressman that, show our people in benghazi pleaded for help. why do you think the administration refused the request, even though the compound had been bombed twice before? >> well, i don't know. i don't know if that is the fact. we have so many conflicting
9:24 am
things coming out. we need a thorough investigation. the republicans in their glee to use the national tragedy to score political brownie points are coming out, congressman issa released documents which puts libyan nationals working with the united states in jeopardy because their names have been exposed. it's that kind of irresponsible political blather that is really hurting us. barack obama is no more responsible for what happened in benghazi than george bush was responsible for 9/11 or ronald reagan was responsible for the marines murdered in beirut. ed the difference is when those incidents happened, democrats rallied around the president because in times of national tragedy, americans need to be united. unfortunately when mr. romney and the rebounds are use --
9:25 am
republicans are using a national tragedy to score brownie points. >> you have four americans dead andrea tantaros investigation under way. there are many questions under way remaining unanswered. how can you say it's used for political purposes to further the romney campaign and his agenda? >> do you think it's a coincidence two days before a national debate on foreign policy, congressman issa releases these documents? they say pure politics, pure and simple. and the american people deserve better. >> yet we hear from buck mckeen who said seven committee chairman in september asked the white house for specific information. they got no response. that was in september. there have been other people who asked the white house and state department for official information with no response. so you can understand why there is frustration both on the democratic and republican side. i find it interesting that you say that this is being used as a political narrative to further a
9:26 am
political campaign. i find that troubling as a time when we have four americans dead. >> i find it troubling too and it's a time of national tragedy. we need to get to the bottom of what happened but we need to do it right. before we knew what had happened, mr. romney was going around blasting the president. i mean i can never remember another time with something like this happening with a national tragedy that it's used for political points. the american people have constantly said that they trust barack obama more in terms of foreign policy, bin laden is dead, we're out of iraq, coming out of afghanistan. and what the republicans are trying to do is use the murder of our embassador. >> in the final moments. >> i don't know it's right. >> why did the president wait two weeks before actually calling this a -- not even calling it due suggesting it could be terrorist related? why has the white house taken to long to make that were
9:27 am
claymation when intelligence showed people monitoring the situation in real time. >> the president said it in the debate and it was corroborated. two days after it happened he called it a terrorist attack. and there's now information that just came out that the c.i.a. memos to embassador rice said the same thing that she said, that there was some question in those initial days about whether or not this was premeditated. all i'm saying is this, nothing should be swept under a table. we need a thorough investigation and if there was malfeasance, heads should roll. we talked about my republican colleagues saying there should be more security. paul ryan's budget we voted on in the house. i voted against and he was for, cut 330 million out of defending diplomats abroad. you can't talk out of two sides
9:28 am
of your mouth and have it credible. if republicans thought there was a problem with security, mr. ryan's budget shouldn't have cut 330 million out of it. >> this is a situation that remains troubling and contentious and we'll see how it plays out. thank you for joining us with your insights. >> thank you. lebanon prime minister is tying a massive car bomb to syria's leader saying he believes the attack that killed eight people linked to an investigation done by the intelligence team which exposed a plot by syria to create choose in lob. correct me if i'm wrong man paul ryan is campaigning in ohio where a fox news poll shows governor romney closing the gap. coming up, perspective from frank lutz. >> in florida, it's the republican ticket on the
9:29 am
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>> welcome back, the vice presidential candidates are doing the heavy lifting this weekend. while president obama and governor mitt romney are preparing for their final debate, congressman paul ryan will speak at an event in ohio. peter doocy has more on that. >> congressman's ryan rally is in belmont, ohio, the fifth time he's campaigned in that state in a week. vice president joe biden is also stumping this weekend, he's in st. augustine florida today. the verdict in is for two police officers accused of beating a university of maryland student
9:34 am
after a basketball game two years ago. one was found guilty of second-degree assault. another officer was cleared. a tour bus driver is dead and six passengers seriously injured after a crash in northwest arizona. police think the bus driver had a medical problem that caused him to run off the road. authorities say dozens of other passengers suffered minor injuries. the san francisco giants pitched their way to a win over st. louis. the starter looked great and the giants beat the cardinals 5-0 in game five. game six is tomorrow night in san francisco. thank you very much. well, as we've said we're 17 days from the presidential election and both candidates are trying to sway voters in states like florida. mu polls are showing governor romney up three points over president obama in the sunshine state. joining us, florida attorney
9:35 am
attorney pam bondy. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> you've been traveling with the governor around florida. what accounts for the turn around showing he's leading in the swing state? >> i've never doubted it for a second and i told governor romney, i was with paul ryan thursday night. we were in fort myers, last night i was in mitt and paul in daytona beach. they drew thousands and thousands of supporters i was with ann romney this morning and they're doing amazing. i've never seen momentum like this in my state. i feel like you can't drive 100 yards without seeing a mitt romney bumper sticker. >> he's on our polls for the president's preference and the choice in florida, you've got obama and biden with 45% and romney-ryan at 48. back in september, look at the numbers, 49-44, that's a
9:36 am
really -- a surprising number given the fact that people kept saying that mr. romney had a lot of ground to make up for in florida because of concerns for plans for medicare and women in your state. >> well, first of all the women -- the issue regarding women is absolutely ridiculous. as know mitt romney chose a woman for lieutenant governor, his chief of staff was a woman. the most important person in his life is a woman, ann and he surrounded himself with strong women his entire career. >> the numbers up, romney-ryan 46-38 among women voters as a choice for president. that's remarkable. >> it is. it is. it's great. that's because they're getting their message across and they've been spending so much time in my great state because they know how important florida is to the
9:37 am
country and to the voters. and you know, paul ryan also -- paul makes a compelling speech. his mom is a florida resident and he says i'm not going to destroy medicare, medicaid, for my mother. i'm going to do everything i can to strengthen it. that's the romney-ryan plan. they've been getting their message across and the debates helped. we're looking forward to monday night. >> that was my next question, in previous elections the debates were downplayed as something that influences voters' responses on election day. but this year is different. you believe that -- the debates made a big difference in your home state? >> after the first debate, i saw romney yard signs go up everywhere. you know, i'm not a pollster, i'm not an expert but all
9:38 am
anyone -- all anyone in my state were talking about were the debates and what a excellent job he did. he has a plan. he's a leader. and that's what he has demonstrated. that he has a plan for our future. we've had four years of nothing, of stale policies and it's just like i compared it to a c.e.o. of a company. if you haven't done your job as c.e.o., you get fired. we've had four years now and now we have barack obama telling us what he's going to do in the next four years, no what he has done to help america. that's why i believe americans are listening and know it's time for mitt romney and paul ryan. >> we've got a couple weeks to go, a big election day coming up. you took part in a special race with ann romney that we have a picture of that we can throw up on the screen to show everybody. tell us about it. >> it wasn't a race, it was a walk. it was a breast cancer walk this morning in orlando.
9:39 am
as you know, ann romney not only has ms but she's a breast cancer survivor. it was so amazing. they took us in a tent and ann spent so much time with the breast cancer survivors and just cried with them, hugged them, and she is such a great, genuine person and such a role model and inspiration for so many women we met this morning struggling and going through this. get your mammogram, october is breast awareness month. >> absolutely. very, very good advice and y'all look great out there. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. all the best. >> thank you. next, breaking down the numbers, pollster franklin will join us to talk political polls, paul ryan is on the trail at a rally in ohio. we'll bring you his remarks live when they happen. all that is happening here on
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welcome back, everybody. governor mitt romney has momentum heading into the third presidential faceoffs. polls have been climbing. frank luntz is here to break down the numbers and joins us now. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> we have governor romney leading nationally in a key poll and also in key swing states. what do you make of these numbers? what are they saying? >> what's happening is first presidential debate momentum continued, mitt romney demonstrated he's presidential and frankly, up until the first debate, barack obama defined mitt romney, now mitt romney defined mitt romney and the key state is ohio. notice most of the polls in ohio show mitt romney down. so you can have a situation where barack obama wins the
9:45 am
electoral college and mitt romney wins the popular vote. it's only happened three times in history. >> how certain are you that could happen? >> the odds aren't great. virginia is in a central state and in a clear politics average mitt romney tied or has gone ahead of barack obama. everybody's watching which is with the, when 2.5, 3 points and new hampshire and iowa are still in play. only a half dozen states and romney has a clear advantage in the popular vote. but in those six key states he's either tied or losing. >> talk about the women's vote. they've seen fascinating movement here. in florida, for example, we talked about it a few momentses ago, a big jump there. what do you make of that and do you see this as a trend across the country? >> it is a trend. and the women and particularly
9:46 am
women age 30 to 49, under age 30 they're solidly in obama's campbell. over age 50, in mitt romney's camp. the campaigns are fighting over them and the key is the deficit, the debt and who is the best candidate for their children, the future of country. up until that first debate, obama's negative ads had a significant impact on mitt romney's image but when women saw who he is and what he believes, the debates are why he closed the gap. >> what about news reports the negative ads have been pulled, that the obama campaign decided to forego that and move another direction. >> i'm not surprised. we've found that in our fox news testing, undecided voters, only 3% of the electorate has not made up their minds and they've
9:47 am
recoiled against the negative ads and saw the obama campaign was not negative. i'm not supposed obama got the message that you won't win by yelling at them. >> are you concerned there might be a october surprise that some people suggest could happen? >> anything can happen. even in this last debate, it could still sw three or four%%. right now it's too close to call in the elect college. >> florida, i believe the numbers are so strong in florida, i would take that off the swing state list and give that to mitt romney. >> wow, thank you for your valuable insights. >> a ten-year-old colorado girl is murdered and police have a lead and they think the public
9:48 am
can help. new video in of the israel navy seizing a ship in the med mediterranean. [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home.
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we're back. look at this, new video just in of the israel navy seizing a ship in the mediterranean. officials say the navy forced the ship to a port after passengers refused to steer the vessel off course. colorado police are looking for help solving the murder of a 10-year-old denver area youngster. a small wooden cross could lead them to her killer. we're joined live from los angeles with more on the investigation. dominic, what can you tell us? >> it's a tiny but intriguing and potentially pivotal clue into who killed jessica ridgeway on her way to school. overnight, police in westminster, colorado, revealed details of a wooden crews fix found in a location known only to the killer. the cross on the screen is an inch and a half tall, one inch across with a hole drilled so it
9:53 am
could have been worn as a necklace. one side of the center crossbar, three bars vertically and a zigzag which is unique to the pendant. >> we feel or believe that it may have been dropped or left behind by the killer. and because of the unique characteristics of it on both sides having different etching or describing, we want the public to look at that, believing somebody may end up calling with a tip, providing additional information, they knew somebody who had one recently. >> the authorities say it's definitely not jessica as and they want to hear from the public about anyone they know who carries one or wears this type of cross or may have bought one. they say there's a predator loose at large in the westminster area and they're concerned, just four days after jessica went missing.
9:54 am
>> such a tragic story and our hearts go timeout her family. thank you for that update. well, you could say he died with his boots on. texas state fair fans mourn the untimely death of a beloved icon. why big tex went out in a blaze of glory. >> and we asked and you answered. your twitter responses coming up after the break. stay with us. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima
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>> ♪ >> say it ain't so, folks. he died with his boots on. texas state fair fans, mourning the untimely death of a beloved icon. we'll tell you why big text went out in a blaze glory next. and of course we have our twitter responses to tell you about. i'll tell you about our icon here, going out in a blaze of glory definitely at the texas state fair. it welcomed visitors to texas every year. he's been destroyed by fire. the 52-foot-tall cowboy has long been an icon at the state fair. nothing but a wire and shell, hands remain. good-bye, big text. we'll miss you. okay, off to our twitter responses. we've heard from so many of you. we've been, how have the candidates' debate performances influenced your decision. one response, mitt seems to be more in control. another says, it's been clear after three nonexistent job
9:59 am
economy summer recoveries that it's time for mitt 2012. had so many we couldn't get to them all. keep the comments coming. that's going to do it for me in washington. kelly wright and jamie colby are standing by in new york. tune in tomorrow for "fox news sunday." we preview the third and final presidential debate focusing on foreign policy. >> fox news alert right now on a dramatic shift in the presidential polls in the nation's biggest battleground state, and the site of next week's final presidential face-off. according to the latest fox news poll, governor mitt romney now leads president obama 48-45% among likely voters in florida. that's a stark contrast to just last month when the president was enjoying a relatively comfortable lead. hello, everyone. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's election headquarters." i'm kelly wright. >> i'm james


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