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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 22, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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you had to say about the debate throughout the night twitter keeping tabs when the discussion on stage triggered a big discussion onhin. here are the moments tonight. first top moment came at 9:45 p.m. on those pending military cuts. president obama joking we have fewer horses and second after rove gomy -- rove knee ended his statement about teachers then, 9:58 people romney criticized the president for apologizing to countries around the world and syria sparked conversation as well. now, hottest topics trending tonight. on the left of volume of tweets throughout the debate, that number reaching more than.5 million total tweets tonight. of those three topics jumped, foreign policy, 54%. second, the economy and finally, terrorism with 9%, so a big night in the online
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world with twitter. first debate is still holding the record with 10 million tweets. when we come back a final thought on the night from here in boca raton. i'm a conservative investor.
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gik final thoughts from steve hays and joe trippi. joe? >> i think romney has done a great job and he's a good job again tonight. i give tonight obama, on points. but now for swing states p getting out the vote is all that counts from here on in. >> i think the question is can people see mitt romney as the president? i think it could. second question is did barack obama do anything to reverse the momentum we've seen mitt romney establish? the answer is no. >> thank you so much. bret? that is it. they're out here with the signs spinning away.
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>> it's been an honor and a pleasure, next stop, election night. 15 days from now. that is it from us live from boca raton, florida. >> you've got hahn ti next followed by greta. >> we're live in the spin room tonight. special edition of hannity. we saw two very different candidates on the stage tonight a at time desperate president feeling behind tonight. and going on the attack. even at times very petulant and childish compared to a confident and relaxed mitt rom nee. we're going to get aget analysis, including john sinunu from the spin room. we check in now with frank luntz and his special focus group tonight. >> we've got 27 voters here in southern florida.
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how many of you voted for barack obama in 2008. raise your hands. it's a pretty obama dominated group. what did you think about mitt romney this evening? go. >> wall street driven. not a well-rounded leader. >> business like as always. >> presidential and confident. >> i feel he understands the importance of friendship with israel. >> i think he was assertive and hungry for the job. >> promised to be a more human candidate. >> winning. >> okay. >> we're not charlie sheen here. >> so explain to me. every time mitt romney brought it to the economy, dials went up. this is a foreign policy debate. why would you dial higher. >> mitt romney has shown he's capable of turning thisnd. once we have that, we'll have
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more security. we need that security. >> how can he ignore it? >> reality is foreign policy secondary? and mitt romney has a plan? >> mitt romney is aware economy is the main issue. that is what appeals to most voters.. >> which is more important to you? foreign or economic policy? >> economic? foreign? >> who says economic? virtually everybody. so is that a good strategy to do that? >> president must be well rounded and versed in all areas. mitt romney belongs in the private sector. and economics is his strength somewhat. >> i don't think the president qualified to be commander in chief. >> i believe americans are a little bit impatient and in my humble opinion in this
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instance, since -- . >> we're not -- . >> we have issues like we've had... >> four americans are dead this, is serious. it has something to do with he integrity. and honesty. it has something to do with they lied about it. >> we talk about benghazi? >> hold on, hold on. sean? sean? hold on. we're on live television. and i have lost control. thank you. please help me. >> when we talk about benghazi, there are some things we don't want to ignore. main thing we cannot do is the president's information through intelligence. >> this is the economy, stupid. >> the bottom line comes down to our economy is weak. if we're not a strong america there is nothing more we can do. >> you're nodding your head. go ahead. why?
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>> you have to have good, stable roots to be able to show other people in other countries we can handle it. >> i think the president did well tonight. he did well on foreign policy. but i do agree it's not about the foreign policy. >> i think it's about everything. >> there is a lot of cliche tonight if we're going to have a strong military we've got to have money to pay for it. >> which is more likely? >> we have to have -- . >> this is a big foreign foreign trade thing. it's a big thing in the economy. >> economy of the country is first. you need to be a strong country to be able to lead. >> i have got to wrap this up. i want a show of hands. how many of you think mitt
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romney did a better job on the economic part of the debate? raise your hand. >> watch this. how many of you thought barack obama did a better job? see? it's, i actually credit you. if there is a bit to decipher the differences they award mitt romney on economic and barack obama on foreign policy. back to you. >> weir going to have more kind of later tonight but first live from the spin room i'm joined by romney surrogate. also known as foreign senator, marco rubio. >> as the debate went on tonight a couple things started. it was obvious to me governor
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romney went into this debate not wanting to go tit for tat with the president. president came off at times petulant and angry. i'm like i don't think that sells well in the end with the american people. >> no. that is right. this is governor romney going to show people he is ready to be presidential. the president appeared small. there is a couple times there was a question about iran's nuclear programs. the president responded with a petty answer about how the government had some sort of invefment. what does have have to do with a nuclear program in iran? that is the president answered with that... >> he appeared petty. >> there is a lot i felt governor romney could have brought up if he wanted to go. he did bring up apology tour.
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i did say america was guilty of torture when he went to cairo. so this is also a president that said iran, cuba, venezuela, those countries are tiny and thought knot a threat. >> he did so with what this context is about. he pointed out aks the president took that sent signals to ayatollahs in iran they didn't have to worry about barack obama. whether it was the comments made in the speeches whether his unwillingness to say anything about the protest in the grun green revolution when folks took to the streets to protest. he pointed out all of those things were clear signals to ayatollahs that barack obama was not serious. >> if there is one surprise in my mind from tonight is issue
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of how do we define a war on terrorism? this is a president that banned the use of the term. and through context of the cover up in again gazy. i'm surprised and i did think bob shifer did a good job, that that should have been a bigger focus. >> i think it wasn't. that is a key issue we face. but i can tell you governor rom me has been clear about the position on the war on terrorism. it's a prix. you're looking at what's happening now where al qaeda is reconstituting itself in north afterica. they're now there. they've reformed themselves in those countries. i think that is a part of a failed foreign poll sismt. >> governor romney did
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challenge the president on this idea america has helped the muslim world. when he went on the tour he didn't point out that america has sacrificed in the muslim world in places like kuwait, iraq, afghanistan, indonesia, kosovo just to have name a few but did say america was guilty of torture and abandoned it's values.. >> and that america dictated to people, its terms. >> there is a theory that the president that the reason folks in the middle east hate us is because they didn't like george bush or america is rude or mean to them is absurd. the reason why islamics don't like america is because they have a view of the world they want to impose on as many people as possible and america is standing3xt in their way. >>. >> sean: the president said once we don't have the right to assert our values on other countries. when i hear that i think... if
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america doesn't lead, who does? >> that is right. >> a world without american leadership reyates a vacuum filled with bad actors. global issues have to be solved by a collection of country that's confront them. the coalitions have to be led and only america can do so fchl you look at the principles it's principles all people want. freedom, liberties respect for women ask all life. these are also principles of all humanity. >> when the president during his presidency says iran does have the right to nuclear power why shouldn't conditioned be you've got to stop denying the holocaust and abandon your nuclear weapons program and grant civil rights to your citizenry. >> it's impossible to negotiate with iran leadership
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of the government is clearly set that they want to wipe israel off the face of the earth. that is what they've said. >> they need to stop saying it they're state sponsored terrorism. and wants to wipe another country off the face of the earth can never have a nuclear capability because they're going to use that nuclear capability to wipe out israel how could bewe negotiate any sort of nuclear arrangement with them? >> at the end of the day i saw a governor that show himself knowledgeable, presidential above the pettiness of a president trying to score chief political points. >> absolutely. >> only mitt romney on that stage looked, spoke and acted like a president. >> sean: senator good to see you. thank you for being with us. we have more on the big debate governor sara palin coming up next.
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we'll check in with romney advisor, and juan williams goes one on one and we're going to check back with frank luntz as this special spin room edition continues from boca raton, florida tonight. >> we have to stand by our principles. if we're strong in each of those things american influence will grow. unfortunately nowhere in the world is america's influence greater today than waits four years ago.
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russia is a geo political foe. and i said in the same paragraph i said and iran is the greatest national security threat we face, russia discontinue to battle us in the un time and time again. very clear skies on this, i'm not going to wear rose colored glasses when it comes to russia and mr. putin. after the election he'll get more back bone. >> we're live tonight from the post debate spin room. we're here in boca raton, florida for more reaction i am joined by former alaska governor sara palin, governor good to see you.
8:22 pm
>> thank you. >> and that is an interesting point to me. there are a couple things, i would like to know when he was saying to president medvedev i'll are more flexibility after the election. what did he promise him? why would he say to nicholas sarkozy after calls bebe netanyahu a liar, oh, i've got to deal with him every week. i want to know does he have secret agreements. >> why did he are russia on the new dart treaty? why did he not go after putin and other russian leaders for flagging of underwater off shore base that's have many, many minerals that don't belong to russia. they're flagging him anyway.
8:23 pm
there are so many untruths by obama tonight. unfortunately romney just didn't have time to answer them all. certainly obama's mannerisms manifested life catching hi him -- up with him, thus, the desperation. >> that is kind of what i thought. something this childish and this is on serious issues of national security. at times he'd say there are things i've learned as commander in chief. i'm watching thinking oh, thank you mr. community organizer with your vast array of experience saying before you got elected iran is not a threat. and this just came off as arrogant to me. your thoughts? >> this is untrue, obama
8:24 pm
suggested we're more energy secure today than we've been. he claims we have been in relationship was all of those on an international stage than ever. he claimed sequesteration was congress's fault and won't happen. this was the result of his lack of any kind of budget in four years and this is due to his adding to national debt. and went through following the law if he's going to ignore the constitution, then sequestering will happen. >> there wasn't much talk as i thought there might be by president obama. boy have liked to have seen
8:25 pm
governor romney question the president on this fact, that the very thing that's he opposed and that is renditions, git mow. when he called on ireo enhanced interrogations he called torture we won't have gotten to the courier that allowed him to make that decision. he was an out spoken critic of. >> so do i. again there wasn't enough time for romney to answer false charges to get those questions answers that so many of us have of obama. one thing i wish romney could have hammered home was to me was a lack of credibility as chander in chief having respect for our military chiefs. he claims there are troops fighting and be willing to die
8:26 pm
on quote, his behalf, unquote z he is willing to throw them under the bus and withhold their paychecks to get his way with congress. he doesn't want to see convenient ways for troops to be able to vote in a war zone. that so many things that you would think a commander in chief would do to show respect for the military, obama does not do. i wish governor romney was able to have more time to delve into some of those issues he said america was arrogant when he spoke in france that we're not a christian nation. and also, remember the president told our sworn enemies who our methods of enhanced interrogation were. there was issue of you know new rules of engagement which tied our soldiers hands and then, remember support of
8:27 pm
miranda rights on the battlefield i thought were bad decisions for any commander in chief to make especially if you're p a war. shouldn't you be fighting to it win it? >> there are bad decision was our present commander in chief when it comes to military funding. a total of a trillion dollars being cut from national defense and military budget which will be the result of see quest traigs. and kneel cavuto said tonight when he heard he was blaming congress his response wooz hold on now, sparky. come on, obama you're going too far with a line like that. i wish the media would start calling obama out on these rye lies. we have 16 days to get people to open their eyes to the choice they have. you saw a great example of the
8:28 pm
choice that we have tonight. someone who is responsible and has respect for other nations did not want to get out there building other nations but wants to allow america to be the nation again that we are so we can be that beacon of hope and light for other nations wishing to emulate the things we do right. you can see going down the stage they'll pass the obama policy that's have created these -- these fail add lionses and a more unsafe world as romney pointed out tonight. in these last four years. before obama was elected. >> i think the most dangerous aspect of just to reiterate the point is a president refusing to acknowledge the war on terrorism. there is 14 days after what happened in benghazi, the president still would not tell the american people the truth.
8:29 pm
but anyway, governor, it's good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean, appreciate you coming up next we're going to head back to fort lauderdale, florida where frank luntz is stand big with his group of undecided voters. and we'll check in with juan williams as he squares off with eric bowling of the five as we continue more from the spin room as this special edition of "hannity" continues. >> i don't concur with what the president said about my own record and things that i said. they don't happen to be accurate. we're talking about the middle east and how to help the middle east reject the kind of terrorism we're seeing and rising tide of turmoil and confusion a tacking me is not an agenda. oohooo....hahaahahaha!
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tonight we're coming to you from the post-debate spin room. for more on the we head back to a group of undeciding swing state voters. very a question for everybody there. it's interesting on the economy. highest marks for governor romney? and they thought on base points here is -- charles krauthammer made an observation i happen to agree with. that is that the governor, governor romney went big was not going to get into the back and forth nah, nah, nah sort of childish games. the president seemed desperate and kind of small with these
8:35 pm
attacks i'm thinking you're a state senator two years. did that bother the focus group at all? >> did that bother? >> last time you interrupted me, this time, i'm speaking. he kept jabbing it, i'm not okay. state your opinion and move on. >> and there is a community organizer. biggest problem in the count interest is our economy. mitt romney has proven he can handle fiscal issues he has this history. but we have a president that hasn't given us a budget. >> obama served as a state senator from illinois. therefore he had experience in government to try to do things in government. he said himself, he can't change government. >> he was a senator.
8:36 pm
>> it depends on the way you look at it. you have a mitt romney, private sector and government. that creates a better option. >> i want to make this accurate and fair. how many of you thought tonight's debate barack obama won? raise your hand. this is overwhelming. when it comes to the economy how many of of you think mitt romney would be better in handling the economy? that is what is interesting about this, i want to do two clips that are powerful. let's start with mitt romney talking about being strong at home requires you to be strong abroad. let's take a look. it's a high point of the debate. >> and in order to fulfill our
8:37 pm
requirement in the world we have to lead and strengthen our economy here at home. you can't have people struggling to get a job and an economy that keeps slowing down it's growth rate. you can't have kids out of college can't find a job today. and our military. we don't know what goitsing to throw at us down the road. >> what is it about strength and that reaction? >> it's going to be viewed as a strong country as we go out into the world. and try to bring peace. we have to strengthen ourselves first and then, we can help others. >> i also want to say sean that that moment for barack
8:38 pm
obama is a shock. it's one of those kids will be studying 20 years from now. mitt romney gave a great comparison to the current military versus 100 years ago. barack obama was prepared. let's listen. >> i think governor romney hasn't spent time looking at how our military works. you mentioned the navy. there are fewer ships than we did in 1916. we have fewer horses and bay onetts because nature of the military change. we have aircraft carriers and ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines the question is not a game of battleship we're counting ships. it's what are our capabilities? >> i think mitt romney's comparisons were unfair, technology has advanced and we can do more with less. as long as we're focused and going in the right direction that is what matters. >> right. >> and in 1d 18 my grandfather
8:39 pm
was riding a horse and buggy. there is no comparison. before we leave this is a man decorating his desk for the entire year. what does america mean to you some. >> greatest country in the history of civil saigs. >> do you love these guys around you? >> yes. >> who is your favorite? >> reagan. >> take a look at this art of getting a live shot of this. you look at the issues and you come in the end to the right decision. i just want to thank you for contributing because this is america.
8:40 pm
back to you. >> frank luntz and the focus group, coming up next romney advisor will be my guest live and then, left and right. juan williams squares off as we continue right here in boca raton, florida. special edition of hannity continues.. >> the reason i call this an apology tour is because you went to the middle east and to egypt and saudi arabia and turkey and iraq. and by the way you skipped israel. our closest friend in the region. but you went to other nations and they notice that had you skipped israel. then in those nations you said america has been dismiss skbrif said america dictated other nations mr. president has not dictated to other nations. we have freed other nations from dictators.
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>> i think one of the challenges is that they felt the administration was not as strong as it needed to be. i think they saw weakness where he expected to find american strength nl. the president campaigned and said he'd meet with the world's worst actors in the first year sitting down with chavez and kim jong-il, castro and president mahmoud ahmadinejad of iran. i think they looked at that as an unusual honor, then, the president began what i have called an apology tour governoring to various nations and criticizing america. i think that is weakness. >> welcome back to the site of the third and final presidential debate. joining me now to give us the
8:46 pm
romney campaign take is romney senior advisor. >> i did say that america is arrogant and did go to cairo and did accuse america of being guilty of torture and having not lived up to american values. he never talked about america's sacrifice in the muslim world. and that was an apology tour. >> governor romney pointed out and said americans have dictated to other countries too often. the governor said no. we've freed countries from dictators i thought that was one of the best moments of the debate. and what is the american role? >> this president said iran, cuba and venezuela are tiny countries and not a threat. he said he was negotiating with iran without preconditions. i can think of a few.
8:47 pm
recognizing israel's right to exist. stop threatening to annihilate them. recognizing the truth that the holocaust occurred and stopping your nuclear weapons program. >> another area is whether it was relative to the strong yeflt allies in the world. and governor made clear he couldn't won't do a number of things when and pointed out the need to continue to ratchet up sanctions on iran. president too slow to get to where we are now. >> the president left the prime minister of israel in the white house ask z.said call me if you have anything different to say. we told israel we'd never request they go back to 67 borders this president decided to go on "the view", on david letterman, on stewart hang out with jay-z and beyonce than meet with the prime minister
8:48 pm
that requested a meeting. rationale is if we have to meet with one leader we have to meet with 10. isn't that his job. >> and mitt romney went to egypt and turkey and skipped over israel that. was dually noted. >> important. >> you know the president thought he was never and cute tonight. he said about bayonettes and horses. horses were ridden by troops in afghanistan. and marines still use bayonettes. maybe someone ought to educate the president on how our military actually works. >> and in terms of the impact his reckless and arbitrary defense cuts are going to have. his own secretary of defense says there are going to be devastating cuts. he needs to understand when you come up with across the board cuts that cut deep and
8:49 pm
hurt us very keep you're going to make us weaker in the world. that is important tonight, too. there are a number of important distinctions but that was the most critical. >> what about we know there was a video of the state department charlie lamb testified they watched in realtime and knew this wasn't spon tainus. and know that the president's, 14 days later could not face a terrorist attack. >> i thought that would have been a big point of the debate tonight. and the president seems to have gotten the past once again. >> what governor romney did point out is that attacks in libya, there are more questions and answers still as
8:50 pm
a result in ability to give us answer that's prove to be accurate but it's reflective of the broader failures of the policies. that is weakness. that leading from behind, when you send that signal to that region we become a less state and we can see unraveling of the president foreign policy in the middle east as we saw in libya. >> how did the president not see the muslim brotherhood coming into power? they're the only organized political opposition. the president flipped and flopped and pushed mubarak out? >> the region you can see the failure of the president and need for change. governor romney made clear he knows where to take the count
8:51 pm
try frank luntz says it's the economy, economy. they gave governor romney by far the win on economic issues which i thought were discussed more than i thought was expected but there is a nod on foreign policy in terms of what he said. the president came in there kind kind of desperate? >> that may be the case. i know after the last debate there was reporting in terms of surveys people felt. there is if you look ot john creation, romney won on all of those things i believe tonight again, one of the key things is that every time the american people have seen a mitt romney who is different than portrayed in 30 second attack ads. >> serious? >> thoughtful. >> thank you. >> and right after the break it's juan williams versus the five we're live in the spin room.
8:52 pm
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welcome back to this special post debate spin room edition of "hannity" joining me now with more reaction we have juan williams, co-host of the five, do you know what make meez mad? i'm tired of this president spiking the bin laden football again and again. we couldn't show the world pictures of a dead bin laden because it would inflame passions, etc. this, president has done it again and again. here is the truth. without rendition and gitmo, without eit the president said was torture when he went into cairo. we only did it to three people. he doesn't get to make that call. he did not support the policies that led to bin laden. why doesn't that get brought snup. >> bring it up. let me tell you something. we've had this discussion. what is clear is that most
8:57 pm
americans don't support torture. you don't want to add ties that wot world. >> advanced interrogation is not torture. >> come on. >> trying to figure out how to judge someone with a drone, i get it. but on the lib brals say water boarding is torture but it's okay to fly a drone over, and kill a few people sni don't get it. i don't get that. >> i understand the confusion. and water board something. >> killing -- no. no. >> hang on a second. >> in hills of pakistan. >> juan williams, if he had his way we never got intelligence to get bin laden waechlz against policy that's led to bin laden. in other words. >> you're buying a boat load of misinformation.
8:58 pm
>> read the guy in the room's book. rodriguez. and without and without it and and getting to american intelligence that found bin laden giving cred dwroit george bush. >> i'm trying. i'm trying. and there is 14 days after libya we now know there is a video of what happened in benghazi. and... charleen lamb testified before congress. the video is this, the american people choose to see it before the election y 14 days after the election couldn't this president mr. overseas contingency man call a terrorist attack for what it was? >> we've had one two,, maybe three different stories. there is a drone that probably videotaped everything. white house claims they don't
8:59 pm
know. they have a story. >> maybe that is why? >> the reason why... >> the american people... >> the full story is how about. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. >> there is four years. >> fact. we have a tape. let the american people decide. let the american people. >> and we have a tape we watched in realtime. we know what happened. >> that is not -- if i tape this show that doesn't show the entire thing that the happening the room. >> we knew that. >> the president said right away he considered this act a murder of an american ambassador. >> did he not say that in the rose garden. it's false. did he not say benghazi was terror. >> you can argue and say maybe he was talking about september 11th. and there is our marines in afghanistan did use horses.. >> look at you.


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