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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 30, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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[♪...] >> epgs stream weather that's our top story. >> i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is tuesday october the 30th. thank you for watching "fox and friends first. let's get to the extreme weather we are experiencing that is monster storm sandy lashing out at the northeast leaving millions and millions of people without power. at least 16 people dead so far. take a look at some of these incredible images we have gotten in. in queens new york towned power lines sparking a massive fire there. you can see that in the top box. in norfolk virginia front yards
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completely flooded there. one of the hard ets hit areas jersey shore. atlantic city is now under water. >> we live team coverage for you this morning. todd is live and marine awe molina in the weather center kelly wright in virginia beach. >> i am being told we are going to start with you, maria. we need to find out where this storm is and where it is heading. >> it made land fall yesterday outside of the atlantic city area. not so much because of the rainfall mostly because of the storm surge. that is also a record that we
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set across the area. motor manhattan and the hudson river. we heard about significant damage to subway lines through tunnels during some flooding right now even water on runways. we have been talking about how large sandy is 800 miles wide so we are seeing damage as well further off to the south where it made land fall across new jersey. blizzard conditions across western parts of the state of virginia, actually west virginia. snowfall simulations as well a foot of it being recorded. we can see anywhere 2, 3, 4 feet. still ongoing 50 right now across new york city.
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very large storm system. heather and ainsley you may have wave heights 25 feet recorded across the area as well. >> putting the lower part of manhattan under water. friends affected there. new york is one of the hardest hit areas. anna kooiman is life on long beach. >> good morning to you guys. i am going to quickly mention we are using the backup for the backup for the backup for our technology right now trying to conserve battery. >> obviously having some problems. she is using the backup of the backup of the backup. that's what happens in these types of situations. live tv and you have the storm it is affecting our live shot. >> she is on long beach long island that area was pretty hard hit. we are hearing 200,000 people without power on long island.
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>> let's talk about some of the power outages right now. we are going to go to a spokesman from con edison. a major provider in the new york city area. good morning, sir. i understand we have you with us on the phone. >> good morning, how are you both this morning? >> we are great. bob from con ed tell us about the situation here. >> we are looking at 660,000 of people in new york city and westchester without power right now. 160,000 are in westchester and other outages are spread fairly well equally. queens 78,000 brooklyn 71,000 stated ten island 79. >> it is the largest damage wide. this is an ep he can storm. it has lived up to the billing in eerie way. the storm surges were eminent.
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we took out a few. we thut shut town some. they are easier to restore that took out 6500 customers that occurred at 5:30 yesterday. there was an explosion at 8:30 at our east 13th street sub ska station that wound up shutting down a number of other networks that affected a quarter of a million people. >> receiving the video of that. quite a large fire was sparked. >> how do you expect to get power streered for the feektsed? >> it will take our damage assessors after the storm stops a little time to figure out exactly when we can get everybody back. we think the substations will take 3-4 days to restore. the other one affected obviously the one by the explosion can take a bit longer. we can reconfigure networks in
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the path that can minimize the outages some what. it will be several days to a week and maybe beyond a week longer depending on what the extentive nature of westchester and the outlying areas. >> this can effect commuters coming in. we heard major problems with the subways and local commuter trains. talk to us a little bit about that? >> the mta will tell you how long it takes them to get back on-line. since they have a shut down they lfr to rec-- will have to recalibrate. >> then there's the salt water issue the salt water core roading things. how do you start to clean that up? >> it is not an easy process. we have a lot of folks on hand that can address it rare quickly. we have 14,000 women of our own. we have contractors coming from
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800 contractors crews from out of state. they are ready to tackle all of this stuff. they are working 24-hours around the clock. >> how do you determine who gets the power first? is it triage? do you tackle manhattan first? >> we do the grates number of people. we address or try to deal with outages where we can restore the greatest number of people first with the activity we are under taking. if we can get 10,000, 15, 20,000 people at a clip we will do that and they have network with greater redone san s-- resudone see. >> speaking of folks affected we know hospitals have had to evacuate some of the people even
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the neonatal children's healthcare in the hospital where young children are born. >> new york university hospital, yes. >> they have had to be evacuated. how do you get power back on-line in the hospital even when their generator has been affected? >> there is obviously the backup generation at the hospital that failed. that needs to be addressed it's an emergency situation. all of the resources that can be dedicated to get that back on-line receives the kinds of attention it deserves. bob from con ed this is a snapshot of how many people have been affected by the power outages through out this area. >> ainsley and heather, thank you. you heard it there. sandi is leaving damage along the east coast all day and night many of you have been sending us more pictures from the storm.
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these are pictures from my house my husband scott took these last night. this is on the north shore of long island just one example of very large trees that have come down whchlt you hear about these massive power outages in the area this is partially a result of that. trees coming down hitting the power lines. unlike other parts of the country where power lines are buried in the ground n. the older communities power lines are above ground. the trees come over them and that's a shot of the long island sound. healtheder childers has a look at more. heather, we have been getting in hundreds of photos and videos from all around the east coast. >> we have been bringing you the pictures. you mentioned the downed trees several deaths as a result of these fallen trees.
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the photos videos come into from north carolina new england. north carolina first feeling the effects of sandy. high water sinking boats in this marina. members left without power. sandy brought down all of these poles along a road in massachusetts. this is incredible. a massive tree nearly splits a pous in half in new york thanks to brian dempsey for sending this to us. strong winds gusts up rooting trees every where in manorville, new york. a viewer captured this on tape. as it happens the tree is crashing down in her neighborhood. luckily the house just barely missed. there was not damage. here in new york city major flooding there walong the fdr h
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this cab tried to make it through but got stuck in high water. that's why you should never do this. a close call for this cab on riverside drive the op siposite side of the island a tree crashed down on the front end. everyone there was okay. here this in the east village, avenue c under water some police cars and a van caught in this mess. some of you saw snow to blizzard like conditions. this viewer from western pennsylvania will be scraping their car this morning when the sunrises. then it was piling up as well in west virginia leaving this snow drift outside of a home. some snow drifts could reach up to 3 feet we were told. we want to see more of your pictures from this monster storm sandy. go to go to you report to up load your
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photos or send them to us to fox friends first on twitter. but please, as always, make sure to be safe when you are taking those pictures. take a look at other headlines this morning. obama and mitt romney off the campaign trails. the president staying at the white house in order to monitor sandy's impact. let's talk about the romney campaign also cancelling all of his events through today out of sensitivity to those in harm's way. romney plans to hold a form leaf event lart today in ohio. dramatic video of the daring coast guard rescue off of north carolina. this one is swinging really bad. >> roger cease commence. >> safely lifting 14 people to
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safety. look at that video. looks like it's out of a movie. this is during 40 mile per hour winds. 17 people were on that 180 foot hms bowne de at the boat when it was caught in hurricane sandy. the boat started to sink. one person did die two others are missing at this hour. the boat was a replica of the one made famous mutany on the bounty. >> coast guard officers certainly heroheros. >> our team coverage continues. coming up a live update on the damage in the new york city area including this dramatic video of a drain twisted in half hanging on top of a sky straper. we will be right back.
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>> coal bwelcome back.
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parts of new york city is flooding. this is queens over the bridge. >> we have a look at the damage all across the region affecting so many millions of people. good morning, todd. >> good morning. this is a serious situation happening in queens right now. the fire started after 11:00. this area in evacuation zone a. we don't know how many people how many homeowners were able to evacuate. this fire spread to more than 50 homes now. cox news can confirm 50 homes engulfed in flames. firefighters are battling the blaze. fanned the gusty winds. these winds have been incredible. we have video. the winds so powerful they sheered the front facade off of this apartment building exposing
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the apartments inside. it's not just the winds it's also the rains lots of flooding. the storm surge that happened last night i happen to be out there in mid town manhattan walking knee deep in these raging rivers that were once streets. this wall of water 13 foot surge of water that came across battory park into the world trade center construction site turning some of these construction areas into raging water falls. it was an amazing site. the water also caused other problems at nyu hospital over on the east side of new york city. last night i was there as they began evacuating patients of that hospital. we understand from hospital officials the hospital began taking on water. they had a backup generator. that generator began to fail more than 200 patients had to be evacuated and sent to other hospitals in president new york
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city area. >> if you have ever flown into jfk airport you would have flown into that area. >> 50 homes sl a lot. delaware cars submerged in water. >> strong surges from sandy created widespread flooding. kelly wright is live for us with more. how are things looking there today? >> from the boardwalk things are not okay. as you take a look the power is on. that's a good thing. there are no people here on the boardwalk they did follow the orders to evacuate. this is the wind surge which calmed down considerably. they are going to have to do a lot of cleanup. i found this ditch i could actually jump in it. you could jump in it.
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they will have to clean this up and the tunes. that sex pensive. when the sun finally rises and they check a look at the low lying levels to see there is water there and flooding there they will have to go in and perhaps rescue people. there are downed trees and downed power lines. as the sunrises they will have to deal with that issue and the cleanup of this boardwalk which could be very expensive. back to you. >> it is now 19 minutes after the hour. the monster storm is already having a big impact on the presidential campaign. there are reports it could delay the final jobs reports numbers. voters head to the polls. a live report from atlantic city where most of that city is under water.
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>> continuing our extreme weather coverage of course atlantic city, new jersey battered by sandy. the storm wiping out a huge section of the city's historic boardwalk. waves ripped up boards literally one portion found blocks away. steve keele joins us from atlantic city with the latest conditions there. >> ainsley i know extreme is an under treatment but in this case it is. i am standing on part of the boardwalk. these aren't even the boards or the planks. these are the heavy thick sports you can see some of the metal railings that are now into this thing. it only stops by the main and grammarsy place street sign. we saw parts of the boardwalk at the enof the street. it is the beach sand in the
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street it is almost like quick sand. any emergency vehicles trying to get a before sunrise first look at the damage are getting stuck in this like it is knee deep snow in the winter time and a blizzard. we can give you the picture of the day on the east coast. you are talking about part of the boardwalk missing. we are the only media down here and emergency officials are telling us this is their first look and hint about the damage here and this is part of the boardwalk that i was standing on friday when we first arrived here that part of the boardwalk as far as we can see in the darkness completely gone. that is the city's famous boardwalk no more and this long section known as the inlet section. you can see the beacons out there on the buoys lighting up. as far as we see the beacons the boardwalk ainsley completely do gone in atlantic city. i can't give you an assessment of the damage because most of the city is unaccessible right
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now. close look at how bad things are here. if it is this bad here i am sure it is bad in other sections. >> we knew it would be bad when the casinos are shutting down in advance. thank you so much. stay safe. steve keele in atlantic city. >> we luwill be looking at the amount of dollar damages. >> shutting down the new york stock exchange for a second day in a row. last time the market closed because of weather was 1985. the reason then was hurricane gloria. the most anticipated economic report that is left before the election may be delayed dabecau of sandy. the monthly report for the month of october is scheduled to be leased on friday. as we previously told you sandy also suspended the campaigns of both mitt romney and president obama. how could this actually change the election? let's ask our personal finance
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expert vera gibbons who has been taking a look at this. market closed again today hopefully reopen tomorrow. let's talk about the impact on the presidential election. >> we have all of these canceled events. about 30 events canceled sings saturday we are resaying their schedules now. any kind of disruptions this late in the game as close as this one is significant. you have to put safety heyed of politics but never the less a lot of bumps in the road. >> if they gant get out. >> the point is to activate voters energize them and get to the polls. >> then there's the issue if power disruptions continue could not be open next. >> there could be voting disruptions. if we have the power outages they last a significant amount of time you have ballot issues accounting issues, you have delays all sorts of things to
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contend with. general chaos. beyond that you have the basic di disruptions here fallen trees, branchs, power lines. >> people may not be able to get there. >> they may not be able to get to the polls. this effects obama more than romney because it is relying on early voters to get out there. people who are less likely to get to the polls on tuesday. >> voter perception. >> voter perception. >> the president can look presidential if it is handled well. >> studies show acts of god as such this is what this was this is an act of mother nature rearing it's ugly head actually causes voters to be angry with the incumbents or not happy with what is going on pointing fingers at the incumbents. so the bad weather causes them to lose their enthusiasm particularly if they lose their power for more than a couple minutes. on the flip side it's the opportunity for obama to shine. it's really an opportunity to
1:28 am
shine if you come out lacking like a hero you are the commander-in-chief, that type of thing that would be a bonus for everybody. it's how they handle it. >> we could see an increase in prices at the pump as a result of some of these refineries being shut down. that's an issue as well. distracted media. that is the media is real floik cussing on this right now. and could end up not focusing on the issues. >> that's just had. it has taken over the area the last couple days. if you wanted to watch something else it was taking over so the campaign has taken a back seat all together. politics has taken a back seat. good news for those who were sick of it. it leighs the candidates less of an opportunity to make their final plea to voters. >> kind of nice not to have to watch all of the campaign ads. >> vera gibbons we will be checking in with you after the next hour.
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the monster storm causing flooding up and down the east coast. next we head to virginia where homes are probabcurrently under. the entire front of one of the buildings drift off by sandi. we have continuing live reports with the details you need to know.
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>> good morning to everyone. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for watching fox and friend first. our top story is sandy. sandy is wreaking havoc across the east coast. this monster storm leaving at least 16 people dead so far. more than 6 million people now in the dark. tau take a look at the widespread damage. across atlantic city southern
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new jersey is where the storm made land fall. in long beach island water flooding the streets. record setting surges also causing massive flooding here in manhatt manhattan. sandy's impact stretching from virginia hammering the coastline there as well. >> we will talk to virginia director of emergency management in a bit. long island new york that region has been lash withed extremely heavy winds as a result. that is from suffolk county management joins us now. >> i haven't been to sleep. good morning to you yourself. >> what can you tell viewers that live in suffolk county how they are going to be living the next couple days? >> viewer as they are waking up this morning they will see there is still considerable flading on south shore that come during high tied and the surges. we had wadz 25-30 feet on top of
1:34 am
the surges. we have had considerable flooding. we have many trees that topple over up rooted we have 350,000 residents with varying power outages as it stands. we ask our residents to be safe as they are traversing the road ways. it will be very difficult. many roadways are blocked and not able to get through. we have shelters that are open. we have about 1500 residents that are in shelters now. we expect more residents to be coming to the shelters once daylight hits. our suffolk county offices government offices are open today. we are here to serve the public our county executive insured we will be there to assist the public. >> vanessa did you just say there are 350,000 people in your county without power this morning? >> that is correct. >> which is a massive amount. for folks not familiar with
1:35 am
suffolk county it is all of the way out on the very eastern end of long island it encompasses the area of the hamptons many people are familiar with that. as folks in your community wake up they want to go outside and assess the damage. is that considered to be safe at this point? >> they have to be extremely careful. we have up rooted trees. however you also still have winds that are 30, 40, 50 miles per hour. so with a saturated ground you can still have more up rooting trees. i would caution residents to be very careful as they go and assess the damage on the property. they can feel free to reach out to our suffolk county emergency call center which is 631-852-4900 if they are desiring to have information. i also ask residents if you see downed power lines assume they are live don't go near them. >> that is such an important point. assume the power lines are live.
1:36 am
you don't want to come in contact with that. vanessa from county of emergency management where thousands of people are finding themselves without power. >> there are dozens of homes under water. good morning to you. >> good morning. tell us a lot of folks in that area affected by all of the water, the flooding. what can folks in your area twht do they need to know this morning? >> as daybreak comes we hope folks will get a chance to assess the situation as far as debris and fallen trees that is what affected northern virginia as well as southwest virginia, too. >> and then shelters there. are they packed with people at this point? >> we have actually been quite
1:37 am
fortunate. we have 35 local shelters around the state mainly concentrated in the coastal areas as well as northern virginia. they are clositalking about clo some of those shelters because they are not needed. 540 people ask thorred amongst the shelters in northern virginia eastern coastal aerial yaw. >> we are taking a look at video from virginia beach. i understand we are not in that area but put the storm in perspective for us compared to others in the past. >> fortunately a lot of advanced warning of this storm coming in. we are seeing a lot of saturation with the rain. it has been a hybrid situation for us. eastern portion of the commonwealth of virginia out west we are getting compared for now are blaze arred warnings for
1:38 am
the ishgs 81 corridors. >> we have seen snow showing you how big this storm is. >> exactly. we are really having to approach it from two different priechs high winds, snow in the west and strong winds and high water in the east. tomorrow is halloween. lots of kids want to get out. >> the ironic part is they are calling for cloudy skies. we are keeping our fingers crossed again part of the central eastern parts where they have cells. >> finally before we let you go we are hearing about 200,000 power outages in northern virginia alone. any updated numbers for us?
1:39 am
>> we are actually leveling off down to about 190,000 statewide which is encouraging as well. we are seeing levelling off and power crews out there all night working to restore power as quickly as possible. >> thank you so much carin geller from the virginia operating center. >> put it in perspective how far reaching it has been. career flooding and heavy damage. thousands are left without power. many have had to evacuate their homes. one of the stays largest hospitals forced to evacuate. our friends antoine lewis joins us with more on this. good morning antoine. where did everybody go? >> coming into mount sinai this morning. good to see you. what's going on behind me you can see the flashing lights those are ambulances. paramedics are out front carting people.
1:40 am
219, 220 people have been evacuated from the medical center at nyu. taken to mount sinai and taken to sloan kettering. we are talking about kids from the neonatal pediatric critical care unit adult critical care unit as well as op stet tricks that's where the most serious ones were taken to the other hospitals. apparently the hospital lost power sometime around monday evening. so they are operating on generators a couple backup generators. we have seen those also. fdny are observing those who made central business. they are making their way to where we are. we are in the east to mid town. we are at 30th and 5th avenue. a lot of precarious situations now. the weather has tapered off it's still raining a little bit winds are strong. we are seeing a couple people being hauled out being placed
1:41 am
into ambulances and taken to the other two hospitals. looks like it will be some time right now. we are looking at an exact number of what we are expecting. also when you get away they are without phone lines. notifying loved ones in case they didn't know what was going on has also proved problematic also. >> now nerve-racking for the parents who have the fragile babies. thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> maria molina has been tracking sandi's progress. where is the storm heading now? >> we are seeing it over parts of pennsylvania. it is producing problems across portions of the east coast into parts of the great lakes. we are seeing wind gusts 30 miles an hour out of place now. sandy is weakening. we are seeing an impact east coast great lakes and west virginia with blizzard conditions going on right now.
1:42 am
several areas recorded over a foot of snow. we saw strong winds across portions of long island. wind gusts over 90 miles per hour. we are seeing these trees down power lines down such widespread impact. not just across long island but across new jersey, further inland. land fall did occur at 8:00 p.m. eastern time near the atlantic city area 5 miles to the south, southwest of that city with maximum sustained winds at that time 80 miles per hour. at that time sandy was not officially a hurricane any more it made the transition to the post tropical cyclone. you can see extensive damage. i am glad many people have taken the storm seriously and hopefully many people heeded the evacuations will be serving the damage as the sunrises later on today. we are seeing strong wind gusts 48 miles per hour across the new york city area. that wind is coming out of the southeast. we will continue to see high water levels across coastal areas. we set a record yesterday
1:43 am
ainsley and heather at 13.88 feet. it's a record high level set. that's the highest the record has been out there. the flooding we saw because of this record high water level and we are also going to be seeing our next high tied occurring 9:00 a.m. eastern time this morning out there in the battery new york area. hopefully you won't be seeing additional flooding. with the wind coming out of the northeast doesn't look too good. >> they beat the record of 11.2 feet back in 1821 in battory park. >> it is crazy. you warned us about that yesterday. sthooivengs. we will be checking back in with you over the course of the next hour and a half. to put that in perspective battory park city is in the world trade center. >> nanny viewers are familiar with. 43 minutes after the hour. we are showing you all of the places what do we need to do
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>> good morning to you. taking a look at delaware one of the many states in the east coast pummeled by the monster storm sandy. check out this video. strong surges leaving a lot of cars submerged. soon sant sandy leaving widespread flut g flooding through out the state. tell us what you are seeing so far today. >> right here on the beach. over my shoulder you can see the surge is still coming in. wind picked up a little bit. it is raining. you talked about the storm surge earlier. this is what some of the damage looked like. this is all beach erosion area here. this is a sand dune. the power of the surf and the wind and the waves actually push
1:48 am
this fencing up so they are going to have to come in and repair that. we are standing by expecting more coastal flooding and high winds. people are receiving flooding in the low level areas. waiting for daybreak so people can get out and start being helped. >> sunrise 7:25 a.m. this morning eastern time. a lot of folks are going to want to get out there and check the damage. please to be careful. the storm surge from sandy's biggest threat right now. noining us on the pho-- joining on the phone is kenneth. >> we want to try to make sure anybody has trouble because they didn't get out of the flood zones when they were told to. we want to make sure we get in there and help them out. talk with us a little bit about the combination of that storm surge along with the high
1:49 am
tides. i understand these are unprecedented high tides right now. >> these are the heist tides recorded that we have ever seen here. the storm pushing all of that water up and then the combination of high tied the full moon last night just mated it all very -- made it worse. >> in general terms how long might it take for the water to start to recede? >> it should recede right away since it just came from the ocean and it was being pushed up there. it should recede pretty quickly. the problem will be in low lying areas where it was blocked. >> so many of the coastal areas are low lying areas. thank you so much. we will check in with you later this morning. >> 11 minutes to the top of the hour. the flooding the power outages
1:50 am
could bring serious health risks as well. mark seigel is next with everything you need to know to keep you and your family safe. >> we will have a live report from atlantic city. most of the city is under water. we will t ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪
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>> good morning to you. 7 minutes before the hour. take a look at this. when sandy made land fall it hit atlantic city new jersey head on. take a look at the power of this storm. debris flying all around downtown. parts of roofs being completely ripped up. sandy wiping out a huge 80 foot section of the stays historic boardwalk. let's go to steve keele joining us live from atlantic city to
1:54 am
see what things look like there. what can you tell us there? >> well it is bad out here heather. we don't know how bad it is. a lot of the city is still inaccessible. if they aren't flooded with sea water they are flooded with sand. a lot of it is in the city. this is two feet deep at the edge where it is not as deep there. this is the part where i can give you the idea how deep it is. emergency vehicles can maybe geet through flood water they won't get through sand they will get stuck. 80 feet of the boardwalk missing it is a lot bigger than that. just where we are 200 feet of the boardwalk as far as i can see. this could be as much as 500 feet here heather. you can see even in the darkness the boardwalk in atlantic city completely gone.
1:55 am
we will see how much it is. you can't walk around here at all. steve keele taking a look at atlantic city. let's check in with ainsley earhardt. >> heather massive power outages evacuations heavy flooding what can you do? we are going to ask mark seigel who is with fox news medical a team giving us great tips. nyu is evacuated. >> our own medical center was evacuated because a power generator got under water. thank god everybody is doing well neighboring hospitals including mount sinai and safe. there was a flood going down toward the avenue. >> as far as keeping our families out of the hospital you say that a lot of food can't be left on the counter top or in a
1:56 am
refrigerator that doesn't have power too long. >> fruits and cheeses you can continue to eat for several hours afterwards. i am concerned about leftover things like meat and everything you have in a container. that will only last 1-3 hours. with a freezer it's 1-4 days. by the way, with all of this stress i am worried about people that have heart conditions. 11 percent of the people who died from hurricane katrina are from heart conditions. this is a time to join together with your neighbors. >> let's talk more about what foods are safe to eat. you will be surprised with some of these. thank you so much. >> it is 56 after the hour. our team coverage of the monster storm continues at the top of the hour including a look at the snow after sandi. we are live up and down the east coast all of the latest to keep you and your family safe. stay with us.
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