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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 1, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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that may be right for you. call now. ♪ >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: hard to believe, but it's november already. we are only five days away from the election we've been talking about for months and months. after taking the last couple of days off because of the storm, both campaigns are on the trail hitting key swing states with the closing arguments. the fox news election team is on the scene. carl cameron is governor romney in virginia. ed henry with president obama in vegas. campaign carl gives us an update first. >> reporter: hi, dana. this is the first bit of broadcast history for "the five." rolling live from richmond to virginia beach with the romney campaign.
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in the back of the bus with the rust of the reporters trailing around the republican nominee as we close in on the election day. mr. romney has been spending a tremendous amount of time in the last couple of days talking about his desire to be a bipartisan president, reach across the aisle and deal with democrats to meet the challenge that nation faces, challenges he argues that mr. obama has not been able to meet and been too partisan and unwilling to meet with republicans on it. in the event in richmond, he singled out the house leader eric cantor and asked when is the last time you met with the president? cantor said it was a year ago. romney said i will not do that. i will meet often with the democrats and create the type of bipartisan agreements that move the country forward. he is making the argument that it's time for big change. borrowed rhetoric from the 2008 obama campaign that he says the president hasn't stuck to. he will wrap up the third event in virginia beach, virginia today. fully ten more battleground states that he plans to visit between now and tuesday night. he will wrap it up with a big
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speech in new hampshire, where he has a vacation home. that is his manchester, new hampshire, monday night event. the final campaign stop before the polls open on tuesday. romney is in a dead even tie across the country in the national poll. in the battleground state polls though president obama stayed within the margin of error, he is at the high end of it. some congress certain in romney campaign that ohio will be a big struggle. they have to make the ground game work. and the last 72-hour push. to that end, a pew research poll, very, have interesting that says nationally the obama campaign touched 14% of the electorate -- excuse me. 11% of the electorate with either door knocks or phone calls. mr. romney has gotten to 10%. very, very close. battleground, numbers are reversed. romney reached 14% of the likely voters in battleground states casting a ballot on tuesday. obama only got to 13%. they're even in the polls. aapparently they're even even in get out the vote effort.
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they're down to wire. no indication it will change in five days. >> dana: carl, thank you. we'll go to ed henry, with president obama in las vegas. ed, we have a new nickname for you coined by greg gutfeld. we thought you desevened one. election ed. take it away. >> reporter: i like it. that's great. just like campaign carl. bottom line, they are promising a new message for the president today. it will be more positive, less of the negative tone, ripping to mitt romney. this is his final case to what he did in wisconsin today, talking about what he would do in a second term. laying out that he wants to finish the change he talked about in the last four years. he did go negative on romney. not giving it up. he said romney claiming to be an agent of change and he knocked millions of people off the health insurance. he would go backward on wall street reform. obama landed in nevada now.
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he has three stops in wisconsin. six in ohio. they thought they'd have the state locked up but they don't. six stops in ohio tells us while he has a lead, they are nervous about that. he will hit it six times. he is rolling out big celebrities. eva longoria in nevada. sheila e. she was banging on the drums. we're told on monday he will be in battleground states with jay-z and bruce springstein. you talked about david axelrod saying that are not going to lose michigan and not losing minnesota, not losing pennsylvania. if they do, he will shave off his mustache. new information on the shaving front. today, jay carney showed up to work on air force one without shaving says he is not going to shave between now and election day. superstition. he thinks it will help the president win re-election. we know jay carney will shave after election day. will david axelrod shave after election day? it may help us learn whether or not mr. romney will win or
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the president will win. >> dana: thank you. good thing when i was press secretary i didn't have such a rule. charming. >> reporter: that is a good thing. >> dana: thanks, ed. god, that is weird. bob, fox news poll came out dead heat, 46-vi. what do you think? >> bob: nationally, most of the polls are starting to converge in a dead heat. below 50%. yesterday, wednesday, 11 swing state polls and obama led in all 11 by an average of 3.9. i think obama swing state strategy will work and it will give him the electoral votes he needs. whether it gives him the majority of the votes. >> dana: we talk about the pew poll that carl cameron talked about, intensity and the turn-out. the last 72 hours is one of the things that the rnc did well. in 2000 or 2004. they started the 72-hour program, which meant that all the work that you have done up to now, you have to double it and just as much in the last 72 hours.
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>> eric: yeah, are we boeing to get to karl rove's announcement? >> dana: yeah. >> eric: that points out -- >> dana: you can make it here. >> eric: let's do it. carl points out astutely that of the people who have been -- let me say it right. of the republicans who voted or applied for early voting, the numbers increase by 75,000. of the democrats -- versus 2008. democrats versus 2008 had to ask for 138,000 fewer, i believe. so the difference is 250,000 votes. in ohio. right? that is the exact same number that obama beat john mccain by in ohio. so what we're saying -- karl rove is saying that all the polling numbers say one thing but when push comes to shove, who is planning on voting for whom, the number goes the other way to romney. quick point on the campaigns. i'm thrilled they're back. they're both back at it. mitt romney, went into it and brought things back where they should be. they should be on the economy.
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we have that huge jobs number tomorrow morning. romney points out that he is all over the jobs, he is the one that creates jobs. obama went to a weird place. talking about green energy, i don't know where -- >> dana: we'll talk about that later. >> bob: can i point out -- >> dana: kimberly and greg haven't had a chance to talk. >> bob: sorry. >> dana: kimberly, karl's prediction was he believes that it will be 51-48 with romney winning, carrying at least 279 electoral college votes. your thoughts? >> kimberly: romney by 3%. i think he will go for it, he will win with 280 electoral votes. i believe he is going to take ohio by margin large enough to be contested in terms of the popular vote. he will take the electoral. >> dana: maybe in wisconsin. what do you think? >> greg: i predict a 90-43 obama victory. that's how well the obama campaign gets out the vote.
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there will be undocumented workers, space at it lens, local mannequins. the real winner is american people because election will be over. we make it once every six years with no election. this isthe olympics, but we don't have lolo jones. we have dick morris. kilthat a prediction? >> greg: i'll have hangover wednesday. >> eric: i don't think it's going to be close. i think this is the way -- >> he was on the hillary race. >> eric: markets act the way that voters act. when herd starts to, go it starts to go in the groove. people who aren't sure, they join the herd. that is what will happen on tuesday. monday, momentum will grow. the republicans are energized and go vote. people see it and vote for
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romney. i don't think it's close. close >> dana: has everybody made up their mind? >> bob: very few haven't but the question is how many go to polls. as i try to point out before, early voting obama leads -- >> dana:else talked yet. >> bob: what is that? >> dana: nothing. go ahead. >> bob: i want to make a point he leads in virtually every one of the swing states. early voting michigan prediction is obama will carry 291 electoral votes and possible that romney will carry the popular vote. >> dana: let's say that happens. my prediction is romney wins the same as karl. six months ago i predicted 40.4% in if -- 50.4% in overall total. but say you are right. what kind of second term does that set up for president obama? a decent piece in the "washington post" today by ed rogers talking about the five things that are really difficult for him to overcome
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having had a bad first four years. >> bob: you can say that about bush's first term when he came in behind by half a million votes. he did all right. i don't think it has that much impact. you have to win by the electoral college. you hear the republicans crying for days after that. if romney wins the popular vote. >> eric: your number is big. >> kimberly: how do you get to that map -- >> dana: one thing that ed henry talked about the campaigns are going. three places that obama is not going. north carolina, florida, only one stop in virginia. they are worried about ohio. >> bob: having done campaigns before, the last thing you do now is schedule people. the schedule is the only thing to hold and get out the vote. >> dana: i was sorryed he
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went to boulder, colorado. are you worried about that? >> bob: hold down the vote. >> eric: what are the three states if obama loses any one of them axelrod has to change -- >> dana: minnesota, michigan, pennsylvania. >> eric: wisconsin? >> bob: pennsylvania. >> eric: all right. if romney wins one of those three i'll grow a mustache. >> dana: in your high school yearbook photo. >> kimberly: that could be will ferrell anchor man. >> greg: that is just going to tickle. >> eric: can i clarify that. if he doesn't win one of those. i say he has to win one of those. if he wins one of those, he has to shave and i'll grow one. >> dana: all right. we'll contemplate that. directly ahead we talk about hurricane sandy. left millions miserable. hours of delays for computers, no power. lines stretching for miles. people try to get gas. we tell you how people are coping when we come back. ♪
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♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. take a look at the dramatic pictures of the newest pain hurricane sandy is inflicting on the east coast. massive and widespread fuel shortage has the northeast in a panic. jimmy carter has gas line miles line if you find a station with power or gas. people standing in long lines with gas cans, waiting, that is if you can find a gas can.ol. look at the aerial shots of thousands of people waiting to board the few buses available to bring people to new york city for work or just check on loved ones. thisness aren't unusual. they're widespread. that is what we're dealing with here. this is america, folks. this is not supposed to be this way. greg, have you ever seen anything like that? >> greg: it's incredible. it's funny, you see people use pay phones. you see gas lines. all we need are new episodes
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of "three's company" and back in the carter era. i got to go and bring up mayor bloomberg. he is the mayor here. but he is actually a chicken little disguised as an unshelved turtle. this is a guy who the city is under water. no gasoline. fights in the street. you got looting. the man has failed. so what does he do? i hate to use the word because i'm banning it later, he pivots. he piths. he endorses president obama on the basis of climate change. so he is actually using the election to talk about the weather. and in order to shift responsibility from his own incompetence. he hates people. >> eric: karetnyesque. literally -- carteresque. literally. people waiting hours and hours. >> bob: one of the worst analogy i heard you make and i've heard you make a lot of bad analogies. this shouldn't happen in america? you didn't point out that two refineries on the east coast is knocked out. that has something to do with the gas shortage. >> eric: nothing to do with it. >> bob: of course it does.
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really? two refinerys? >> eric: no. people are waiting for gas lines because gas stations don't have power. >> bob: that has something to do with a storm. it has nothing to do with barack obama. >> eric: we can talk about the reason why every time the wind blows hard, 5 million people lose power. >> bob: every time the wind blew hard? when is the last time people lost power? >> eric: a year ago. >> bob: because of a hurricane. it's a god given phenomena. >> greg: i thought it was climate change. >> bob: it is. >> eric: greg points something out, the timing of this enforcement of president obama and anything insidious about that? >> dana: this is silly. i do think it basically, a way to say don't blame me for the fact that you have all the problems now. let's do climate change. let's say all of us were in agreement and we'd have a kumbaya moment and in congress they pass a cap and trade bill.
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do you think it would have changed anything today? absolutely not. such a coordinated thing. plus, bloomberg, first of all, i didn't think it was news he endorsed obama. i feel like he does it every day. in addition to that, there was obviously coordination with the obama campaign. president obama did not talk about climate change for the first four years. he has said in his mtv interview last week, he will not push for gay marriage in the second term. all the things that supposedly mayor bloomberg is for, president obama has either not done or said he is not going to do. it was opportunistic, political and really bad timing. >> eric: kimberly, any way you slice it, people say when there is a tragedy or disaster it's good for the president. people wait in four-hour lines to get gasoline, how could it be good? >> kimberly: this is bad for obama. certain point we're in this together, do this. then people start to get their patience and their emotion run very thin. people are not on salary
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position. they're trying to get in the city for babysitting housekeeping, service-oriented industry. they're not getting paid if they're not there. regardless of the political party. >> bob: this is most ridiculous analysis i've ever heard. >> eric: listen to president obama a couple of months after we gave him $1 trillion for shovel-ready projects. listen. >> shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected. >> dana: hilarious. >> eric: bob, guess what? go outside. apparently shovel ready was shovel -- >> bob: listen. mayor bloomberg failed, if romney had been mayor of new york would things have been different? >> dana: he would haven't blamed climate change. >> greg: he would have used it as an tune -- >> bob: you guys take a catastrophic event like this where millions of people -- >> dana: he did! he is the one who started it. >> bob: did what? i am talking about blaming this on obama. >> greg: yes, you linked the
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catastrophe to climate change. >> bob: i think it will turn out to be climate change. that's right. [ overtalk ] >> greg: no proof. >> eric: may i bring -- >> bob -- holdon. >> kimberly: by the way, what happened to bush and katrina? did they do the same thing? it's okay there, but not here. being politically expedient again? >> bob: there are 77 people dead. romney and his people talk about how obama was not prepared. >> greg: you talk about climate change. >> eric: let me do this. i'll bring this back to why i put the two things in the same segment, bob. here is why. we gave him $1 trillion. the administration $1 trillion to beef up the infrastructure. they spent $1 trillion making the grid. burying the grid underground so that every time it's 50-mile-per-hour wind we don't have half the country losing power. that would have been a good use of stimulus money. better use. >> bob: bury new jersey under the ground in four years? >> eric: let me put it this
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way. $1 trillion closer to getting it done. what did we get with the money we spent? >> kimberly: nothing. >> bob: republicans have to think of something besides sandy to make a case in the final four days. >> greg: that is the point. >> dana: romney did not. what he did at his rally, fantastic rally, he went back to his five things. his plan for the economy. on five things. he didn't even talk about it. >> kimberly: he didn't go there. he wasn't trying to make a political opportunity out of it. >> greg: i want to make bob angrier at this point. >> kimberly: please. >> bob: i'm not angry. >> greg: the "new york daily news" did a piece on looting i didn't know about. 50 to 100 people targeted coney island and they quoted some of the looters, which i have here. this is what one young male said stealing a tv. "look, they have been looting our wallets for too long." another said, "it's time to take this s.h., whatever, back." it's wonderful they utilize class warfare language. it wonder what party they
2:23 pm
learn that from? >> bob: less looters than in katrina. >> dana: that is a republican topic? >> bob: no. >> eric: coming up, fox news has the smoking gun to prove the diplomatic team feared for their lives because of the al-qaeda threat in benghazi. new reports that six weeks after the attack on our consulate, still, the consulate is still not secure. details moments away. i'm a conservative investor. i invest in what i know. i turned 65 last week. i'm getting married. planning a life. there are risks, sure. but, there's no reward without it. i want to be prepared for the long haul. i see a world bursting with opportunities. india, china, brazil, ishares, small-caps, large-caps, ishares. industrials. low cost. every dollar counts. ishares. income. dividends. bonds. i like bonds. ishares. commodities. diversification. choices. my own ideas. ishares.
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♪ >> kimberly: stunning new information from on the ground at the consulate in benghazi. sensitive documents that are still sitting and secure in compound suggest that the compound itself was under surveillance on the day of the attack. more on that in a moment. but first, fox news has
2:28 pm
exclusively reviewed a classified diplomatic cable from the u.s. mission in benghazi to the state department. it was sent weeks before the attack that killed four americans. the message, al-qaeda had training camp in and around benghazi and the consulate could not sustain a coordinated attack. now fox chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge broke the news. >> the status of the cable is that i really believe having read it, that it is the smoking gun warning here. you have an emergency meeting in benghazi less than a month before the attack. at that briefing, the people are told that there are ten, tennis lammist militias and al-qaeda groups in benghazi. the consulate cannot sustain a coordinated attack, and that they need extra help. this information goes directly to the office of the secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> so dana, two things, what do you think of kathryn's reporting. what can you tell us about the news that just broke?
2:29 pm
>> dana: she is a great reporter. she wrote a book about terrorism and she knows her stuff and she is very serious. in addition to that, other serious people in washington have now said fox's reporting should no longer be ignored. that was david ignacious, columnist of the post. in addition to that, today, foreign policy magazine, which is a well regarded magazine in washington, d.c., long history, they had two people. harold duron barbuh and jerone moulasasa. i'm sorry if i'm not pronouncing that right. they had gone to dubai. dubai based television to the compound to do reporting and they found in the compound stuff that our own f.b.i. didn't find. so at this point, i think that it was jake tapper of abc news wrote there is a drip, drip, drip about this. the administration set themselves up for this by blaming video in the first place. i actually am going to
2:30 pm
complain. i don't think romney brought this up enough. if he had, other reporters would have paid attention earlier. >> bob: it was smart. they found copy of "new yorker" magazine. >> dana: no, they found a letter from him. >> bob: they did? >> kimberly: you should be concerned. >> dana: dated september 11. >> bob: on the other hand i would like to see how many other consulates around the country and embassy asked for backup help. six weeks prior to the event, which nobody expected that ambassador would be in benghazi. >> dana: the letters are on september 11. >> bob: i am talking about the report with the e-mail to the state department. six weeks before, right? she said six weeks before. >> kimberly: yes. >> bob: no notion that ambassador would be there. >> kimberly: something is significant we need to get to and eric, you want to comment on this, congressman chaffetz. >> he said shortly after 9:40
2:31 pm
p.m., what happened his phone rang. he didn't recognize the numbers and he didn't answer it. it range again. he didn't answer it because he didn't recognize the number. given persistence, he did answer it and it was ambassador stevens saying we're under attack. we're under attack. i can't say that he told me specifically he was asking for help but that is what i read in to it. he ung up the phone -- he hung up the phone and called to washington, d.c., said trigger all the mechanisms that need to be put on and he wasn't able to contact him. there were hours and hours where we didn't know where the ambassador was. >> eric: okay. for me, this is yet another smoking gun, but for me this is the one. this is the one where congressman chaffetz points out he spoke to jeffdy chief of mission gregory hicks who got a phone call directly from ambassador stevens saying i'm in trouble. i need help. i'm under attack. he turns around and calls d.c., lets d.c. know the ambassador is pinned down taking fire and nothing happens. help does not come.
2:32 pm
24 hours. 24 days. six weeks later, still no hel help. >> bob: soldiers disbursed from tripoli the same day. >> dana: not true. >> bob: okay. >> greg: there were more warnings on benghazi than carton of cigarettes. obama, i keep saying that al-qaeda is on the run. no, they are on a run. i think he is mistaken. meanwhile, the media is so far in the tank, technically they're lobsters. the question still remains, who pushed the video? who pushed the video? >> bob: you are talking about information, we have had this information and we reported this over and over again. the drone over the side of the attack. the drones didn't get there until after the attack. >> kimberly: bob, that is incorrect. >> eric: ambassador -- [ overtalk ] >> kimberly: you are wrong about that. >> bob: our research is wrong about it then. somehow that? >> kimberly: calling and requesting assistance to get backup to save their lives. seven-hour battle. >> bob: it says here in the
2:33 pm
research -- maybe the research is wrong. >> kimberly: sorry, i wish we had more time for more punishment. but breaking news on the libya attack. stay tuned to for "special report" right here after this program. and coming up, a gore gets a smackdown from an actual meteorologist. after he tries to blame hurricane sandy on global warming. >> that is stunningly ignorant or stunningly deceptive what al gore said. greg has the tape and it's good. stay with us. ♪ ♪ where others fail, droid powers through.
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that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today, the countdown to the presidential election. stands at five days. and both men are now back on the campaign trail in full swing. tonight on "special report," president obama returns to the stump after a three-day break to deal with hurricane sandy. the president began the day in
2:38 pm
wisconsin and on to las vegas and tonight boulder, colorado. mitt romney is campaigning in virginia. he already had two events with one more coming up this evening. we'll talk about the race for the man who worked for three presidents. former reagan and bush chief of staff and former secretary of state james baker will be our guest. some of new york's vital subway system is back up and running, following sandy. the area three major airports resumed. at least limited service. plus, more breaking news on the libya story. more documents surfacing at this hour. and more news organizations are actually asking questions. "special report" there washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: in a speech, pbs anchor jeffrey brown noted a
2:39 pm
generation ago people got news from the big three networks. but now all this new fragmentation makes the nation harder to gob. he says, "it's hard not to feel it has some relationship to the divisions around us." translation, i hate you fox news. before there was fnc, the news was slanted so far left you had to lie on the floor to watch it. now that it's over, brown longs for the days he hogged the ball 24/7. more proof that the media embraces diversity, except an opinion. things aren't balanced now. seesaw of the american media political viewpoint has michael moore on one side and da perino on the other. if you take away the excess and leave common sense the seesaw flips like a catapult. bitter fantasies in the teacher lounges are now longer seeing through them. it scares brown.
2:40 pm
if it wasn't for fragmentation i would never have found your speech, jeff there. goes your point. chi'm sure won't upset you because there is zero chance you're listening to me right now. if there was no fox news, no other voices, we never would have known about al gore's opinions about climate change during hurricane sandy. or get an amazing rebuttal from joe pistardi on "o'reilly factor." >> the storms are getting stronger. the stronger storms are getting more frequent. this is the second time in two years that part of manhattan has been shut down. that didn't use to happen like this. but the evidence is now so overwhelming. >> that is stunningly ignorant or stunningly deaccepttive what al gore said. he doesn't know what he is talking about. every since he shot his mouth off about katrina we have seen global tropical activity go to
2:41 pm
the record low levels. just because something happens in your backyard, two years in a row, it has nothing to do with the total picture. >> greg: what he is saying from the '50 to '64, ten major hurricane. so there is less hurricane activity than now. so, linking global warming and climate change to hurricanes is sophistication possibly dishonest. it want to be fair and balanced, because the's what we do here. i want to run, o'reilly had climate change expert on trying to prove that climate change caused the hurricane. >> four things. we have sea level rise, caused by climate change. that is making storm surges worse. we also have more severe rains and coastal flooding and three, we have the situation where sea level rise is happe happening and it's increasing the storm surge. we have warmer ocean waters, powering more powerful hurricanes. four, when it comes to the frequency of hurricanes,
2:42 pm
scientists still have a lot of questions. >> greg: wait a second. so one would sea rising, three is sea rising, causing storm surge, number two. and four, we don't know anything. that is the greatest climate change expert i have ever heard. >> eric: can i point something out, you two call it climate change. liberals changed it to that when they realized it wasn't warming. it was global warming and then decades of global cooling. then the last ten years. the way they describe it, the way they got around that deal. call it something else. climb change. >> greg: that is why you blame everything on it now. >> dana: what you are seeing is the last gasp of the green religion. it's a sad thing to see when you are on current tv a your boss calls up and you have to agree with evening he says. mm-hmm. absolutely. absolutely. unfortunate because it stunts the conversation about how do we diversify our energy
2:43 pm
sources and improve the transmission system. >> kimberly: energy independence. >> bob: you are starting to get me to question my conclusion on this so i'll wait for flat earth newsletter to make a decision. >> kimberly: you are a flat earth society. >> greg: that is all he got. what do you think? isn't this is a way to get government in your pocket? >> kimberly: embarrassing because the facts aren't there to support it. why the stretch? why the gaffe to try to survive like delay have a life support trying to cling to it. meteorologists, anyone who is credible and can count. >> dana: also a way to kill colds. that is the goal. if you're in ohio, west virginia, pennsylvania, remember that. this is the goal. no more coal powered plants. >> eric: al gore makes a boatload of money off of green energy initiatives. >> bob: overwhelming percentage of international scientists who agree with global warming. we've got one of our -- >> greg: only have one. coming up, five minutes, five
2:44 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: i love my co-hosts and politics, but thank goodness there are only five days left before this is over. what is on your mind? >> dana: you will love this one. romney told a story today, he was a boy scout troop leader. [ laughter ] he was! in colorado. he was talking to another boy scout troop leader who told about the boy scouts, american flag and space program. listen. >> he said you can't manual the pride of our boys, you know, watching from their classrooms. seeing the space shuttle challenger launch on the tv screen. then they saw it explode. then he was reading an article in the paper about some of the debris from the challenger disaster. and he mentioned a flag. so he called nasa and they said in fact we have a presentation to make to your boys. nasa came out and presented them with a plastic container
2:49 pm
and he said we opened it up. there was our flag in perfect condition. [ applause ] he said that is it on the flag pole next to mr. romney here at the end of the table. i reached oaf and grabbed the flag and pulled it out. it was as if electricity was running through my arm. >> dana: a lovely story. i thought you would love it, bob. >> bob: bring chills up my leg. >> dana: a great story. you love boy scouts, the flag and american -- >> bob: lovely story. eric? >> eric: with the hurricane aftermath, i done know if you saw this. nbc is doing hurricane sandy coming together. my question is shouldn't it be called nbc concert for obama? think about the timing of this, folks. jon bon jovi will perform, bruce springstein will perform, go to the next screen, guys. sting is going to be there.
2:50 pm
christine aguilera is there. billy joel will perform. the last one, jimmy fallen, brian williams and matt lauer. here is the point. this concert is tomorrow. we're only two days out from hurricane sandy. half the state of new jersey still doesn't even have power yet. don't you think they could have waited for a few days? this feels like a rush job to get it up on the screen before the election. >> bob: i'm sure they got together and worked it out with the obama campaign, don't you? mine, tell you mine. take a look at two polls out today. on obama's approval rating. you see the approval rating at 51-44, substantial, way outside the margin of error. is that the gasolineup will poll? the other -- gallup poll? the other is the abc, cbs poll excuse me. never in modern presidential history has any president, 50%
2:51 pm
or over lost the election. >> dana: but never has obama been at 50% up to now. >> bob: he was up a few weeks ago. >> kimberly: the last poll is within the margin of error. >> bob: you can pick it apart but more people think he is doing a good job than you. do >> dana: that's for sure. >> kimberly: talk about something serious. your vote and making it count. >> bob: that's serious. >> kimberly: what is important is your vote counts. it's our duty and responseability to report this. there has been problems with early voting in north carolina and ohio where people are going to cast their vote, they are selecting -- sorry to tell you, bob -- mitt romney and vote logs for president barack obama. they had to take the machine and re-calibrate it. problem happening. when you go to vote, make certain and check. imagine the people that went to vote there before they didn't catch it, you are in a rush and late for work. you leave thinking you voted for someone that in fact you may not have.
2:52 pm
>> bob: they should bring experts from the 2000 election there to check it out. greg? >> greg: george mason university center for media, survey of late night talk shows found something we pretty much know. all the jokes about romney outnumber jokes about democrats combine. 148 jokes about romney versus 62 for obama. any joke that mentions obama isn't a joke about obama. it's a joke that just involves obama. opposed to romney. i don't blame them. you live in hollywood and you can't make jokes. then you won't have a social life. making a joke about romney is joke over muhammad. riot over a joke. >> bob: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
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2:56 pm
>> dana: time now for one more thing. kimberly, you got a good one. >> kimberly: i do. abigail evans, 4 years old from colorado. she is so tired of all the politics and the election coverage. listen to what she has to say. >> i'm tired, i'm tired of obama and romney. >> that is why you're crying? oh. it will be over soon, abbey. okay? the election will be over soon, okay?
2:57 pm
>> okay. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: isn't that cute? >> greg: she should grow up. joking. she is a kid. now she knows how we feel on an airplane. >> dana: all right, eric. >> eric: joe biden, i love joe. listen. ladies and gentlemen, this is a guy running all the ads here in iowa saying he is going to get tough on china. >> the cleveland plain dealer, major newspapers in this state, said it's a masterpiece in misdirection. >> eric: if you didn't catch it, in ohio saying he was in iowa. and in florida saying he was in ohio. he gets a little confused. not sure why he thinks this would happen. >> -- [ inaudible ] >> eric: i love you, you mean it. but three reasonnous won't win
2:58 pm
in 2016. ryan, rubio, or walker. >> dana: and next tuesday. he won't be able to run. after they lose on tuesday. greg? >> greg: i use the phrase that i was planning to ban, which is "pivot." meaning to turn a different direction from whatever you were doing before. obama will talk foreign policy. pivot to domestic. it means change the subject. you should only pith when you are a ballet dancer or figure skater. >> kimberly: basketball player. >> greg: does it? >> kimberly: of course, he says. >> bob: synchronizeed similarring. >> greg: yes! >> bob: we had a debate what romney said or didn't say about fema. if you want to look it up on google, romney was asked if he'd close down fema and the quote was absolutely. now he likes fema. >> dana: wait, so does that mean he would get rid of
2:59 pm
assistance for people? that is what you are implying. >> bob: i said closed down fema. >> eric: he would rather have it handeded by the states. >> bob: absolutely he would close feena. >> greg: so nody sister assistance -- no disaster assistance ever. >> dana: obama will let any illegal getting through the border before january 1, they get welfare benefits for 20 years. that's true. you can google it. it's out there. >> bob: you don't say anything about the two-face. >> dana: i have one. roll the graphic. >> greg gutfeld dream of my five. >> dana: my puppy jasper was sick michigan husband had to take him to the vet. i couldn't sleep all night. fell asleep at 5:00 a.m. and i had a dream we had a show, five of us but bob. he was in my kitchen. party going on. it didn't know who the substitute was. it had to prepare for the show. greg looked at me and he was mad because i didn't have anything to say. a party going on next door and i asked if i could have


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