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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 29, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight, she's rumored to be the president's choice for secretary of state, but now her path is coming back to haunt her. >> i asked ambassador rice what her role was. >> we have an explosive "hannity" special investigation into rice's involvement in failing to prevent the 1998 embassy bombings in africa. >> we have no idea what the white house is willing to do. >> beware, there's a fiscal cliff ahead, but there's still no plan from the president on
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how to cut spending. >> made a mistake, but i didn't. almost 18, almost 20 years ago. >> a former democratic representative who was convicted of having sex with an underage girl says he's back, and he's running for congress. all of that, plus a shocking new report that gitmo detainees may be coming to america. "hannity" starts right here, right now. new troubles for u.n. ambassador susan rice this as questions surface about her time at the state department when al-qaeda bombed two african embassies in the late '90s, and how the situation parallels what happened prior to the terror attack in benghazi that left four americans dead. yesterday republican senator susan collins met with ambassador rice for 90 minutes, and after the closed-door meeting the senator questioned rice's role at the state department back in 1998 when she served as the assistant secretary of state for african affairs in the clinton administration. watch this. >> those bombings in 1998
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resulted in the loss of life of 12 americans as well as many other foreign nationals, and 4,000 people were injured. and what troubles me so much is the benghazi attack in many ways echoed the attacks on those embassies in 1998 when susan rice was head of the african region for our state department. in both cases, the ambassador begged for additional security. the ambassador to kenya sent repeated messages to the state department requesting a stronger facility because of the increased threat, and those requests, as in the case of benghazi, were turned down by
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the state department. i asked ambassador rice what her role was. she said she would have to refresh her memory, but that she was not involved directly in turning down the requests, but surely given her position as the assistant secretary for african affairs she had to be aware of the general threat assessment and of the ambassador's repeated requests for more security. >> sean: the senator is absolutely right. the comparisons, they are eerily similar. here's why. back in september, prudence bushnell, the former u.s. ambassador to kenya at the time of the '98 bombings penned an op-ed in the "new york times" in reaction to the benghazi attack. she wrote, "we must make that work safer. the reasons change, but the human effects are the same.
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for two years before we were blown up in nairobi, kenya, my team and i thought, nagged was the word the state department colleagues used to have security threats and vulnerablallities assessed. i was told there was no more money for a more secure embassy. just to make sure everyone is following this. let's recap this. back in the late '90s, those in the kenyan embassy were begging the state department for additional security before the bombings, but not given additional resources. does this sound familiar? it gets worse. after the attacks in '98, susan rice was put out by the administration at the time to go on pbs and talk about the attack. we have the tape. watch what she says very closely. >> all of our embassies around the world have received warning of this, notice of this, and are taking appropriate precautions. we maintain a high degree of security in all of our embassies
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at all times, and obviously a high degree of security has been increased even further as a result of this information. >> sean: wow. so after an attack on our embassies, susan rice, she's put on television to try to explain the attacks to the american people. all of this sound familiar? joining me, richard minniter, and katie mcfarland. welcome back. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: good to see you. let me start with this, because i think this is important. here we have embassy bombings, numerous requests for security. tell me where this doesn't sound familiar. >> right. >> sean: those requests were denied. >> and ignored. >> sean: and ignored, a nuisance. we have one person again go out there and propagandize. who was that? >> seems like it's the same person both times. she deny the security, but the
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point is she spins it. now, i look at this and say why would president obama want to put her out there if she has confirmation hearings? they'd gotten away with the lies and cover-up. the mainstream media ignored it and moved on. people not only are going to ask about benghazi, who told you to do this, why are you and not secretary clinton go out? now they're going to talk about the bombings in east africa in 1998. to me it's political suicide. it will cost too much political leverage that obama needs to spend elsewhere. >> sean: what are we to make of this? especially when i look at the words used prior to these embassy bombings, richmond, what do i see? the embassy was warned. washington, quote, was alerted to the embassy's extreme vulnerability and called for assistance. i mean, so very similar to benghazi, and assistance denied
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again. >> well, in both cases assistance was denied. i think in the august 7th, 1998 bombings, which killed 228 people, and injured more than 4,000 bombings, including two u.s. diplomats. the benghazi attack involved almost 100 people. some of them wearing after fan clothes, according to libyan intelligence, using machine guns, radio-controlled attacks. it was a sophisticated attack. there were no plaqu placards. no midges inothe intelligence bs showed al-qaeda had been building up training camps and other facilities in eastern libya for more than a year. in fact, not just u.s. intelligence, of course, british intelligence reports, french intelligence reports, and libyan intelligence reports showed the same pattern.
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we have congressional testimony that showed that 35 minutes into the attack on the benghazi consulate there was realtime video. she knew very well talking points she was asked to present were false or at the very at least misleading. yet that's what she said. >> sean: it was a lie, and it was done for a political purposes. k.t., back to you. there were three conclusions as a result of the attacks in 1998. one was a fault for assessing the threat of terrorism worldwide, in nairobi, not withstanding the ambassador's pleas there. new funding for the embassies, and failure to prepare vehicles for -- in other words, the same chronology. >> word for word, and one they should have learned, even back in beirut in the marine barracks
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bombing in 1993. >> sean: exactly. >> we knew this stuff was coming, knew al-qaeda was operating in this way. we didn't know a lot about al-qaeda at that point, but it was continuing to build. this is their way of attacks, i'simultaneous attacks. we've never gone after the people. we know where the training camps are. they're still there. >> two previous attacks on the consulate in benghazi. one blew a hole in the wall three months before the september 11th, attack. there was a period of attacks. the british ambassador fled in june three months before the attacks. there were multiple attacks. susan rice must have been briefed on those, yet stuck with the youtube video commentary. >> sean: here's the deal. i've spoken to people in the know, behind the scenes there
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were people there, in benghazi, that know that know that the white house knew, that know that the state department, that everybody knew this within hours, the latest. all it takes is one person, doesn't it, to come forward and tell the truth? >> well, i was in the white house during watergate, and it was one person. the minute one person comes forward, then a lot of other people rush. in part, they want to clear themselves. they don't want to face prison time. no one wants to raise their hand and take an oath and lie under oath. >> sean: no. >> but at the very beginning of this, this was a fairy tale from the beginning. why? the question i ask, why did they do it? >> sean: election. >> the election, but also we've gone in 18 months time from the middle east, which was stable, there were dictators, but they were pro-american dictators, and now 18 months later, chaos, al-qaeda has made a comeback, and we have dead americans. >> sean: richard, we know the white house's role, we know what
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everybody knew when, and david petraeus said he knew instantaneously, and they watched us 30 minutes into this, this went on seven hours, there were pleas and cries for help. now the question is, susan rice, is she qualified to be the next secretary of state? what do you make of the political attacks that this is about a war on women and racist attacks against an african american woman. >> first of all, i think this war on women argument is ridiculous. if susan rice is actually nominated and confirmed, she'll be the fourth woman secretary of state and the third african american. so the idea that a republican opposition is driven by sexism or racism when many of the same members are asking questions of susan rice voted for previous female secretaries of state and african americans. this is where the left needs to move from the 1960s. susan rice has a hard time admitting when she knows she's wrong. when she was asked on a flight out of kenya in the mid 1990s
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about the lancaster house accords, she had an opinion, and when it was contradicted by a british diplomat who said he negotiated it, she didn't back down, but insisted for the next 45 minutes that she was right. >> sean: thanks for being with us. more breaking news tonight when we come back. the obama administration's fiscal cliff is apparently hysterically bad, but senator mitch mcconnell burst into laughter upon hearing this. we'll sort through the plan. plus a lesson from president ronald reagan on why republicans should be hesitant to take the president and the democrats at their word when it comes to any deal. and why is dianne feinstein exploring of possibility of housing gitmo terrorists in a neighborhood near you? we'll examine the likelihood of this nutty proposal. ♪
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in adults and children one year and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing. have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >> sean: president barack obama has made his plan to avert the fiscal cliff very clear. he wants to raise taxes now.
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and, by the way, he'll get back to us with how exactly he intends to cut spending later. that's why speaker of the house john boehner told reporters no substantive progress has been made. president obama has no interest in reducing the size of the federal government. now democrats before him he's dangling the prospect of future budget cuts in the hopes republicans will take the bait. with that in mind, it's important to remember the words of president ronald reagan, he wrote them in his own autobiography, and described in great deal a deal he struck with the democrats in 1980s, promising $3 in spending cuts for every dollar in a tax increase. reagan wrote, the democrats reneged on their pledge and we never got those cuts. perhaps that's why some on the
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right are calling foul on these negotiations. >> the only secret talks have revealed, a government that skips from one crisis to the next. all of this secrecy allows the president to petition himself frankly and being in favor of a balanced plan. that's what he said, i favor a balanced plan. basically it increases taxes to fuel more spending. that's what the plan is. the white house plans to raise taxes to expand government. that's not acceptable. >> sean: republicans, i hope you're listening. joining with me more, leslie marshall and billy can you think imagine. billy, senator saying geithner explaining the plan was a fantasy. mitch mcconnell laughed out loud when it was given, saying
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it was one-sided. charles krauthammer said it was a comedy. >> bush 41, read my lips, no new tax. congressman speaker of the house sam wright got unelected. a year ago, the budget passed by the house, obama insulted ryan, calling him undemocratic. he gets elected by 51% of the vote. mark my words, sean hannity, if the republicans cave this time, they'll get the same results that reagan and bush 41 got, which spends tax and no spending cuts. >> sean: we have a spending problem. why do it now? must raise the tax rates, my way or the highway, give me my way first. what kind of negotiation is that? and what's his plan? >> i don't think it is a my way
9:19 pm
or the highway. bill, sorry, i know that you love to look at my green eyes in person, i'm in l.a. today, sorry about that, but if we look back to 30 years, when we had a different congress, a different president, a different demographic in the american voter, that's crazy. the president has agreed to cuts, which, by the way, is going to hurt me personally, because my husband is a doctor, but we're talking $400 billion in medicare cuts in the future. >> sean: in the future? >> yes. >> sean: years from now. >> this plan sticks to the framework of -- >> sean: tax increases now. republicans give in. then the cuts in the future. that's what's going to happen? >> this is a unicorn budget. it doesn't exist. he's campaigning right now, doing a victory lap all over the country. he ought to be boehner talking to john. i saw the movie "lincoln" a few days ago. leslie marshall, he ought to see
9:20 pm
it. he did what was right, not what was popular. of course 98% want to raise taxes on the 2%. >> sean: the republicans have a big weapon here -- well, the president is trying to get unilateral, you know, take away the constitutional authority of congress and wants to be able to raise the debt ceiling. billy cunningham, we're coming up against -- >> sean, what's wrong with the fiscal cliff that obama designed? this is obama's fiscal cliff. if the republicans cave, we'll have a fiscal cliff in about three or four years that's going to be the grand canyon. we're going to go collapsing. it's going to be awful. >> sean: i agree with you. >> we got to fight like william wallace in "brave heart." fight for america. we can win it in the next 30 days. >> sean: i'm with you. leslie, seriously, why can't we have some significant spending cuts now? the president, first of all, said he only wanted $800 billion
9:21 pm
when he was running, now he's doubled it, but there's no cuts. government can't find waste, fraud, abuse, cut back on their intoxication and power grab with spending? >> i agree that medicare is one program that has a lot of fraud. quite frankly the president has been very clear that they're going to be -- >> sean: when? when? >> democrats and republicans will have to suck it up. when you guys call caving in, i call compromise. >> sean: republicans compromise, cave, and -- >> we're not violating the tax pledge if we let something expire at the end of the year. >> sean: future cuts that will be nonexistent. billy cunningham? >> we have to fight for the future of our nation. if the republicans collapse, they'll be primaried, and be gone. >> sean: i agree with you. as charles krauthammer said it's an insulting deal. mr. president, come forward with a plan to balance the budget and
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stop stealing from our kids. coming up, media mash. we'll look at media bias, but first why is senator dianne feinstein looking to bring terrorists to a neighborhood near you? haven't we been down this stupid road already? it's a b b b b b on your prepaid card?
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introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card with no fee reloads and withdrawals at chase atms. all for one flat monthly fee so there's zero confusion. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. >> sean: the world's most dangerous terrorists may soon come to a town near you thanks to a government accountability finance report thanks to dianne feinstein. the g.a.o. was tasked with prisons that could adequately these dangerous radicals, and
9:26 pm
now she claims locations have been found. however controversy erupted in illinois after it was rumored that detainees were headed to that state. then eric holder squashed that possibility. >> we will not move people from gauntanamo to thompson. that is my pledge as attorney general. >> sean: his pledge? all right. so what's changed? does the promise stand in illinois and beyond? joining me with reaction are peter johnson jr. and the kimberly guilfoyle. peter, what changed? >> the president won the election. that's what changed, sean hannity. so now they're saying, oh, we had a super secret report, no one knows about it until fox news and katherine harridge find out about it. are we trying these folks in the united states with the constitutional protection of
9:27 pm
americans? >> sean: you're both great lawyers. this is the question here. what is the danger, kimberly, when you give enemy combatants, terrorists, the same rights as an american citizen? you treat terrorism as a criminal justice system. >> and what's the legal precedence by which they're doing this? is obama going to issue another executive order to fund this? there's already legislation prohibiting this. you're going to bring them on to u.s. soil, into our prison systems where they can radicalize and recruit other people and give them the same constitutionally afforded rights and privileges of hard-working citizens in this country. it's outrageous. >> sean: peter? >> no rights and privileges. here's my conflict on the issue. let's talk about this, sean. i don't have a problem saying, listen, you guys are terrorists, we're not afraid to hold you in the united states of america. we're not embarrassed, because we're doing the right thing, protecting ourselves. you're violating the law of the world, and we're holding you.
9:28 pm
i understand not in my backyard problems, and i certainly understand that we're not going to be trying these folks under our civil system. >> sean: are we or aren't we, though? >> i don't know, sean. that's the problem. >> sean: we had promises in the past that appear to be broken. >> right. >> and a setup report that says, oh, yeah we can hold these -- >> sean: this goes back -- >> they play by their own rules, sean. that's the problem. legally speaking they're finding a way to get around it and circumvent the rules to make it work based on the promises that they made prior to the election. that's what this is. i'm not surprised. they said they wanted to do this, tried to back off it, because it's controversial and improper. why would you, given the prison population, put these people in to create more domestic terrorists? >> sean: i think i know the answer. it seems to be rooted in man-caused disaster, overseas contingency, fort hood is workplace violent, and can't
9:29 pm
label benghazi a terrorist attack. there's a pattern of denial about what the threat is. >> now we can worry about how we're going to house these folks, but i'd like worry about how to find the mastermind who's been identified in every major newspaper and network in the world in benghazi. why we haven't -- fbi most wanted list, if you want to have civil justice, or send the military in and do what's necessary. neither has happened in that regard, sean. >> sean: i agree with all of that, but it seems to me there's an unwillingness, a mysterious reluctance to admit the simple truth, that there are radical islamists that want a worldwide caliphate, and they have no problems killing innocent men, women and children. >> shouldn't they brought to u.s. soil? they make a mockery of our system, shows a weakness on the part of the united states,
9:30 pm
certainly not the message that we want to spread to the rest of the world or do us harm. why do they need a u.s. presence here? they don't have a legal classification that warrants that type of placement. >> sean: i'll tell you why, because they can get law books in our prisons and figure out ways to sue the united states of america. >> i think the president is in a big pickle on this. he's made promises all over the place. i don't think he's going to be able to owner o honor any of th. >> like closing gitmo. >> sean: time for our media mash segment. brent bozell has this week's most outrageous media bias. and a candidate to fill jesse jackson jr.'s seat. small problem, he's a falcon, had sefelon, sowhat am i missin? is this the guy democrats w w ww [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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nursing. have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for media mash, our weekly rounddown of all the ways the so-called u biased journalists in mainstream media try to put their spin on the news. back with us is the president of the media research center, brent bozell. how you doing? >> it's the end of the world. >> sean: fiscal cliff, panic, fear.
9:35 pm
here's my prediction. here's what's going to happen. they're all going to come out, we've got a deal, i'd like to praise so-and-so on the other side, pat each other on the back, but not deal with the real problem. just a prediction. >> and what's going to happen is, it's a cancer, they're going to put another band-aid on it. if the band-aid is enough to satisfy the democrats, the media will tell you what a great deal it was. >> sean: pleading with republicans, please raise taxes, by journalists. watch. >> the president campaigned on raising taxes on the wealthy, every speech he gave. doesn't he have a mandate there? the top earners seeing them pay more of their fair share. >> if you raise rates from let's say 35% to 39.6%, which is what it was during the threaten administration for those families earning more than $250,000 a year, those families, those small businesses, did
9:36 pm
quite well during the years of the clinton administration when the rate was why not go back to that? >> sean: didn't the republicans run on cutting spending, limited government? >> i want to answer wolf blitzer, why go back to that? let's go back to 1981, if you want to look at history. in 1981 ronald reagan cut taxes from 91% to 25%. we saw the beginning of the biggest economic expansion in the history of the republic. if you want to look at history, wolf blitzer, go to 1981, 1996. >> sean: all right. it seems like the president and his friends in the media, they're not giving up on the campaign mode. here's susan rice, misled the american people, despite the evidence we have to the contrary thacontrarythat as far as what .
9:37 pm
watch this. >> there's been a witch-hunt against every prominent person of color that served alongside the president, and this is part of it. >> a political cover-up while pursuing an inappropriate political candidate. the horrible optics of he and lindsey graham as old white establishment men who attacked an african american woman, laying the groundwork for 2016. >> horrible optics of mccain, lindsey graham, old, white, establishment, repeatedly attacking a much younger black woman. >> you're watching the militant, radical left flexing its muscles. they're going -- they're transcending class warfare. they're now trying to start
9:38 pm
racial welfare in country. look who the targets are. john mccain and lindsey graham, for the love of god. where were you fellows when clarence thomas was in the hearings? where were you with allen west in florida? you'll never be found when a conservative black man is attacked. you make up these things. no one was said one word, one word, about this woman's skin color. nobody has, except for them. >> sean: it's not about that, but you can't be critical, because then all of a sudden the democratic machine in the media comes at you and we're back with -- >> sean, if she were white, they would say that mccain and graham were antiwoman. there's no talk being the issues here. they'll do everything they can to deflect. let's understand something, mccain and graham are doing their sworn duty, constitutional
9:39 pm
mandate, of advise and consent. they're doing what the law demands they do. >> sean: the media apparently doesn't care, that the american people were misled, four dead americans, the first ambassador in 30 years, but it's not a big deal to them. speaking of which, when rice goes to meet with graham and mccain, according to abc, george stephanopoulos, she ran into a buzz saw. >> who will be the next secretary of state. no final decision yet from president obama, but the frontrunner is u.n. ambassador susan rice and she ran into a buzz saw yesterday on capitol hill when she met with republican senators. >> do you remember when joe biden had sam alito in front of him, clarence thomas in front of him, scalia in front of him? he savaged them. republicans are attacked for their conservative principles.
9:40 pm
robert bork. never about their capabilities. when republicans question democrats about their capabilities, the job they have to do, they're attacked as being a buzz saw. >> sean: brent bozell, good to see you. when we come back, only in america, a felon who admitted to having sex with a minor is now running for the congress. we'll look at who the convicted pedophile that the democrats are offering up for jesse jackson jr.'s congressional seat. by the way, where are all the democrats upset about senatorial footsy in a bathroom stall? liberals are only generous with other people's money. we look at the outrage in hollywood when we touch their overstuffed paychecks next. it's a new day. if you're a man with low testosterone, you should know that axiron is here. the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18.
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>> sean: with the recent resignation of congressman jesse jackson jr. a house seat has opened up in illinois. mel reynolds wants the job. he held the seat from 1993 to october of '95 when he was convicted of having sex with a 16-year-old campaign volunteer and other various sex-related charges, and campaign finance charges, until president bill clinton commuted his sentence as time served in 2001. reynolds says he's paid the price for past mistakes, and
9:45 pm
it's time for him to get the old job back. >> i made mistakes, but again that was almost 18, almost 20 years ago. i just -- president clinton once said to me, kind enough to grant me executive clemency, he said don't allow the rest of the world to keep their foot on your neck. you have to go forward in life. you have to do things. i'm not a two, three, four, five, six-year sentence, whatever you get, shouldn't be a life sentence. >> sean: welcome to chicago. joining me now david webb and alexis mcgill johnson. not only this girl, but when she said, oh, there's a catholic schoolgirl, 15-year-old friend of mine, he goes, oh, did i -- that would join them, by the way, in the sexual escapade -- oh, dihit th,oh, did i hit the ?
9:46 pm
>> we know this bad behavior is part of an issue. >> sean: what's worse, foot-tapping or pedophilia? >> when we talk about mark toley, david vitter and -- >> sean: they've become scandals. >> the voters need to make this decision. to be honest, there's an incredible field of folks looking to -- >> sean: not one hasn't spoken against him. >> i'm sure they will, because voters don't take mel reynolds seriously. >> look at chicago's district. poverty rate, 22%. 20% unemployment rate. here's a guy that was a rhodes scholar, that was a basketball player in the european basketball leagues. he was known for liking the young girls, known for liking to
9:47 pm
play fast and loose. why is this a surprise, though? here's another guy that -- when you look at the fact that what we're dealing with is a culture problem that democrats accept that a guy has sex with a minor, which is statutory rape, but a bigger issue. he was put in jail for misusing money meant for voter registration efforts. do we want somebody making decisions when congress spends the money, who was convicted of fraud? >> no, we don't. >> sean: there's a question here that we've got to have answered. mark foley, huge issue before an election. foot-tapping in the stall, huge -- >> huge issue, and re-elected. >> sean: wait a second. but the point is that there was republican criticism, and it was a big national story. pedophile, convict, 15-year-olds, catholic girl, oh, did i just hit the lotto?
9:48 pm
and this guy's running. not a peep a out of democratic leadership. >> we haven't had time. he just filed papers. >> sean: we've had time. >> there are 15 people in this race. it is really too short -- you know, the race hasn't even started. >> it's not a matter of whether it was 15 or 1500 people in the race. it's how you identify the kind of candidates that run for the seat. >> he gets all he has to do -- no, no, david. let's talk about the process of putting your name in. the hypocrisy is in his ability to put his name on the ballot, which is essentially getting a certain number of names to file paperwork. >> that's the problem. >> where is the party?
9:49 pm
look, i hold all sides to this. when there's a culture problem with that kind of behavior. this isn't i mistakenly did something. this was deliberate acts of misusing money, deliberate acts of sex with a 20-plus-year younger woman, or child, not a woman. you're telling me if this was a republican doing this, sean, i'd be out on the news with it like any responsible person. >> and where you all on david vitter, on mark foley? >> sean: we're dealing with children. i got to tell you something, we did talk a lot about mark foley and -- >> yes. >> sean: and larry craig. that's the point, is nobody is talking about reynolds. i don't know if -- look, some of this stuff, it's sad what people in power do, the arrogance that drives them, but there's a double standard. and that is -- i'm, like -- it's driven by democrats. >> okay. no, no. david vitter actually got re-elected with 67% of the vote.
9:50 pm
that is not -- we're talking about character. we're going to the point of character. that is a huge challenge. >> sean: i'm talking about mel saying i hit the lottery. a guy running prostitution out of his house. then gary studds. remember him, years ago? all those guys got re-elected, right? >> here's the thing, look who he's replacing. jesse jackson jr. millions of dallas misspent. dollars misspent. poverty rate, what that district is doing, you know what, they would go, because of identity politics and the chicago machine, and either elect this
9:51 pm
marionberry-like reject. i guess r. kelly wasn't available. >> i got to tell you -- >> that's what we're dealing with. >> sean: war on women, right? >> no. first of all, we have to talk about the facts. i appreciate the fact that david is bringing up real challenges in chicago, because there are kids who are in chicago, who are hungry and hopeless, who are fighting for their lives. and jesse jackson jr., we need to send our prayers out to jesse jackson jr., because he has a serious mental illness. >> sean: guys, we got to go. >> he was so great for his district over nine terms, then why are the poverty rates like that? >> sean: coming up, liberals in hollywood are skilled at doing one thing and doing another. the latest examples comes from
9:52 pm
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>> >> sean: after campaigning for president obama, his biggest
9:56 pm
supporters are changing their tunes, including musicians, like katy perry, sheryl crow, cee-lo, fighting a bill that could lower royalty rates for internet radio, like pandora, saying it limits earnings that thousands of these rich musicians rely on. innic that it was their candidate that fought for big government and paying, quote, your fair share. good to see you both. weren't they campaigning for president obama, spread the wealth? >> yes. >> paying your fair share. >> yes. >> sean: why are they working with antitax groups, wanting smaller government all of a sudden? is that hypocrisy? >> no, it's not. no permanent friends, no
9:57 pm
permanent enemies, only permanent interests. >> sean: it's a month later, they want their money. >> they're still okay with paying higher taxes and chipping in and helping out. >> sean: no, they're not. they don't want pandora in their pocket. they don't have a problem with paying higher taxes to help our country out. >> sean: wait a minute. they're hanging out with antitax groups because they want smaller government and they all want -- they're all generous with our money, not their money. >> right wing groups are coming in and saying, you know what, you're right, let's get government and congress out of the way. let's let private companies negotiate, let the free market work. all of a sudden you have celebrities promoting free market ideals. they didn't understand the free market. >> sean: what about grover norquist? >> it's not about government per se. pandora lobbied government to have to bill. pandora wants to lower the
9:58 pm
royalties they have to pay to the artist. the artist have a dispute with pandora. >> sean: wait a minute. that's government intervention that government it up -- >> it's asking government to intervene. ays forget the other side, how the private sector goes out to the government all the time? >> they're uncomfortable with government coming in and leveling the playing field. or are they comfortable with pandora -- >> sean: go ahead. >> were they comfortable with the idea of government leveling the playing field before? >> is that a concept that -- >> you're confusing the issue. >> they're okay with pai paying their fair share. not all of them. some of the artists involved are actually republicans.
9:59 pm
but they've all said they're okay with paying higher taxes to help this country out. what they're not okay with is pandora lobbying -- >> sean: this isn't about pandora. there's a big point you're missing here. they're teaming up with grover norquist, antitax groups here, and they're saying that they want less government involvement. they're really saying they want the free market to work, and that they don't want any government involve., the opposite of what obama supports. >> if you work hard, you should be able to keep more of your own money. that is directly in contrast to what this president fought for. this president advocates for redistribution. >> using the wealth card again. >> the wealth card? >> you have this cartoon depiction of liberals. when the country needs us, we're willing to step to the plate. >>


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