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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 3, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. make sure you go to we're going to put the entire interview on it's a long interview so there is a lot more to see. we're going to put an open thread so good night from washington, d.c.. go to there is video of dancing with a mariachi band. scroll bac the door. good night. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld is back! it's 5:00 in new york city. we're in a new studio for this week. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: we begin tonight with the n.f.l. murder-suicide and the unusual commentary that followed from nbc sport caster bob costas. on saturday morning, kansas city chiefs linebacker jovan belcher murdered the mother of his 3-month-old child.
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girlfriend cassandra perkins at their home. he drove to the team's practice facility and turned the gun on nims front of his coach and general manager. no one knows what set him off. but costas thinks he knows the reason. here he is on sunday night football. >> you want actual perspective on this? a bit comes from jason whitlock who i don't agree but today said it so well we may as well just quote or paraphrase from the and of his article. our current gun culture, whitlock wrote, ensure more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy an more convenience store confrontations over loud music coming from a car will leave more teenage boys bloodieed and dead. handguns do not bring safety. they exacerbate our flaws and bait us to embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it.
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in the coming daying, jovan belcher's action and the possible connection to football will be analyzed. who knows, but here wrote whitlock, this is what i believe. if jovan belcher didn't possess a gun he and perkins would both be alive. >> kimberly: police say he got the gun legally so he wasn't breaking laws being in possession of the firearm at a time. there is fall-out about this because people felt it was inappropriate for him to make the commentary. but he has done it before. >> eric: he editorializes usually on sports. but i saw this tragedy happen. saturday morning. and i saw it. how long before someone, someone uses that pulpit to say it's head drama and something else like gun control? never expected costas to do sunday on sunday night football. big stage. "god bless america" was playing in the background.
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we have a second amendment right in america to possess handguns. that gun or one of them was acquired legally. costas didn't even say he believes this. he said he agrees with whitlock's assessment of it. jason whitlock assessment of it. can you imagine if he was talking pro-life? the place would be uproar and shut it down. pull the plug on him. are you okay? >> bob: costas is right. the two people would be alive if it wasn't for that handgun in his hand. the culture of violence is out of control. if it was up to me, been a all handguns. burn them. if you want to project your house, keep a rifle.
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you don't need handgun. the hands of someone unstable with a drinking problem. >> eric: this guy is 6'4". 320. he could have killed her with his bare hands. it wasn't the handgun that killed her. jovan belcher killed her. >> bob: i see. right. >> kimberly: greg? >> greg: if it was a deadly flood it would be the same saying we need to been a water. he is a hypocritical buffoon. he spends his life wondering in and out of the new york buildings flanked by people who are armed. he doesn't have to have a gun because he is protected by people with guns. he is a sanctimonious ghoul. when something comes up, he has to come up. pay attention to me.
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this is about scoring points with other people in media. same with whitlock, who is a chucklehead. this guy in the knickss when he was talking about jeremy lin played off a stereotypical deficiency i'm not even going to get in to. who refers to the nra as kkk. he is a bigot. apologize for that. >> bob: what is a ghoul? >> greg: somebody uses tragedy to build himself up. he is a hypocrite. because he doesn't worry about being armed. people are armed for him. we live in a building right now, we work atuilding right now, where everybody has a gun outside. we're lucky. the rest of the public doesn't. >> bob: eric has a gun in his back pocket. >> kimberly: not on set. >> eric: if belcher's wife or girlfriend had a gun maybe she would be alive now. >> kimberly: dana was it appropriate commentary? his message sparked a controversy. questioning people about his
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role. >> dana: he can do whatever he wants with his airtime. if that is what he felt he needed to say at the time, it doesn't make sense. a fantasy line to say if i had a magic wand, i would get rid of the guns and we'd have world peace. it would be great. but it's a waste of time and energy. because we know it's not going to happen. the thing that would be more courageous would be to talk about whether the issues regarding mental health. what should an employer or a teammate do to say i'm worried about him. i think we should do something. we saw this last spring in colorado. 470 murders in chicago this year alone. where was costas on the n.f.l. and talk about that? >> greg: whenever you find gun control you find higher gun crime.
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when you say they would be -- >> dana: when you say they would be alive if they didn't have a gun, could you say that to the guy by the nanny wielding the knife and tried to kill herself? the same problem. it's a mental health problem and violence problem. it's not the fault of the knife or the gun. >> bob: talk about the violence for a second. clearly, here on -- >> greg: don't worry, i am not going to shoot you. >> bob: you are. >> kimberly: verbally. >> bob: the average life expectancy of n.f.l. player is 53 and 59. average age of white male is 79. 75 to 79. there is something about the professional football that costs people terribly. part will get to head injuries and concussion. >> greg: ban football. >> eric: you are on to something. there is a connection between hard-hitting sports and violent impact in sports and
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people's life expectancy but you can't make a leap to therefore someone is suspectable or likely to kill someone. >> kimberly: you can't prohibit their right to carry or bear arms. that is a constitutional right. there is an issue of domestic violence. behavioral changes that he had problems with short-term memory. his girlfriend noted he was acting differently. problems with them. they couldn't remember what he had or what he said to get her to move back in. this is nothing whether he had a gun legally, or other means if he was going to do that. >> bob: i wish i could forget the last conversation i had with my ex-wife. it saw her this weekend. nice lady. >> eric: get back to question -- >> bob: let's get questions about guns. in countries where they do not allow handguns there is very
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little murder. you can say it doesn't matter because that is not what the constitution guarantees it but it does not guarantee you a right to carry handguns. >> eric: if you know 15% of the population is armed, and more are bad guns do you not want to be armed? they are not going away. the bad guys have handguns. >> bob: justification is we can't do away with them because they're already here. >> eric: it's in the constitution. >> greg: what kills me is how the stories generate after an event. it begins with is it time to rethink gun laws? you know who is raising the question? media. they're going we are going to pun this in a couple of ways.
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we need to rethink gun laws. they nerve thought about it. they never had a changed mind. >> dana: i am not responsible or to blame that jovan belcher murdered his wife and left a 3-month-old baby without parents. that is nobody's fault but his. >> bob: so you are in favor of the handgun? 'canes is cop out to not deal with the serious issue of mental health and violence. talk about guns two or three days after the event is not solving any problem. >> greg: these are people who live under a bridge until a tragedies out and then they go under there. >> eric: make another point. this is n.f.l. sunday. it's halftime. , "god bless america" is in the background, do i want him giving me a dissertation on the second amendment? >> bob: no. it's courageous. >> kimberly: how? >> bob: he knows he will
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take heat for it. people like you will say it's not right, the second amendment -- it was written 300 years ago. >> dana: nice imitation of me. well done. >> greg: bob costas is a doe-eyed sports version of oprah and holds hands with his wife watching the lifetime channel. >> kimberly: is that so bad? what is wrong with the lifetime channel? >> greg: i love the lifetime channel but i don't love bob costas. >> kimberly: keep in mind you can't strip everyone else of the constitutional rights. >> bob: yo, man, bob. go for it. glades' why they do it to get accolades from others in the media. princess kate has been hospitalized in u.k. after she and prince william got exciting news. we have tell you about that next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: 29 days until taxes jump and spending on everything from defense, medicare and farm suddies are slashed.
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geithner and bane spinning away on the sunday talk circuit. i'd roll the video but we prefer you stay awake for the segment. listen to rush limbaugh shed some light. >> why would he want to go over the cliff? what happens when we go over the cliff? democrat orgasm happens. taxes go up for everybody. nirvana to these people. >> eric: i will disagree with rush. it's good for the g.o.p. to call obama's bluff. one or two results will follow us over the cliff. we go back to recession. that will hurt but the economy will roar back. maybe, just maybe, zombies for obama will realize he has no clue when it comes to the economy. or we don't double dip to the recession. and the debt dissolves to pay the way for the 2016
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conservatives. take your chance and take medicine now. over the long run, better for the economy. >> kimberly: call his bluff. be strong at the negotiating table to make sure you can do what is best in interest of the country. these are tough time and you have to stand your ground. if you look at the recent polling, obama dropped three points. in polling with the gallup poll. people aren't happy with him anyway. >> eric: there is a counterproposal, around $800 billion in revenue through tax reform. they go through spending cuts. none of the spending cuts in obama's plan. are we so far apart we will go up or is there a meeting ground? 'canes is smart of the republicans. last week, geithner to the treasury secretary and laughed at. across the board, left and right commentators said i think president obama is overplaying the hand here.
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they have a plan to get him what he campaigned on and said he wanted. they called it smart. we had the simpson bowl plan. deficit reduction plan how to get it back on track. they are proposing the plan that is a democrat version of the -- democrat counterpart to simpson. very smart. this offer was serious. the white house even though they put out a statement saying blah, blah, not good enough. call it a republican letter -- >> eric: this is the republican letter does not meet the test of balance. said our way or the highway from the white house. >> bob: reform ideas are interesting and should be on
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the table. the rest is bull. they don't cut anything out of defense. number one. number two, talk about the tax reform that will get to rich. or broaden the base of the tax base. including more people paying taxes. this is a joke on top of joke, andly give you this. entitle reform are good ideas. calling the -- >> dana: i thought bush tax cuts only help the rich. i defended that for eight years. >> eric: get greg in here. bob calls this a joke of a joke. republicans suggest $600 billion in more taxes. >> yeah. >> dana: $800 billion. >> eric: sorry. $800 billion. the white house plan is no spending cuts. >> greg: obama calls this balanced approach and this is as balanced as rosanee drunk in an earthquake. people say why do you defend
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these people? i'm not. you don't compromise on that. that is a stage eating steak or chicken or prairie chicken which we'll talk about later. obama only has a desire to raise taxes on the rich. all you know he wants to do it. run government for eight days and the taxes. the only reason why he is doing that is emotional gratification to feed the left, people he tries to appease. >> kimberly: it's appeas appeasement. >> bob: mostly wealthy people fun the wars in afghanistan. >> greg: i love that. [ overtalk ] >> bob: country club people say great idea to be in that
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war. >> kimberly: look at the voice he uses! >> eric: if we go over the fiscal cliff, people getting hurt the most, paid the most are the wealthy. >> kimberly: look, we talk about the jobs -- look, you want class warfare. >> greg: why is it good to punish people -- >> bob: break after break after break for republicans from 1986 on. time to pony up. >> greg: why? they pay most of the taxes. >> bob: so what? you don't care they contribute. you want them punished. >> greg: you're obama's soul. >> bob: they don't pay percentage of taxes on the money they earn versus what -- >> greg: 40%. reduce the government for eight days. that is preposterous. >> eric: is earning money a bad thing? >> dana: not if you ask for
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campaign contributions. practical point, gite on the sunday show said all the democrats support this. that is not true. the key democrats, landrieu, begich and north carolina -- i can't remember her name -- they are on all on record saying i don't think i'm for this. he has even a harder time convincing those on the democratic side to go with his plan. >> greg: one day explain why are you punishing the rich when you know it won't benefit anything? that is a punitive idea and pay more than anyone in country. >> eric: we have to go. why are american jobs on the chopping block because of animals like to prairie chicken? dana explains how environmentalists are running wild. that's next on "the five."
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>> dana: another animal could make its way to the list of endangered species soon. they might list the lesser prairie chicken dash is what we call greg dash threatened because they're in declined. the chicken lives in texas, oklahoma, kansas and colorado but it would mean fewer jobs and weaken economy. is it worst the cost? the administration did not seem to do anything on conservation. didn't list any species i'm aware of in the first term. all of a sudden after the
11:28 pm
election, you've got job things all of a sudden. this chicken, talk about the chicken first. there is a way to protect the chicken and create jobs. >> we are entering american energy renaissance and that is for environmentalist, whackos to kill this. the prairie chicken is sexy in a kathy griffin kind of way. prairie chickens should be prairie chick-fil-a. kill them all and let colonel sanders sort it out. >> dana: eric, let me ask him a free market question. they have every sector propreserve this land. there are ways to get involve involved. but they are punishing on the energy companies in the west. >> eric: if it's not? it's the lesser prairie chicken. >> kimberly: not even the
11:29 pm
greater. >> eric: the west texas lizard shut down -- >> dana: but they protected the lizard. >> eric: remember the delta smelt from california to divert it away from farmers? we have our own endangered species on "the five." bob beckel. greater studio bison. >> dana: have you had a prairie chicken? >> bob: let me make a point. check that. every president i know -- >> dana: but obama hasn't to deal with this. >> bob: reagan did, bush did. even does. >> dana: doesn't you think it's odd? >> bob: it says west texas will be decimateed economically because of the chickens.
11:30 pm
and oil. go up to oil rigs to stuff themselveses in to it? >> eric: they can't -- you are 100% right. solving it. talk to the environmentalists can't they move next door. moving the chickens, right? >> bob: move the oil. >> dana: move the oil? >> kimberly: that makes no sense. >> dana: there are two stories in california. you get environmental whacko stories out there. there is an oyster farm. secretary call czar called them and said sorry -- secretary salazar called and said sorry, we're not renewing the lease. shut down 30 jobs. >> kimberly: seven families lose their home as well. you have to be concern when the government overreach and says we'll shut you down. take your homes and you can't
11:31 pm
do anything about it. though your senator is opposed to it. >> bob: what about the oyster is a problem? >> eric: smelt. >> dana: this is overwrought. from 2004 he was shocked when the secretary salazar called him. >> greg: there are 10 million oysters that will be killed. where is peta? oyster isn't cute and have jasper eyes. >> bob: where are the right to lifers? >> greg: terrible. >> dana: bob. >> greg: this comes down to elevating animals to that of human. every time you elevate humans or elevate you denigrate human life. you have make everything relative. in germany right now there is a movement to legalize bestiality because they don't believe there is a difference between humanity and animals.
11:32 pm
'canes gross! >> greg: once you equate animals to humanity you lose out in the industry. in food and land. >> kimberly: what were you reading? >> eric: where have you been? >> greg: i happen to be at a cafe with jasper that made me ill. >> dana: in la jolla, california, seal cove. they all go down there a you have to protect those. and there is all the different government agencies. nobody can get to clean the rocks. the bird poop. so some tourists don't want to have to smell it. >> kimberly: do you blame them? they have to clean it up. it's super smelly. birds in the area pooping. >> kimberly: but they don't go properly clean it. >> eric: they won't allow the businesses and private ownership to go and clean it on their own terms.
11:33 pm
>> greg: a question for bob. if lion's share of fracking were in blue states would federal government shut it down in >> bob: most of it is in blue states. >> dana: dakota went blue. >> eric: a lot went blue. >> dana: we could do a story of environmental good intentions to bad ideas. we say goodbye to "jersey shore" and go to "buck wild" the latest in trash tv on mtv moving to virginia. next on "the five." not♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks,
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or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: last week, i went on a tour to promote my book "the joy of hate" which took me from florida, to alabama, and georgia. to tennessee. some call this the south with sarcasm. a buddy of mine gave me flick "deliverance" to watch as a joke. but i freaked out, large crowds with mom for daughters and sons for dads. dads for daughters. so many brought food from pumpkin bread to moonshine. that nearly killed me. more unicorns to shake a horn at. each place i went fan of the five turned on by a parent or their child. this was shared activity, the "the five," "red eye requests ants fnc, key place for families to commiserate.
11:40 pm
most is over their hatred of jasper. that makes them intelligent. but something is going on here. you fair food and everything. a stranger offered to take our orders and never heard or seen from again. new yorkers will mock this. the stupid rubs. but this is the only culture we have left as we barrel down identity politics and victim measure victor. only place left that everyone is the same is here. as i watched "deliver rence" i realize the spoke is on me. the number one question i got is do you believe what you say? a group of people gave me rc cola and among pies. >> bob: laced with arsenic? >> bob: they love you.
11:41 pm
let me guess i can't stand a thing he says. >> greg: not in that order. >> bob: i am a fan of people in south. the idea they share everything is true. terrific. >> gaa woman asked me to sign your book. >> dana: she has three children and said since "the five" started she tooked dinner more with the family. >> greg: what bothered me is people giving me picture of the dog and dog toys for dana. we might have left in a rest stop bathroom. somebody will be lucky.
11:42 pm
>> eric: i was in south carolina. the recognition factor on "the five" was huge. people were nice. if you go to restaurant in the south, what i like about it, you can go and sit down to enjoy the meal. they get you on the menu, they want to know your order. they take it away. plop down the bill. watch out. >> dana: savannah. >> bob: all right! >> greg: k.t., i ran into people that asked me questions about you, none of which i could answer without getting in trouble. asked about her boyfriends. >> bob: did they? >> kimberly: bob. you know what? >> greg: >> greg: my point is "the five" has to go on the road.
11:43 pm
s.e.c. game was going on and they were lining up not just to see me but talk about you. >> dana: they asked why aren't you going to their city? >> eric: can i point out, great to have you back. you will see, in a temporary studio for the week. temporary studio. we walked out on friday and there were 100 people outside saying we love "the five." we came in from savannah, south carolina. >> greg: a new show on tv replaces jersey shore and it's called "buck wild." guys in west germany. "west germany"? west virginia. >> kimberly: what is with germany? >> dana: i don't know why that is funny. you make mistakes all the time. this is what you call red neck
11:44 pm
activity. do we have a clip? >> west virginia is a place founded with freedom. that means the freedom to do whatever the [bleep] we want. whatever happens, happens. >> my parents did everything for me. >> greg: this is hollywood showcasing their ignorance and elitism. they would never do a show about is notty liberal students in columbia or hipster trust funders. they go to jersey shore to the south. look at the people. about they stupid? >> eric: i was a "jersey shore" fan and i'll watch it, too. train wreck tv. but the question is do you want your 14-year-old watching it, too?
11:45 pm
tough call. >> bob: west virginia is one of the most beautiful states in america. the people are uniformly nice people. to pick on west virginia i could pick on the coal industry. but not the people. i have had nothing but good experiences out there. done politics there. even for me, they have treated me pretty well. i think it's bad wrap. >> greg: kimberly? >> kimberly: time to go. coming up -- >> greg: you don't want to talk about it. >> kimberly: i'm probably not going to watch it. i'm for television, whatever people want to watch, that's their business. my favorite one was "the love boat." >> dana: talk point i wrote to myself is the same question you asked eric. we're on the same page on something today. only thing i'm doing t -- [ inaudible ] i'm neutering the dog tomorrow. >> bob: my block is coming up. can we go? >> greg: nobody is telling me to tease. get this fixed. coming up, we sent cameras
11:46 pm
down to watch bob decorate his house for christmas. >> every time i think i have everything i need i go to hardware store to get something else. >> another day, another dollar. >> greg: did he do it without electrocutes missile i hop --elocate tro cuting himsel? i can't remember. ♪ ♪
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>> bob: some of you may remember i'm a fan of christmas. it make a big deal to put up all kind of lights at my house in maryland. this year, producers sent cameras along to take a look. i started doing it 20 years ago. it started to get in to it when i was a kid. my father used to come home at christmas and follow the
11:51 pm
christmas tree and knock it over. labor of love more than anything else. i don't know how else to put it. no sane human being would do all this work. this is louis, he does the roof deck. i'm get toog old to do that. >> that works. it's brand new. put it underneath the table right there. did you get everything you need? every time i think i have everything i need. i go to hardware store to get something else. we're going to the store. see if i can find it. it never fails. ♪ ♪ >> you got another one of them? >> yeah.
11:52 pm
>> all right. another day, another dollar. ♪ ♪ one goes there an one goes to the corner, right there. >> every year, i'm out here, and i'm sitting here. and i'm thinking should i do this or not again? it's so much work. then a kid comes by and says, "mr. beckel, are you putting your lights out this year?" yeah, i'll put them out. i have a sign made to tell you what this is about. it's right here. it reads this display is for all the kids in brookmont and the big kid who lives here. that would be me. ♪ ♪ >> so it's worth it. i'll tell you, worth it. every year it's worth it. it's cold, but it's worth it. >> bob: it is cold! >> kimberly: oh, bob! >> bob: it's labor of love and i like to do it very much.
11:53 pm
>> greg: no black lights. are you racist? >> eric: there are there. we need to change them to capitalist greed blinkers. >> bob: i'm come decorate yours. >> eric: your carbon footprints that of gonezilla. the old one. i hope you paid them who hel helped you at least minimum wage. that aside, congratulations. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements
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than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers.
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>> kimberly: time for one more thing and the royal update. kate middle top has been hospitalized in london with a severe form of morning sickness but she is expected to do okay, poor thing. dehydrated. one in 50 pregnant women are affected with this. >> dana: really? >> kimberly: where it's so bad they have to be hospitalized for days. not encouraging for those who are getting pregnant. davis i thought it was publicity. are you hospitalized for it? >> kimberly: for the type of sickness, it is. >> greg: i'm excited royals are reproducing. >> kimberly: third in line to the throne. leapfrog over prince harry.
11:58 pm
so he will time for his social excitement. it could be a girl. you're mean. >> bob: the marines do toys for tots. leave toys. it take the extra decorations i don't use and you have a lot. i will date someone's house and give them more for the elextricity. >> eric: we are hurling toward the fiscal cliff. what does obama like to do? he spent the evening -- that is from 2011. he spent the evening at the kekennedy center hanging out
11:59 pm
with led zeppelin, robert plant, jimmy page. who else is there? dustin hoffman. stay in thous and get something done. >> dana: boon and crockett annual dinner, 125th anniversary. at the museum of natural history. you have to visit if you can. the project manager refurbished a ma ma'am exhibit and two-year project and it's spectacular. bob, you like the five and i said i would bring you to see it. amazing. you could learn a lot. greatest thing about the wildlife and sportsmanship. >> bob: let's hear more about greg's book. >> greg: a lovely woman i met on tour. this is rachel's mother. rachel was the chick-fil-a clerk who was harassed by that jerk. showed incredible


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